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 Inside the Saucers - A Retrospect -  
Mysteriouse Lights Seen During Mexico Earthquake -
 CIA Documents Show Hitler Escaped to Argentina -
AND: Police Helicopter Seen Circling UFO Over LA

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As UFO satirist and Exploring the Bizarre co-host Tim Beckley so righteously puts it, “A lot of boys my age were probably starting to think about girls and sneaking a peek at their father’s “Playboy” collection. Well, it took me a few years to get into the sins of the flesh (as it turned out, about ten years later I became a reporter for “Hustler” magazine). Instead, at 14 or 15, I was reading magazines like “Fate” and “Flying Saucers From Other Worlds.” And along the way I hooked up with a small collective of other blossoming teenage UFOlogists who eventually became the backbone of the field as it exists today.

“Allen Greenfield, Dave Halperin, Gene Steinberg, Rick Hilberg, Jerry Clark – this is as much the story of the early days of their calling as it is mine.”

Join the editors as we turn back the pages of history and stumble into the past with the reprint of this genuine collector’s edition of a UFO volume that was thought lost to the ages but was recently resurrected from the files of “Flying Saucer Digest” publisher Rick Hilberg.

In 1962, Tim Beckley placed a notice in the Club News section of “Flying Saucers” magazine requesting correspondence and an exchange of information with like-minded individuals willing to share their knowledge about those silvery ships seen around the world, best known in those days as “flying saucers.”

Through the personals column of this relatively obscure publication, he met several other teenagers who had started to form their own UFO organizations, so “Timmy” followed suit by setting up “The Interplanetary News Service,” which issued a semi-professional publication that garnered a worldwide circulation of 1500 plus. Many members of his “youth group” were well-established UFO experiencers and elder statesmen in the field. The INS became the third largest UFO group in the nation behind NICAP and APRO.

In order to finance his mushrooming enterprise, Beckley began to issue privately published UFO “books” and literature that would help “further the cause” and defray his expenses. INSIDE THE SAUCERS was the first such work. It was printed on an old fashioned (appropriately enough) spirit duplicator, and had a print run of 300 copies which sold out in a matter of months. This “new” edition is an exact replica of that first work, with only an addition of a several photos and the elimination of typos.

Regardless of the age of the authors, as can be rapidly determined, the writing is polished and sophisticated for its time in the history of UFO research. In this reprint of a rare collector’s item, you will become personally involved in a discussion of the following “long lost” topics: – A possible solution to the mystery of the Men In Black; – How some UFOs may be the product of Nazi technology (a prediction made years before this concept was put forward seriously elsewhere); – Possible synchronicities associated with the Great Pyramid; The Unidentified Submerged Object that plunged into a New Jersey reservoir; A recap of the most dramatic UFO sightings and encounters from this period by “UFO Encyclopedia” author Jerome Clark; A detailed summary of 15 years of UFO research by George D. Fawcett; AND MUCH MORE!

A tribute from the reigning master of the paranormal, Brad Steiger, who has these fond comments: “Bless all those Teen UFOlogists! – They were great supporters of a young Brad as he began his UFO career with “Strangers From The Skies” in 1966. . . and they remain dear friends today. Forever allies!”

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Inside the Saucers - A Retrospect 
By Timothy Green Beckley - mrufo8@hotmail.com

While its open for debate, I can trace my UFOlogical roots back to 1957 when I sighted two objects revolving overhead in the sky. One was hovering over an abandoned factory building across the street from where I lived in New Jersey, while the other stood still almost directly above the house that my grandparents owned.  I didn't observe any portholes, "little green men" didn't wave to me, but I fully realized -- despite a pronouncement by the authorities in the paper a couple of days later to the effect that we were all hypnotized by the appearance  of a couple of weather balloons -- that these lights, objects, craft (call them what you may) seemed to be under intelligent control. Indeed, they were not bobbing and weaving in the air current. In fact, they seem to know what they were doing (whatever that was), which I think  -- at least partly -- was to get my attention and to push me into unknown territory.

And boy did they ever!

I went and purchased all the material I could find on the subject (including a copy of Fate magazine), started writing letters to the local newspaper and harassing a couple of reporters who I knew kind of went along with my thinking on the subject, that we were being observed by someone -- or something -- else.

So its been more than half a century now since I threw my hat into the flying saucer ring ding. As fate had it (there are NO coincidences my dozens of personal synchronicities have  proven to me) I became an "authority" on the subject, published several nationally distributed newsstand magazines on UFOs, and today as a publisher of my own micro mini "empire," can lay claim to having published nearly 300 volumes on the paranormal (to see most of them simply go to Amazon.com and type in Inner Light - Global Communications under books).

To commemorate my more than half a century UFOlogical folly, I decided to reprint the first book we ever published back in 1964. Its a real collectors item, and we have to thank Flying Saucer Digest's Rick Hilberg for photo copying  this rather "rough looking" tome which was printed on a spirit duplicator (how fitting).  The material, even by today's standards is interesting, exciting and probably covers a lot newbies may not be familiar with as its origins are almost prehistoric.

The following is my thinking on UFOs today versus  yesteryear. The book has been reformatted by  associate Tim Swartz, some new art drawn and revised by Carol Ann Rodriguez, and a handful of photos added  to "dress up" the book. We also have to thank Sean Casteel for finding a few typos that might have been overlooked during the glorious Sixties.  So here then is a brief preview of the collectors item known as INSIDE THE SAUCERS (with special thanks to all our friends). 
A lot of boys my age were probably starting to think about girls and sneaking a peek at their father’s Playboy collection. Well, it took me a few years to get into the sins of the flesh. (As it turned out, about ten years later, I became the adult movie review critic for “Hustler Magazine.”) Instead, at 14 or 15, I   was reading magazines like “Fate” and “Flying Saucers From Other Worlds.” And, along the way, I hooked up with a small collective of other would-be teen UFOlogists.  
Let me clarify: we weren’t particularly geeks or nerds (such terms hadn’t even been coined yet), but we did have some fairly lofty ideals when it came to the subject of flying saucers and their presumed alien crews. Lured by the magic of NASA’s earliest missions and a full-blown nationalistic battle to beat the Russians into orbiting a satellite, we were more into the cosmos than into what we possibly thought at the time were more mundane earthly matters...like keeping our grades up in school.
By “coincidence,” we all met through a column in Ray Palmer’s digest magazine. “Flying Saucers” was an offbeat, bantam-sized publication that cost a whopping thirty-five cents and which you either had to subscribe to or hunt for in the back rows and racks of some pretty obscure newsstands. Palmer had edited a pulp science fiction magazine out of Chicago called “Amazing Stories,” where he tied in underground civilizations, lost worlds and the sightings of some pretty strange, fan-dangled, whirling disc-shaped objects that were just beginning to be seen in the sky all over the United States following  World War II.
It was 1962-63 and we were thirsty for knowledge. There was no Internet. No cell phones. So, if you had an inquisitive mind, you read. And if you were into UFOs, Palmer’s zine was about the only ballgame in town devoted entirely to the subject. And I know I was eager to seek out others who shared my interest and might have information to exchange. And so on my manual typewriter I wrote a letter to Palmer Publications about my interests and he published it alongside similar communiques.  Correspondence was exchanged through the mail with others who had gotten my address from the pages of this strange little magazine devoted to a very fringe topic. In fact, we were making friends all over the world, in countries that we couldn’t immediately pinpoint on the map.
I suppose I think of myself as a second generation UFO researcher. Or more accurately as a Fortean mindful of the depth and scope of Charles Fort’s contribution to unexplained phenomena and his dedication of hours spent going through dusty newspaper files and scientific journals gathering dust in libraries in the U.S. and the UK.   
Truth is, I wasn’t on the scene when the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena was formed, nor did I ever become a member of APRO, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization,   which was a bit more liberal-minded when it came to UFOs, who was inside, and what their mission in coming to earth might be. NICAP was strictly “nuts-and-bolts,” as we say, and was determined to prove that UFOs were physical craft from outer space. They went after reports by pilots, cops and scientific types, while APRO was keen on collecting reports of humanoid beings seen in association with the craft. They were picking up reports from all over Europe and South America, while NICAP centered its attention on butting heads with the Air Force over what they felt was an attempt to stonewall the topic and to keep the saucers a closely guarded secret from the American public.
At some point – circa 1963/64 – I decided to throw my own saucer-shaped hat into the UFOlogical ring and start my own organization as well as an affiliated publication which we called  (no drum roll necessary on this uninspired name) “The Interplanetary News Service Report.”
The organization and its publication quickly grew from a few dozen members to over 1500, probably making us the third largest organization of its type in the country. Some members knew my age, others didn’t – none seemed to care! I was putting out a pretty impressive 40 page publication with the aid of some very credible – and incredible – associates, until I got an offer from Jim Moseley which I couldn’t refuse, allowing him to take over our rank and file membership roster and combine our subscriptions with his more professionally-produced magazine “Saucer News.” To sweeten the pot, he offered to make me Managing Editor of his magazine and to pay me a weekly salary. Hell, how could I say no? I guess this sort of officially ended my career as a teenage UFOlogist, but not as a “teenage werewolf”   as I went on to produce a couple of B-movie horror films under the moniker of Mr. Creepo.
I could blow by you a lengthy list of names of those who started out around the same time as I did in a quest for the truth about the “Space Brothers,” but the majority have disappeared, if indeed they even stuck around long enough to be considered part of the scene.
I do remember fondly several aspiring individuals who have passed on to some heavenly realm or other dimension, but should be acknowledged as to the role they played, both in the development of my career and in UFO matters in general. There would be Al Manak of “Flying Saucer Digest” fame, Gray Barker, my first major book publisher and the editor of “The Saucerian,” and, of course, “Saucer News” publisher Jim Moseley, the court jester of a budding field of research who managed to keep things moving and grooving, even during the periods when the saucers weren’t flying so thick and fast through our atmosphere. (Made a crank phone call when in doubt to stir up the pot and get the likes of contactee George Adamski to espouse another fanciful story, real or imagined.)
But we digress and are getting off the topic of teenage UFOlogy just a bit. In fact, those who want to pursue the beginning of my career and the smiling cherub faces of those who set up camp at around the same time are welcome to hear a recent pod cast of TheParaCast.com, hosted by a graduate of those same teen years. Gene Steinberg, perhaps a year or two older, but not any wiser, was one of  the original teens now turned senior – and serious – UFOlogist, like the rest of us. In any regard, we were all pretty wet behind the Martian ears in those days, and you can rest assured that it can be said that we are still floundering about looking for answers to the same questions that perplexed us in the 1960s and Seventies. 
August 13, 2017 — Tim Beckley, Jerome Clark, Allen Greenfield and Rick Hilberg
With the help of a section called “Saucer Club News” in Ray Palmer’s “Flying Saucers” magazine in the 1950s and 1960s, enterprising young people got together to form their own UFO clubs, or just looked to meet up with others with the same interests. That’s where such people as your humble host of The Paracast and such notables as Tim Beckley, Jerome Clark, Allen Greenfield and Rick Hilberg got their starts. In a single virtual room, Gene’s old friends will reminisce about their early work in the UFO field. The political and cultural climate, how both may have impacted early research efforts, are also debated. Guest co-host is J. Randall Murphy.
Okay, in addition to yours truly who was busy grinding out the latest news on an old fashioned mimeograph machine (a printing device first patterned by Thomas Edison), there were others putting staples into printed sheets of 8.5x11 paper to create their own zines.
I always felt I had the best “amateur” publication around, though crude by today’s standards, thanks in large part to Jerry Clark, who typed the master stencils for our issues, thus giving us a nearly perfect newsletter free of the typos and grammatical errors that would creep in when I tried to do the job myself.
Clark quickly went on to bigger and better ventures, eventually penning the monumental “UFO Encyclopedia” (in three huge volumes), becoming editor of Fate magazine, and winding up “at the side” of the late astronomer Dr J. Allen Hynek at the very prestigious Center For UFO Studies in Chicago. (Enthusiasts may do a search for Jerome Clark on my YouTube channel, “Mr. UFO’s Secret Files” to hear a reflective, personal account of his adventures over the ensuing decades.)
I don’t need to go into detail here regarding the others, i.e. Steinberg, Hilberg, Halperin and Greenfield since I have specifically requested they add a bit of color to this publication by outlining their humble roots, how their interests and beliefs have developed, and where we can expect to go from here (at seventy, not very far, I would assume).
And speaking of this publication, I should mention somewhere along the line – this being the first ample opportunity without backtracking and rewriting everything – that the publication you decided not to resist our highly polished pitch for – and paid your hard earned cash to obtain –  is an exact duplicate of my first book that came off our mimeograph press circa 1963.
In order to defray the cost of printing our “Interplanetary News Service Report” (far from being  covered by the $2.00 subscription fee), we needed to invent a way to keep our asses out of debt and pay the hyperbolic postage and shipping costs (out of hand even in those days before rampant inflation). We hit upon the concept of publishing some sort of book or booklets of around 70 to 100 pages. “Inside The Saucers” was the first project of its type. Today, my company, Inner Light – Global Communications, has around 270 titles posted on Amazon that I hope you will consider adding to your paranormal library.
As stated, we have done virtually no editing here. What you read in 1963 is what you will read here today. Sean Casteel, my editor, has maybe found a few commas out of place and an occasional typo that got past Jerry Clark’s initial eagle eye and the white out process. (Remember white out? It was used to correct stencils if you found an error, but it made such a mess that you might have been better off letting the original error go through just as it was.)
Reading over the retyped manuscript, I must say I am impressed with the tone of this work. We had some original thinking going for ourselves, and I do believe I have to take credit for having come forward with the idea that some of the flying discs being observed might be of Nazi origin (see the crudely sketched facsimile of a German built saucer within these pages).
We also tore into the reputed appearance of the Men In Black (done so before my softcover book “UFO Silencers” hit the bestseller charts) and offered researcher Ken Larson a speculative arm to espouse his theory that there was a sort of synchronicity between UFOs, the Great Pyramid and the Salton Sea (a rather bleak and barren California wetland-like watering hole that time has forgotten – and it’s no wonder why, if you care to Google photos of the Salton Sea as it exists today). There is also an inspiring section by the late George Fawcett, who at one time had the largest private collection of UFO photos, and a detailed report on saucers sightings from 1962. Perhaps the most credible case described herein involved a UFO flap at the Oradell, New Jersey Reservoir. Old timers will recall the excitement caused by UFOs that bored a hole in the ice at the Wanaquee, New Jersey Reservoir, but the incident at Oradell seems more impressive and never got any recognition. Deserves being scrutinized very carefully for its possible relevance and importance as a historical benchmark.

Anyway, as far as I am concerned, “Inside The Saucers” is a forgotten treasure and we can’t thank Rick Hilberg enough for discovering one of the few remaining copies in his files in Cleveland and making a photocopy from which the original work was retyped most meticulously by Sean Casteel.


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Mysteriouse Lights Seen During Mexico Earthquake

The massive 8.2 earthquake that rocked Mexico earlier this week was enough of a phenomenon on its own, but the quake also had something of a fascinating side effect: mysterious lights in the sky.

Numerous videos have been cropping up on social media showing the flashes brighten the night sky above Mexico City, but the flashes aren’t lightning coming from the clouds above, or even lights from planes. The flashes are instead thought to have been caused by the earthquake itself. More specifically, the lights come from a particular type of rock. A study published in 2014 revealed these lights can come in many forms, such as bluish flames, orbs of light, or quick flashes that resemble lightning.

“In certain types of rocks this accumulation of stress can break up pairs of negatively charged oxygen atoms in the ground, allowing them to flow up to the surface as an electrical current through cracks in the rock,” proposed Leila Ertolahti, adjunct professor in geology at Farleigh Dickinson University. “If enough atoms are present they can ionize pockets of air and form a plasma, or charged gas, that emits light.”

The lights can sometimes take "many different shapes, forms, and colors," according to  Friedemann Freund, an adjunct professor of physics at San Jose State University and a senior researcher at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Previous theories attempting to explain the lights included the idea that the Earth's magnetic field is disrupted by tectonic stress.

But Freund said in his paper: "When nature stresses certain rocks, electric charges are activated, as if you switched on a battery in the Earth's crust."

Basalts and gabbros rocks are particularly given to the phenomenon as they have small defects in their crystals and when a seismic wave hits, electrical charges may be released.

These rocks are present in giant underground vertical structures in some areas, with the 'dikes' funneling charges along, according to the scientists, who added: 'The charges can combine and form a kind of plasma-like state, which can travel at very high velocities and burst out at the surface to make electric discharges in the air' creating the dramatic light shows.

It is not the first time such lights have appeared. Small flames of light were seen above a stone street seconds before the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy. In 1975, the mystery lights appeared during and immediately after the main shock in the Kalapana earthquake in Hawaii.

There were also reports of a faint rainbow of light before the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

The earthquake struck around 600 miles away from Mexico City and officials said that it was the strongest quake to hit the capital since the 1985 tremor that killed thousands and flattened a large party of Mexico City. USGS reported several aftershocks, all greater than 5 magnitude.

Source: Forbes


Bumper Year With Six Nessie Sightings in Eight Months

SIGHTINGS of the elusive Loch Ness monster are set for a bumper season after a sixth reported appearance this year.

The fabled loch monster, affectionately known as Nessie, is usually spotted around six times in an entire year.

But the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register reveals that number was reached earlier this month.

The beast was spotted from Dores, near Inverness, Highland, when a tourist from England noticed “something huge in the water”.

According to the sightings register, operated by records keeper Gary Campbell, the man was with three friends at the Dores Inn when they spotted the creature.

The register stated: “Mr Stuparich and three friends were out walking from the Dores Inn to Tor Point.

“As they came to the shore on the point all four saw something huge in the water.

“They said it was an unusual shape – it arched out of the water then turned and went down underwater.

“The sighting took place at 3.41pm and lasted about 10 seconds.”

The sighting on 22nd August comes after another appearance from Nessie on the live Loch Ness Webcam.

A woman from Canada was keeping a close eye on the live streaming webcam last month when she spotted something in the loch.

The sightings register stated: “Paula from Canada took a video from the Loch Ness Webcam at 7pm.

“It shows an unknown object moving slowly north on the loch near Urquhart Castle.”

Whilst on 22nd June the register noted: “Mr Jackson and his wife, visiting from Australia snapped something in the loch four miles south of Urquhart Castle at 5.18pm in the afternoon. The sighting lasted about five minutes.”

Another sighting was registered by Paula from Canada on 12 June 2017, again from the live webcam.

The report read: “Paula from Canada took a five minute video from the Loch Ness webcam at 11.20am.

“It shows an unknown object moving slowly down the middle of the loch towards Fort Augustus. This was similar to the further recoding she took on 26th June, above.”

The second sighting was recorded on 1 May, the registered noted: “Ms Johnson from Manchester was at Urquhart Bay taking pictures at dusk when she spotted a dark shape in the water, higher than the waves.”

With the first sighting of the year taking place 28 April, according to the report: “A Ms Cairney from Dunbartonshire was at the loch with three of her friends when they saw a 20m long series of waves move at about 5mph along the surface 500m out.

“It came out of nowhere and then disappeared the same way – they have confirmed that there was no boat traffic in the area. The sighting took place at 3pm from a layby on the A82 road between Drumnadrochit and Inverness.”

In 2016 there were a record seven sightings of the monster while Nessie had a quiet 2015, only appearing five times.

Source: Deadline News

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Series of Potent Hurricanes Stokes Scientific Debate
By Jean-Louis SANTINI

The rapid-fire formation of four unusually potent Atlantic hurricanes, including Harvey and Irma, has stoked scientific debate over what role global warming is playing in this phenomenon.

First came Harvey, which unleashed massive floods in Texas, then three devastating hurricanes roared across the Atlantic simultaneously -- Irma, Katia and Jose.

"Currently we have three Atlantic hurricanes with 90-plus mile per hour winds -- only the fourth time on record in Atlantic this has occurred," Philip Klotzbach, a research scientist at Colorado State University, said on Twitter.

The last time three hurricanes were active at once was 2010, when hurricanes Igor, Julia and Karl were classified as hurricanes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Katia weakend to a tropical depression on Saturday.

Hurricane Irma, now taking aim at Florida, has stunned experts with its sheer size and strength, churning across the ocean with sustained Category 5 winds of 183 miles per hour (295 kilometers per hour) for more than 33 hours, making it the longest-lasting, top-intensity cyclone ever recorded.

Meanwhile Jose, a Category 4 on the Saffir Simpson scale of 1 to 5, is fast on the heels of Irma, pummeling the Caribbean for the second time in the span of a few days.

Many have wondered what is contributing to the power and frequency of these extreme storms.

"Atlantic hurricane seasons over the years have been shaped by many complex factors," said Jim Kossin, a NOAA hurricane scientist at the University of Wisconsin.

"Those include large scale ocean currents, air pollution -- which tends to cool the ocean down -- and climate change."

- Active cycle since 1995 -

For Gabriel Vecchi, professor of geosciences at Princeton University's Environmental Institute, the surge in cyclones is evidence of an "active era" for storms in the Atlantic since the mid 1990s, even if not every year saw strong storms.

A period of relative calm for hurricanes, stretching from 2013 to 2016, can be explained by the presence of the equatorial Pacific warming trend, El Nino, which produces wind shear that tends to discourage the formation of hurricanes.

There was also little hurricane activity in the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

"There is still a lot of debate in the scientific community," over what causes this shift between calm and tumultuous times for storms, Vecchi said.

Some think a surge in industrial pollution after World War II may have produced more pollutant particles that blocked the Sun's energy and exerted a cooling effect on the oceans.

"The pollution reduced a lot of hurricane activity," he told AFP.

Pollution began to wane in the 1980s due to regulations such as the Clean Air Act, allowing more of the Sun's rays to penetrate the ocean and provide warming fuel for storms.

Vecchi said the "big debate" among scientists is over which plays a larger role -- variations in ocean currents or pollution cuts. There is evidence for both, but there isn't enough data to answer a key question.

"We don't know how long the cycle may last," Vecchi said.

"We have a lack of historical perspective."

- Warming's role -

The burning of fossil fuels, which spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and warm the Earth, can also be linked to a rise in extreme storms in recent years.

Warmer ocean temperatures yield more moisture, more rainfall, and greater intensity storms.

"It is not a coincidence that we're seeing more devastating hurricanes," climatologist Michael Mann of Penn State University told AFP in an email.

"Over the past few years, as global sea surface temperatures have been the warmest on record, we've seen the strongest hurricanes -- as measured by peak sustained winds -- globally, in both Southern and Northern Hemisphere, in both Pacific and now, with Irma, the open Atlantic," he added.

"The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. We're seeing them play out in real time, and the past two weeks have been a sadly vivid example."

Source: Yahoo News


The Legend of Bessie

Tales surface of monster living in Lake Erie.

PUT-IN-BAY -- When Bob Bartolotta sailed on Lake Erie, he often saw what appeared to be a long, thin creature swimming through the water.

Bartolotta, a student in the 1970s at Ohio State University Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island near Put-in-Bay, watched the object hopefully, waiting to see if the snakelike head of a sea monster would emerge.
"I never saw anything like that," said Bartolotta, Cleveland Museum of Natural History outdoor education coordinator. "It always turned out to be a dead tree."

Many who have seen similar phenomena on the lake, however, believe the undulating masses could be South Bass Bessie, also known as Lake Erie Bessie and Lake Erie Larry.

She is a Lake Erie legend, a possible cousin to the Loch Ness Monster. Some think she is a plesiosaurus, a Jurassic marine reptile that has survived thousands of years, said Len Tieman, owner of Prehistoric Forest dinosaur park in Danbury Township and creator a life-sized plesiosaurus featured at his park.

But Joe Hannibal, Cleveland Museum of Natural History paleontologist, said plesiosauruses never lived in this area. They were extinct 65 million years before Ice Age glaciers created Lake Erie, he said.

"If one were found, it would be a spectacular scientific find," Hannibal said.

Plesiosaurus fossils have been found in Kansas and other parts of western North America that were once covered in water, he said. The animals had long necks, a rounded body with flippers and sharply pointed teeth for eating fish.

But lack of scientific evidence hasn't hurt the story or dampened sightings throughout the decades. Sea monsters have been folklore around the world, he said.

"The early newspapers in the 1800s would have reports of sea serpents, even in Lake Erie," he said. "My theory is people need to think there is something wonderful and mysterious out there. It would be fun if there were one."

Sea monsters were the predecessor to UFOs, he said.

"The sightings went down when flying saucers started being sighted (in the 1950s, '60s and '70s)," he said. "They became a craze."

In the late '80s and early '90s, people again began reporting spotting Bessie. Bartolotta attributes the spike to an increase in the number recreational boaters on the lake as Port Clinton became known as the Walleye Capital of the World.

The Put-in-Bay Gazette, South Bass Island's monthly newspaper, helped fuel the story when editor Kendra Koehler took a photo of a log and presented it in the paper as a sea monster.

"It was hilarious," Koehler said. "It was kind of a little hoax. Newspapers and TV crews went on with it for about six months."

However, on Sept. 4, 1990, Harold Bricker and his family reported that they saw a large creature moving in the water about 1,000 feet from their boat. They described it as black and about 35 feet long with a snakelike head. It moved as fast as their boat.

"I told my son that I wanted to get a look at it," the 67-year-old Bricker said. "My son said: 'No way, that thing is bigger than we are.' So we stayed where we were."

Bricker, his wife, Cora, and son, Robert, told rangers at East Harbor State Park about what they had seen.

The creature has since been reported by five people on three separate occasions, including a Huron, Ohio, firefighter and a 50-year-old woman from Pennsylvania vacationing at her Lake Erie cottage.

Since then, sightings have dwindled. Koehler, Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce Director Maggie Beckford and Ottawa County Visitors Bureau Director Larry Fletcher said they often hear people talk about the monster, but no one has reported seeing her recently.

"People do love the monster story," Koehler said.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Marblehead Station, has not received any Bessie reports since Commander J. Franklin took over 14 months ago, Franklin said. The station does not keep records of sea monster sightings, so he did not know when the last report occurred.

"I'm sure a few people have claimed to see Lake Erie Larry," Beckford said. "I just don't know if they were sober at the time."

Source: Central Ohio


CIA Documents Show Hitler Escaped to Argentina

Declassified CIA files show that in 1955, an informant boasted about meeting with Adolf Hitler in Colombia, and provided pictures of himself with the Fuhrer - over 10 years after the Fuhrer's suicide.

Reportedly, in 1955, the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division (WHD) chief received a secret memo, boasting a subject line that no doubt caused him to jump up from his chair, and spew any liquid in his mouth across the room — "Operational: Adolf Hitler."

As the shocking title implies, the acting station chief in Venezuela claimed to have received a once in a lifetime tip from one of his contacts — a decade after his apparent death by suicide in the Fuhrerbunker, Hitler was in fact very much alive, and living in Argentina.

Hitler Oder Nicht?

In brief, one of the action station chief's informants, CIMELODY, was contacted by a trusted friend, former SS trooper Phillip Citroen, who claimed to have been in touch with Hitler — masquerading under the pseudonym Adolph Schuttlemayer — about once a month in Colombia, while there on a trip from Maracaibo as an employee of the Royal Dutch Shipping Company.

Citroen indicated to CIMELODY he had even taken a picture with the fallen Fuhrer, and a grainy snap is indeed included with the memo.

He also stated Hitler left Colombia for Argentina in around January 1955, and added that as ten years had passed since the end of World War II, the Allies could no longer prosecute Hitler as a criminal of war, suggesting erroneously the statute of limitations on war crimes are rather brief.

The message concluded that neither CIMELODY nor the CIA station itself was in a position to give an intelligent evaluation of the information included in the memo, but it was being forwarded "as of possible interest."

The no doubt flabbergasted WHD chief followed up on the memo by reviewing the agency's files, and found a year prior, there was indeed a report not only making the same claim regarding Hitler not being dead, but also suggesting there was a whole colony of Nazis in South America — again made by Citroen.

"Phillip Citroen told a former member of this base that while he was working for a railroad company in Colombia, he met an individual who strongly resembled and claimed to be Adolf Hitler. Citroen claimed to have met the indivdual at a place called 'Residencias Coloniales' in Tunja, Colombia, which is, according to the source, overly populated with former Nazis, following this alleged Adolf Hitler with an idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as 'der Fuhrer' and affording him the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation!" the memo said.

More Trouble Than It's Worth

A few days later, the station chief wrote to the WHD chief again, asking if they wished to make further investigations into the potentially still-extant Hitler or not.

"If Headquarters desires, Bogota Station can make inquiry concerning 'Adolph Schuttlemayer' in Tonga, Colombia," the memo said.

A week later, the WHD chief responded ambivalently.

While he had no objections to undertaking further investigations into the matter, he felt "enormous efforts could be expended on this matter" without the possibility of establishing anything concrete.

As a result, he suggested the matter be dropped.

FBI documents, dated September 21, 1945, also show that informants revealed that Hitler, with the help of Argentine officials, arrived in Argentina by submarine after the war and went into hiding in the foothills of the southern Andes.

In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina.

This coincides with the sightings of the submarine U-530. Added proof comes in the form of newspaper articles detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitler’s new home which was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.

Amazingly, even with a detailed physical description and directions the FBI still did not follow up on these new leads.

Source: Sputnik News


Police Helicopter Seen Circling UFO Over LA
By Brian Day

A spherical object spotted hovering silently over the San Gabriel Valley this week had residents gazing skyward and wondering what they were witnessing.

The object appeared in the sky over the San Gabriel Valley the morning of Aug. 28.

One video, posted by YouTube user Julian Lopez, appears to show a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department helicopter circling around the object for an inspection around 7 a.m. over West Covina.

“Well, my friends, there’s a UFO over the San Gabriel Valley,” the videographer said.

“A helicopter is circling it,” he added. “It looks like a big eyeball.”

While the object resembled a large balloon, “There’s nothing holding it down, though. That’s the thing,” Lopez.

Lopez said he had just finished washing his car when he spotted the object out of the corner of his eye.

The sphere was gray in color and made no noise, he said.

“It was just weird because it didn’t budge,” Lopez said. The witnesses went into his house to tell his 6-year-old son to come take a look, as well as to retrieve his cell phone to record video.

The man and his son watched as two helicopters flew in close proximity to the object. At least one of them circled around it before leaving the area.

After sitting motionless for several minutes, the object slowly began moving toward the west, Lopez said. He had to stop recording in order to prepare his kids for school and go to work.

But another witnesses in Arcadia spotted and photographed the object several hours later, about 10 miles to the northwest.

Daniel Acosta was with his wife when they noticed the object floating motionless in the sky. Acosta estimated the object was hovering at least 1,000 feet above Altadena and appeared to be 6 to 10 feet in diameter.

“It’s the strangest thing. I have no idea,” he said.

Acosta said he initial reaction was: “That doesn’t belong there, and it doesn’t make sense.”

Officials at the sheriff’s Aero Bureau said a sheriff’s helicopter often checks out potential airborne hazards that are spotted in the sky, but no information about the object was available Sunday. The crew that manned the helicopter on Aug. 28 was not on duty Sunday.

Local police and sheriff’s officials had no information regarding the sightings, and Federal Aviation Spokesman Allen Kenitzer said he also had no information regarding the incident, which resulted in no report by the FAA.

The National UFO Reporting Center keeps a database of unusual sighting in the sky, however, reports from Monday were yet to be uploaded to the archive over the weekend.

As conversation and speculation about the object swirled through the community, both online and real, local sleuths offered a possible answer to the mystery: an advertising balloon.

“I noticed the UFO Monday around 10 a.m. from Monrovia,” Jon Gollihugh said in a email. “It was (hovering) over the mouth of San Gabriel Canyon. There was a large buzz about it on Facebook with residents of Sierra Madre.”

“One person took a telephoto shot of it. It appeared to be an advertisement balloon for a THC (E-cigarette) that got away.” he said. “I followed it across the foothills from above Sierra Madre towards Monrovia canyon around 11:30 a.m.”

Several witnesses reported seeing a large, white advertising balloon emblazoned with a corporate logo in the same time and vicinity of the object.

One photograph captured the logo of a company called “Brass Knuckles,” which sells marijuana extracts and vaporizing products.

It was not clear Sunday night whether the advertising balloon was the same object that triggered Monday’s UFO sighting reports.

Lopez said the incident has left him more curious.

“I’m kind of looking up more at the sky,” he said.

Source: Pasadena Star-News

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