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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eye-crossing stories as:

Mysterious Star Pulses May Be Alien Signals -  
 -  Gabriel Green for President of the United States! -
The Dynamics of the Poltergeist -
AND: Mysterious Noise In the Arctic Driving Wildlife Away

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Mysterious Star Pulses May Be Alien Signals
By Mike Wall

Strange pulses of cosmic light might be signals from hundreds of different alien civilizations — or just the latest false alarm in the tortuous search for ET.  

This month, astrophysicists Ermanno Borra and Eric Trottier, both from Laval University in Quebec, announced that they had spotted mysterious light signals coming from 234 different stars in our Milky Way galaxy. These pulses match the profile of signals that Borra, in a 2012 paper, predicted intelligent aliens might use to get our attention, the authors wrote.

"We find that the detected signals have exactly the shape of an ETI [extraterrestrial intelligence] signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this hypothesis," the duo wrote in the paper, which was published online Oct. 14 in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. [13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens]

"The fact that they are only found in a very small fraction of stars within a narrow spectral range centered near the spectral type of the sun is also in agreement with the ETI hypothesis," the researchers added in the study. (Borra and Trottier looked at the spectra of 2.5 million stars studied by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which uses a telescope in New Mexico.)

But don't get too excited: Borra and Trottier said that additional observations are needed to confirm this hypothesis, and outside astronomers are even more emphatic on this point. Indeed, a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted, said Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in Mountain View, California.

For example, it seems unlikely that 234 separate alien societies would be sending out such similar signals more or less simultaneously, Shostak said.

"It would be like expecting us to send the same signals as the Abyssinians — it doesn't make a whole lot of sense," he told Space.com. "If I were a betting guy, I'd bet this is an artifact of the way they processed their data."

Shostak also said that he knew of six different reviewers who had recommended against publishing the paper, at least without significant revision. However, he did stress that Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is a reputable journal.

The astronomers behind Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million project that's scanning the heavens for SETI signals over the next 10 years, also urged skepticism.

"The international SETI community has established a 0-to-10 scale for quantifying detections of phenomena that may indicate the existence of advanced life beyond the Earth called the 'Rio Scale,'" team members of Breakthrough Listen, whose science program is headquartered at the Berkeley SETI Research Center (BSRC) at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a statement. "The BSRC team assesses the Borra-Trottier result to currently be a 0 or 1 (None/Insignificant) on this scale."

But skepticism is not the same thing as dismissal. Shostak thinks the stars singled out by Borra and Trottier are worthy of follow-up investigation, as does Breakthrough Listen. Indeed, the latter organization plans to study several of these stars using the 7.9-foot (2.4 meters) Automated Planet Finder optical telescope at Lick Observatory in California, team members said in the same statement.

The long history of SETI false alarms — including a detection that generated buzz this past August, but was soon traced to a Russian satellite — shouldn't deter scientists from checking out intriguing candidates, Shostak stressed.

"You can't get too cynical," he said. "You don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater."

Source: Space
Gabriel Green for President of the United States!
By Diane Tessman

There was a moment in our history when We the People could vote for a man who bravely championed contact and friendship with extraterrestrials and who attempted to lead us into a bright new day!

I am proud to have known Gabriel Green who ran for President of these United States in 1960 and again in 1972. Gabe would have been the “Flying Saucer President” who would have disclosed the existence of extraterrestrials in Earth skies, and explained their positive motivations to the people of Earth. He wanted humans to benefit immeasurably from the advanced Space Brothers and Sisters’ knowledge and wisdom.

However, Gabe was ahead of his time; even in 2016, we still struggle to accomplish UFO Disclosure. Gabe did not meet the required number of voters to be on the ballot with Richard Nixon and his Democratic rival, John F. Kennedy in 1960, but he nonetheless put together a full platform, covering a range of economic and social policies based on information received from the Space People, and campaigned mostly in his native California. He ran a full-page spread in the Los Angeles Mirror News. Despite early enthusiasm, Green withdrew in October, giving his endorsement to Kennedy. In 1972, his campaign drew even less attention but Gabe was intrepid and brave; he always gave it his best.

Have we taken two steps backward? In 1960 we at least had a presidential candidate who waged a serious campaign involving Disclosure and Contact. In 2016, there is no candidate who even mentions extraterrestrials, although Hillary Clinton is said to have a real interest in the subject and would like to disclose at least some of the truth.

I knew Gabriel Green when he was a few decades older than during his presidential and senatorial campaigns, but he was still a dedicated Disclosure/Contact pioneer. I first met Gabe at his home in Yucca Valley, California, in 1983. My good friend Timothy Green Beckley was visiting the area and asked if I would like to meet Gabriel Green who was famous in the George van Tassel days at Giant Rock. Of course I wanted to meet Gabe Green! He had blazed a trail for me to follow in my UFO and ET research and Contact.

Gabe’s home was full of working computers and I wondered who he was communicating with; were they on a starship? I will never know, but Gabe was a fascinating man and I loved to listen to his tales of extraterrestrial contact at Giant Rock and then, ongoing ET communications in his life.

Gabriel Green was born in Whittier, California, in 1924. He studied at the Los Angeles Art Center School of Photography, but his career aspirations were put on hold when he was drafted into the U.S. Navy. At war's end, Green returned to civilian life and operated a photography studio as well as working in the Los Angeles school system.

As George van Tassel began drawing tens of thousands of people seeking contact with the Space Brothers and Sisters at Giant Rock in the High Desert of California, Gabe founded the Los Angeles Interplanetary Study Group in 1956. He promoted interplanetary messages and music. He also became regular speaker at flying saucer events, including Giant Rock gatherings. He then launched the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (AFSCA) as a successor to his study group and published a national newsletter inviting the Space People to please continue contact with humans.

Gabriel Green was also a trance medium who channeled messages from the Space People himself. He led UFO circles in past life regressions and taught individuals how they too could make psychic contacts with far-distant beings. It was at this point in his career that 1960 rolled around and he ran for President of the United States.

In November of the same year, Green married Helen Isabel Sibert. The couple remained together until her passing in early May of 1970; Gabriel never remarried and I could always sense his sadness and how much he missed her. They were married a brief ten years before she passed.

In 1962, Gabe launched a campaign to become the Democratic Party's California nominee for the United States Senate. However, he failed to make an impact and he put politics behind him for the time being. He made claims to having telepathic connections to John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy via his Alpha Centauri contact “Renton.” While there is no way to prove this, I saw no reason to ever doubt Gabe’s sincerity.

In 1972, Green took part in his second and final presidential campaign, this time as the nominee of the Universal Party, with fellow saucerian Daniel Fry as his vice-presidential running mate. This time Gabe was registered on the ballot in Iowa but his efforts garnered less success and less press than previous years.

Gabriel Green retired in the mid-seventies to Yucca Valley, near Giant Rock. It was in his comfortable home there that Tim Beckley and I enjoyed talking with him on several different occasions. He continued his work as a medium, relating messages from the Space People. He remained an active member in the UFO field until his passing in September 2001. I like to believe that he is now one of the Space Brothers himself; I know Gabe would agree with that possibility too!

Source: Diane Tessman


The Dynamics of the Poltergeist
By Brian Allan

*Authors Note*: Much of what follows is speculative mainly due to the nature of the poltergeist phenomenon itself; however, the speculation is based on sound scientific principles. One it tempted to use the word, ‘logical’, in reference to the principles of the physics involved, but given the illogical nature of what it describes perhaps it is the wrong choice of words. That said, it does help to define the generally unhelpful and archaic lexicon that still mires and strangles the world of the paranormal. Much of the conventional terminology used is steeped in its own arcane world and it is a world that desperately needs revision. To this end I have deliberately tried to avoid such traditional terms as ‘psychic power’, ‘etheric bodies’ and the old favourite, ‘spirit’, unfortunately this has not always been possible since the equivalents in modern terms are not always obvious…or even directly applicable.

I include, ‘spirit,’ the above examples mainly because it is far too loose and generic and has been used so frequently in this context as to have become almost meaningless. I should also make clear that I have been present when poltergeist type anomalies occurred and I carried out a lengthy reinvestigation of the so-called ‘Sauchie Poltergeist’. This event happened in the village of Sauchie near the city of Stirling in Scotland in early 1960 and in my view was every bit the equal of the Enfield Poltergeist, or indeed any other of the major examples of poltergeist infestation. During my involvement with the Sauchie incident I was able to trace and interview one of the doctors who attended the girl at the centre of events, his considered remarks were both unexpected and insightful and although not directly referred to in what follows, they played their part in forming the opinions I now hold regarding the nature of the poltergeist phenomenon.

Whispers From the Void

It is likely that one of the most alarming and frightening spiritual events that a human being can experience is the outbreak of poltergeist activity in their home. There is no obvious rhyme or reason behind these occurrences, but when they happen they can result in displays of apparently pointless malevolence and spite. The range of phenomena can include unexplained noises, foul smells, items being hurled around and upon occasion some tangible visual and auditory manifestations such as glimpses of humanoid shapes and also voices, although these last two examples are comparatively rare. In this instance I have concentrated on the occasions where there has been voice communication because of what this infers. Besides, speech phenomena may not have the same source as the pointless vandalism traditionally associated with poltergeists and might originate in other areas and/or entities.

The ‘symptoms’ described above usually, but not always, tend to occur in a set order and there is no obvious reason why any particular person should be ‘chosen’ to have this inflicted on them. The range and duration also follow patterns and of course these are regularly reported on by organisations who take an interest in the paranormal as examples of ‘closed loop events’, i.e. they have a clear beginning and end, and when the events cease the ‘loop’ is closed and interest wanes. The way in which the general public and of course the media look upon these occurrences comes under the heading of a ‘nine-day-wonder’ and concentrates on the event itself with no desire to look any further.

This is a pity because of the implications relating to certain aspects of the phenomenon, and regrettably this short sighted approach can also apply to investigators. Apart from the spontaneous movement of various items, which is of course the aspect most commonly reported on, there is another facet, that although noted, is largely ignored and that is when voice communication takes place. Again this might be taken at face value; i.e. a voice is heard and sometimes recorded for posterity and there it ends, but the implications of this are both immense and profound.

If a voice is heard then this means (or at least implies) a number of things: very simply put, to speak requires that a number of physical processes have to happen. This starts with breath and the movement of air through the throat, then the vocal chords have to move and sounds emerge from the mouth, which in itself can of course alter the way in which the words are spoken. We do this continually quite automatically and think nothing of it, but what if these words are coming from a dead person? For a dead person to communicate using voice implies a number of things, and this is without factoring in that they must have functioning awareness and intelligence, but, amazingly, that they are able to form words that can be heard by individuals or sometimes simultaneously by several people and, crucially, also recorded. In a parallel with Sci-Fi author Harlan Ellison’s short story, ‘I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream’, how do the dead ‘speak’? Fortunately, any recordings serve as a measure of proof that the people who heard what was said were not indulging in an induced mass hallucination.

The fact that the words were spoken means that energy was expended to produce the vocalisations and since the person making them is deceased and therefore non-corporeal how could this be achieved? What is even more surprising is the fact that the words can be recorded as well; this in itself is encouraging and suggests that the sounds were not the result of some form of telepathy or thought transmission, but were actual physical events capable of being captured both on magnetic and digital media. That being the case the phenomenon must have occurred within a set range of audio frequencies capable of being received by the human ear and microphones.

The other side of this particular coin is that in some cases the voice, which can be male or female and usually originates from a fixed point in mid-air, will respond to questions, which strongly indicates that the owner of the voice is aware, conscious and intelligent. This has to be a compelling case indeed for the continuation of consciousness and personality after physical death. While the reality of ‘life after death’; is still hotly disputed and denied outright by short sighted militant rationalists eagerly encouraged by iconoclastic scientists, equally there is abundant evidence to the contrary and the particular phenomenon discussed here is predicated on that. Religious bodies take a slightly different view and although they eagerly promote the idea that we will achieve eternal life, this can only be achieved by adhering to their interpretation of the rules, so in order to achieve this nirvanic state it has to be on their terms and on their terms alone and even then there are strict rules attached.

However, we are still left with the conundrum of how a disembodied consciousness is still able to operate in a physical world sufficiently well as to achieve speech. This also strongly suggests that in addition to consciousness remaining functional after physical death, it must also remain as some kind of whole and does not become dissipated or diffused, in other words it stays as a discrete unit and does not return to a hypothetical gestalt. There are of course some interesting questions about the nature of consciousness here, does the individual define consciousness or does consciousness define the individual and can one exist without the other? IN this case the answer seem to be yes, but now perhaps we should look at first principles and the fact that we live in an energetic universe, in other words everything exists in an energetic state whether it is in a physical form or not and that includes human beings…and of course consciousness.

It has frequently been surmised that since consciousness is an excellent example of a self-contained electrochemical process (energy) and according to the laws of thermodynamics energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed merely changed in form, then perhaps this is how consciousness migrates from one state to another. If this is the case then it may also be how a disembodied consciousness is able to manipulate its version of reality to interact with ours. The source of this energy has been attributed to a range of possibilities including ‘telluric energy’, and ‘ley energy’; these both appear to be forms of electromagnetism generated by the planet itself and are therefore probably the same thing by any other name. Perhaps it is even an unsuspected factor of gravity, but whatever it the missing element is the means, the interface or catalyst by which it is manipulated.

It is also possible that another energy source may come from the alleged anomalous ‘cold spots’ that are frequently noted at haunted locations, these areas, for no good or obvious reason, are measurably cooler than the surrounding area. This is frequently (and probably incorrectly) attributed to the presence of the ever ubiquitous ‘spirit’, (whatever that means,) but to make this assumption then leave it at that is a ‘cop out’. Perhaps it is easier to make lazy assumptions using antiquated terminology,

but it stifles opportunities to understand and learn a great deal about the human condition. From a practical point of view; since there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ then is it possible that the heat is drawn from one small area is transformed into mechanical energy, a convenient exchange that once again satisfies the physical laws (as we understand them) governing our universe. All well and good; but we cannot forget that the laws governing the reality inhabited by ‘energetic consciousness’ do not appear to conform to ours. This is something that has been noted repeatedly in the arcane discipline of particle physics, in fact, as Dr Stanislav Grof, the psychiatrist and proponent of transpersonal consciousness observed; “If man had not discovered the paranormal, quantum physics would have predicted it was there”.

From this we must conclude that there is some kind of interface that permits a discarnate intelligence, for want of a better term, to use the raw energies produced in our reality for their own ends, This where our understanding fails us because by our standards it cannot be done simply because our current understanding of physics does not allow for it. In fact it has been eloquently argued by Albert Budden and John Hutchison (and others) that many of the displays normally attributed to poltergeist activity, although not direct speech, may be due to human beings exhibiting symptoms of electrical hypersensitivity. This unusual and highly contentious condition can result in some individuals becoming sensitised to localised electromagnetic fields like those generated by items of electronic household equipment, e.g. TV sets, stereos, computers, and even washing machines etc and inadvertently re-radiating them.

According to Budden and Hutchison this can result in the syndrome where some individuals appear to have an effect on these items and cause them to malfunction when they are in the area. This can result in TV channels spontaneously changing, the loading drawer on CD players opening and closing and computers malfunctioning. I can vouch for this having seen it happen when investigating alleged hauntings. In one location the individual who appeared to be experiencing the ‘haunting’ only had to go near their TV set and it would change channel immediately. The same effect may also be true in cases where some individuals cannot wear a watch because when they do it either stops or fails to keep time.

This effect has been noted in both mechanical and electronic watches, so the ‘field effect’ produced must have a more profound influence than it might at first appear. While none of this accounts for the ability of disembodied intelligences to communicate by voice, perhaps as our understanding of both consciousness and how we interact with the world around us (both visible and invisible) increases, then the answer to this question may finally be within our grasp. When it does the world and our place in it may seem much less isolated and lonely.

Brian Allan is the editor of Phenomena Magazine, the world's most recognised e-zine of its kind.

Read the current and back issues of Phenomena Magazine at:


An Asheville Haunting: Seance at the Pub
By Hayley Benton

As the lights dimmed in the back room of a West Asheville pub, the incessant hum of a modified theremin infiltrated the silence. Around a long, communal table sat a who's-who of regional paranormal experts — ghost hunters, intuitives, sensitives and historians.

Candlelight flickered across the faces and bodies of those closest to the group, huddled shoulder-to-shoulder and tightly packed into the cramped space. Silhouetted in the darkness, guests stood on chairs and peered over shoulders to catch a glimpse of the action: an Ouija board surrounded by a buffet of equipment.

"I want everyone, please, to close their eyes and listen to the sound of my voice," boomed Joshua P. Warren. The room fell quiet except for the whine of the theremin and an electromagnetic field meter. Silverware and pint glasses clinked in the distance, escaping from down the hall in the open half of the restaurant.

"You have come here to experience contact with another realm," Warren continued, pausing as his guests sat in darkness. "We are here together as a collective body of like-minded people, ... who have come together on this night for one purpose: ... and that is to come together to make contact with whatever spirit is residing here on this property."

A long pause followed, as the 50 or so guests in the room meditated on the unfolding situation.

"We have come here this night ... to contact you," Warren said, addressing the mysterious unseen presence in the room. "We believe you are here because you have a message for us."

The Oct. 19 séance, held at the Byrish Haus & Pub on Patton Avenue, was led by Warren, a local paranormal expert who founded the Haunted Asheville ghost tour and wrote a book of the same name, among others. He appeared in every episode of the Travel Channel's 2012 show "Paranormal Paparazzi," and he's been featured in numerous other shows on SyFy, Discovery, History and National Geographic channels. Conducting a seance isn't something he usually does, he admitted to the crowd, but he invited intuitives J. Leigh Rogers, Shelley Wright and others for help.

The month of Halloween, October is a busy time of year for him — for all paranormal investigators, he said, and experts are kept especially busy in Asheville, where ghost sightings are a fairly regular occurrence.

"Asheville is so haunted it’s almost impossible to list all the different places," Warren explained. "The Masonic Temple, ... Eagle Street and Biltmore Avenue, ... the Battery Park Hotel. ... The list just goes on and on. This town is one of the most haunted places in the world, and I can say that pretty conclusively," having conducted investigations all over the world.

"Asheville is just a beacon of activity," he said.

In 1906, a massacre occurred at the corner of Eagle Street and Biltmore Avenue. Will Harris opened fire, killing five people, two of which were policemen.

"Numerous people have been terrified after seeing apparitions around Eagle Street at night," Warren said. "Translucent figures, mangled or shot."

In 1918, influenza patients were cared for inside the Masonic Temple; many of them perished.

"We consistently hear rapping and pounding on the doors when no one is around," he explained. In 1936, a woman was brutally murdered in the Battery Park Hotel, which now houses apartments behind the Grove Arcade. People have reported hearing blood-curdling screams in the halls.

The Buncombe Courthouse even has its fair share of unexplained occurrences, many of which come from the 15th floor. Witnesses and employees, however, seem reluctant to comment publicly on their experiences.

The Grove Park Inn, built in 1913, is supposedly home to the mysterious "pink lady" phantom, who, rumor has it, was pushed from her hotel window — though there seems to be no evidence or memory of a woman falling to her death on the property. Rogers, the medium at the séance, favors Grove Park for frequent and vivid paranormal sightings.

One of Rogers' most terrifying experiences, though, was in a North Asheville graveyard, where she had been conducting a paranormal investigation with the Asheville Paranormal Society. She had been strolling around, trying to get a reading, when a knocking came from within the crematorium. She wouldn't discuss it any further.

"It gave me a really bad feeling," she said, her face suddenly serious. "I freaked out on that one."

And, to our east, the Brown Mountain Lights have confused locals for generations, even inspiring a song by an area musician. Is this phenomenon paranormal? Extraterrestrial? Or a coordinated effort from pranksters with bright flashlights?

"These are the oldest mountains in North America," Warren explained. "Some of the oldest in the world. I think that the age of the mountains may have something to do with this ancient energy that’s held within the earth here."

Underneath our feet run solid rivers of quartz crystal, and "quartz has an interesting relationship with electricity," he continued. "Whenever you find these paranormal hotspots, it always coordinates with electromagnetic anomalies. So maybe these mountains are like a big battery that helps to supply energy for these paranormal things to appear so vividly."

On this particular mid-October evening, Warren had been called to the Byrish for answers. Employees reported feeling a presence in the space — barstools tipped over with no one nearby, things moving around in the kitchen and vanishing full-body apparitions seated in booths prior to open hours.

Before the seance began, Warren asked his guests if anyone felt a psychic connection to the presence in the room — and a woman, Jen, spoke up.

"The gentlemen that's here ... he's waiting on his wife," she said, slowly. "She worked here at some point in time. She used to change in the lady's room. ... She passed on before he did, and he comes on here to wait on her."

Emma Wood, a waitress at the establishment, immediately stopped what she was doing and stared at the psychic in amazement. She held her face in her hands.

"I thought, 'Did I just really hear that?'" she said later on.

"I was coming in for my shift, and I see somebody sitting right there," she said, pointing. "In that booth, right next to the women's bathroom. He was sitting like this" — she folded her hands in front of her — "looking very serious. ... I just was like, 'Oh, OK. Somebody's here already.' I opened the door to come in, and he was gone."

With the lights out and the crowd gathered around, one of the intuitives around the table began to cry. The temperature dropped, despite the number of bodies in the over-packed room.

"Hot," she panted. "It's hot. ... It's a lot of energy."

The hum of the electromagnetic meter pitched up and back down — up and back down. The needle of a compass-like wheel spun rapidly in the center of the table.

"I feel a very strong masculine energy," Rogers said. "It's a force to be reckoned with. It's saying: I'm here. This is me."

Warren and Wright gently touched the eye of the Ouija board and asked the spirit present to share its message.

After a while, the cursor began to move.

"O." Then, some time later: "H."

"Oh?" Warren said, baffled. The eye no longer moved across the board, despite multiple attempts at asking it to finish. As it turns out, O.H. are the initials of Oliver Hamilton, who built the Sky Club up on Beaucatcher Mountain — a connection the group had made earlier in the night.

"Is this some kind of mass hysteria? I don't know," Warren said later on. "We humans, as storytellers, always have a tendency to organize the chaos into something that makes a nice little campfire story. But the reality is that life is not that simple. Life is a much fuzzier, sloppier thing that we all just move through in a somewhat random pattern."

Could the spirit at the Byrish be Oliver Hamilton, Gus Adler, the owner of the former Barbecue Inn? Was it someone else — perhaps a regular customer, still waiting for his dearly departed wife? Maybe the space isn't haunted at all.

In any case, at 7 p.m. Oct. 28, the space will be blessed and cleared of its lingering presence — and all will (hopefully) return to normal at the restaurant and pub. For Asheville's other haunted spaces, however, the spirits that dwell there will remain.

Source: Citizen-Times


UFOs, Aliens, and “Ghostly Analogies”
By Brent Raynes

There is a thread of observation within ufology [one that is certainly not too popular within the “nuts and bolts” ET mainstream] that compares UFO contactee/abductee encounters to apparitional manifestations, on a par with ghostly phenomena. British author Antony Milne noted how a variety of “ghostly analogies” could be drawn from “the apparitional nature of UFOs, similar to ghosts that walk through walls, or the way people can be levitated at seances, and the way UFOs materialize from nowhere.”

“UFO sightings seem too often to be similar to the mind-created worlds that shamans encounter during their journeys through the subtler dimensions,” Milne also added in his book, Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums (2011). Certainly the “Oz Effect,” noted by British ufologist Jenny Randles some years ago, which I've referred to in previous columns, would fit into that category quite nicely as well.

Michael Grosso, Ph.D., in his book, Experiencing the Next World Now (2004), a book that primarily explored the evidence for an afterlife, noted how UFOs and their occupants, a subject that he had delved into quite extensively, were “maddeningly elusive and surreal” in a way wherein their manifestations compared more with the “antics of ghosts than machines from outer space,” mentioning frequently reported case details like telepathy, levitation, apports, teleportation, and odd light and heat phenomena.

“In 1942, a brilliant parapsychologist named G. N. M. Tyrrell presented his superb study of apparitions and cited 19 point in his effort to define the 'perfect apparition,'” John Keel, author of the famous The Mothman Prophecies, wrote me back on January 24, 1971. “His study was actually very relevent to the UFO phenomenon and many UFO cases meet the criteria he established.” Not long after receiving that letter, I located a copy of Tyrrell's book, Apparitions: The classic study of ESP and ghostly appearances (a paperback edition, 1969), in a bookstore during a visit to New York City.

Although I had started out in the UFO field back early in 1967 thinking that the extraterrestrial “nuts and bolts” explanation was the most logical and obvious, it wasn't long before I began to question what I had initially perceived as so obvious, thanks to Keel and a few other notable and outstanding pioneering authors and researchers.

French born astrophysicist Dr. Jacques Vallee, in his book Dimensions (1988), describes how the thorny aspect of ufonauts as apparitions cannot be dismissed, even though “nuts and bolts” ufologists have long strived to neglect or outright ignore such evidence, and to make his point delved into case after case from all over the world wherein well-observed “aliens” and UFOs, often in multiple observer situations, suddenly and inexplicably vanished before the eyes of credible and bewildered eyewitnesses.

I was just reading the other day an account of someone who claimed that a “small spacecraft” had flown into his bedroom through a wall and how a “very small alien” jumped out and allegedly implanted something in one of this experiencer's arms, after which the little fella jumped back into the craft and exited the opposite bedroom wall. Reports of aliens passing through solid walls (at least solid to us), as though they were ghosts, are a dime a dozen in ufology. Should “nuts and bolts” ufologists continue to conservatively look the other way when such accounts come under their scrutiny, or should they study the accounts a little more closely and thoughtfully just in case some may be more than lucid dreams, hallucinations, or hoaxes?

Although the author mentioned very advanced technology likely behind such manifestations, reflecting his bias perhaps, could John Keel have been right decades ago when he noted that ufology should be a branch of parapsychology? Is the UFO contact experience a hugely misunderstood paranormal phenomenon? Or could such experiences be what the late Dr. Carl Jung called psychoid; things that existed somewhere on the border between real and unreal, transcending both psychological and physical reality, also called “quasipsychic.” There is the evolving field of quantum physics which may help us to address a great many unanswered questions about ourselves, our universe, the paranormal, and an enormous number of etceteras in what we loosely call and define “reality.”

While my own statistical survey work with UFO contact experiencers confirms to me the apparitional, “ghostly analogies” side of this data, the comprehensive survey work being undertaken by Dr. Edgar Mitchell's Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) establishes this correlation quite persuasively with one of the largest known pools of such data compiled to date (and it's still an ongoing survey that is branching out internationally). Consider these responses from what has been described as Phase 2 of this survey program:

1. Have you seen what can be described as a ghost or spirit?
75.61 percent (995 out of 1,316) responded with yes.
2. Have you ever met a deceased person and conversed with him or her?
47.55 percent (611 out of 1,285) responded with yes.
3. Have you seen what can be described as an elf or a fairy?
26.02 percent (332 out of 1,276) responded with yes.

According to the Pew Research Center, a survey of Americans in 2009 revealed that 18% reported that they had seen or been in the presence of a ghost. In 2007, a Pew survey revealed that about 20% believed that they'd had an encounter with an angel or a devil. As I and the FREE survey had found, UFO contact experiencers seem to have a significantly elevated profile for ghostly and spirit, or apparitional encounters if one prefers, from the general population.

“I see spirits of deceased and can sometimes communicate,” a female UFO experiencer (whose family has described quite a few UFO/alien experiences to me as well) who lives in Las Vegas shared with me. “Communication with the deceased has allowed me to help others.” When I recently asked a 36-year-old male experiencer here in Tennessee who described to me having experiences with the “grays” since age 13, the answer was not surprising: “I have seen spirits, especially a little girl. She seems to go with me everywhere I move to. I have heard her crying recently and my daughter has heard her too.”

“Years and years of them from early childhood to present,” alien experiencer Bret Oldham replied to my ghost question. “I feel my energy has been altered because of my experiences and is now vibrating at a faster rate; one that is closer to the spirit world. I feel the spirits sense that and seek me out for help knowing that I can feel them, hear them, and sometimes see them.”

Working closely with Bret for four years he even showed me the ropes as to how one could acquire EVP (electronic voice phenomena) results and several times, working together and independently, got a male sounding voice saying “John Keel” (which we had asked for Keel). I emailed Dan Drasin, who had accompanied Keel to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, back in 1967 and in recent years produced a documentary entitled Calling Earth, which was about ITC/EVP research and phenomena around the world, and shared with him some of our audio files. He seemed genuinely impressed.

“Very cool,” he wrote back. “In the second EVP, it sounds as if there's a truncated 'John K...' toward the end, as well.”

Nancy du Tertre, a former securities litigration attorney and the author of How to Talk to an Alien, gave some of these Keel recordings a listen as well, and though she admitted that she was not necessarily “gifted with auditory interpretations,” there was one where “John Keel is very clear to me. Fascinating.” She added it was “Class A” quality.

“I have seen ghosts and I have ESP,” another contactee/housewife in East Tennessee told me. “Shadows, figures walking in my house, cold spots, strange whispers, knocks that my whole family heard. I have been told people have seen me at two different places at the same time. I can't explain this.”

After a close encounter with a dark gray domed 40-45 foot diameter disk back in July 1967 in Mayport, Florida, Ramona Clark described to me how within 4 days her home erupted with poltergiest activity. There were knocking sounds, footsteps, odors, and a male voice, from time to time, calling her name. In the weeks and months that followed the mother and her teenaged son (who also witnessed the UFO) began to awaken around 3 a.m., immobilized by tingling paralysis, seeing small glowing bluish and golden balls of light and humanoid beings in their bedrooms.

The parapsychologists usually don't want to have anything to do with ufology's “alien” data, and often vice versa, while the cryptozoologists don't generally want to touch the paranormal and UFO “alien” aspects, and so around and around it all goes. Thus these people become specialists who selectively examine only evidence that seemingly applies to the surface appearances of their own particlar field of choice; their preconceived representation of their particular subject. Meanwhile, founding members of FREE, like the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Harvard astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild have hammered away at a thing called Quantum Hologram Theory (QHT) to explain many anomalies that seem associated with the UFO contact phenomena.

When it comes to UFOs and the paranormal, Dr. Schild has been quoting saying: “The key point is that Quantum Hologram formulation sensibly explains all of the modern miracles.” A few decades back, Keel compared ufology to an “infant pseudoscience,” and as we approach 2017 we will soon be celebrating [if that's what you wanna call it] ufology's 70th anniversary.

Sadly, ufology doesn't need the CIA, NSA, Air Force, MIB, or anyone else to hinder its progress. It seems to be mired up and sinking in psychological quicksand of its own creation. Its fearless leaders are too often self-styled egocentric “experts” who strive to maintain an outdated series of subjective ideas and concepts, peddling them as obvious and factual, when in reality there exists no real and hard proof of any genuine scientific substance. Ufology for most is more of a belief system, a religion, than a true science-based discipline where you follow the evidence trail rather than preferred and untested beliefs, concepts and theories.

I always liked this title from one of John Keel's chapters in his book UFOs: Operations Trojan Horse, which was entitled: To Hell with the Answer! What's the Question?

Source: Alternate Perceptions


Ogopogo -  Mysterious Lake Creature Shrouded in Myth

Once described as a being the spawn of an earwig and a whale, the mystery of Okanagan Lake's Ogopogo is still being debated to this day.

Originally called M-ha-a-i-tk by local First Nations, Ogopogo's home is said to be near Squally Point (also known as Rattlesnake Island).

According to city councillor and local historian Randy Manuel, the natives, out of fear of death by drowning, would sacrifice an animal like a dog when passing Squally Point.

"It's a spot where wind and weather can bring waves up to six or seven feet there. It's a spot where you don't want to get caught in a boat," said Manuel. "It (sacrificing animals) was common practice when they were travelling the length of the lake in canoes."

The local natives weren't the only ones that believed in Ogopogo either.

In 1914 one man found what may have been an Ogopogo carcass.

Author F.M. Buckland of Kelowna described the story of what happened to a group of campers near Greata Ranch in one of his books.

"One of the party who had gone to the lake edge for water was attracted by a strong smell of rotted fish. On investigation he found the badly decomposed body of a strange animal lying at the water's edge ... The body was between five and six feet in length and would weigh about 400 pounds. It had a short, broad, flat tail and a head that stuck out from between shoulders without any sign of a neck. The nose was stubby, sticking out of rounded head with no ears visible. The thick hide was sparsely covered with a silky hair four or five inches in length and of a bluish-grey colour while the teeth resembled those of a dog. It had two ivory-like tusks and claws resembling those of a great bird, on flipper-like arms; claws that showed no signs of wear or use, such as those of a cougar or other land animal."

It is alleged that the shoulder blade, tusks and claws were displayed in private homes by interested parties, but their current whereabouts are unknown.

Attracting more than just interested campers, Ogopogo even has fans in the movie industry.

A movie about Ogopogo is in the planning stages.

Provost Pictures, out of Vancouver, is working on its first film, The Beast of the Bottomless Lake.

"The company was really formed around the idea of making this film," said production director and co-owner of the company Kennedy Goodkey. Goodkey's friend Keith Provost, who grew up in Kelowna, wanted to create a film about Ogopogo.

Provost felt he'd seen Ogopogo in the water as a child and was what Goodkey called a "minutiae of information about Ogopogo."

Tragically, Provost was killed in an accident and the project was put on hold because its emotional impact on those involved was too hard to deal with.

"Last year around this time ... I dusted it off and said 'Let's see if we can't do this now,'" said Goodkey.

Goodkey and his business partner Craig March created a script from memories of Provost's stories and after some research, made what they felt was a relatively accurate script.

The Beast of the Bottomless Lake crew went to Kelowna recently to scout filming locations and are planning on conducting their main casting in the Okanagan.

The movie will be a modern-day Moby Dick as a group of UBC academics go to the Okanagan to prove the existence of Ogopogo, but their individual agendas get in the way.

Goodkey is not completely sure if Ogopogo really exists and he will continue to wait for evidence.

"As long as there's an element of doubt I am one to extend the possibility to hold out my belief," he said. "I have to admit I think there's a lot of circumstantial evidence that doesn't make it look good."

And Goodkey isn't the only one questioning the reality of Ogopogo.

Local fisherman and owner of Lakestream Flies and Supplies Chris Cousins said he believes the lake monster is really just a big fish.

"I believe that people have seen something out there but I don't believe it is a prehistoric monster," said Cousins. "I do believe that what they've seen is a sturgeon or a group of sturgeons."

B.C. Fisheries describes sturgeons as a long and cylindrical fish that can grow up to six metres long and weigh 1,323 pounds. They range in colour from greenish-grey on their backs to light grey on their bellies and they're covered in bony plates instead of scales.

The sturgeon is a bottom feeder and its mouth is on the underside of its body, that way it can swim along the bottom of the lake and suck up prey.

But every once in a while they make an appearance, said Cousins.

"They definitely come to the surface, it's called breaching - it means they roll on the surface ... They jump and leap out of the water at times," he said.

It's thought that sturgeons, which can be found in the Columbia and Fraser rivers, made it to Okanagan Lake through the Columbia River system before it was dammed up in 1953.

In 1958 divers working the Okanagan floating bridge reported seeing the sturgeon, which frightened them.

Since then there have been hundreds of sightings of Ogopogo - most often during the summer months when tourists and locals are hitting the beach and the lake.

Kelowna author Arlene Gaal, who is considered an Ogopogo expert by some, said she has recorded sightings from the 1800s to today.

"I basically have the best records of Ogopogo of anyone in the world," said Gaal adding she has 99.9 per cent of all photos ever taken of the beast as well as about 90 per cent of recorded sightings in her library of information.

In addition to keeping records, Gaal has had her own Ogopogo experiences.

While investigating a sighting in 1978 she felt she saw him for the first time.

"I had no intent of seeing anything but a beautiful mirror-calm lake," she recalled. "I was going back to my car and I suddenly saw a shadow moving in two parts toward the bridge ... Something broke the water and waves rolled off the back of this thing."

Gaal took five sequential shots and took the film back to the Kelowna Daily Courier office where she worked to have it developed. She had captured pictures of something she said was large enough to create a backlash of waves on the shoreline.

Since then Gaal has had more sightings but none as memorable as her first.

In response to the sturgeon theory, Gaal said the Okanagan Mainline Basin Water Board and the fisheries department both have reported no sturgeons in Okanagan Lake.

While Cousins does believe the giant fish is in the lake, he admitted he found it a little disconcerting that he's never seen a picture of someone catching a sturgeon in Okanagan Lake.

While Cousins may be assured there is no lake monster, it will be a mystery to the rest of us.

Source: Penticton Western News


Mysterious Noise In the Arctic Driving Wildlife Away

In the tiny Arctic hamlet of Igloolik, Nunavut, hunters say a mysterious sound, seemingly coming from the bottom of the sea, is driving wildlife away.

According to the CBC, locals have different theories about its source, and have attributed this “ping” or “hum” to a mining company that has operated nearby, or even to sabotage by Greenpeace. Both entities denied having anything to do with the phenomenon that hunters allege has made an area once teeming with wildlife a bit more barren over the course of the summer.

Although the Arctic has been increasingly opening up to mining operations, tourism, and military exercises, this pinging sound remains unexplained. Without anywhere else to turn, and with no leads on what’s causing it, the Office of the Premier of Nunavut called on the Department of National Defence (DND) to investigate in October.

“The Department of National Defence has been informed of the strange noises emanating in the Fury and Hecla Straights area, and the Canadian Armed Forces are taking the appropriate steps to actively investigate the situation,” DND spokesperson Evan Koronewski wrote me in an email.

“We appreciate the information provided by the Government of Nunavut and will follow up with the Premier’s Office once the investigation has concluded,” he added.

The area is a narrow channel of water in Nunavut, which is the newest, largest and least populous territory of Canada, located next to Greenland.

"It's one of the major hunting areas in the summer and winter because it's an area of open water surrounded by ice that's abundant with sea mammals," Mr Quassa said.

"And this time around, this summer, there were hardly any. And this became a suspicious thing."

Another MLA member was quoted by CBC as saying the area is normally a migratory route for bowhead whales and various kinds of seals.

"But this summer there was none," he said.

Various explanations for the sound have been put forward by the Canadian press:

* It is a sonar survey conducted by a mining company
* It is being generated on purpose by Greenpeace to scare wildlife away from the rich hunting ground
* It is caused by military submarines

However, local mining companies insist they do not work in the area, Greenpeace has denied it is responsible and the military say no submarines - either domestic or foreign - are known to have operated in the area.

Canada is apparently becoming the official Land of Extremely X-Files Shit, as this isn’t the first mysterious noise that locals have called upon the government to investigate. Citizens of Windsor, Ontario have long been plagued by what’s known as the “Windsor hum.”

In 2014, a public summary of an as-yet unpublished government report on that strange hum stated that its origin could not be established, but that it might be the result of industrial operations in the area.

It’s unclear whether DND’s investigation into the Arctic “ping” will be any more fruitful, but until some answers can be found, there’s going to be some pissed off hunters up in Igloolik.

Source: Motherboard

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