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He stays up late into the night - fearful to sleep because of those who watch in the dark. They watch from the sky. The watch from the streets. They watch with the cold, glassy stare of hidden cameras. His communications are not safe. They read all that goes in, and all that goes out. His entertainment is monitored 24 hours a day. They know what TV shows he sees and which web sites on the Internet he visits. They know what food he cooks in his microwave oven.  But despite all they see and do - nothing can prevent the arrival of his favorite weekly e-mail newsletter of the strange and weird. Yes that's RIGHT! Conspiracy Journal is here once again to reveal all the deep, dark secrets that THEY don't want YOU to know!

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 Mysterious “Explosions” in New Jersey Have a Strange History -  
Man’s Best UFO Witness? -
Eerie Things Going on at Ted Bundy's Childhood Home -
AND: Family in Terror From "Possessed" Doll

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The Secret Exploits of Adm. Richard Byrd



Several years ago a mysterious manuscript said to be Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Private Log or Diary emerged. In it Byrd wrote about a vast ice-free “paradise” beyond the Poles: “We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over ice and snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!”

During his career as an explorer, up until his death in March 1957, Byrd was considered a national hero. Besides exploring both Poles, it is alleged that the veteran Navy commander had come upon an entrance way that led into a Hollow Earth inhabited by a race of giants.

Rumor also has it that Byrd, during his 1947 expedition, was confronted by a “lost” battalion of Nazis whose settlement was being guarded by a fleet of back-engineered “Flying Saucers.” And while Byrd’s scientific team was supposed to stay for six months in this frozen region, his expedition was called off shortly after his arrival.

What is generally not known is that on one of Byrd’s sojourns to Antarctica, he sought to stave off mutiny from among his crew by enlisting some of the younger members into a very secretive “Loyal Legion,” which enabled him to clamp down on any leaks about his missions and discoveries.

And while the content of Byrd’s “secret diary” is open to debate, researcher and author Tim Cridland searches deeply into the many shadowy unknowns surrounding Byrd and the Nazis as well as a previously undisclosed wrinkle: a closely guarded connection between JFK’s assassination and the iron grip of those determined to keep the secrets surrounding UFOs and the arrival of ultra-terrestrials locked away from public scrutiny forever. This conspiracy involved members of a sinister, secret group of wealthy and “well-connected” individuals that included Lyndon Johnson, John Connelly and at least one member of Byrd’s family among its ranks.

This book takes a wholly original approach to a great many areas of interest revolving around the concept that our Earth is “hollow” and that a vast cavern system, constructed eons ago, exists connecting various subterranean cities with their hidden gateways back up to the surface world. Some researchers believe that the Inner Earth houses a potential “Garden of Eden-like” utopia, while others espouse the idea that much of the planet’s caverns and hollows are overrun by monstrous inhabitants wreaking havoc on the surface while serving to entice evil machinations from above ground conspirators who are loyal only to their self-serving dream of world conquest and domination.

The “Secret Exploits Of Admiral Richard E. Byrd” is a valuable inquiry made by a variety of independent researchers into a subject that has long been one of “instant ridicule” without being given its day in court. Here the reader will get to visit the various ancient cities of the subterranean world as well as learn about the “denizens of the deep” and their future design on unsuspecting surface dwellers who know little – or absolutely nothing – of their existence.

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Mysterious “Explosions” in New Jersey Have a Strange History
By Micah Hanks

These days, it seems reports of so-called “mystery booms” are an ever-present source of oddity and intrigue in the news.

With the recent landing of the U.S. Air Force’s X-37B mini-shuttle in Florida, part of the intrigue had been the sonic boom created as the aircraft broke the sound barrier upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere, as it returned from its two years in orbit. While the cause of this boom is certainly no mystery, the specific mission of the X-37B, an unmanned ‘space plane’, is not public knowledge.

Elsewhere, there are booms occurring that can’t be tied to such things as aircraft, leading to a lot of speculation as to what their cause may be.

In Randolph county, New Jersey, residents have been kept awake by loud booms of mysterious origin, which some believe could be the work of explosives being set off outside of local noise ordinances.

The Randolph Reporter discussed the incidents earlier this month, noting that the booms appear to be increasing:

    "Once only heard occasionally, the noise is now occurring several times a week, and at random times from early evening to after midnight.

    "But whether it’s coming from a residence or on public property behind her residence, however, is hard to tell, she said… Swenson said the noise at times “sounds like gunfire. Sometimes, it’s a louder ‘boom.’”

    "She added a neighbor’s child was “afraid we’re going to war,” while another neighbor, a military veteran, could be traumatized by it.

    "Swenson said she spoke with police, but they can do nothing about it unless the culprits are caught in action."

In a history of recent mystery boom reports featured at my Mystery Booms website (dedicated to understanding the scientific causes underlying these “mystery” booms, and the varieties of conditions that can cause them), we see that unusual booms have been occurring in and around New Jersey for decades:

    "In late October 2014, media outlets in the northeast reported that residents in the community of Lower Township, New Jersey, had experienced what they believed to be a small earthquake. In some reports, the shaking had been accompanied by a loud “boom”, although the U.S. Geological Survey indicated that no earthquakes had been registered in the region at that time. Some believed that sonic booms caused by Navy aircraft drills might account for the noises, and though a Navy exercise had in fact been underway around that time, it preceded reports of booms and shaking by several days.

    "Only a few months earlier, similar reports of “mystery booms” in the northeast had appeared to correlate with seismic activity. In June 2014, the USGS had designated a small quake in the Hudson Highlands area near Garrison, in Putnam County, New York, as a category 5 earthquake. Loud booms were reported in conjunction with this incident, and despite the noticeable tremors, the location of the quake did not coincide with any nearby fault lines such as the Ramapo Fault, according to seismologist Leonardo Seeber with the nearby Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. It is worth noting that numerous other reports of “booms” and possible related phenomena exist for this region, including reports dating as far back as 1996."

Nearby, even older stories of the famous “Seneca Guns” go back for centuries, stemming from New York and the surrounding region (more on the Seneca Guns and other long-term regional “booming” phenomena can be read about here).

As for the causes of unusual loud “booms” such as those being reported in New Jersey, it may be that there are natural reasons for the sounds, rather than anyone setting off explosives.

“Superbolts,” a variety of lightning often accompanying upper atmospheric storms, have been known to be associated with loud booms, even in some instances where no visible storm activity had been occurring. Another natural cause underlying some boom reports involves “frost quakes,” also known by their scientific name, cryoseisms. Yet another natural cause (albeit a strange one) which might explain at least some reports of loud booms occurring at night involves what is called “Exploding Head Syndrome”, although this can easily be discounted in cases where several members of a community report the unexplained sounds. Finally, sonic booms from aircraft can also be associated with some boom reports.

New Jersey hasn't been the only area that has experienced unexplained booms.  Residents of Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding towns of North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and West Ashley were all startled by an unexplained booming noise which shook windows and doors. The noise was reported on the morning of Friday, May 5th just after 8:30 a.m. While reports of the boom came in from all throughout the South Carolina Lowcountry, experts and law enforcement officials currently disagree about what the source of the sound might have been.

Minor earthquakes or other seismic activity were speculated to be the cause of the boom, but geophysicists reported little seismic activity in the area at the time. There are also armed forces bases nearby, and aircraft exercises were cited as the likely cause of a similar boom last year. However, military officials in the area claim that they weren’t behind the noise.

According to the United States Geological Survey, similar noises have been reported throughout the Charleston area dating back as far as 1886.

These mysterious booms have been heard for centuries throughout America’s east coast, and are sometimes referred to as “Seneca Guns” based on a historical description by author James Fenimore Cooper. These booms were heard long before the advent of supersonic aircraft or naval artillery and are even sometimes heard near inland bodies of water. Their source currently remains a mystery.

In recent weeks, similar booms have also been reported in San Diego Country California, another region with a long history of boom reports.

It is believed that atmospheric refractions, in addition to the possibility that certain USAF training exercises involving supersonic aircraft, may have been linked to several of these Western reports over the years.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Man’s Best UFO Witness?
By Linda Zimmerman

We all know that dogs are man’s best friends, but could they also be our best UFO witnesses? With their vastly superior sense of hearing, smell, and ability to see in low light, perhaps every field investigator and researcher should consider getting a canine companion!

Over the years of collecting accounts of UFO activity from the tri-state region of the Hudson Valley of New York, northern New Jersey, and western Connecticut, I have heard numerous eyewitness accounts of how dogs alerted their owners or neighbors to a UFO. Generally, the dogs’ reactions are those of fear, accompanied by barking or howling. Such cases are frequent enough that NICAP has a separate classification (Category 4) for “Animal Effect Cases,” and MUFON had a Special Publication in 2005 entitled “Animal Reactions to UFOs.”

One of my favorite NICAP case involves “Thunder,” the 175-pound Great Dane who “went crazy” barking by the sliding doors toward the woods of his Sandy Hook, CT home at 8:30 pm on the night of March 31, 1983. After several minutes of incessant barking, his owner went to see what was causing Thunder so much distress. There was a massive V-shaped craft which remained hovering in the sky for 20 minutes. Thunder “appeared fearful and barked” the entire time, and the next day he refused to go outside. Anything that would provoke such fright in a 175-pound dog would certainly be enough to make me think twice about going outside!

I recently interviewed a woman from Cresskill, New Jersey who had a German Shepherd named Hans, who had a similar reaction back in 1968. Hans was just two years old; strong, and very protective of his owner. While walking Hans near a schoolyard, the woman and her friend spotted a dumbbell-shaped craft hovering silently over the school field. They were mesmerized by the sight, but their “trance was broken” by Hans, who was “cowering, trying to dig a hole in the dirt on the side of Rose Street (which was unpaved at that time) and whimpering.” This fearful reaction by the usually fearless dog caused them all to run for home.

Another dramatic case involved a golden retriever in Putnam Valley, NY in the fall of 1984. The witness, “Joe,” told me that one night his dog began to whine, so Joe assumed he wanted to go out. However, when he opened the back door, the dog began to tremble and whine even more. Joe finally got the dog outside, where he promptly curled up into a tight ball and whined in terror. It was then that Joe noticed the entire sky above him was blacked out.

A massive black triangle, “the size of two football fields,” was hovering no more than 250 feet above him. Yelling for his wife, she came out and was also stunned and frightened by what she saw. The craft “just sat there” over them for at least five minutes. A week later, strange figures began appearing by Joe’s bed at night, he developed uncontrollable nose bleeds, and this activity continued until the following summer when he finally decided to move out of his house. Perhaps Joe should have paid more attention to his dog!

Another case I just covered in my new book “More Hudson Valley UFOs” involved four witnesses on a hot, summer night in 1988. The four friends were by Lake DeForest in Congers, NY—a location I have written about on several occasions, and where I had my own intense experience. The dogs in the neighborhood “began howling crazily” and then an odd “snake-like” UFO appeared in the sky with alternating red and green lights composing the “body,” with a bright, white beacon at the “head.”

Throughout the sighting, the “Dogs were barking and howling and making a total racket,” one witness told me. Another witness described the incredible sounds as “The dogs of Rockland (County) going out of their skulls.” As dogs are capable of hearing at distances four times greater than humans, and can hear at much higher frequencies, can we conclude that these craft—which are often silent to us—are emitting sounds that are alerting our dogs to their presence long before they come into our view? Should investigators consider utilizing sound detectors in the roughly 20,000 to 60,000Hz range to replicate the superior capabilities that dogs have over us?

There were other cases of dog reactions with which I have dealt that may bear this sound theory out. During a cold winter’s night in 1985 in the town of Wallkill, NY, a man told me his dog “was barking frantically outside.” He tried several times to quiet the dog, to no avail. Then a 40-foot diameter sphere of multi-colored lights appeared over a field across the street. This bizarre craft, which looked like a “massive ball of Christmas lights” began rotating and moving, almost as if it was rolling down the field, only it definitely remained above the ground. After this craft “shot straight up into the air” and was gone, an enormous triangular craft passed directly over his house. How did the dog know these craft were in the area before they could be seen, and why was he so frightened by them?

More recently, on January 4, 2013, a man in Pine Bush, NY, who works in law enforcement, couldn’t get his dogs to stop barking out in the yard. As he was trying to calm them down, he realized “There was something huge in the sky that blocked out all the stars.” The object was an incredibly large, silent rectangle at an altitude of about 200-250 feet. There were several white lights along the edges, one in the center, and one red light, as well.

Finally, there is the remarkable case from Monroe, NY in 1982. A woman, Donna, was in bed with her husband when her two Samoyed dogs “started going crazy” as if there were intruders in the house. Donna tried to wake up her husband, but he somehow remained in a deep sleep despite all the barking.

“Then there were these bright lights shining in the bedroom window, as if a Mack truck had just pulled up.” The next thing Donna knew was that it was morning. Her skeptical husband didn’t believe a word of what she told him about the dogs and the lights, and her being unable to awaken him—until he went outside to look for any signs that something had been there.

Running back in the house, white as a sheet, he told Donna that the huge pile of sand that was in the driveway (which was going to be used for a construction project) was completely gone. All that was left was a few concentric circles of sand which had been compressed and fused into the blacktop! Fortunately, they had the presence of mind to take photographs, so we can estimate the size of the outermost circle, which was about 12 feet in diameter. And while the original circles have been paved over, Donna told me that I would be welcome to uncover and study them, if I can find the appropriate scientific team to do it.

So what are we to learn from “man’s best friends” and their reactions to UFOs? They are able to sense a lot more than we are, and can sense whatever it is at greater distances and long before our eyes and ears can pick it up. Researchers and investigators should always include questions about witnesses’ pets, as well as inquire about the reactions of birds, livestock, wild animals such as deer, and insects.

There is more to UFO phenomena than we can probably imagine, but with the help of the faithful family dog, perhaps we can gain a little more insight and knowledge into the nature of the phenomena. And if your big, strong dog is terrified to go outside, maybe you should stay in the house, too!

From the editor: Author and occasional OpenMinds.tv contributor Linda Zimmerman was inspired to submit this entry after a recent story about a deer watching a UFO. For more about Linda, visit her website at: www.gotozim.com.

Source: Open Minds
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Hindu Nationalists Try to Engineer ‘Genius’ Babies in India
By Annie Gowen

Members of a Hindu far-right organization called Arogya Bharati say they are working with expectant couples in the country to produce “customized” babies, who, they hope, will be taller, fairer and smarter than other babies, according to a report in the Indian Express newspaper.

The group's health officials claimed that their program — a combination of diet, ayurvedic medicine and other practices — has led to 450 of these babies, and they hope to have “thousands” more by 2020, the report said.

“The parents may have lower IQ, with a poor educational background, but their baby can be extremely bright. If the proper procedure is followed, babies of dark-skinned parents with lesser height can have fair complexion and grow taller,” Hitesh Jani, the group's national convener, told the newspaper.

Jani explained that the program consists of a “purification of energy channels” and body before a pregnancy, and mantra-chanting and “proper food,” such as meals rich in calcium and vitamin A, after the baby is born.

The newspaper identified the group as the “health wing” of the conservative Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, but Ramesh Gautam, Arogya Bharati's national general secretary, said the group was merely “inspired” by the conservative ideology of the RSS rather than being officially supported by it. Arogya Bharati's website says it is a "voluntary organization of service minded people who have an interest in the health of society.”

On Saturday, the chairwoman for a state child rights commission tried to attend one of the workshops where couples are counseled on how to produce these “genius” babies — as the Economic Times termed it — but was barred by organizers, that newspaper said.

“This is an unscientific thing that’s happening here. It cannot continue,” Ananya Chatterjee, the chair of the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, said. The group countered that her charges were “politically motivated.”

Responding to a petition from the commission, the West Bengal state high court later mandated that organizers present an affidavit and video of the proceedings, which went off as scheduled.

The program launched over a decade ago and has spread to several Indian states. Organizers said it was inspired by a RSS leader who met a woman in Germany more than 40 years ago. An official said the woman led a post World War II re-population effort in Germany for “signature children” based on the same principles, according to the Indian Express report.

This comment — and its evocation of the legacy of Third Reich era eugenics — prompted immediate backlash on social media, with one critic writing on the Daily O opinion website that this “dystopia in the womb” was “straight out of the Nazi playbook.”

The RSS was founded in 1925 as a volunteer organization to advance the rights of Hindus. Over the years, it has given rise to many of the country’s more successful conservative politicians, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A few of its founders praised in essays and books the totalitarian movements of Nazism and fascism sweeping Europe at the time, scholars have noted.

“The original RSS stalwarts found a political validity in racial resurrection championed by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich,” Angshukanta Chakraborty, an opinion writer on the Daily O website, wrote, adding, “And even now, a racially pure search for homeland or creation of one along racially/communally pure lines appeals to the RSS and is the heart of its ideology.”

Source: The Washington Post


Technology and the Occult
By Ronnie Woods

When it comes to imagining or describing historic and modern day practices of the occult, it is hard not to conjure up an image or experience that has been seen or heard via some form of technology. As part of the ‘millennial’ generation, it is even harder to consider the occult without technology, be it through the medium of smart phone photography, film or TV.  The relationship between the two, however (and perhaps, thankfully), is not rooted in dodgy film franchises or programmes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed. The relationship is more entrenched, and took a particularly intriguing form in the second half of the nineteenth century in the shape of ‘spirit photography’.

Technology, much like that of today, was held in great esteem but was also not without its sceptics. The relationship between technology and the occult during the second half of the nineteenth century was complex to say the least. Photography, depending on the use of it, had the ability to undermine or legitimise faith in the occult. In what can be taken as a prelude to our current obsession with capturing everything on camera, people in this period also used photographs to capture and preserve images of themselves and those around them. They also used the camera to photograph those who were no longer ‘actively’ present, for example, the subjects of post-mortem photography. Photography was also being used in the field of natural science, capturing and legitimising what had previously been invisible to the human eye. The camera reinforced the possibility of discovering and seeing things that were hidden from human visibility, an idea that was easily transferable to spirits and the séance.
Getting into the spirit of things: The rise of, and problems with, spirit photography

Spiritualism was an occult practice that arrived in Britain from the USA in the 1850s. In spiritualism the human body acted as a host for communication with spirits. Those who were predisposed to mediumship (predominantly young women) were able to channel multiple beings, which they did in both domestic and public settings, often for paying audiences. Spirit photography was a by-product of spiritualism, spread from the 1860s by the Bostonian William Mumler. Like spiritualism, it travelled to Britain and soon became popular owing to spiritualist figures such as Frederick Hudson.  Spirit photography, as a practice, did what it said on the tin. Mediums and spirit photographers took photographs during séances, producing photographic ‘evidence’ of tables being raised above the ground and spirits surrounding participants.  The legitimacy of spirit photography was often (and perhaps, justifiably) contested, leading to accusations of fraud and scientific investigations into photographers and their products. Mumler, for example, was arrested and charged with fraud in 1869 but later acquitted.

In this respect, whilst the faith of contemporaries in the capability of the camera encouraged and justified a belief in the occult, sceptics did not necessarily accept spirit photography as genuine even when they could not prove otherwise. Investigations into spirit photography included testing the components of the camera and the printed image itself. Photographs were susceptible to manipulation and contemporaries of the period were well aware of this, including Charles W. Hull who identified several potential methods of achieving this. However, those who investigated spiritualist practices did not necessarily shy away from using spirit photography themselves. William Crookes, for example, used cameras in an attempt to photograph a spirit named Katie King who was being channelled by a young medium named Florence Cook. Crookes, in an interesting turn of events, also became a president of the Society for Psychical Research. The SPR was founded in 1882 and many members from the late nineteenth century onwards concerned themselves with investigating the practice of spirit photography. During the twentieth century SPR members such as Harry Price continued to investigate and publish their findings on photographers like Frederick Hudson, keeping the debate about spirit photography alive in society even when the photographer (and their subject) wasn’t.

Ultimately, the camera helped many spiritualists to achieve their goal of making the previously invisible visible, to large (and often paying) audiences. Despite this, they were unable to prevent the scepticism towards their practices that was in part brought about, or at least heightened by, spirit photography. The products of spirit photography were treated with additional suspicion because contemporaries knew that technology was vulnerable to misuse. The camera revealed things to Victorian society that were previously invisible to the human eye. However, much like today, the potential distortion of images drew the attention of sceptics who sought to rationalise the images and expose them for what they thought they really were.
About the Author

Ronnie Liza Woods is a third-year History student and has mostly studied modules about the medieval and early modern periods during her time at QMUL. She particularly enjoys and focuses on the study of society, beliefs and customs.
Stepping away from the screen? Technology and the occult was first published on Friday 5th May, 2017

Source: The Historian


Eerie Things Going on at Ted Bundy's Childhood Home
By Peter Haley

Unexplainable things happened in the Tacoma house where serial killer Ted Bundy grew up.

So many things, in fact, that a contractor hired to remodel the home penciled Bible scriptures on the walls and brought in two pastors to bless the house.

“I’m not one to believe a lot of this stuff, but this house made me a believer,” said Casey Clopton, the contractor.

A cry for help appeared on a window as crew members worked in the basement. Heavy furniture wedged into a wall toppled over. Doors and cabinets seemed to open themselves.

It all started in September, when David Truong bought the 1,400-square-foot home with plans to redo and flip it.

He didn’t research its history, so he didn’t know the local lore or who had lived there.

The little blue house was built in 1946, the same year Bundy was born in Vermont. The Bundy family moved into the home in 1955 and later moved to the North End, records show.

Louise Bundy was no longer living in the little blue house in 1989, when her 42-year-old son was executed in Florida after being convicted of killing two sorority sisters and a 12-year-old girl.

Investigators linked him to at least 30 slayings, though they believe there were dozens more. His killing spree started in 1974 in Washington and continued for years across 11 states.


Bundy was 9 when his family moved into the four-bedroom, 1 1/2-bathroom house. Neighbors recall him having a bedroom on the ground floor, though at least one record indicates his room was at the foot of the stairs in the basement.

He lived there with his mother, stepfather and four siblings.

“I don’t ever remember seeing Ted,” said Hope Murry, a neighbor who grew up a few houses down and later bought her childhood home.

She recalls playing with Bundy’s younger sisters and Louise Bundy babysitting her. Once, she went to their house but was told to stay out of Ted’s bedroom because he had the measles.

“They were a really nice family,” Murry said.

Bundy insisted he grew up in “a wonderful home with two dedicated and loving parents.”

Louise Bundy was a staunch defender of her oldest son and long insisted he was innocent. Her stance softened after he made several death-row confessions.

In his final interview with a psychologist just before he was executed, Bundy said his family regularly attended church and believed his violence stemmed from an obsession with pornography that fueled dark fantasies.

Some believe Bundy started killing when he was 14, and that Ann Marie Burr, an 8-year-old girl abducted from her North End home in August 1961, was his first victim.

Bundy denied it in a letter to the girl’s mother, written after he was imprisoned in Florida and named as a suspect in Ann Marie’s disappearance.

Louise Bundy said back then she was sure he didn’t commit any crimes while living under her roof. And DNA testing done in 2011 was unable to link Bundy to the missing girl.

He is, however, still listed as a suspect in the case because detectives could not clear him.

Despite Bundy being one of the most notorious serial killers, there is no evidence he committed crimes in his childhood home.

That doesn’t stop some neighbors, and now the contractors, from believing there’s something spooky about the house.


Clopton, the contractor, first visited the house after he was hired in October. He took along his 11-year-old daughter, who sometimes goes with him and takes dictated notes from her dad about the work that needs to be done.

“My daughter started crying,” Copton said. “She said she felt weird. She didn’t like it there.”

She refused to be alone in the house and was so uncomfortable they quickly left.

Clopton returned the next week with a demolition crew. One crew member echoed the sentiment that the house didn’t feel right.

Then things started happening, things Clopton kept dismissing as pranks among the crew.

There was the time they re-entered the house — which had been locked — and every door, every cabinet drawer — was open.

Or the time the workers were cleaning up the flooded basement and spotted the words “Help me” written on the glass. A screwed-on screen protector would have made it difficult for someone outside to write it, Clopton said.

A heavy dresser inset in the upstairs hallway wall somehow pulled itself out and landed face-down on the floor while the crew was downstairs.

Workers said it takes at least one strong man to pull it out and there was no way it could have fallen on its own.

“Periodically, throughout the course of the job, we had weird things keep happening,” Clopton said.

Cellphones and other electronics occasionally would get unplugged and immediately die. The word “Leave” was found written in sheetrock dust on a bedroom floor with no footprints around it.

Clopton eventually chatted with some of the neighbors about the odd occurrences, asking if there had been a rash of neighborhood break-ins.

That’s when he learned Bundy once lived in the house.

Clopton passed the information to Truong and James Pitts III, the real estate broker. Pitts said he was shocked but excited by the discovery because he has an interest in true crime.

“It was really eerie but really neat,” he said. “We made sure to keep quiet initially because we weren’t sure how people would react to knowing a serial killer lived there.”

Although a handful of potential buyers asked Pitts about Bundy once calling the house home, he said the people who recently bought the house did not.

It’s unclear whether the new owners are aware. They couldn’t be reached for comment.


After Clopton found out the house’s connection to a serial killer, he decided it was time to seek help. So he called a Puyallup pastor and asked him to bless the house.

Two pastors went from room to room, reading scriptures and saying blessings.

They encouraged the crew to continue playing Christian music while they worked. They suggested writing Bible verses on the walls, which the workers did.

The penciled writing can no longer be seen beneath the fresh paint, but Clopton hopes they will continue to offer protection.

“Everything in that house fought us, and I was kind of weird about it,” he said. “But I go to church and I have God with me.”

The house was completely redone with new paint, a bright yellow front door and renovated floors and ceilings. But the history remains.

Source: The News Tribune


Your Child Might Really See Dead People

Haley Joel Osment shocked millions of American moviegoers when he said, "I see dead people" in "The Sixth Sense."

Turns out, what's really shocking is how many kids can actually communicate with spooks -- or at least feel they do.

So says Caron Goode, a Fort Worth, Texas-based psychotherapist and author of the new book "Kids Who See Ghosts: How to Guide Them Through Fear" (Weiser Books).

Goode says that while some kids play with imaginary friends, there are others who are convinced they are being visited by spooks and apparitions.

Well, are they?

Depends on your upbringing, Goode says.

"Are ghosts real? In some cultures they are and others they aren't," she says, adding that there are many factors that can make people feel they are seeing one -- including stress and their brain waves being in a "theta" or daydreaming state.

On the other hand, there are many people -- including Goode -- who have had experiences that they believe could only be caused by another entity and are not hallucinations.

So how can you tell if your kid's chat with his dead Uncle Leo is normal child's play or a paranormal experience? Well, age appropriateness is one way.

"Generally, children at the age of 2, 3 or 4 aren't able to distinguish between a ghost or a purely imaginary playmate," Goode says. "By the time they are 7, 8 or 9, they are able to distinguish between an apparition or a shadow on the bed."

Goode claims she knows this firsthand.

When she was 8, Goode was allegedly visited by the spirit of a bald, full-bearded man in a friar's robe who would stop by her room every couple of months to thank her for donating a dollar to the nuns at her Catholic school.

She says she didn't know much about him, but when she was a high school senior, she recognized him as a Capuchin monk named Padre Pio, who had stigmata during his adult life before dying in September 1968 and was later canonized as a saint for his ability to bi-locate, or be in two places at once.

Goode says the ability to pick up the paranormal often shows up at a young age, and one way parents can tell if their kids are really seeing something is the child's reaction to it.

For instance, if Junior thinks he sees a ghost and has a visceral gut reaction that makes him run to tell Mom or afraid to go to sleep, chances are it's not imaginary.

However, Goode says there is still some cause for debate. She cites a former patient named "Lucy," who allegedly started seeing ghosts after her parents divorced when she was 8.

"[The split] caused financial setbacks for both parents, who lived in apartments, and Lucy went back and forth between both homes, usually sleeping on the couch when she stayed with her dad," Goode says.

One night, while at her father's place, Lucy woke up and reportedly saw the ghost of a little girl pulling the quilt off her toes. She wasn't frightened, just sleepy, and she told herself that she'd close her eyes and if the spook was there when she reopened her eyes, the ghostly girl would be her friend.

According to Goode, the ghost followed Lucy home, and, eventually, she told her mom they had been conversing for a year.

Whether the ghost existed or not is, to Goode's thinking, open to interpretation.

"This mother thought the daughter created the friend to deal with a stressful time, but another mother might accept that it was really a ghost," she says.

"Some cultures are more accepting of ghosts or spirits than others," she says. "Also, the parents' reaction can have an effect. Some parents try to shut their kids down."

Although Goode says older children are more adept at distiguishing a true paranormal being from a shadow, parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach says younger kids are actually more likely to stay firm to their beliefs that they saw a ghost.

"Younger kids will stick to their story while the older kids are more likely to be acculturated to the idea that there are no ghosts," Auerbach says. "Sometimes, the parent might also see the ghost too, but not want to admit it.

"One way to tell the difference between whether the child is seeing something more than an imaginary friend is when they mention recognizable details about someone you know, such as a dead relative they never met."

According to Auerbach, parapsychology "is a parallel field" to traditional psychology, but there have been baby steps to link the two fields of study.

"In the last 30 years, there has been something called 'transpersonal psychology' that takes a person's religious, spiritual and psychic experiences into account and how they objectively impact the person," Auerbach says.

Still, even if child therapists acknowledge the possibility that kids might be seeing spooks, not every kid is a budding "ghost whisperer."

"Some kids have one experience, and some have a lot," Goode says. "Sometimes, these experiences can be attributed to stress, reactions to trauma, distress, fluctuating blood sugar levels or sleep deprivation -- even plain daydreaming.

"It is possible that the kid could just be talking to themselves, but you need to look at the behavior and see how the child is coping [with] stress," she says.

In addition, some personality types are just more spook-friendly than others.

"A child who is a 'doer' or a 'high achiever' will likely work their way through a problem and not really feel their way through it the way a more sensitive child might," she says.

Also, a kid who is truly intuitive will consistently claim to see spirits, but others will have just one-time experiences.

"My grandson was staying with me once, and he looked up at the ceiling at one point and said, 'Grandma,'" Goode says. "He never calls me anything but 'Eetsie,' so I believe he saw something. However, it hasn't happened since, and I don't believe he is intuitive."

But even if a child is able to see or feel ghosts consistently, that doesn't mean a parent should become a paranormal stage mom who forces the kid to hang up a giant neon hand and start reading fortunes.

"I was teaching at a school for intuitive children, and one of the mothers was talking about her boy's needs and abilities, and he was just bored out of his mind," Goode says.

Using her own intuitive abilities, she sensed he wasn't a very happy medium.

"I asked him, 'You're not into this, are you?' and he said, 'No.' So I influenced the mom to enjoy enhancing her own psychic ability and let her son do something he enjoyed," she says.

And enjoyment -- or the lack thereof -- is one reason why Goode wrote her book.

"I don't want kids going to bed scared and shaking," she says. "I don't want them to grow to be adults who are afraid of their environment. If this helps parents understand that their kid might need to take a toy sword and fight the ghost in order to work through this, I'll be happy."

Source: AOL News


Family in Terror From "Possessed" Doll

A family claim a possessed blue-eyed doll wanders their house at night and scratches their children while they sleep.

The Nunez family say creepy blonde doll 'Sarita' is causing paranormal activities to occur and is awakening the spirit of a family member who killed herself years ago.

The family, who live in El Callao, Peru, said they see strange lights and hear weird noises in the house, and bizarre scratches appear on their kids.

The strange goings on started seven years ago, when the nephew of mum Ivonne gave her the blonde blue-eyed doll, dubbed the "Peruvian Anabelle".

Ivonne and her three children claim during the night they leave the doll in a corner of a room, but in the morning, she has moved to the table or can be found sitting on the furniture.

When pushed, they claim she makes a sound as if she is 'praying'.

One of the children, Steven, 18, said that he usually wakes up with bruises and scratches for unknown reasons.

His sister, Angie, 20, claims she often hears strange noises in the middle of the night, like knocking on the door or the wardrobe three times, but there is no one there.

"Every night I feel as though somebody is looking at me from the corner of the room", she said.

The family decided to ask a medium to investigate the case and contacted 'angel expert' Soralla de los Angeles, who visited their house.

She cleansed the home and dozens of strange lights like circles appeared there as she did so.

Soralla also walked around the house during the ritual and claimed to have detected the presence of a mysterious woman in one of the rooms.

According to Ivonne, she is her sister-in-law, who killed herself in that exact spot.

The angel expert also said that she felt an evil presence inside the doll that wants to hurt the family.

She did a cleansing ritual in order to protect the house and to make spirits leave and left seven candles in the living room.

Source: Mirror

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