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Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? How about aliens flying down in their space-craft to kidnap you from your bedroom at night?  Or that the Men-In-Black are waiting for you just around the corner?  Do you worry that the government is listening in on your private conversations?  Or worse yet, do you worry that your community will be abandoned to the wolves and looters if a natural disaster strikes?

Well never fear - Conspiracy Journal is Here!  Yes that's right. Conspiracy Journal, your number one source of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and more, is here once again to protect you from THEM, by keeping you informed on all the news and information that you won't  hear on your local 6 o'clock news.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such insulin-robbing tales as:

 Researchers Say the Great Sphinx is Older Than Believed -  
Are Dogmen Stalking Skinwalker Ranch? -
Air India Crew Spooked by "Haunted" Hotel -
AND: Ripley Castle Candlesticks Mysteriously Reappear

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Hidden Treasures of the Knights Templar


The hidden treasures of the Knights Templars cannot be estimated in terms that are realistic or that we could readily understand.

Today, we speak in terms of the Rockefeller Dynasty, the Rothschild banking family, Goldman Sachs, the Clinton Foundation . . . but, even if you merged all the vast wealth of these and many more conglomerates, you would get nowhere near the vast fortune of the Knights Templars.

Not only are we talking about tons of gold and silver and kingly jewels, but unimaginable treasures such as the Holy Grail, as well as the Ark of the Covenant. The Templars also organized the first banking system and many of their depositors were fabulously wealthy beyond one’s wildest dreams. They put their monetary weight behind kings, queens, and assorted nobility. They are also known to have sacked Greece and Rome of vast fortunes.

This book answers many questions concerning the whereabouts of their unique treasure trove and how it found its way to the New World long before Columbus or other explorers had set sail.


*** Evidence indicates that the Freemasons are closely aligned to the secret plans and ultimate supremacy of the Knights Templar. Some say they are an esoteric brotherhood hungry for forbidden knowledge. Others say they are similar to a coven of black magicians, using the dark arts to achieve their purposes.

*** For many years, the wealthy Templars enjoyed the blessings of a succession of popes. What caused the allies of the Templars to turn on the knights and put their leaders to death?

*** Did the Templars receive prophecies and blessings from the decapitated head of Jesus? Such is one of several legends surrounding the knights’ excavations in Jerusalem. It is also claimed they found the Holy Grail from the Last Supper and written material that proved Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife.

*** In 1307, after the persecution of the Knights Templar began and they were forced to go underground to survive, it is said that they infiltrated the trade union of the Freemasons. In the centuries since, the Freemasons have demanded secrecy and silence from its membership. Some say the covert rituals and covered-up occultism extends to the most highly-placed world leaders. Are we being ruled by a cabal of Freemasons?

Also, read the work of Ambrose Noble, a fervent apologist for the Freemasons and a Freemason himself. He tells the story of modern Freemasonry FROM THE INSIDE as he pays homage to what he believes is a blessed philosophy destined to overcome and rule the world. Noble claims that their spiritual truths are an open secret, based on a love of the Gospel of Jesus. But is that really the whole story?

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Researchers Say the Great Sphinx is Older Than Believed
By Greg

A quarter of a century ago, researchers Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval were at the centre of two controversial debates in Egyptology: Schoch, with his geological redating of the Great Sphinx to a period earlier than its supposed builder, the Pharaoh Khafre; and Bauval, with his 'Orion Correlation Theory' that suggested the three famous pyramids of Giza were laid out to mimic the stars in the 'belt' of the constellation Orion.

Now, in 2017, Schoch and Bauval have teamed up again to revisit the Sphinx debate. Hot on the heels of their recent book collaboration, Origins of the Sphinx (Amazon US/Amazon UK), the pair have now - along with independent researcher Manu Seyfzadeh - published an academic paper titled "A New Interpretation of a Rare Old Kingdom Dual Title: The King’s Chief Librarian and Guardian of the Royal Archives of Mehit" (free full PDF download available from that abstract page).

Don't let the rather staid title fool you - the paper continues on in the same vein as Schoch and Bauval's previous radical Egyptological theories. They point out some textual (i.e. hieroglyphic) evidence suggesting the Sphinx predates Khafre's reign by many centuries - and also that the hieroglyphs representing it may be suggestive that the Sphinx is guardian of a hidden 'hall of records'.

    "One of the more pointed criticisms of the idea of an older Great Sphinx is that no written evidence exists which proves a lion-like monument stood on the Giza Plateau before its currently accepted date of creation during the Old Kingdom, circa 2500 B.C.E. In this paper, we would like to address this contention by showing evidence to the contrary."

Researchers Seyfzadeh, Schoch, and Bauval focus on a part of the title of a number of Old Kingdom Pharaohs' viziers that hasn't yet been properly translated. The official title is made up of seven distinct, vertically aligned hieroglyphs: Axe - Reed and Inkwell - Sedge - Bread Loaf - Axe - Bent Rod - Recumbent Lion. The last two symbols - the 'bent rod' and 'recumbent lion', which are strangely combined, with the rod-like object connected to the back of the lioness - have puzzled translators thus far.

The title has been traced right back to the beginnings of Dynastic Egypt, being found on seals of Narmer imprinted on yellow clay locks used to securely shut vases and pouches. But nobody has so far been able to explain why the bent rod emerges from (or enters) the back of a lioness, or the combined symbol's connection with royal scribes/viziers and locks used for shutting vessels. However, the trio of researchers say that they now have a possibly theory:

    "We believe the most likely meaning [for the rod symbol] is “key”... It is known that the ancient Egyptians had developed a lock and key device to secure an entree by at least the Middle Kingdom. By then, the key was a tooth-brush like object used to displace wooden pins obstructing a wooden bolt."

    "[H]owever, we do not think this word stood on its own. Instead it, in combination with Mehit, formulated the more abstract concept of a guard, explaining why it was used as a symbol on seals imprinted onto clay locks to secure tomb goods such as vases and pouches...

    "Here, we are now able to associate scribes with a lock-secured facility either dedicated to a lion goddess or, in fact, a facility made in the shape of a recumbent lioness. This is further corroborated by the way the rod symbol ostensibly enters the back of the lioness as if the latter physically bore the lock belonging to this key."

The most obvious choice for a location 'in the shape of a recumbent lioness', say the three researchers, "ought to be the monumental Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau. And what might 'the facility' at the Sphinx be?

    "Seismic probing has also revealed a hollow space beneath the Great Sphinx’s northern paw and the signal demarcations and geometry suggest this space was man-made , raising the intriguing possibility of a hidden and secured stony vault within the bedrock under the Great Sphinx where ancient records may have been kept."

Seyfzadeh, Schoch, and Bauval believe that the name of the Great Sphinx during the Old Kingdom and even before was Mehit, a feline goddess. And they note there may be some further physical evidence to link the two. They point out "a peculiar feature of the neck area of the Great Sphinx" - an oblique limestone ridge - may mimic the ornamental rings depicted on some of the strange 'recumbent lion' hieroglyphs. Though it's unknown whether the hieroglyphs might have been modeled on the Sphinx, or the Sphinx on the hieroglyphs.

In summary, the researchers say...

    "...we have presented written, hieroglyphically recorded evidence that: a) two, heretofore incompletely translated, tandem titles conferred to Hemiunu, Wepemnefret, and Hesy-Re are semantically interwoven within the context of overseeing the creation and secure storage of scribal documents; b) secure storage was concretely symbolized by a key-like device metaphorically “locking” the Upper Egyptian goddess Mehit; c) this mythical metaphor of Mehit’s aspect as a recumbent lioness guardian so symbolized was based on her physical, monumental stony counterpart on the Giza Plateau long before the Fourth Dynasty, corroborating previous archeo-astronomical, geological, and seismographic evidence that the Great Sphinx is a modification of a much more ancient monument; and d) beneath this monument is a man-made, ornamented palace-like façade, and bolt lock-gated vault with chambers known to both 1st and 18th Dynasty kings, likewise corroborating prior seismographic evidence of a non-random, likely man-made, void beneath the north-east zone of the Great Sphinx. Our interpretation of this textual evidence is unequivocally testable and initially only requires a small drill hole and optic equipment to explore this already known void."

And for those who might be saying "maybe the recumbent lion is just a picture of a recumbent lion?", Seyfzadeh, Schoch, and Bauval have perhaps one of most quotable counter-responses in an academic paper: "One does not insert a key into a real lioness". Well, not unless you've got some good running legs on you...

Source: The Daily Grail


Are Dogmen Stalking Skinwalker Ranch?
Article by Contributor, Hunt The Skinwalker

On Saturday June 4, 2011 at about 9.30 PM, Riana Smith, Blake Bagley and their young infant son were driving North on 6500 East, North of Fort Duchesne Utah near Skinwalker Ranch, on their way to a friend’s house for a quiet get together. They were approaching a corner when out of nowhere a panicked cow burst from the undergrowth and ran directly in front of their car. Blake hit the brakes, but it was too late. The car hit the unfortunate cow head on. Suddenly the car headlights picked up a large wolf-like creature approximately six feet tall that ran on two legs into the road next to the prostate cow and continued running across the road in front of both astonished witnesses.  Skinwalker Ranch investigators separated both witnesses and interviewed them individually. Both described a tall creature that had the head and shoulders of a German Shepherd or wolf with dark brown or black long hair. The beast was running very easily and rapidly on two legs and passed within a couple of feet of the cow as it lay in the road. According to both witnesses, the creature was originally heading East to North West in apparent pursuit of the cow but once in the headlights then abruptly turned and ran Southwest into the darkness.

The couple promptly called the Bureau of Indian affairs (BIA) and BIA responded to the scene. The damaged vehicle was towed from the scene and Skinwalker ranch investigators confirmed the incident was recorded in the BIA blotter although it was not assigned a report number. The couple were cooperative with Ranch researchers and brought them to the scene of the accident. A large stain was seen on the west side of the road and multiple pieces of clear yellow and black plastic were recovered from the vicinity. These pieces were consistent with the grill and front of the couples damaged vehicle. No evidence or unusual footprints were found at the scene. This case, if taken on its own, would inspire skepticism in most people. However, beginning in 2008, dozens of cases involving dogmen walking on two legs were relayed to Skinwalker Ranch investigators.

Consider another case that occurred within a stone’s throw of Skinwalker Ranch. Sometime during the month of October 2008, at approximately 4PM, Lamar Oaks and his 16 year-old son Craig were out in the backyard of their property that directly abuts the Skinwalker Ranch. Both carried .30-.30 rifles and they were target practicing. Their pit bull was browsing nearby.  A movement about 60 yards North of their location near a ravine with a creek caught Lamar’s eye. The animal was dark colored and looked like a wild dog or coyote and both ranchers became concerned about an attack on their chickens, sheep, goats and other livestock. Lamar and Craig took aim and fired and both were certain that one shot had hit the animal. Then things became bizarre. Instead of the animal falling over, it stood up on its hind legs and looked deliberately at the astounded pair. The movement, according to Lamar was “intentional and graceful”. Both eyewitnesses had a clear, unobstructed view of the animal. Both described a thin coyote or wolf like creature with long coarse reddish hair, with regular dog like paws. The hind legs were angled and curved and Lamar described the front legs as retracted towards the chest “like a kangaroo”. The creature had a thick long bushy tail. Both men again raised their rifles and the animal suddenly ran swiftly Northward towards the creek. The pit bull took off in pursuit. The creature ran on two legs like a human and was able to outpace the pit bull. Both father and son confirmed that the creature did not hop or jump like a dog, but ran like a human. The creature crossed the creek and as Lamar and Craig approached the ravine, they could see the dogman disappearing into a group of Russian Olive trees.

The Skinwalker Ranch personnel conducted an investigation and thoroughly searched the area and separately interviewed both father and son over many months. Neither story changed over time.  Both were certain that one of their shots had hit the creature.

Between 2008 and 2011 Skinwalker Ranch investigators created a grid like pattern around the Ranch and methodically began interviewing neighbors within a couple mile radius fanning out from the property. Over that three-year period they accumulated dozens of eyewitness testimonies of anomalies, including a large number of independent sightings of upright coyote or wolf like creatures some seen at night, but several were seen during the day.

Investigators tried to rule out eyewitness collusion by showing up unannounced at neighbors houses without calling first. This tactic was designed to limit neighbors calling neighbors, or witnesses “preparing” their stories. The dozens of eyewitness stories collected 2008-2011 were remarkably consistent and all described upright wolf like or dog like creatures within close proximity to the Skinwalker Ranch.

Interestingly, of the over 600 anomalous incidents gathered on the 480 acre Skinwalker Ranch property itself from 1994-2016, very few describe the dogman phenomenon. It is almost as if the dogmen stalk the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch without necessarily invading the perimeter of the property.

Increased Dogmen Reports near Skinwalker Ranch after 2008

Readers of Hunt for the Skinwalker are familiar with the concept of a wide variety of anomalies catalogued on Skinwalker Ranch property including Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), Bigfoot or Sasquatch, discarnate voices, hauntings, unidentified orange “holes” through which craft could be seen flying, poltergeist phenomena, cattle mutilations, dog killings and a wide variety of assorted bizarre paranormal episodes.

Only a tiny minority of ranch reports involve sightings of dogmen, but one earlier report described in Hunt for the Skinwalker took place in Fort Duchesne, the small village located a stone’s throw from the ranch is so bizarre as to defy belief. A security officer told investigators that a few times humans with dog heads were seen in the middle of the village of Fort Duchesne “smoking cigarettes”. Kelleher and Knapp describe this incident in Hunt for the Skinwalker as: “The figures he (the security officer) described are so unusual, so far outside the concept of reality as to be almost comical, like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon”. Yet, famed UFO investigator Ted Philipps in his investigations of the Marley Woods UFO hot spot in Southern Missouri also encountered a bizarre tale of dogmen smoking cigarettes.

Regardless of these quasi comical stories, a central thesis of this article is that the dozens of eyewitness reports of dogmen stalking the Skinwalker Ranch only came to the attention of Skinwalker Ranch investigators in late 2008/early 2009, about four years after the publication of the Hunt for the Skinwalker book. The NIDS investigations of 1996-2003 which also involved interviewing several dozens of eyewitnesses around Skinwalker ranch never turned up any reports or evidence of dogmen.

Famed local UFO celebrity Joseph (Junior) Hicks has been collecting reports of anomalies since 1951 from locals in the Uintah Basin. Hicks was science teacher at the local Roosevelt high school when he first began to hear reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the Uintah Basin. Hicks soon established a reputation for integrity and the ability to keep confidential information to himself, so local inhabitants began to relay reports to him. Over the years 1950-2017 Hicks, now a spry 90 years of age, has received several hundreds, maybe over a thousand, reports of anomalies throughout the Uintah Basin. The majority of the reports comprise “nuts and bolts” flying machines of unknown origin.

However, even Junior Hicks is not exempt from reports of the enigmatic “dogmen”. Hicks recounts a bizarre case of two young women encountering a dogman at a graveyard near Roosevelt several years ago. The creature fits the classic description of the animals seen in the vicinity of Skinwalker Ranch. The women became frightened by the menacing wolf like animal standing on two legs gazing silently at them, so they hurriedly got into their vehicle and sped off. Both women were terrified to realize that the creature was running on two legs close to the car and even more terrifying, appeared to be able to keep up with the vehicle. This bizarre drama continued for several miles after which the dogman veered off in another direction and was soon lost in the darkness.

It was only when Skinwalker Ranch investigators began to look beyond the Ranch that it became obvious that the “dogman” phenomenon was not confined to rural Utah, but in fact was a national epidemic covering dozens of states. Ex newspaper reporter and author Linda Godfrey has collected scores of eyewitness testimonies from the Eastern part of the United States. Her book “The Michigan Dogmen” is recommended reading and describes dozens of dogmen walking or running on two legs in Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin and in other states.

Why the Dogmen?

What is the explanation for the apparent upsurge in dogmen sightings around Skinwalker Ranch as well as in Eastern part of the United States? Has there been a sudden upsurge of magic mushroom ingestion around Skinwalker Ranch and around the Eastern US? Have people always encountered dogmen in these locations and never reported them, but now feel there is a more permissive environment in which to report these events? It is no secret that when Hunt for the Skinwalker was first published in 2005, thousands of copies were purchased in the Uintah Basin. Did the bizarre material documented in the book somehow lead to a greater social acceptance for coming forward and openly talking about dogmen standing on two legs whereas previously Uintah Basin inhabitants kept mum out of fear of ridicule or worse? Or are the latent deepest darkest fears of people in rural areas of the country suddenly coming alive and “manifesting” as dogmen or werewolves? Are dogmen stalking the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch and other states an expression of long-suppressed fears of “monsters” in the Uintah Basin and elsewhere in rural America? Are the gates of hell opening?

Source: Hunt the Skinwalker
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Jim Marrs Has Died

Jim Marrs, the author whose book Crossfire: The Plot to Kill Kennedy helped inspire the Oliver Stone movie JFK, died of a heart attack Wednesday at his Wise County home.

Marrs, 73, who worked as a Star-Telegram reporter between 1968 and 1980, didn’t just write about John F. Kennedy. He also authored books about everything from UFOs to population control.

Marrs also taught courses on the JFK assassination and UFOs at the University of Texas at Arlington before retiring in 2007.

In a 2003 Star-Telegram article, Marrs said lawyers, teachers, even an official with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had taken his classes.

“They, like myself, have a natural and, I think healthy, questioning attitude about all this,” Marrs said. “What I tell people is, ‘Don’t come here expecting me to have all the answers.’ ”

But Marrs left no doubt that he believed that humans weren’t the only intelligent life in the universe.

“There’s definitely something out there in the air,” he said. “But I don’t think there’s anything to fear here.”

Whitley Strieber on his website unknowncountry.com said, "Most of all, I will miss his voice. Despite the frustrations of a life lived outside the comfortable envelope of accepted belief, I never knew him to express anger or frustration. He was always sailing his boat by himself, and always in shoal waters. But he liked shoals. You could tell by the zest with which he approached every problem, and his ready laughter."

Marrs was born Dec. 5, 1943, in Fort Worth. He earned a degree in journalism from North Texas State (now the University of North Texas) and attended graduate school at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. In recent years, he had been a fixture on the overnight talk show Coast to Coast, and he also appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars.

His wife, Carol, said they met on a blind date while going to college in Denton. They have been inseparable since that first date.

“I just remember how funny he was,” Carol Marrs said. “I don’t think about the conspiracy part, although he was an excellent teacher. His mission in life was to pursue the truth.”

While he was known for all of his publications, Marrs was also an avid Civil War re-enactor and a World War II history buff.

“He had his own cannon and, on the Fourth of July, we would fire it off,” Carol Marrs said. “You can do that when you live in the country. But he was almost a pacifist. He didn’t believe we should be in a war unless you were defending your home.”

Among his books were “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy,” which reached The New York Times paperback nonfiction bestseller list. Other titles include: “Alien Agenda” (1997); “Rule by Secrecy” (2000); “The Terror Conspiracy Revisited” (2007); “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” (2008); “The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy” (2010); “Our Occulted History” (2013); “Population Control” (2015); and his last book, “The Illuminati” (2017).

Survivors include two daughters, Cathryn Lafitte and Jayme Castle, as well as three grandchildren.

A private service is planned, according to Alexander’s Midway Funeral Home in Springtown, but Carol Marrs said the family is planning a gathering at their Wise County home next month.

Source: Star Telegram


Cyber Ghosts and E-Mail From the Dead

Computers, cellphones and digital cameras create new ways to experience the paranormal

His wife had died, but he kept her e-mail account open and checked it regularly to see if she had any messages from far-flung friends or acquaintances who didn't know she had passed away.

On the anniversary of their first date, a strange e-mail arrived with an attachment that had nothing in it. He checked to see who it was from, but there were no names in the "from" header area. On their wedding anniversary, an identical message arrived. He became convinced, he explained on a website devoted to the paranormal, that it was his dead wife trying to communicate with him.

E-mail and cellphone calls from the dead. Ghostly orbs that appear in pictures taken by digital cameras. Demons captured on cellphone cameras. New technology is having an impact on how people experience the paranormal.

"Any technology throughout history has been adapted to two things -- first of all pornography and secondly, the paranormal," James Alcock, a professor at York University who specializes in the psychology of belief, said. He is a founding member of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, a group that has investigated and exposed psychics, spoon benders, alien abductees and poltergeists since it was formed in the mid-1970s.

But for some, cyberspace extends to the great beyond, and the Web is a worldwide Ouija board. There are thousands of websites devoted to the paranormal, where people report their supernatural experiences. Many are encounters with old-fashioned-style ghosts and apparitions, the kind that inspired the most spectral Halloween costumes you'll see on the dark streets tonight.

But a growing number involve modern technology, like cellphones. A young man gets calls from a grandparent warning that he left the oven on. What's remarkable is that Grandma is dead, said Amy Allen, Ontario director for Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation, an organization that includes about 75 paranormal investigators in Canada, and another 60 or so in the United States and around the world. These calls, she said, have always proved impossible to trace.

There are also reports of mysterious e-mails, like the one posted on a paranormal website by the man, who identified himself as Tom, who believed his wife had attempted to contact him on two important anniversaries in their relationship.

He's in good company. Even Thomas Edison saw new technology as a possible channel of communication with the spirit world, Dr. Alcock said. The inventor tried to make contact through a phonograph-like device in the 1890s and then tried again in the 1920s with chemical equipment.

The advent of photography was closely followed by mysterious pictures of ghosts, and today, digital cameras have sparked a similar boom in spooky pictures, including many containing strange, transparent orbs. Darryll Walsh, executive director of the Halifax-based Centre for Parapsychological Studies in Canada, said they are caused by the flash being too close to the lens in the point-and-shoot cameras.

"People want to see something," he said.

Once the telephone became popular, people reported calls from dead loved ones. The advent of television brought reports of people seeing faces of the dead on the screen. For several decades, people have reported hearing the voices of the dead on their tape recorders. The messages -- phrases like "Save Me" -- have not always been comforting.

Technology has meant changes for paranormal investigators such as Elliott Van Dusen, with the British Columbia Branch of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation. He and his colleagues look into reports of the paranormal, looking for rational explanations. They offer their services for free.

He still gets lots of "conventional" cases and has been asked to investigate reports of strange noises at an abandoned military base, and a house that the residents believed was haunted by a mysterious visitor who left pennies in strange places.

But he recently received an e-mail from a young man in Germany. He said he and his friend were goofing around, taking pictures with his cellphone camera. When they looked at the digital photo, they say they saw what looked like a demon. It was a shadowy, skeletal face, obscured by smoke. He told Mr. Van Dusen that the "thing" in the photograph looked as if it wanted to be seen, or was trying to get their attention.

Mr. Van Dusen was immediately suspicious, but the picture was too small for the kind of computer analysis that can detect tampering. In the field report, he and his colleagues conclude that it looked remarkably like the faked ghost photos that were so popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. But they couldn't say for sure that it was fraud.

"Technology is a Catch-22. Sometimes it is easy to tell if something is fake because of technology," he said.

But it also can make it easier for someone to perpetrate a hoax.

Mr. Van Dusen, 22 and finishing off a sociology degree, has been investigating reports of the paranormal since he was 16. He grew up near Halifax, where Mr. Walsh teaches two courses on the paranormal at a local community college.

At first, Mr. Van Dusen was excited by the thought of finding a real ghost.

"As time went on," he said, "I started to get more skeptical."

Source: Globe and Mail


Air India Crew Spooked by "Haunted" Hotel

The high-flying lifestyle of working for an airline always seems glamorous. However, the experiences of an Air India crew assigned to fly to Chicago in the U.S. will probably make those considering a career in the airline industry think twice.

The crew, which was put up at a hotel in Chicago, has had to deal with "negative energies" while in their rooms, according to a report by news agency ANI. So spooked has the crew been after facing "paranormal activities" at the hotel that they have written to Air India management, asking the national carrier to take immediate action.

The crew's deputy chief of cabin has written a letter, accessed by news agency ANI, complaining that the nerve-wrecking experience at the Chicago hotel has left most of the crew members "scared (of) sleeping alone".

The spooky goings-on at the Chicago hotel keep "playing in our mind (sic)", the deputy chief writes in the letter and as a result of this, the crew is unable to get proper rest after operation ultra-long haul flights.

The letter goes on to question the Air India management's decision to sign a contract with the hotel despite there being several online accounts of the paranormal activities at the hotel.

The crew member asks Air India officials to look into the matter and "change this hotel on (an) urgent basis" while saying that such incidents have been happening since November last year. The deputy chief of cabin also expresses his/her unwillingness to fly on the Chicago route until the hotel is changed.

IndiaToday.in could not independently verify the veracity of the letter. ANI, however, reported that it had asked Air India for a comment, and that airline spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar responded saying, "Matter is under investigation and we are in contact with our Chicago station."

Full text of the Air India crew letter as reported by ANI:

"Majority of the crew are facing negative energies through paranormal activities in the hotel, most of us share rooms and sleep as we feel scared sleeping alone which is very unpleasant, after operating an ULH we are not able to get proper rest as these things keep playing in our mind.

Even online there is a complete description about incidents of paranormal activities about this hotel still the contract with this hotel was signed.

I have been coming to this hotel since November'16 and every time something unpleasant has been happening. I would request you to look into the matter and change this hotel on urgent basis as most of us don't feel comfortable staying here.

I would also request you to please 'Do Not' assign me any Chicago flights till the hotel is changed as it's very uncomfortable in the hotel.

Let's not wait for any miss happening to happen. Waiting for the necessary action."

Source: India Today


Experts Blame Trees for Lack of Nessie Sightings

ON the shores of Loch Ness, monster hunters are sending up the plaintive cry ‘we can’t see the dude for the trees.’ Nessie has apparently gone missing — there have only been two claims of sightings this year — but it may be that the monster is still deep in the Loch and people just can’t see the fauna because of the flora. Those who constantly survey the loch for a sign of Nessie have taken the hump at the amount of overgrown trees by the side of the A82, the trunk road that runs on the north side of the loch.

The Loch Ness Monster Fan Club told STV that there are too many trees along the side of the A82, and The National can confirm that views of the loch from the road’s numerous lay-bys and car parks are being obstructed by foliage.

The evidence of overgrowth is undoubted — the Fan Club’s president Gary Campbell said that photographs from the 1930s when Nessie was first caught on celluloid show that the A82’s verges are pretty clear.

It was at that time that the famous ‘Surgeon’s photograph’ of 1934 sparked worldwide interest in Nessie.

That clear view is not the case today and the villains of the piece are those in charge of our trunk roads — Transport Scotland.

They say the vegetation around lay-bys on the route will be cut back after the summer, but that’s after the peak sighting time — it was August 22, 565, when St Columba became the first man to spot the monster, which he saw off the premises with a quick blessing. The most recent sighting was last month when retired engineer Peter Jackson and former lawyer Phillippa Wearne, of Sydney, Australia, took a picture of something large gliding through the water.

Wearne told reporters: “I really was just stunned and I thought, ‘what is it? It was pretty big even from 150 yards or more offshore. I didn’t know what to think.

“We took photos and showed them to people at a B&B and (then) on a cruise. Skipper for the Loch Ness Project, Ali Matheson, said he had not seen anything like it.”

Now Gary Campbell is claiming that 22 miles of the roadside vegetation along the loch’s 24-mile length have become overgrown.

He told STV News: “Unfortunately people come from all over the world desperate to see Nessie, they drive the length of the loch and all they see is trees.”

Transport Scotland says lay-bys along the A82 will be the best place to spot Nessie, with trees due to be cut back.

A spokeswoman said: “The A82 is one of Scotland’s most iconic routes and we do all we can to make sure it is safe and well maintained to allow people from across the world to visit beautiful sights like Loch Ness and take full advantage of everything on offer there.

“We are responsible for the maintaining the lay-bys along the side of the road and our operating company, BEAR Scotland will be cutting back the vegetation in the late autumn outside of nesting season.

“We would encourage visitors to only stop in designated lay-bys, and with our planned works they will soon get a better view of the loch and hopefully there will be more sightings of Nessie herself.”

Source: The National


Ripley Castle Candlesticks Mysteriously Reappear

An insurer has had a pay-out of £8,500 returned to it after apparently stolen candlesticks reappeared in mysterious circumstances.

The owners of Ripley Castle returned the sum to Ecclesiastical after two pairs of Georgian candlesticks disappeared and reappeared.

Two pairs of Georgian silver candlesticks at Ripley Castle, in North Yorkshire, were reportedly last seen on Christmas Eve in 2014 and were reported stolen to the Gloucester insurance firm in May 2016.

However, Sir Thomas Ingilby, the castle’s owner, was always convinced they would resurface again.

“I remember saying several times that I thought the candlesticks would reappear eventually and even held off on reporting the theft to Ecclesiastical,” he said.

“But we searched the castle thoroughly and, with no sign of them, we had to make the claim.”

Sir Thomas’ initial inkling, however, has proved correct and the missing candlesticks have reappeared in the castle’s strong room… on a shelf in a bright red bag.

Sir Thomas said: “They were impossible to miss.

“To add insult to injury, they were sitting right next to the bag containing the replacements we had purchased with the money from Ecclesiastical.

“Three of us had searched the strong room from top to bottom and I had searched it on three separate occasions. To find them sitting there in such plain view was quite astounding.”

The castle has a history of poltergeist activity and Sir Thomas suspects the saga is down to ghosts of two children, Henry and Mary Ingilby, who died of leukaemia in the castle in the 19th century.

David Bonehill, claims director for Ecclesiastical, said: “We are delighted to hear that the candlesticks have been safely returned.” when they were aged only seven and five.

“On a previous occasion, a dessert spoon from a set of cutlery disappeared for 18 months before miraculously reappearing in its rightful place in the locked wooden canteen.

David Bonehill, claims director for Ecclesiastical, said: “As a specialist insurer, we are trusted to protect some of the country’s most irreplaceable treasures and are delighted to hear that the candlesticks have been safely returned.

“We often have customers contact us when items that were feared lost turn up unexpectedly, but these tend to be smaller items like jewellery, which are easy to mislay. This is certainly the first time a customer has reimbursed us for items they suspect was returned by a ghost.”

Source: Southwest Business

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