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Trust is not easy to come by nowadays. It used to be that you could trust in your neighbor; trust in your job; trust in your church, trust in your elected officials. Now, trust is hard to find. Trust can even be dangerous. You can't trust in your neighbors, because they could be spying on you on behalf of ICE. You can't trust in your job as all the good jobs have been shipped overseas. You can't trust in your church as many are now playing politics in order to speed up the apocalypse. And don't get us started about our elected officials – we used to think a sex-scandal was the epitome of bad politics. Oh for the days of a simple sex-scandal. But there is one thing that you can trust in . . . Conspiracy Journal! Yes that's right. You can always trust that Conspiracy Journal will be there for you each and every week, revealing those deep, dark, dirty secrets that you won't find in your local newspaper, or hear on your nightly news.

This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such trustworthy stories as:

 Dozens Heard Amelia Earhart's Radio Pleas for Help -  
- Day Turned to Night Over Central Russia -
Virgin Mary Statue Has Been ‘Weeping’ Olive Oil -
AND: Dead Octopuses Found At Colorado Lake

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Part of this multi-million dollar “Black Project” bundle was spent on an exhaustive study of the physiological and psychological effects of UFOs on witnesses. And while this hush-hush scrutiny of observers has to date never been released, an independent study indicates there is a PATTERN OF HORROR – that UFOs are no laughing matter and represent a TERRIFYING THREAT TO US ALL!

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Dozens Heard Amelia Earhart's Radio Pleas for Help
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

Amelia Earhart waded into the Pacific Ocean and climbed into her downed and disabled Lockheed Electra.

She started the engine, turned on the two-way radio and sent out a plea for help, one more desperate than previous messages.

The high tide was getting higher, she had realized. Soon it would suck the plane into deeper water, cutting Earhart off from civilization - and any chance of rescue.

Across the world, a 15-year-old girl listening to the radio in St. Petersburg, Fla., transcribed some of the desperate phrases she heard: "waters high," "water's knee deep - let me out" and "help us quick."

A housewife in Toronto heard a shorter message, but it was no less dire: "We have taken in water . . . we can't hold on much longer."

That harrowing scene, the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) believes, was probably one of the final moments of Earhart's life. The group put forth the theory in a paper that analyzes radio distress calls heard in the days after Earhart disappeared.

In the summer of 1937, she had sought to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. Instead, TIGHAR's theory holds, she ended up marooned on a desert island, radioing for help.

Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, could only call for help when the tide was so low it wouldn't flood the engine, TIGHAR theorized. That limited their pleas for help to a few hours each night.

It wasn't enough, TIGHAR director Ric Gillespie told The Washington Post, and the pair died as castaways.

But those radio messages form a historical record - evidence that Gillespie says runs counter to the U.S. Navy's official conclusion that Earhart and Noonan died shortly after crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

"These active versus silent periods and the fact that the message changes on July 5 and starts being worried about water and then is consistently worried about water after that - there's a story there," Gillespie said.

"We're feeding it to the public in bite-sized chunks. I'm hoping that people will smack their foreheads like I did."

Some of Earhart's final messages were heard by members of the military and others looking for Earhart, Gillespie said. Others caught the attention of people who just happened to be listening to their radios when they stumbled across random pleas for help.

Almost all of those messages were discounted by the U.S. Navy, which concluded that Earhart's plane went down somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, then sank to the seabed.

Gillespie has been trying to debunk that finding for three decades. He believes that Earhart spent her final days on then-uninhabited Gardner Island. She may have been injured, Noonan was probably worse, but the crash wasn't the end of them.

On July 2, 1937, just after Earhart's plane disappeared, the U.S. Navy put out an "all ships, all stations" bulletin, TIGHAR wrote. Authorities asked anyone with a radio and a trained ear to listen in to the frequencies she had been using on her trip, 3105 and 6210 kilohertz.

It was not an easy task. The Electra's radio was designed to communicate only within a few hundred miles. The Pacific Ocean is much bigger.

The searchers listening to Earhart's frequencies heard a carrier wave, which indicated that someone was speaking, but most heard nothing more than that. Others heard what they interpreted to be a crude attempt at Morse code.

But thanks to the scientific principle of harmonics, TIGHAR says, others heard much more. In addition to the primary frequencies, "the transmitter also put out 'harmonics (multiples)' of those wavelengths," the paper says. "High harmonic frequencies 'skip' off the ionosphere and can carry great distances, but clear reception is unpredictable."

That means Earhart's cries for help were heard by people who just happened to be listening to their radios at the right time.

According to TIGHAR's paper:

"Scattered across North America and unknown to each other, each listener was astonished to suddenly hear Amelia Earhart pleading for help. They alerted family members, local authorities or local newspapers. Some were investigated by government authorities and found to be believable. Others were dismissed at the time and only recognized many years later. Although few in number, the harmonic receptions provide an important glimpse into the desperate scene that played out on the reef at Gardner Island."

The tide probably forced Earhart and Noonan to hold to a schedule. Seek shelter, shade and food during the sweltering day, then venture out to the craft at low tide, to try the radio again.

Back in the United States, people heard things, tidbits that pointed at trouble.

On July 3, for example, Nina Paxton, an Ashland, Kentucky, woman, said she heard Earhart say "KHAQQ calling," and say she was "on or near little island at a point near" . . . "then she said something about a storm and that the wind was blowing."

"Will have to get out of here," she says at one point. "We can't stay here long."

What happened to Earhart after that has vexed the world for nearly 81 years, and TIGHAR is not the only group to try to explain the mystery.

Gillespie is just one member of competing researchers who have dedicated their time and resources to one of aviation's greatest mysteries.

Mike Campbell, a retired journalist who wrote "Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last," insists along with others that Earhart and Noonan were captured in the Marshall Islands by the Japanese, who thought they were American spies, and died in Japanese custody after being tortured.

Elgen Long, a Navy combat veteran and an expert on Earhart's disappearance, wrote a book saying her plane crashed into the Pacific and sank.

Gillespie said he believes that evidence supporting his Gardner Island theory is adding up. He believes that the messages sent out over those six days were by Earhart and, occasionally, Noonan. He believes that bones found on Gardner island in 1940 belonged to Earhart, but were misidentified and discarded. He believes that Amelia Earhart died marooned on an island after her plane was sucked into the Pacific Ocean.

But he realizes that the public needs more than his tide tables and extrapolations from data that predates World War II.

"We're up against a public that wants a smoking gun," he told The Post on Tuesday. "We know the public wants, demands, something simple. And we're also very much aware that we live in a time of rampant science denial. Nobody does nuance anymore."

Source: SF Gate


Climate Change Behind Current "Weird Weather"

Heat waves are setting all-time temperature records across the globe, again.

Europe suffered its deadliest fire in more than a century, and one of nearly 90 large fires in the U.S. West burned dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of at least 37,000 people near Redding, California.

Flood-inducing downpours have pounded the U.S. East this week.

It's all part of summer - but it's all being made worse by human-caused climate change, scientists say.

'Weirdness abounds,' said Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer Francis.

Japan hit 106 degrees on Monday, its hottest temperature ever.

Records fell in parts of Massachusetts, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Texas.

And then there's crazy heat in Europe, where normally chill Norway, Sweden and Finland all saw temperatures they have never seen before on any date, pushing past 90 degrees.

So far this month, at least 118 of these all-time heat records have been set or tied across the globe, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The explanations should sound as familiar as the crash of broken records.

'We now have very strong evidence that global warming has already put a thumb on the scales, upping the odds of extremes like severe heat and heavy rainfall,' Stanford University climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh said.

'We find that global warming has increased the odds of record-setting hot events over more than 80 percent of the planet, and has increased the odds of record-setting wet events at around half of the planet.'

Climate change is making the world warmer because of the build-up of heat-trapping gases from the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil and other human activities.

And experts say the jet stream - which dictates weather in the Northern Hemisphere - is again behaving strangely.

'An unusually sharply kinked jet stream has been stuck in place for weeks now,' said Jeff Masters, director of the private Weather Underground.

He says that allows the heat to stay in place over three areas where the kinks are: Europe, Japan and the western United States.

The same jet stream pattern caused the 2003 European heat wave, the 2010 Russian heat wave and fires, the 2011 Texas and Oklahoma drought and the 2016 Canadian wildfires, Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann said, pointing to past studies by him and others.

He said in an email that these extremes are 'becoming more common because of human-caused climate change and in particular, the amplified warming in the Arctic.'

Climate scientists have long said they can't directly link single weather events, like a heat wave, to human caused climate change without extensive study.

In the past decade they have used observations, statistics and computer simulations to calculate if global warming increases the chances of the events.

A study by European scientists Friday found that the ongoing European heat wave is twice as likely because of human-caused global warming, though those conclusions have not yet been confirmed by outside scientists.

The World Weather Attribution team said they compared three-day heat measurements and forecasts for the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland with historical records going back to the early 1900s.

'The world is becoming warmer and so heatwaves like this are becoming more common,' said Friederike Otto, a member of the team and deputy director of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

Erich Fischer, an expert on weather extremes at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich who wasn't part of the analysis said the authors used well-established methods to make their conclusions.

Georgia Tech climate scientist Kim Cobb said the link between climate change and fires isn't as strong as it is with heat waves, but it is becoming clearer.

A devastating fire in Greece - with at least 83 fatalities - is the deadliest fire in Europe since 1900, according to the International Disaster Database run by the Centre for the Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters in Brussels, Belgium.

In the United States on Friday there were 89 active large fires, consuming nearly 900,000 acres, according the National Interagency Fire Center. So far this year, fires have burned 4.15 million acres, which is nearly 14 percent higher than average over the past 10 years.

The first major science study to connect greenhouse gases to stronger and longer heat waves was in 2004. It was titled 'More intense, more frequent and longer lasting heat waves in the 21st century.' Study author Gerald Meehl of the National Center for Atmospheric Research said Friday that now it 'reads like a prediction of what has been happening and will continue to happen as long as average temperatures continue to rise with ever-increasing emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels. It's no mystery.'

Source: The Daily Mail

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Day Turned to Night Over Central Russia

Residents all around Central Russia were terrified as the day inexplicably turned into night for more than three hours time on last Friday and many people started to believe that aliens are going to invade the planet. In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists argued that the Kremlin has tested a secret military weapon which caused the eerie phenomenon.

It should be noted that an area bigger than the British Isles was plunged into darkness as a gigantic black cloud appeared in the sky. Until now, Moscow's defence and meteorological officials have failed to give a convincing explanation behind this phenomenon which mainly affected Arctic districts in the Yakutia region. Interestingly, all Arctic districts faced a sudden temperature fall.

Many experts believe that the strange incident could be the result of the dust from a meteorite strike, or a secret nuclear weapon test carried out by the Russian government. However, there are no reports of meteorites, eclipses or weapons tests recorded in the affected area.

"Messages are going around about a light flash registered by the US satellites, followed by an increase of radioactive level and unusual activity of the military. We are never going to be told is this was true or false," said a local resident from Eveno-Bytantaisky, The Sun reports.

"I couldn't see a thing without switching lights on. We took torches to walk outside. But actually no-one wanted to be on the street because the feeling was as if something heavy in the air was pressing on your chest," said another resident.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started connecting this bizarre sky event to the arrival of rogue planet Nibiru, which is supposed to be lurking on the edge of our solar system. As per these theorists, Nibiru alias Planet X is in its collision course towards earth, and once it hits planet earth, it will cause massive devastation all across the globe.

Earlier, David Meade, a strong proponent of the Nibiru apocalypse theory claimed that Planet X will appear on the skies between June and December 2018. As per Meade, the arrival of Nibiru will trigger a seven-year tribulation period on the planet characterized by the increase in the number of natural disasters. After the seven-year tribulation period, the planet will witness thousand years of peace, and then the world will end forever.

Source: International Business Times


Real Lake Monsters or Creatures of the Mind?
By Nick Redfern

Just a few days ago I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe which posed a controversial question: could UFOs be Tulpas, the creations of the human mind and brought to a very strange form of life? Today, I’m going to address the matter of lake monsters possibly being Tulpas. Or, at least, some of them. Before you write the whole scenario off, consider the following, three accounts that I have used to make a case. You may well disagree with me, but let’s take a look at the data.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of the Tulpa, there’s this from the “Tulpa.info” website: “A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. It’s currently unproven whether or not tulpas are truly sentient, but in this community, we treat them as such.”

We’ll begin by taking a trip back in time to the latter stages of the 1960s. It was  an evening in February 1968 when all hell broke loose at a body of water in Ireland. Its called Lough Nahooin. It all began at around 7:00 p.m., when a man named Stephen Coyne took a walk down to the lough. The reason, as Nessie-seeker Ted Holiday noted, was to “bring up some dry peat.” Also with Coyne was his young son and the family’s dog. As father and son reached the water’s edge, they couldn’t fail to see a dark-colored “thing” moving in the water. The dog noticed it too and began to bark.

According to Holiday: “He then saw that the object was an animal with a pole-like head and neck about nine inches to a foot in diameter. It was swimming around in various directions. From time to time it put its head underwater; two humps then came into view. Occasionally, a flat tail appeared. Once this came out near the head which argued length and a high degree of flexibility. The thing was black, slick, and hairless with a texture resembling an eel.”

As the dog continued to bark, the mysterious animal swam towards it – which was not a good thing. Coyne quickly moved to protect his faithful pet and the animal retreated further into the water. Mrs. Coyne was soon on the scene too and – like her husband and son – looked on amazed at the sight before her. Eventually, and as darkness began to fall, the family decided to return to their home. They left the beast to its patrol-like activities. Both Mr. and Mrs. Coyne told Ted Holiday that the monster was around twelve-feet in length, had a noticeable neck, and a whitish mouth. The family never saw it again.

Of course, many might say that such an encounter is not unlike what one might expect to occur at Loch Ness, Scotland. Well, yes. But, there’s just one problem. And, it’s a big one. Loch Ness is around 22-miles long and extremely deep, and which is plenty of room for a colony of animals to live in. Lough Nahooin, though, is roughly three hundred feet by two hundred. And, it’s only around twenty feet in depth. Of course, the idea that a twelve-foot-long animal could somehow live in such a small body of water, and never, ever be captured, photographed or seen by numerous people is crazy. And, there’s the important matter of where it suddenly came from. In fact, the whole thing is absurd. Except for the fact that the Coyne family was highly credible and impressed Ted Holiday with what they had to say.

This absurdity of lake monsters seen in ridiculously small bodies of water is something that crops up regularly. Years ago I spoke with a man named Norman Dodd, who had a bizarre encounter with a Nessie-like thing in England’s Cannock Chase woods in the summer of 1976. Dodd was parked near a pool of water – maybe twenty feet by thirty at the very most – in the vicinity of a nearby village called Slitting Mill, eating his lunch on what was a hot and sunny day. To his horror, a strange animal crawled out of the pool. Around seven feet in length, it was snake-like, but had – as Dodd described it – either “feet” or “flippers.” The absurdity of him seeing the animal close to bustling villages and towns was not lost on Dodd. He found the whole thing surreal. He stared with amazement, as the animal seemed to “bask” in the sun for a while, after which it made its way back into the little pool, and with barely a splash at all.

Then, there was the matter of a strange affair that went down – also on the Cannock Chase – in early 2006. The Birmingham Post newspaper was soon on the story and published the following: “In March, 2006, ramblers reported seeing a ‘fourteen-foot snake moving through the bracken’ near to Birches Valley. They said the beast had a powerful head and ‘coloring that stood out sharply against the greens and blues of the bracken.’”

I was fortunate enough to speak with one of the witnesses, a woman who thought that the animal was far more eel-like than it was snake-like. Interestingly, for years researchers have suggested that perhaps the Nessies are massive eels, rather than surviving plesiosaurs or unknown animals. Needless to say, the idea that a fourteen-foot-long eel – or even a number of them – could live in stealth in the woods, streams and pools of the Cannock Chase is nuts. But, just like with the saga of Norman Dodd, I was impressed by the woman’s words, who I met while I was back in the U.K. in 2006, for about 5 months.

All three accounts are fascinating. And they most assuredly mirror what has been reported at lakes all around the world. The problem with these cases is the size of the body of water in which the creature was seen. Or, rather, the distinct lack of size. I grew up only around seven or eight miles from the Cannock Chase and I can say for sure that the idea that Nessie-style monsters – and huge eel-like animals too – are roaming around the woods is beyond unlikely. Yet, people see them. The same goes for the incident at Lough Nahooin, Ireland in 1968.

All of which brings me back to the matter of Tulpas: could it be that a dark and mysterious body of water – even a small one – might provoke visitors to ponder on the possibility that within that same body of water lurks something mysterious and strange? And, if enough people ponder on such a scenario, then, just maybe, there’s a trigger that leads to the creation of a Tulpa – perhaps only briefly, and in the form of a creature far more suited to the likes of Loch Ness, rather than Lough Nahooin and the Cannock Chase.

Just a theory? Of course! Is there any hard evidence for this theory? Nope, not even a single bit. But, consider this: thousands and thousands of people visit Loch Ness every year. They’re all there to hopefully see Nessie. Maybe, when people do see Nessie, they’re not seeing a living animal, but something born out of the imagination, out of a yearning to see something monstrous, and out of the minds of huge throngs of excited visitors – all focusing on a monster and nothing else.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Virgin Mary Statue Has Been ‘Weeping’ Olive Oil
By Lindsey Bever

Inside a Catholic church in New Mexico, a seven-foot-tall bronze statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be “weeping,” according to church leaders.

The sculpture, known locally as Our Lady of Guadalupe, is not crying human tears; an investigator with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces said her “tears” have the same chemical makeup as olive oil treated with perfume — a substance that, when blessed, would be chrism, a sacred oil used in the Catholic Church to anoint parishioners. But, church leaders say, the rare occurrence has prompted people from all over to come for conversions, confessions and to watch the statue of the mother of God cry.

The question, one expert says, is not merely how it’s happening (or whether it’s happening naturally) but how people are responding to the phenomenon and why they may want to believe in it.

“The Catholic Church has a long history of believing in supernatural signs,” John Thavis, who wrote the 2015 book “The Vatican Prophecies,” said Tuesday in a phone interview. “There’s a kind of curiosity and enthusiasm when something like this happens because it seems to confirm the traditional belief that God works in our own world and sometimes the supernatural is visible in our world.”

t started on Pentecost Sunday on May 20, when parishioners at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs noticed that there appeared to be tears streaming from the Virgin Mary’s eyes, Judy Ronquillo, the business manager for the church, told The Washington Post. She said the statue continued “weeping” the next day — something that she said has since occurred several more times.

Ronquillo translated questions into Spanish for the priest, the Rev. Jose Segura, who was quoted as saying that in his 12 years of priesthood, he has never seen anything like it and that he first struggled to believe it was real. But, Segura said, there are cameras in the church, and no man-made explanation could be determined; if there were evidence of that, he said, he would not allow it to continue, according to Ronquillo.

“It’s something extraordinary for him,” Ronquillo said about the priest. “He has no words for it.”

“There was a moment when it happened that he didn’t believe,” she added, “but now he believes.”

Photos and a video released by the church shows the statue with what appears to be liquid inside the eyes and down the cheeks, mouth and chin. In one photo, it looks as if the tear trail may have started on the upper eyelids.

Deacon Jim Winder, vice chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces, said there was enough liquid — about 500 milliliters — that it had run down the statue. He said that he and other investigators examined the statue and the surrounding area, including the ceiling, and there were no signs that it had been altered in any way.

Winder said that investigators also spoke with the manufacturer in Mexico, dispelling any theories that the statue — which is cast bronze and hollow — may be leaking or secreting some substance.

The investigators collected about five milliliters (or a teaspoon) of the “tears” and had them tested, Winder said. He said the results showed it had “the same chemical fingerprint of olive oil treated with some kind of scent,” like chrism, but he added that it was clear — not the brownish color that is associated with most olive oil.

“We don’t believe chrism oil was taken from the church and used to adulterate this statue,” Winder said. But he added that church officials have no answers. “We don’t have an explanation for it.”

Catholic Church officials do not seem so much concerned with why the statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be crying oily tears or where the tears may be coming from — God, Satan or man — but, Winder said, the diocese is monitoring the response from the community. “That, in all honesty, is what’s most important — that it’s prompted people maybe to be closer to God,” the deacon said. “That’s what really matters.”

The Bible talks about judging a tree by its fruit, Winder said, so “we want to judge this phenomenon by what’s coming out of it.”

Thavis, an author and journalist who has written about the Vatican and other religious matters, said when apparent supernatural sightings occur in the church, the reports draw Catholics, who come seeking favor for their prayers, believing that God may be “providing a direct link and people want to take advantage of it.”

Thavis said that in these situations, the Vatican usually allows the phenomenon to play out without endorsing it, and that it expects the same from local bishops because the occurrences “often turn out to be hoaxes or are explained by science.” But it can take years to find the answer, he said, and then there are other times when, despite a thorough investigation, no explanation can be found at all.

Winder, with the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces, said that at this time, the investigators have discovered no evidence that the events were man-made, but they are still monitoring the situation.

“If it’s not man-made,” he said, “that leaves two possible sources — Satan and God. All we can say at this point is what it is not.”

Source: The Washington Post


"Possessed" Girl Vomits Spoons and Phones

A family from a village in Konoin, Bomet County Kenya, claims their 13-year-old daughter has been bewitched.

The family alleges that for the past seven months, they have known no peace after their daughter started exhibiting strange behaviour.

Josephine, the mother of the victim, said that in January, their daughter became weak and when they took her to the hospital, the doctors couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with her.

“Every time we went to the hospital, medical examinations revealed that she was healthy. It was not until she started vomiting assorted items like neckties, spoons and mobile phones that we realised it was witchcraft,” said the mother.
Josephine told The Nairobian she realised something was amiss when things started disappearing from the house.

“It started with a mobile phone which disappeared at the dining table. We were so shocked when she later vomited it out,” the mother said, adding that: “One time, we were shocked to see her vomit a battery cell, which didn’t belong to us”.

The girl has been forced to drop out of school and has skipped most of her exams.

“During end-of-term exams early this year, we requested the school to allow her sit the exams at home. The teachers said that her exam paper disappeared from her desk but shockingly, she later vomited them hours later,” Josephine told The Nairobian.

Josephine says that they have tried to ask her what the issue is and she reveals that “some faceless people strangle her and warn her against revealing anything.”

Sang, a member of the family said they reported the matter to police after they received threatening messages from individuals they suspect to have bewitched their daughter.

“The suspects seem to be aware of everything that happens in the family and always send threatening messages,” claimed Sang.

Konoin OCPD Alphonce Peter said the suspects have been arrested and are being held for questioning.

He said the suspects are pupils of the same primary school where the victim was studying.

“They have confessed that they are behind the incident, but could not divulge the reason for doing it,” said the OCPD.

He said the parents of the suspects and other family members have also been taken in for questioning.

However, Josephine says she is not interested in pursuing the matter in court.

“I want them to set my daughter free so that she can resume her normal life and pursue her education. If they want money or any other thing, we are ready to pay up so that they set my daughter free,” she said.

Source: KTN News


Dead Octopuses Found At Colorado Lake
By Allison Sylte

Let’s get this out of the way: No, Colorado Parks and Wildlife does not stock lakes in the Centennial State with any sort of cephalopod … and they can’t survive in freshwater anyway.

So it’s kind of a mystery why three octopuses were found on the beach at Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland on July 14.

“This is a first for me,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Lauren Truitt, who is no stranger to answering weird questions about animals in Colorado.

Samantha Sweetman said her 5-year-old son was the one that first found an octopus at the beach at Boyd Lake.

“We were just letting up on the beach like we do every weekend,” she said, adding that she didn’t believe her son at first.

But, she sent 9NEWS photographic proof of the octopus … and as the day went on, she said they found two more. Her husband alerted a park ranger, and Truitt confirmed yes, they did investigate and yes, they found and disposed of the octopuses.

“It’s very odd and not something we typically see in our waters,” she said.

Truitt said there are two theories about what happened. The first is that someone was keeping the octopuses as pets, and wanted to get rid of them in the lake.

“If they were dumped alive, they would have died in just a matter of days,” she said.

The other option is that someone was illegally dumping the dead octopuses. Truitt said octopuses are not something that are typically used as bait, because 1. Freshwater fish don’t encounter them and 2. A whole octopus is pretty expensive.

She couldn’t say if the intent in leaving the octopuses behind was malicious, but that whoever was responsible could be fined or lose their fishing license (if angling was the goal).

All of this begs the question though: How do you get a hold of an octopus in Colorado to begin with? The Huffington Post reports that “pet octopuses are high-maintenance but surprisingly personable” -- which means there are people who genuinely do keep them as pets.

While a search for “live octopus” on Petco.com yielded no results, Your Fish Store, an exotic fish supplier, did have some for sale. They weren’t cheap – a brown pacific octopus runs for $99.30 without a tank setup (that costs another $100) … and even the little ones are $130.54.

These animals require at least at 55 gallon tank, according to Saltwaterfish.com and are for hardcore aquarists only … especially because they tend to eat all of their roommates and are total escape artists who can live up to three days on dry land. They also don’t live very long: typically only a year as pets.

Now that we know the difficulty and expense of acquiring and keeping a pet octopus, it’s time to explore the other scenario: dumping an already dead octopus into a lake.

They’re actually easier to obtain in Colorado than you think. Seafood Landing in the Highlands sells about one a month, and can get a fresh one for customers with a day’s notice.

These octopuses cost around $6.95 a pound there – meaning a five pound specimen could cost almost $35! Multiply that by three and you’ve got more than $100 in octopus meat on the shore of a lake in Loveland.

Many Asian markets in town also carry whole octopuses.

At Tri Ocean off South Federal, a big whole octopus is $7 – and the more exotic Japanese variety is $20.

At this price point, it seems at least more cost efficient to be leaving whole octopuses behind at a state park, although the question of why remains a mystery.

Park rangers will remain on the lookout, and alert the public if they need to, Truitt said.

“The more my husband have been thinking of it, the more just weird and odd it is,” Sweetman said.

Source: 9 News

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