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This weeks exciting edition brings you such knuckle-dragging tales as:

 Scientists May Have Discovered A Parallel Universe -  
- Bots and Misleading News on the Rise -
UFOs: Are They Tulpas? -
AND: Sewer Monsters: From New York City to Ancient Rome

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Secret Government Findings Claim There Is A Valid "Alien Threat"

Here is irrefutable proof that UFOs could be perilous to your health, your well-being and even your life – and in an extreme case scenario could doom all of humanity.


In a series of rather astonishing disclosures, the New York Times revealed in a provocative front page article that the military had spent upwards of $22 million dollars in recent years on the study of UFOs and the creation of an “advanced aerospace threat identification program.” Sightings have persisted long after the official closure of Project Blue Book – something UFO researchers have long suspected but could not prove.

Part of this multi-million dollar “Black Project” bundle was spent on an exhaustive study of the physiological and psychological effects of UFOs on witnesses. And while this hush-hush scrutiny of observers has to date never been released, an independent study indicates there is a PATTERN OF HORROR – that UFOs are no laughing matter and represent a TERRIFYING THREAT TO US ALL!

Because of the frightening nature of its fully documented findings, this may well be the most startling book you will ever read about the dangerous side of UFOs!

This incredible book contains case histories of UFO atrocities, from strange disappearances to bizarre deaths. 

There are hundreds of ALARMING CASES that are detailed in this book – and it is evident there is NO PLACE TO HIDE!

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Scientists May Have Discovered A Parallel Universe

Scientists believe they may have caught a glimpse of a parallel universe bumping up against ours.

They've seen hints in signals from the most distant points of the universe that suggest the fabric of our universe has been disrupted by another incredibly different universe. Their analysis may be the proof for the multiverse theory.

According to researchers: "Dr Ranga-Ram Chary examined the noise and residual signals in the cosmic microwave background left over from the Big Bang (pictured) and found a number of scattered bright spots which he believes may be signals of another universe bumping into our own billions of years ago."

At least that's the tentative conclusion researchers have come to. According to some cosmological theories, collisions of alternative universes should be possible. Theories conclude that our universe is like a bubble among many.

Once a universe begins in a big bang type setting, it never stops expanding. That goes for all the universes. So it makes sense they'd periodically bump into one another.

They're all likely in a row, say researchers, vibrating, bouncing around, and rubbing up on each other.

Dr. Chary believes that the signal he's received indicate that this other universe is extremely different from our own.

He says it could have a ratio of subatomic particles called photos and baryons that are about 10 fold greater than in our universe.

Dr. Chary explains, “The fine tuning of parameters in the early universe required to reproduce our present day universe suggests that our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflating super-region.

Many other regions beyond our observable universe would exist with each such region governed by a different set of physical parameters than the ones we have measured for our universe."

More research will need to be done, but this could be the beginning of some very interesting discoveries.

Source: Higher Perspectives


Bots and Misleading News on the Rise

"Junk news" and fake accounts are rapidly spreading across the globe.

A new study from Oxford University has found just how common these practices have become on social media, with researchers estimating that online 'manipulation campaigns' were carried out by government and political parties in 48 countries in the last year.

That's up from the 28 countries they identified in a study examining social media activity between 2016 and 2017.

"The majority of growth comes from political parties who spread disinformation and junk news around election periods," said Samantha Bradshaw, a co-author of the report, in a statement.

"There are more political parties learning from the strategies deployed during Brexit and the US 2016 Presidential election: more campaigns are using bots, junk news and disinformation to polarise and manipulate voters."

Researchers called social media manipulation a "critical threat to public life," that seeks to "undermine trust in the media, public institutions and science."

The trend becomes even more concerning when factoring in that most people are consuming their news online, they added.

Russia was identified as one of the primary countries where widespread, coordinated social media manipulation campaigns occurred, mostly with the intent of disrupting democratic elections around the world.

The campaigns are also spreading beyond typical platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

During the November 8, 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Russian trolls in St. Petersburg started a huge push on Twitter to elect Donald Trump. They used a combination of high-profile accounts with large and influential followings, and scores of lurking personas established years earlier with stolen photos and fabricated backgrounds. Those sleeper accounts dished out carefully metered tweets and retweets voicing praise for Trump and contempt for his opponent, from the early morning until the last polls closed in the United States.

In a fifth of the 48 countries studied, researchers discovered disinformation campaigns occurring on chat applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat.   

Much of this activity took place in the Global South, where 'large public groups on chat applications' are common places for sharing news, coordinating political activity and talking about politics, the researchers said.

Researchers also found that in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan and the United States, cyber operatives have discovered ways of tripping up tracking and disabling of bot accounts, McClatchy explained.

They might insert comments or typos in the middle of suspected bot activity to make it appear that humans are involved in the conversation.

Many countries have also created 'cyber troops', or government or political party actors that are tasked with manipulating public opinion online.

However, China leads the pack, with an estimated 'cyber troop team size' of between 300,000 and 2 million people.

Behind China is Azerbaijan, with an estimated cyber troop of 50,000 individuals. Other countries with large cyber troop counts include Iran, Ukraine and Vietnam.   

What's more, a growing number of countries are throwing vast sums of money at developing social media manipulation campaigns.

'Since 2010, political parties and governments have spent more than half a billion dollars on the research, development, and implementation of psychological operations and public opinion manipulation over social media,' researchers said.

'In a few countries this includes efforts to counter extremism, but in most countries this involves the spread junk news and misinformation during elections, military crises, and complex humanitarian disasters.'

The research comes as Silicon Valley giants continue to face intense pressure to resolve the spread of fake news and bot accounts on their platforms.

Facebook, a core player in the discussion around fake news, has created fake news literacy tools on its site, hired third-party fact checkers and adjusted its News Feed algorithms to prioritize information from reputable sources.

Source: The Daily Mail

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UFOs: Are They Tulpas?
By Nick Redfern

One of the most fascinating and curious aspects of the UFO phenomena is the way in which, over the course of the last century, the appearance of both our alleged extraterrestrial visitors and their craft have changed dramatically. For example, in the latter part of the 19th century and early years of the 20th century, the skies of the United States (and, to a lesser degree, Britain) were filled with strange-looking flying machines known within ufological circles as “phantom airships.” As their name suggests, many of the aerial devices in question closely resembled the huge Zeppelin airships of the First World War. Essentially, the 19th century UFO invasion mirrored either what was on the drawing-boards, or what had been envisaged within the minds of both the military war-machine and skilled inventors of the time.

Then, in the 1930s, as aviation technology progressed, reports began to surface of so-called Ghost Planes – aircraft that no-one could seemingly identify. A decade later, at the height of the Second World War, the skies of war-torn Europe and the Pacific theater were home to strange invaders known as Foo Fighters: small, glowing balls of light that furiously pursued both Allied- and Axis-aircraft.

By 1946, when rocketry was seen as likely playing a dominant role in the future of warfare and eventually space-travel too, the Foo Fighters had given way to the Ghost-Rockets: missile-like vehicles that were the opening act for the era of the Flying Saucer that was ushered in during the summer of 1947. The true irony, however, is the fact that the one man who can lay claim to having brought the Flying Saucer into being – American pilot Kenneth Arnold – never saw saucer-shaped craft.

Rather, while flying over Washington State on June 24, 1947, Arnold described seeing a fleet of objects that were of a distinctly wedge- or delta-shape. However, when Arnold specifically likened their movements – rather than their shape – to how a saucer would fly if it were skipped, like a pebble, across a body of water – the term Flying Saucer became commonplace; as did, interestingly enough, countless sightings of specifically saucer-shaped craft. In other words, people were seeing objects of a shape that was based around media-hyped terminology, rather than what Arnold actually witnessed. Today, the Flying Saucers of yesteryear are largely gone and have been firmly replaced by the ominous-looking, so-called Flying Triangles: huge, black, triangular-shaped aircraft that might accurately be described as next-generation Stealth aircraft.

Our reported alien visitors have also changed over the decades – and dramatically so. In the 1950s, numerous people all across the world claimed face-to-face contact with eerily human-like extraterrestrials, who generally sported long blonde hair, and who suggested that we should lay down our nuclear weapons and live in peace and harmony with one another. And thus was born the cult of the Contactee.

The most famous of the Contactees was undoubtedly George Adamski, whose book with Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucers Have Landed, forever made his mark in the world of Ufology. Like nearly all of the Contactees, Adamski maintained that his alien friends came from planets within our own solar system, with Venus being a particular favorite.

As science, space-travel and astronomy progressed, however, two things became apparent: (a) Venus, Mars and the several various other planets in our solar system that the Contactees maintained were inhabited, were in all likelihood – or at least to a highly significant degree – barren and inhospitable wastelands; and (b) if aliens really did exist, the idea that they would resemble us to such a significant degree was highly unlikely. And, as belief systems changed concerning alien life, and as it became more and apparent that the Earth was probably the only inhabited world in our solar system, lo and behold the aliens and their points of origin changed, too.

The long-haired kindly aliens of the 1950s were kicked into large-scale oblivion by the now-ubiquitous black-eyed dwarfs known as the Greys: emotionless creatures whose points of origin are claimed to be light-years away, and who are motivated by nothing less than the large-scale abduction of human-beings as part of an attempt to create a hybrid species that will ensure the survival of the declining Gray race. The dire warnings of the aliens have changed too: at the height of the Cold War, the long-haired blondes spoke of the perils of atomic weaponry. In today’s world, however, it is global-warming and environmental destruction that the Grays seem so concerned about – something that mirrors exactly our own concerns on such matters.

Only the most hardened skeptic, or those whose belief in literal aliens is driven by an X-Files-like “I want to believe” approach that borders upon religious mania, could deny that there is a distinct pattern at work here. And it’s a pattern that suggests much of the genuinely unexplained facets inherent in the UFO puzzle might well be explainable in a very strange fashion.

It is quite clear from all the above that as our technology changes, and as our knowledge of the universe advances and our beliefs are modified or altered, so our aliens and their craft change too. And why is it that from 1947 onward people were seeing Flying Saucers, when the term actually related to their method of movement rather than their apparent design?

In view of the observations and questions above, I have to seriously consider the very real possibility that humankind’s fascination with the idea of extraterrestrial life and UFOs has – whether consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously – led to the creation of belief-systems of such intensity among the masses that they may well have given birth to literal Tulpas of the alien and Flying Saucer kind. And what might Tulpas be? Well, that depends on your perspective.

In my 2018 book, The Slenderman Mysteries, I addressed the possibility that the Slenderman is a Tulpa. I said: “The phenomenon of the Tulpa has its origins in the ancient teachings of Buddhism and is a Tibetan term that roughly translates into English as ‘manifestation’. It’s a highly appropriate piece of terminology for the Slenderman. In essence, it is the process by which the human mind can allegedly bring some degree of alternative, physical existence to an entity that is created solely within the depths of the imagination – and from within the dream state, too. In other words, and as incredible as it may sound, each and every one of us may well possess the ability to give ‘life’ to certain ‘things’ that don’t exist in the same way that we do.”

It’s very important, too, to note the words of magician and exorcist, Ian Vincent, who told me: “I ended up writing a scholarly paper on the fact that the Western version of the Tulpa has absolutely nothing to do with the actual meaning of the word in Tibet. In the original, the thought-form is just the thing you picture in your head when you are meditating as an offering to the gods, like an apple, as an example. The Tulpa is the visualization of the apple in your mind when you pray; that’s all it has ever been. But, it’s mutated so much to a point where it’s now just this go-to idea of if enough people believe in it becomes a thing.”

Perhaps we really are all alone in the universe. But, maybe our desire to think there is something more out there has inadvertently led us to give various phenomena life. And, now, with belief firmly instilled, it has escaped from the moorings of its creators – that’s us – to terrorize and mystify drivers on lonely stretches of road late at night, or to invade people’s bedrooms after darkness has fallen.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Debunking Elf-Sex Myths

Elves are hard to find, but a few years ago elves found Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir. These encounters led to some of the most wonderful sexual experiences of her life. Keen to share her experiences, her book "Please yoursELF-Sex with the Icelandic Invisibles" has made her the leading authority on the mystic art of elf sex.

Surveys have shown that ten percent of Icelanders believe in the existence of “huldufólk” (the hidden people), dwarfs, spirits and other supernatural beings. Ten percent deny it, but the remaining eighty still refuse to rule out their existence. 

Natives to Iceland, elves are very limber, light and strong which makes them excellent sexual partners. Unlike humans, elves have the ability to open up other worlds of sexual encounters. Although Hallgerður does not think they possess supernatural powers, she is sure that having sex with one is magical.

“They can do stuff you would never imagine, and also have the imagination to think of things you never would,” Hallgerdur divulges.

Some people may find this surprising, considering that elves are generally small and skinny in physical stature. But, as the saying goes, size does not matter and according to Hallgerður, half the magic lies in the way they use their tongues. Also, it seems the myths of elves "eating people" may have been slightly misconstrued, as it is far less physically harmful and much dirtier then Hans Grimm ever divulged.

Although she has been sexually cavorting in this world for years, Hallgerður is not monogamous with these elves, and has never been in a serious relationship with one. She also cannot fully detail how long these encounters last; bedded in soft moss with a supernatural being by her side (or some other position entirely) seems to blur the time space continuum. Grapevine asked if filming these encounters would be allowed (for journalistic purposes, of course), but unfortunately it seems elves are very excited about "electrical devices" and are prone to steal them or use them (we did not ask on what).

To those who wish to try and catch themselves an elfish encounter, be warned – elves are shy so Hallgerður’s book recommends secluded places. They would love to have more people wandering around the Icelandic countryside and for those unsure about dabbling in the world of elven pleasure, other benefits include no-strings-attached, stress-free sexual encounters and no one seeing you performing the walk of shame through the forest in the morning.
"Please yoursELF-Sex with the Icelandic Invisibles" by Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir is available from www.anobii.com. 

Source: The Reykjavík Grapevine


Demon Dog Haunts Illinois Road

A demonic dog lurks across the lonely stretch of asphalt known as Bloods Point Road near the community of Cherry Valley, Illinois.

Ghosts from a fatal school bus crash haunt the bridge where the students met their demise.

"Did you read the one about the ghost truck? The black truck that chases you and all of a sudden you look back and it's gone?" said Russell Mothkovich, who lives along the famed Boone County road and says it's nothing out of the ordinary. "We read that one, and we had just bought a new truck two years ago. And of course, it's black."

Though residents who live along Bloods Point Road don't like the tales that depict their rural community as a haunted hot spot, outsiders certainly seem to get a kick out of it. The road is a destination for people searching for a scare.

That trend isn't likely to stop now that FEARnet has named Bloods Point one of the nation's 10 scariest roads in its "Streets of Fear" online video and On Demand series.

FEARnet, a multiplatform movie network of all things creepy, chose 10 roads from across the country with the scariest names and back stories for the second year of "Streets of Fear."

The road becomes so popular this time of year that the Boone County Sheriff's Department ups its patrols to try to curb vandalism.

"Other than the name of the road, I can't see the draw. I've driven on it many times. It's just a rural road," Lt. Phil Beu said. "Bottom line, if they go out there and they're found, they can be arrested. It's criminal trespassing like anything else. We are watchful because there has been a lot of vandalism."

Mike Rutlin, a shop teacher at Jefferson High School and member of the Forest City Paranormal Society, was interviewed for the series because of his experience with the legendary hell hound.

While he was driving down the road with a friend, they heard the sound of twisted metal dragging behind them. Just then "there was a huge dog head in the window, growling and barking. We were doing probably 40 mph. This thing came out of nowhere," the 37-year-old said.

"I hate to make it sound like a bad horror movie, but it was a huge head, and it had the red eyes. It was in the window of my car. ... It seemed like forever at the time, but was probably just for 10 seconds and then it vanished."

But with every good horror tale comes the matter of separating fact from fiction.

Take one of the most famed stories, for instance. The legend that a school bus filled with children crashed over a bridge on Bloods Point Road, killing everyone inside. The popular story goes that if you stop your car in this spot and put it in neutral, it will be pushed across the bridge by ghosts of the children. Toss a little baby powder on the bumper, and you'll even see their handprints, according to the tale.

A look through Register Star archives came up with no record of the crash. The Register Star tried to authenticate the tale in 2003, also coming up with no results.

"The bus accident doesn't exist," Rutlin said.

Here's what is confirmed: The road is named for Arthur Blood, who settled there in the 1830s.

Some say Blood's family consorted with a witch, leading to the hauntings. Others say if it weren't for his last name, the tales would never have been born.

Robert Morris, 55, who has lived on Bloods Point Road for 28 years, has never seen or heard anything supernatural, despite the fact his home is "supposed to be" haunted. His wife has lived there her whole life without so much as a trace of a ghost, he said.

Source: Rockford Register Star


Students Believe University Has Genies

A peaceful Mathematics lecture at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University in the city of Sokoto, Nigeria, ended in confusion, following a strange display by a 200-Level female student.

The girl, said to have been possessed, lost her consciousness and put up strange displays. She was also said to have spoken incomprehensibly.

Immediately she started her display,  she was surrounded by her colleagues, who rushed her out of PTF Lecture Hall where they were having MAT 207 class.

Rather than taking her to the school clinic, she was laid in front of the lecture hall where a student recited Arabic verses to heal her. After some minutes, the victim regained her consciousness.

There was uproar among the people who gathered at the scene, with some suggesting that she was possessed by a spirit.

It is a common belief among students that there are genies around the school making students to behave strangely and exhibit epileptic display.

According to some students, the victims may have exposed themselves to be possessed unknowingly.

Aishat Umar, who claimed to have been a victim, said her parents struggled to find solution when she was possessed by the genie.

She said: “I had no idea what was going on whenever I was possessed by the genie. I usually lost consciousness but I noticed how it happened to some of my colleagues. My parents tried a lot when I was seeking remedy through several medical approaches. However, medical tests indicated there was nothing wrong with me. Some of the doctors admitted that the problem was caused by spiritual possession.”

She said she was not able to participate in public events until she was healed of the problem.

“I used to stay away from public gatherings to avoid embarrassment. Sometimes, it happened during classes and because of that, lecturers would end the classes. I found it difficult to continue with school due to shame. I remember it happened to me during my matriculation. It took time before I was healed.”

Another student, who simply identified herself as Kauthar, explained some other ways in which the spirit could possess students.

“Genies are invisible creatures that can possess anyone when exposed to things that attract them. They can cause people to act irrationally when one mistakenly pours hot water on them,” she said.

Source: The Nation


Sewer Monsters: From New York City to Ancient Rome

Indoor plumbing, one of the greatest advancements of civilization, allowing fresh running water and waste disposal at our fingertips. This technology meant huge underground structures had to be excavated, starting with the aqueducts of ancient civilization to the systems of tunnels and treatment plants we have today. For those of us growing up in the 80’s we caught glimpses of the vast network of underground tunnels beneath the cities as we watched our favorite crime fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle quartet chase bad guys through the never-ending network of tunnels, a dark labyrinthine world that got infinitely scarier when Stephen King stuck a clown down there. How many of us experienced our first brush with death and funeral rites standing solemnly around the toilet bowl with our siblings as our parents said a few words before poor old Goldie the goldfish was flushed into another world. It’s no wonder the sewers have been a source of urban legends throughout the ages.

One of the most persistent sewer based urban legends of our time involves a race of mutant albino alligators living in the sewers of New York City. The stories tell us these poor alligators had started as baby pets, carried back from Florida to New York as tourist trinkets, only to be flushed down the toilet when they became too big for their owners liking. These alligators were said to thrive in the watery underground tunnels, feeding on the millions of rats that lived alongside them as they grew into legend. The lack of sunlight turned them white, a trait they passed on through the generations as they bred and multiplied beneath the bustling city streets.

While these stories have been dismissed as urban legends, and most herpetologists agreed that the New York climate was too cold for alligators to survive, there has been the occasional alligator (or Caiman) that has popped up in New York City. Sadly, these are all believed to be recently displaced animals that probably wouldn’t have survived the winter rather than coming from a lineage of subterranean mythical beasts.

In the Victorian era, the UK had its own version of sewer dwelling monsters: The Black Swine of Hampstead. Legend has it that a pregnant sow fell into the opening of a sewer and into the tunnels beneath the city. There she gave birth, feeding her offspring on the rubbish that was continually washed into the sewers. The colony grew, interbreeding with each other to produce new offspring, each more monstrous and deformed than the last litter. They began feasting on the plague-ridden sewer rats that inhabited the sewer with them, and eventually turned on each other. They became cannibals that devoured the weaker offspring, ensuring only the strongest survived to pass on their genes to the next generation as they grew larger, stronger and more ferocious.

As London sickened, and the plague took hold corpses began to find their way into the sewers, and so the swine developed a taste for human flesh. Luckily for the inhabitants of London they were kept safe, the swine resided on the Hampstead side of the river, and the strong current of the Fleet ditch kept them at bay and away from the outlets where they could escape the sewers. But the swine grow stronger with each generation, so who knows, maybe the next generation will be the ones that can finally cross the canal.

We can find sewer dwelling monsters as far back as there were sewers, even back to the early structures of ancient Rome. In the De Natura Animalium written in the 2nd Century AD, a book best described in its introduction as “an appealing collection of facts and fables about the animal kingdom that invites the reader to ponder contrasts between human and animal behavior” (Loeb Classical Library Version) we find another sewer monster, this time a giant octopus.

The octopus had become weary of eating raw fish in the sea and wanted to see what the land had to offer. One night he crawled into one of the sewer outlet pipes that ran into the ocean and swam until he reached a house by the sea. In this house lived Iberian merchants so it was filled with their cargo which just happened to be earthenware jars brimming with pickled fish, a delicacy the octopus couldn’t resist. Hidden in the sewer, the octopus snaked its tentacles around the jars and squeezed them till they burst, spilling out all their delicious contents. The next morning the merchants woke up very confused. Their entire cargo was missing, nothing remained except the broken shards of pottery on the floor, but the doors had not been opened, nor the locks tampered with or the roof disturbed. The merchants finally found out who was responsible, laying in wait for the culprit during the night, and finally gathering all their strongest men to hack him to death when he struck a third time.

As we increasingly move into urban settings, the traditional scary woods are harder to find and are replaced by other environments; the sewer tunnels running under the cities, disused subway stations and abandoned houses become places when the unknown can lurk or haunt. Spaces that aren’t filled with the light and movement of everyday life. The places where the shadows can be concealed within the urban jungles.

Source: Myth Crafts


Mystery Creature Emerges From Toilet in Malaysia

The previous story about the myths of sewer monsters reminded me of this story which came out in October, 2017. This story is bizarre as it is frustrating. Bizarre, of course, considering that some huge, unknown creature came slithering out of a toilet. Frustrating because there has been no follow up, or even any attempt to identify what type of animal this bathroom nightmare was. All that I can say is that stories such as these prompt me to always stop and take a quick survey of my surroundings whenever I have to take my daily constitutionals.

Here is the original story as reported by Pattaya One News.

We see so many snake videos, but this one really gave us the creeps.

It’s a freakish swamp-type creature crawling across the bathroom floor after coming up through the toilet.

The enormous beast was found in a family’s bathroom in Alor Setar, Malaysia, last Friday evening.

It is believed to have been born in the pipe work and survived on sewage – only emerging for the first time after getting too big for the plumbing works.

Stomach-churning footage shows its head poking out of the toilet door as it surveys the surroundings.

The mystery creature had a tiny head and a short, thick body – different to a python or other breeds of snake.

Some suggested it could be a salamander, eel or even a giant leech.

Zul Hanif Anip, 25, a photographer, was at home with wife Puteri when the beast emerged.

He said: ”It was scary. It came up through the toilet. No one had been throwing away the water.

”I think the creature grew up inside the pipe works connected to the toilet hole, because I have checked and there is no entry point for it to have got inside.

”He was about two metres long with a very fat, thick body. I’m not sure if it was a snake or a kind of tidal creature or from the swamp.

”It’s head was very small and it had a short tail, which did not look like a snake.

”There was a child in the house at the time but this creature would not have eaten humans. I think it would have bitten them and left its teeth inside.

”My house is surrounded by paddy fields so it may have originated from there.”

Zul and wife Puteri put the animal into a sack and released it into a nearby river.

Source: Pattaya One

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