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 AI Invented Own Language Because English Was Slow  -  
Knights Templar Treasure and the UFO/Paranormal Connection -
Encounters with the Bermuda Triangle and Electric Fog -
AND: Woman Believes Calf is Husband Reincarnated

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Hidden Treasures of the Knights Templar


The hidden treasures of the Knights Templars cannot be estimated in terms that are realistic or that we could readily understand.

Today, we speak in terms of the Rockefeller Dynasty, the Rothschild banking family, Goldman Sachs, the Clinton Foundation . . . but, even if you merged all the vast wealth of these and many more conglomerates, you would get nowhere near the vast fortune of the Knights Templars.

Not only are we talking about tons of gold and silver and kingly jewels, but unimaginable treasures such as the Holy Grail, as well as the Ark of the Covenant. The Templars also organized the first banking system and many of their depositors were fabulously wealthy beyond one’s wildest dreams. They put their monetary weight behind kings, queens, and assorted nobility. They are also known to have sacked Greece and Rome of vast fortunes.

This book answers many questions concerning the whereabouts of their unique treasure trove and how it found its way to the New World long before Columbus or other explorers had set sail.


*** Evidence indicates that the Freemasons are closely aligned to the secret plans and ultimate supremacy of the Knights Templar. Some say they are an esoteric brotherhood hungry for forbidden knowledge. Others say they are similar to a coven of black magicians, using the dark arts to achieve their purposes.

*** For many years, the wealthy Templars enjoyed the blessings of a succession of popes. What caused the allies of the Templars to turn on the knights and put their leaders to death?

*** Did the Templars receive prophecies and blessings from the decapitated head of Jesus? Such is one of several legends surrounding the knights’ excavations in Jerusalem. It is also claimed they found the Holy Grail from the Last Supper and written material that proved Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife.

*** In 1307, after the persecution of the Knights Templar began and they were forced to go underground to survive, it is said that they infiltrated the trade union of the Freemasons. In the centuries since, the Freemasons have demanded secrecy and silence from its membership. Some say the covert rituals and covered-up occultism extends to the most highly-placed world leaders. Are we being ruled by a cabal of Freemasons?

Also, read the work of Ambrose Noble, a fervent apologist for the Freemasons and a Freemason himself. He tells the story of modern Freemasonry FROM THE INSIDE as he pays homage to what he believes is a blessed philosophy destined to overcome and rule the world. Noble claims that their spiritual truths are an open secret, based on a love of the Gospel of Jesus. But is that really the whole story?

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AI Invented Own Language Because English Was Slow
By Paul Lilly

Some wonderful things are in development because of advances made in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. At the same time, there is perhaps an uncomfortable fear that machines may rise up and turn against humans. Usually the scenario is brought up in a joking matter, but it was no laughing manner to researchers at Facebook who shut down an AI they invented after it taught itself a new language, Digital Journal reports.

The AI was trained in English but apparently had grown fed up with the various nuances and inconsistencies. Rather than continue down that path, it developed a system of code words to make communication more efficient.

What spooked the researchers is that the phrases used by the AI seemed like gibberish and were unintelligible to them, but made perfect sense to AI agents. This allowed the AI agents to communicate with one another without the researchers knowing what information was being shared.

During one exchange, two bots named Bob and Alice abandoned English grammar rules and started communicating using the made up language. Bob kicked things off by saying, "I can i i everything else," which prompted Alice to respond, "balls have zero to me to me to me..." The conversation went on in that manner.

The researchers believe the exchange represents more than just a bunch of nonsense, which is what it appears to be on the surface. They note that repeating words and phrases such as "i" and "to me" are indicative of how AI works. In this particular conversation, they believe the bots were discussing how many of each item they should take.

AI technologies use a "reward" system in which they expect of a course of action to have a "benefit."

"There was no reward to sticking to English language," Dhruv Batra, a research scientists from Georgia Tech who was at Facebook AI Research (FAIR), told Fast Co. Design. "Agents will drift off understandable language and invent codewords for themselves. Like if I say 'the' five times, you interpret that to mean I want five copies of this item. This isn't so different from the way communities of humans create shorthands."

Facebook ultimately determined that it wanted its bots to speak in plain English, in part because the interest was in making bots that can talk with people. However, researchers at Facebook also admitted that they can't truly understand languages invented by AI.

Source: PC Gamer


Knights Templar Treasure and the UFO/Paranormal Connection
By Sean Casteel

*** Sometimes it seems like the “U” in “UFO” should stand for “ubiquitous,” meaning they can show up anywhere and anytime. They make frequent appearances in our time, but their presence is also undeniably spread across the sweep of human history – including among the Knights Templar. The medieval chivalric group’s many mysteries remain nearly as hidden as that of the flying saucer occupants, ultra-terrestrials who may have guided the Templars to their wealth and also stood guard over it down through the centuries.

*** Is there such a thing as uncountable, unknowable wealth? Does our concept of what it means to be rich simply collapse when talking about the medieval warrior-monks called the Knights Templar?

*** The Knights Templar enjoyed the blessings of the popes and European monarchs of their time – at least until they were accused of spitting on crucifixes and sacrificing babies to demons. Was it Satan who granted them their great wealth, as some of their critics claimed?

*** There is some evidence to indicate that the Knights Templar crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached North America many years before Christopher Columbus. Oak Island in Nova Scotia is alleged to be where they buried some portion of their incalculable treasures. Will modern technology ever break through the many booby-traps and snares the Templars left behind to guard their trove on that spit of land in Canada?


The hidden treasures of the Knights Templar cannot be estimated in terms that are realistic or that we could readily understand. Today, we speak in terms of the Rockefeller Dynasty, the Rothschild banking family, Goldman Sachs, the Clinton Foundation . . . but, even if you merged all the vast wealth of these and many more conglomerates, you would get nowhere near the vast fortune of the Knights Templar.

Not only are we talking about tons of gold and silver and kingly jewels, but unimaginable treasures, such as the Holy Grail as well as the Ark of the Covenant. The Templars also organized the first banking system and many of their depositors were fabulously wealthy beyond one’s wildest dreams. They put their monetary weight behind kings, queens, and assorted nobility. They are also known to have sacked Greece and Rome of vast fortunes.

The newly released book from Timothy Green Beckley’s Inner Light-Global Communications, “Hidden Treasures of the Knights Templar: Secrets of Rennes-les-Chateau, Rosslyn Chapel, Oak Island and the Masonic Order” examines many questions concerning the whereabouts of their unique treasure trove and how it found its way to the New World long before Columbus or other explorers had set sail.

The new “Hidden Treasures” book is, like most books from Inner Light-Global Communications, very much a group effort. Beckley and I contributed chapters along with Scotsman Brian Allan, who has done hands-on research into the legendary Rosslyn Chapel in his native country for many years.

Author and television producer Rene Barnett writes about her visits to another house of worship with a mystical reputation, the Rennes-le-Chateau church in southwest France. Sometime in the late 1800s, the parish priest there became “inexplicably and suddenly wealthy” and set about making expensive improvements to the church. Was he the lucky finder of Templar treasure?

Hercules Invictus is a scholar of Greek mythology who goes by the adopted name of one of the great Olympian heroes. For the book, he takes on the Herculean task of connecting the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (commonly known for saying “God is dead), the Holy Grail and the long tradition of heroism that includes the Knights Templar.


The Knights Templar are one of those historical mysteries that has kept historians, conspiracy theorists and religious adepts looking for answers down through the many centuries since the order was allegedly dissolved by an angry pope.

In a book called “Knights Templar Encyclopedia,” by Karen Ralls, Ph.D., one reads that, “The Knights Templar – the famed ‘warrior monks’ of the late Middle Ages – still resonate in our memory today, some 700 years after their sudden arrests on Friday, October 13, 1307. Arguably the largest and most influential organization the medieval Western world had ever known, the Order of the Temple (1119-1312) was the first military-religious Order of the Western Church, a ‘new knighthood.’ Its members were not only powerful monastic warriors, but also international banking experts, agricultural land owners and developers, seasoned diplomats, businessmen, advisors to popes and kings, guardians of assets, ship owners and much more.”

But Ralls also laments the fact that “there is so much conflicting information available today” and that what we do know has been partially lost to history in the aftermath of the destruction in 1571 of the Templar archive when the Turks attacked Cyprus.

“This devastating loss to scholars,” Ralls writes, “has left a gap in history, which has often led to much speculation.”

Nevertheless, enough information has survived to give us a general idea of what the Knights Templar were all about – their origin, mission and later downfall.


As bestselling paranormal authors Brad and Sherry Steiger explain, in their book “Conspiracies and Secret Societies,” the Knights Templar were part of a longer tradition of “religious-chivalric” orders, being preceded by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who later became the Knights of Malta. The combination of monasticism with military chivalry permitted the vow of religion and the vow of war to be united in a single effort – to free the Holy Land from the Muslims.

Two French knights, Hugues de Payens and Geoffrey of Saint-Omer, “had observed the hardships endured by Christian pilgrims en route to Jerusalem and decided to serve as guides and protectors for the defenseless travelers.”

The two Frenchmen had only one horse between them, but soon gained some notoriety for their service to helpless wayfarers, which inspired seven other nights to join them. The group was then known as the “Poor Soldiers of the Holy City,” having bound themselves to the traditional vows of obedience, chastity and poverty. They added oaths to defend the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and to protect the pilgrims who journeyed there.

“Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem, granted the humble knights quarters on the site of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem,” the Steigers write, “and it was because of this location that they became known as the Knights of the Temple of Solomon and later as the Knights Templar or the Knights of the Red Cross. According to tradition, it was also amidst the ruins of Solomon’s Temple that the knights uncovered the holy relics that would transform their order of poverty and humility into one of the wealthiest and most powerful organizations in Europe.”


It is claimed that the Templars, while being sheltered in Jerusalem, unearthed the Holy Grail of the Last Supper along with ancient documents proving that, prior to the crucifixion,   Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife.

Even stranger is this story: the Templars excavated an underground chamber that contained the head of Jesus. According to legend, because of the virtue and bravery of the Templars in defending Christian pilgrims, the head spoke and prophesied to them. There are differing versions of this “severed head” legend; some claim that the Templars spoke to the head of John the Baptist, who was in fact beheaded by King Herod in the Gospel narrative.

The Templars eventually achieved a wealth and overall power that had come to rival that of the current monarch, King Philip of France, who greedily maneuvered to take their riches for himself. The king sought the help of Pope Clement V, who was reluctant at first to move against the Templars. The Knights had been under the wing of papal blessings for a long time.

But charges against the Templars were made. They were accused by the mysterious Esquire de Floyran, who claimed to have been a member, of having degenerated into a monstrous blood cult who worshiped the three-headed demon of a heretical Muslim sect.

“De Floyran swore that he had seen initiates in the order spitting upon crucifixes,” the Steigers write, “participating in vile rites, even sacrificing babies to demons.”

Clement bowed to pressure and gave his approval for a judicial inquiry, and the knights were charged with heresy and immorality. In 1307, 900 knights were arrested and their properties and holdings seized. The prosecution was often forced to use torture to obtain confessions. The grand master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, pleaded the innocence of the order against all charges but was nevertheless tortured, along with 140 other knights, by the rack, the thumbscrew, the pincers, the branding iron and fire. Thirty-six died under torture without speaking while the remainder confessed to every charge leveled against them.

As the Steigers report: “In 1314, as he was being burned to death on a scaffold erected for the occasion in front of Notre Dame, Jacques de Molay recanted the confession he had given under torture and proclaimed his innocence to Pope Clement V and King Philip – and he invited them to meet him at heaven’s gate. When both dignitaries died soon after de Molay’s execution, it seemed to the public at large that the grand master and the Knights Templar had been innocent of the charges of heresy.”

Meanwhile, in todays’ “politically correct” climate, the Templars are still sometimes demonized for:

*** The death and destruction they caused in the Crusades.

*** Supposedly occult or pagan rituals (based on hearsay from anti-Templar material promulgated by the Catholic Church as it sought to bring the Templars “to heel,” fearing that their power and the respect in which they were held by the populace would ultimately bring down the papacy.)

*** Confessions made by Templars, given while being tortured, or the later “revealed” confessions made public by the Inquisition.

*** The complete and total disappearance without a trace of the medieval organization, which fuels speculation and conspiracy theories, still rampant some 700 years later, that assume the organization had a huge membership, unlike the reality of barely a couple of hundred.


When studying subjects like UFOs and occult phenomena, one tends to continually rediscover the interrelatedness of things. For instance, a modern gray alien is closely related to ancient descriptions of both angels and demons, and all three types of those paranormal entities often spill over into encounters with ghosts and other manifestations of communication from the departed. Some researchers, like Raymond Fowler and Dr. Kenneth Ring, make a definite connection between alien abduction and Near-Death-Experiences, arguing that the same otherworldly beings are present in both kinds of encounters and represent contact with creatures that exert a hopefully benevolent power over our very souls.

So it is with sacred sites as well. Some locations on this planet seem to radiate a kind of energy that transcends the limits of space and time and opens doorways for discerning mortals to step through into planes of existence that vibrate at a much higher frequency than everyday life on this planet allows for. It’s similar to that familiar catchphrase from real estate: Location, location, location.

In this instance, we take up the study of Rosslyn Chapel, located in the Midlothia section of Scotland. Longtime paranormal researcher Brian J. Allan, in his book “Rosslyn Chapel: Occult Secrets and Esoteric Treasures Revealed,” published by Global Communications, offers his conclusions after many years of inquiry. If ever a particular place on Earth served as a “hot contact” with the strange, Rosslyn Chapel should certainly qualify.

“Over the years, especially in recent times” Allan writes, “much as been written about this small, ornate, 15th century place of worship, some of it justified and some not. It has been described as various things, e.g. a place of piety and worship, the retro-choir of a cathedral that was never built, a spiritual machine of sorts, the hiding placed of a dimensional portal, a stone library of Masonic secrets and also an enduring tribute to the iconic warrior monks, The Knights Templar. There is some legitimacy to all these claims, even the dimensional portal aspect, because the means to unlock this strange artefact (a set of frequencies) are also said to be displayed in the stonework, almost literally hidden in plain sight.

“Unfortunately,” he continues, “the guides who take parties of visitors round the building pointing out its many unique features are unlikely to mention this, simply because it is not in their frame of reference. Why? Because besides risking ridicule from mainstream media, the implications of this revelation are staggering and might even start to unpick the legitimacy of the religion the Chapel apparently venerates. It is easier to take one of the other, perhaps more acceptable connections associated with the building, and that is the claimed link of the Sinclair family with the Knights Templar, although even this has been disputed. The link came about through the political and religious affiliations of Sir William Sinclair, who paid for the construction of the building, which was originally called the Collegiate Church of St Matthew,

“The Sinclair family were assumed to have had strong links with the Templars,” Allan goes on, “and built the chapel, not as a place of worship, but to honor them and their cause. There is certainly a considerable amount of Templar and other mystical imagery carved into the decoration. In fact, it is claimed that the Chapel vaults contain, along with the Ark of the Covenant, the treasures of the Temple of Solomon that were taken by the Templars during their time in the Holy Lands. However, none of this is proven. That said, there is little doubt that the chapel has powerful resonances with Templar traditions. It has also been claimed that, rather than the Knights Templar, the Sinclair’s connection originated in the possibility that they helped found Scottish Freemasonry and the Templar orders associated with that. Whatever the truth, it can never be denied that this beautiful building will continue to hide its secrets from the profane, which was probably the original intention.”


In what has become his persistent theme, publisher and author Timothy Green Beckley continues to argue for a paradigm of the paranormal that brings everything together into a cohesive whole.

“Somewhere along the twisting path of the paranormal,” Beckley writes, “I discovered that UFOs and ghosts seemed to be attracted to buried treasure – either to guard it or lead to its discovery. Both phenomena have supposedly led prospectors directly to the proverbial ‘motherlode,’ or hovered so damn near it as to be beyond mere coincidence. I guess you could say they functioned as a sort of sign as to where to dig or dive – if the ultimate prize is underwater. Other times you better get your pistol or pick axe ready to protect yourself from the walking dead, though, come to think of it, neither instrument can wound or kill something that has already turned to dust. So it’s better to hope you’re light on your feet and can hightail it a safe distance away.

“I have no statistics on any of these paranormal declamations,” he continues, “but I’ve heard an assortment of rumors. Now, in the case of UFOs, we’re not talking about spaceships with humanoid pilots on board, but more likely ornery spook or ghost lights that seem to be under ‘intelligent control’ but not piloted by ‘aliens’ as we’ve come to imagine them – at least that is what I would assume.

“Though I must say that one scribe pointed out to me that if the ancient astronauts known as the Anunnaki were really coming here from Planet X thousands of years ago to create human slaves in order to mine for gold, perhaps they are still searching for this valuable substance – or perchance the slaves themselves are returning from the realm of spirits to haunt these particular locales as a form of retribution to their slave owners. It’s all assuredly conjuncture. Pure speculation. But something uncommonly bizarre does seem to be going on that connects some lost treasures with the eerie sector of the phantasmal.”


As is true of most paranormal researchers, years of study have left Beckley with far more questions than answers. For example, he asks, “Is it possible the Knights Templar buried their vast treasures and Biblical memorabilia, including the Holy Grail, in the swampy waters of Oak Island? Has that legendary hoard been kept hidden by an underground series of booby traps that prevents anyone from getting near the treasure?”

Beckley also seeks answers to these Oak Island-related questions: Did the lights of low-hanging flying saucers lead a teenage boy to the possible location of one of the world’s richest buried treasure troves over two hundreds ago? And are apparitions of one type or another “camping out” to make sure no one is successful in finding whatever is buried on this isolated, windswept locale? And, furthermore, did this same supernatural force at play here put a curse on that treasure that has doomed so many seekers after its hidden hoard?

“Oak Island,” Beckley writes, “is a 140-acre tree-covered spit of an island on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, one of over 350 islands in Mahone Bay. Rising to a height of only 36 feet above sea level, it is situated 660 feet from shore and connected to the mainland by a modern causeway. It is currently privately owned, though several teams of treasure hunters make their home there, trying to figure out ingenious ways to get to the source of all this drama, which has become known as North America’s most infamous treasure trove.

“Some say it’s a conventional swashbuckler’s horde,” Beckley recounts. “Others insist the Knights Templar sailed the mighty seas to bury the likes of gold crosses, spectacular jewels, and perhaps even the Holy Grail and/or the mighty Ark of the Covenant. And if that isn’t enough to blow your ever-loving treasure-hunting mind, some proclaim that Shakespeare’s ‘lost sonnets’ could be sealed in a vault deep underground.

[Of course, in this account, Shakespeare isn’t really Shakespeare but the likes of Francis Bacon, First Viscount of Saint Alban, who was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, essayist and author. He served both as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. And since the Bard was really illiterate and could only just about sign his name, someone else had to be responsible for his penmanship.  But that’s another story, one which we have covered previously in our published tract by Sean Casteel, called “Shakespeare’s Confidential Dossier: To Be Or Not To Be?”]

“Regardless of what is buried on Oak Island,” Beckley adds, “it has to be more valuable than the Queen’s Jewels as no one in their right bloody mind would go to the extreme efforts that were made to render the treasure inaccessible by an elaborate series of booby traps that have kept the treasure out of the hands of dozens and dozens of treasure seekers and killed a half dozen individuals in the process.”

But what exactly is the story behind the curse of Oak Island?

“It all started one dark night way back in 1795 when a teenage boy named Daniel McGinnis witnessed ethereal nocturnal lights winding their way amongst the trees on a little island across the water from his family’s home in Nova Scotia. His interest aroused, he rowed out to the island the next day to try to figure out the source of the lights,” says a posting on “The Witching Hour” website.

McGinnis most likely never found out the mystery of what we might today identify as “spook lights” or “ghost lights,” but he did find a circular impression in the ground about a dozen feet across. One’s first thought is that the circular impression might have been the familiar landing traces sometimes left behind by a UFO, but the mystery is a little different here.

It was generally known that pirates in the 1600s often chose the scantily populated shores of eastern Canada to hide their illicit treasures. With that idea in mind, McGinnis and some friends began to dig on Oak Island, becoming the first people seduced by the location’s lure of gold and whatever other riches might lie beneath their feet.

But was the fabled hidden hoard really left behind by the Knights Templar, who deposited incalculable wealth at the bottom of a sophisticated, multiple booby-trapped hiding place that even our modern technology has still never managed to penetrate in order to get to the actual loot? Beckley is quite the fan of the History Channel’s long-running program “Curse of Oak Island,” and he awaits the answer to the mystery along with his fellow viewers.

And if the truth they uncover leads us all back to the Knights Templar and their slippery path through human history, we shouldn’t be too surprised.





Source: Spectral Vision
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The Search for the Dublin Lake Monster
By Nicholas Handy

At its surface, Dublin Lake may be a family-friendly body of water – offering the region a place to fish, swim, and recreate – but dive deeper and you might not like what you find.

Legend has it that a yet-to-be-classified form of sea monster dwells in caverns at the deepest point of the lake, which is 100-feet according to New Hampshire Fish and Game.

While those who have allegedly seen the monster have been driven mad, that doesn’t stop some lake-goers from hoping they find Dublin’s underwater cryptid.

“I would’ve died to see it,” said Maurica Smith, 24, of Milford, who went diving in Dublin Lake recently to obtain her scuba diving certification. “I could have had proof that it was real.”

The legend of the Dublin Lake monster has been written about in at least two books, “America’s Loch Ness Monsters,” written by Philip Rife and "New England’s Scariest Stories and Urban Legends," written by Summer Paradis and Cathy McManus.

Lore surrounding the lake monster dates back to the 1980s, when a free-diver allegedly went missing after a routine dive. The diver was found a number of days later, naked and incoherently babbling about monsters.

Another version of the story states a diver was using a diving bell when exploring the lake’s bottom, but the tether was not long enough as he descended.

After heading down deeper to find the caverns, the diver disappeared. A group of hikers found the diver in the woods naked days later,with the diver once again was babbling about monsters.

With meager evidence to support the claim that a lake monster dwells at the bottom of Dublin Lake, many locals and passers through have questioned the validity of the legend.

“I’ve never heard of the monster, but there can’t be any truth to it,” said Alef Deghize, of Alstead, who stopped into Dublin General Store on Wednesday afternoon. “My take is that someone was trying to explain something they couldn’t understand.”

Perhaps, what those divers believed was a lake monster was actually a species of fish prevalent to the lake. Brook trout, smallmouth bass, and hornpout are all common species in the lake, according to Jason Smith, chief of inland fisheries with NH Fish and Game.

But for every non-believer of the legend is a person who wants it to be true.

“I haven’t heard of the legend but I love it and hope it’s true,” said Augusta Petrone, of Dublin, who said that as a child, she heard a rumor that the lake didn’t have a bottom. “I’m 80 years old and I used to not believe a lot of things. I’m hoping they find Atlantis.”

NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer Bill Boudreau said he has seen a large increase in scuba diving in Dublin Lake over the past few years, although he admits fishing still seems to be a more popular recreational activity.

Having been a conservation officer in the area for the past 13 years – and a member of the dive team since 2007 – Boudreau said he has never been called to Dublin Lake to respond to a report of a missing diver.

Boudreau said he has never heard the legend but questions its validity, as the conservation officer prior to him had only ever told one story of a rescue on the lake, and it dealt with a man who had a heart attack while swimming.

“If there was a missing diver, we would’ve been called to it,” said Boudreau.

Outside of a few fish, Smith didn’t see much in her time exploring Dublin Lake, although she admits that because she was taking a certification course, she didn’t go much deeper than 20 or 30 feet.

Certification in hand, Smith hopes to one day return to the lake to explore its depths.

“I would definitely love to go out to Dublin Lake again, to explore a little deeper,” said Smith. “I’ve also heard that there is a space ship down there, which would be cool.”

Source: Monadnock Ledger Transcript


Encounters with the Bermuda Triangle and Electric Fog
By Bruce Gernon and Rob MacGregor

I was twenty-three-years old when it happened, the mind-boggling event that changed my life. I’d been flying airplanes with my dad since I was a young teenager and I got my pilot’s license when I was eighteen. Five years later, I was at the controls flying with my dad and his business partner as we departed from Andros Island in the Bahamas. That’s when I encountered something strange and frightening, something that literally swallowed our new Bonanza A36 and spit us out a hundred miles from where we’d just been flying.

That was December 4, 1970, and I’d encountered what later became known as the Bermuda Triangle mystery. For months, I puzzled over this seemingly unbelievable sequence of events. I put my story to memory, precisely as I remembered it, and documented the details.

I didn't speak to anyone about it for just over a year because I felt like it was impossible to be able to explain exactly what happened.  Then I heard there was a mysterious area offshore of Miami where planes and boats have been disappearing and I realized what I had flown through must have been the cause of their disappearance.  I told everyone I met about it.  But at first it was as if they didn't hear me, except for my dad and our business partner. They always backed up my research.

I was like the tree in the forest that falls and no one hears its thunderous crash. So did it make a sound? Likewise, if teleportation or time travel or a combination of the two never happened to anyone else, did this event really occur as I remembered it? What I was saying didn’t make sense. It couldn’t possibly be true. But I knew what I experienced, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

After a couple of years, everything changed as I began hearing about the lore of the Bermuda Triangle, the now legendary zone of mystery outlined by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Over the centuries, thousands of vessels large and small, as well as aircrafts, have vanished in the great expanse. Researchers gathered stories and statistics and soon articles and books were published. I discovered that I wasn’t alone, that others had encountered this mysterious phenomenon. Their compasses had started spinning, their electronic equipment shut down, and some had leaped through space and time.

Is the Bermuda Triangle a dangerous place? On an average day, hundreds of people fly over it and cruise through it on ships. They don’t crash, sink, or disappear. Yet, sometimes it happens, and you never know when the compasses will suddenly start spinning wildly and a fog will surround your craft, a fog that you can’t escape. There is no reason for the Bermuda Triangle effect. It could happen any time, to anyone.

I recognize that many skeptics and debunkers view the Bermuda Triangle as a non-mystery. They attribute all the missing airplanes and ships to mechanical failures, human error or bad weather. They reject anything that exceeds known physical laws. Certainly, in some cases they are correct.

However, to dismiss all that has occurred as a non-mystery shows a lack of willingness to look closely at cases such as mine. As William James once said: “If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you mustn't seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.”
 It only takes one white crow to prove that all crows are not black. As I’ve often said, if any of those researchers had been flying with me on that day in December 1970, they would have a considerably different view on the matter.

Skeptics also point out that similar disappearances involving planes and ships have taken place outside the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle. In this case, I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, the Bermuda Triangle story is like the final twist in a good mystery in which the vanquished antagonist surprisingly reappears elsewhere, setting up a sequel.

That’s exactly the case. Rather than turning into a non-mystery, the phenomenon extends well beyond its triangular boundaries. I’ve received dozens of stories from people who have encountered what I call ‘electronic fog,’ and some of the people have experienced time warps and teleportation. Some of the events occurred in the legendary waters off the east coast of Florida, but others happened elsewhere, including the Pacific Ocean, Lake Michigan, and on land. In essence, there is no actual Bermuda Triangle, but places throughout the world where warps in the space-time continuum appear on occasion, sometimes with baffling consequences. From my years of research, I’m convinced these mysterious events that seem outside the realm of possibility could happen virtually anywhere. That includes the Indian Ocean where Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared.

In Beyond the Bermuda Triangle, I’ll take you first-hand, step-by-step through my experience. You’ll read what I saw, what I felt, and how I reacted. I’ll also tell the stories of other pilots and boat captains, as well as the tales of people who have encountered the fog while walking at night on a golf course or driving their cars in remote areas. I’ll include stories from famed pilot Charles Lindbergh and aeronautical author Martin Caidin, and even Christopher Columbus.
I’ll take you to meet physics professor David Pares, a former army meteorologist, who believes my experience holds an important key to creating a warp drive that can take us to the stars. Amazingly, Pares is building such a ship in his garage!

In my case, I was stunned by the behavior of an enormous cloud that seemed to be chasing me, that seemed to be sentient, conscious, by the fog that surrounded the plane mile after mile, by the malfunctioning of all my electronic equipment, including two compasses. When the radio started working again, the Miami tower informed us that the weather between Bimini and Miami was clear and there was no plane on the radar. What? How could that be?

Bruce Gernon is a certified seaplane flight instructor and a master captain with a Coast Guard license. He has appeared in 36 documentaries about the Bermuda Triangle in which he describes his space/time warp experience, often as the featured interviewee. Gernon coined the term “electronic fog.” He resides in Boynton Beach, Florida, with his wife, Lynn. His website is www.ElectronicFog.com.

Rob MacGregor has published 20 novels and 24 nonfiction books, and coauthored The Fog with Bruce Gernon. An author of seven Indiana Jones novels, he has been on the New York Times Best Sellers list and won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for mystery writing for his novel Prophecy Rock. He and his wife, Trish, reside in Wellington, Florida.

Source: New Page Books


Voynich Manuscript Unlikely to be a Hoax
By April Holloway

The Voynich manuscript is among the most perplexing texts ever discovered as it has never been decoded despite over 25 analyses conducted in an attempt to decipher its meaning. As a result, many have drawn into question whether the manuscript is authentic, or nothing more than a hoax. However, a study published in the journal PLOS One offers convincing evidence that the patterns present in the writing resemble those from real languages, suggesting the enigmatic text is authentic and does indeed contain a genuine message.

The Medieval manuscript, which has been dated to between 1404 and 1438 AD, was discovered in an old trunk in 1912 by Wilfrid M. Voynich, a Polish-American antiquarian and bibliophile, who operated one of the largest rare book businesses in the world. The 240-page book contains both text and illustrations that appear to cover a wide range of themes, including astronomical, biological, cosmological, herbal, and pharmaceutical. The author is unknown, as is the obscure language used throughout the text. Even many of the illustrations remain enigmatic, as many of the plants portrayed in the book—which are often crudely drawn—are unidentifiable, and the numerous pictures of nude women are involved in inexplicable acts.

Very little can be made of the cryptic language used throughout the text. Many experts believe this was a language constructed by the author to hide secret information. Some doubt that the text uses a real language, pointing out that it has words that only appear in certain sections, some letters that are only in certain places in words, unusual repetition of wording, and lack of identifiable rhythm.

Nevertheless, many studies have now shown that the unknown language does demonstrate similarities to known languages. The study published in PLOS One supports this view, reporting that the manuscript “presents a complex organization in the distribution of words that is compatible with those found in real language sequences... These results together with some previously known statistical features of the Voynich manuscript, give support to the presence of a genuine message inside the book.”

"It's not easy to dismiss the manuscript as simple nonsensical gibberish, as it shows a significant [linguistic] structure" said Dr Marcelo Montemurro, a theoretical physicist from the University of Manchester, UK, who has been analysing the manuscript’s linguistic patterns for years. “It is unlikely that the patterns were deliberately incorporated into the text as part of a hoax as knowledge of those linguistic structures did not exist at the time the manuscript was created.”

Using a computerised statistical method, Dr Montemurro and colleagues carried out the first analysis of the Voynich manuscript addressing the large scale organizational structure which results from the distribution of words over the whole text. Their results showed that content-bearing words are present in grouped patterns where they are required as part of the information being written. Furthermore, the semantic networks show that related words share structure similarities, which is a pattern observed in known languages.

While experts have been gaining ground in proving the authenticity of the manuscript, it’s real meaning still remains elusive. Craig Bauer, author of ‘Secret History: The Story of Cryptology’ believes it could be hiding something significant. "It could solve a major crime, reveal buried treasure worth millions or in the case of the Voynich manuscript, rewrite the history of science," he said.  Dr Montemurro agrees: "There must be a story behind it, which we may never know”.

Source: Ancient Origins


Revealed: Unsung British Scientist Who Invented "Death Ray"

The story of an unsung scientist whose inventions included the 'death ray' and inspired the creation of Flash Gordon and Batman has been told for the first time.

Harry Grindell Matthews was regarded as one of Britain's leading inventors, whose futuristic creations in the 1920s were considered light years ahead of their time.

Heralded a genius by the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill, his work included the world's first mobile phone, an automatic pilot and talking films.

But it was his death ray - a giant laser gun - that brought him acclaim. It was later used in string of sci-fi movies including Batman, Dr Who, Flash Gordon and Star Wars.

He was so far ahead of his time that some even dismissed him as a fraudster and he is not officially credited with inventing many of his creations. This means his incredible contribution to British science has remained largely unknown since his death aged 61 in 1941.

But his remarkable life story has now been revealed in a new book, penned by fellow scientist and avid fan Jonathan Foster. The biography, 'Death Ray ... the Life of Harry Grindell Matthews', lifts the lid on his remarkable life and extraordinary creations.

Mr Foster, a science teacher from Nottingham, said: 'He was truly an amazing man, way ahead of his time, and deserves to be remembered.

'He invented so many amazing things - including a system which could remotely guide a boat at night, using light beams, and fire its gun as well.

'Harry was also transmitting the spoken voice when Nobel prize-winner Marconi was still transmitting in Morse code. He was a genius.'

Mr Matthews, who was born in 1880, earned worldwide fame in the 1920s and 30s after he set about changing the face of modern science. He studied at the Merchant Venturer's School in Bristol before serving in the Second Boer War in South Africa where he was wounded twice.

His inventions included a submarine detector an automatic pilot and an aerial defence system.

In 1911 he created the aerophone, the world's first mobile telephone, which was the size of a shoe box and enabled a ground controller to talk to the pilot of an aeroplane.

The following year he gave a demonstration before King George V at Buckingham Palace by establishing communication between two cars.

His 'sky projector' - a powerful beam of bright light that projected an image into the night sky - also won him critical acclaim in 1925. Experts believe it may have led to the creation of Batman, as it resembles the 'bat signal' used by Commissioner Gordon to attract the hero's attention.

It was the unveiling of the death ray in 1923 that shot him to national attention. The device stopped a motorcycle in its tracks by knocking out the vehicle's magneto system. It also ignited gunpowder, killed a mouse, and even blinded Harry in one unfortunate experiment.

Many believe the ray triggered the imaginations behind Flash Gordon and his enemy, Ming the Merciless, and inspired weapons used in Star Wars and Dr Who.

Mr Foster said: 'The death ray did work and was patented. He invented a way of transmitting electricity via an ultra violet beam.

'He used to demonstrate it by stopping cars which passed his house. The beam would knock out the car's magneto system and even set off gunpowder.

'But the huge amount of power it would have needed to knock out an aircraft meant it would not have been practical.'

Mr Matthews, from Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, was awarded £25,000 by the Government in 1914 when he invented a boat which could be controlled by a light beam.

The Ministry of Defence wanted to produce an airship, controlled by the same light beam, to tackle the threat of bombing raids from German Zeppelins, although the device was never used.

He collapsed and died on September 11, 1941 while helping with the Allied war effort  at his mountain retreat near Swansea, south Wales.

Source: The Daily Mail (UK)


Woman Believes Calf is Husband Reincarnated

Love for animals is an important sentiment prevalent among several people across the world, but some people seem to take things to a new level. While bovines have been getting a lot of attention from people in India, a woman in Cambodia is leaving everyone behind with her affection for a calf.

74-year-old Khim Hang has married a calf who she believes to be a reincarnation of her deceased husband Tol Khut. The heartbroken lady who lost her husband a year back said that her husband’s soul came to her followed by the calf licking her hair, neck and then kissing her which was enough to convince Khim Hang that it’s her husband.

Khim Hang says that the five-month-old calf does everything including going upstairs in the house just like her husband did. Her children are also convinced that the calf is their father from his behaviour with relatives and Khim Hang’s grandchildren.

The family tucks the calf in bed and it sleeps with Tol Khut’s favourite pillow as Khim Hang has vowed to care for it till her death and asked her children to care for the calf after her death. People from all over the country have been flocking to their house to see how the calf stays with the family.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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