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 False Missile Threat Panics Hawaii -  
Meaningful Coincidences Fall into Several Narrative Categories -
Rennes-le-Château Still Attracting Treasure Hunters -
AND: Has Stephen Hawking Died And Been Replaced With A Puppet?

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Occult Secrets Of The Third Reich

Some historians believe Hitler was uniquely evil, wicked beyond even the human capacity for wickedness. Many of the impressions regarding the Fuhrer’s involvement with “demonic forces” can be attributed to such pop culturebooks such as “Morning of the Magicians,” (1960) “The Spear of Destiny,” (1972) and even such works of cinematography magic as “The Raiders of the Lost Ark.” (1981) But what is the truth about the fire and fury surrounding the National Socialist movement which placed the “racially pure” Aryian race above the rest of the German population, as well as those citizens of other countries?

Much has been written regarding the notion that Hitler and his hand picked echelon of SS officers were deeply influenced by occult ritualism and tradition. For the first time, we present the best procurable proof of a Nazi Supernatural Connection that called for the collection and veritable “worship” of powerful artifacts that supported their insane racist agenda. That included a highly dangerous effort to rewrite the history books and “re-program” the German people so that they could establish that this seemingly bizarre Nazi agenda was truly the fulfillment of European mystery traditions as taught in some Secret Societies.

— ** It is said that Hitler possessed a religious artifact called the Spear of Destiny, believed to have been used to pierce the side of Christ as he hung dying on the cross. Hitler felt that the spear had come into his hands as a sign of his own destiny as the Antichrist as prophesied in the Book of Revelation and by Nostradamus.

— ** Did Nordic-looking “star people” really make contact with German scientists and weapons designers?

— ** Did some hidden race contact the Nordic beauties of the mediumistic Vril Society and provide them with the technology to travel through time and space?

— ** Did the Nazis search for and perhaps even rediscover long lost cities where Aryan gods were said to dwell, that the Nazis occult undergirding was superior to the “merely mortal” strength and firepower of their enemies?

Nothing Hitler did existed in a moral vacuum. His unfathomable cruelty seems to have sprung full-blown from the bowels of hell and was not just a product of human hubris and madness. This book will tell you why that is so from the perspective of several different authors.

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False Missile Threat Panics Hawaii
By Erik Ortiz, Phil McCausland and Chelsea Bailey

Hawaii residents were thrown into a panic Saturday morning after an emergency alert was mistakenly sent, warning them to "seek immediate shelter" from a ballistic missile threat, and it took emergency officials 38 minutes to send a new alert to mobile phones that the threat was a false alarm.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi said at a press conference with the governor Saturday afternoon that a single individual sent out the alert by mistake. The individual went so far as to click through a second message, intended as a safeguard, that asked whether the alert should go out.

But the blame should not fall on that man's shoulders alone, Miyagi said. "I accept responsibility for this," he said. "This is my team. We made a mistake. We are going to process this and study this to make sure this doesn’t happen again."

The lapse led to an uproar over how such an error — with potentially dangerous consequences — could occur during a time of high international tensions with North Korea.

An alert in all caps was first sent to cellphones across the archipelago at 8:07 a.m. local time (1 p.m. ET), saying, "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill."

Officials quickly confirmed with the military's U.S. Pacific Command that there was no missile threat, and at 8:20 a.m., the state's Emergency Management Agency followed up in a tweet: "NO missile threat to Hawaii." A similar alert was sent to cellphones at 8:45 a.m., 38 minutes after the first mobile alert.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, who also tweeted "there is no incoming missile to Hawaii," questioned how the mistake happened and why it took so long before it was corrected, adding that it triggered feelings of terror unnecessarily in a state with more than 1.4 million people.

    — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) January 13, 2018

Gabbard told MSNBC that "what my family went through and what so many families in Hawaii just went through is a true realization that they have 15 minutes to seek some form of shelter or else they're dead — gone."

Hawaii Gov. David Ige said at a press conference on Saturday sought to clarify the various ways of notifying the public of imminent dangers. "We have the sirens, we have cell phones, we have internet and social media mechanisms," Ige said. "We know that we need to be able to broadcast messages across all platforms. There was no automated way to send a false alarm [to wireless devices]. We had to initiate a manual process. That is why it took a while to notify everyone."

Miyagi explained that the alert was sent after a shift change, when a new team came in and did a test of the ballistic missile checklist. The wrong button was pushed during the test, sending out a message for an actual event, rather than the test.

The testing process was suspended and the individual responsible for the incident, as well as his coworkers, would undergo retraining but would not be fired, Miyagi said.

Beyond the retraining, the state of Hawaii plans to undertake new procedures before sending out a similar alert in the future. New protocol would include adding a second person to the process, officials said.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said the agency would open its own investigation into what went wrong.

Earlier in the day, a White House official said President Donald Trump was briefed on the incident, and that it was "purely a state exercise" by Hawaii.

The city and county of Honolulu and U.S. Pacific Command put out statements calling the warning an "error."

"USPACOM has detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii. Earlier message was sent in error. State of Hawaii will send out a correction message as soon as possible," said Cdr. Dave Benham, a spokesman for U.S. Pacific Command.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, blasted the mistake as "totally inexcusable" and told MSNBC what happened was "an abomination."

"We're looking for some quick and aggressive accountability … we need an emergency notification system we can rely on 100 percent of the time," Schatz said.

The incident sent government officials scrambling Saturday to get to the bottom of the failure.

Ige tweeted that he was meeting with the state's Department of Defense and the Emergency Management Agency to look at ways "to prevent it from happening again."

Relieved residents, meanwhile, described their earlier anxiety and the frantic race to figure out what to do.

Sandra Stephenson, an Oahu resident, told MSNBC that she received the alert on her phone and immediately began calling neighbors to verify if it was real.

Stephenson said a neighbor, who is a fireman, told her the message was not a false alarm and advised her to go inside and close the windows. It was only later, when she contacted her daughter on the mainland, that Stephenson said she learned the truth.

She wasn't sure what she would have done if the alert had been real.

"There is no recourse," she said, adding that her house is near the water and it's surrounded by windows. "To me, there is no recourse."

Local television featured an emergency alert message interrupting programming, telling viewers the warning was in effect at 8:07 a.m. until 6:07 p.m.

The moment the EAS alert interrupted Hawaiian TV is terrifying pic.twitter.com/pVwpCBeRgD
    — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) January 13, 2018

The unintended alert comes after Hawaii officials in November said they were reinstating air raid warning sirens because of rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

Source: NBC News


Meaningful Coincidences Fall into Several Narrative Categories
By Bernard Beitman, MD

Categorizing coincidences is fundamental to the development of Coincidence Studies. At this time in its evolution, the four main categories that together describe most coincidences are: description, use, explanation and archetypal themes. There is some overlap among and between these categories.

Description begins with Mind and Thing variables as discussed in this previous post. Mind-Thing is a surprising match between a mental event with something in the environment. Thing-thing is a surprising series of two or more objects in the environment. Mind-Mind is communication between minds at a distance (e.g. simulpathity).

Use refers to the many ways coincidences may influence people including confirmation of the current path, help with decision making and spiritual development.

Explanation encompasses the many possible causes of coincidences ranging from probability to God as well as our own human contributions. Some propose complicated theories (eg. quantum mechanics and complexity) to explain coincidences. No single explanation can account for all meaningful coincidences.

In this post, we focus on the archetypal themes category which is divided into personal and socio-cultural-physics coincidences. Here “archetypal” refers to the enduring themes in coincidence stories. The themes are divided into the Personal coincidences and Socio-cultural-physics coincidences.


Intuition Leads the Way: Information outside our usual ways of knowing contributes to actions that yield positive results.

A brother feels impelled to drive to the lake in a forest he had never visited before. He pulls up next to his 17 yo sister who has their father’s gun and is intending to shoot herself. He didn’t have any idea why he got into his car; he didn’t know where he was driving, or why he was going there. By following his intuition, he saved her life.

Help Somehow Arrives: You are in a dangerous situation, and you are unexpectedly rescued.

A woman about to pick up her abusive husband at the airport receives a wrong number call from a woman who has recently divorced her own abusive husband. After hearing the anxiety in the caller’s voice, the woman decides to not pick-up her husband and proceeds with separation. They are synchronicity sisters!

Animals and Plants Comfort and Highlight: Flowers and birds may offer condolences.

At a picnic, a woman grieving the loss of her 5-day-old child sees a small bird land on her breast. The bird stays there until she shoos it away, symbolizing for her letting go of the baby. p 124

Doing Something out of the Ordinary: Go this way instead of the usual way, getting lost or doing something different.

“My husband and I decided to buy and fix up the house we were currently renting. It was an okay place and seemed like the easiest thing to do. We drove to the bank and started the process of taking out a loan. On our way back to the house, my husband decided to go a different, longer way back. He said later he just felt like taking the alternate route. I spotted a woman putting up a “For Sale” sign for her house right as we passed by. We stopped. It was just what I wanted. We bought it! It was just the right place for our family.”

Talking with strangers: You sit down next to someone you do not know (on a bus, on a plane, in a waiting area) AND you begin a conversation that leads to romance, a business partner or other possibilities.

A young woman on a plane asks the young man who is sitting next to her for the time. She is wearing a large watch. Four years later they marry. A marriage made in heaven!

Context Mirrors Psychological Conflicts: Your environment symbolically reflects back the contents of an inner struggle.

A man intently considering divorce went to the local mall and saw five friends and acquaintances, each of whom was in the midst of divorce. Several weeks later he heard from three old friends, each of whom were divorced. This series of other people divorces made him realize: that he did not want to be one of them.

Imagining a desired future and it happens

A high school football and baseball player imagines running the opening kick-off back for a touchdown and hitting the first pitch of a game for a home run. He did both.

We are Intimately Connected with the Media: You think of a question and it is answered by the TV, radio, or internet. You think of something and it is reflected back by the media.

“A doctor walked into the hospital waiting room a moment ago and called my name…only to have the stranger next to me stand up alongside me…because we have the same name. I took that as my cue to message you…and as I’m typing this…the guy on tv is now singing a country song with the lyric “same last name”…and that lady and I are laughing.” (12/29/17 email from HAPPY Reading to me.)

The Machine Stops or Starts in Response to Intense Emotions

A church clock was lovingly looked after by a local doctor for decades and then stopped at precisely the moment he died.

The Weird Lost and Found Department: Lost items show up in the strangest ways.

A man brings an antique bracelet to a jewelry store to be valued. He had found it working in the sewer. During his discussion with the jeweler, a woman walks in and says. “That is my bracelet. I flushed it down the toilet.” (Plimmer and King, p. 137)

Intentional Coincidences to predict the future: Opening a holy book, using the I Ching or Tarot cards to grasp an image of the future

As a lowly member of his high school class, Winston took a preliminary examination to be placed in a much sought after position. He knew that, among other things, they would be asked to draw a map of a specific country unknown to the students. The night before the exam, he put the names of all the countries in the world in a hat and drew out New Zealand. He carefully memorized that map. The first question on the exam was: “Draw a map of New Zealand.” He received very high marks. The student was Winston Churchill, and the test got him into the military, which provided an essential step toward his becoming Prime Minister of England. (Winston Churchill, My Early Life (New York: Touchstone, 1930).

Deceiving others by creating a coincidence: Setting up a coincidence to lure someone into a problematic situation.

You are having computer problems. You have Microsoft software. You receive a call from someone telling you that your computer has problems needing to be fixed: it has a virus; it’s slow, or it’s sending out error messages. How wonderful! Someone at Microsoft knew of your troubles. What a great coincidence! Help just when you needed it.

Microsoft does not call people.

If you allow them to remotely control your computer, these scammers may be able to find your passwords and accounts and raid them.

The con artists are using the probability that one of their many calls will find someone with computer problems who do not know that Microsoft never calls.

The expected outcome of a coincidence does not happen: False positive coincidences

Just after he put his house on the market Dave heard from an old friend he had not talked with for many years. The friend was moving the Charlottesville and Dave’s house seemed perfect. The timing was great! Then his old friend changed his mind.

Coincidences involving coincidences: MetaCoincidences

As I am writing about psychotic coincidences, I receive an email from a woman in Australia. She is volunteering to do research for me if I am willing to pay. She is currently on anti-psychotic medications. When she was off her meds, she experienced many coincidences. She is volunteering now to reduce her medication dose and report the coincidences she sees. I declined her offer.

Some people see meaningful coincidences that do not exist: Psychotic Coincidences:

“The woman in the apartment next to ours keeps intruding on my mind. She is reading the same books I am. Her thoughts become my thoughts. I can’t think my own thoughts anymore! I have the evidence! Please help me figure this out.”

Her husband emailed me later and asked me not to respond to her emails since she is now on anti-psychotic medications and seeing a psychiatrist.

Social, Political and Physics Coincidences

Fiction predicts the future: Novels, cartoons, and other artistry provide unexpected windows into the future

Morgan Robertson’s 1898 book entitled “Futility” described the maiden voyage of a transatlantic luxury liner named Titan. Although it was touted as being unsinkable, the ship struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank with much loss of life. In 1912, the Titanic, a transatlantic luxury liner touted as unsinkable, struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage and sunk with great loss of life. In Robertson’s book, the disaster took place in April, as did the sinking of the Titanic. In the book, there were 3,000 passengers aboard the ship; on the Titanic, 2,207. In the book, there were 24 lifeboats; on the Titanic, 20.

Public machinery stops working in several different places around the same time.

On April 21, 2017, power outages took place around United States.

San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles were the three main areas that were hit the hardest. Each of the areas experienced problems or shutdowns in business commerce. Also, basic infrastructure such as communication networks, mass transportation, and supply chains experienced problems.

Chance meetings change the world

One evening in 1970, a young Navy lieutenant found himself outside the White House Situation Room with a parcel of sensitive Pentagon documents, waiting for someone to sign for them. He sat down beside a man in late middle age, who wore a dark suit and an unsmiling expression. The two men fell into conversation. Shortly afterward, the officer applied for a job as a reporter at the Washington Post. Soon, the F.B.I. man confided in the reporter, telling him that he believed that the Nixon Administration was corrupt, paranoid, and trying to infringe on the independence of the Bureau. In the summer of 1971, both men were promoted, one to the No. 3 job at the F.B.I., the other to the metropolitan staff of the Post. Within a year, their friendship became the most important reporter-source relationship in modern history. The reporter was Bob Woodward, who, with Carl Bernstein, led the coverage of the Watergate scandal and the fall of Richard Nixon. The F.B.I. man was Mark Felt, who, until he was in his nineties and revealed himself as Woodward’s source, was known to the world only as Deep Throat.

Multiple people make the same discovery around the same time in science-technology and the arts: Simultaneous discoveries

Commonly cited examples of multiple independent discoveries are the 17th-century independent formulation of calculus by Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and others. The 18th-century discovery of oxygen by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Joseph Priestley, Antoine Lavoisier, and others; and the theory of evolution of species, independently advanced in the 19th century by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.

We live in a universe with mathematical constants that are just right for our existence. Cosmic Coincidences

Carbon-based life on Earth depends on a narrow range of many different cosmic constants. This is not a similarity-based coincidence. This set of numbers provides the coincidence that all these variables are “not too hot or not too cold but just right” for human existence. 

Source: Coincider


Further Accounts of Clothed Monsters
By Nick Redfern

Back in November 2016, I wrote an article for Mysterious Universe titled “When Bigfoot Gets Stylish.” It was focused on what is undeniably one of the weirdest of all the various aspects of the Bigfoot controversy. Namely, reports in which people claim to have seen the creatures wearing clothes, usually tattered and torn. The article began as follows. QUOTE: “Without doubt, one of the most bizarre aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon is that relative to nothing less than clothed Bigfoot! It’s one thing to encounter such a creature. It’s quite another, however, to see it fashionably attired in pants and shirts – well, kind of. Incredibly, such strange and controversial claims do exist.”

I continued in the article: “Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman says: ‘In the 1960s and 1970s, reports from the American West would occasionally surface of hairy bipedal Bigfoot being seen with tattered plaid shirts and ragged shorts on their bodies. In some research, there were intriguing attempts to relate these to files of paranormal encounters with sightings of upright entities said to be wearing ‘checkered shirts.’ (Within parapsychology, there is a subfield of study regarding ‘checkered shirted ghosts.’) Investigators generally did not know what to make of these Sasquatch wearing plaid shirts, but dutifully catalogued and filed them away, nevertheless.'”

It should be noted though that it’s not just Bigfoot creatures that have reportedly been seen in clothes. In the March-April 2011 issue of FATE Magazine (issue no. 64) Chris O’Brien wrote an article titled “Skinwalkers and the Witchery Way.” O’Brien described the experience of a family who had a weird encounter in 1983, while driving on Navajo land in Colorado. The family said they encountered a large, humanoid creature that leapt at their vehicle and which “…had on a white and blue checkered shirt and long pants. Its arms were raised over its head, almost touching the top of the cab. It looked like a hairy man or a hairy animal in man’s clothing, but it didn’t look like an ape or anything like that. Its eyes were yellow and its mouth was open.”

As Linda Godfrey noted with regard to this case (in her Monsters Among Us), something which took the story further away from the issue of Bigfoot: “Yellow eye shine is normal for canines, but nothing else seemed normal about this being.”

Still on the matter of canines: I have many reports in my files of what have become known as “Phantom Black Dogs.” The phenomenon is one which was particularly prevalent in the U.K. in centuries long gone. It should be stressed, though, that such reports still sporadically surface to this day. It was the “PBD” legends which prompted Arthur Conan Doyle to write The Hound of the Baskervilles (which first appeared in the pages of The Strand Magazine from August 1901 to April 1902, and which was very soon afterwards published as a full-length novel).

Most of the reports I have on file tell of red-eyed dogs vanishing into nothing. Witnesses describe seeing the “animals” (if that’s what they are) lurking around old graveyards. Sometimes the location is a crossroads. On other occasions, it’s an old bridge. For the purposes of this article, I’ll share with you the precisely one case I have of a clothed Phantom Black Dog. The witness is a woman named Aileen who, at the time, was living in Barnstaple, England. As Aileen told me, she was walking home late one night in the winter of 1997 when she was startled by the sight of a large black dog crossing the otherwise deserted road. Much bigger than a normal dog, its eyes shone bright red. It clearly caught sight of Aileen, who was frozen to the spot (and not just because of the cold weather…). As if in response to her presence, the beast reared up onto its back legs. A cloak, with what Aileen described as “a monk’s hood,” suddenly appeared out of nowhere, covering the upright hound. The quickly-attired beast walked slowly backwards away from Aileen – still on two legs – and facing her all the time. When it was around fifty or sixty feet away, the Phantom Black Dog suddenly “wasn’t there anymore,” as Aileen worded it.

Neil Arnold tells the story of a woman named Corriene. She had a strange experience in the Kent, England village of Blue Bell Hill in 2003. It was the sighting of a sinister-looking figure. Neil said that the woman “stated that from a distance the figure appeared huge in build and covered in hair and she sensed it was not ‘real’ but gave off an air of malevolence. The figure marched towards her and she could see it had long hair and a beard, covering most of its face. The hulking figure was taller than six feet and appeared to have a loin cloth around its waist and furred boots.”

Perhaps someone should undertake a full-length, in-depth study of cases involving so-called “clothed monsters.” There may be more reports than many of us might assume.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Rennes-le-Château Still Attracting Treasure Hunters

A tiny French village has woken up to discover a gaping hole in front of its church, the latest of many dug by seekers of a mythical treasure trove.

Rennes-le-Château has a population of only 70, but the story that a priest buried a trove of gold coins and gems there at the end of the 19th century has spread across France.

The village near Carcassonne, 55 miles southeast of the southern city of Toulouse, became a magnet for treasure-hunters after several books recounted various versions of the myth.

Rennes-le-Château became famous when stories from the mid-1950s concerning Roman Catholic priest, Francois Bérenger Saunière, influenced modern writings including "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail", published in 1982, and "The Da Vinci Code", published in 2003.

Saunière was the priest at Rennes-le-Château from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Somehow, Saunière came across large sums of money – amounts so large that it is unimaginable how a small village priest could come to have such wealth. This led to speculation as to where and how he got the money. Some say that he discovered a buried treasure, but this theory has never been substantiated.

During his first few years in the village, Saunière lived in poverty. He kept meticulous accountings of his money, which showed that in 1892 he owed a debt of 105 francs and had savings of 80.65 francs. From the 1890s on, his papers showed that he spent an alarming total of 660,000 francs. As a priest, he earned a salary of 900 francs per year. Around 1880, the going rate for a single mass was 1 franc, so it is difficult to imagine that Saunière could have earned such an income on performing mass alone. In 1910–1911 Bérenger Saunière was summoned by the bishopric to appear before an ecclesiastical trial to face charges of “mass trafficking” - receiving money for masses that he never actually performed. He was found guilty and suspended of the priesthood. When asked to produce his account books he refused to attend his trial.

Even if Saunière was guilty of this, he could not have collected enough through this practice to amount to the sums he spent over his lifetime. As his life came to an end, Saunière began having financial difficulties. It has been noted that this time in his life corresponded with the start of World War I, which may indicate that his funds were held abroad and he could no longer access them.

Saunière’s income and spending have led to many conspiracy theories about Rennes-le-Château and where the money may have come from. Some say he came across a buried treasure. Others accused him of digging graves and stealing from the dead. When his spending was investigated by the church, Saunière claimed that the money had been gifted to him. Marie Dénarnaud, the faithful housekeeper who was accused of digging through graves with Saunière, claimed to know a secret that would make one extremely wealthy. When Noel Corbu purchased the Saunière estate from her, she told him she would tell him a secret that would make him powerful and rich. However, prior to her death, Dénarnaud had a fit that left her unable to write or speak. She ultimately took her secret to the grave.

During the 1950s, Corbu began circulating stories that Saunière was in possession of parchments, which he found while renovating his church in 1892, and that these were linked the treasure of Blanche de Castile, supposedly amounting to 28,500,000 gold pieces. This was the treasure of the French crown assembled by Blanche de Castile, wife of Louis VIII, to pay the ransom of her son Louis IX (Saint Louis), who was captured during a crusade. The surplus was said to have been hidden at Rennes-le-Château.

In 1969, a British supporting actor and screenwriter for the BBC by the name of Henry Lincoln produced three BBC Two Chronicle documentaries between 1972-1979, which was then made into the non-fiction bestseller "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," that he co-wrote with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh.

The book claimed Bérenger Saunière discovered proof that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were married and their descendants became the Merovingian dynasty. Among the book's hypotheses are the possibilities that this was the secret of the Priory of Sion; that Pierre Plantard could have been the descendant of Jesus Christ; that the source of Saunière's wealth could have involved the blackmailing of the Vatican.”

This theme was further picked up by Dan Brown for his famous historical novel, "The Da Vinci Code", which led to a further surge of interest in Rennes-le-Château. The story of the castle and the priest with his hidden treasure has since become popularized in radio shows, TV programs, and films, and it is now virtually impossible to separate fact from fiction in this complicated conspiracy story. 

Because of these books, Rennes-le-Château became a hot spot for treasure seekers, certain that Saunière had left his riches buried somewhere within the village.

The mayor was forced to ban unauthorised digging as far back as 1960 after complaints that Rennes-le-Château was starting to look “like a Swiss cheese” - but to little effect.

Fewer treasure-hunters have been sighted in the village in recent years, but the new hole has raised fears that it is about to be swamped by a fresh wave of unwanted guests armed with shovels or dynamite. 

Marcel Captier, a deputy mayor, said: “We don’t want to find ourselves with swarms of treasure-hunters again.”

But Hélène Calmedero, who runs the local bookshop, “Au Rendez-Vous des Chercheurs” (The Seekers’ Rendez-Vous), said she would welcome them back.

“I miss those days. The treasure-hunters were all like big children, excited about their searches. They carried on day and night, following up the vaguest hunch with metal detectors,” she said.

Source: Telegraph

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Strange Bright Light Seen Over Parts of Russia

The extraordinary light show - seen here on videos - came on the night of Orthodox Christmas Day this week.

The black sky suddenly turned momentarily deep blue as if on a bright day - but according to some accounts, the earth moved too.

Experts insist the phenomenon was not manmade: there were no reports of missile tests or explosions.

Nor were there reports of meteorites striking the earth.

Witnesses had the feeling something massive had happened - but what?

It was seen and felt by people especially in th three Russian republics - Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, and Tatarstan.

'It lit the night sky from side to side, making it look brighter than daylight,' said one account.

Artyom Russkikh said: 'We saw this while driving.

'There was a vibration and the sound of explosion in the sky. Awesome.

Firaya Zaripova commented: 'Probably it was the testing of some military weapon, if even the ground was shaking.'

Yet this was denied.

Ilnaz Shaykhraziev said: 'I saw the flash, while in Menzelinsk.

'There was also the sound of an explosion and then a vibration, I felt it.'

For Denis Rozenfeld, it was clear: 'A meteor burned out, not reaching the lower layers of the atmosphere.

'Before this it exploded and split into many small pieces. That is why there was such a sound, which came to us in a few seconds.

'It’s a funny coincidence that such a rare phenomenon for our region has happened right on Christmas.’

Spookily, similar phenomenon were reported last year in Kazan, several years ago in Karelia, and in 2006 in Moscow.

Yuri Nefefyev, director of the Engelhardt Astronomical Observatory, sees the origin was atmospheric electricity, saying that this is still something not properly explained by science.

'There are a huge number of effects linked to atmospheric electricity, many of which are not properly studied because of how rarely they occur,’ he said.

Yet scientists offered completely different versions of what happened.

Some claimed the bright light flash was refracting from low clouds, others that it was a dry thunderstorm. Astronomers from Kazan Federal University insisted there was a space link.

'This was a bolide, when all substance burns in atmosphere and doesn't reach Earth,’ said Dr Sergey Golovkin, of the university’s Physics Institute.

'It is accompanied by a loud bang.

'It could have been a fragment of a spacecraft that burnt, but normally it takes them more time to enter the atmosphere, thus they can be observed for longer.

'This was a bolide that burnt in the dense layers of the atmosphere which is why it was seen over such a big territory. We didn't register the flash because there was strong blizzard on this night.'

Artyom Russkikh said: ‘We saw this while driving.

‘There was a vibration and the sound of explosion in the sky. Awesome.’

He wrote: 'What was it? A meteor, a rocket from space, UFO, North Korea?’

Source: Siberian Times

Monsters of the English Channel

Sailors have found many cadavers of the Sea Serpent Morgawr.

The English County of Cornwall are famous as "Lands of Legends" and up until recently it was generally believed that the monsters in the Falmouth Bay waters was part of these legends; a romantic rumor, a mythological beast and free fantasies similar to trolls, fairies and mermaids. But samples of Morgawr, which in the old language meant "Giant of the Sea", has been found on numerous occasions since 1933, even if scientists could care less.

The British scientific expertise; marine biologists, zoologists, etc. has not been without proof for a sea monster in Falmouth Bay, but apparently they have preferred to close their eyes instead of investigating the strange cadavers that for 70 years has been washed ashore along the coast of Cornwall.

In 1933 an unknown cadaver was beached at Prah Sands in Cornwall. Because it happened the same year as Nessie came through in Loch Ness, it was forgotten by the newspapers and no one else seems to have bothered either.

In the 50's, a long-necked monster was caught by local trawl-fishermen Reece and Gilbert in Gerrans Bay, who caught it in their net five nautical miles south of Falmouth

It's above all in and off Falmouth Bay that Margawr has been visible during the years of the sightings.

It was 20 feet long, had a 12 feet long tail, a "pointed head", scaly legs and a wide back with "thick brownish hair". Marine biologists of the day were unable to identify it.

One sunny evening in September 1975, Morgawr was spotted off Pendennis Point. Mrs Scott, of Falmouth, and her friend Mr. Riley, saw a hideous, hump-backed creature, with "stumpy-horns", and bristles down the back of its long neck.

The huge animal dived for a few seconds, then resurfaced with a conger eel in its jaws. Mrs. Scott says that she will never forget "the face on that thing", as long as she lives.

In January 1976 another strange (and, so far unidentified) carcass was discovered on Durgan Beach, Helford River, by Mrs. Payne of Falmouth.

For a while it was thought that the monster was dead, until the Falmouth Packet newspaper published two photographs of Morgawr, taken in February by a lady who called herself 'Mary F'.

They showed a long necked, hump backed creature, at least eighteen feet long, swimming in the water off Trefusis Point, near Flushing. Mary F's, monster was described as "black or very dark brown, with a snake-like head and 'humps on the back which moved in a funny way".

After publishing those historic photographs, the Packet received a flood of letters from people who claimed to have seen Morgawr. Estimates of the creature's length varied from twelve to forty five feet.

At the beginning of May, two London bankers, on a fishing holiday, saw a pair of monsters in the mouth of the Helford River. Now it seems as if Falmouth Bay could contain a whole family of Sea Serpents.

The mouth of the Helford River appears to be the area most favored by the sea-serpents; the majority of sightings being from the stretch of coastline between Rosemullion Head and Toll Point. This is now known as "Morgawr's Mile".

Duncan Viner, a dental technician from Truro, saw Morgawr, in January 1976, swimming "a few hundred yards off Rosemullion Head". At first, he thought it was a whale, as only a dark hump was visible; but as he watched, it started to rise in the water and a long neck appeared. Mr. Viner estimated the length of the monster to be between thirty and forty feet.

Miss Amelia Johnson, on Holiday from London, was taking a walk in the Rosemullion area when she saw a "strange form suddenly emerge from the water in Falmouth Bay". She describes "a sort of prehistoric dinosaur thing with a neck the length of a lamp-post".

Gerald Bennett of Seworgan, saw a creature swimming in the Helford, one afternoon. The part of it above the water was "about twelve feet in length, with an elongated neck".

On Good Friday, 1976, a fifteen year old schoolboy from Helston spotted a 'weird animal with two humps and a long neck like a snake', moving up the river between Toll Point and the Gew. The monster was "slimy, black and about twenty five feet long". He took a photograph of the animal which was later shown on BBC television in the Spotlight program.

Needless to say no one could identify what he had photographed and scientists debunked it.

There have been many other sightings along Morgawr's Mile, the hottest length of coast for would be monster spotters.

Towards the end of March 1976, a professor of metaphysics, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, arrived in Falmouth with a plan to capture the monster.

Professor Michael McCormick, a fire-eater and traveling showman, intended to trap Morgawr and to exhibit the beast in his Matchbox Circus. But by the beginning of May, the "professor" had left Cornwall ... without his sea-serpent. As it happens, May turned out to be a busy month for Morgawr.

World-famous monster hunter, Tim Dinsdale, decided to investigate the Great Falmouth sea serpent. Mr Dinsdale is best known for his tireless efforts, over a number of years, in pursuit of the Loch Ness Monster.

He has written several fascinating books on the subject of Nessie. Another writer showing an interest in Morgawr is Peter Costello, (author of In search of Lake Monsters), who regards the Mary F. photographs as an "important contribution to unraveling the mystery of the Great Sea-Serpent".

Folklorist, Tony Shaw, (co-author of The Folklore of Cornwall), is another keen investigator. He has collected and recorded interviews with most of the people who claim to have seen Morgawr, and is working on a book about the Cornish Sea-Dragon. Mr. Shaw, at first regarded the monster as, simply a "modern day myth", but is now convinced that there is a huge unidentified creature living in Falmouth Bay.

There are various theories which have been put forward to explain or identify the creature known as Morgawr.

The most attractive and exciting notion is that the animal could, possibly be a plesiosaur, a reptile which is supposed to have been extinct for over seventy million years. The Mary F pictures certainly show something very large, with a long neck, small head, a large, hump-backed body, and flippers riding high in the water, all of which fits in with most zoological descriptions of the plesiosaur.

It is also true that these aquatic dinosaurs could adapt to life in both fresh and salt water. However, it is unlikely that a cold blooded reptile could survive the temperature of Falmouth Bay.

It has been suggested that Morgawr may be an invertebrate, a giant mollusc or worm. But it would be difficult for a creature without a skeleton to support such a huge body. Nevertheless, very large invertebrates, such as the Giant Squid, do exist in deep water, although they show themselves on the surface very rarely.

The most logical theory, it seems, is that the monster is a type of long-necked seal, a warm-blooded mammal.

This is the explanation favored by such experts as Peter Costello and Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans. It is possible that a so far undiscovered and very large species of seal could exist in Falmouth Bay (not to mention Loch Ness!). Seals are fairly common around the Cornish coast, and recently a black one was seen in the River Fal.

It is unlikely that Morgawr will be properly identified until a good, clear color photograph or a chine film is taken of the creature. Any cameraman who is lucky enough to obtain such a picture will, undoubtedly, have something of great scientific and monetary value.

Anyone with a camera has a chance of capturing Morgawr on film. Modern, automatic, cassette-loading cameras make good photography easy; removing, as they do, all worries about exposure, shutter speed, focus and so on. However, for a really good still picture of the monster, I would recommend a single-lens reflex camera with a good telephoto lens.

Amateur movie-makers would also be well advised to try and shoot the beast. A length of chine film, showing the monster in motion, would be invaluable to cryptozoologists. Most chine cameras these days use Super-8 film, and are fitted with zoom lenses. Better pictures are more likely to be obtained if the camera is tripod mounted rather than hand-held.

Color film is to be recommended for both still and chine photography where a sea-serpent is to be the subject. A full color picture would certainly contain far more useful information than one in black and white.Monster-snapping is, of course, very much a matter of luck.

Being in the right place at the right time is something which is not so easily planned in advance. Anyone, anywhere on the coast around Falmouth Bay and the mouth of the Helford River has a sporting chance of getting a picture of Morgawr ... so long as they don't forget to carry a camera at all times.

Those who are seriously interested in photographing the creature would be best advised to station themselves in one of the less easily accessible parts of, say, Morgawr's Mile.

Sea Monsters are most often seen to surface during periods of warm weather and calm, unruffled waters. If and when you are lucky enough to see or to photograph Morgawr, it is advisable to make a few notes as soon after the sighting as possible, giving estimates of size, distance and so on. The more details noted, the more valuable your sighting or picture will be.

If a camera is not available when the monster is seen to surface, sketches, as detailed as possible, should be made and signed by witnesses. In this way, when all the evidence is collected and compared, an accurate picture of the creature can be built up and analyzed by scientists interested in such phenomena.

Source: Global Underwater Search Team


Has Stephen Hawking Died And Been Replaced With A Puppet?
By Patricia Ramirez

Stephen Hawking is one of the most well-known physicists on the planet, from his theories that have changed humanity’s collective understanding of life on Earth and the goings-on of space and time to his enduring spirit that has allowed him to survive and even thrive for decades with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) while a physics professor at Cambridge University. Professor Hawking’s form of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is of the early onset, slow-progressing variety. At the time of his diagnosis in 1963, Stephen Hawking was just 21 years old and given two more years to live.

He is now 76.

While many describe Professor Hawking’s 50-plus-year survival with ALS as miraculous, particularly considering disease degeneration that has rendered him utterly dependent upon medical, scientific, and computer technology for communication (Hawking is able to operate a communication device with his cheek muscles) and mobility (his wheelchair is controlled by small movements of his chin), some internet conspiracy theorists claim that there is more to it than that.

According to some conspiracy theorists, the “real” Stephen Hawking died decades age, back in 1985. What’s more, Daily Mail reports that the same conspiracy theorists believe that Hawking has been replaced with a puppet or lookalike by the “political and scientific elite.” The reason for the subterfuge? To steer and control the scientific beliefs of the masses.

Another interesting #conspiracy theory – anyone heard about this? Has Stephen Hawking been replaced with a 'puppet'? https://t.co/hx3jpTYDK7 #TheShapeofRain

 — Nick Hirst (@NickHirst26) January 13, 2018

In an attempt to support and substantiate their theory regarding the idea of a puppet Stephen Hawking, conspiracy theorists have cited six points that they claim prove that today’s Professor Hawking cannot be the same as the original.

His Looks

According to those who believe that a faux-Hawking has been foisted on the world for nefarious purposes, one need only look closely at the Cambridge professor to see that he’s not the man he used to be. Many say that photographs of Stephen Hawking indicate that he looked older in 1982 than he did in 2017. Not to mention hair that has gotten blonder and ears that have appeared to grow smaller.

While some may cite the disfiguring nature of ALS when explaining the changes in Stephen Hawking’s appearance, the die-hard puppet conspiracy believers claim that the professor’s teeth are something that can’t be easily explained away. Namely, why have they been so badly neglected, and how has their basic structure seemingly transformed without major and inexplicable dental work?

Most Hawking conspiracy theorists say that his teeth have been obviously changed over the years with the bottom teeth longer and the top appearing to have been filed down almost completely, begging the question, “Why?”

His Prognosis

While some may call his continued survival an incredible feat of modern medicine while others call it a miracle, Stephen Hawking’s online trove of focused conspiracy theorists believe there is something decidedly fishy about the fact that he’s still alive. He’s survived for 55 years, despite having a prognosis of just two years to live at the time of his diagnosis, and nobody can explain precisely how or why.

Which is why some believe that’s it’s not true, that Professor Hawking didn’t really survive at all.

The Wedding Pics

In photos of his second wedding, some discerning armchair detectives believe that it’s not the same Stephen Hawking in every snapshot. Of the photos available of his wedding day with Elaine Mason, each shows his bride in a different wedding ensemble, and the images appear to depict her as older and with different hair in one of them.

In one photograph, Elaine appears with Hawking. In a second, she appears with someone who is supposed to be Hawking, but whom conspiracy theorists believe is a lookalike. The images can be viewed here. According to those who believe that the real Professor Hawking passed away in the 1980s, the people behind the Hawking charade gradually and methodically phase out old photos of the real Stephen Hawking with photoshopped versions featuring their replacement scientist.

His Computer Voice-Synthesizer

Conspiracy theorists claim that the technology behind Professor Hawking’s voice-synthesizing computer doesn’t add up, that twitching a cheek muscle could never give the physically disabled physicist the ability to speak quickly, eloquently, and with such a wide range of vocabulary. What’s more, many have pointed out that his face isn’t always moving when Hawking is “speaking.”

Instead, those who believe that Stephen Hawking is a puppet and/or impostor claim that he isn’s really speaking at all, but that words are fed into Hawking’s computer by “NASA astrophysicists” with a vested interest in telling the masses lies, or whatever else the shadow government wants them to believe.

Those Theories, Though

While Stephen Hawking has become something of a scientific and even popular culture mainstay in Western society, the truth is that he deals in theories that are difficult, if not impossible, to prove. As TIME reports, not all of Hawking’s theories have panned out, but that hasn’t stopped the professor from sharing them and even working his way into decidedly “unscientific” communication platforms, such as modern TV shows The Simpsons and Star Trek, among others.

In reality, the complexities of most of Hawking’s theories make them incomprehensible to the masses. Still, he puts them (and his opinion) out there. Combined with the widely honored title of “smartest man in the world,” much of what Stephen Hawking has to say is taken as virtual gospel, despite lack of substantiation or even understanding.

The Reason For The Deception

Stephen Hawking is widely believed, and not just when he’s talking about physics-related topics. From global warming to universal healthcare to artificial intelligence to the end of the world to Donald Trump, Hawking’s fans and supporters tend to follow his cues on virtually any topic, making him, according to conspiracy theorists, the perfect tool for the so-called shadow government to “push science and lose God.”

Conspiracy theorists claim that the fake Stephen Hawking is now being used to make the world’s population fearful, and therefore easier to manipulate. In recent years, the professor has prominently promoted the ideas that the end of humanity could come within the next century and that extraterrestrials are likely real and dangerous, among other things. The so-called “puppet Hawking” has also become extremely political of late, and has embraced an anti-Donald Trump, anti-Brexit stance, and because of his status as being one of the most intelligent people ever to have lived, the masses have no qualms following his lead, claim conspiracy theorists.

Despite the intricacy of the theory, there is absolutely no proof that Professor Stephen Hawking is anyone other than who he claims to be. That is, a brilliant physicist suffering from a terrible, debilitating disease for much longer than anyone ever believed possible when he was diagnosed.

Source: Inquisitr

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