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 'Powerplay' The Security Services, Sex, Death and Magick -  
Mexico: The San Mateo UFOs and Contacteeism -
Mystery UFO Metal Studied in Las Vegas -
AND: Couple Possessed by Jinns After Valentines Day Tryst

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Weird Winged Wonders: The Twilight World Of Cryptid Creatures
They are the winged wonders from the Twilight World of Cryptid creatures.
*Living Pterosaurs have been seen from Guantanamo AF Base in Cuba to the jungles of Papa New Guinea where the locals call them the “Ropa.”
*They are the Flying Felines of the Egyptian dynasties to the Greek Heroes living in underground caverns on Mount Olympus.
*Here is the Mothman Creature, initially seen around the hamlet of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and associated with the collapse there of the Silver Bridge – but now recently observed by dozens of credible witnesses in downtown Chicago. Some researchers say Mothman is a harbinger of death.
*The Jersey Devil is said to be a demon who flies near the Pine Barrens mainly in the dead of night, while the Thunderbirds are massive creatures with wingspans of more than 30 feet.
*Dragons are thought of as beings rooted firmly in mythology and the stuff of movies such as “The Hobbit” and popular cable TV shows such as “Game of Thrones.” Yet sightings of these aerial demons known to spit fire have been seen worldwide and are part of every culture – past and present – from Europe to the United States, and every continent in between.
*Even more eerie are the flying and floating “alien” humanoids and witchy “brohaus” observed widely in Mexico and South America.
Here are dozens of the creepy-crawly narrations – backed up by the strangest of photographed evidence – of bizarre and unknown flying cryptids who frolic in our sky as if they have not a care in the world. Theories abound as to their origin(s) and nature and their overall grip on our perceived reality, as explored in this dramatic work by such respected researchers as Sean Casteel, Brad Steiger, Paul Eno, Allen Greenfield, Lon Strickler, Tim Swartz, Scott Corrales, Hercules Invictus, Jonathon David Whitcomb, Albert Rosales, Paul Dale Roberts, Steve Ward, Nomar Slevik, with the added editorial flare of “Exploring the Bizarre” co-host Tim Beckley.

Are they demons straight from hell or from an unknown shadow world? Ultra-terrestrials who have strayed into “our territory” from another time and space continuum? Or simply prehistoric monsters thought to have died out millions of years ago, but who still exist living just beyond our reach, ready to be rediscovered by science? Whatever they are, they are truly BIZARRE!

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'Powerplay' The Security Services, Sex, Death and Magick
By Brian Allan

It is indeed strange that those who have the most, in material terms at least, also appear to be afflicted with a terminal ennui that runs a terrifyingly close parallel to an instinct for self destruction. And so it was in the born again freedom of the 1960’s when the rich and powerful came out to play and became mired in a web of promiscuous sex, scandal, alcohol, the use of illicit drugs and, perhaps inevitably the ultimate thrill…black magick.

In many ways the values of the 1960’s were a juddering hammer blow to the lynchpins of the rigid, class ridden and elitist cohorts of the UK when, as a direct result of the social changes created by the Second World War, much had changed and from their perspective the world would never be the same again. This new era of ‘flower power’ and liberal empowerment, not to mention the explosion in the recreational use of drugs, irrevocably and permanently changed the social landscape. To a great extent the ‘old order’ had also changed and the hidebound elite whose indiscretions enjoyed automatic censorship and concealment now found themselves exposed to the glare of egalitarian openness.

It might not have mattered too much had those who chose this risky (and frequently risqué) lifestyle only been the bored and/or idle rich. In that context they might have enjoyed their brief flare of fame (or notoriety) and been exposed by the sensation seeking gutter press as rich wastrels who were good for column inches and little else. However, the lifestyle also attracted those who would have been better served by avoiding the siren song of excess. Every circus needs a ringmaster, for indeed a circus it was, and in this case the master, in more ways that one, was an influential and talented society osteopath and sometime portrait artist, the late Dr Stephen Ward. However, before we look behind the veil of obfuscation and misdirection still surrounding the wild drug and alcohol fuelled parties he organised for the powerbrokers, politicians and their associates, we should look at the man.

Stephen Ward was born in 1912 into an Anglican family; and his father, Arthur Ward, was the Canon of Rochester Cathedral. Stephen was initially educated at Highgate School in London, but few years later in 1920 the family moved to Torquay when Arthur Ward was appointed Vicar at the church of St Matthias. Stephen’s early life was relatively uneventful until, aged seventeen, his family wanted him to attend university, but he refused and moved to London then Hamburg where, in 1929, he found employment as a translator at the German branch of the oil giant, Shell. In 1934 Ward’s mother convinced him that his future lay elsewhere and he travelled to America to study Osteopathy at the Kirksville Collage in Missouri. During this time he developed a deep and abiding love of America and the warmth and friendliness of its people, which was a sharp contrast to the ‘stiff upper lip’ iciness that typified much of English society.

After the Second World War, where he served with the Royal Armoured Corps, Ward worked for the Osteopathic Association Clinic in Dorset Square in London. It was here that he met and treated several extremely influential and powerful people including the iconic wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, cabinet minister Duncan Sandys, (the Minster for Aviation), the artist Feliks Topolski and film stars Ava Gardiner, Mary Martin (mother of ‘Dallas’ actor Larry Hagman) and Mel Ferrer. His exclusive clientele slowly built up allowing him to open his own clinic at Cavendish Square in the immediate vicinity of the epicentre of expensive private medicine in fashionable Harley Street. It is interesting that given the nature of what Ward later became involved in, that Duncan Sandys was also embroiled in a notorious sexual escapade involving the Duchess of Argyle and the actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Among those he also befriended were Lord Astor, who allowed him free use of a cottage on his sprawling Cliveden Estate, and also Sir Roger Hollis, at that time the head of MI5. He also socialised with such people as Sir Anthony Blunt, the aforementioned actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Prince Philip, the Marquis of Milford have and the notorious slum landlord Peter Rachman. It was these associations coupled to his need to ingratiate himself further that almost by osmosis lead to him to become what was in effect a pimp supplying attractive young women such as Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies (to whom Ward had at one point proposed marriage) for the many parties he hosted at the cottage on Lord Astor’s estate. It was during this period that he met the individuals who were to play such an important part in the scandal that brought down a government and led to his death, supposedly through suicide.

The parties/orgies were one thing, but it was his association with the communist sympathiser and spy Anthony Blunt and latterly Yevgeni Ivanov, the Soviet Naval Attaché that ultimately destroyed the reputation and career of John Prufumo, the anachronistically named ‘Minster for War’ in the Conservative government. The act that finally brought down Profumo was his sworn declaration to parliament that he had not had an affair with the call girl Christine Keeler. The truth or otherwise of the situation is, quite typically in situations like this, fluid. Profumo was indeed having an affair with Keeler and that is known, but probably unaware that she was also sleeping with Ivanov.

The fear, as far as the British government was concerned, was due to what is euphemistically known as ‘pillow talk’, when state secrets might find their way to the Soviet Union. Bad enough you might think, but it is strongly implied that Stephen Ward was in fact an MI5 asset and attempting to entrap Ivanov using the classic ‘honey pot’ ruse. In fact the entire affair was part and parcel of a convoluted spy network involving the so called ‘Cambridge Five’ which included the Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, Sir Anthony Blunt, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, John Caircross and Donald Mclean, all of whom were under intense scrutiny from the security services.

Even this group may not have been the final summation, because the English university system was a fertile recruiting ground for Soviet talent spotters like Arnold Deuch and there may well have been other spies deliberately allowed to remain at large to suit the Machiavellian plans of the British security services. An interesting observation made about British security is that the end always justifies the means and that was made by a member of the Russian security services; a back handed compliment if ever there was one.

The network of spies at this time was an international spiders web of intrigue reaching into all the powerbases of the military and government in the UK and all of them had been ‘turned’ by charismatic and urbane individuals like Anthony Blunt, who escaped prosecution by informing on his former associates. Even then there are suspicions that some of them were in fact double and even treble agents operated (or ‘run’ as the saying goes) by the Soviet Union, the United States and of course the United Kingdom. Bear in mind that all this was happening during the heightened suspicion and paranoia surrounding the ‘Cold War’ when nuclear war between the superpowers was a very real risk and spying was rife.

In any event, as part of the fallout from the whole sorry affair, Ward was arrested under the Sexual Offences Act 1956 on charges of living off immoral earnings and Christine Keeler was arrested for prostitution. At this point MI5 denied all knowledge of Ward and insisted that he never told them about Profumo’s involvement with Christine Keeler and by implication Yevgeni Ivanov. During the 1963 trial, followed a severe character assassination at the hands of the prosecution counsel, Mervin Griffin-Jones, Ward overdosed on barbiturates and was found in a coma from which he never awoke and died a few weeks later.

The trial was concluded on the 5th of August 1963 with no sentence passed. Did Ward jump or was he pushed, the answer to this is unknown, but there is little doubt that he was privy to some juicy and highly embarrassing titbits of information and he may well have been assassinated ‘just in case’. Well, this tidies away all the aspects of the affair that were fit to be seen, but it did not of course reveal all that had occurred nor those involved; especially those who had been involved.

Another aspect of what came to be known as ‘The Profumo Affair’ that was also over looked, almost certainly deliberately, was the fact that in addition to being an osteopath and gifted artist, Ward was also a practising magician. The ‘poolside parties’ he organised at the cottage on the Cliveden Estate of Lord Astor, although undoubtedly louche and lascivious affairs, were window dressing for the other, much, much, darker ‘games’. This information did not emerge until after the death of Ward when he could no longer be called upon to testify, although, that said not all of those present at the parties would have been privy to the excesses of the magickal rituals invoked by Ward; they were only for a privileged few initiates seeking more intense thrills.

It is doubtful that even among this elite there were very few who, at the outset at least, would have been aware of the risks involved. While the actual use of sorcery by Ward and his inner circle had no apparent practical purpose other than to provide an extra level of excitement and channel for boredom, but it now seems that there was much more to it than that. However, before we return to that the involvement of the security services with magick goes back for some considerable way, right back to the Elizabethan magus, Dr John Dee in fact.

John Dee was a truly remarkable man, he was an alchemist, a mathematician, an astrologer and of course a magician, a real polymath and he also created (or transcribed depending on how one views it) the Enochian alphabet. This strange selection of enigmatic glyphs and shapes was apparently given to him, by the ‘angels’ he observed using magickal techniques and a bizarre scrying device made of obsidian (volcanic glass). He is also known to have been deeply involved with Sir Francis Walsingham who founded the first effective English Secret Service during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the 1st and it has been mooted that Dee’s ‘Enochian’ symbols were in fact used as form of code to convey secret messages.

Curiously enough the code number assigned to Dr Dee was 007, the same as Ian Fleming’s creation Jams Bond, and of course Fleming was also involved to some extent with magick through the medium Helen Duncan and of course the almost ubiquitous and notorious magician Aleister Crowley, more of whom later. The use of the Enochian language has become part and parcel of various types of magick and is frequently used in the rituals involved.

Another character involved with both the security services and magick was Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the ‘Hellfire Club’, which had much in common with the more lurid excesses of Stephen Ward and his associates. The security interest was more due to the importance of the attendees at the Hellfire Club than anything else. Dashwood attracted some degree of infamy in another context too when he undertook the ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe, something that at the time was practically de rigeur for young men of his wealth and Status. After joining the Masonic Order in France he then went to Italy where he developed markedly anti-Catholic views. These were formed when he observed the stark differences between the wealth of casual ostentation of the Church and the crushing poverty of the majority of their devout flock. This found expression when he disrupted a Mass and openly insulted the Pope, however in the long term it did him no harm and he eventually was elected to the British Government and became Chancellor of The Exchequer.

We have briefly mentioned Aleister Crowley; a man who has become almost ubiquitous as far as magick is concerned. Despite his largely deserved notoriety, Crowley always claimed that he worked for, or at least co-operated with, British Intelligence during both the First and Second World Wars. It is also strongly hinted that he was directly involved in the interrogation of Rudolph Hess and was brought in specifically to do this by none other than Ian Fleming who knew him and in particular his encyclopaedic knowledge of the occult. Fleming was himself at least peripherally involved in another aspect of magick when he was instrumental in the arrest of the Scottish medium Helen Duncan who, during a séance, revealed that the HMS Barham had been sunk with a considerable loss of life when this was still closely guarded secret. The propaganda and news management during wartime was almost a form of magick in its own right, a primitive type of thought control.

In more recent times we find that L. Ron Hubbard a former member of US navy Intelligence and the inventor of Scientology, was deeply involved with Jack Parsons, one of the co founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena California. Both Hubbard and Parsons (a noted magician who was known and liked by Crowley) attempted to operate a ritual known as the ‘Babylon Working’. In fact Crowley, fearing the damage that could be caused, tried to talk them out of conducting the ritual but they went ahead anyway, and the results of this are unclear. The idea was to open a ‘portal’ and allow the Goddess Babylon access to the continuum, it is interesting t note that this was done immediately before 1947 and the supposed UFO incident at Roswell and all that has ensued since.

When asked out this the Scientology movement becomes rather coy, and assures the questioner that Hubbard was observing Parsons lest he divulge details of the secret rocketry research that he was working on. As it happens, Parsons rather like Stephen Ward, was killed in mysterious circumstances when there was an explosion in is garage. He had, we are told, been working with highly volatile chemicals as part of his research into solid rocket fuels. If so, his employers must have been extremely lax about what they allowed to leave the site, especially if this dangerous material was being worked on in a domestic environment.

The most recent collaboration between the security services and magick must surely be the events surrounding the so called ‘Stargate Project’ when certain carefully selected people were trained to ‘remote view’ objects and individuals thousands of miles away. It has been rumoured that the remote viewers were able, in some situations, to travel off planet and even travel in time. However the source of funding for the project ceased in 1995 although it has been reported that three of the best remote viewers were seconded onto another as yet unnamed project. The original idea came from a genuine fear that the Russians had begun a similar project as far back as 1977 when US Army Intelligence (INSCOM) instituted the forerunner to Stargate and called it ‘Gondola Wish’.

If we can accept, even hypothetically, that the intelligence services can and do forms of magick they must therefore consider it viable so, of Ward and his initiates were not simply looking for enhanced sexual thrills then what were they doing? In some cases sexual excess is essential to rituals that involve Tantric practises such as those used by the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), therefore what Ward was doing was legitimate, but again why? Was it because some of his coven were in important positions and wanted to guarantee that they would remain so, was it because of power or influence or was it simply money? It has been alleged that magick and those who practise it are interested in attaining sex, power and money and sometimes all three. What is clear is that Ward was involved in magickal practises that were extremely dangerous. If so then these rituals can and do leave an unhealthy residue, a sort of ‘psychic stench’ in an around the area they are practised, and so it was with the cottage on the Cliveden Estate.

Following the demise of Ward and the break up of his circle of friends the cottage was used and lived in by various people, but now there was an ‘atmosphere’ attached to it. There were reports of ‘bumps in the night’ and also frequent glimpses of terrifying apparitions, but more worryingly there was full blown poltergeist phenomena. This continued for some time, so much so that arrangements were made to have the place exorcised and the man chosen to perform this rite was a noted Anglican exorcist, the late Dom Robert Petit-Pierre. According to Dom Robert, the place took a full two days of concentrated effort to expunge it of whatever had taken hold of the building. The exorcist was certain that Ward had indulged in black magick and Satanism and the exorcism was one of the most complex he had ever undertaken. Evidently it was success and there were no reports of further disturbances there.

So what to make of it all, there can be no doubt that, to repeat the cynical phrase attributed to the British Secret Services, that ‘the ends always justify the means’ and if that involves magick then so be it. It is also likely that murder would be justifiable in that context as well hence the timely removal of Stephen Ward before any more highly embarrassing and damaging revelations surfaced. Ward was one, but how many other ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’ have there been and how many more will be ‘removed’ in the future. What is of even more concern is that if this has happened once one can almost guarantee can and will happen again and indeed may be happening right now , (Dr David Kelly anyone?). We can only hope that when it does resurface (and it will) that any indiscretions are discretely removed from public view before anyone else gets hurt…or killed.

Source: Brian Allan, Editor, Phenomena Magazine



Mexico: The San Mateo UFOs and Contacteeism

The municipality of Naucalpan in the State of Mexico has been the setting for major sightings in the UFO case histories.

We should remember the "mothership" recorded by UFO hunters Pedro Hernandez and Alfredo Carrillo over Ciudad Satelite during the afternoon hours of May 9, 2000, showing a yellow object disgorging dozens of spheres on its left and on its right. They were small dark-grey craft, while the larger object rotated at a lower elevation.

The UFO videos recorded in 2014 over Colonia San Mateo in that very same Mexican municipality show a series of anomalous flying objects that are invisible to the human eye.

While it may seem incredible, these objects were detected by night vision equipment flying some 20 to 30 meters over the buildings adjacent to the dwelling of another UFO hunter - Fernando Lucero.

"The dogs began to bark, becoming restless, as if aware of the objects' presence. No one realizes it because no one can see them," he said.

Surely there is a civilization coming to our world on a research mission, interested in learning more about humans with our urges and passions, but also to study the general traits of our planet, leading us to understand the reason that an increase of activity in the Popocatepetl Volcano results in an increase in UFO sightings, as they would be studying the progress of this colossal mountain.

In other words, when they come to our world, they arrive with an agenda laid out before them and not to engage in interplanetary tourism, hoping for random discoveries. A group of scientists, for example, who go to another country to research a problem that bedevils a population, setting up a work plan based on the first information gleaned, compiling as much data as possible.

In the 1960s, Mexican television aired a TV commercial showing a flying saucer and two aliens flying over the tower emblem that characterized Ciudad Satelite, where the sale of real estate was being promoted.

"Ciudad Satelite" was dubbed thus by being a residential area adjacent to the vast urban spread of Mexico City. It has since become part of the Valle de Mexico, surrounded by millions of inhabitants.

The Tlatilca Culture settled in the Municipality of Naucalpan. It held a belief in the Tlamatines, the men of power, the men who contacted the 'other realities" that we can find exhibited at the Museo de la Cultura Tlatilca, located on the Périferico (beltway). They give us the impression of looking at a person wearing an odd spacesuit.


What are the common points between contactees and extraterrestrials? It is believed, at times, that a contactee's testimony is the continuation of another experiencer, and that they speak to the same species, which is in theory imparting the same message.

Mexico has a rich case history with significant cases whose messages have addressed matters ranging from matters of ecology, philosophy, astronomy, technology and medicine, among others.

The messages received today are quite similar to the ones that circulated in the 1950s. Could it be that humanity has not understood the information given, prompting them to repeat the message in the belief that we lack a historic memory? We are therefore given the message one more time. Both options are valid. We cannot know this for sure, but what we must take into is that the new generation of contactees in our country is giving us new content and messages.

"We must show greater unity as human beings, and love must prevail above all. We must not forget that we are not alone in the universe," but in recent days a new concept has been developed, known as "A Call to Planet Earth", in which four contactees - Ivonne Mantilla, Jurlen Malak, André Malak and Daniel Harari - will share the latest information, ranging from planetary changes to the matters that concern the visitors to our world.

Source: Planeta UFO and El Grafico.mx
Date: 02.17.2018
An article by Yohanan Diaz Vargas

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Yohanan Diaz Vargas]

Source: Inexplicata


Woman Sues To Get Sasquatch Recognized As Species
By Joe Nelson

Could Bigfoot be in Big Bear?

Crestline resident Claudia Ackley isn’t sure, but she is certain she and her daughters encountered three of the hirsute bipeds while hiking on a trail in Lake Arrowhead last March.

It was dusk, between 6:30 and 7 p.m., on March 27, to be exact. Ackley and her 11- and 14-year-old daughters were hiking the winding trail when Ackley’s daughters, several yards ahead, froze in their tracks, gazing wide-eyed at a large, shadowy figure braced in a pine tree. Ackley ran to her daughters to see what they were staring at.

“I ran into a Sasquatch – a Bigfoot. We were face to face,” said Ackley, 46. “He was 30 feet up in the tree.”

She said the creature was barrel-chested, with a head three times the size of a human’s, and appeared to weigh about 800 pounds.

“He looked like a neanderthal man with hair all over him. He had solid black eyes. He had no expression on his face at all. He did not show his teeth. He just stared at the three of us,” said Ackley. She said she made a howling “whoop” sound, and the creature in the tree reacted by rocking back and forth, shaking branches. That’s when Ackley told her daughters to turn and slowly walk away. She said her youngest daughter, who shot video of the alleged encounter on her phone, later told her mother she saw two other similar creatures on the ground, running away upon their approach.

After being told by insistent forest rangers they had seen a bear, and believing she would never be taken seriously by anyone in an official capacity, Ackley, a Bigfoot enthusiast and researcher of more than 20 years, teamed up with documentary filmmaker Todd Standing, the man behind the Netflix film Discovering Bigfoot, and sued the state in San Bernardino Superior Court on Jan. 18.

Legal action

The lawsuit alleges the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the state Natural Resources Agency have been derelict in their duty by not acknowledging the existence of the Sasquatch species, despite a mountain of documented and scientific evidence. It has had a chilling effect on the study of the Sasquatch, considered illegitimate and relegated to the category of “paranormal research.” It has damaged Ackley’s “livelihood, public image and credibility,” as well as others dedicated to the study of the bipedal hominid, according to the lawsuit.

Ackley’s lawyer, Bobby Garcia, did not respond to telephone calls seeking comment.

Ackley’s biggest concern is that the government, by not acknowledging Bigfoot’s existence, could be endangering the public.

“People have to be warned about these things. They are big,” Ackley said. “We’re totally vulnerable to these things.”

Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan declined to comment, citing the lawsuit. He did say that Bigfoot is not a recognized species by his agency.

Lisa Lien-Mager, spokeswoman for the state Natural Resources Agency, also declined to comment due to the ongoing litigation.

The site

On a recent morning, leaves and dry brush crunched under Ackley’s feet as she descended the mountain slope near the trail where she said she and her daughters encountered the ominous beast. She approached a pine tree and pointed up to its thick, forking branches.

“This is where the creature was,” said Ackley. “He was sitting behind a big branch up there.”

She notes the lack of claw marks on the tree.

“If it was a bear, there would be claw marks on the tree,” said Ackley.

Near another tree sits a discarded tire, where Ackley leaves snacks for Sasquatch – apples, oranges, Fritos and a can of Coca-Cola – along with a voice-activated book with pictures inside, made by Ackley in an effort to communicate with Bigfoot. Ackley recorded words such as “candy” and “fur,” along with pictures or samples of each taped to the pages.

“We think they have language, as people have recorded them actually speaking,” said Ackley. “I’m trying to teach them a little bit of our language to communicate with them.”

Sasquatches are reported to make howling “whoop” sounds and successive knocking sounds on trees as a means of communicating or signaling.

Ackley points out other signs in the surrounding woods that researchers have long believed are indicators of the large, hairy creature’s presence: snapped tree branches, sticks positioned in various patterns against trees and on the ground, dissecting trails and paths. Could this be glyphing, or the use of symbols, which many Bigfoot researchers believe is a way they communicate or mark territory?

Standing said he was at first skeptical of Ackley’s story, but he is now convinced she is telling the truth after observing the area where the alleged encounter occurred and examining the video footage recorded by Ackley’s daughter. He did say he was surprised by the location of the alleged sighting, as California Sasquatches are known to inhabit mainly Northern California wilderness areas, not densely populated mountain regions like the San Bernardino Mountains.

The suspected Bigfoot population, depending on who you talk to, ranges between roughly 15,000 and 100,000, spread out across the globe. Experts believe Sasquatches made their way into North America from Asia via an ancient ice bridge, the Bering Strait, which connected Russia and Alaska.

Sasquatches are believed to have evolved from a giant, primitive ape. Their relatively small numbers, coupled with the belief they are nocturnal, highly intelligent creatures skilled at eluding humans, is believed why it has been so difficult proving the existence of Bigfoot, or obtaining living or dead specimens of the creature.

Mountain of evidence

Ackley, with Standing’s support, plans to introduce a plethora of evidence in court to prove the existence of Sasquatch. They will have wildlife biologists, wilderness experts, and police forensic officers testify on their behalf. They will present fingerprint, track, and DNA evidence from hair samples Standing said he obtained from a tree during a 2014 expedition.

“If this goes to court, we will win, easily,” Standing said in a telephone interview Friday. “It’s not a joke. The best wilderness experts in the world are coming out to testify. It’s amazing.”

Those experts include Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, who has written extensively on the evolution of primates and authored a book on Sasquatch. He is featured in Standing’s Discovering Bigfoot documentary in which Standing, Meldrum, and the late wildlife biologist John Bingernadel venture into the vast expanses of the Canadian wilderness in search of the Sasquatch. Video footage from various alleged Sasquatch sightings appears in the documentary, showing them standing watch during the day – behind trees and rocky outcroppings – and running up mountainsides.

Bob Gimlin, who along with Roger Patterson shot the most famous footage of a reported Bigfoot sighting in Northern California in 1967, is also on Ackley’s witness list and should be testifying, Standing said. Gimlin’s and Patterson’s grainy, minute-long 16-millimeter film, shot at Bluff Creek, shows a large, hairy creature walking along the creek, turning to face the camera before striding off into the woods. The film has come to be known in Bigfoot circles as the “Patterson-Gimlin film.”

In October, Standing, 44, filed a similar lawsuit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, where he resides, in an effort to get the Sasquatch species officially recognized by B.C. Fish and Wildlife and the B.C. Minister of Environment. But the legal system moves slower in Canada than in the U.S., said Standing, adding that his hearing date there hasn’t even been scheduled.

In San Bernardino, however, Ackley has a hearing scheduled for March 19 before Judge David Cohn.

Bigfoot legend

For more than 100 years, there have been hundreds of Bigfoot sightings in California. The creature’s nickname “Bigfoot” was coined in a 1958 article in the Humboldt Times, which was picked up and published across the globe, creating widespread interest. The species was even acknowledged by President Theodore Roosevelt in his book The Wilderness Hunter, published in 1892, according to Ackley’s lawsuit.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been more than 5,100 Bigfoot sightings in the continental U.S., with the earliest reported in 1932 in Buchanan, Missouri. The states with the largest number of sightings are Washington, with 643 sightings, followed by California with 437, then Florida with 314, according to the BFRO, founded in 1995 and the “only scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery,” according to its website.

The majority of sightings in California have been in the northern and central parts of the state, according to the BFRO. Many who claim to have encountered a Bigfoot describe an extremely foul smelling, apelike creature standing between 7 and 8 feet tall and weighing between 500 and 800 pounds.


Some Bigfoot researchers are skeptical of Standing and Ackley and their respective court cases.

“I can’t believe that the courts would acknowledge something like this,” said Bigfoot researcher and historian Daniel Perez, of Riverside. “I think the evidence is lacking.”

For the last 20 years, Perez, a union electrician by trade, has published the monthly newsletter Bigfoot Times and is considered an expert on the Patterson-Gimlin film. He will be a featured guest speaker this week at the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska. He also runs the Center for Bigfoot Studies out of his home, which he says is essentially a clearinghouse on Bigfoot research.

Perez does not believe Standing’s work is authentic, that his so-called Bigfoot videos and still photo footage is faked, and that he’s in it for the publicity.

“I think he may have got a bad case of Bigfoot-itis because he wanted attention,” Perez said. “I think the whole focus of why he’s doing it is to draw attention to his Netflix movie he wants to sell.”

Perez is also skeptical of the DNA evidence Standing says he has and plans to present in court.

“I don’t see anything coming from hairs saying ‘this is an unknown primate,'” said Perez. “What institution and what individual tested it?”

He said he is 100 percent confident Bigfoot is out there, but social media and advancing technologies have created a breeding ground for Bigfoot fraudsters.

“I think these people are doing it to get attention, like snake oil salesmen trying to sell their videos,” said Perez. He acknowledges he has never seen a Sasquatch himself, though he has traveled to locations of Bigfoot sightings across the globe, from the Pacific Northwest to Australia, in hopes of seeing one himself.

Standing said he can back his words, and his film, with action.

“I never said, ‘believe my work and take my word for it,'” said Standing. “I say, ‘come out with me and I’ll show you a Sasquatch.’ I’ll take anybody out. I’ve done it many, many times, and I’ll take Daniel Perez out, too.”

First encounter

Ackley said her first encounter with a Sasquatch was in Greenwater, Washington in 2014, during an outing with fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts. She said she also believed she encountered one in Yosemite National Park on a camping trip in 1997, but she cannot be sure.

In the 1997 incident, Ackley said she and a couple of her roommates were camping when they heard a loud growl outside their tent. When Ackley peeked out, she said she saw something large, hairy and bipedal walking into the woods. From then on, she committed herself to the study of the Sasquatch, which has fueled her passion for more than 20 years.

“I don’t know if it was a Sasquatch, but that night changed everything for me,” said Ackley. “I always wondered what it was that walked into the woods.”

Source: San Bernardino Sun
-arrowhead -sues-state-to-get-species-recognized/


I-Team: Mystery Metal Studied in Las Vegas
By George Knapp

When it comes to UFO stories, all roads lead to Las Vegas, right?

Recent revelations about a secret Pentagon study of UFOs raised many questions, including this one --do government scientists have a piece of a flying saucer? According to a New York Times story, scientists in southern Nevada had a chance to study a piece of mystery metal which had some unusual properties.

When Nevada Senator Harry Reid and a few colleagues quietly found the funding back in 2007 for a serious Pentagon study of unknown aerial intruders, otherwise known as UFOs, one goal was to move the subject beyond the long shadow of the so-called Roswell crash, the controversial tale about a mysterious object that crashed in New Mexico in 1947.

"If you're here to find out where the little men from New Mexico at the end of World War II, are stored in some vault some place, you want to spend time talking about flying saucers that took people some place, I'm not into that," former Sen. Harry Reid said.

When the New York Times broke the story in December, and an organization called To The Stars released Pentagon videos of encounters with unknown craft, a separate line of inquiry was also unleashed. Was there, as the Times reported, a piece of metal or material that could not be identified by scientists?

For three years, a private organization named BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies), headquartered at Bigelow Aerospace in North Las Vegas, collected and analyzed UFO files and data on behalf of the defense intelligence agency, DIA.  

Company founder Robert Bigelow built special secure facilities inside his plant to house the program, its files, and according to news reports, a piece of unknown material, reportedly a compound with special properties. Senator Reid, for one, said he is unaware of any such exotic materials.

"I don't know anything about exotic materials but (there's been) a lot of talk about it."

The subject isn't new in UFO circles. The properties of supposedly recovered mystery metals have been debated online for years. Rock star turned UFO investigator Tom DeLonge speculated last year about possible anti-gravity effects of one alloy. Nick Pope, a former official with the British Ministry of Defense study of UFOs said he believes such material does exist. But what about the point man for the Pentagon's UFO program?

"So, now we can theoretically warp space time in a way that we can go from A to B a little faster," said Luis  Elizondo.

I-Team Reporter George Knapp: "Do we need special materials?"

Luis Elizondo:  "Well, special materials are important no matter what you do. On a car, you might want titanium. Everything requires special materials."

Elizondo is the person most directly responsible for the public release of the now ubiquitous videos, the so called gimbal UFO and the Tic Tac encounter. He thinks these craft are able to bend space and time with a technology beyond anything known on earth. But, is the technology dependent on mystery metal, and did the U.S. have a piece of it at the Bigelow plant?

"Sadly, I can't discuss that. You would have to ask the U.S. government. But I've said before, when you are collecting special data, there are always tell-tale signs on how something works by its signature," Elizonda said.

Some who read the story speculated that the material contains an unknown element. Not true, say those who worked on the program, but multiple sources have confirmed to us that there was a weird piece of something at the Bigelow plant.

Physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff was one of the chief scientists for the BAASS study. He confirmed last month that he had a look at "unusual material" that was "very complex." Puthoff implied that it was engineered by unknown means, layered, he says, in ways that produced unusual characteristics. But that's as far as he would go.

Pentagon UFO Study Jan. 28, 2018, Coast to Coast hosted by George Knapp

Dr. Hal Puthoff said:

    “Detailed proof that crashes had happened would be so highly classified piece of data. There has been one leaked document — how it got leaked, I’ll never know — which is out there, that talks about some crashes, that we were able to verify … it was a real document. My opinion is there are probably at least materials. Now, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be crash of an entire craft, but it could be a piece blown off, whatever, by a lightning strike or a missile or whatever. So I am not surprised to find out that there’s discussion of material being available. We’ve had an opportunity to look at some unusual material, and I think that is a big area that will become more significant as time goes on. And the interesting thing about it was that I couldn’t figure out a very complex material. When you talk to people that are doing this kind of research … [we know about] all the elements on the periodic table, so you are not finding some new element that you didn’t realize  is on the periodic table. No, it’s more like putting together layers of various kinds of materials that you wouldn’t expect to be able to be layered, and the result at the end of the day is that it has certain unusual characteristics that you wouldn’t have predicted in advance, so that is the kind of thing that, to a physicist, is the most interesting.”

Elizondo gave one other tantalizing clue.

"You may call it material or meta-material but if something is left behind or recovered or retrieved, you'd want to study it just like at a crime scene," he said.

No one would say on the record how the piece of material was obtained, or where it was taken once the Las Vegas study ended back in 2012.

Source: Las Vegas Now

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What if EVP are Just Multidimensional Recordings?

Something has always bothered me about electronic voice phenomena (EVP). If these are the voices of the dead, then the fate of these people is a highly disturbing one. They are still loitering about the Earth, lost. And if this sad fate is possible for those people, it’s possible for you and me as well. Personally, I don’t relish the thought of wandering around eternity, answering trite questions from legions of ghost hunters.

The traditional view of the afterlife, for those who believe there is an afterlife, is that we move on to a different (hopefully higher) plane of existence. Some think we receive our reward by going to Heaven or are punished with an eternity in Hell, depending on how we have lived our lives. In either case, we don’t hang around here.

Unless we’re ghosts.
Ghosts, it is theorized, are unable to move on to that other plane of existence. Because of a traumatic death, or at least stressful circumstances of death, the spirit energy remains trapped between this plane and the next.

Horrible fate

So are all of the voices recorded in EVP of these trapped spirits? If so, there are a lot of them out there. Ghost hunting groups and other researchers all over the world are capturing these voices wherever they go – haunted buildings, graveyards, even locations that have previously had no reputation for being haunted. These spirits are everywhere.

And they represent a real cross-section of the human population: the old and the young, the happy and the sad, the nasty and the nice. Most distressing are the voices of children, especially those that seem confused and lost. I’ve heard EVP of children sadly complaining of the cold or mournfully looking for a parent.

What a horrible fate. And if we accept that EVP are voices of the dead, then there must be thousands upon thousands of these lost spirits roaming the Earth.

That’s hard to swallow. Maybe not so much because it cannot be true, but because I don’t want it to be true. After the many struggles and hardships of physical life, it’s not much comfort to think that we might face more of the same in the next life.

An alternate explanation

Let’s consider another possible explanation for EVP then.

Let’s say, for the sake of discussion, that everyone who dies passes on to another plane of existence. (Something better, let’s hope.) No one gets stuck. Then what could account for the mysterious EVP voices?

Perhaps EVP are holographic imprints of people who once lived. We are all made up of energy. The powerful energy of who we are – our personalities, our souls – interact with the energy of the surrounding universe. In some cases, maybe in all cases, when we die, a multidimensional hologram created by that personality energy is imprinted on this plane of existence.

In other words, EVP are not the voices of the people themselves, but only a representation of those people. They are holographic recordings of those people’s personalities.

Interactive recordings

If they are just recordings, one might ask, how can they interact with the living, answering questions posed by ghost hunters, or commenting on their conversations?

Because these are multidimensional holographic recordings. A conventional holographic photograph captures an image in apparent three dimensions. When we’re talking about the world of spirit, however, we’re talking about a world of multiple dimensions where time and space have no meaning. In this world, a holographic recording might contain all of the information of a person’s personality, allowing it to respond to questions and otherwise interact with the living in real time.

It’s a virtual dead person, with all of its personal attributes: happy, sad, confused or mean.

In this optimistic theory, EVP are not capturing voices of poor lost souls, but somehow tapping into the holographic imprints left behind by spirits who have moved on to higher realms.

This can’t be proved, of course. But it’s a more comforting thought.

Source: paranormal.about.com


The Maero: Bigfoot in New Zealand Folklore
By Wu Mingren

The Maero is a creature found in the mythology of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. This mythological creature may be described as a type of wildman, like the Yeti of the Himalayas, or the Sasquatch of Native American folklore. Like these more well-known creatures, the Maero are described as large, hairy, human-like creatures. Unlike the Yeti and the Sasquatch, however, there are no alleged sightings of this creature, though they do feature in certain tales told by the Maori.
Maero Weapons

The Maero are said to resemble the average human beings in many respects. These creatures, however, are larger and stronger than the average person. Additionally, they do not wear clothes, but are covered in long, shaggy, black hair instead, which forms a natural covering over their bodies. Despite the fact that they do not have clothes, they somehow managed to wield stone clubs, which demonstrates their ability to use tools.

Apart from stone clubs, Maori also claim that the Maero used their sharp, knife-like fingernails, which grow from their long, spindly fingers, as weapons. With the aid of such deadly weapons, the Maero would kill and eat their prey, including any human beings who, unfortunately, happen to cross their path. It is also often claimed that the Maero are cannibalistic in nature.

Never-Ending Conflict with the Maori

According to Maori tradition, the sworn enemy of the Maero are the Maoris themselves, whom they were almost always at war with. As a result of this never-ending conflict, the Maero were driven further and further into the harshest and most inhospitable forests on the island of New Zealand. It is in these forests that the Maero continue to live, albeit in small numbers. Such tales may perhaps be a symbolic representation of the conflict between order and chaos, civilization and wilderness, in which the former succeeds in pushing the latter ever deeper into the wilderness.

In spite of the tales that the Maori were always at war with the Maero, there are some stories in which members of the two groups crossbred, resulting in offspring who are larger in size and strength than the average Maori. Some Maori families, such as the Kaihai family of Waikato and the Haupapa family of Rotorua, claim to be descendants of these hybrid creatures. Indeed, the members of these families are physically large, though not as large as their ancestors, who are said to have reached heights of between 2.4 to 3.4 meters (7.78-11.15 ft.)

Are Moehau also Maero?

Whilst there have not been reported sightings of the Maero, there are those of another like creature known as the Moehau. The Maero and the Moehau share many similarities, and some Maoris have even suggested that the two may be one and the same. The Moehau were allegedly sighted by gold miners during the 1870s and 1880s. Another sighting of the creature was reported by an Australian tourist in 1969. Sightings of the supposed Moehau were also reported in 1972 and 1983. One explanation for this creature is that it is an escaped gorilla, which, as a result of exaggerated reports, turned into a monstrous creature.

Maori Tales of the Maero

There are several Maori tales that tell of encounters between the Maero and the Maori. One of these, for instance, is that of Purukupenga, a Maori hero who slays a Maero. Using a mere (a short, broad-bladed traditional Maori weapon), Purukupenga strikes the Maero repeatedly, until its skull, claws, and bones are broken.

In other tales, however, the Maero succeed in capturing, killing, and eating solitary travelers. This is the case of such travelers as Wairapa, and Tikitiki-o-Rehua. Still, the most bizarre tale regarding the Maero (though it could have been a Moehau as well) is that of Tukoio. Like Purukupenga, Tukoio succeeds in killing one of these creatures.

The two stories differ in that Tukoio cuts of the Maero’s arms, legs and head. He took the head home, perhaps as a trophy. The head was still alive, however, and was calling for help. Tukoio, who did not wish to fight a whole group of Maero on his own, dropped the head, and went to get reinforcements. When he came back, the head was gone, and it is said that the Maero reassembled itself, and returned to the forest. In most stories, the Maero are not known to possess supernatural powers such as this.

Source: Ancient Origins


Couple Possessed by Jinns After Valentines Day Tryst

A video has been shared online of a Ruqya (exorcism) performed on a couple who supposedly discovered jinns in their body after engaging in pre-marital 'sexual relations'.

The video was shared by the Umm Abdullah Official Facebook page.

It shows the couple and Umm who is joined by her husband helping to 'exorcise' the jinns. It is not clear if the couple went for help after having 'sex' or 'intimate relations' as this is not entirely made clear in the post.

Umm wrote in the post, “So I'll tell you guys what happened with this brother and sister who were more than 'just friends'. They were out together on Valentines Day and ended up doing things which they now regret and I pray that Allah forgives them both."

“This was definitely an eye opener for them and I hope it will serve as a lesson for the many people out there who are involved in relationships outside of marriage.

“There were two Jinns inside her for many years and she had no idea that they were there."

According to Islamic belief, jinn are real creatures that form a world other than that of mankind, capable of causing physical and mental harm to human beings.

According to Islamic writings, jinn live alongside other creatures but form a world other than that of mankind. Though they see us they cannot be seen. Characteristics they share with human beings are intellect and freedom to choose between right and wrong and between good and bad, but according to the Qur'an their origin is different from that of man: 'And indeed, we created man from dried clay of altered mud and the Jinn we created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire'. Jinn tempt and seduce mankind to stray from Allah (God); Satan (shaytan, devil) is thought to be from their realm.

Jinn are said to inhabit caves, deserted places, graveyards and darkness. They marry, produce children, eat, drink and die but unlike human beings have the power to take on different shapes and are capable of moving heavy objects almost instantly from one place to another. The Qur'an mentions how the Prophet Solomon contrived to subjugate the jinn and get them to perform tasks that required strength, intelligence and skill.

In Islamic writings true jinn possession can cause a person to have seizures and to speak in an incomprehensible language. The possessed is unable to think or speak from his own will. However, such cases are greatly outnumbered by those of physical or psychological origin, and many faith healers take advantage of people suffering from these problems.

The Facebook post continues, "She experienced no symptoms of jinn possession throughout the time they were there. So anyway, as soon as they finished with the acts they were engaged in, he said 'Astaghfirullah' because he regretted what he had done.

“She then started repeating the words 'MORE OF IT' in a deep voice and her eyes turned red.

"He got scared and panicked and that was the exact moment when the Jinn which was inside her left her body to enter him.

"She gained some control over her body after a few moments by reciting Ayatul Kursi and saw him shouting those same words in that deep voice. 'More of it! More of it..i want more!' (The jinn was referring to indecent and shameful deeds).

“She contacted us right at that moment but he still hadn't gained control over his body. We sent two brothers to help her get him to us right away.

She added, "The original video is much longer but it's very hard for me to find the time to blur it all. So I compiled the necessary and most important parts just so you guys can learn from this example.

“I showed them the video afterwards and Alhamdulillah they've repented and also told me that I should share it with you all to raise awareness so you can learn from their mistakes.”

Source: Asian Image

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