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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such hair-pulling tales as:

 KGB Chief Ordered Soldiers to Watch for UFOs -  
- Search is on for Caddy the Sea Monster -
The Mystery Of The Asian Stone Discs -
AND: Human Living Vampires - What Investigators Need to Know

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Weird Winged Wonders: The Twilight World Of Cryptid Creatures
They are the winged wonders from the Twilight World of Cryptid creatures.
*Living Pterosaurs have been seen from Guantanamo AF Base in Cuba to the jungles of Papa New Guinea where the locals call them the “Ropa.”
*They are the Flying Felines of the Egyptian dynasties to the Greek Heroes living in underground caverns on Mount Olympus.
*Here is the Mothman Creature, initially seen around the hamlet of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and associated with the collapse there of the Silver Bridge – but now recently observed by dozens of credible witnesses in downtown Chicago. Some researchers say Mothman is a harbinger of death.
*The Jersey Devil is said to be a demon who flies near the Pine Barrens mainly in the dead of night, while the Thunderbirds are massive creatures with wingspans of more than 30 feet.
*Dragons are thought of as beings rooted firmly in mythology and the stuff of movies such as “The Hobbit” and popular cable TV shows such as “Game of Thrones.” Yet sightings of these aerial demons known to spit fire have been seen worldwide and are part of every culture – past and present – from Europe to the United States, and every continent in between.
*Even more eerie are the flying and floating “alien” humanoids and witchy “brohaus” observed widely in Mexico and South America.
Here are dozens of the creepy-crawly narrations – backed up by the strangest of photographed evidence – of bizarre and unknown flying cryptids who frolic in our sky as if they have not a care in the world. Theories abound as to their origin(s) and nature and their overall grip on our perceived reality, as explored in this dramatic work by such respected researchers as Sean Casteel, Brad Steiger, Paul Eno, Allen Greenfield, Lon Strickler, Tim Swartz, Scott Corrales, Hercules Invictus, Jonathon David Whitcomb, Albert Rosales, Paul Dale Roberts, Steve Ward, Nomar Slevik, with the added editorial flare of “Exploring the Bizarre” co-host Tim Beckley.

Are they demons straight from hell or from an unknown shadow world? Ultra-terrestrials who have strayed into “our territory” from another time and space continuum? Or simply prehistoric monsters thought to have died out millions of years ago, but who still exist living just beyond our reach, ready to be rediscovered by science? Whatever they are, they are truly BIZARRE!

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KGB Chief Ordered  Soldiers to Keep Watching the Skies for UFOs

Yuri Andropov, the former Soviet leader and long-time head of the KGB, had an acute personal interest in UFOs and ordered a 13-year programme that required every soldier in the military to monitor sightings over Russian territory, according to new revelations.  Andropov shunned the splendour enjoyed by many Soviet leaders to live in a sparse flat throughout his 15 years as KGB chief and one year as Secretary-General of the Communist Party.

Igor Sinitsin, who worked as an aide to Andropov in the Politburo for six years and has just written his memoirs, told The Observer that in 1977 he discovered that Andropov kept a file on the phenomena in his desk.

At the time there had been fevered speculation in the Soviet Union about a large unidentified object in the skies over Petrozavosk on 20 September, 1977. Sinitsin, now 70, said that one of his responsibilities was to monitor the foreign press and he brought Andropov a Stern magazine piece about UFOs.

'I dictated a summary of the piece to my secretary and was sure to express some doubts, because you know how sceptical the mood was in Soviet times to such stories. I worried he would be concerned about my mental health, but I dared to hand the summary to him.'

Sinitsin was shocked by the staid KGB chief's reaction. Andropov handed him the text of an official report he had ordered from the counter-espionage directorate. 'It described a UFO appearance in Astrakhan that an officer had seen while fishing.'

Through Andropov's personal interest, in 1978 two committees were established to investigate UFOs, one military and one civilian. Andropov ordered four million Soviet soldiers to file detailed reports of incidents.

Platov said the programme led to hundreds of thousands of sightings being recorded in the 13 years before it was abandoned with the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Most cases had a 'rational explanation and were mainly linked to technical issues like missile launches'.

Source: The Guardian


UFO Secrets

Steve Douglass, a "military radio" hobbyist in Amarillo, Texas, monitored a curious exchange on the morning of Jan. 7. An unidentified aircraft calling itself "Lockheed Test 2334" told FAA controllers in Albuquerque, N.M., that it was "going supersonic somewhere above Flight Level 60 [60,000 feet]"
According to Douglass, the FAA controllers questioned the aircraft. "Say what aircraft type," requested the controller.
"We are a classified type and can't reveal our true altitude," responded the pilot.
A few minutes later the same pilot requested permission to descend to 30,000 feet and a flight path to "Las Vegas with final destination somewhere in the Nellis Range."
"Trip home a bit slower, eh?" asked the FAA controller. To which the mystery aircraft did not respond.
The exchange monitored by Douglass is similar to earlier military radio transmissions monitored in the late 1990s. An unidentified aircraft code-named "Stove Pipe" once requested permission to cross the California coast en route to Nellis.
The aircraft refused to give its true altitude and speed. Californians, however, were quickly made aware of Stove Pipe because it generated an intense sonic boom as it passed over the coastline.
The aircraft set off several earthquake monitors as it passed overhead at several times the speed of sound. The space shuttle is known to trigger earthquake detectors when it passes over California for landing at Edwards Air Force Base.
Area 51
The U.S. Air Force's famed Area 51, or Gloom Lake Facility, is located northwest of the Nellis, Nevada, test range. Area 51 has long been the source of much speculation about UFOs and advanced aircraft.
While many in the UFO enthusiast community suggest that these advanced vehicles are a result of extraterrestrial technology, the fact is that these new systems are of very earthly origin.
It is true that UFOs are the subject of a government conspiracy and cover-up. During the early 1960s the CIA launched a secret project called "Ox Cart," not to hide alien life forms but to hide a multimillion-dollar spy plane.
Ironically, for a project named after one of the slowest vehicles on Earth, Ox Cart involved one of the fastest creations in flight history, pioneered by aviation legend Kelly Johnson. The Ox Cart vehicle was to replace the high-flying U-2, also built by Lockheed and Kelly Johnson. The CIA sought a replacement for the U-2 after the Soviet Union shot down Francis Gary Powers over its territory.
In response to the CIA requirement, Kelly Johnson and his team at Lockheed's famed Skunk Works developed the SR-71 Blackbird. The SR-71 could fly higher than the U-2, over 100,000 feet, and traveled at over three times the speed of sound.
UFO Cover-up
As part of Ox Cart, the CIA also launched an effort to cover up the testing of its new high-flying reconnaissance plane. That effort included circulating stories of space aliens and flying saucers flying over the Western skies.
The CIA cover story for the SR-71 worked well enough for it to remain a secret until President Lyndon Johnson released details of the aircraft during a speech.
For nearly 30 years the SR-71 remained the fastest aircraft in active service, flying over global hot spots in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
No Blackbird aircraft was ever lost to enemy action, but one was destroyed when it was launching an even faster vehicle. During the 1980s, several SR-71s were modified to carry a ramjet-powered unmanned vehicle designed to over-fly the most dangerous targets.
The single-engine ramjet pilotless craft were carried aloft on the back of the Blackbird and launched at over 100,000 feet and at speeds in excess of 2,000 miles an hour. One of these unmanned aircraft failed immediately after launch, colliding with the SR-71, instantly destroying both aircraft.
The SR-71 was eventually retired and may have been replaced by the mysterious Stove Pipe craft that set off the earthquake detectors in California. Because of its nature and recorded high flight speed, most sources indicate that Stove Pipe was actually a manned version of the Aurora space plane.
Although never officially confirmed, Aurora was also developed by the Lockheed Skunk Works during the 1980s. The space plane was designed to operate either in a manned or unmanned mode. Its Cold War mission was to penetrate the anti-missile defenses surrounding Moscow at Mach 8+ speeds and deliver nuclear bombs onto multiple targets.
Aurora was described as a very large diamond-shaped vehicle and most likely powered by a hybrid jet-rocket engine technology. The craft could attain speeds in excess of 8,000 miles an hour and fly at altitudes of over 50 miles. Aurora was armed with over a dozen nuclear warheads.
The reason it was developed to be both manned and unmanned was because of its dual missions--peacetime reconnaissance and wartime nuclear strike vehicle. During times of peace, the Aurora carried manned crews to supervise surveillance.
During wartime, the very powerful Aurora accelerated and changed directions at speeds that would crush a human under the high G forces. Aurora's nuclear strike mission was intended to be without a pilot because a human simply would not survive the ride.
However, Aurora had two great drawbacks: its price tag and its mission. Aurora reportedly was retired from service in the late 1990s due to budget constraints. Each vehicle reportedly cost over $2 billion. The price of Aurora operations could not be justified when the Cold War ended.
Invisible Airplanes
What is the Skunk Works testing today? The unofficial reports indicate that the super-secret aircraft builders are hard at work on an invisible airplane.
Stealth was the watchword for the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk. However, the stealthy strike fighter was visible to the naked eye, limiting its attack missions to the deep dark of night.
Today, advances in light panel technology are pushing the limits of invisible airplanes. The fact is that aircraft stand out against the bright sky as darker objects, but by using bright panels of light the aircraft virtually disappears against the blue sky.
Ironically, the concept is not new. In the 1940s, the U.S. Navy developed operation "Yahootie," the first practical attempt to create an invisible aircraft.
U.S. Navy bombers were considered too slow to visually spot a German U-boat cruising on the surface and attack in daylight. U-boat commanders often spotted the lumbering bombers and dived safely away before the planes could attack.
In response, a string of bright lights were arrayed on the wings and propeller hubs of the sub-hunter planes. The bomber crews adjusted the lights to match the natural background light behind the aircraft, masking their planes against the sky.
The principle is called isoluminosity, the perception that different objects displaying the same brightness seem indistinguishable from each other.
The principle worked very well until 1942, when the Navy introduced airborne radar, allowing bombers to spot and kill submarines beyond visual ranges. The Navy abandoned Yahootie in favor of radar.
An advanced version of Yahootie, a manned surveillance aircraft, reportedly uses a combination of lights, low-noise engines and radar-absorbing skin to render itself practically invisible in daylight. The aircraft not only is invisible to radar but also its skin is layered with an array of high-intensity light panels that broadcast the same output as the sky around it.
What was Lockheed Test 2334? While the technology may seem out of this world, it is certain that Test 2334 is no UFO. Clearly, Test 2334 was flown by a USAF pilot and not ET.
Source: newsmax.com


Search is on for Caddy the Sea Monster
Seen any good sea monsters lately?
Keeping a sharp eye open for the elusive Cadborosaurus could net you $10,000, thanks to a just-launched search for the mystical sea serpent some people claim lives in the waters off the coast of Greater Victoria.

Oak Bay Tourism, in partnership with Caddy Marine tours, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and Marine Resort and the Oak Bay Business Improvement Association, is hoping to spur on “Caddy hunters” to find the beast and bring back a three-minute video of a live Cadborosaurus in the wild.

Living proof of the beast that is this region’s Loch Ness will be worth $10,000 to whomever captures the creature on tape. A second prize of $1,000 is being offered to anyone who takes a photograph of the creature.

Oak Bay Tourism chair Karl Morris said “Caddy”, as locals affectionately call him, has a strong Oak Bay connection and a rich history.

“It’s been known to exist in the waters off Vancouver Island for 100 years and there are stories in First Nations mythology about it,” Morris claims. “The reason why Oak Bay Tourism is taking it on is that most of the sightings have been in Oak Bay.”

The search for Caddy is clearly a canny tourist “hook,” based on a fun new way to sell Oak Bay as a place to visit. But Morris indicated that it’s more than that. While the notion of thousands of searchers taking to the seas laden with high-tech tracking equipment is amusing, there is also a serious side to pursuing this possible cousin of the Loch Ness Monster and the Okanagan’s fabled Ogopogo.

“What we’re trying to do is to lend assistance to the organizations and the scientists who have been looking for it,” qualified Morris.

In the search for Caddy chances are you’ll find people such as Jason Walton at Caddyscan, a Victoria-based organization devoted to collecting data on Cadborosaurus.

Walton is also team and field co-ordinator (as well as vice-president) of the B.C. Scientific Cryptozoology Club. Cryptozoologists are researchers who study animals yet unclassified by science.

“Although (Cadborosaurus) has been seen all along the coast from Oregon to the Queen Charlottes, Oak Bay seems to be the prime location,” Walton said. “Scientists believe it to be migratory.”

Walton said there’s more evidence to substantiate the existence of Cadborosaurus than there is of the Loch Ness Monster.

Dr. Paul LeBlond, a retired professor with UBC’s department of oceanography, has had what he calls an “eccentric” interest in Cadborosaurus for a number of years.

“For all we know, it doesn’t look like a fish or behave like a fish. It’s probably either a large reptile or a large mammal,” he speculated. “There are stories, there have been sightings, there are photos, but there is no corpus dilecti.”

Morris said the search for Caddy will begin on dry land with the distribution of thousands of washable tattoos of the snakelike monster at the Oak Bay Tea Party (June 7-8). T-shirts bearing its likeness will also be on sale. A Web cam on top of the Oak Bay hotel (with images available at www.oakbaytourism.com) will be pointed at the ocean for those with enough time to wait around until Caddy breaks the surface of the waves.

In time, Cadborosaurus could replace the humble tea bag as Oak Bay’s unofficial icon.

“That’s the idea, to have fun,” said Morris.

The window of opportunity for collecting either the videotaped or photographic evidence of Cadborosaurus (and claiming that elusive prize money) is between now and Sept. 30 — which has been dubbed the first annual Oak Bay Cadborosaurus Sighting Season.

Video footage obtained from the waters off the coast of Alaska in 2009 contains what some claim is strong evidence of a sea serpent. It was examined by brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, captains of a fishing boat featured on the television show "Deadliest Catch," who then decided to hunt the beast.

The video allegedly showed up to 15 unknown sea animals swimming across an Alaskan Bay. Some of the footage was shown on a Discovery Channel special, but it ended up being a disappointment as nothing that could definitively be called a "sea monster" was discerned from the video.
Source:  Victoria News

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The Straight and Crooked

In popular Chinese ghost stories, vampires would hop along straight lines. These vampires may hop to turn, but would have to travel in straight lines. This reflects the Chinese cultural and feng shui belief that evil spirits and forces travel in straight lines. To block them, a path, especially to a house, should be crooked and winding. A bridge across a river should not be straight but be in a zig-zag pattern. Alternatively, the straight path must be fringed with protective devices. Western geomancers also believe that “spirit” entities travel along straight lines, known as leys in Europe.

In the early 1920s, Alfred Watkins, a Hertfordshire man, realised that the ancient sites in the English countryside could be aligned along lines. The sites include stone circles (megaliths), standing stones (menhirs), old crosses, barrows, tumuli, mottes and baileys, moats, hill forts and camps, earthworks, holy wells, old churches and cathedrals, abbeys and other religious buildings. Other features which would help confirm the alignment would be straight roads, cross-roads, mark stones, old buildings, solitary and prominent hills, skyline notches, hollows or green lanes or other traces of disused roads. Watkins called these alignments “leys”. Various people have postulated that the ley lines are linked to ancient folklore of ancient sites and that some form of energy flows through the leys.

Janet Bord and Colin Bord, who write books on the paranormal, note that there are links between appearance of spirit beings, like the black dog and Owlman sightings, and ley lines. Black dogs also appeared at ley points, like old churches. Before the churches were built, the areas were already sacred and there might have been stone circles or burial mounds. The black-dog ghosts seem to patrol set routes, giving rise to the suspicion that the routes could be ley lines. Bord and Bord found alignments with four points in 31/2, 61/2 in 16km to five points in eight km for some of the black-dog areas. Leys sometimes pass through gaps in hedges. These gaps are said to be necessary to accommodate footpaths. However, the significance may be that the hedge area crossed by the ley line may be adversely affected by negative energies from underground water under the ley and automatically is an area where the hedge could not grow well and thus forms a gap.  

Earth currents in leys would ebb and flow. The spirit beings would appear only at times when the conditions of the current are optimal for them. Bord and Bord, speaking of the (spirit) black dog’s ley associations, stated: “According to feng-shui, the correct inter-relationship of straight and curved lines was vital if the favourable influences were to be maintained.”

Investigators have noted that, all over the world, sightings of spirit beings, like ghost dogs, ghost birds, Big Hairy Men (BHM), are often accompanied by sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) at the same time in the same area.  

Paranormal writer Bruce L. Cathie’s research into the patterns of movements of those mysterious things known as UFOs did show that UFOs also travel along straight lines. Despite years of research since World War 2, UFOs are still not understood by modern scientists. There is exciting evidence that there is a world grid of criss-crossing intricate network of energy lines along which UFOs travelled!

Bruce was a DC3 co-pilot on a flight from Auckland to Paraparaumu in New Zealand in 1956. It was about 6pm and the conditions were calm with unlimited visibility and the plane was just south of Waverley at a height of 7,000 feet when Bruce saw an object at an extremely high altitude in the east. It travelled east to west across the track of the flight and disappeared with a flash of light at about 10,000 feet in the vicinity of D’Urville Island. It appeared to travel across New Zealand in the vicinity or slightly to the north of Cook Strait.  

It was so large that two streaks, similar to vapour trails, extended from either side of the pale green disc. When halfway across the Strait, a small object detached itself from the parent body and dropped, not along a natural curved trajectory with the parent body, but vertically at great speed until it disappeared. Bruce said that this indicated the object seemed to be controlled. Later calculations indicated the disc was rather large, of some 500m in diameter. A Nelson newspaper reported the following day that there was an explosion at high altitude north of the city and the shock waves broke windows in some glasshouses.

On March 12, 1965, Bruce had another sighting. He was undertaking a positioning flight from Whenuapai, Auckland’s main airport at that time, to Kaitaia at 11am. There was no passenger except an officer from the operations department and the weather was clear. On climbing out of the Whenuapai area, the plane crossed the southern end of Kaipara Harbour, just north of Helenville. The tide was out and the waters over the mudflats and estuaries were shallow.  

He was about one-third the way across the harbour when he saw a grey-white whale-like object on the harbour bottom. This “whale” was definitely a metal fish and was perfectly streamlined and symmetrical, estimated to be 30m long and 5m wide. The navy confirmed there was no submarine there.  

In April 1965, Bruce contacted a UFO organisation called New Zealand Scientific and Space Research, which had data collected over a period of 12 years. The materials included UFO sightings reported for March 26 1965. Most reports gave the time as 9.45 p.m., and the maximum variation in the times of the sightings was 15 minutes. The analysis of the sightings showed that the UFO track began 70 nautical miles north of New Plymouth at an altitude of 10,000m. The track passed over just west of Mount Egmont and finished at D’Urville Island at about 3,000m.

The location of his UFO sighting on March 12 1965, Bruce realised, was in line with what he saw on March 26. The report also showed that, on March 2 1965, some fishermen just north of the coast of New Plymouth saw a large object plunge into the sea and disappear. They thought it was an aircraft and reported to the authorities. But no aircraft and personnel were missing.

It also occurred to Bruce that his 1956 UFO sighting was along a track at 90 degrees to the March 26 1965 track. Both objects were travelling at 90 degrees to each other and disappeared in the same illuminating flash at D’Urville Island.

The UFO files noted that a Frenchman, Aime Michel, was studying UFOs for a number of years and had found small sections of tracklines in various parts of Europe. Saucers were hovering at various points along the tracks. Michel observed that the average distance between the points were 54.43km.  

A great number of sightings occurred around the area of Blenheim, which had UFO activity even before the coming of the aircraft. When the March 26 1965 trackline was extended, it cut a 90 degree line from Blenheim. The distance of this point from Kaipara was 300 nautical miles (one nautical mile equals one minute of an arc of the circle of the globe). Michel’s average of 54.43km equals roughly 30 nautical miles.

Thus, it is possible that the UFO sightings were along a grid with lines running north-south perpendicular to lines running east-west, spaced 30 minutes of an arc apart (30 nautical miles along north-south lines and 24 nautical miles along east-west lines). When other sightings were plotted against this grid of 30 nautical miles, the result was spectacular, as a great number of UFO sightings could be fitted into this grid. Bruce found 16 stationary and 17 moving UFOs plotted on grid intersections and tracklines.  

From further research, Bruce concluded that this grid could be further divided into smaller patterns of lines 7.5 minutes apart (about 7.5 nautical miles or 13.6 km). The agreement between Aime Michel’s observations in Europe of a grid of 54.43 kilometres and Bruce’s New Zealand’s grid of 30 minutes of an arc indicated a global grid along which UFOs travel.  

Bord and Bord noted several reports that UFOs are often found around electro-magnetic installations like microwave towers, high-tension power lines, nuclear power installations, hydro-electric dams, bodies of water, missile silos and railway tracks. The famous UFO Foo fighters appeared after the event of high flying jet planes. UFOs were also found to be active during full moons, foggy nights and natural electro-magnetic disturbances, like electric storms. Some have postulated that electric disturbances create these UFOs and so-called spirits. Being only energy masses, these UFOs and spirits would be attracted to travel along energy lines which are normally straight. This indicates that the earth’s terrain has energy lines, as postulated by feng shui and Western geomancers.

So feng shui has advocated that a path should be crooked and winding, with the objective of preventing a malevolent spirit force from travelling down it. Otherwise, a straight path should have a spirit screen placed across it, or be guarded on both sides by spirit guardian sentinels. All these feng shui measures will not only keep the evil spirits away, but they will also enhance the beauty of the landscape!

Source:  The Star Online (Malaysia)


The Mystery Of The Asian Stone Discs  
By C. A. Honey

Another bizarre incident lends credence to the theory that beings from other worlds have landed upon the earth.  On February 26, 1967, the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner reported the following:


“Russian archaeologists are puzzling over a remarkable collection of stone discs, thousands of years old, found in the mountains bordering China and Tibet. So hard is it to explain them in terms of earthly experience that the archaeologists do not rule out the possibility that the discs may have come from outer space.

“A total of 716 discs, like Stone Age ‘gramophone records’ have been picked up in recent years by men exploring caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountain range, reports the Soviet Union’s new English-language magazine, Sputnik.

“Each disc has a central hole and irregular grooves spiraling out to the edge, but the report says (quite seriously) that the groves are not sound tracks.  It is thought that they are some form of ancient writing, but scientists have so far failed to decipher them.

“Chinese archaeologists estimate that the discs are about 12,000 years old, but have made no headway at all in trying to explain their purpose or how they came to be in the caves.

“The Russians, who have examined some of the discs in a Moscow laboratory, claim to have made two important discoveries. One is that the discs contain certain traces of metal – particularly cobalt.

“The second discovery, according to Vyacheslav Zaitsev, author of the Sputnik report, is that the discs when scraped free of rock particles ‘vibrate as if they carried an electric charge…’

“Zaitsev, who has spent 30 years collecting evidence that intelligent beings from outer space have had contact with the earth, believes that the discs may give substance to ancient Chinese legends of ‘small, gaunt, yellow-faced men who came down from the clouds’ many centuries ago.

“`In some of the Bayan-Kara-Ula caves,’ he writes, ‘archaeologists and spelaeologists have found 12,000-year-old vestiges of graves and skeletons. The remains belong to human beings with huge craniums and underdeveloped skeletons.’

“`The Chinese expeditions which discovered the burial grounds reported that they had found an extinct species of ape,’ adds Zaitsev. `But so far as is known apes do not bury each other in graves or write hieroglyphic symbols on stone discs.’”

The above article, although published in 1967, referred to discoveries made back in 1938 by a Chinese archaeologist named Chi Pu Tei.  Drawings on the cave walls portrayed beings with round helmets, and drawings of the sun, moon and stars were shown with interconnecting rows of dots. The interconnecting dots could possibly portray the routes traveled by the ancestors of the beings in the graves or might have been drawn to show the outer space origin of the ones who perished there in the caves.

This latter theory is based on several remarkable things, which turned up in later years when the caves were more thoroughly investigated and the hieroglyphics on the stone discs were finally translated.  The Russian scientist Alexander Kassanzev is quoted as making the following statements about the stone discs and the graves in the caves:  

“…For twenty years several clever men racked their brains to solve the riddle of the stone plates.  Not until 1962 was Professor Tsum Um Nui of the Academy of Prehistoric Research in Peking (China) able to decipher parts of the incised script….The story that was deciphered was so hair raising that at first the Academy for Prehistoric Research forbade Tsum Um Nui to publish his work at all.

“…Tsum Um Nui is a stubborn fellow; he went on working doggedly. He could not prove without any doubt that the incised script was not just a bad practical joke by some authority on prehistoric writing. For even serious scholars often show a sense of humor. Think of Piltdown man. In cooperation with geologists, he showed that the stone plates had a high cobalt and metal content. Physicists found out that all seven hundred and sixteen plates had a vibration rhythm, which led to the conclusion that they has been exposed to very high voltages at some time.

“…Tsum Um Nui now had four scientists who supported his theory. In 1963, he decided to publish it in spite of the Academy’s doubts….Very recently our philologist Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev (Zaitsev) published extracts from the stoneplate story in the periodical Sputnik.  The whole story is preserved in the Peking Academy and the historical archives of Taipeh in Formosa.

“…The story is only upsetting and bizarre to people who are unwilling to face things that may throw light on our origin.  The stone-plate story says that twelve thousand years ago, reckoned from today (1968), a group of their people had crashed onto the third planet of this system.  Their aircraft – that is the exact translation of the groove hieroglyphs – no longer had enough power to leave this world again. They had been destroyed in the remote and inaccessible mountains. There had been no means and materials for building new aircraft.

“…these beings who had crashed on earth tried to make friends with the inhabitants of the mountains, but had been hunted down and killed.  The story ends almost literally: ‘Men, women, and children hid themselves in the caves until sunset.  Then they believed the sign and saw that the others had come with peaceful intentions this time…’ That’s more or less, how it ends.

“There are the graves in rows, the rock drawings, and the plates themselves.  And there are also the Chinese sagas, which precisely in the Baian Kara Ula region tell of small spindly yellow beings who came down from the clouds.  The myth goes on to say that the alien creatures were shunned by the Dropas because of their ugliness, indeed they were killed by the men in the ‘quick way,’”

*About the author: C.A. Honey, who passed away in August 2007, worked for over 20 years with Hughes Aircraft Ground Systems as an Electronic Designer. He held a secret clearance with the government for 25 years. Many of those years he worked on space related programs. The study of UFOs was a passion throughout his life. He published a UFO newsletter, was a ghost write r of George Adamski's publications, including his book "Flying Saucers Farewell" and a host of articles and pamphlets. He also published his own books: "The Origin of the World Religions", "The UFO Situation Today", "The Great UFO Deception", and "Flying Saucers-50 years Later". 


Oil Industry Suppressed Plans for 200-MPG Car

The original blueprints for a device that could have revolutionized the motor car have been discovered in the secret compartment of a tool box.  A carburetor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on a gallon of fuel caused oil stocks to crash when it was announced by its Canadian inventor Charles Nelson Pogue in the 1930s.

But the carburetor was never produced and, mysteriously, Pogue went overnight from impoverished inventor to the manager of a successful factory making oil filters for the motor industry. Ever since, suspicion
has lingered that oil companies and car manufacturers colluded to bury Pogue’s invention.

Now a retired Cornish mechanic has enlisted the help of the University of Plymouth to rebuild Pogue’s revolutionary carburetor, known as the Winnipeg, from blueprints he found hidden beneath a sheet of plywood in the box.

The controversial plans once caused panic among oil companies and rocked the Toronto Stock Exchange when tests carried out on the carburetor in the 1930s proved that it worked.

Patrick Davies, 72, from St Austell, had owned the tool box for 40 years but only recently decided to clean it out. As well as drawings of the carburetor, the envelope contained two pages of plans, three test reports and six pages of notes written by Pogue.

They included a report of a test that Pogue had done on his lawnmower, which showed that he had managed to make the engine run for seven days on a quart (just under a litre) of petrol.

The documents also described how the machine worked by turning petrol into a vapour before it entered the cylinder chamber, reducing the amount of fuel needed for combustion.

Mr Davies has had the patent number on the plans authenticated, proving that they are genuine documents.

He said: “I couldn’t believe what I saw. I used to be a motor mechanic and I knew this was something else altogether. I was given the tool box by a friend after I helped to paint her house in 1964. Her husband had spent a lot of time in Canada.”

The announcement of Pogue’s invention caused enormous excitement in the American motor industry in 1933, when he drove 200 miles on one gallon of fuel in a Ford V8. However, the Winnipeg was never manufactured commercially and after 1936 it disappeared altogether amid allegations of a political cover-up.

Dr Murray Bell, of the University of Plymouth’s department of mechanical and marine engineering, said he would consider trying to build a model of the Pogue carburetor.

Engineers who have tried in the past to build a carburetor using Pogue’s theories have found the results less than satisfactory. Charles Friend, of Canada’s National Research Council, told Marketplace, a consumer affairs programme: “You can get fantastic mileage if you’re prepared to de-rate the vehicle to a point where, for example, it might take you ten minutes to accelerate from 0 to 30 miles an hour.”
Source: Times Online


Human Living Vampires - What Investigators Need to Know

Forensic Nurses, regardless of their practice area, will at times come in contact with the same types of deviant behavior. Some of these behaviors may be considered rare or even non-existent. It is to our benefit that we share our investigative experiences with these cases. Vampirism is one such behavior.

In the modern age, vampires have become media stars. The word "vampire" became a household name in 1897 after the publication of "Dracula." More recently, the vampire novels by Anne Rice have become best sellers. Television shows such as "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and movies with vampire themes are increasingly popular. However the popularity of these characters can lead some people, teenagers in particular, down a dangerous road.

Case Study

A 17-year-old white male was found unresponsive in his bedroom by his parents. He was on his knees, on the floor, with his head resting on the bed. A call was placed to 9-1-1 and emergency medical services (EMS) transported him to a local hospital. He was pronounced dead in the emergency room (ER). The deceased was noted to have a history of ADD and had been prescribed Prozac and Adderral. He was a very popular teenager who was active in many high school activities. He had recently lost Internet privileges and the Internet name he used was "Vampireboy."

During the scene investigation a black and white composition book was found next to his bed. In this 40-page journal, which was written in long hand, the deceased described himself as a "Vampiresis." In great detail, he described how he became a Vampiresis and instructs others to do the same. A sample bottle of Zoloft was found in his bathroom. At autopsy it was noted that the canine teeth appeared to have been filed. Sixteen ounces of blood was found in the stomach and four ounces of mucoid bloody fluid was found in the duodenum. There were no signs of ulceration or other cause for bleeding.

Mythical Vampires vs. Clinical Vampirism

There are beliefs and superstitions regarding vampires that date back to medieval Europe. The vampire is thought to be of Slavic origin. They are fictional characters that are believed to be evil spirits that have been refused entry into another world after death because of some unsuitable behavior. They must drink the blood of the living in order to sustain themselves. These mythical characters live in cemeteries and only leave their gravesite at night. They do not have a real identity and therefore do not cast a shadow or a reflection in a mirror. If bitten by a vampire, you could become one. Vampires are immortal beings that can only be killed with a wooden stake that must be stabbed through their heart.

Reported in the medical literature for more than a century and named after the mythical vampire, clinical vampirism is a recognizable, although rare, clinical entity characterized by periodic compulsive blood drinking and an affinity with death. The cases documented in the medical literature only refer to those cases in which there is obvious psychosis. Very little has been written about vampire subcultures in which individuals pretend to be and act out vampire-like characteristics. In those cases in which there is psychosis, the patients have an irresistible urge for blood ingestion, which is a ritual that brings them relief. They are attracted to death, not because they want to bring release to any suffering, but because they wish to experience it as a "living dead" being.

Clinical vampirism groups some of the most shocking pathological behaviors observed. It is one of the few pathological manifestations that blends myth and reality in dramatic fashion and contains many possible elements including schizophrenia, psychopathic and perverse features. Vampirism and sexual behavior are clearly linked. The "love bite," which is considered normal and a fairly common sign of affection, should be an interesting topic of discussion among sexual assault nurses examiners (SANEs) and other investigators who examine bite marks.

Medical Cases

The documented cases in the medical literature reveal similar findings. It has been noted that these individuals get sexual satisfaction from drinking blood. They believe that by drinking blood they will have an increase in strength and immunity prolonging their life. In many cases the individual enjoyed drinking their own blood, known as "auto vampirism." Vampirism is not thought to be the primary symptom of a psychiatric or psychopathic disorder. The condition is not likely to be discovered except in criminal cases where evidence is restricted by judicial ruling or by chance via psychiatric examination or surgical treatment of self-inflicted injuries. This may be the reason why so few cases are reported in the medical literature. Forensic psychiatrist Dr. R.S. McCully, at the Medical University of South Carolina, treated a 28-year-old male. It was reported that since the age of puberty he began masturbating and took erotic satisfaction in seeing his own blood. With practice he was able to direct blood spurts into his mouth.

A case involving a woman who was four months pregnant also was reported. This patient was repeatedly hospitalized for vomiting large amounts of blood and enjoyed the sight of this blood. Blood transfusions were ordered and the patient would unhook them, stating she would rather drink the blood. Initially the cause for the bleeding was unknown. Later, a mouth exam revealed several bleeding wounds at the base of her tongue. The patient would suck at these wounds and swallow the blood. After her death, an autopsy revealed a stomach bloated with blood.

In other documented cases, inmates in correctional institutions were caught trying to steal iron tablets. The inmates feared developing anemia, as another inmate had been trading sexual favors with the inmates for the opportunity to suck their blood.

Criminal Cases

Many criminal cases have been reported involving cases of vampirism. A few well-documented cases include the following. In 1996, a group of five teenagers from Kentucky were charged with first-degree murder in Florida, for killing the parents of one of the members. The five belonged to a cult thought to have 35 members in Kentucky. One year prior to the murder this group began playing a popular game called "Vampire, the Masquerade." This clan called themselves the "Victorian Age Masquerade Performance Society" or VAMPS. The leader engaged the group and others, in drugs, group sex and violence, which was masked by what was thought to be a theater group.

In San Francisco in 1987 a student was jogging when he was forced into a van. The assailant slashed his cheek, drank his blood and then released him without further harm.

In 2002, a 19-year-old in Virginia, was charged with murder after stabbing another person 30 times. In his police confession he mentioned vampirism and stated that the taste of the deceased's blood drove him into a frenzy.

Vampire Subculture

When vampirism is embedded in a psychopathic personality disorder the potential for extremely dangerous behavior is compounded as seen in the above criminal cases. Many of theses cases involve obvious psychosis, however there is a subculture of individuals who practice vampirism out of choice and preference.

Contemporary interest in vampire-like cults began out of several role-playing games such as "Masquerade" and "Dungeons & Dragons." During many of these role-playing games, the participants want to be among the chosen beings. This can lead to a far-fetched psychological dependence. These participants are often individuals who are outcasts and are looking for an opportunity to belong to a group. These "wanna-bes" believe that by sharing their blood with other participants they will become one with that person. By sharing their life source, their blood, they in essence are bound for life and become one soul. Many of these individuals have no psychiatric history, however they are seeking close relationships with other people and want to belong to a group. This behavior for many is an attention seeking behavior.

Those persons looking for others to connect with have easy access to many others via the Internet. There are hundreds of web sites where those who are curious about vampirism can go to gain information and network with others. Many of these web sites offer live chat rooms and bulletin boards where messages are posted by those wanting to be blood donors or those wanting to be a receiver of others blood. Many magazines focus on the paranormal and include articles on vampirism. Individuals and groups who try to educate and promote vampirism publish newsletters on the subject. Teens today are modeling themselves after media stars who engage in vampiristic practices. According to the Associated Press, actors Angelina Jolie and Bill Bob Thornton, used to wear around their necks glass vials containing each other's blood. Teenagers model the behavior of these personalities in the hopes of acquiring the traits of the stars and vampires in general. Vampires fascinate many adolescents.

Investigative Suggestions

When investigating cases with vampiristic overtones, there are a few things to look for.

"Book of Shadows." These books are blank journals in which the individual writes his or her thoughts similar to a diary. Often, black and white composition books are used; however, in some paranormal specialty stores journal books can be purchased that are titled "Book of Shadows" on the cover. The writing in the books often has to do to with paranormal activity, which may include vampirism. The owner of the book will often quote song lyrics, draw pictures and provide instruction to potential readers as to how to follow in their footsteps. The drawings may be symbols that represent vampirism.

Dental Records. Dental records can be obtained to determine whether the individual has filed his or her teeth. By obtaining dental records from the earliest known dental visit, it can be determined if the teeth have been sharpened. Unfortunately, since many of these participants are teenagers, the dental records available may be minimal.

Non-human blood tests. Blood tests can be used to determine if a blood sample is that of human blood or animal blood. Investigators need to speak directly with the laboratory technician to determine the capability of the lab in testing for the animal about which you may be concerned. During the investigation for the case study presented, a blood sample was sent to a forensic science lab with a request to determine if the blood may be pig's blood. This lab did not have the capabilities to complete that request and the sample had to be sent to another lab.


The practice of vampirism can be dangerous for those who choose to act out characteristics of these mythical characters. Vampirism can also be dangerous to others if this practice is mixed with psychosis. For many teenagers who become involved in these activities, there can be confusion when myth and reality are blended. In the aforementioned case study, it was determined that this teenager died as the result of a Prozac and Zoloft overdose. The tests to determine the source of the blood in the stomach were inconclusive. Friends of the deceased stated that this teen and others dabbled in vampirism. They said this teenager took it too far and began to believe that he was immortal.

Forensic nurse investigators may come in contact with these deviant behaviors whether the individual is seeking medical attention, enters the criminal justice system or if a victim enters one of these systems. Montaque Summers once stated, "Cases of vampirism may be said to be in our time a rare occult phenomenon. Yet whether we are justified in supposing that they are less frequent today than in past centuries I am far from certain. One thing is plain: not that they do not occur but that they are carefully hushed up and stifled."

To investigate these cases thoroughly, we must first realize that the practice exists and where to turn for assistance.

Bobbi Jo O'Neal, RN, BSN, F-ABMDI is a deputy coroner for the Charleston County Coroner's Office in Charleston, S.C.

Source: Forensic Nurse

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