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We are back after two weeks of summer vacation exploring the dark, tropical rainforests of South America, looking for secret UFO bases, checking out the mysterious mountains of Antarctica, seeking the hidden passage into the hollow Earth, conducting searches in the most haunted places in North America in order to prove the existence of life after death, and chasing the elusive ice cream truck down the street when he won't stop in front of my house.  We hope your summer is just as exciting as ours, but now...what you have all been waiting for...the latest issue of Conspiracy Journal!

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such skin-peeling stories as:

 Japan Executes Cult Leader Shoko Asahara -  
- The Native American UFO-Star People Connection -
British Spies Spent 50 Years Trying to Catch A UFO -
AND: Mysterious Fires in Gürpinar District, Turkey

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Secret Government Findings Claim There Is A Valid "Alien Threat"

Here is irrefutable proof that UFOs could be perilous to your health, your well-being and even your life – and in an extreme case scenario could doom all of humanity.


In a series of rather astonishing disclosures, the New York Times revealed in a provocative front page article that the military had spent upwards of $22 million dollars in recent years on the study of UFOs and the creation of an “advanced aerospace threat identification program.” Sightings have persisted long after the official closure of Project Blue Book – something UFO researchers have long suspected but could not prove.

Part of this multi-million dollar “Black Project” bundle was spent on an exhaustive study of the physiological and psychological effects of UFOs on witnesses. And while this hush-hush scrutiny of observers has to date never been released, an independent study indicates there is a PATTERN OF HORROR – that UFOs are no laughing matter and represent a TERRIFYING THREAT TO US ALL!

Because of the frightening nature of its fully documented findings, this may well be the most startling book you will ever read about the dangerous side of UFOs!

This incredible book contains case histories of UFO atrocities, from strange disappearances to bizarre deaths. 

There are hundreds of ALARMING CASES that are detailed in this book – and it is evident there is NO PLACE TO HIDE!

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Japan Executes Cult Leader Shoko Asahara

Aum Shinrikyo’s sarin nerve attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995 killed 13 people and caused illness among thousands of others.

The former leader of the doomsday cult that carried out a fatal gas attack on the Tokyo subway in March 1995 has been executed.

Shoko Asahara, who masterminded the attack in which 13 people died and more than 6,000 others fell ill, was hanged at a detention centre.

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, confirmed Asahara’s execution. The justice ministry later confirmed that six other senior cult members were executed on the same day.

“I think it’s right that he was executed,” said Shizue Takahashi, whose husband, a subway worker, died after removing one of the sarin packages.

“My husband’s parents and my parents are already dead,” she added. “I think they would find it regrettable that they could not have heard the news of this execution.”

Kiyoe Iwata, whose daughter died in the attack, said the news had given her peace of mind. “I have always been wondering why it had to be my daughter and why she had to be killed,” she told public broadcaster NHK. ”Now I can visit her grave and tell her this news.”

Asahara’s execution was the first of 13 former Aum members who have been condemned to death.

His Aum Supreme Truth cult, which combined a bizarre mix of Buddhist and Hindu meditation along with Christian and apocalyptic teachings, yoga and the occult, once boasted more than 10,000 followers in Japan and an estimated 30,000 in Russia.

Its members included graduates of Japan’s best universities, who were attracted by promises that they would survive the coming Armageddon – a nuclear attack by the US – by developing sarin, a nerve agent invented by the Nazis, at the cult’s compound in the foothills of Mount Fuji.

Asahara, whose real name was Chizuo Matsumoto, had also been found guilty of masterminding a 1994 attack on a city in northern Japan in which eight people died and more than 100 were injured.

The former cult leader had exhausted all of his appeals after he was sentenced to death in 2004.

The Tokyo subway gas attack began shortly before 8am on 20 March 1995, when five members of the cult punctured plastic bags containing liquid sarin with the sharpened tips of their umbrellas before fleeing.

As the gas spread inside packed subway carriages, commuters started to cough and struggle for breath. Some of those who made it on to platforms and upstairs to street level collapsed, foaming at the mouth and coughing up blood.

Survivors recalled smelling something that resembled paint thinner before starting to cough uncontrollably. “Liquid was spread on the floor in the middle of the carriage, people were convulsing in their seats. One man was leaning against a pole, his shirt open, bodily fluids leaking out,” Sakae Ito, who was inside on one of the carriages, told Agence France-Presse.

TV footage showed members of self-defence forces, dressed in hazmat suits and full face masks, descending flights of stairs, still unaware of what had caused the incident.

The attack was the worst terrorist incident on Japanese soil and rocked the country’s faith in its reputation for public safety.

Asahara eluded arrest for two months until he was discovered hiding in a tiny space concealed behind a wall, along with piles of cash and a sleeping bag, at the cult’s compound.

Aum was banned but resurfaced in 2000 as Aleph, whose members claimed they had disowned Asahara and agreed to pay compensation to the gas attack victims.

There have been claims, however, that some continue to follow Asahara’s teachings and keep photographs of him and audio recordings of his voice for inspiration.

Several dozen members living at Aleph’s headquarters, three ageing apartment blocks in suburban Tokyo, are kept under 24-hour surveillance.

Born in 1955 on the southwestern island of Kyushu, Asahara, who was virtually blind, was regarded as a charismatic leader who began to draw recruits to Aum, which had originally started as a yoga school, in the 1980s.

A vengeful Asahara started targeting members of the public after he and 24 other Aum members unsuccessfully ran in upper house elections in 1990, according to prosecutors.

Aleph and two smaller splinter groups have about 1,650 followers in Japan and about 460 in Russia, and hold more than 1 billion yen (US$9m) in assets, Kyodo news said, citing data from Japan’s public security intelligence agency.

Human rights campaigners condemned the use of the death penalty against Aum members.

Amnesty International said Friday’s executions “do not deliver justice.”

Aum Shinrikyo was also interested in obtaining high-tech weapons of mass destruction, including sophisticated earthquake, weather and plasma weapons.

The situation with Aum Shinriko was serious enough that a special investigation by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations was formed.  Chaired by Senator Sam Nunn, the committee spent five months conducting hundreds of interviews of “both government and private individuals.”  These included classified briefings from numerous U.S. intelligence agencies.  Their findings were published in an October 1995, 100 page report on the Aum cult.

The Nunn report, in addition to outlining Aum’s large international membership and massive finances of US$1 billion plus, also revealed the cult’s fascination for Tesla weapons.  The Senate report describes Aum’s visits to the New York based International Tesla Society (ITS), where they sought to obtain a number of his books, patents and papers.  

A representative of the ITS told Senate investigators that Aum’s interest focused on Tesla’s experiments with “resonating frequencies,” adding that “Tesla had experimented in creating earthquakes.”  Significantly, the report also states that Tesla claimed “…with his technology he could ‘split the world’ in two.”  

This astonishing assertion closely parallels remarks made by Soviet Premier Krushchev to the Presidium in 1960, where he referred to “…the advent of a new class of Soviet Superweapon, so powerful it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly used.”

In addition to visiting New York’s ITS, Aum personnel also travelled to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade.  Their studies here included researching the so called “Tesla Coil” - a device used for alternating currents.  Additionally, they also uncovered Tesla’s work on “high energy voltage transmission and on wave amplification, which Tesla asserted could be used to create seismological disturbances.”

Source: The Guardian


The Native American UFO-Star People Connection
By Sean Casteel

*** Read about some of the fascinating petroglyphs and pictographs of the earliest Native Americans, who responded in reverence and awe to the alien presence that created them. The testimony of Native Americans of our own time is equally dramatic and grounded in mysteries still unsolved.

*** There are many divided opinions among the Native Americans of the present day as to how their people were created. Not all believe in the conventional wisdom as taught by anthropologists. Some believe in the UFO-related origin stories handed down for centuries and see those beliefs made all the more real by continued contact experiences happening in the modern world.

*** Once you have made the leap of faith and accept that the alien presence for Native Americans is real, how do you communicate with these otherworldly “gods”? Learn some of the chants, songs and ceremonies used since ancient times to placate and entreat the great spirits.


It is generally acknowledged that the myths and legends of nearly all Native Americans have a rich and varied history of an interaction with the “Sky People” or “Star People” in common with one another. In a book recently reissued by Timothy Green Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communications, entitled “The American Indian UFO-Starseed Connection,” this idea is thoroughly explored by a number of well-known authors, to include the late Brad Steiger, whose numerous books on paranormal subjects have sold many millions of copies.


One of the Native American sources Steiger spoke to directly for his chapter told him, “I doubt very much if you will find another Indian who will tell you this, but I don’t believe there is any doubt whatsoever that there are Indian people on the face of the Earth who did not originate on this planet.”

But there exists a schism among Native Americans about their true origin. Some of the Hopi, for example, believe in a tribal descent from the UFO occupants and an ancient culture while others favor the more orthodox, anthropological description of their lineage. Meanwhile, a collection of predictions labeled the “Hopi Prophecies” are believed to predict not only that exact schism of spiritual faith but the coming of the UFOs as well in what sounds like a Native American version of the coming apocalypse.native american indian and ufo

A petroglyph in Arizona is said to show a dome-shaped flying saucer with an arrow on top that represents travel through space. The Hopi maiden on the dome shape represents “purity,” delivering an ominous warning about the future “Purification Day.”

“Those Hopi who survive Purification Day will be taken to other planets,” the Native American source told Steiger. “We, the faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are true. We have watched nearly all our brethren lose faith in the original teachings and go off on their own course.”


There is still much to learn, however, from the faithful of ancient days. Steiger runs through a catalog of petroglyphs, or stone carvings, and pictographs, or stone paintings. Thirty miles northeast of Price, Utah, is the beginning of one of the most unusual canyons in the nation, Nine Mile Canyon.

“Prior to 1100 A.D., the Fremont culture occupied the canyon,” Steiger writes, “and the records they left in the form of petroglyphs and pictographs comprise the heaviest concentration of rock art in the world today. The Fremont people developed their own art style, which, interestingly, was typified by horned, trapezoidal-bodied, human-like ‘anthropomorphs.’ Were these creatures somehow symbolic of nature spirits? Or did they truly represent visitations by beings decidedly different from the Fremont people’s other Amerindian neighbors?”

Another fascinating petroglyph in Nine Mile Canyon consists of a horned person-like figure. To someone of an ancient astronaut bent, the horns may be the sprouting of antennae from a space helmet.

“In this instance,” Steiger writes, “the creature is standing before a row of upraised human hands, which seems to imply awe, reverence or fear. To the human figure’s left, there is a disc-like object. To the disc’s left, there is an upside down human figure faintly etched in the stone.”

In Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada, one finds a most intriguing pictograph in a natural grotto. The drawing depicts a white disc with black wing-like protuberances hovering over four figures who appear to have bent their knees in an attitude of reverence. Squiggly lines, perhaps suggestive of rays of light, emanate from the top of the object. Longer, more irregular lines extend from the bottom of the disc, possibly portraying smoke or fire.

It is noteworthy that Native American artists – separated by time and thousands of miles – chose to portray not just the appearing of the UFOs but also the awe and reverence with which they as mere mortals had responded to the ships. This is consistent, of course, with similar encounters in the Bible as well as ancient astronaut lore from throughout the world.


Brad Steiger also discusses the correlations between Native American myths and fairy lore from the European continent, including the notion of mortals of both sexes having amorous relations with beings from beyond.

“The legends of Native Americans contain many accounts of Star Wives and Star Husbands,” he writes. “Although there may be individual cultural differences from tribe to tribe, the basic accounts of the Star Husband could be outlined in this way: A young girl sleeping outside the lodge or wigwam is taken away during the night by the Star People. She awakens to find herself in a different world and the bride of a Star Husband.

“Although life is pleasant in Star Land,” Steiger continues, “the girl grows lonesome for her own people. From time to time, she is permitted to look into a hole through which she can see her tribesmen. But if she grows too despondent, she is permitted to return to her tribe, usually after performing a task which seems to her nonsensical. If a child has been produced by their union, it is usually required that she leave her offspring with her Star Husband and his people.”


In another chapter of “The American Indian UFO-STARSEED Connection,” we read the first person account of “Dennis,” a Native American, and his UFO encounters, some of which he experienced while undergoing a rite of passage to male adulthood. Dennis hails from a section of New Mexico located between the towns of Grants and Raymond.

“I come from a country,” Dennis begins, “that is 7,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level, with ponderosa and high pines. It is known for what we call ‘spook lights.’ They are usually red or blue. We have a lava flow that is undatable. Some archeologists have tried to date it, but they can’t figure out when it erupted. We have a couple of active volcano areas. There are a few areas which cannot be explored because of the terrain. The Indians have many legends about these areas.

“When I was growing up,” he continues, “I remember seeing lights zip across the sky. There have been archeologists in the area. Most of them don’t make it past midnight. Something scares them!”


Dennis goes on to talk about undergoing the traditional initiation ceremony.

“What happens is, you are taken out to an area blindfolded and left there. You are supposed to stay in that area for 24 to 48 hours, depending on how big of a wimp they think you are. A few don’t make it. The first time I went out, I didn’t make it. The canyon, just below me, lit up as bright as day. Being very young, I decided that running through the cactus at high speed and jumping barbed wire fences would be safer than sticking around. So I went screaming back to the village.”
strange cloud over second mesa native american indian

When Dennis tried the ritual again a few years later, a similar thing happened. Only this time, when he saw the large lights, he decided to move in closer and explore. By the time he reached the area that had been so illuminated, the light had dimmed and gone away.

Like Steiger’s Native American friend, Dennis also complains of unbelievers in his community.

“The tradition tells of different types of visitations,” he writes. “I grew up with people who believed that if there was a visitation, it was our government causing it. If we had a flying saucer in the area, it had a U.S. Air Force sticker on it. Later on, these people became unsettled by things they had seen out there.”

As an example, Dennis offers the story of the sighting of a pair of red dots that appeared over the horizon as the tribe was conducting their traditional races. The dots looked like they were sitting right on the mountain. Within a few seconds they took off across the sky. On their way across, they did a “few tricks.” Then they went across the horizon and disappeared. The startled witnesses began to pray and meditate, seeking to find out what was going on.


Dennis had also heard reports of witch doctors who started their walk in New Mexico and all of a sudden showed up in Mexico, traveling two or three thousand miles in a couple of days.

“The witch doctor who did this was old when I was growing up,” Dennis writes, “and he’s still around. I met him and I remember him from the time when I was two or three years old. He still walks through the desert, still makes his meditation runs and his medicine runs. He has some charms that are very unusual.”

Later, as an adult in the military service stationed in California, Dennis again brushed up against the paranormal.

“Even the Indians that I met in California had legends,” he said. “I got into the Yeti/Bigfoot legends when in I was in the service. I found that many tribes which were up on Mount Shasta all had a joint story. It was about a baby born from a sphere that had fallen from the sky. They [these children] were supposed to be stronger than normal and hairier than normal. They were supposed to have all kinds of abnormal characteristics. They could not speak as we do, yet they communicated among themselves.”

An anthropologist from the Denver Museum visited an area near Dennis’ home in an attempt to investigate and document the region’s strange native legends. The anthropologist set up his camping gear and waited. But at 10:30 P.M., “something” unknown came into the camp that drove both Dennis and the anthropologist out into the unsheltered night. At first, Dennis had warned the visiting scientist to stay close to the fire because only light could protect them from whatever was making its presence felt. Two minutes later the anthropologist was packing up and heading for his jeep. The fear was simply too much for him.

Dennis seems to be speaking of creatures resembling the often-seen small “gray” aliens as the culprit in the above story.

“These creatures are not Bigfoot,” Dennis said. “Their height is about 3’11’ or maybe four feet. I’ve never seen them during the day. I know that they walk on two legs. They are also ambidextrous.”

Dennis said he believes the diminutive creatures love dill pickles. He tried baiting a trap with dill pickles for the creatures but they managed to get the pickles without setting off the trip wires.


Having established the possibility of an ongoing contact being shared by some Native Americans and the UFO occupants, how has this contact been made manifest in the day-to-day lives of the indigenous earthlings? To answer this question, we turn to another book from Timothy Green Beckley’s Global Communications publishing house called “Lost Indian Magic.”

One learns in “Lost Indian Magic” that the Native American method of contacting the spirits that are believed to rule over their lives is to chant or sing to them. “Lost Indian Magic” includes a song intended to serve as a love charm. The words seem to mean that the man singing the song wants to isolate his beloved from the rest of the world.

“Place her standing up on the earth. Where her feet are now and wherever she may go, let loneliness leave its mark upon her. Let her be marked out for loneliness where she stands. I belong to the Wolf Clan. No one is ever lonely with me. I am handsome. Let her put her soul in the very center of my soul, never to turn away.”

Obviously, it is easier to work a love charm on a lonely woman than one surrounded by competing suitors.

That song is followed by one intended to insure the woman’s constancy.

“This woman’s soul has come to rest at the edge of your body. You are never to let go your hold upon it. Let her never think upon any other place. The woman has put her soul into our hands. We shall never let it go!”

There are similar songs included in “Lost Indian Magic” intended to ensure the faithfulness of one’s spouse. But, interestingly, a song to be sung by a jealous rival is also in the mix. The song is “For Separation of Lovers.” Tobacco is used in this particular ceremony.

“The blue tobacco has come to be your recompense. You have alighted midway between them where they two are standing. You have spoiled their souls immediately. They have at once become separated. Let her eyes in their sockets be forever watching for me. There is no loneliness where my body is.”

The fact that such a song exists for the sake of a jealous rival implies a surprising frankness about human nature. Whatever spirits devised the words seem to be unfazed by a love interest from outside a given marriage. Could it be used as evidence in divorce court?


The reader may enjoy another aspect of Native American lore called “The Birth Totem.” It springs from the Native American tradition that everything in life is a circle. This understanding of the cosmos resulted from their observation that the sun moves in a circle, from morning to night and then back again to another morning. The waxing and waning of the moon, from full moon to dark moon and back again, is also a circular movement. They also concluded from the changing of the seasons that the Earth itself moved in a circle as well.

They divided the circular year into 12 “moons,” with each moon possessing its own set of animal, mineral and plant totems. Each of these totems possessed certain qualities that could be passed onto people depending upon the moon under which they were born. The 12 birth totems are similar to the 12 signs of the zodiac we are already familiar with.

As with the zodiac, the characteristics listed for each totem are not necessarily the traits that everyone born under that totem possesses. Each person is unique and moves along in their own way and at their own speed. But those born under the same moon tend to share certain broadly defined qualities.

The fun part is finding your own birth totem moon using the handy chart provided. For example, my birthday falls within what is called the “Rest and Cleansing Moon.” My animal totem is the Otter, and my mineral totem is Turquoise. I’m said to be broadminded, lively, unconventional, perceptive, inventive, self-assured, self-reliant, dynamic, friendly and artistic. I sound like a great guy using this totem system, eh?


Lost Indian Magic” also provides a listing of sacred herbs to be used in the various ceremonies before it launches into a reprinting of a book from 1918, written by Grace Purdie Moon and Carl Moon, consisting of what the Moons call “A Mystery of the Red Man As He Lived Before the White Men Came.” This long lost and rare book featured paintings and photos by Carl Moon, which Beckley has faithfully reproduced in this newer version.

Surprisingly, for its time, the book is remarkably free of any anthropological bias or prejudice. The authors recount a mystery story that engages the reader from its opening lines and never lets go.

“Out in the region of the sage and the pine,” the Moons write in their Foreword, “in the far reaches of the ever-mysterious desert, the Indian campfires of the long ago heard many a tale worth the telling. Some there were that have been handed down, through the channel of an unwrit tongue, from age to youth – told, retold, and told again until they come to the hearing of even you and me. Thus the ancient tale of the Lost Magic comes to be set down.

“It may be that the legend loses somewhat,” they continue, “in parting with the strange tongue that gave it birth, but the thread on which the crude beads of its adventures are strung runs back even to the first account, and may be of the same spinning.”

The story tells of the protective magic given to the Ah-co tribe by a small bear carved out of turquoise. The artifact is stolen by another tribe who are jealous of the good fortune the bear heaps upon its people. With the bear’s loss comes the inevitable want, woe and disaster for the Ah-co. Seasons pass, but finally the Great Spirit, whose symbol is the sun, goes forth to find the little blue bear and restore it to his people.

Sounds like the kind of story one could envision as a summer blockbuster movie. It’s even a little reminiscent of a “Star Wars” episode with, say, Luke Skywalker going out to do battle for some aspect of the Force while fighting to restore a semblance of moral order to a galaxy far, far away.

In any case, if you’re interested in the ancient astronauts legends of the Native Americans and the spiritual practices intended to obtain the blessings of this powerful alien force, then “The American Indian UFO-Starseed Connection” and “Lost Indian Magic” should be at the top of your reading list. When it comes to contacting the gods of old in today’s world, Timothy Green Beckley’s books often contain just what the spiritual seeker needs in order to reach out and speak to the waiting, ever-patient unknown.

Source: Spectral Vision

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Levitation: A Huge Challenge to Science
By Michael Grosso

Reading cosmologist Martin Rees’ Before the Beginning, you come away with respect  for the key role of gravitation in the evolution of the universe.  According to Rees, the particular strength of gravity is as it had to be to produce galaxies and the very conditions for life on Earth.  Gravity is the glue of our evolving universe, the fundamental factor of physical reality.

In light of that, the phenomenon of levitation seems all the more interesting. There are many examples and many forms of levitation.  I’ve focused on a well documented case, which includes thirty-five years of reliable eyewitness testimony.  St. Joseph of Copertino’s (1603-1663) frequently observed flights occurred in the complete absence of any known physical force.  That’s a huge challenge to science.

Many, of course, will automatically recoil with disbelief.  I attribute this to ignorance, possibly compounded by hostility to anything paranormal. I cover the testimony for Joseph’s levitations at some length in two books, The Man Who Could Fly and Wings of Ecstasy (both available on Amazon).  In my view, the evidence is compelling.  I cannot explain away 35 years of massive eyewitness testimony.

The question I want to ask here: why is levitation so important?

First, I want to clear something up.  Some say that levitation “violates” the law of gravity, but this is not true.  If I throw a baseball straight up into the air, I’m not violating gravity; I’m exerting a mechanical force that briefly works against gravity. With levitation, however, no known physical force is involved; the cause, it seems, lies in the recesses of the levitator’s mind. So it is not gravity that is “violated” but the assumption that levitation is impossible.      

Levitation, if real, is of scientific and philosophical interest.  Physicalism cannot explain levitation.  Can a thought cause a suspension of gravity?  It would be impossible, if physicalism, or materialism, were true. Levitation, a rare but natural phenomenon, supports philosophies that affirm the metaphysical primacy of mind and consciousness.  Mind and consciousness, irreducible and autonomous; but also causally potent, as observed in levitation and other psychophysical phenomena.

Levitation is a challenge to physics.  There must be a physics of human levitation.  But how does it work? There might be help from modern physics and cosmology. Newtonian physics, mindless and mechanistic, would be no help.  But, as physicist Henry Stapp says, quantum depends on the presence of the observing mind.  Stapp holds that quantum physics should in principle be able to account for levitation.  Cosmologist Bernard Carr thinks that  concepts of higher space may shed light on levitation phenomena.  The Man Who Could Fly offers a fledgling chapter on the physics of levitation. So philosophy and physics are challenged but also enriched by the phenomenon.  

Levitation should also be of interest to scholars of religion.  It’s a fact worth noting: among scholars of religion are few religious scholars.  You are more likely to find a share of anti-religious ideologues.  18th century progressives wanted to crush the infamy of magic, superstition, and miracles in order to expedite their rationalist utopia.  The ghost of this ill-conceived attitude still haunts much of the academic world.

So levitation has implications for the theory of religion; for example, for the idea of ‘miracle.’  In the seventeenth century, levitation was thought to be supernatural, god-granted or devil-inspiredc—in any case, a ‘miracle’; today we describe it as a species of psychokinesis, an anomalous mind-body interaction.

All religious structures center around a transcendent factor: the supreme way or principle, a supreme being, god or goddess; or a supreme state of being such as nirvana, ataraxy, immortality, peace beyond understanding; or a function such as prayer, divination, meditation—all ways of connecting with the transcendent.  

If by transcendent, we mean extraphysical, then Joseph provides a whopping counter-example to reductive physicalism.   Everything about Joseph flies in the face of physicalism.  In my opinion, the challenge is how to reinstate and reintegrate the transcendent factlor in religious studies.  This will require poetic imagination, along with respect for logic and matters of fact.   

Levitation is a challenge to psychology. There is one extraordinary feature of Joseph’s psychology that is mostly off the radar for most people.  We admire and value people who keep their noses to the grindstone, anchored to their worldly interests and duties.  Joseph was the stellar opposite to this, and revelled in being “useless” and attached to nulla—nothing!

From early boyhood, our flying friar had a genius for creative dissociation, a talent for vacating his body, for getting totally absorbed in an idea, image, or sound—thus losing contact with the external world. The term for this is ecstasy.

What is it about the ecstatic state that permits apparently super-human powers to manifest?  The great psychologist of higher consciousness, Frederic Myers, singled out the ecstatic state as key to our creative evolution.

Have we humans reached the peak of our evolutionary potential?  Correct, that was a rhetorical question.  And this, too: Can anybody think of a time more needful of our  next quantum leap of consciousness?

Levitation, making light of gravity, cracks open a vista of possibilities.  Add bilocation, teleportation, disappearance, materialization—all these suggest a more dreamlike physical reality.  Inedia, healing power, odor of sanctity, and bodily incorruption presage our future bodies.  

All the super-facts help us imagine the impossible.  Strange to say, we may be evolving into what begins to look like Greek gods and goddesses.  By no means perfect beings!  But light years beyond the idiots wrecking life on Earth nowadays.

So there’s some good news, after all.  True, the world may be coming to an end but there are real super-heroes with real super-powers. Call them human singularities-- Joseph of Copertino is a case in point.  

Something else of importance; the story is about us. There is a ‘super-hero’ buried in each of us. The big question is—How do we break into the treasure trove within?  How do we bring ourselves to full life?

Levitation is a huge challenge to science.  It blows up the mind-body problem; poses interesting questions for quantum mechanics and concepts of higher space; raises issues about magic and miracles for scholars of religion; and radically deepens the concept of human personality.  Along with other supernormal capacities, levitation may be a foretaste of our evolutionary future—on Earth, or after death, or who knows, maybe both?   Everything depends on being ready to soar into the future of consciousness.

Source: Consciousness Unbound


British Spies Spent 50 Years Trying to Catch A UFO

A secret dossier reveals British spies spent half a century trying to catch a UFO so they could use its alien technology to build superweapons.

Declassified files reveal the Government was concerned the Soviet Union or China had impounded a UFO and were harvesting its secrets to develop super-fast warplanes.

The cache of documents reveal between 1947 to 1997, intelligence services ran two UFO desks - one was a public-facing desk where people could phone in sightings. The real work was carried out in the background by spies set to investigate.

The UFO desks ran until 1997 by which time word had come from Whitehall that security services 'investigating 'X files stuff such as alien abductions' had become a diversion from their main duties.  

A review was ordered to confirm the desk should be shut down, but also to determine whether anything had been learned over the years which could be useful to military.

Now a report called UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) in the UK Air Defence Region is part of three files running to more than 1,000 pages set to be released after being declassified.

They were held back from the UFO records earmarked for transfer to the National Archives as part of the Open Government project from 2008 to 2013.

But earlier this year, a complete set of redacted copies was sent to Dr Clarke ahead of their release to the National Archives, which is imminent.

The documents reveal the RAF expressed great interest in finding an UFO to help them come up with an innovative way of beating enemies during the Cold War.  

An air chief wrote the RAF was 'particularly interested in any novel technologies which might be useful to their programmes'.

Another air force commander feared the enemy may have already seized a UFO, writing: 'Monitor all reports in case in the future the hitherto unknown/not understood underlying phenomena is being exploited by another nation.

'An actual - or potential enemy - could develop a flying device with the characteristics that these phenomena seem to have.'

Spies were given given tips on what to look out for when identifying foreign objects. The unnamed commander wrote particular attention should be paid to any aircraft behaving 'like a UFO'.

He said: 'Look out for high velocities, sharp manoeuvre, stationary 'flight', and few radar returns.'   

Dr Clarke said: 'MoD have been desperately trying to delay the release of these formerly secret and highly sensitive papers for more than a decade.

'Even though they have been partly censored they can't conceal the fact the UK military were interested in capturing UFOtechnology - or what they coyly refer to as 'novel weapon technology'.

'And the files reveal they were desperate to capture this technology - wherever it came from - before the Russians or the Chinese got hold of it first.

'Although this was 1997, Russia was still regarded as undefeated enemy with a weapons programme regarded as a threat to the West.'  

Source: The Daily Mail


More Americans Evacuated From China Over Mysterious Ailments
By Steven Lee Myers

BEIJING — The State Department has evacuated at least 11 Americans from China after abnormal sounds or sensations were reported by government employees at the United States Consulate in the southern city of Guangzhou, officials said, deepening a mystery that has so far confounded investigators.

At least eight Americans associated with the consulate in Guangzhou have now been evacuated, according to one official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

In addition, one employee from the consulate in Shanghai and two from the embassy in Beijing were sent to the United States for further medical tests after undergoing examinations that the department encouraged when the first report of illnesses in Guangzhou surfaced in April, the official said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the issue with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, in a telephone call that otherwise focused on the diplomacy surrounding North Korea’s nuclear program, according to a statement released Friday morning in Beijing.

The cases in Guangzhou — and now possibly Shanghai and Beijing — are similar to a wave of illnesses that struck Americans working at the embassy in Havana, Cuba, beginning in fall 2016. Another American there was reported last week to have symptoms, bringing the total number of those afflicted by what have been described as “sonic attacks” to 25.

It remains unclear whether the cases in Shanghai and Beijing — which have not been previously reported — were related to what officials described as “subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure” experienced at an apartment tower in Guangzhou where a number of consulate employees live.

The sounds and sensations in Cuba, and now China, have been variously attributed to sophisticated electronic eavesdropping efforts or a form of aural harassment, with some pointing fingers at Russia or China. Other experts have raised the possibility of environmental factors or even mass hysteria.

American officials in China declined to comment or did not respond to inquiries. But in a written response on Saturday, the State Department said that “several staff and family members” had been sent to the United States for further evaluation. The statement suggested that some might have been evacuated for “other unrelated issues.”

The statement said that only one of those evacuated so far had been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury: the first employee who was evacuated in April after complaining of health issues caused by the sounds and sensations.

Some of those evacuated have been sent to the Center for Brain Injury and Repair at the University of Pennsylvania, where researchers examined the cases from Cuba. State Department spokesmen would not elaborate.

After the injuries appeared in Cuba, the Trump administration expelled 15 Cuban diplomats, saying Cuban officials had failed to adequately protect American diplomats. But the government there denied any involvement.

So have the Chinese. The department’s statement on Friday referred to “ongoing cooperation” with the Chinese in investigating “the health-related incident” in Guangzhou.

After the cases surfaced there, senior officials from the department flew to China to investigate, while Mr. Pompeo appointed a committee to review “unexplained health incidents” affecting American diplomats and employees abroad. The deputy secretary of state, John J. Sullivan, is leading the review, assisted by representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Justice Department, but officials have said they remain flummoxed.

Source: The NY Times


David Hamel Was Building Spaceship to Fly to Planet Kladen

GILMOUR -- Word got out in 2007 that David Hamel had died, or that his care worker had at least stumbled upon the mortal body of the man who, after being abducted by aliens, proceeded to build his own spaceship here in the large Quonset hut behind his old farmhouse.

If he has since been spirited away by his extraterrestrial friends from the planet Kladen, 4 billion km away on the other side of the sun, his nearby gravesite would appear to be undisturbed.

So there is no way of knowing.

Travel back two years in time to the land of the living, however, and Dave Hamel is found working away in that hut. He looks like a grey-skinned gremlin, and he has little patience for disbelievers. In fact, he is quite profane when a dumb question is asked, such as, "What will propel your spaceship?"

"F---ing energy," he yells, frustrated by the questioner's obvious ignorance concerning the science that was provided to him, through telepathy, by the silver-suited aliens who abducted him 29 years previously when he was working as a carpenter in British Columbia.

And then he goes on to talk, at great length, about magnets and granite spheres, and vibration working hand-in-hand not only to propel his stainless-steel craft but to also make it "weightless."

"Do you understand now?" he asks me, tugging at his greasy ball cap and rolling his eyes. "Or are you just stupid?"


The tour takes more than an hour. Behind his house, in that locked hut, is the epicentre of his craft -- indescribable to those who lack Hamel's alien-gifted technological savvy, although there are scores of true believers who, in the vastness of cyberspace, have created websites dedicated to promoting the brilliance of his "Hamel Technology," and have even written books on his experiences and his efforts to build his spacecraft.

All one has to do is "google" his name.

Out back of Hamel's house on this August day three years ago, past a sign of warning, the craft's wings can be found, octagonal steel structures that appear akin to science fiction's depiction of flying saucers.

After almost three decades of work, however, it would appear as if the craft is years away from completion.

"It will be done when it is done," says Hamel. "So what if I'm 80? Maybe I'll be 180. It doesn't matter. The survival of the human race is at stake. That's what this is all about. It's about the survival of our species."

Hamel says the aliens who abducted him flew him to this place off Weslemkoon Lake, some 50 km north of Madoc, and told him to build his spaceship in this very spot.

Inside Hamel's home, his infirm wife, Nora, who died a few weeks later, sits in a wheelchair and says nothing as her husband points to the blueprints he drew of his project, and if there is a genius in this far-out scenario, it is in these detailed drawings.

They look totally unfathomable and therefore totally plausible.

"(The aliens) planted these drawings in my brain," he says. "They gave me all the instructions I needed."

He says to envision a butterfly floating above a magnetic field, weightlessly and effortlessly.

"It is now up to me to make it work. The end of the world is not far off, and we need some of us to survive. Otherwise, all is lost."

And perhaps it now is.

Fast forward to this October day, 2007, and the Quonset hut is locked. The windows of Dave Hamel's home are boarded up. A disabled old truck sits in the driveway.

David Hamel was 83 when his body gave out. Born in Rosemont, he was one of 13 siblings. He fought in World War II, and enlisted again for Korea.

After his last war, he headed for the lower Fraser Valley in B.C., met his future wife Nora, already stricken with cerebral palsy, her legs in braces.

Hamel was working as a carpenter, and life seemed normal.

And then, on Oct. 21, 1975 -- 32 years ago this Sunday -- Dave Hamel was sitting his armchair, watching The Waltons, when his television suddenly goes snowy.

It was the moment his life changed.

In a book on his life called The Granite Man and the Butterfly, written by Jeanne Manning, three visitors from the planet Kladen -- one human-looking woman and two human-looking men -- entered his presence, and lifted him up to their spaceship where they implanted their technology into his brain, telling him he would be the instrument entrusted with the survival of his species.

The woman's name was A. Arkan was her husband, and On was the mechanic.

They spoke to him through telepathy.


Until a waitress in a coffee shop snitched on him to a local B.C. newspaper, Hamel was making plans to follow the aliens' instructions in obscurity. And then came the headline, "Introducing David Hamel -- He Rides In Flying Saucers."

The reporter wrote that Hamel knew the secret to perpetual motion, and was building a device to allow people to heat homes, power industry and fly aircraft without the use of fossil fuels. He added that, according to local health authorities, there were no records to cast doubt on Hamel's sanity.

And that is how it began.

It ended here, in this tiny village where a spacecraft from the planet Kladen came 32 years ago this Sunday, and three aliens pointed to an old farmhouse below and told David Hamel to build his own space ship in the very spot where a locked Quonset now stands, and where all the windows are now boarded up.

Down the road, at the Gilmour Cemetery, the engraver has yet to arrive to inscribe the date of Hamel's death on the granite tombstone he shares with his wife.

Perhaps the engraver is awaiting proof that he is actually gone.

Just in case the approaching Sunday brings visitors from beyond.

Source: Canoe


Mysterious Fires in Gürpinar District, Turkey
By Cropster

Something strange is starting fires in a small village in the Gurpinar district of far eastern Turkey leaving the neighbourhood terrified, according to a report and videos posted on Turkish news site Milliyet.com on June 11.

Gürpinar is a district of Van Province and 20 km south of the provincial capital Van. Gürpinar is the largest district of Turkey and has 72 village.

The key question remains – poltergeist or pyromaniac? The translation of the article follows.

The neighborhood people are on edge! The secret of ‘self-burning’ houses cannot be solved.

In Gurpinar, Van district, for an unknown reason, houses allegedly burn themselves and the citizens are nervous. Because of the fires, the inhabitants… keep watch with water at hand until the morning.

Neighborhood people are on edge

The fire, which appeared in 4 houses and has affected 2 families in a hamlet of the town of Gürpinar in Uzungedik District…

The mysterious fire at the house belonging to Necmettin Sönmez, the father of three children with disabilities… is also worrying the neighborhood people.

The helpless citizen, who saw his new house ignited two months ago, went back to his old house, taking his family. Meanwhile, his brother Selim Sönmez, who had no children, began to have fires in his home. Mysterious fires with an unknown cause have now made Selim Sönmez’s home uninhabitable.

Affected by the incidents with villagers living in fear, the state Disaster and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) teams investigated. The AFAD crews who came to the scene did not find out the cause of the fires at home… the family is the subject of the investigation and the family wanted the investigation to be done and the authorities to help them as soon as possible.

Speaking to our correspondent, Necmettin Sönmez said due to the fires he kept watch with water nearby and could not sleep. Now that they have no peace, said Sönmez.

“We waited a few years, our new house started to burn. I went to a teacher in Istanbul for the resulting fire… he said the fire would stop. We don’t sleep till morning, we keep a watch with water. We run to wherever it’s burning. We are so uneasy, we are miserable.”

Sönmez, who left three children with physical disabilities in her neighbor’s house, said that her houses burned about 20 times in some days and said, “Our house is burning 6, 7, 8 and some days 20 times.It burns quilts, bedding and rugs. I left my children in my neighbor’s house for my disabled children to be afraid“ he said.

…the psychology of the entire village is broken.

Imam Abdulmenaf Özdemir said he came to Van 4 years ago. He said that he had not encountered such an event in his life.

“I witnessed the house igniting 3-4 times. That’s what amazed me. Some people say ‘maybe the kids are burning’ but there’s absolutely no such thing. Because I even witnessed it myself. Necmettin Sönmez has three children and these children are physically handicapped. It is not possible for these children to get up and walk or do anything with their hands. AFAD came in, measured gas, and found it wasn’t gas-related. There is no sleep for the burning household” he said.

Source: The Fortean

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