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 NASA's Discovery Puts Life on Mars ‘On the Table’ -  
- Nikola Tesla, The Unknown "Healer" -
Sheep Killing by ‘Mysterious Creature’ Worries Farmers -
AND: Fire Poltergeist in Long An Province, Vietnam

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Secret Government Findings Claim There Is A Valid "Alien Threat"

Here is irrefutable proof that UFOs could be perilous to your health, your well-being and even your life – and in an extreme case scenario could doom all of humanity.


In a series of rather astonishing disclosures, the New York Times revealed in a provocative front page article that the military had spent upwards of $22 million dollars in recent years on the study of UFOs and the creation of an “advanced aerospace threat identification program.” Sightings have persisted long after the official closure of Project Blue Book – something UFO researchers have long suspected but could not prove.

Part of this multi-million dollar “Black Project” bundle was spent on an exhaustive study of the physiological and psychological effects of UFOs on witnesses. And while this hush-hush scrutiny of observers has to date never been released, an independent study indicates there is a PATTERN OF HORROR – that UFOs are no laughing matter and represent a TERRIFYING THREAT TO US ALL!

Because of the frightening nature of its fully documented findings, this may well be the most startling book you will ever read about the dangerous side of UFOs!

This incredible book contains case histories of UFO atrocities, from strange disappearances to bizarre deaths. 

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NASA's Discovery Puts Life on Mars ‘On the Table’
By Kenneth Chang

The identification of organic molecules in rocks on the red planet does not necessarily point to life there, past or present, but does indicate that some of the building blocks were present.

Scientists for the first time have confidently identified on Mars a collection of carbon molecules used and produced by living organisms.

That does not prove that life has ever existed on Mars. The same carbon molecules, broadly classified as organic matter, also exist within meteorites that fall from space. They can also be produced in chemical reactions that do not involve biology.

But the discovery, published on Thursday by the journal Science, is a piece of the Mars puzzle that scientists have long been seeking. In 1976, NASA’s two Viking landers conducted the first experiments searching for organic matter on Mars and appeared to come up empty.

“Now things are starting to make more sense,” said Jennifer L. Eigenbrode, a biogeochemist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and lead author of the Science paper. “We still don’t know the source of them, but they’re there. They’re not missing any more.”

The data comes from NASA’s Curiosity rover, which has been exploring a former lake bed within the 96-mile Gale Crater where it landed in 2012. The discovery shows that organic molecules can be preserved near the Martian surface, surviving the bombardment of radiation from the sun.

“It’s very exciting for Mars geology and for the search for life,” said Sanjeev Gupta, a professor of earth sciences at Imperial College London in England, who was a co-author on the paper.

A second paper in Science adds wrinkles in the Martian puzzle of methane — a simple molecule of one carbon and four hydrogen atoms — that could also play an important part in figuring out whether life ever arose there and might even persist underground today.

The organic matter was found in pieces of solidified mud that Curiosity drilled into in 2015. The rocks formed about 3.5 billion years ago when Mars was drying out, although Gale Crater was still filled with water for stretches of thousands to millions of years.

The rock fragments were heated to more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rover’s instruments looked at the molecules that wafted away at the high temperatures. Then the scientists sifted through the results to figure out what might be genuine Martian organics.

The analysis was complicated in part because a cup of solvent within the rover’s mobile laboratory had leaked, contributing misleading signals. In addition, some of the readings could have come from contamination that had tagged along from Earth; others could have been produced in combustion as the sample was heated, which may have been the case in an earlier detection of organics by Curiosity.

“If we weren’t sure, we removed it,” Dr. Eigenbrode said.

In the end, a few smidgens of organics remained, including benzene and propane molecules.

“The detective work they did is worthy of Sherlock Holmes,” said Katherine Freeman, a professor of geosciences at Pennsylvania State University who was not involved with the research. “What they show is that organics were present early on in Mars.”

Intriguingly, the organics Dr. Eigenbrode and her colleagues detected looked like they were pieces that came from more complex material. The molecules could have come from something like kerogen, a component of fossil fuel that is found in coal and oil shale.

But the scientists cannot say what the larger molecules were or how they formed.

“We’ve considered three possible sources for the organics: geology, meteorites and biology,” she said. When they did experiments in their laboratory on Earth to bake samples containing those three types of organic carbon, the readings were all consistent with what was detected on Mars.

That means they do not have compelling evidence for a biological origin of the carbon, but the possibility is not ruled out, either. “It's on the table with all the other ones,” Dr. Eigenbrode said.

In the second Science paper, scientists led by Christopher R. Webster of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., find that levels of methane in the thin Martian atmosphere are usually very low, less than 0.5 parts per billion by volume. But with data now extending over five years, the scientists reported that methane levels go up and down by a factor of three, and the variations appear to follow Martian seasons.

“It's very, very fascinating and puzzling,” Dr. Webster said.

Planetary scientists originally expected little methane in the Martian atmosphere, because that molecule is readily destroyed by sunlight and chemical reactions. But in 2003, observations from Earth indicated plumes of methane over parts of Mars. Those readings vanished two years later.

Because methane does not last in the atmosphere, any significant amounts there today must have been released recently. Methane can be created by geological interactions between rock, water and heat, or it could be a product of microbes that release methane as a waste product.

Curiosity added to the mystery when it looked for methane and initially didn’t find any at all. A refined technique was able to measure lower levels, below 1 part per billion. Then in 2013 it recorded a burst of methane that lasted at least two months.

The rover has measured a few more methane spikes, but the new wrinkle is the undulations in the low background levels — higher in summer than winter. With the seasonal patterns, scientists can now begin to test ideas on the source of the methane, Dr. Webster said.

Michael J. Mumma, a scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center who led earlier Earth-based measurements and who is not involved with the Curiosity research, said the work was carefully done and confirms the low background levels, but that he was not yet convinced of the seasonality of the variations.

He said his team has conducted another round of ground-based measurements earlier this year but they have not yet analyzed the data.

Additional information will come from the European Space Agency’s Trace Gas Orbiter, which began its scientific data gathering a couple of months ago. Eventually, it will produce a global map of methane, but no results have been released yet.

Future missions could also provide additional clues to help scientists solve both the methane and organics puzzles. NASA’s InSight spacecraft, currently en route, will measure marsquakes. It is possible that the impacts of meteors, which InSight might be able to record, rupture the surface and allow underground pockets of methane to rise into the atmosphere.

Two rovers launching in 2020, one from NASA and one from the European Space Agency, will also gather better rock samples to study organics. The European one will be able to drill a couple of yards into Martian rock, much deeper than the couple of inches that Curiosity was able to delve into.

The next NASA rover plans to collect rocks that will be brought back to Earth on a later mission where scientists will be able to examine them with a much wider array of instruments.

“Imagine what we can do on Earth in Earth laboratories in 10 years’ time,” Dr. Gupta said.
Source: NY Times


Nikola Tesla, The Unknown "Healer"
By Sean Casteel

Few Know Of His Discovery Of A Strange “Purple” Energy Plates”

 · Read the story of how legendary inventor Nikola Tesla inspired an associate named Ralph Bergstresser to harness the purple healing rays of the universe to treat many forms of illness and pain.  

·  Can simple purple aluminum plates serve to cure the ills of those who use them to ease their suffering? There are many that say they can and who offer themselves as living proof that the method works!  

·  Authors Tim R. Swartz and Timothy Green Beckley have long been searching for the truth behind the mystery of Nikola Tesla. Are we to add the words “healer” to Tesla’s long list of accomplishments?  

When I finished reading the latest Tesla-related book from Timothy Green Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communications publishing house, entitled “The Miracle of Nikola Tesla’s Purple Energy Plates,” I was reminded of a cartoon in The New Yorker Magazine from several years back.  

The cartoon depicted two scientists gazing at a blackboard with a complicated equation etched in chalk, the kind of exercise in higher mathematics that leaves most laypeople utterly baffled and uncomprehending. Amid the sea of numbers and mathematical symbols are written the words “Then a miracle happens.” One scientist points at the words on the chalkboard and says, “Maybe this step should be a little more specific?”  

Like most New Yorker cartoons, it’s not exactly a knee-slapper, but it still helps to illustrate how one may respond to “The Miracle of Nikola Tesla’s Purple Energy Plates,” authored by Tim R. Swartz and the aforementioned Timothy Green Beckley.  

The titular purple plates combine the two factors illustrated in the New Yorker cartoon – advanced scientific calculations that are kick-started into reality by a miracle.  


The book opens with some remarks from Swartz, who recounts that after Tesla’s death in 1943 the FBI confiscated all the late scientist’s papers and notes from the hotel room in which he lived out his final impoverished days.  

In recently declassified FBI files, according to Swartz, “There is mention of Ralph Bergstresser a friend of Tesla’s who reported to the FBI his concern that foreign agents may have targeted Tesla to steal his notes and inventions, or possibly even kidnap him.”    

Bergstresser’s relationship with Tesla is important because he is the actual inventor of the purple plates that were a later product of Tesla’s medical experiments in “electro-magnetic healing.”  

The reader will of course recognize that Tesla is the genius who gave us alternating current and a wealth of other vital inventions that we now take for granted. But the new book focuses on just the purple plates and their healing powers, that mysterious blend of technology with the seemingly miraculous.

It should perhaps be pointed out that Tim Swartz has long been associated with the life and study of Nikola Tesla. His previous work, “The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla,” has gone through several editions, been translated into Romanian and has often been quoted, being one of the best sources on Tesla’s outstanding accomplishments and the attempt by many to squelch and steal – particularly upon his death – his valuable contributions to the world. Swartz has been questioned about his findings on numerous podcasts and radio shows, such as Coast to Coast AM. Recently he was interviewed as part of a History Channel mini-series “The Tesla Files.”

To return to the story of Ralph Bergstresser: He was himself an electrical engineer who met Tesla in 1943 with the idea of the two working together to create some form of weapons technology that would hasten the end of the Second World War.  

“Bergstresser was impressed,” Swartz and Beckley write, “with the knowledge, demeanor and deep, abiding, humanitarian ideals of Tesla.”  


Tesla imparted to Bergstresser the concept of “Free Energy,” an admittedly ambiguous term which defies any standard or concrete definition and that might not be fully understood with our clumsy 21st Century knowledge of cosmic laws.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,” Tesla famously said, “think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The universe IS energy, and each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different rates of vibration. The difference between any two elements is the difference in both atomic structure and vibration rates.”

Tesla believed that, given that the universe at its most basic level consisted of energy, it should be possible to tap into that energy as a power source that could serve all of humanity at no cost. Thus it was to be “Free Energy,” not the money-consuming energies provided by coal, oil and gasoline.  

“With this, the torch of enlightenment had been passed on,” Swartz and Beckley write. “Bergstresser soon blended the futuristic thoughts about frequency and his own expertise to serve humanity and spent the next 20 years of his life committed to breaking through the veil of matter to access free energy.”

By the early 1960s, Bergstresser felt he had succeeded, in spite of years of ridicule intended to repress his research. He introduced the Tesla purple energy plate to the world. He had chosen an inexpensive medium (specially-treated aluminum) that would act as a transceiver that both drew in and radiated out Universal Life Force Energy, or “Free Energy.”


As has been explained by the inventor: The plates have enhanced and benefited anyone or anything that was in close proximity to them. The plate was not charged like a battery, so it could never be discharged. The plates are a beautiful violet color and are a window into the Fourth and Fifth dimensional energy fields. They radiate Life Force Energy (Chi/prana) for a distance of 10 to 18 inches. In no way can these plates be harmful.   

The positive universal energy generated by the plates is said to accelerate the healing of burns, cuts, aches and other troublesome pains. They can also raise a person’s energy level. This is an example of the higher energy used by faith healers down through the eons. The plates create a positive energy around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. This energy is said to be beneficial to all life: plant, animal or human.  
The plates are anodized aluminum, meaning they have been coated with a protective film which makes the metal more amenable to the purple coloration. Meanwhile, the color purple is considered the healing ray of the rainbow spectrum.

These plates will help to raise the vibrational rate of any individual using them. Many people place their food on the large purple plates, when they are still in paper sacks from the market, to keep their food fresher, longer. Some people sleep on these plates by placing them under their mattress to help give them more stamina and vitality and relieve tensions. No medical claims are made or implied. They are said to have benefited those individuals who have placed them on injured areas of the body. A certain heightened degree of hormonal intimacies among couples has also been reported. This would be similar to the energy generated by Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator.

Though having none of the same properties, and not working on the same principles, Tesla’s plates have become very popular among those working with the devices known as the Black Box or the Rife Machine.

Indeed, the possible uses for the plates are many. Just carry the small plates in your pocket or purse or near your bedside or front door for harmony, or in your car while out driving to assist in avoiding stress and fatigue. Better yet, wear the discs as a necklace or earrings. You will find many testimonials in the pages of this book given by those individuals who are convinced that the plates, as inspired by Nikola Tesla, have enhanced their all-around well-being.   The book includes a chapter by Dr. Roy Kupsinel, who visited Bergstresser’s purple plates factory and was amazed by what he saw.  

“Orders for these purple energy plates are pouring in from all over the world,” Kupsinel writes in Health Consciousness Magazine. The doctor now declares that he has used the purple plates himself and has recommended them to other people, who are most appreciative.  

The reader may be surprised to learn that Tesla himself was a pioneer in a field of medicine called “Electro-Therapy.” Tesla was one of the first electrical engineers to pay attention to the physiological effects on humans of high frequency, high tension currents. The careful application of electric energy could produce many positive medical results. In fact, Tesla used such a method to treat his own depression.  

But Electro-Therapy soon drew the ire of the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association. The innovative work done by Tesla and others was officially reduced to the level of “quackery” in the West, but during the Cold War years Soviet scientists built on Tesla’s research and practiced their own form of Electro-Therapy successfully.  


“The Miracle of Nikola Tesla’s Purple Energy Plates” concludes with the testimonials of several satisfied customers.  

For example, Karen D. of New Jersey writes: “I want to tell you how much your products helped. I have a torn rotator cuff and it is painful and limits my motion. Within 24 hours of wearing the quartz bracelet with the purple disk the pain was completely gone. A boy who had brain surgery for a tumor and is now prone to headaches asked if he could use the small plate. It helped him and I gave it to him. Thank you for your time and help. Thank you for a miracle product.”   

More praise comes from Franklin T. MacDonald of Ashville, Tennessee.  

“I just received a purple plate pendant from a good friend of mine. I was a pretty huge skeptic and was sure this stuff was absolute crap. But I was wrong! Your product has really changed my life! Not only has it shown a profound effect on me, but I’ve noticed my family is now in a better mood and the vibes given off from this thing are showing that it is working. I also placed the plate under a cup of water and it made the water taste so much fresher and crisp. My three-year-old cousin said something to me the other day that completely shocked me. She said she could feel the pendant shaking and it really freaked her out. Is there something that children can see and hear that we adults can’t? I’m amazed! Thank you for this amazing product!”

Yet another testimonial, from Thomas McNair of Washington, D.C., seems to have medical evidence to support it:

“I have a story to tell you. I had been having pain in my abdomen and was successfully using a small plate to ease the pain before my scheduled surgery. I had to get x-rays of my torso area before the operation. On the x-ray there was an illuminated rectangle area in the shape of the plate I had been using for the pain! The technician was mystified, but I knew exactly what it was – the energy was still there, helping with the pain. I found this to be amazing and now I have proof that the energy works! THANK YOU!”   

And so we are left to wonder about the purple energy plates of Tesla and Bergstresser. Are they the perfect marriage of man’s technology and the miraculous healing energies of the universe? Will they actually relieve pain and re-energize the fatigued and the depressed?  

Without FDA approval, one is forbidden to make such claims. But for a relatively small investment you can give the unknown a try.  

Beckley and Swartz are constantly expanding upon their findings on Tesla’s purple energy plates and invite others to participate with them in their research by working with the plates directly. Further information may be found on their web site: www.TeslaSecretLab.com

Source: Spectral Vision

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Montana Manwolf Report; Another Cryptid Canid?
By Linda Godfrey

There’s been a lot of excitement recently over a wolf-like animal shot by a rancher near Denton in north Central Montana. It’s some kind of canid, most experts agree, and possibly some type of wolf-dog hybrid. A few have gone so far as to call it a dogman or even werewolf, although it was only seen running on all fours. This week I  received a Montana sighting report describing something much more like a typical dogman report in terms of size, appearance, and behavior. The witness had seen the news photos and felt that he should reveal what he had personally seen. At my request, he also drew the attached sketch of what he observed standing at the treeline of his own back yard less than a year ago.

It occurred only 150 miles southwest of Denton, near the northern edge of the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and Wise River. Just a glance at a map will confirm what a great habitat it would be for any wild canid.

The witness has since moved from that area. He said I could call him Zach here, but I do have his full name for contact info. He is in his mid-twenties, and at the time of the event worked in the environmental science department of the state’s Conservation Corps. Here is his own account of the 2017 incident:

    "I lived alone and in this remote location we don’t have cable so the only option is satellite TV. It was a humid summer night in July and the TV was acting up so I needed to go out and readjust the satellite like usual. I took a flash light and when I went outside it was usually quiet. Like so silent it was unnerving. I brushed the thought off and went to the dish which is in the corner of my yard. I went to work, making sure all the wires were alright and pointing it to a different angle. Suddenly I heard I small snap of a stick to my left and turned the flashlight to the direction and I saw a creature standing there. I got a good look at it for what seemed like an eternity but was for only about ten seconds. I slowly backed off and ran back to the house and locked all the doors and windows.

    "The creature was unlike anything I have ever seen before. When I shined the light at it, the first thing I saw was the head. It has cropped ears that pointed upwards. Its snout was narrower than a bears and longer and I could make out large teeth protruding from the jaw. Its eyes were a deep yellow, amber shade that seemed to reflect off the light I was pointing at it. The body was muscular and huge. It had long arms that appeared to be longer than its legs. Broad shoulders that tapered into a skinnier waist. It was slightly crouched over when I saw it, with one hand wrapped around a small tree. I could make out the legs which looked similar to a dog’s legs, it had obvious hocks. Even with the crouched position, it was about my height which is 6 foot. Standing up to full height this creature could easily be 7.5 feet tall. The fur was black and thicker around the neck and chest and the bottom half significantly less so.

    "I don’t know if it was aggressive or not. Was it observing me or stalking me? For a creature this large is was deceivingly silent. It got within 15 yards of me without me noticing. All I knew was I needed to get out of there and not find out. I don’t live on the property anymore but after the event I never had another face-to-face encounter. But I would hear sounds in the woods I cannot explain. They would start off relatively quiet, and work their way up to furious howls/screams then back down to quiet again. I don’t know if this was the same thing because it could be local wildlife.

    "Once I got back to the house, I opened a window closest to where I saw it and shined the light exactly where it was but it was gone. It was still dead silent outside when I had the window open. Some nights it would just be very quiet outside and others it would be like normal."

Zach said what he saw was nothing like those new photos now making Internet rounds. His description and sketch show a creature that is larger and more muscular than the Denton canid, and also had black fur rather than brown. Its behavior was also different, as it was observing the yard of the witness from a spot next to good cover rather than boldly stalking farm animals, and then quietly removed itself from view as the witness retreated into his house. He would have had no idea whether it was truly gone or just behind some foliage, still watching.

My final remark wold be the caveat that neither incident proves nor disproves the other. It is interesting, however, that this sighting occurred so close to the time of the Denton sighting, and shows there may be more of a background of unknown canine encounters in Montana than we may have guessed. Many thanks to Zach for contributing!

Source: Linda Godfrey


The Pantograph Effect

Papers are soon to be released on the findings of Physicist Benson Herbert's exhaustive studies into the paranormal, under the 40 year rule and virtually forgotten today, because of his open mindedness to study results.

For remember, most psychic researchers have reach the conclusions that their financiers expect.

In 1966 Herbert was top dog, and he moved his laboratory called 'The Paralab' to Wiltshire, in order to avoid London's traffic vibration, electrical system and noise pollution. His delicate instrumentation brought in similar results to those of Nikola Tesla.

The Soviets who during the Cold War greatly feared scientist Peter Wright of 'Spycatcher' fame, have documentation taken from his friend and spy Lord Rothschild. This claims that during radio eavesdropping from Cyprus, the biggest listening post in the world, primitive evidence of E.V.P or Electronic Voice Phenomena, or voices from the dead. were obtained accidentally by Peter Wright.

Benson Herbert believed that all psychic phenomena was electrical in origin and transmission and visited many haunted sites with his equipment. He also captured strange, intriguing sounds from the past.

In 1970 Herbert was invited by Soviet scientists, as top British representative, to the Prague Symposium on Psychotronics. This is the technical term for military use of psychic ability, first pioneered by Churchill in W.W.II. Although Herbert is not well known in the Britain of today, his work is much valued and still studied in the Soviet bloc.

R.G. Medhurst, of the Society of Psychical Research, invited Herbert to a series of séances and for anyone to attend these was anathema to orthodoxy at the time. The fact that he investigated U.F.O sightings and allowed himself to be regressed to previous lives upset many of his colleagues, who felt there should be very clear lines of division between scientist and psychic.

In 1972 Herbert, while in Leningrad, met Nina Kulagina, the Soviet PK specialist who shocked him by moving a heavy chair toward him across the room by pointing her finger at it. Later she held his arm and as the heat burnt him and he collapsed in pain, he had the scar for over a week.

He also investigated Suzanne Padfield, the psychic who held a photograph of a murdered child in Moscow, and from 1700 miles away identified the killer. She also deflected and bent beams of light in his laboratory.

Experiments on blind people who could read through their fingertips (derma-optics) bore amazing results.

Herbert, a top class intellectual and expert Paraphysicist had some of his research taken by British authorities and stamped Top Secretand as he saw himself as a man of the people, this did not sit well with him.

He claimed that H. G. Wells had stumbled onto something when he spoke of extra-spatial dimensions. Herbert described this as 'The pantograph effect'; that the drawing in one world of an event, would cause similar phenomena in another. This in a synchronistic way was described by Schopenhauer as: "Coincidence is the simultaneous occurrence of causality, unconnected to events", of which Hippocrates said: "The world was held together by hidden affinities or threads".

Similarly, Adolph Hitler viewed the shameful way Germany was treated after W.W.I by the international community, made him believe in the "world seriality theory", that all worlds exist linked in cyclic accord.

Carl Jung brought it all together as the Collective Unconscious.

Herbert's death in 1991 revealed that, like many other genuine researchers, he believed in psychic abilities but said there were many fakes. He had no time for publicity seeking quacks, such as we see with James Randi types and make believe psychologists, but that much, much more research was necessary.

In the workings of the great pantograph, over time the inner meanings of the psychic worlds would be revealed.

Source: Farshores/Terry Stokes


Sheep Killing by ‘Mysterious Creature’ Worries Farmers

Jajpur: In a strange, recurring and clueless phenomenon, the attack on sheep by mysterious creature or animal has returned to haunt the farmers in Odisha, an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal.

After a brief season of lull, the first such attack was reported from Barchana area in this district Monday night. Two sheep were found dead with their intestines pulled out. Many more sheep were found with injuries at Barchana.

Locals spotted the carcasses of the sheep at BarchanaTuesday morning. The sheep belonged to farmer Ganeswar Behera.

Behera says that, after grazing the sheep in a forest near the village, he had herded them into a shed near his house at night. The mysterious creature/animal(s) sneaked into the pen and attacked the flock of sheep, killing two and injuring many more.

As was the case in the past, the marauding creatures/ animal(s) consumed the intestines of the sheep. It also drank the blood of the sheep, locals said.

Notably, forest officials have failed to understand the nature of the creature/animal on the prowl in human habitations. They took the stand that the animal was probably a hyena, but locals with better understanding of animal behaviour dismissed this view.

“A hyena cannot attack so many sheep at a time. We suspect it to be some mysterious animal. Even the footprints of the creature are not seen. This makes it more mysterious,” a bewildered Behera said.

This is the first time such an incident was reported from Jajpur.

In 2017, hundreds of sheep were killed in Niali region of Cuttack between February and July. Similar incidents were also reported from Bhanjanagar, Jagatsinghpur, Kalahandi, Nuapada and Kendrapara districts. Despite massive search operations by the forest department, the ‘killer animal(s)’ remained elusive.

Source: Orissa Post


Fire Poltergeist in Long An Province, Vietnam
By Cropster

In early 2012, I visited Ho Chi Minh City to investigate the curious case of the ‘Supernatural Girl’.

A Tan Binh district family told me of a spate of mysterious fires in their house, all centred around their 11 year old daughter. It was an impressive report that Tony and I covered in some detail in Australian Poltergeist.

A similar pyro-panic is now underway in Long An province in the Mekong Delta region, according to reports in the Vietnamese media. A good summary appeared on the Motthegioi news site and with their permission I’ve included a translation of their June 4 story.  Copyright for the text and photographs are Thanh Anh/Motthegioi.VN:

Relevant authorities told that the cases of ignited furniture in Mr. An’s house occurred because someone had deliberately used chemicals to burn it. “However, the authorities didn’t specify what those chemicals were and who burnt (the items), thereby making the people feel so worried”, said a resident living nearby.

Continuous and inexplicable fires

Objects made of plastic, cloth, etc. in the house of Mr. Nguyen Van An (born in 1954 and residing at Area A, Rach Dao Hamlet, Thu Thua Town, Thu Thua District, Long An Province) have continuously burnt without any known cause over the past many consecutive days. Ms. Nguyen Thi Mong Tham, his daughter, said that there were 1-2 fires happening in some days, and 3-4 fires occurring in other days.

Although her family took precautions and was watchful after about three weeks of witnessing the burnt furniture made of plastic, cloth, etc. without any known causes, fires still happened in an unexpected manner. “Only when my family saw the burnt smell of plastic furniture, we ran to find, detected ignition locations, and then put out fires”, said Ms. Tham.

According to Ms. Tham, there were three total fires of Styrofoam boxes and clothes on 30 May. Among them, the most dangerous fire was the ignited sedge mat and blanket, the place where her child had just got up.

Ms. Tham told, “After more than two weeks of all burnt kinds of furniture, I brought a plastic-woven mat to the yard in front of my house. At noon on 30 May, I saw my child sleeping on an indoor wooden plank without any linings below his back, so I took pity on him. Afterwards, I brought the mat indoors so that my child can lie down on it, and put a cloth blanket over it.

Her child only slept in about 30 minutes, then got up and washed face in the back of the house. Meanwhile, everyone saw the burnt smell of plastic objects in the front of the house. When the whole family ran to the front of the house, they saw the nylon mat burning and the flame spread to the cloth blanket.

After Ms. Tham and her family put out fires, the mat and blanket were damaged. Ms. Tham said, a number of clothes hung on a pole in the back of the house were suddenly burnt. However, what made her family get panic-stricken is that the burnt clothes were still wet because they were washed and hung on the pole not long ago.

Even on 29 May, the cloth blanket placed in a wooden cabinet suddenly ignited; whereas, the cabinet was not burnt. All the things happened from 10 May when a jack was suddenly burnt.

Is there someone using chemicals to burn them?

In her opinion, in about three weeks when her family’s house was caught fires without any unknown causes, there were more than 30 fires in total, and asset-related damages cost tens of million Vietnam dongs. Nonetheless, the whole family could not explain any causes of occurrence, so they were panic and anxious.

Her family’s fear is increasing when rumors that a bad person used “Cha Va ethnic group’s charm” for Mr. An’s house have recently appeared, so there were mysterious fires like those.

After Mr. An’s family had reported such events to the local authority and concerned agencies and suspected of someone with their hatred, the authorities mounted a security camera system for home-based surveillance in the daytime and nighttime, but not detected any strangers intruding and setting fire.

Meanwhile, on 30 May, Mr. Le Quoc Dung, the Director of Long An Province Department of Science and Technology sent an official document to Thu Thua District People’s Committee, giving initial judgments by the Department on self-burning furniture in the house of Mr. An.

Mr. Dung said, “After receiving a document from Thu Thua District People’s Committee dated 25 June proposing to find out causes for self-burning furniture in the house of Mr. An, the Department assigned a group of qualified staff in collaboration with Thu Thua District People’s Committee to conduct field inspection and find out causes for combustion.

Initial judgment by the staff from Long An Province Department of Science and Technology is that object combustion happened in the daytime only, but not in the nighttime. The burnt objects detected by family members are mainly made of plastic and wet cloth. Whereas, objects made from wood and paper are not ignited.

The burnt objects are not close to sources of fire, and scope of combustion is within the house and garden in the back of the house. Moreover, adjacent houses have not experienced these events.

At his house, staff from the Department of Science and Technology have recognised that power and electric equipment are switched off and not used anymore. There are not any igniting chemicals in his house and the family has never traded chemicals before. The inspection group has also acknowledged that there are not any self-burning materials and equipment in his house.

More importantly, the inspection group has identified that the house is free of natural combustible gases such as methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6) or white phosphorus emitting from the underground. Furthermore, there is no radiation and convergence of luminous energy leading to self-igniting plastic materials.

After inspection and survey of the event and field, Long An Province Department of Science and Technology has given its initial judgment: the causes for combustion don’t come from natural factors such as natural gas, radioactivity, luminous energy, as well as incidents related to gas and short circuit.

Therefore, it is possible that someone has intentionally used chemicals with strong anti-oxidative activities to make fires when exposing oxygen in the air. From this judgment, Long An Province Department of Science and Technology has requested Thu Thua District People’s Committee to instruct the concerned authorities for investigation and clarification.

In response to the judgment given by Long An Province Department of Science and Technology, the residents are so worried. A resident watching such event from the beginning said, “If the concerned authorities strongly think that burnt furniture in the house of Mr. An comes from someone intentionally using chemicals”, what those chemicals were, who burnt and why the security camera system they could not detect, etc.

Whereas, Mr. An said, rumors that he self-burnt home-based furniture to create pressure have recently appeared because of disputes between family members at the house, the place of fire occurrence.

Mr. An told, “People say that I have made up such story because I want to sell this house. However, if there are any disputes, they will be resolved and arbitrated by the local government and court. Therefore, I do not have any reasons to burn up furniture worth tens of million Vietnam dongs. Moreover, some people with their spiteful tongue think that I have done so to prepare the sale of house entrance tickets for curious people”.’

. . .

An earlier news report quoted a reporter who had observed a fire at the house:

‘While we were sitting down and chatting with each other, someone suddenly screamed “burnt smell”. We looked around and discovered that at the end of the house, there was a spark accompanied by a small smoke on a clothesline. There was not anyone or sources of heat nearby possibly causing fires. Clothes quickly burst into flame, so Ms. Duyen (Mr. An’s daughter living in the same house) promptly used a water bucket to pour into the flame.

Before going to his house, I suspected of causes for “self-burnt” furniture”. It is possible that someone with their hatred want to burn and destroy his family. In general, I strongly think that “self-burning” can be man-made for some reason. Nevertheless, when witnessing self-burning clothes, I think that it must be such a magician highly capable of making these fires. “Self-burning” is like a “magic!”

Furthermore, the back of the house was equipped with a security camera system for daytime and nighttime surveillance. Therefore, it is impossible that strangers will suddenly break into the house and cause fires.’

With widespread Vietnamese media interest, there have been several videos posted of the Long An house.

The idea that mysterious fires were caused by an invisible and untraceable chemical has been proposed in other fire poltergeist reports, but as far as I’m aware it’s never been proven in a single case.

Interestingly, fire poltergeists appear to be relatively common in Asia, Africa and the Middle Eastern countries but rare in the West. I’ve personally investigated fire cases in Malaysia and Turkey and there were certainly similarities with the Long An case. The Kota Bharu report from Malaysia in 2011 also involved wet items bursting into flames.

With our skepticals on and wearing our favourite flame-proof trousers, let’s keep a close watch on this case.

Source: The Fortean

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