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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such chakra-energizing stories as:

 Ufology and The Collins Elite -  
"Take UFOs Seriously" Says Former Navy Pilot -
The Church of Satan Thinks Sex Robots Could Save Society -
AND: Rural Communities Named After Eerie “Bogeymen”

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Occult Secrets Of The Third Reich

Some historians believe Hitler was uniquely evil, wicked beyond even the human capacity for wickedness. Many of the impressions regarding the Fuhrer’s involvement with “demonic forces” can be attributed to such pop culturebooks such as “Morning of the Magicians,” (1960) “The Spear of Destiny,” (1972) and even such works of cinematography magic as “The Raiders of the Lost Ark.” (1981) But what is the truth about the fire and fury surrounding the National Socialist movement which placed the “racially pure” Aryian race above the rest of the German population, as well as those citizens of other countries?

Much has been written regarding the notion that Hitler and his hand picked echelon of SS officers were deeply influenced by occult ritualism and tradition. For the first time, we present the best procurable proof of a Nazi Supernatural Connection that called for the collection and veritable “worship” of powerful artifacts that supported their insane racist agenda. That included a highly dangerous effort to rewrite the history books and “re-program” the German people so that they could establish that this seemingly bizarre Nazi agenda was truly the fulfillment of European mystery traditions as taught in some Secret Societies.

— ** It is said that Hitler possessed a religious artifact called the Spear of Destiny, believed to have been used to pierce the side of Christ as he hung dying on the cross. Hitler felt that the spear had come into his hands as a sign of his own destiny as the Antichrist as prophesied in the Book of Revelation and by Nostradamus.

— ** Did Nordic-looking “star people” really make contact with German scientists and weapons designers?

— ** Did some hidden race contact the Nordic beauties of the mediumistic Vril Society and provide them with the technology to travel through time and space?

— ** Did the Nazis search for and perhaps even rediscover long lost cities where Aryan gods were said to dwell, that the Nazis occult undergirding was superior to the “merely mortal” strength and firepower of their enemies?

Nothing Hitler did existed in a moral vacuum. His unfathomable cruelty seems to have sprung full-blown from the bowels of hell and was not just a product of human hubris and madness. This book will tell you why that is so from the perspective of several different authors.

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Ufology and The Collins Elite
By Milton Grover

Authors note: Although the information contained in this article can be applied worldwide, for the sake of brevity I have for the most part concentrated on what has emerged from the USA. Therefore, bearing this in mind I have confined my observations to what is acknowledged by many researchers as being at least within the realms of what is possible, you have to, because one you start to go down this extremely slippery rabbit hole, all sorts of unexpected side avenues open up and some of them are probably best left unexplored.

I am reminded of a saying by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 'Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you', the emphasis is mine, and believe me the subject of Ufology is indeed a deep, dark abyss and once you start looking, and I do mean really looking, the psychological fallout can be genuinely unsettling and have terrifying spiritual connections.

A word of warning though, keep in mind some of what follows is derived from fundamentalist thinking and theology, which tends to base its opinions on a fairly unique interpretation of scripture. I would like to express my thanks to Tim Green Beckley and Tim Schwartz from Conspiracy Journal and also John J. Ventre the multi-state director of MUFON, for their help and suggestions in preparing this article. As a final comment, please be aware that I wrote this very recently after coming across a new piece in the UFO jigsaw and I have no views or opinions one way or another on what follows. I have written it based on the information to hand and I have supplied sources that anyone who is interested can follow up and make their own judgment on whether it is valid or not.

Ufology and The Collins Elite

Since its inception in the 1940's, modern Ufology has been beset by various ideas and opinions about what UFOs are, where they originate and who (or what) they contain. According to the most commonly accepted belief, UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft originating in far-off star systems that visit our planet for a whole host of reasons. Some of the reasons are entirely altruistic and benign and some considerably less so, but at the core of this particular subset of opinion called the extra terrestrial hypothesis (ETH), lies the conviction that all UFOs, irrespective of their point of origin, are nuts and bolts machines piloted by beings that seem to be more or less humanoid in appearance. This is fair enough, but seems to largely ignore many other aspects of the phenomenon. For example: these objects (and their assumed occupants) appear and disappear at will, pass through solid walls, can manifest to individuals in a group yet remain invisible to other group members and a whole host of other attributes that seem to owe more to ghosts and other spiritual beings than anything else.

However, those who subscribe to the ETH claim that this is due to vastly superior technology rather than any paranormal attributes: and that said it is arguable that any display of some aspects of an unfamiliar technology (as the late Arthur C Clarke rightly pointed out) might well be viewed as either paranormal or even magick. On the other hand there are a small number of groups who, as we shall see, insist, rightly or wrongly, that UFOs and their occupants are not physical in any accepted sense at all, but are in fact manifestations of Satan and his minions. The purpose of these UFOs is the ultimate perdition (spiritual ruin) of the human race and those who promote this concept claim that their ideas stem from what they believe is the ultimate source of all truth, i.e. the Holy Bible, which they quote to substantiate their claims.

This also ties into the supposed corruption of the human race eons ago by fallen angels (more ET's perhaps)? as mentioned in Genesis 6:4; Jude 1:6 and then progresses into the future and the endtimes. Once we go down this route we encounter a race of ancient hybrids, i.e. the 'Nephilim' who were allegedly the mutant offspring of human women and the fallen angels. It is thought that these are the giants mentioned in the bible. This is the mindset that also readily embraces concepts such as the machinations of the New World Order (NWO) and the Illuminati, as with the UFO phenomenon in general it is open season for any idea one wishes to attach to it.

In addition there is an even less well known schism of belief from a similar source, saying that UFOs, while still spiritual, are created and crewed by angels, so you pretty much pays your money and takes your choice. From this it is obvious that, while UFOs and Ufology may be relatively marginalised belief systems, there is sufficient scope within them for various strands of belief to grow and develop. I say this because based on what we have just seen; some years ago I was in conversation (via a medium) with an entity that claimed to be extraterrestrial and said it came from where, quote, 'souls were created'.

There is not a great deal one can say to that, except that having worked with this particular medium during many investigations I had faith in her abilities; so despite some reservations far be it for me to pass judgment. Besides, there is always the nagging doubt that this entity, whatever it was, was not necessarily telling the truth and this is something that has previously been commented on by other serious and open-minded UFO researchers. I say this because within the UFO community there is a surprisingly high level of intolerance to any thoughts or opinions that fail to stay within the narrow ETH mindset.

The Intelligence Agenda

Although officially denied, ridiculed and rejected by most governments and intelligence agencies, this ridicule conceals a very deep rooted concern that UFOs and what they represent may in fact have more basis in reality than they care to admit. This has been seen in the various governmental attempts to prove or disprove the phenomena one way or another, especially in the USA. In the USA, projects like 'Grudge' and 'Blue Book', the formation of the Robertson Panel and the Condon Report etc, etc are all examples of this and it has been argued that what emerged from these groups was nothing more than propaganda using disinformation, misinformation, spin and barefaced lies.

Even the much vaunted book, the so-called 'smoking gun', i.e. 'The Day After Roswell', is a prime example of this bare-faced subterfuge. Government files on the UFO enigma continue to surface, one of the more recent examples was the release of formerly classified information from the UK intelligence services in the Ministry of Defence (MOD), but nowhere in the files is there any evidence that they are extraterrestrial. Even stonewall cases like the Rendlesham Forest incident of the 1980's despite the witness evidence being pretty much positive and overwhelming are brushed off using varying specious excuses.

All that these reports were able to say was, officially at least and despite the fact that the intelligence agencies regularly used Ufology as a screen to conceal their own agendas, there was no truth in any of it and the UFO phenomenon lay entirely in the minds of the general public. It was founded on little more than overactive imaginations and mistaken identity compounded with a desire for some mystery and intrigue. It is possible that some of this subterfuge might have stemmed from a real fear that to admit that we really were visited by non-human races originating outside our solar system might create widespread fear, panic and civil disorder. It is also likely to have caused many people to question the authority and moral certainty of the churches, something that would serve to further exacerbate an increasingly unstable situation.

The Collins Elite Emerges

However, despite the artifice and denials there is the nagging suspicion that their investigations revealed that at least some UFOs might be genuine and this knowledge could somehow be harnessed for military advantage. This is probably true, because given the ultra-pragmatic way in which intelligence agencies operate (especially the CIA), obtaining anything they think will be of use to their country militarily becomes imperative, so how and where they obtain this information is secondary to the methods used; i.e. the end invariably justifies the means. Since any information would have to be properly evaluated, monitored and thought through in a dispassionate manner, a steering group was formed comprising representatives of all interested parties.

In the USA, since all branches of the military plus the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) were obviously involved anyway, it was a relatively simple matter to draft in representatives under the stewardship of, initially, the FBI then the omnipresent CIA and eventually perhaps the NSA as well. This semi-official subgroup which was created in July 1952 allegedly became nicknamed by those involved, 'The Collins Elite'. Although it starting out evaluating the threat of UFOs as one based on actual machines, given the makeup and views held by some influential members of this group, this changed dramatically and the first question to ask is how much truth is in what they said and could the CIA have accepted this and allowed it to develop?

Attitudes Harden

According to a book, 'Final Events', written by author and researcher Nick Redfern, a British citizen currently residing in the USA, the answer is yes, they could. For many years the CIA was not only out of control, it was beyond control and functioned more or less autonomously as a separate government that was a law entirely unto itself, something greatly helped by its lavish and often unaccountable funding. Even their notional boss, the President of the USA, had no idea what was going on and given some of the shady and frequently murderous operations they instigated and sometimes funded, this was probably just as well; it is a process called 'plausible deniability', a term first used by the CIA during the Kennedy administration. Regarding the way in which the CIA operated, it has been stated that when Area 51 was first created it was handed to the CIA to operate rather than the Navy or the Air Force and in 1958 the then President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had made the mistake of allowing the base to function without Presidential oversight, was flatly denied both access to the base and information regarding what was going on there. In retaliation the President promptly threatened to send in an army group from Colorado to dismantle the place. In response to this tactic he was grudgingly given the information he requested, but he never did wrest control of the base back from the CIA.

Redfern goes on to state that the findings of the Collins Elite strongly infer that the ET presence was not just the result of visits by nuts and bolts flying machines and their occupants, instead it was probably demonic/satanic nature instead. In fact it went as far as say categorically that there was never any contact between extraterrestrials and humans, it has always been supernatural and/or demonic. We should remember that this covert unit, although it started out with a fairly specific remit, rapidly became increasingly influenced by some of its more single-minded members who may themselves have been implementing an agenda directed from outside the group.

Strangely enough this opinion chimes with comments made by the late ethno-botanist and psychonaught Dr. Terence McKenna, who once said that, 'We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us.' He never did elaborate on what he meant by that, but it probably refers to the entities, sometimes called 'machine-elves' frequently seen by people who use substances like dimethyltryptamine (DMT) the active ingredient of the traditional and powerful hallucinogen Ayahuasca. This would certainly fit with the observations made by members of The Collins Elite and this kind of thinking is surprisingly common in some areas of the UFO community who see the phenomenon as more akin to the occult that anything physical.

It is a view also shared by members of the fundamentalist Christian right-wing of American politics and in some cases they have claimed that UFOs were piloted, not by demons, but by angels as an adjunct to the much prophesied 'end times'. However, the astute observation made by Dr McKenna fits exactly with a statement allegedly made by The Collins Elite to the effect that, "We have in our midst a cold-hearted and sinister intelligence of demonic origins that masquerades as alien." Although the wording is slightly different, the meaning is identical. Before we examine The Collins Elite in a little more detail, we should consider some of the background and this involves looking at other, less well-known projects undertaken by the CIA and the other US intelligence agencies.

As well as investigating the possibility that the earth was being visited more or less at will by non-human entities, they were also extremely interested in highly controversial occult experiments being carried out by an pioneering rocket scientist and co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard in the days before Hubbard decided to make money by inventing the cultish quasi-religion of Scientology. Hubbard spent the last years of his life on the run, keeping the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) off his back. The IRS wanted the tax due on the money in the Scientology bank accounts. However Hubbard, who considered his creation a religion, would not pay it. Eventually the Scientologists, after the death of Hubbard and now being run by David Miscavige, managed to effectively blackmail the IRS into granting them religious status allowing them to avoid paying tax.

The Connection with Magick

In a way this unlikely connection between the military and magick is not all that surprising and resonates with claims made a couple of decades earlier about the Nazi High Command during the Second World War and the possibility that they too were involved in magical rituals based on esoteric research into the origins of the Aryan race conducted by covert, quasi-scientific groups like the Ahnenerbe, which was founded in 1935 by SS chief Heinrich Himmler and others. Whether or not any of this information was used as part of the Nazi master-plan for victory in WWII is open to debate, but there is no doubt that Himmler et all did have some really bizarre ideas about how this knowledge might be 'weaponised'.

This ties into similar claims made in the book, 'The Spear of Destiny' by Trevor Ravenscroft, an extremely controversial publication first released in 1972, that the lance that pierced the side of Christ on the cross in St John's account of the crucifixion, was eventually appropriated by Adolph Hitler in an attempt to use its supposed immense latent power using some unspecified method, in his plan for world domination. It may be that given the reputation of the spear just having it in his possession might enable his scheme, however according to the legend losing the spear resulted in the death of whoever had it, something that seems to have been fulfilled when Hitler finally shot himself in the head with a pistol.
In the case of the aforementioned Parsons and Hubbard, in 1946/47 they attempted to create a magickal dimensional portal to allow a divine feminine archetype, in fact the goddess Babylon, access to our reality. Other opinions hold that it was not any goddess, but some kind of demonic child. They did this using the 'Babalon Working', which was a variation on a ritual that had been attempted nearly fifty years previously by the noted late Victorian British occultist and eccentric Aleister Crowley, when he used a ritual called the Alamantra Working. It may be relevant that Crowley manifested an entity he called 'Lam' while undertaking this project (he drew a picture of it) and there is no question that Lam looks remarkably like an alien 'Grey' and it was after this that these (and other) beings started to be seen on a regular basis when alleged contact with ET's took place.

Crowley was well aware of what the two men were attempting and warned Parsons about his deep mistrust of Hubbard and his motives; something that proved remarkably prescient when Hubbard absconded shortly after with a large sum of cash taken from the bank account he shared with Parsons, plus Parson's current mistress in tow. Unsurprisingly, Scientologists fail to find room to mention any of this in their sickly hagiographies of Hubbard. In fact Crowley had a great fondness for Parsons, who he regarded as a kind of standard-bearer of his brand of magick, it would be closer to the truth to say that he thought of Jack Parsons as the son he never had. In a strange example of possible synchronicity, Parsons died at home in 1952 when a mysterious explosion in his garage ended his life. It has been suggested that the explosion was due to his experiments with highly volatile chemicals involved in making rocket fuel, (this was after all what he did for a living) either that or, as has also been implied, he was trying to create a 'homunculus' or artificial being and his experiments went badly wrong, either way he died.

Is Any of This Feasible?

Again we should pause to consider whether or not any of this is feasible, because if fractures in the nature of reality can be brought about by the use of words, symbols and rituals, this may find a resonance with the arcane symbols and formulae used by quantum physicists in the present day. Examples of this can be found in the laboratories where such strange, albeit cutting edge experiments are carried out, because it has been found that what the participants in these experiments think about what is being attempted can directly affect the outcome. It's called the 'observer effect' and much to the chagrin of the hard-line rationalists it is proven to occur and there is no obvious answer why, or at least not one that they find acceptable.

This by any measure indicates that the 'observer effect' is a form of magick, the very thing that physicists would reject out of hand, but how else to explain it? Actually Aleister Crowley seems to have summed this up pretty well several decades earlier when he defined magick as "The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will", in effect the ability to edit reality. Once again it seems surprising that the intelligence agencies should involve themselves in such arcane practices, because one would imagine that as the hard headed realists they have to be they would dismiss this as sheer fantasy, but not so.

One can easily cite the 'Stargate Project' which involved, among other things, remote viewing and other psychically inspired attempts to gain an advantage over a perceived enemy as examples of the lengths they will go to. However, it is at this point we find ourselves slipping into other parallel claims of mind-bending experiments allegedly conducted at places like Montauk and we have to be careful before dismissing this as sheer conjecture and nonsense, if, for no other reason than there was a military base at Montauk and its remains are still to there to this day and, some people say, also the unintentional remnants and residue of the experiments supposedly conducted there. These experiments seem to interlink closely with certain occult and magical practices involving time-travel amongst other claims and contact with entities that did not originate in this reality. So, how does the Collins Elite tie into this?

If we consider that this group was set up to see if any military advantage could be gleaned from contact with extraterrestrials and came to the conclusion that these entities were not ET but demonic, we can also assume that they were prepared to do whatever it took to make this work. Among the projects bordering on the magickal being undertaken was the development of such devices as 'psychotronic weapons', which could allow the remote influencing of how individuals operate and think, plus a range of other technologies that at first sight seem impossible. By our standards they are and that includes various spin-offs from work already being conducted on other types of electromagnetic weapons, but once you enter into the dark world of magick then literally anything becomes possible. As an adjunct to this, there was another sinister CIA funded mind control project called MK-OFTEN (an adjunct to the better known and equally notorious MK-ULTRA). For MK-OFTEN, the CIA employed the services of Satanists, witches, psychics and other occultists as part of their efforts in MK-ULTRA at establishing a reliable and effective method of mind control. This being the case then it is entirely feasible that they would plumb any depths in their search for a military advantage.

The Vatican

As if this was not enough, there are claims by Catholic researchers that the Vatican has, or at least had, plans afoot to prepare its flock for the arrival of an extraterrestrial saviour, which seems to resonate with the idea that Jesus was an ET. Again we have this odd, synchronistic link between aliens and angels and the notion that the human race is the result of extraterrestrial DNA splicing. It seems logical that an organisation as powerful and influential as the Vatican must have some sort of plan in place to deal with the possibility that if there is life on other planets and that life has no concept of a creator God, what happens then? It has been seriously mooted by the Curia that in that case it is the duty of the Church to make them aware of God and bring them salvation: good luck with that. Again, much of this, although it may have elements of fact, is also based on hearsay. It's rather like the so-called 'evidence' for the reality of UFOs and especially secret underground bases that comes from 'high ranking', but almost always unnamed service personnel who dare not reveal their identities for fear of deadly reprisals.

This evidence might as well not be quoted for it cannot be checked; in truth it is evidence of nothing except speculation, but for now that will have to do. However it is a fact that Pope John Paul on the 23rd of October, 1996, while speaking to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences plenary session at the Vatican, stated that Darwin's Theory of Evolution was a reality and in doing so reduced the biblical accounts of how we got here to nothing more than myth. How this will play out in the years to come will remain to be seen, but as a word of caution; according to the prophecies of the Irish St Malachi the Pope coming after Pope Benedict i.e. Pope Francis, will be the last one and what comes after that is anyone's guess, but according to Malachi it is the 'end times'…again!

From what we have seen it may be likely that the Collins Elite is real and still exists and their task was to monitor any attempts at making contact with whatever exists on the other side of reality, be it extraterrestrial, ultra-dimensional, supernatural or whatever form it takes. If that is the case then they would have been extremely interested in what the likes of Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard (and others) were trying to do. As already stated, it would have mattered naught where this information came from or how it was obtained, as long as they could harness and make effective use of it. One of the papers purportedly coming from this group was entitled 'Deception and UFOs: What we Believe and Why' emerged in 1998 and in it there is a distillation of their findings since their inception in 1952. What is basically says is that the earth is being prepared for Armageddon and that human beings are little more that containers for souls that can be harvested in the service of Satan. The only way to salvation is, apparently, to embrace Christ as your redeemer and all will be well.

One of the strangest aspects of what came under their oversight was the possibility that a project was underway driven by these non-humans to create hybrids of humans and aliens to serve the antichrist and Satan during the endtimes, the time of Armageddon in fact. Never forget that fundamentalist Christians we encountered earlier fully believe this, along with the 'rapture', can and will happen and even the ultra-rational realm of science has its fair share of them. So yes, the Collins Elite probably are real, and seem to be still in existence, for in the murky world of intelligence gathering anything that works, however distasteful can and will be used, although this knowledge is seldom on public display; it is how 'black projects' work. Time as always will tell.


This article comes courtesy of Phenomena Magazine.

Recognised as the leading online magazine of its kind, now distributed worldwide, "Phenomena Magazine" is a FREE monthly publication produced by MAPIT (Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training). Phenomena Magazine looks into the whole realm of the Strange, Profound, Unknown and Unexplained, delving into subjects of the Paranormal, Ufological, Cryptozoological, Parapsychological and Fortean Events.

Source: Spectral Vision


"Take UFOs Seriously" Says Former Navy Pilot
By Martin Finucane

David Fravor is a recognizable type. Affable, neatly dressed, with a men’s regular haircut and semi-rimless glasses, he’s a retired military man who works as a consultant in the Boston area. He could be standing in front of you in a Starbucks line and you wouldn’t notice him at all.

But the story he has to tell is literally out of this world.

Thirteen years ago, the Windham, N.H., resident was a veteran US Navy pilot at the controls of an F/A-18-F fighter jet flying off San Diego when he sighted an unidentified flying object and tried to intercept it.

“I want to join on it. I want to see how close I can get to it,” Fravor, 53, said, describing his thinking as he began the pursuit.

Then the object, which looked like a 4o-foot-long Tic Tac candy, “goes whoosh, and it’s gone.” he said. It accelerated rapidly and disappeared like no aircraft he had ever seen in his career.

Fravor has been in the news recently after the New York Times broke the story that the Pentagon had a secret program that investigated reports of UFOs. The Defense Department says it closed down the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2012 after five years, but the program’s backers say it remains in existence, investigating UFO reports from service members while carrying out other duties.

The story of Fravor’s close encounter accompanied the expose, illustrating the kinds of UFO stories that are hard to explain away.

“I know what I saw,” said Fravor.

The incident occurred on Nov. 14, 2004. It was about 140 miles southwest of San Diego, Fravor said. The commander of a squadron of more than 300 service members aboard the carrier USS Nimitz, he was flying a brand-new plane with a weapons systems officer in the back seat. Another fighter from his squadron, with pilot and weapons system officer aboard, was flying with him. It was a perfect Southern California day.

The sea was calm, without whitecaps. No clouds marred the sky.

A radio operator from the cruiser USS Princeton directed them to an area where the Princeton had been tracking mysterious objects for two weeks. The objects had been dropping straight down from above 80,000 feet and stopping at 20,000 feet. “They’d hang out for hours, and then when they were done, they would go straight back up,” Fravor said.

When the two fighters got to the assigned location, they spotted a disturbance under the water, Fravor said. To him, it looked like something the size of a Boeing 737 airplane was underneath, causing waves to break over it.

“Then we see this bright white object” above the disturbance, moving erratically, back and forth, left and right, bouncing around like a ping pong ball, he said.

Fravor’s jet and the other jet were circling the spot. The other jet was high, Fravor’s jet lower. Trying to get a closer look at the Tic Tac, he began an easy, circular descent toward it.

The object “starts mirroring me,” beginning its own circular ascent from the ocean, he said.

“It’s at about the 2 o’clock and it’s coming up, and I’m at about the 8 o’clock position coming down,” he said, using the cap of a pen to illustrate the maneuvers during an interview at a suburban restaurant.

At that point, he said, he decided to cut across and head directly toward the mysterious object. He turned, dove, then pulled up his plane’s nose — and it zoomed away.

Fravor then looked for the underwater object, and saw that it, too, had disappeared.

The fighters conferred with the Princeton and were told to head to a rendezvous point 60 miles away. They headed toward it when the Princeton told them that radar had picked up the object again — already at the rendezvous point.

When the two jets got there, the object had disappeared. Why it decided to go there of all places is a mystery, Fravor said.

Nearing the end of a 24-year career in the Navy and Marines, Fravor had plenty of experience encountering other aircraft in the sky, but this one was different, he said. It was bright white, cylindrical, with rounded ends. It had no wings, no windows, no exhaust plume.

And then there was that speed. “It was impressive. It was fast. It was maneuverable, and I’d really like to fly it,” Fravor said he told the executive officer on the Nimitz afterwards.

He came within nearly a half-mile of it, he estimated. He and his back-seater as well as the men in the other plane saw it with their own eyes for 3 to 5 minutes, he said.

“What’s unique about [our encounter] is we physically interacted and chased it,” he said. “We literally engaged it.”

Later, back at the carrier, he told his back-seater, “Dude, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty weirded out.”

More fighters were launched and, while they didn’t see it with the naked eye, one crew saw it on their radar and video screens, he said. A copy of the video has been released by the Defense Department. (A second video released by the government shows a different encounter on the East Coast, Fravor said.)

In addition to the Princeton tracking the objects, Fravor said, the Nimitz and an E-2 surveillance plane in the area could also see the objects on their radars.

Was there an intelligence controlling the object?

“Oh, yeah,” Fravor said. “It reacted to us.”

Fravor has no idea what the object was or what it was doing. He says he jokes with people that the object was the one that messed up — by being seen and chased when it wasn’t supposed to be.

He got plenty of ribbing back aboard the carrier. But he said he was surprised at the lack of curiosity the Defense Department showed about the encounter, which happened in an area well-known as a Navy training ground.

“I figured someone would come out,” he said. After all, they’d been tracking the objects for two weeks and surely a debriefing would be in order. But no one ever did.

Fravor said if a foreign submarine had surfaced behind a carrier in the area, dire alarms would have been raised and questions would have been asked about how it had penetrated the Navy’s defense.

“And yet now you have many of these objects, like a dozen of them, that are just, at will, just showing up, doing whatever they want, and going away and you can do nothing about it. And no one asks any questions,” he said.

Over the years, it became just a funny story that he would tell friends — until he was contacted several months ago by Luis Elizondo, the man who once headed the Pentagon program, who asked him to tell his story to the Times.

Now he’s glad the issue is making headlines. And he supports the work of the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a new group that Elizondo has joined that aims to raise money for UFO research.

“I think the story needs to be told. We need to stop making jokes and start paying attention to it,” Fravor said.

“This is not a US problem. This is a global issue,” he said. “Why aren’t we investigating these things? . . . If it’s like ‘E.T.’, then it’s all good. If it’s like ‘War of the Worlds’ or ‘Independence Day,’ then not so much.”

He said it appears our existing technology is “way, way behind” and that if we could understand the Tic Tac’s technology it could benefit the world, leading, for example, to new sources of energy.

The $22 million reportedly spent on the five-year Pentagon program was like a “rounding error” in the Defense Department’s massive budget, he said. With better funding, he believes a breakthrough could happen.

“With the right money and the right focus, you can figure this out,” he said. “I think there’s enough brilliant, open minds.”

Fravor describes himself as an average guy — “total middle class from Toledo, Ohio” — who’s somehow managed to have some amazing experiences. (Among other things, he appeared in the PBS documentary series “Carrier” and has flown his jet over the Super Bowl.)

He said his recent appearances in the news have inspired some jests from friends, which he expected. But so far the overall reaction has been positive.

Fravor, who is married and has two grown children, said his neighbors in New Hampshire haven’t said much about it.

One, though, stopped by with a present: a box of Tic Tacs.

Does he think he will ever see a UFO again?

“Never say never. But there’s, what, 7½ billion people in the world? — and I chased it,” he said.

Source: The Boston Globe


Hail of Stones from Nowhere

They rain down on houses and people with no earthly explanation.

The catalog of unexplained events includes many strange instances of stones falling from the sky - or somewhere. Showers of stones, often from clear skies and in areas where rockslides from mountains cannot be blamed. Hails of stones pummeling rooftops and people, often causing damage and injury. Investigations of these events usually end with unnerved victims and with officials scratching their heads in puzzlement or, out of desperation, inventing "explanations" that are sometimes as outlandish as the events themselves.

Reports of this particular type of mystery go back centuries and come from all over the world. One of the earliest written accounts was by Robert Kirk in 1690, who attributed the throwing of "great stons" to subterranean inhabitants that he called the "invisible wights." And an unexplained stone-throwing incident that took place in New Hampshire was recorded in a pamphlet entitled "Lithobolia, or the Stone-throwing Devil," published in London in 1698.

In some of these bizarre cases, the rain of stones occurs in connection with other paranormal phenomena, such as a haunting or poltergeist activity.
In the famous Bell Witch haunting of 1817, which included a host of strange goings-on, neighbors of the beleaguered Bells were pelted with stones thrown by an unseen entity.

The phenomenon is defined by the inability of investigators to identify any assailants or vandals, and usually by the lack of any motive for such an assault. So the questions arise: Where do these phantom stones come from? Who or what is responsible for throwing or dropping them? Are there natural explanations for the phenomenon? Consider these remarkable cases and draw your own conclusions:

• Harrisonville, Ohio, 1901 - The stone attack on this small village began on the Sunday afternoon of October 13 when, as the Buffalo Express reported, "a small boulder came crashing through the window of Zach Dye's house." No culprit could be found around the isolated house... and this was just the beginning. The next day, dozens of stones rained down in the heart of the village, breaking windows and striking citizens. Were mischievous kids to blame? The next day, all of the male children of the village were gathered together (how could girls do such a thing?), and stones fell for a third day. None of the villagers could detect where the stones were coming from.

• Sumatra, 1903 - W. G. Grottendieck wrote about how small black stones, hot to the touch, came raining down in his bedroom as 1 a.m. The most bizarre aspect of this case is that the stones seemed to come through the roof without making holes in it, and they fell, he said, in a motion that was slower than would be normal.

• Marcinelle, Belgium, 1913 - For four days in January one house was besieged by an invisible stone thrower with remarkable accuracy. Police officers began to watch the house in an attempt to catch the vandal, but one wrote in his report: "I have seen a stone arriving in the middle of a large window-pane and then came others in spiral round the first point of impact.... I even saw, in another window, a projectile caught in the fragments of the glass of the first hole it made, and subsequently ejected by another passing through the same point." No stone-thrower was ever seen, although an estimated 300 stones struck the house.

• Ardeche, France, 1921 - Most of these events are short-lived, lasting only a few days at most. But beginning in September, a farmhouse in France was victimized for four months. The stones dropped at all hours of the day, sometimes striking the family's children and a clergyman who was called in to investigate. In this case, apples were also thrown and, again, with inhuman accuracy: apples came speeding in through small holes in the shudders made by previous apples.

• Sumatra, 1928 - One of the most astonishing cases was experienced and reported by the renowned paranormal investigator Ivan T. Sanderson. While sitting on the veranda of an estate house as a guest one evening, a shiny black pebble dropped onto the veranda out of nowhere. Dozens more followed. Sanderson, who was familiar with the phenomenon, tried an experiment. He ordered the stones gathered up and marked with chalk, paint or whatever else could be used. They then threw the stones back out randomly into the garden and shrubbery. "We must have thrown over a dozen such marked stones," Sanderson wrote. "Within a minute they were all back! Nobody, with a powerful flashlight or super-eyesight, could have found those little stones in that tangled mess... and thrown them back on to the veranda.
Yet, they came back, all duly marked by us!"

• Oakland, California, 1943 - In August of that year, Mrs. Irene Fellows finally called the police after two weeks of stones pelting her house at various times of the day. At first skeptical, the police inquiry became serious when their investigation clearly identified the pockmarks of the falling stones on Mrs. Fellows' roof and walls, and by the litter of stones on her lawn. Mrs. Fellows and members of her family were frequently hit by the stones, although to no serious injury. The thorough police investigation could offer no explanation for the stones, which seemed to materialize out of nothingness.

• Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand, 1963 - Stones and apples are one thing, but what about money? Why would a vandal throw money? On March 24, a guest house was inexplicably battered by a hail of stones and a few coins. Police were called and unsuccessfully searched for the perpetrator of the assault, which lasted for seven hours. Windows were smashed and people were struck, but none injured. The coins included New Zealand pennies and a large copper coin. The mysterious attack occurred again for two more nights, then stopped.

• Skaneateles, New York, 1973 - Most often, a particular house is the target for this phenomenon, but in this highly unusual case, two fisherman became the victims of the falling stones - a paranormal storm that followed wherever they went! The rain of pebbles began as they were finishing their fishing expedition and followed them as they made their way to their car. The shower ceased for a while, then resumed when they stopped briefly on their way home. Deciding they needed a drink, they went to a bar, and when they came out some time later, the rain of pebbles began again. As they were about to go their separate ways in their hometown of Liverpool (about 25 miles northeast of Skaneateles), the little stones dropped on them one last time.

• Arizona, 1983 - The attack on the Berkbigler family began in September, just as they moved into their new home. Large rocks crashed down on the house every night, usually between the hours of 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. The local sheriff's department could determine no assailant, even with helicopter surveillance. The authorities became reluctant to visit the Berkbigler home when they too were struck by the falling rocks. This went on for weeks, culminating on December 4 while two newspaper reporters were interviewing the family. Rocks slammed into the side door of the house for two hours. What's most mysterious here is that to strike this door, the rocks had to pass through the garage where a van was parked, through a narrow two-foot space.

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of such cases that have taken place over the last century. There is no easy explanation for these rains of rocks and stones. Something supernatural is most definitely taking place, and most researchers theorize that it is a form of poltergeist phenomena - a physical manifestation caused most likely by the minds (or powerful electromagnetic brain activity) of the victims themselves. But this meager explanation poses more questions than it answers, especially in the cases in which the very physical stones seem to materialize out of thin air.

Source: paranormal.about.com

The Consciousness of the Haunted House

The relationship that exists between a haunted house and its occupants is like two circles colliding. Each circle is a myriad of conscious interaction that constitutes its own form of a created reality. Haunted landscapes and UFO 'hot-spots' may be where these highways of consciousness intercept and perhaps for a period of time interlock. Experiencing paranormal phenomena may be a meeting of minds where each interacts with the other, and so may be recognised or interpreted by the other.

Both the haunted terrain and the walker in the terrain bring each other into being by mutual recognition and interaction. Therefore the walker becomes the haunted terrain as the haunted terrain begins to walk. Each reality validates the other and each may interpret, absorb and possess the other for the duration of the haunting.

A haunting experience is essentially about exploration of consciousness and this is achieved through the interaction of the observer with the environment that may observe us in return. These are consciousness enriched landscapes where we become both the observer and the observed. With doorways unlocked and gates flung open we merge, into what could be the beginnings of an ongoing boundaryless interaction.

The nature of physical reality often becomes questionable as time shifts occur and we experience things such as apports, teleports, the multiplication of food or the passing of objects through metal and wood. What we assumed to be steadfast physical reality becomes an intangible process of dreaming. Rather than ending a story with, "I woke up only to find that it had all been a really bad dream.", we might say, "I began to dream only to find that it had all been a really limited reality."

It is natural for consciousness to cling to the physical world but materialism is meant to express our growth not limit it, since the physical world is also limitless. Only by our desire to possess and control it, do we place ourselves in these binary orbits of limitation. The paranormal is normal. It is only relegated to fringe subject matter because our idea of reality collapses under such situations and so the haunted landscapes are treated to a dose of human fear followed by an attempt to control.

So what are these landscapes we enter when we collide with the ghostly beings? Bruce Duensing writes of his experience with a ghost while on a highway, where an interaction between the two takes place as though ghost were physically manifest. There follows a brief conversation where the ghost gives advice on hitchhiking.

"I spun around to take another look to determine if I had walked far enough. He had vanished. There was nowhere he could have hid even if he was odd enough to have done so for no reason. I stood alongside the interstate for quite a while and attempted to process what had occurred. [From: INTANGIBLE MATERIALITY A PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNEY TOWARD INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATION]

Interestingly, Duensing is focused on the relationship that occurs between the ghostly being and himself, rather than the thrill of 'seeing a ghost', this bringing to mind that relationship involves empathetic interaction and not cheap entertainment. The processing that takes place after such encounters is common as our interpreting minds attempt to catalogue an experience into a filing cabinet that contains no files. When one interacts with a ghost they collide with the reality of another being.

This interaction is clearly evident in movies such as The Shining and Poltergiest where the families are being slowly influenced by and absorbed into another reality, that exists separate to but simultaneously alongside their own. It perhaps takes a strong mind to avoid possession or even psychosis and to remain both selfless and aware under those circumstances and to witness without ego fear or judgement.

In order to experience the haunted landscape you must become it and unbecome it simultaneously, so that a flow of conscious energy is continually evolving. All worlds are haunted. All consciousness is ghostly. The worlds are made up of consciousness.

Hauntings involve a collapsing of boundaries and limitations. Only the skeptical mind rebuilds the structures and then forgets what lies beyond them, or even that they have built them, then denies all possibilities beyond what they have built. But these are fragile sand castles erected on the sea's great edge and the ocean is coming.

Who's reality do we exist in when come across a ghostly being? As they are the ghosts of our worlds, perhaps we are the ghosts the theirs, something intangible yet vaguely recognised that they too reach out to, only to find that their hands and their thoughts pass through us unrecognised and unacknowledged. Do we walk through the walls of their worlds on occasion? Are the physical environments we occupy simply 'haunted' landscapes for them? The living consciousnesses of the disembodied may strive to find the mind who can perceive them and translate them into our world through a physical medium. But are the embodied the disempowered elsewhere?

If we are to understand and develop relationships with ghostly beings, it will be within our own thought processes and not in the light of a ghost hunter's torch. We are our thoughts and when we connect and become entangled is not where our bodies end, but where our minds begin to meet and journey together. If the physical world is thought into existence, then it is very likely as limitless as the mind that imagines it. What we choose to label as realities are merely stones in a stream, a series of reference points in universes of conscious development and interaction.

The way to investigate a poltergeist is to understand the consciousnesses involved in the collision of worlds and the collapse of boundaries. What were they thinking? What state of mind are they in? How do they contribute or connect to the phenomenon? I believe that there are a multitude of consciousnesses involved in poltergeist or haunting or UFO experiences, which in their own way are simply another kind of haunting. Phenomenon is catalogued by human organisations but in the intangible realm it remains interconnected. The only given is interaction.

Therefore a haunting is merely another reality that we experience, while the circumstances are favourable to such interactions. This is likely to involve the meeting of minds rather than the need to capture, record or prove. The ghostly consciousness may be tuned into our environment as in the movie The Others.

These so-called 'others' may very well experience us as ghostly. Rather than two passing ships in the night, we become two colliding circles of reality imbued with multitude of consciousness. We are overlapping points collision in a mind created world, that feels as if it exists all around us but is only just out of our awareness.

When one enters the environment of a haunted house or landscape, one enters the consciousness of it as it enters us. Haunted people and haunted landscapes are the one being. Your mind is a landscape just as the landscape is your mind. It is all consciousness colliding and interacting, and in the case of many of us, an attempt to physically manifest or unmanifest. In the same way that the many selves of a multiple personality strive for co-conscious existences, so may we need to become co-conscious in order interact with and understand the worlds of ghostly beings.

While each reality may involve its own rules and have its own ways of becoming and being, this video film clip (Take Me On by Aha) relies on frames and the interaction between a comic book character and a young woman in a diner to show that LOVE allows us to traverse the boundaries of the worlds that exist parallel to our own.

Source: Coral Hull: The RSPK Journals

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The Church of Satan Thinks Sex Robots Could Save Society

The Church of Satan recently started posting videos about sex robots online – but it wasn’t a bandwagon-jumping attempt to grab clicks.

Oddly, the founder of the church of Satan, Anton Lavey, predicted sex robots more than two decades ago – and today’s Satanists still believe they could save us all.

In Lavey’s ‘Five Point Plan’, drawn up in the Eighties, he recommended the use of ‘humanoids’ as an outlet for people’s darker impulses.

The Church of Satan’s Magistra Blanche Barton wrote, ‘Scientists and techno-geeks are doing a bang-up job in these departments, developing exceedingly realistic artificial human companions, both of the Real Doll and virtual Facebook-friend variety.’

Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan told Metro, ‘Anton LaVey promoted the idea of “artificial human companions” as a means for people to exercise sexual or other drives with a device that might gratify their fantasies without having to involve other human beings. This would permit complete control over the details of the fantasy. Now that robotics is advancing, it seems that this field of endeavor is seeing new activity.

‘The Church of Satan doesn’t involve itself in these projects as our purpose is education regarding the religion and philosophy of Satanism, though some of our members find this to be of personal interest and are involved, though they wouldn’t necessarily reveal their affiliation as it might compromise their ability to broadly market successful products to a mass audience.’
    Uncanny Lover: The Satanic history of sex dolls https://t.co/uCgjHdFw5P

    — The Church Of Satan (@ChurchofSatan) January 15, 2018

The Church – based on the teachings of Anton Lavey maintains a highly active and witty Twitter account which has more than 125,000 followers.

In an introduction, ‘Satanism: the Feared Religion’, the Church of Satan explains the church’s ideas on ‘artificial human companions’.

The Church of Satan says, ‘Fourth, Satanists advocate a new industry, the development and promotion of artificial human companions. These humanoids will be constructed to be as realistic as possible, and available to anyone who can afford one.

‘Recognizing that the human animal often raises himself up throught the denegration of another, this would provide a safe outlet for such behavior. Have the lover of your dreams, regardless of your own prowess; every man a king who can purchase his own subject; or contrarywise, buy the master you wish to serve. Freedom of choice to satisfy your most secret desires with no-one to be bothered is now at hand.

‘What could be better for blowing-off the tension that exists throughout our society, and promoting healthier interaction among true humans?’

Source: Metro


Rural Communities Named After Eerie “Bogeymen”
By Micah Hanks

For centuries, western culture has been haunted by a variety of bogeymen, whether real or imagined. Arguably, a majority of these weird and often eerie characters were not created by pure happenstance; they were dreamed up intentionally, with the aim of keeping children prone to misbehavior in their beds at night.

However, there have been at least a few bogeymen that haunted adults too. I recall an interesting story from my childhood, shared by an elderly friend of the family named Larry, who recalled a curious, albeit amusing episode from his youth. The story went that Larry, while in his twenties, had made the acquaintance of a group of moonshiners that carried out their bootlegging along the side of a steep mountain, where they could conceal their operation.

One afternoon, Larry had been up visiting the moonshiners when they spotted a pair of individuals down the mountain, seemingly in approach toward their locale.

“Who is that?” Larry asked his friends.

“Damned revenuers!” one of the moonshiners exclaimed, pulling out a gun. It seemed apparent that an altercation would occur if these men–likely agents of the U.S. Treasury Department, who had caught wind of what the bootleggers were up to–made their way up the mountain.

Hoping to get out of this increasingly tight situation, Larry offered an alternative. “Wait boys, I have an idea,” he said, taking off down the adjacent side of the mountain, where he knew he would still be seen by the approaching men, but from a distance.

It was late Autumn, and although the weather had a considerable chill to it, Larry also had what we might call a bit of “flair for the dramatic,” and had worn a long, dark colored cloak for his ascent up the mountain on this particular afternoon. Hence, as he ran down the mountain, he grabbed his cloak by the edges, flapping them wildly like huge, dark wings. As he made his descent down the mountain by the fading light of late afternoon, his “winged” appearance must have made quite an impression on the approaching treasury agents–if that’s indeed who they were–for they took off back down the mountain in an awful hurry, and never returned again to bother Larry’s moonshining buddies.

I remember laughing at this eccentric little story as a child, although many years later, I would come to find that similar wives’ tales involving “bogeymen” used to ward off curious visitors were not uncommon in the rural south. In fact, this very sort of scenario had served as the basis for the eventual name of a North Carolina town, appropriately dubbed “Boogertown,” for its legends of an eerie Bogeyman that lurked in the forest. In actuality, this tale had been composed and circulated by the local moonshiners, in order to keep townsfolk (or Treasury Agents) at safe distances.

North Carolina is by no means the only state that fostered locations named after “Boogers” (a regional term throughout the southeast that denotes the same thing as a “Bogeyman”). A similarly named locale in West Virginia, called “Booger Hole”, incorporates a string of mysterious killings from the early 1900s into its local mythos. The Jan 29, 1917, edition of the West Virginia Gazette Times featured the following details about this peculiar story, which involved the unsolved murders:

    The Booger Hole community has been the scene of about a dozen murders, but because of the fear one class of citizens had for the other class, but little comment was made following any of the killings. One of the most mysterious cases was that of John Newman, a peddler, who disappeared while going from one farm house to another one evening. Joseph Clark was another victim. He was sleeping in a school house. He was traced by a streak of blood to a creek nearby, but nothing further was ever learned about him.

As the article already illustrates, this community had been referred to as “Booger Hole” well before the time these murders occurred; hence, it is possible that the town was named after circumstances similar to its North Carolina cousin, rather than any mysterious killer.

A number of similar “Booger Towns” exist elsewhere; one notable example is Arkansas’s “Booger Hollow,” which was actually a tourist attraction situated at the site of an old trading post, which included a small restaurant, a tabernacle, and even a community center within the local Masonic lodge.

According to a now-defunct website on the history of the unusual spot:

    “The name originated with the belief that the hollow was haunted due to the numerous graveyards located there. Booger in this case is a variant of bogie or boogie, as in “boogie man.” So to call the place Booger Hollow is a colorful local term meaning Ghost Valley. According to the USGS, Tennessee and Kentucky each have valleys named Booger Hollow. The town of Boozeville, Georgia was formerly named Booger Hollow, although dropping ‘Booger Hollow’ in favor of ‘Boozeville’ is kind of like walking halfway to church.”

As the renaming of Georgia’s Booger Hollow indicates, associations with “booze” and moonshining culture sometimes remain prevalent, even after the names of these places are changed. Similar names at various other locales include

    Booger Hole Slough, a lake in Mississippi, as well as the nearby Booger Den near Minter City
    Booger Hill in Cumming, Georgia, associated with a nearby graveyard said to be haunted.
    Boogertown, near Sevierville, Tennessee, named after a Civil War legend about a soldier being frightened by a cow lurking in some nearby brush.
    Boogerville, a community within Columbus, Florida, that existed under this name in the 1950s; it was found roughly between 13th Street and Linwood Boulevard.

And finally, Booger Tree, Alabama, a once-existent unincorporated community in Winston County, Alabama.

While some of these locations have little or nothing to do with moonshining, the similarities (often supernatural in nature) do persist. With little doubt, there have probably been countless other examples from around the country, which similarly borrowed their names from local history and legends about bogeymen… or as they are still fondly called in parts of the rural south, the “Boogers” said to lurk around such rural areas by night.

Source: Mysterious Universe

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