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This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such migraine-inducing tales as:

NJ has had more than 130 reported UFO sightings since January -  
-  Are Solar Storms Causing Mysterious Sea Animal Beachings? -
The Psychic Gap and NSA’s Database of Psychics -
AND: New Reports of Tokoloshe Attacking Teachers

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For more than a decade the mysterious Commander X has caused controversy and dissension among conspiracy theorists, Area 51 aficionados and UFO believers world-wide. Some accept his hair-raising accounts of working behind the scenes with the CIA, the NSA and other government and quasi-federal agencies at face value, while others scratch their heads in bewilderment and wonder if his first-hand chronicles are not at least partially linked to a disinformation program promoted by the New World Order. His face to face confrontations with the greys and reptilians have caused deep concern and discomfort to many.

For the first time, here is the complete dossier on Commander X’s many exploits both with various groups of highly aggressive ultra-extraterrestrials as well as his various battles with our own earthly authorities hell-bent on keeping all these matters of a highly confidential – TOP SECRET! – nature.

Included among the many shocking – and surprising – revelations 

* The Alien Dinosaur Connection.

* Who inhabits the Subterranean Regions of Earth?

* Evidence suggests humans victims were still alive when their blood was drained and body parts removed in underground UFO bases.

* The many special powers of ETs – including levitation, dematerialization, invisibility, mind control, advanced light beam technology.

* A Nazi – Alien collaboration. How the Occult inner circle of the Third Reich contacted grey aliens before World War II using ritual magic.

* Evidence Hitler shipped equipment and slave laborers to the Antarctic to construct a fleet of flying saucers.

* The end results was the start of a program to infiltrate the governments of the world after WWII. Many of the early UFO contactees had Nazi UFO connections.

* Proof that the Nazis transferred into the midst of the American spy and space agencies.


Only Commander X dares answer these questions.

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NJ has had more than 130 reported UFO sightings since January
By Dino Flammia

For those of you who have read recent articles talking about how UFO sightings have declined to almost nothing, take a look at this article referring to UFO activity in New Jersey alone. After this, do your own research and see for yourself that there is no down-tick of UFO sightings...perhaps there just isn't as much media interest in the subject to account for the specious reasoning that UFOs have disappeared.

“Saw a large triangular craft and other small round craft in the sky. Likely not of this earth.”

“It was perfectly still, hovering right over a highway.”

“White ball of light flying very fast then disappeared.”

If there’s life beyond this world, they must love the Garden State.

More than 120 sightings of unidentified flying objects were reported in 2016 throughout New Jersey, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. In 2017, there’s been more reported UFO sightings than there have been weeks.

Many of them cite quick bursts of light, or “orbs” of different colors and sizes that lingered just long enough to be captured in a photo. But others specifically point to physical aircraft that look unlike anything they’ve seen before.

“When I was in the Air Force, we chased them regularly,” Medford resident George Filer, New Jersey State Director of the Mutual UFO Network, told New Jersey 101.5. “A lot of us in the military or intelligence agencies chased or saw UFOs and believe in their existence.”

According to Filer, most citizen reports are submitted during the warmer months when people are more likely to be outside. He said in the summer, an estimated 1,000 UFO sightings are reported per month nationally.

As director of Fringe New Jersey, which prides itself on examining “the strange & the unusual, the paranormal, and the impossible,” chemist Sean Wasylyk has no doubt in the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena.

He claims an overwhelming majority of UFO sightings are likely to amount to nothing, due to New Jersey’s extensive military presence and number of airports. But it’s the other 5 percent or so of reports that keeps him curious.

“I’d love to say none of these are real, but I think some of them have some legitimacy. I think there’s something real there,” said Wasylyk, a Hamilton resident. “It enriches lives knowing that there’s something we don’t know. Let’s figure it out.”

UFOs, though, don’t necessarily have to link to life on another planet, he said. Perhaps people are seeing the experimentation of secret military aircraft. Or some genius somewhere is showing off their private technology that no one yet knows about.

“If you’re an alien culture and you’re that advanced that you’ve gotten inter-dimensional or inter-planetary space travel, and you don’t want to be seen, you’re not going to be seen,” he added.

Both of Wasylyk’s parents were scientists; he was raised to believe anything unless science proved it wrong.

As of Friday afternoon, the National UFO Reporting Center listed six reports out of New Jersey in 2017. The most recent, out of Cinnaminson, cited a “chevron-shaped UFO hovering over trees.”

In all, the database lists 2,047 UFO sightings in New Jersey.

Source: New Jersey 101.5


Are Solar Storms Causing Mysterious Sea Animal Beachings?
By Kacey Deamer

Why do otherwise healthy sea creatures end up stranded along coastal areas around the world? NASA scientists are searching for the answer.

Whales, dolphins and porpoises — known collectively as cetaceans — partially use magnetic-field sensing to navigate. According to NASA scientists, one explanation for these mysterious strandings could be that the animals' internal compasses become confused during severe solar storms, which affect Earth’s magnetic fields, and so they lose their way. To investigate this marine mystery, NASA has launched a study that will determine whether there is a link between solar storms and animal beachings.

Cetaceans become stranded around the world in groups as small as three or as large as several hundred per event. According to Katie Moore, a collaborator on the NASA study and director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Animal Rescue Program, the global phenomenon occurs most often in New Zealand, Australia and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Despite the prevalence of such beaching events, study leader Antti Pulkkinen, a heliophysicist (a person who studies the effects of the sun on the solar system) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said there has been very little quantitative research.

"We estimate that records on the order of hundreds of cetacean mass strandings will be available for study, thus making our analyses statistically significant," Pulkkinen said in a statement. "What we’re going to do is throw cold, hard data at this. It's a long-standing mystery and it’s important that we figure out what’s going on."

Pulkkinen and his collaborators will work with the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the International Fund for Animal Welfare to sift through cetacean mass stranding reports, space-weather databases and field observations. The researchers expect to complete the study by the end of September.

The scientists said the results won't necessarily imply a link, but the study will be the first thorough research into whether a correlation exists between the solar storms and beaching events.

"If we understand the relationship between the two, we may be able to use observations of solar storms as an early warning for potential strandings to occur," Moore said. "This would allow stranding responders in global hotspots, and, really, around the world, to be better prepared to respond, thus having the opportunity to save more animals."

Source: Live Science


The Psychic Gap and NSA’s Database of Psychics
By Michael Best

Three documents, two of which don’t appear to have been published before, offer new insights into the American psychic spy programs. These documents claim specific successes by both the American and Russian/Soviet programs, as well as outline fears of the “psychic gap” along with predictions of coming psychic warfare between the two national superpowers. One document specifically calls for the creation of cadres of government psychics and a database of psychics around the world, complete with indexes of their abilities.

The first document was produced by the 902nd Military Intelligence group, and it outlines the history of the American and Russian/Soviet psychic programs. According to the document, the Soviet programs had been active since at least the 1960s. As a result of their programs, the the Soviets had “experience with a greater variety of research methods than have their US counterparts and have completed more of the critical experiments.” This led the report’s writer to conclude that, since the United States had successfully used these techniques for offensive intelligence collection, then the Soviet’s likely had as well.

The claim that parapsychological/psychic techniques had been successfully used by CIA for offensive intelligence collection was repeated further down in the document, with an additional surprising claim. Not only had the programs been successful, but they had been officially disbanded after the Agency’s primary “gifted individual” died and the the department in charge of the program had been disbanded in the wake of alleged assassination plots.

Despite the Agency’s program having been officially disbanded, some within DoD apparently suspected that the Agency was continuing the program “on an ‘unofficial’ basis.”

NSA’s Guidelines on Psychics

The second document appears to have come from the NSA, based on the heading and the document ID code. The document calls for a number of steps to be taken, including identifying the potential for mind control.

Once the individuals had been identified, the Agency wanted to create “cadre’s of talented synergized gifted people … for special problem solving tests.” However, the NSA was afraid that these people could be hard to control “Consciousless [sic] or morbid people of talent must be strictly screened out of active programs because of the danger of severe mental illness and unscrupulous violation of security.” Beyond personnel available to the NSA, the Agency wanted to build a database of psychics around the world.

Psychic Mind Control and Psychic Warfare Predictions

The NSA’s interest in psychic mind control wasn’t simply a one-time suggestion. These documents, produced by the government after MKULTRA had been shut down and all mind control programs had been disavowed, show the government’s continued interest in researching mind control techniques, no matter how esoteric they seemed.

The document (produced in 1981) made a number of predictions about the development of psychic warfare, including that subconscious mind control through telepathy would be possible “by 1990.” The report concluded grimly that “there is no known countermeasure to prevent such applications.”

Senate Worried CIA’s Psychic Program Was Part of Mind Control Plot

Buried in the STARGATE section of the CREST release is a letter from Congressman Charlie Rose, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Evaluation, regarding the Intelligence Community’s psychic program. Although short, the letter highlights a concern that was to be repeated by many outside of government for decades - that the program was part of CIA “mind control” activities, where in some cases “the rights of individuals were violated.”

According to the letter to the other Committee members, this was the issue that first brought their attention to the matter. The fear wasn’t entirely unjustified, as one program ended at the same time the other began, and the two programs shared some rather infamous personnel.

The letter goes on to say that the Committee hadn’t made “any determination to endorse the experimentation as valid or invalid, [but] it does find that continued activity in this field may offer promise in applications to intelligence problems.” Therefore, Congressman Rose was scheduling a briefing from Doctors Puthoff and Targ, who were involved in the project.

Warning about people’s sensitivity to the strangeness of parapsychology, and that the “uniformed” (likely a typo for “uninformed”) “would label such research more mind control experimentation,” Congressman Rose argued that this should all be kept confidential. According to a memo summarizing the later briefing, Congressman Rose again argued that the information should all stay classified.

The subject of mind control did come up once during the briefing, in an answer to Congressman Rose. According to the briefing, most of the Soviet Union’s research (allegedly much better funded than the CIA/DIA/NSA/etc. research) was into telepathy and mind control - a recurring theme in briefings and documents on the psychic programs and the “psychic gap.”

According to a final note from Congressman Rose, the project was fully supported by the House Standing Intelligence Oversight Committee and the House Armed Service Appropriations Committee.

Thanks in part to Congress’s secretive support, these programs were officially kept running at least until the early 1990s.

I will leave you with one concluding thought to keep these documents (and the idea of government psychics) in context, from Aleister Crowley.

    "By doing certain things certain results will follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them."

You can read the full documents HERE.

Source: Glomar Disclosure


Blink-182's Tom DeLonge to Publish Book About UFOs

In the wake of a complicated public split from a famous pop-punk group, many musicians might make their first step into book publishing a tell-all autobiography. Not for former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge, whose book about UFOs will be out on 7 March.

DeLonge co-wrote the non-fiction book, Sekret Machines: Gods, with the occult expert Peter Levenda. It is based on interviews with intelligence officers, scientists, engineers and military officials. According to a press release, it will be “an eye-opening investigative journey to the heart of the UFO phenomenon”, as well as transcending “the speculation of journalists, historians and others whose conclusions are often either misinformed or only tease around the edges”.

“Sekret Machines: Gods is the opening salvo on the complacency of human institutions where the UFO Phenomenon is concerned,” says Levenda. “It’s designed to shake people up, to make them question their assumptions.”

DeLonge said Levenda’s expertise aided the project: “It was his ability to frame an esoteric thesis that gave me the ammunition to speak clearly on the subject matter, and that got me in the door.”

According to Rolling Stone, DeLonge has been interviewing aerospace industry officials, the US Department of Defense and Nasa.

“It’s very hard to think, ‘How did this guy in a band get access like that?’” he said. “It sounds crazy. But it’s because I can speak to a very specific audience. I earned their trust. I knew my material.”

The Blink-182 founding member announced his departure from the group and confirmed details of his publishing project. At the time of the split, the guitarist defended his decision to not record new music with Blink-182, saying that the “Blink stuff went haywire” because a new contract with the band conflicted with his plans to record a soundtrack to accompany fiction he was planning to publish. DeLonge disputed the account of the split given by band’s manager.

Sekret Machines is DeLonge’s first non-fiction book. He has co-authored a number of novels, one of which – Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows – covered similar alien-based themes as his forthcoming book. DeLonge is also reportedly to direct a sci-fi film titled Strange Things, about a group of San Diego skateboarders who investigate UFO phenomena.

Source: The Guardian

Money from Heaven

Here is a bizarre phenomenon that I'm sure we all wish we could experience: money appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Pennies, dimes, quarters - even bills - appearing miraculously from who-knows-where. We're not talking about finding coins on the street. We're talking about money materializing from the sky and, more mysteriously, in and around houses and apartments - with no easy or logical explanation.

It's Raining Money

There are many documented instances of money raining down from the skies. During a storm in August, 1940, numerous coins fell on the Meshchera region of Russia. In 1956, pennies and halfpennies plopped down on children in Hanham, England as they were heading home from school. And in 1976, two clergymen watched as 2,000 marks worth of banknotes fluttered down from a clear sky in Limburg, West Germany.

Bryan B.
was on his lunch hour when he was showered with pennies one September afternoon. He was walking in the office parking lot when he heard something metallic click on the asphalt...

    * Just a couple feet in front of me, I saw two shiny new pennies, glimmering in the sun against the black pavement. As I was about to pick them up, something fell right in front of my face, then another, and another, which almost hit me in the arm before hitting the ground. There were now about 6 or 7 bright, freshly minted cents around me. I looked around to see who might be throwing their change at me, and from where, but I seemed to be alone in the lot, and there was nowhere above me somebody could be dropping them from; I was still too far from the office building for that to be possible. As I stood there, wondering what the heck was going on, I felt a sudden shooting pain on the top of my head, and saw a penny land at my feet after it struck me. I bent down and picked up the handful of pennies, and as I was picking them up, two or three more fell to the ground nearby. I picked one up and it was very warm. What was also somewhat odd was that every penny was dated 2000.

Even luckier was Ellie to whom a fortunate wind blew higher currency. She was gathering dry clothes from her backyard clothesline in Australia. A small dust eddy whirled around her, carrying dry leaves and dust - and something else...

    * Whirling in the centre I saw a flash of blue. I grabbed at it as the eddy whirled past and was very pleased to see it was a $10 note. A bit of luck, I thought - unusual perhaps, but not that surprising, seeing it was such a windy day. A few more days passed. No wind now, just completely calm and still days. Once again I was out in the yard, and under a lilac bush I saw a glimpse of red. This was a $20 note! That wasn't the end. In the next few days, I also found lying on the grass in various parts of the yard a $5 note (purple) and another $20. The next day my son came in the from the yard calling jubilantly, "Hey, mom, look what I found in the yard!" It was yet another $20 note! But just as a final little joke, one day I pulled out from under my bed a pair of slippers that I hadn't worn for a long time - and there nestled in one was a 50 cent coin!

Sometimes this "money from heaven" truly seems like a godsend when it appears in desperately needed situations. This was certainly the case for a woman we'll call Mary who was an unwed mother of an 11-month-old son. She barely earned enough to pay the rent, buy food and medicine, and pay the babysitter so she could work. One day at Christmas time, she took her baby to the grocery store with her because she couldn't afford to pay a sitter while she shopped. She had only $20 to her name...

    * We were parked at the store, and I remember thinking to myself, "Oh, God! How am I going to get the things I need with only $20?" That amount would cover diapers and formula, but not the food we needed to get by. It was a very cold, damp and windy night. I asked God to protect my son, since there was no other way than to take him out in the elements. As I got out of the car and put him in the grocery cart, I noticed that no one else was anywhere in sight. Then, three $20 bills blew up to me! Then the wind suddenly stopped. I could hardly believe my eyes! I looked left, right and all around. There was no one else in the parking lot! I knew somehow, somewhere God saw and heard my plight and sent "money from heaven."

As remarkable as the previous stories are, there are even more mysterious occurrences. Money brought on the wind is one thing, but coins - sometimes dozens of them - inexplicably showing up around the house are even more difficult to fathom. This seems to be a growing phenomenon as I receive more and more stories about this happening.

Sometimes they're just pennies. Okay, it's not unusual to find some pennies lying around the house; they are easily dropped and lost. But what's notable about these cases is that they are found in unlikely places. One mother tells this odd story that began when her daughter moved into a new apartment...

    * Since then she has been finding pennies in places where they could only have been placed deliberately, such as: between sheets in freshly made beds, in corners behind doors, in front of doorways, drawers, bathtub and garage.
      Recently, while watching TV in bed, a penny fell from the ceiling fan (while it was on). She once was standing in front of her dresser and one fell from somewhere.

Kim a 33-year-old professional woman likewise suddenly began finding pennies all over her new home, but with a strange connection to extreme stress in her life...

    * The pennies were everywhere. I was going through a bad divorce and was really down, and didn't know what to make of it. My life got better and the kids and I adjusted to our new way of life. No more pennies. Then recently, I started having troubles with my 16-year-old daughter. She ran away and is involved with destructive behavior. Then the pennies started reappearing again - everywhere. I came home from work and there was a penny on my pillow in my bedroom! They seem to be everywhere that I go.

...and Dimes...

For some reason, dimes seem to be the coins most common in these baffling experiences. For Ttait, the dimes began to manifest in 1995 when she struggled with completing college while raising her small daughter. Money was tight, but she began finding dimes, which seemed to appear out of the ether in the bathroom of her tiny one-bedroom apartment...

    * Throughout the 18 months we lived there, I would constantly find dimes in our bathroom. Next to the tub I would find dimes. At first I figured they fell out of my boyfriend's pants pocket. Then I started to hear the distinct sound of coins dropping at all hours of day or night. The sound always came from the bathroom. This continued regularly, and I would pick up the dimes - sometimes there would be several and always in the same place near the tub. One day I was there alone and using the bathroom. While sitting there, I caught a motion in the corner of my eye in the open doorway. On the rug, was a dime next to the doorframe. It had fallen and landed soundlessly on the rug just outside of the bathroom. I am delighted to think it was a sign of caring from loving beings.

W.D. was in bed one morning when a dime seemingly tried to communicate with her. It sounds strange, but she was lying in bed waiting for her snooze alarm to off when this happened...

    * All of a sudden, I felt a fast tapping in the mattress, as if someone were using their finger to get my attention. I then felt something touch my leg. At first I thought it was my little Pekinese next to me, but she was not in the room. As I put my hand down by my leg, I felt something small in size. It was a dime! I know it's a message of some kind, but not sure as of yet what it is.

Where does this money come from? As we've seen above, at times its appearance seems random. In other cases, however, the "money from nowhere" seems very purposeful indeed, sometimes with a clear connection to a deceased loved one.

Dawn B.'s 39-year-old father was killed away from home while on a business trip. While alive, he always kept a change jar on a shelf in the kitchen and would give out change to Dawn and her mother as needed. Even though he was now gone, it seemed to Dawn that he was still doling out coins...

    * After his death, we started to find dimes all over the house. We would clean the kitchen counter come back into the room and find dimes on the counter. They would show up inside jewelry cases, in the car, in the sink, under plants in the house.
      After I had children, I would find quarters on their high-chair trays, falling out of their walkers, on the car seats. It has been 10 years since my father's death and we still find dimes and quarters that seem to come from nowhere. It has become a sense of peace for my family to know that my father is still here with us in some way.

Michele S. tells of a tradition her "Poppa" had of giving her a dollar every time she did something good. When she was grown and had two children of her own, he continued the tradition, handing them dollar bills whenever they visited. He would not let the tradition go, it seems, even after his death...

    * We were preparing to go on a trip to a livestock show in San Antonio, and I asked my daughter to go into the attic and retrieve a box I needed. As she went into the attic to retrieve this box, she found a single dollar bill laying on top of it. No one had been up there since we had put away the Christmas decorations on January 1! She brought the dollar down to show me and I knew it was a signal to her from Poppa that he was wishing her luck at the stock show. She returned to the attic, and hollered down again. There was ANOTHER single dollar bill on top of the box! I knew this one was meant for my son from Poppa. Poppa would never have wanted him to feel left out. And apparently, Poppa's dollars brought them very good luck. They both brought home a blue ribbon. Thank you, Poppa.

This last story is one of my favorites. It has all the elements of this puzzling phenomenon: the deceased relative seen as the source, a desperate need, and circumstances that preclude any logical explanation and point only to a true paranormal phenomenon. Helen Q. was sitting in the living room with her adolescent son discussing money or, rather, the lack of it...

    * It was a really bad time in my life. I was crying because I didn't have lunch money for my three sons' school lunches the next day and I didn't know what to do about it. I had decided to just keep them home from school. My son was 12 and hadn't missed a day all year and he was saying, "I can't miss tomorrow! I just can't!" All I needed was $3 and I couldn't even get that. We heard a noise in the kitchen and we went out to check -- and there were some quarters on the floor. I was afraid to touch them. It was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. I wanted to run out of the house, but my two other kids were in bed asleep. My son finally decided to pick them up. He put them on the table. They were icy cold. There were exactly $3 in quarters! Then my son said, "It's from Grandma. She always gave me quarters." I felt so good at that very minute. I knew everything would be okay from then on. We never had to go without again. Life just seemed to come together for us after that night.

Source: Paranormal.about.com


If Not From Space, Where?

Cryptoterrestrial lore is replete with allusions to underground habitats, subterranean labyrinths navigable only to an enlightened few, and even modern-day below-ground facilities staffed, in part, by government operatives. From Richard Shaver's fancifully paranoid tales of the "Deros" to Bob Lazar's depiction of S-4 (allegedly a supersecret base a stone's throw away from Area 51), the "alien" meme challenges us with the prospect that our world is separated from the other by the merest of partitions . . . and that the CTs are almost as comfortable in our bedrooms and on our roadsides as they are in their own realm.

The image of a "Hollow Earth" populated by beings remarkably like ourselves is by no means new, yet the modern UFO phenomenon has infused it with a newly conspiratorial vigor. Stories of alien bases below the unassumingly bleak surface of the American Southwest surfaced in the wake of the MJ-12 controversy, carving the mythos into irresistible new shapes. In "Revelations," Jacques Vallee recounts a memorable exchange with the late Bill Cooper and fringe journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Told matter-of-factly about the existence of a sprawling subterranean base near Dulce, New Mexico, Vallee asked his hosts where the presumed aliens disposed of their garbage -- a sensible question if one assumes that the "Grays" in question are physical beings burdened with corresponding physical requirements.

Vallee's question is of obvious importance to the cryptoterrestrial inquiry. If we really are sharing the planet with a "parallel" species, searching for underground installations becomes imperative for any objective investigation. Our failure to find any blatant "cities" beneath the planet's surface invites many questions. Could the CTs have colonized our oceans, potentially explaining centuries of bizarre aquatic sightings? Have they intermingled to the point where they're effectively indistinguishable from us? (And, if so, how might such a scattered population summon the resources to stage UFO events?)

Finally, we're forced to consider that at least some CTs have achieved genuine space travel, throwing our definitional framework into havoc. Space-based CTs wouldn't be extraterrestrials in the sense argued by ufological pundits, but they would be something engagingly "other," even if the difference separating them from their Earth-bound peers is as substantial as that distinguishing astronauts from humans of more mundane professions.

Still, the prospect of an underground origin beckons with the inexorable logic that colors our most treasured contemporary myths. Given our yawning ignorance of our own planet -- especially its oceans, which remain stubbornly mysterious -- it remains worthy of consideration. From the lusty politics of Mount Olympus to Shaver's pulp cosmology (complete with telepathic harassment and other ingredients later found in "serious" UFO abduction literature), even a cursory assessment of subterranean mythology indicates a nonhuman presence of surprisingly human dimensions.

This striking familiarity -- so unlikely in the case of genuine extraterrestrial contact -- meshes with modern occupant reports, which typically depict humanoid beings seen in the context of extraordinary technology. Villas-Boas had sex with a diminutive female who, while strangely mannered, can hardly be termed "alien." The alarming fact that intercourse was possible at all smacks of an encounter between two human beings -- an observation routinely dismissed by proponents of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, who seem inordinately enamored of Villas-Boas' own conviction that he had been used as breeding stock for a race of apparent space people.

The beings encountered by Betty and Barney Hill seem at least as human when addressed safely outside the confines of ETH dogma; even Betty's dialogue with the "leader" has the nuanced, bantering quality of two strangers attempting to come to grips with a mutual predicament. Indeed, the beings' puzzlement when confronted with dentures tends to argue in favor of the Indigenous Hypothesis. We might reasonably expect bona fide ET anthropologists to set aside the minor mystery of artificial teeth with clinical detachment; instead, Betty's ability to note her abductors' astonishment (feigned or genuine) detracts from the ETH by indicating a suspiciously human rapport.

Source: Posthuman Blues

New Reports of Tokoloshe Attacking Teachers

We have reported on the Tokoloshe (also known as Tikoloshe) here at Conspiracy Journal before. For those of you not familiar with the term, in Zulu mythology, a tokoloshe is a dwarf-like creature, covered in fur. It is considered a mischievous and evil spirit that can become invisible by drinking water. Tokoloshes are called upon by evil people to cause trouble for others. At its least harmful a tokoloshe can be used to scare children, but its power extends to causing illness or even the death of the victim. The creature might be banished by a n'anga (witch doctor), who has the power to expel it from the area.

Another explanation is that the Tokoloshe resembles a zombie, poltergeist, or gremlin, and created by South African shamans who have been offended by someone. The tokoloshe may also wander, causing mischief wherever it goes, particularly to schoolchildren. Other details include its gremlin-like appearance and gouged out eyes.

The Tokoloshe, according to the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, can take on just about any shape it desires. There's a good reason to fear a Tokoloshe - it is claimed they will climb into the bed with the inhabitant and bite off a sleeping man's toes.

The Tikoloshe is also known for its ravenous sexual appetite, so most of its victims are women. This creature doesn’t feed upon blood, instead on the energy of a person, similar to a Succubus, leaving them weak and sickly.

If the Tikoloshe feeds too often on a single person it can result in the victim’s death. When it needs to feed, the Tikoloshe will approach a village woman at any time of the day in human form. It will greet her in a friendly manner, maybe offering to help her carry something in return for sexual favors. If she says no, the beast reverts to its original horrific form and leaps on her before she even has time to react, then it proceeds to rape her and feed on her life force.

The most recent story concerning tokoloshes claim that they are engaging in sex with female teachers at a school in Zimbabwe's eastern Manicaland province.

The Manica Post reported that the attacks by the tokoloshes started at Chishuma Primary School in Odzi last June and are ongoing.

Two female teachers confirmed the attacks and said a pastor from a local church had conducted prayers to try to get to the bottom of the drama. He did not succeed, apparently.

"Mysterious human-like objects, believed to be tokoloshes are allegedly having forced sexual intercourse at night with female teachers at Chishuma Primary School in Odzi in a real-life drama whose script reads like folklore plucked from Gothic literature," the Manica Post said.

The head of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers' Association George Kandiero told the paper: "The solution comes when the people affected find a genuine traditional healer who can cleanse that."

Tokoloshis have been reported before, often in connection with money-making enterprises.

In 2014, a Mutare MP was forced to deny publicly that a tokolosh had been found at his business premises. Three years earlier, the Chronicle said that the demand for tokoloshes (some of them imported from South Africa) was "outstripping supply" in Bulawayo and the eastern city of Mutare.

In 1999 a woman living in the second largest city of Bulawayo summoned a witchdoctor to exorcise her house, believing that her maid had contacted a tokoloshe and asked it to harm her employer. The woman was of Portuguese descent, born and brought up in Mozambique and then Zimbabwe. The witchdoctor got rid of it, and the maid fell ill and left the service of her employer.

Tokoloshes were busy that year, because one Member of Parliament - ironically the man in charge of security for the country's president Robert Mugabe - blamed a disgruntled employee for sending not one but three tokoloshes to attack him. In the same year  six teachers from the same school in Gurvuve, a village in central Zimbabwe, resigned over claims that a male colleague had summoned a tokoloshe to overpower them so that the teacher could "have his way" with them while they slept.

Source: Bulawayo 24 News

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