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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such creeping-in-the-dark stories as:

Cluster of Mysterious Amnesia Cases Puzzles Researchers -  
-  The High Hurlands Encounter -
Mysterious Blasts Heard Over San Diego -
AND: Japanese Who Say They are the Descendants of Jesus

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For more than a decade the mysterious Commander X has caused controversy and dissension among conspiracy theorists, Area 51 aficionados and UFO believers world-wide. Some accept his hair-raising accounts of working behind the scenes with the CIA, the NSA and other government and quasi-federal agencies at face value, while others scratch their heads in bewilderment and wonder if his first-hand chronicles are not at least partially linked to a disinformation program promoted by the New World Order. His face to face confrontations with the greys and reptilians have caused deep concern and discomfort to many.

For the first time, here is the complete dossier on Commander X’s many exploits both with various groups of highly aggressive ultra-extraterrestrials as well as his various battles with our own earthly authorities hell-bent on keeping all these matters of a highly confidential – TOP SECRET! – nature.

Included among the many shocking – and surprising – revelations 

* The Alien Dinosaur Connection.

* Who inhabits the Subterranean Regions of Earth?

* Evidence suggests humans victims were still alive when their blood was drained and body parts removed in underground UFO bases.

* The many special powers of ETs – including levitation, dematerialization, invisibility, mind control, advanced light beam technology.

* A Nazi – Alien collaboration. How the Occult inner circle of the Third Reich contacted grey aliens before World War II using ritual magic.

* Evidence Hitler shipped equipment and slave laborers to the Antarctic to construct a fleet of flying saucers.

* The end results was the start of a program to infiltrate the governments of the world after WWII. Many of the early UFO contactees had Nazi UFO connections.

* Proof that the Nazis transferred into the midst of the American spy and space agencies.


Only Commander X dares answer these questions.

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Cluster of Mysterious Amnesia Cases Puzzles Researchers
By Rachael Rettner

More than a dozen people in Massachusetts suddenly developed severe amnesia, but there was no clear cause of their memory loss, leaving researchers puzzled about what exactly could have been behind these cases, according to a new report.

In the report, researchers describe a cluster of 14 cases involving people who experienced sudden amnesia, and who were treated in Massachusetts from 2012 to 2016. All of the patients were relatively young (19 to 52 years old), and all had either tested positive for drugs or had a history of substance abuse, according to the report.

The patients showed "striking anterograde amnesia," according to the report, from researchers at the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH). People with this type of amnesia have trouble forming new memories, and they often cannot recall events from the immediate past, such as something that has just happened to them. [27 Oddest Medical Cases]

In nine of the cases, the patients were unconscious at the time they were brought to the hospital, and they experienced amnesia when they regained consciousness. In the five other cases, family members or friends noticed that the individuals were experiencing severe memory loss, and they brought them to the emergency room.

Twelve of the patients had a history of using opioid drugs, including prescription painkillers or heroin. Many of the patients had also used other drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines. These drugs have many negative effects on people's health, but they typically have not been linked with the development of anterograde amnesia.

Notably, the brain scans of all of the patients revealed an unusual finding: MRI tests showed significantly reduced blood flow to a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is important for memory formation. Humans have two hippocampi, one on either side of their brain, and the patients in the report had reduced blood flow to both hippocampi. But the researchers could not find a clear cause of this problem.

Sudden amnesia that's tied to reduced blood flow to both hippocampi is rare, the researchers said. A few similar cases have been reported in the past, but these were stand-alone cases rather than clusters of cases, the researchers noted. In some of those earlier cases, the sudden amnesia was tied to exposure to a toxic substance, such as carbon monoxide, the report said.

Investigation of the current cases is ongoing, and health authorities need to continue to watch for more cases, to determine whether this new cluster "represents an emerging syndrome related to substance use or other causes," such as exposure to a toxic substance, the researchers wrote in the Jan. 27 issue of the journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, which is published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [10 Things You Didn't Know About the Brain]

The cluster was first discovered in November 2015, when a neurologist in the Boston area reported four cases of unusual amnesia he had seen during the last three years. The MDPH conducted a subsequent search for similar cases and discovered the 10 additional ones.

Information on the long-term outcome of the cases was available for just four patients. Of these, one person's memory problems were resolved after five months, but two others continued to experience cognitive problems more than a year later. One of the patients still had severe short-term memory problems after eight weeks, and later died from cardiac arrest, the report said.

Doctors should consider performing an MRI and screening for drugs in all adult patients who have sudden-onset amnesia, the researchers said. Advanced laboratory testing, including testing for substances that were not assessed in the current report, might clarify why these cases were linked with drug use, they said.

Source: Live Science


The High Hurlands Encounter
By adgable

For some months, something had been flying over the High Hurlands Home (a home for mentally handicapped children), near Passfield, Hampshire, England.  The nurses told investigator Hilary Porter that the object usually appeared to be headed from the northeast towards the southwest.  In late July (July 18th, about 8:30 in the evening to be precise) they again heard a humming sound and rushed outside to see the object – but instead of disappearing in the direction of Portsmouth, as it usually did, on this occasion it descended over the orchard adjacent to the property.  It descended to about thirty feet and hovered there for quite some time, at some point vanishing.

Later that night (around 12:15), Helen Monger heard the sounds of someone outside and got a quick glimpse of a person passing the window.  She and fellow nurse Diane Edworthy were calling the local police when, as Diane put it:

    "I saw a figure in black, at least six ft. tall, looking in through the window at us.  He was completely in black, and had a huge helmet over his head…We could not see his face, but he just ‘shone’ as though his clothing was all leathery, or was some fabric that glistened.  He seemed to be ‘padded out.’  By the time we had just gasped, he stepped back into the darkness and was gone."

Within two or three minutes, the telephone rang.  It was nurses at the far quarters on the other side of the orchard (a distance of nearly a half mile) reporting the black figure at the windows there.

The police arrived at the hospital within fifteen minutes and could find no footprints despite the fact that the soil just outside the windows where the “man” had been seen was quite soft.  Likewise, no footprints could be found in the grass.  They searched the area of the orchard thoroughly, with dogs, but could find no clues and the dogs picked up no scent.  Finally, they were forced to conclude that the nurses had imagined the whole event.

There had been previous incidents of a prowler, a long-haired young man, around the Nurses’ Quarters a few weeks before.  So was the “man in black” of that night simply a prowler, who as investigator Omar Fuller noted may have been wearing a motorcycle outfit (accounting for the leathery appearance, lack of facial features, and recklessness)?  Was it all a product of the nurses’ imaginations, wrought already with fear of a previous prowler and doubtless the stress of dealing with mentally handicapped children?  Or was it indeed an encounter with some unknown being?

Source: The Curious Fortean


When Giants Walked the Earth

In our time, giants are treated as creatures of fiction. But the people of ancient Scotland thought these leviathans walked the land bringing terror in their wake. These monsters may be long gone from our world but our ancestors' belief in them is evident in their habit of naming places and features in the landscape after them.

Stories of giants are to be found across the world and in most religions. The Bible says of them: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men of old, which were men of renown (Genesis 6:4)."

Our knowledge of Scottish giants comes to us from folktales, which often featured brutish creatures that terrorised the land with their taste for human flesh. In these stories Scots did not always meekly accept their fate as the main course and legends often tell of how they overcame their giant problems.

One such tale is that of the Ettin of Edin's Hall, who lived on the slopes of Cockburn Law, a hill near Duns in the Scottish Borders. Three young men pledged to kill this three-headed giant, and drew lots to see who would first attempt the task.

The first two men who faced the giant were unprepared by his demands that they answer questions on Scottish history in exchange for their lives. Both men failed, were turned to stone and used by the giant as ornaments.

On his way to attempt the quest, the third man met a hungry old woman. In exchange for a share of his supper she gave him a lesson in history and a bag to be opened only if he was in danger. Thus equipped he successfully answered the questions, but the giant did not honour his promise and tried to kill him anyway. At that moment the hero opened the bag, found a two-headed axe and chopped off the giant's three heads with a single and swift swipe.

Whilst it is easy to dismiss these stories as folktales, it is harder to explain why giant lore is incorporated into the landscape and place names. One clue could be in the common description of many of these sites as graves or cairns (an old Scottish word for a memorial often marking a grave). And where there are graves, archaeologists frequently find bones – as they did at Giant's Graves at Kirkcolm, Galloway, and at Moulin, Pitlochry.

And whilst the abundance of human remains at these places could explain why Scottish giants had such a bloodthirsty reputation, it could not equally explain why people believed giants killed those who rested there. However, there may have been bones alongside these normal skeletons that appeared to be of extraordinary size which may have led them to conclude that the there was a giant afoot.

Gigantism in humans has a long history as does the related condition of acromegaly, when bones thicken due to pituitary gigantis.

"Acromegaly is not a recent phenomenon, that's for sure," confirms Sue Black, a professor of anatomy at Dundee University. "There is reported acromegaly right back into ancient Egyptian times. In terms of recent human remains, we find about one per cent are cases of acromegaly."

Whilst none have been found in ancient bones in Scotland this could be "because we identify so few old skeletons we are just not coming across those remains," Black explains.

Contrary to popular belief, human height has fluctuated throughout history and so bones uncovered by people in the past might have appeared large compared to those who found them.

Recorded changes of height in Britain have been shown by archaeologist Charlotte Roberts, who says: "Agriculture first arrives in Britain in the Neolithic period and disease becomes more prevalent. There is then a decline in the average height of males in the Mesolithic period compared to the previous period."

Pulitzer Prize winning biologist Jared Diamond agrees, telling Discover Magazine in 1987: "Skeletons from Greece and Turkey show that the average height for hunter-gatherers toward the end of the Ice Ages was a generous 5' 9" for men, 5' 5" for women. With the adoption of agriculture, height crashed and by 3000 BC had reached a low of only 5' 3" for men and 5' for women."

But could there have been actual giants among us instead of simply taller people? Modern Scots, as well as our ancestors, have certainly believed they have seen these creatures. Perhaps the most famous sighting of a Scottish giant is one known as the Big Grey Man of Ben MacDui. The first modern account of him belongs to a London professor who felt a giant presence as he climbed Ben MacDui, the second highest peak in Scotland, while on holiday in 1891. Since then other climbers have claimed to have seen the giant on the hill.

All over the world these sorts of strange sightings are not as uncommon as might be expected and giants, or creatures like them, seem to be naturally found on the mountainside. One report in The Scotsman of 2 January 1888 records their sightings in Scotland and across the mountains of Europe in great detail. The report speculates that these sightings may be optical illusions caused by the mountain environment.

So, the answer to the question of whether giants have ever lived in Scotland, given their long history here, might finally turn out to be that it depends on how you look at them.

Our ancient ancestors had much to worry them. They had to find food, build shelter, protect their offspring and most important of all, keep a wary eye out for giants. That's right, back in the deep dark days of yore Scots believed that enormous creatures roamed the land fighting and causing a stramash whenever they could. And although we've long ceased to believe in behemoths, their "presence" is still recorded in the numerous giant place names scattered throughout Scotland.

Long ago, Scots came upon many strange sights in their landscape that could not be easily accounted for. They also found many unnatural structures older than the times they lived in, which we now know to be man-made, that may have seemed beyond their means to build. Perhaps it is understandable that they sought to explain the inexplicable in any way they could.

When people discovered huge stones, immovable by normal men, lying almost abandoned in fields and hills where they obviously did not belong, the only possible explanation must have been a creature huge and strong enough to deposit them there. Samson, known in folk tales as the strongest giant in Scotland, was one such mischievous titan who delighted in throwing around huge boulders for sport. On the eastern slope of Ben Ledi, a hill near Callander, a large boulder known as his "putting stone" is said to be the remnants of one of his games.

As well as playthings, boulders were also the weapons of choice for many giants as they engaged in another of their favourite sports: feuding. Legend tells of how a trio of giants who lived in the hills of Torvean, Dunain and Craig Phadrick around Inverness hefted massive stone hammers at each other from dawn to midday. Boulders, which still sit in the fields around these hills today, were said to be the missiles they used to battle with each other. Even more dangerous to the people who lived beside them, were the Gaelic giants who lived in the hills around Munlochy Bay in the Ross and Cromarty area of the Highlands who were said to have thrown gargantuan battle-axes at each other from their strongholds.

Giants did not only heave gigantic missiles at each other in anger but also at people who provoked their wrath. The giant of Norman's Law in Fife, known in legend as the Earl of Hell, is said to have hurled a boulder at the people of Dundee across the River Tay. The boulder fell short and crashed against the Law Hill where it still rests.

However, the most famous story of how giants came to shape the landscape is found a short distance across the Irish Sea from Scotland. The legend of the Giant's Causeway in what is now Northern Ireland recounts the tale of an Irish giant, Finn MacCool, who heard a Scottish rival, Benandonner, insult his manhood from across the water and set about building a bridge of stone across the sea to uphold his honour. Science now tells us that this bridge, which allegedly spanned the sea from Giant's Causeway to Fingal's Cave, was formed from volcanic eruptions 65 million years ago. Yet who amongst us would not prefer the story of fighting giants!

Since the people of Scotland once imagined that giants lived in their country it is natural that they believed these creatures died here too. At least 20 giants' graves are visible from the far south to the northernmost outposts of Scotland. They can be found in Stanstig in Shetland, near Kilchattan on the island of Colonsay, in Sma'glen in Perthshire, and near Kirkcolm in Dumfries and Galloway. Archaeological excavation has shown that many of these sites are indeed burial mounds dating from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Bones have been unearthed at many of these sites, although the largest have only been of average height.

Ancient monuments and ruins were often thought to be the work of Scottish giants. Those who lived beside the remains of the Neolithic stone circles of Scotland might have believed that only a giant's strength could move these huge obelisks. Two such monuments that can still be visited today are the Giant's Cairn at Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, and the Giant's Stanes in Eskdalemuir in the Scottish Borders. Legend also has it that the columns of Scotland's most famous stone circle, the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis, are the bodies of giants turned to stone by St Kieran for disobeying the teachings of Christianity.

Similarly, hill-forts from the Bronze Age and before, now reduced to mounds of earth by the passage of time, were thought to be the homes of giants. A three-headed giant known as the Ettin of Edin's Hall was said to have lived in an old hill-fort on the north-eastern slopes of Cockburn Law, a hill near Duns in the Scottish Borders.

Today it seems quaint that our forebears imagined the huge presence of giants in their midst. Yet who's to say that for all our so-called scientific knowledge, in hundreds of years time, our descendants will look back at how we made sense of the world and find us just as ridiculous.

Source: Scotsman


The Airline Stewardess who Starved for Aliens
By Tristan

In September 1953, 28-year-old Gloria Lee began to hear a strange voice in her head. Fortunately, the voice didn’t claim to be a manifestation of schizophrenia, but a telepathic communication from Jupiter by an alien named J.W. (The Jovians were so utterly advanced that they had no use for names or vocal cords.) Lee, an airline stewardess who had a great interest in UFOs, was understandably thrilled with her psychic visitor. She’d heard stories from pilots and other stewardesses about flying saucers, but in her five years of experience had never actually seen one herself.

Imagine Lee’s disappointment, then, when J.W. refused to physically show himself to her. “Frankly,” she wrote in her first book, I was just plain disgusted J.W. didn’t “drop in for a visit” if he was who he said he was.” For months, Lee decided to ignore J.W., until one day she was hanging laundry outside her home in Westchester, California and suddenly heard a voice telling her to look up.

Not sure what to expect, Lee followed the command, and spotted a giant UFO flying northward. After hearing there were other witnesses who saw the object in near-by Redondo Beach, Lee’s faith was restored, and she took up talking to J.W. again. To further develop her powers, Lee also attended a “psychic development” class. Lee never claimed to have physically met or seen J.W., but a classmate did once sketch his picture after supposedly seeing him stand behind Lee in class.

While this experience by itself was enough to convince Lee, she still had nothing to offer to any skeptics. “I have talked to him in materialized form and via direct voice control, ” she admitted, “but for those of you who may still doubt the existence of a person named J.W., I can give you no concrete proof which would satisfy only the five senses.” Among the 1950s contactee movement, no concrete proof was needed, and Lee put out a popular book in 1959 originally entitled “Why We Are Here: by J.W., A Being from Jupiter Through the Instrumentation of Gloria Lee.”  (The book was allegedly written by J.W., who communicated it to Lee by automatic writing.)

Lee took her work with J.W. very seriously, lecturing about her communications and even founding an organization called the Cosmon Research Foundation to promote his teachings. On September 23, 1962, J.W. ordered Lee to go on a hunger strike after some government officials in Washington D.C. declined to see her channeled blueprints for a spaceship. The strike was held for world peace, and Lee said she wouldn’t stop until the “light elevator” J.W. promised her would appear on earth to take her to Jupiter.

As everybody else expected, J.W.’s light elevator never arrived, and Lee’s hunger strike lasted for 66 days until her husband William H. Byrd had her hospitalized. Sadly, Lee didn’t recover, and she died in George Washington University Hospital on December 3. This was not, however, the last we would ever hear of Gloria Lee.

Shamelessly, or perhaps ingeniously from a marketing perspective, the clairvoyant Nada-Yolanda claimed to have come into psychic contact with Lee two months after her death. In January 1963, she and her publishing company Mark Age, Inc. released “Gloria Lee Lives! My Experiences Since Leaving Earth“, Lee’s posthumous account of life on Venus. Mark Age would later release several other books of telepathic messages from Lee, and while these are now long out of print, you can still pick up new copies of Lee’s and J.W.’s first book on Amazon.

Source: Bizarre and Grotesque

On the Trail of Gnomes

There are many varieties of gnomes, from a garden gnome to a forest gnome to a dune gnome to a house gnome to a farm gnome to a Siberian gnome. It is interesting that Siberian gnomes are known to associate with trolls. Are trolls perhaps the Grays or maybe they are the blue aliens that Whitley Strieber describes in his book 'Communion'?

I received an email and the subject line caught my attention.

Subject line read: "I was brain scanned by a gnome!"

Mark from Dearborn County, Indiana writes:

    "Since I was 3 years old, I have been subjected to alien abductions. I am now 28 years old and have been abducted 12 times. Usually I have Grays who walk through my bedroom walls, some Grays will sit on my bed. There was a time, when I woke up and I saw a Gray sitting at the edge of my bed. I closed my eyes for a second, hoping for the Gray to go away and when I opened my eyes; the Gray's face was right in my face. When I am abducted, I feel like I am in a catatonic state. I am aware of what they are doing to me, but I am helpless to act out against them. I am floated to their ship, where they perform medical experiments on me. Sometimes the Grays are lead by what is called a Praying Mantis type of alien. The Praying Mantis alien seems to give them orders. My last abduction I was quite shocked when the Grays brought out this Gnome looking creature with a pointed hat.

    He had to be no more than 2 feet tall. As I was lying on this metallic slab, he was raised to my head level. I swear he had an evil looking grin and had the face of an old man. He placed his fingers in my temple areas and I felt my thoughts and everything of my past life being extracted from my mind. I feel my whole life as I saw it, felt it or thought it, was taken from my mind by this Gnome. Later the Gnome showed me a holographic image of me playing with a rabbit. I could see my hands petting the rabbit, but I could not see my face or body, it was as if I was looking out of my own eyes at a young age. I remember the rabbit distinctly. I was 8 years old at the time. The Gnome took out images from my mind, as I saw them with my eyes. Paul, I really feel like I am losing my mind and I don't know what to do. I feel like I have an implant behind my neck, near my spinal column. There was even a time, when one of the Grays stuck a needle in my eye, my god, it was painful and there was nothing I could do about it......."

(email continues on - some aspects of the email is private. Some words have been changed to make it more readable).

I talked with Mark over the cell phone and we came to the conclusion, that he should volunteer for a therapy group session with other people that share his experiences and he has decided on seeing a hypnotist. I wish Mark the best of luck.

If what Mark is saying is true, these elemental creatures with conical hats are in league with the Grays. I have always suspected gnomes, fairies; elves are aliens of some sort. When I head out to Aruba and Argentina in January, I will be interviewing people in Argentina in regard to recent cattle mutilations and the sightings of gnomes in their country. Are the gnomes involved with the cattle mutilations? It will be interesting to see what I find out from my interviews.

In Argentina, gnomes are called duendes. From a March 2008 cell phone video it appears that gnomes do indeed wear pointy hats. From the video it also appears that they have a crab like walk. The kids, who took this video, had heard someone throwing stones at them and they were quite surprised to capture a sideway walking gnome on their cell phone video! They ran away screaming.

Gnomes have several names. The Germans call them Erdmanleins and in the Alpine areas, they are known as Heinzemannchens. Denmark and Norway call them Nisse. Brittany calls them Nains. Gnomes have many names in various countries, but a gnome is a gnome. They can appear creepy like the Argentina creepy gnome or appear as observers, watching what we do, but not intervening, such as Forest Gnomes that are known to avoid man. They are sometimes known to act mischievous and will not hesitate in playing practical jokes.

There are many varieties of gnomes, from a garden gnome to a forest gnome to a dune gnome to a house gnome to a farm gnome to a Siberian gnome. It is interesting that Siberian gnomes are known to associate with trolls. Are trolls perhaps the Grays or maybe they are the blue aliens that Whitley Strieber describes in his book 'Communion'?

It is thought that gnomes originated in Scandinavia and then migrated into other lowland areas. Gnomes have been sighted in Europe, but now seem to be sighted more in Argentina. If gnomes are elemental, then perhaps that means they are interdimensional. If they originated in Scandinavia that may only mean their first base of operations started in Scandinavia and now through a galactic treaty with the Grays, they are able to explore in places like Argentina or a place like Dearborn County, Indiana.

If legends of gnomes have any truth to them, they are supposed to be 7 times stronger than man. They are able to run 35 mph and have the eyesight of a hawk. At times they are known to help animals, the one kind thing they might do, besides doing something horrendous like extracting information from your mind, as Mark claims.

If I encounter a gnome in Argentina, I promise I will not scream and run away, I will run up to the gnome and try and snatch him up and bag him. I just hope his strength doesn't knock me out of my shoes! If I capture him I will place him in a cryogenics lab for further analysis. ........I know, wishful thinking.

I can only wonder why a gnome would want information from a human being s mind? Most likely they want to see what we experience, how we react to certain encounters in every day life and how we live. This gnome that met up with Mark may look hideous, but he may be an important alien scientist from a world of gnomes. I can only guess. What a strange universe we live in.

Source: Alien Seeker News


Mysterious Blasts Heard Over San Diego

A number of people across San Diego County California reported hearing two, loud, mysterious booms Tuesday afternoon January 24.

By Wednesday morning, police and military officials said they did not know what caused the loud booms. One woman reported that around 3:18 p.m., she heard two loud booms that shook the windows in her home in Santee.

There were multiple posts on social media of people reporting their homes rattled from the boom. The posts were from residents across the county, including Clairemont, Santee, and San Diego.

Some Santee residents reported seeing a large glowing ball in the western sky at the same time as the mysterious noise.

"I automatically thought it was a earthquake, my car started moving back & forth in Imperial Beach!" Laura Reynolds said.

"Are we having an earthquake? Our sliders won't stop shaking, but my chair isn't moving and it's not wind," a Coronado resident posted to social media.

"I heard it here on the Strand, but didn't feel anything. Sounded like two loud bangs, I thought it was thunder. I am curious what it could have been," another Coronado resident posted.

USGS did not detect an earthquake in San Diego County during that time.

Some wrote that they suspected the sounds were caused by a sonic boom, but there has been no confirmation of this.

Local media checked with military officials and law enforcement to see if they had anything to do with the various "strange" reports. Here's what we were told:

- The National Weather Service said the booms weren't weather related.
- USGS did not detect an earthquake in San Diego County.
- Federal Aviation Administration public affairs manager Ian Gregor said to check with the military.

"A military aircraft flying in a Military Operations Area over land also could made a sonic boom," Gregor said.checked with Miramar Air Station and a spokesman said: "A military aircraft flying in a Military Operations Area over land also could made a sonic boom," Gregor said.

MCAS Miramar Capt. Kurt Stahl said they reviewed all tapes with the FAA and was confident that it wasn't caused by their aircraft.

"We reviewed all tapes with the FAA and with our fixed-wing squadrons aboard MCAS Miramar, and we can confirm that no aircraft from MCAS Miramar reached supersonic speeds yesterday.  Therefore, we can rule out that this noise was caused by an aircraft based out of MCAS Miramar.  For additional background, we do not operate our aircraft at supersonic speeds within 30 miles of populated areas. As for those reported today, this is the first I have heard of any today; I am confident that they are not being caused by our aircraft."

On Wednesday January 25 a Del Mar resident reported that he heard the booms and his house shook around Noon. This was in addition to the booms reported earlier Wednesday morning from Ocean Beach residents.

This is not the first time that residents of San Diego County were mystified by strange explosions in the sky. On April 4, 2006, a loud explosion was heard throughout the area. Whatever it was, it caused a woman's bed to shake in Lakeside. It created waves in a backyard pool in Carmel Valley. It set off car alarms in Kearny Mesa and rattled windows from Mission Beach to Poway to Vista. At various spots throughout the county, people reported a rumbling sound or a booming noise.

In Lakeside, Judi Mitchell, an emergency medical technician who works the night shift at a hospital, had returned to her home on Lakeshore Drive and was just about to fall asleep. It was 9 a.m., give or take a few minutes.

Suddenly, the earth started to vibrate.

“The windows shook; my bed moved,” she said. “It moved my bookcase.”

The rattling lasted a few seconds. Mitchell, 44, has lived in East County all her life and considers herself an expert at judging the size of an earthquake. She quickly guessed this one was a 4.5 on the Richter scale.

But to the astonishment of everyone, a quake wasn't the culprit. Within hours, both the U.S. Geological Survey in Pasadena and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla issued statements saying no earthquake had been detected.

A Mission Beach resident compared the sensation to “somewhere in between an explosion and an earthquake.” A woman in Carmel Valley noted that the rattling was very distressing to her cats.

Scientists insisted it wasn't an earthquake. The Federal Aviation Administration had no record of any planes producing a sonic boom by breaking the sound barrier.

Camp Pendleton officials said no activities on the Marine base could have created such a disturbance. There were no large explosions in San Diego County that day, and no meteor fireballs were reported in the sky that morning. 

There have been other similar unexplained events over the years. Something of the sort happened in Wilmington, N.C., on Dec. 20, 2005; Winston-Salem, N.C., on March 5, 2005; Charleston, S.C., on Aug. 1, 2003; and Pensacola, Fla., on Jan. 13, 2003.

“The large boom that shook walls and windows from Century to Milton on Monday remains a mystery, and probably will stay that way,” a reporter for the Pensacola News Journal  wrote after the Jan. 13 episode.

What happened in San Diego, and elsewhere around the world, seems destined, at least for now, to remain one of life's little mysteries.

Source: NBC San Diego


Japanese Who Say They are the Descendants of Jesus

On Dec 25, the round-faced Mr Sawaguchi got up in the icy predawn of northern Japan, put on his suit and tie and headed off for another day as a civil servant in the construction division of Aomori Prefectural Government.

But on his way out the door of his home, in the hamlet of Shingo, he gave a nod in the direction of the mound of earth topped by a wooden cross that is the last resting place of the man that Christianity reveres as the Messiah.

"I didn't really plan anything for the 25th as it doesn't really matter to us," said 52-year-old Mr Sawaguchi. "I know I am descended from Jesus but as a Buddhist it's just not all that important."

Married with a son and daughter, Mr Sawaguchi may display the same degree of religious flexibility that is common in Japan, but his beliefs are firm. Jesus is buried in the neighbouring field, along with his brother Isukiri, and nearby are the scattered remains of pyramid that was larger than those in Egypt but toppled in an earthquake in 1857.

Seven hours north of Tokyo by train and bus, Shingo only had garlic farming to to put it on the map until a scroll was found in 1935 by a Shinto priest in nearby Ibaraki Prefecture that was identified as Christ's will and, bizzarely, identified Shingo as his last resting place.

The scroll is on display in the "Village of Christ Legend Museum," which closes in the tourist off-season between October and April, and is the basis of a very different take on the incredible tale.

According to the document, Jesus arrived in Aomori at the age of 21, where he took the name Daitenku Taro Jurai, studied the Japanese language and developed a deep affinity for the country and people. Eleven years later – conveniently the same period in the Bible that his whereabouts cannot be accounted for – he returned to Judea but fell foul of the Romans.

Instead of being crucified, however, the Romans got the wrong man and nailed his brother, Isukiri, to the cross. Carrying his brother's ear and a lock of hair from the Virgin Mary, Jesus fled across Siberia to Shingo, where he grew rice, married a local woman called Miyuko and had three daughters, it claims.

At the ripe old age of 106, Jesus died peacefully and was interred in the mound that sits on Mr Sawaguchi's land.

"My family has always owned this land, but I'm not even sure how many generations there are between us," says Mr Sawaguchi, with his self-depreciating chuckle.

But it is not just the physical evidence that local people hold up as evidence of their village being the site of Christ's eternal repose; the hamlet's former name, Herai, sounds slightly similar to "Hebrew," the chants in the summer festival at the site of the tomb sound somewhat Judaic and Mr Sawaguchi's grandfather stood out in the neighbourhood for being tall and thin, completely the opposite of these sturdy mountain folk.

But most tellingly, he had blue eyes, they say. Shingo has built up a respectable income from a tourism trade that has visitors buying Tomb of Christ biscuits, sweets, chopsticks and postcards, but Mr Sawaguchi leaves that side of his fame to his neighbours. He is content to talk to some of the visitors to his ancestor's grave, tend his garlic plant smallholding and go to work.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)

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