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It's time once again. It's time for the Men-In-Black to start hammering on your front door. It's time for secret government operatives to start tapping your phone and text messages. It's time for those pesky little grey aliens to start abducting you from your bedroom at night. It's time for all of this because your number one weekly newsletter of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and everything strange and bizarre has once again arrived in your email box - and they want to read it to find out what is REALLY going on.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such cosmic stories as:

 Solar Observatory Closed Under Mysterious Circumstances - 
- The Sexterrestrials Are Here -
Kelowna Man Captures Video of Ogopogo -
AND: Cyclist Photographs a "Giant Worm" in La Paz, Mexico

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True Sexual Encounters With ETs


The Bible says it in a “civilized way.” But the truth is that since the beginning of time otherworldly entities – no matter how you wish to identify them – have been pillaging and plundering our planet, raping our women, probing our bodies in an ungentlemanly manner, and ostensibly creating a “master race” of alien hybrids by removing the fetuses from artificially inseminated females who have been abducted by UFO occupants around the globe. The aliens then raise the “children” as their own.

The molestation's go on, and, despite the credible nature of a large percentage of such encounters, these sensationalist events are perhaps the most closely guarded secret of the UFOlogical community, for fear that such disclosure will lead to ridicule on the part of skeptics, the scientific community, the media, and a large portion of the general public, who have not been privileged to scrutinize the available data – much of which is presented in the pages of this book for the first time.

THIS IS NOT “FAKE NEWS!” But One Hundred Percent Documented . . .

These are the anal probes, the kidnapping and removal of men, women and couples from the planet for evil, inhuman purposes that often involve molestation and torture.

Some of those abducted have literally been branded and physically scarred for life. “Tattoos” have been placed on their skin, and horrific scratch and claw marks can be found on their chests and stomachs, arms, legs and breasts. Some of these markings can only be seen under florescent lighting; others can be viewed with the naked eye because they are so obvious.

Here are historical as well as some of the most recent cases of copulation with Reptilians, the handsome Nordic “Space Brothers,” the Greys, insectoids, and a host of other intergalactic stalkers – the real invaders from “Mars” – as taken from the files of some of the top researchers of our time. To paraphrase Cindy Lauper’s 80s smash pop single, there are a few space aliens who it seems are coming here because they “just want to have fun!”

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Solar Observatory Closed Under Mysterious Circumstances
By Chantal Da Silva

The Sunspot Solar Observatory, near Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range, sits atop the Sacramento mountains in southern New Mexico.

Its website says its mission is to unlock "the mysteries of the sun and its effects on the earth."

But in recent days, many Americans have focused on unlocking the mystery of why the observatory has been shut down since September 6, citing "security issues," and why FBI agents have been on the scene.

The entrance to the observatory has been blocked by yellow crime scene tape and two security guards, who said even they had been kept in the dark. The guards, from Red Rock Security & Patrol in Las Cruces, New Mexico, didn't give their names, but said it was the first day the company was guarding the entrance and only the "director and an assistant" were allowed in. There was no obvious sign of law enforcement activity.

The curious closure has prompted speculation, unsurprisingly including possible observations of extraterrestrials.

This week, the NSO broke its silence on the closure in a short statement on Twitter, thanking would-be visitors for their patience while the closure was "resolved."

"Our other facilities are open and NSO is operating as normal," the observatory said.

It then explained that its management organization, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), is "addressing a security issue at Sunspot and has temporarily vacated the facility as a precaution."

    "Thank you for your patience while the closure at Sunspot Observatory is resolved. Our other facilities are open and NSO is operating as normal. @AURADC - our management org - is addressing a security issue at Sunspot and has temporarily vacated the facility as a precaution."
    — NatlSolarObservatory (@NatSolarObs) September 13, 2018

Local sheriff Benny House told Newsweek that his department was asked to be on standby while the evacuation took place.

He said FBI agents were also on the scene but refused to tell him why they were there. Workers at the observatory were also tight-lipped, refusing to tell House what "security issues" were behind the evacuation.

Along with the Sunspot Solar Observatory, a local post office and around a dozen residents have been evacuated.

Sheriff House described blackhawk helicopters circling the area, as well as military figures seen working with equipment spouting antennas.

House said residents were looking for answers. "There's a lot of fear," he said, "and all these theories going around."

The sheriff said the FBI and the observatory owed it to the public, and to local law enforcement, to be transparent about what the "threat" could be.

"When somebody calls us up that they need us for standby, of course that raises the hair on the back of your neck," said House.

"But when the party refuses to tell us why they know something that they're not passing that information on to us, that's not fair to us, because we have to know what the threat is so we can look for it," he continued. "Basically they told us there's a threat just by their actions, but they refuse to tell us what to look for. That's not fair to us."

House said neither the observatory nor the FBI had offered any explanation for the closure, despite repeated attempts by the sheriff's office to contact the FBI.

Because of the lack of verifiable information, rumors have been on overdrive, some speculating that the observatory had seen aliens through its telescope.

The observatories director and New Mexico State University professor James McAteer denied this theory. “[The] telescope did not see aliens. All data will be made public in its unaltered form. Nothing is hidden or kept secret,” said McAteer.

Source: Newsweek


The Sexterrestrials Are Here
By Sean Casteel

This article could easily be titled “Sex Among The Stars” or “How ET Wishes To Mate With You!” For whether it’s the greys, the insectoids, the Dero of subterranean legend, the reptilians or the handsome Nordic space brothers, the term “close encounters” takes on a whole new meaning. Close is close, but this is really as close as you can possibly get – even to the point of molestation in all its various forms.

· Are you ready to explore a region of the paranormal that is typically relegated to the “ghetto” neighborhood of UFO research? Does the idea of sex with aliens thrill you or repel you? Reading the latest book from Global Communications/Inner Light, called “Screwed By The Aliens,” will help you make up your mind.

· If the subject is new to you, you will likely be surprised to learn how commonplace sexual incidents onboard the ships and among the aliens truly are. It’s a frequent happenstance but is rarely talked about, even among diehard believers in alien abduction.

· Some researchers have long defined the involuntary nature of alien abduction, with its many invasive and painful elements, as a form of “rape” – whether or not sex takes place during the given encounter experience. But, as “Screwed By The Aliens” demonstrates, there are numerous cases where physical sex between humans and aliens DOES take place.

· Case studies from the files of various researchers show a cross-section of responses to the alien sexual encounter. Some experiencers say that sex with aliens is much more pleasurable than anything offered by a human lover while others recall the traumatizing nightmare of being physically powerless and endure a never-ending sense of personal violation.


After more than half a century spent covering UFOs and their related phenomena, journalist, editor and publisher Timothy Green Beckley encountered a new word, one not quite ready to be added when the Webster’s Dictionary’s routinely updates recent additions to the English language.

The word Beckley discovered is “exophiliac,” and you may be surprised to learn that it means “a person who craves sex with aliens.”

If, on the other hand, you shy away from the aliens and want them to keep their hands to themselves, you are a bit harder to classify, Beckley explains. “Astrophobia” is a fear of outer space and everything in it, so that would include ETs. Xenophobia is a fear of anyone from another place, often defined as a “fear of foreigners.”

“Perhaps we can create our own verbiage to describe this fear,” Beckley ventures. “Something like Exophobic perhaps? As I see it, if it’s good for you, it works for me.”


“Exophiliac” and the other similar words turned up when Beckley and his team of writers were researching their latest book, “Screwed By The Aliens: True Sexual Encounters With ETs.”

The book includes contributions from myself (in the interest of full disclosure) as well as 17 other researchers and authors. Some of the biggest names in the field are represented here, to include John Keel and Brad Steiger, both of whom are deceased but whose pioneering work in going beyond the “nuts-and-bolts” school of UFOlogy continues to influence the field in many ways. By employing multiple authors for the book, Beckley is able to provide numerous perspectives on the issue of sexual contact that run the gamut from extremely hostile accusations of rape to more benign beliefs, like a benevolent hybrid breeding program that will ultimately save mankind from total extinction.

The notion that alien contact often includes a sexual component is not exactly a new one. But it has been relegated, for the most part, to a seldom-acknowledged, embarrassing “ghetto” neighborhood of Ufology that most researchers prefer to simply ignore. It is Beckley’s intention to confront the sexual issue head on, from many points of view, and as honestly as the data allows.


If you accept the notion that the modern UFO era began with the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947, then you should also allow for the first known and recorded sexual abduction case as having happened ten years later. In October of 1957, a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer named Antonio Villas Boas was taken from his tractor to what he thought at first was a shining star descending to Earth. In his terror, he tried to flee on foot but was forcibly taken onboard an alien spacecraft.

There Boas was stripped naked and a sample of his blood was taken. A nude woman entered the room where he was being held. She began to caress him, ultimately seducing him. After Boas and the female had intercourse together, two of the “crewmen” appeared and summoned the woman away. Before leaving, she turned to the farmer and pointed at her belly, then pointed at him, and finally at the heavens.

“After having served as breeding stock,” writes author Scott Corrales in a chapter in the new book, “Antonio was unceremoniously led off the vehicle, which took off immediately.”

Though it was widely ridiculed in its day, the Antonio Villas Boas case is, pardon the expression, a “seminal” one in the history of alien abduction, especially abductions that have a sexual element. The crucial story is covered by Corrales and a few of the other contributors to “Screwed By The Aliens,” allowing the incident to be seen from the varying perspectives of the assortment of writers Beckley has gathered.


By contrast, a longtime acquaintance of Beckley’s, the artist David Huggins, describes a much different sort of relationship with a pretty female alien. Huggins is quite open in calling the interstellar lover named Crescent his “soul mate.”

In an interview conducted for the podcast “Exploring the Bizarre,” which Beckley co-hosts with writer Tim R. Swartz, Huggins was asked: “Isn’t it true that you consider your relationship with Crescent to be a beautiful relationship that has blossomed into an interspecies romance that has lasted for decades and has resulted in Crescent bearing your children?”

“That would be an accurate description of the ongoing experience,” Huggins replied.

Along with filling many canvases that depict his amorous adventures with Crescent, Huggins has also done a movie called “Love and Saucers” that tells their story on film. The movie is available for VOD streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, Google Play and YouTube. It’s a fascinating reversal of the more frequently encountered horrifying atrocities of sex-related UFO experiences and may truly be a case of “Love Triumphant.”


In popular culture, one of the of the best known alien/sexual story elements is the “anal probe,” which began as a tortured admission by “Communion” author Whitley Strieber when he described being rectally penetrated by some kind of alien device whose purpose was unknown to him. A doctor who examined Strieber afterwards told him that the tissue damage in his rectal area indicated that the author had obviously been “raped.” When Strieber included the anal rape episode in “Communion,” as well as in the 1989 movie version of his bestseller, it quickly became a cultural giggle and heaped even more ridicule on an already deeply humiliated Strieber.

Screwed By The Aliens” features a chapter that chronicles the progress of the “anal probe” meme and its use by, for example, the “South Park” cartoon series on Comedy Central. In an interview I did with Strieber nearly 30 years ago, he told me that he regretted going public with his anal probe experience but felt that he owed it to his readership to be honest about it. Contrary to popular opinion, he felt he was being “compulsively honest” as opposed to being a “compulsive liar.”


The late Dr. Karla Turner was an outspoken advocate of “human rights” for those abducted by aliens. She and her family had all suffered the alien abduction experience and she devoted the rest of her life to researching the phenomenon that had so profoundly changed her perception of reality. She eventually wrote three books on the subject that are now considered classics, “Into the Fringe,” “Taken” and “Masquerade of Angels.”

According to another late abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins, the simple fact that alien abduction is an involuntary experience, that a person is “taken” without the person’s permission, forces one to define the experience as a form of “rape.”

But what Turner was talking about went way beyond a sort of “metaphorical” rape; she was instead accusing the aliens of the literal and physical sexual violation of their powerless human victims. Turner claimed deception was often used by the aliens to make the abductee a willing sexual partner. The alien might take the form of an abductee’s spouse or disguise itself as a celebrity that the abductee was known to find attractive. The perversions involved are also quite disturbing to read about, such as alien pedophilia and their forcing abductees to have bestial sex with animals. Anyone who reads these accounts, if the stories are to be taken at face value, would quite naturally feel morally outraged, disgusted and angry.

But Turner herself cautions the reader that claims of this nature, usually made by abductees who undergo regressive hypnosis to recover memories from within an alien-imposed amnesia, have to be weighed very carefully before one leaps to any easy conclusions. The strangeness and the high drama could have numerous possible causes and the simple gratification of alien prurient desires is but one possibility among many.


Yet Turner certainly had her allies in the field. The late Barbara Bartholic, an Oklahoma-based researcher, joined Turner’s team and did much of the hypnotic regression work for Turner’s investigation into alien sexual abuse. A hypnotic regression session with abductee Ted Rice conducted by Bartholic is included in “Screwed By The Aliens” in which Rice relives a sexual encounter involving intercourse between his then-living grandmother and his deceased grandfather. An alien took the form of his late grandfather in order to seduce his unwilling grandmother into sexual congress. As I said, it’s often very disturbing stuff.

You may have noticed reading this article that a great many of the experts quoted in the new book are now deceased. In the cases of Turner (who died of cancer in 1996) and Bartholic (who died of a stroke in 2010), people who followed their work and agreed with their estimation of the situation believe the two women were taken before their time by a hostile alien presence that didn’t want any opposition to its evil agenda – that they were simply murdered because of their anti-alien beliefs.

If that is the case, then it hasn’t stopped Eve Lorgen, another abduction researcher, from openly declaring her determination to follow in the footsteps of Turner and Bartholic and uncover the truth about alien sexual and psychological manipulations. Lorgen is the author of “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships,” which defines the love bite as a kind of “psychic rape” in which the abducted victim is led to bond with a targeted love partner chosen by the alien beings. A great many tortuous emotions are often part of the mix as lovers struggle to cope with sexual and romantic feelings that are not their “own.”

Portions of an interview I conducted with Lorgen about “The Love Bite” are combined with case studies taken from her files. Strangely, some of the women who spoke to Lorgen have said that sex with an alien entity is the most pleasurable they’ve ever experienced, that the erotic thrills go way beyond what happens with a human partner. That’s one reason that overcoming the effects of alien sexual manipulation is often a very difficult process and requires an extraordinary degree of emotional strength. But Lorgen’s case studies demonstrate that liberating one’s self from this bizarre form of bondage can be done.


Then there are the academics and their research. Dr. Michael Grosso, who has taught humanities and philosophy at several universities, contributes a chapter on the overt symbolism and hidden meanings of the sexual and reproductive stories that abductees tell. Grosso struggles with how such a technologically advanced civilization would need human help at all in strengthening their gene pool, but says the overarching metaphor is still one of alien sickness seeking a human healing. He also wonders if the alien hybrids being produced could be of some advantage to humanity as opposed to serving only the needs of the aliens.

Another academic professional joining the ranks of Beckley’s authors is Dr. Greg Little, who holds a doctorate in counseling and educational psychology and provides a fascinating account of demonic bedroom visitors as recorded down through the ages. He is referring, of course, to the female succubus and the male incubus, demons said to visit human victims of the opposite sex as they lay sleeping for the purpose of taking sexual pleasure as well as for the harvesting of sperm and ova.

This scenario, popularized in the religious lore of medieval Europe, so completely duplicates what alien abductees have to say about the sexual aspects of close encounters that it is impossible make any meaningful distinction between the two. There is also a direct link here to the sixth chapter of Genesis, in which angels – or the sons of God – feel compelled to come down from heaven for the purpose of having sex with human females and as a result beget a race of giants who come to be highly regarded on Earth.


The notion of alien-induced pregnancy is given thorough coverage by the aforementioned Brad Steiger as well as in the gripping account of Christa Tilton, who reveals to Beckley the details of being used as a surrogate mother by the aliens. Meanwhile, William Kern offers new theories on the use of DNA and other genetics-related elements of alien abduction, focusing on the parallel nature of reptilian reproduction as we know it on Earth. To bring it all home, Kern also shares an interesting encounter of his own with a possible alien female.

And Tim R. Swartz reports on an alien hair sample left behind after a sexual encounter that was given to Dr. Horace Drew, an Australian research scientist, for analysis.

According to Swartz: “Dr. Drew’s PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) DNA profiling of the hair revealed that it came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type – a rare Chinese Mongoloid type – one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals. Even more bizarre, the mitochondrial DNA profiling revealed a rare Basque/Gaelic-type DNA in the hair root, along with the indications of the CCR5 gene deletion factor – indicating possible viral resistance against diseases such as HIV and smallpox.

“The incredible finding of the DNA study seems to show human genetic manipulation on a scale not yet accomplished by modern science. There is also the disturbing indication that the ‘humans’ that supplied the hair sample have been genetically altered to be resistant to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. This is an interesting development considering the stories that have been circulated for decades about a possible human/extraterrestrial hybrid program being conducted by some unknown group.”

Admittedly, the hair comes from a verifiably human source but has many anomalous qualities nonetheless. The fact that the creature is designed to be resistant to HIV/AIDS may indicate that it is called upon to have intercourse on a frequent basis with people who are “total strangers” and whose health status in terms of sexually transmitted diseases is unknown.


But “Screwed By The Aliens” is not all darkness and gloom. As is typical for him, Beckley provides some lighter moments, such as his essay on sex with aliens in the movies, profusely illustrated with movie stills and theater posters. Sci-Fi is rife with sexual scenes and incidents that bring together humans and the not-so-human for what Beckley calls “Creature Couplings.” Another bit of fun comes from Nomar Slevik, who shares several pulp magazine covers that depict beautiful, buxom, human women being sexually preyed upon by aliens who take whatever form struck the imagination of the given artist.

In the opening pages of the book, Beckley grapples with the idea of finding a final answer to the sexual nature of some alien encounters and to his own place in the UFO scheme of things.

“This book’s title has a double meaning,” Beckley writes. “As you turn the pages, you will see that we have approached the sexual nature of UFOs, their alien occupants, and the reproduction process of the Ultra-terrestrials with an open mind. It’s easy to laugh and guffaw upon reading reports of anal probes and those who claim that they have fathered a rather large family of star children, or who have sex with reptilians just about every Saturday night. We admit to a bit of chuckling from time to time ourselves, but this is potentially a very important aspect of UFO research that for the most part has been neglected because of what some see as its offensive nature.

“But just because something is offensive or not to your liking,” he continues, “doesn’t mean that you should ignore it altogether. The phenomenon is not going to go away. So let’s study it and let the chips fall where they may (a very trite statement, but one that immediately comes to mind).

“The second meaning, for me at least, is the fact that I sometimes feel I have been ‘screwed by the aliens.’ Though I have had three UFO sightings, written and published a gazillion books and magazines, I am still at a loss as to what precisely the UFO enigma consists of. We have close encounters, bedroom invaders, abductions, government cover-ups, a cry for disclosure and everything to the far left and the far right.

“I could have gone out and gotten a regular job, but, no, ‘they’ led me to follow them, to chat them up and to devote my life to understanding their purpose. So, in a sense, yes, I have been ‘screwed by the aliens.’ But, like with sex, it has been a pleasurable experience (for the most part).”

For good or evil, at least some aliens are interested in human sexuality and reproduction and do their work without human consent or approval. Whether or not that constitutes “rape” remains a question not easily answered. But, like Beckley says, we may be in a situation where we’re being screwed both literally and metaphorically.

Source: Spectral Vision


Kelowna Man Captures Video of Ogopogo

The video is erratic, sprinkled with four-letter expletives and captured while a lush Pink Floyd tune is playing in the background.

Amid many distractions, there are glimpses in the smartphone-captured movie of something definitively long and dark making its way across Okanagan Lake which is located in British Columbia, Canada.

You wouldn’t be blamed for spotting a few red flags in David Halbauer’s video of an alleged Ogopogo sighting that was taken in West Kelowna last week.

Yet there is much to be told in this story about what Halbauer and his brother Keith saw at the water’s edge near Bear Creek Provincial Park last Friday.

There are compelling hints at the existence of the Okanagan’s legendary lake monster.

“When you’re sitting on the beach on a sunny day, you don’t expect to see a dinosaur coming out of the water,” Kelowna’s David Halbauer told Global News. “We were all just stunned.”

A long and dark snake-like creature emerged from the water about 100 metres offshore, Halbauer said.

“I don’t think I could put my arms around it,” he said of the creature’s diameter.

“It rolled up and down as it went in the water. Another lump of the same thing came up about five metres in front of it.”

He hastily grabbed his cellphone and tried to capture the amazing sight in front of him on video, but said a glare made it impossible to see exactly what he was recording.

Halbauer’s wife remained seated on a folding chair behind him and only captured video of his back, he said.

“I don’t know what it was,” his brother Keith, visiting from Edmonton with his wife, said. “But then I saw waves behind it. The rest of the lake was calm. So, it’s pretty neat.”

It was about 15 metres or 50 feet long, the men told Global News on Tuesday night.

In the video, Halbauer can be heard describing it as 40 feet long.

As with any tall tale, sometimes people can be forgiven for slightly exaggerating as they repeat their story numerous times.

Halbauer admitted that he’s been stopping people in the grocery store to tell them what he saw.

“Like a dinosaur,” Halbauer said. “It was like a giant snake.”

The sighting, they said, lasted about two minutes and ended when the creature submerged under a nearby log boom.

“The waves came in about 10 seconds later,” he said.

Whether it was truly the sighting of the legendary lake monster — or just a rogue wave, as science has shown in other sightings — their experience proves one thing: Ogopogo may be elusive, but the legend is very much still alive for those who want to believe.

Canada's Lake Monster

As early as the 1700s, the Okanagan native tribes said that there was a water beast living in what is today known as Lake Okanagan. They called the creature N’ha-a-itk, meaning “snake of the water” or "water demon" and their Native superstitions demanded certain traditions before entering N’ha-a-itk’s domain. One of the traditions was apparently the ritual sacrifice of a small animal as a peace offering before crossing the lake. Tying their horses behind their canoes, they would paddle out to where they believed the serpent lived in a cave beneath the water and make their offering, thus insuring that their horses would not be dragged under and drowned by the monster.

Early area settlers also reported sightings of N'ha-a-itk and they patrolled the shores to protect their families.

In 1890, Captain Thomas Shorts was steaming on the lake when he saw a finned creature about sixteen feet long with a head like that of a ram. The creature promptly disappeared when he turned his ship in its direction, and virtually no one believed him when he reported it. But other reports soon followed at two or three a year, and people began to examine the lake in more careful detail. The local population fervently believed in the creature’s existence. They called it Ogopogo and named the island, Ogopogo Island, which later officially became known Rattlesnake Island.

In 1914 a group of Nicola Valley and Westbank Indians discovered the decomposing body of an unidentified creature across from Rattlesnake Island. Five-six feet long and estimated to weigh 400 pounds, it was blue-grey. It had a tail and flippers, and an amateur naturalist in the area felt that it was a manatee. No one knew how such a creature could have gotten into the lake, and Lake monster expert Peter Costello has hypothesized that the carcass was "actually an Ogopogo, as the details of this mammal with flippers and a broad tail and dark color are all that we would expect. But the carcass was mangled so much that the long neck was already gone."

Ogopogo footprints have also been found. Some have been irregularly shaped, others cup-like, some were like dinosaur tracks with three toes, and still others had a pad foot and eight toes! As Dr. Mackal has written, "The trouble with footprints is that anyone can fake them easily. Further, to assume that they were made by Naitaka is pure conjecture and supposition--certainly possible but without even a circumstantial link" to the few cases of Ogopogo land sightings that have been reported.

While Ogopogo has never attained the fame of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, the creature of lake Okanagan has regularly caused quite a stir in the international press. Monster hunters from all over the world have been drawn to the area for research purposes, and many of the sightings have been as strong or stronger than those at Loch Ness. Multiple witness sightings of Ogopogo, so rare with many other controversial phenomena, have occurred on many occasions.

On September 16, 1926, Ogopogo was watched by some 30 cars of people along an Okanagan Mission beach. Not many monsters have been seen at one time by so many people. The Ogopogo sightings of 1925/26 deserve some in-depth study.

Consider the appearance of Ogopogo on July 2, 1947, when a number of boaters saw the monster simultaneously. One of the witnesses, a Mr. Kray, described the animal as having "a long sinuous body, 30 feet in length, consisting of about five undulations, apparently separated from each other by about a two-foot space, in which that part of the undulations would have been underwater...There appeared to be a forked tail, of which only one-half came above the water. From time to time the whole thing submerged and came up again."

On July 17, 1959, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Marten saw a tremendous creature with a snake-like head and a blunt nose swimming some 250 feet behind their motor boat on British Columbia's Okanagan Lake. The group watched the unknown animal for over three minutes, after which it submerged.

In the summer of 1989, hunting guide Ernie Giroux and his wife were standing on the banks of Okanagan Lake when a bizarre animal emerged from the otherwise placid waters. "It was about 15 feet long and swam real gracefully and fast," Giroux told the press. The Girouxs claim to have see an animal with a round head "like a football;" at one point several feet of the creature's neck and body came up out of the water. The Girouxs saw the monster at the same spot where, in July 1989, British Columbian car salesman Ken Chaplin took a video of a what he described as a snake-like creature about 15 feet long and dark green in color. This columnist has viewed the Chaplin video and feels that it was probably a beaver.

"I've seen a lot of animals swimming in the wild and what we saw that night was definitely not a beaver," Ernie Giroux states emphatically.

Giroux is in good company. There have over 200 sightings by credible people including a priest, a sea captain, a surgeon, police officers, and so forth. The fact that the percipients are generally people of good repute is often mentioned in reports of sightings.

Source: Global News

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Man Claims Ghost Handcuffs His Kids at Night

A family in Miguye village, Kisumu County, Kenya claim ghosts have been tormenting and giving them sleepless night.

Cosmas Akumba told The Nairobian that for the past eight years, strange things have been happening in his homestead. He is now living in fear.

Akumba, who has two wives, claimed drama started when household goods started disappearing from his house, strange fires breaking out and at times, the ghosts would handcuff his children at night.

“Things would disappear from the house, only to resurface days later. Last month, we were all shocked when we woke up to find my two kids handcuffed. When we tried to inquire from them, they couldn’t explain what had happened,” he said.

Last week, Akumba revealed that two fires broke out in his two wives’ houses under unclear circumstances.

“Mysterious fires broke out in my two houses. What is strange is that it all happened at the same time. It is also shocking that the fires only burnt the mattresses and blankets. Nobody had lit the fires,” he claimed.

The family believes that there is more than meets the eye and alleges that it could be the work of dark forces.

Akumba revealed that two weeks ago, his phone mysteriously disappeared from his house, but they were shocked when his daughter received a missed called from his number.

“My phone just disappeared, but at around 11pm, my daughter received a call from my number. We later received a text message stating: “You are sending people money but you are not sending me anything. I have withdrawn the money I have found in your phone and I am sending your daughter the remaining Sh50”.

He claims he called the service provider’s customer care asking them to block the number.

“It has not been easy for my family. We have visited several churches to seek divine intervention. We pray that these things stop,” said Akumba.

The occurrences, he says, started in 2014 when “ghosts hurled stones at his homestead.”

“I did not know what was happening and at some point, my younger daughter sustained serious injuries when she was hit by a stone,” said Akumba, adding that: “During the same time, one of my daughters who was set to join school woke up with a rope tied around her hands with some oil dripping from it.”

Akumba said he has tried everything he in his power to resolve the mysteries but all his attempts have not borne any fruits.

“When I took my children to the hospital, I was advised to seek divine intervention or seek the services of a witchdoctor. I am a prayerful person and I have been praying over it,” said Akumba.

The family hopes that the community will help them resolve the matter.

“I have already informed the chief so that they also know what is happening in my home,” he said.

Source: The Nairobian


From Fairies to Aliens and a Contactee
By Nick Redfern

W.Y. Evans-Wentz was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1878 and developed a deep interest in the world of the paranormal at a young age. It was an interest that he never lost. Indeed, it stayed with him until his death, in 1965. As well as being a respected anthropologist, Evans-Wentz was someone who was also fascinated by Buddhist teachings and beliefs. Evans-Wentz was a prestigious writer and publisher, having published, in 1927, an English version of widely acclaimed and still extensively read, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. As for his own books, they were as notable as they were varied, one of the most revered being The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. It’s a book which is packed with fascinating accounts of old, supernatural encounters between the people of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Brittany, and magical entities that have variously been referred to as elementals, fairies, goblins, sprites, and the “wee folk.” One story collected by Evans-Wentz stands out.

The story was personally shared with Evans-Wentz by a colleague at England’s Jesus College at Oxford University – a university which Evans-Wentz studied at as a young man. The story told to Evans-Wentz was as bizarre as it was undeniably sensational. The man in question was Irish and a former resident of County Kerry, one who had chosen Oxford University as his place of education. According to the curious story told to Evans-Wentz, it was in the first week of December 1910 that the man and a friend were heading home from a night out in the Irish city of Limerick. Given that it was a fair distance away, and darkness was already on the land when they went out – never mind during their return – they chose to travel on horseback, something which would make the journey to Limerick, and home again, an easy one. It turned out, however, that fate had other things in store for the two twenty-three-year-olds. Very strange and unforgettable things.

It was as they approached Listowel – a 14th century market town in County Kerry – that the pair couldn’t fail to see a powerful, brilliant light at a distance of around half a mile from them.  Suddenly, the light was joined by another one that was practically identical in appearance, and also in size, which was somewhere in the order of around six feet in height. As the two men sat on their horses, and stared in amazement at these curious displays of light, they saw something incredible happen: within the flames that were contained within the two lights, they could see a pair of what were described as radiant beings with “human form;” the flames having transformed into the entities. The lights then moved towards each other and unified as one. The figures within, Evans-Wentz was told, then strode out of the lights and towards the two men. Incredibly, they seemed to be glowing. In other words, the brilliance they gave off was not a reflection from the balls of light that surrounded them. No, they were radiating the glowing eeriness themselves.

Such was the brightness, the two friends were unable to make out if their visitors of the night were male or female, or one of each. But, they were clearly humanoid and had noticeable halos around their heads. Not surprisingly, they quickly headed home, their galloping horses getting them there in a timely fashion.

Now, we get to the next part of the story: note that the two witnesses saw a pair of lights that transformed into radiant beings with “human form.” This issue is very similar – if not practically identical – to a story told by Contactee Orfeo Angelucci in the 1950s. It was the night of May 23, 1952 and as he drove home from work, not long after midnight something very strange happened. As he drove down Victory Boulevard, Angelucci was shocked and amazed to see “slightly above my line of vision,” a red, glowing, oval-shaped object that was “about five times as large as the red portion of a traffic light.” It seemed to carefully maintain its distance from Angelucci’s car, as if beckoning him to follow – which he did. He drove across a bridge spanning the Los Angeles River, and looked on, mesmerized, as the object came to a halt, hovering over the intersection at a “lonely, deserted stretch of road called Forest Lawn Drive.”

Without warning, the red-colored ball suddenly shot away at high speed – but not before two, smaller, fluorescent green objects, about three-feet in diameter, flew out of it and headed directly for Angelucci. They hung, magically, only a few feet above his car for a few minutes, after which something dramatic allegedly occurred. Emanating, apparently, from between the two green balls of light, said Angelucci, was the sound of “a masculine voice in strong, well-modulated tones and speaking perfect English.” Stressing that he should not be afraid, the disembodied voice explained to a shocked Angelucci that he was in direct communication with “friends from another world.” Angelucci was also told: “Man believes himself civilized, but often his thoughts are barbaric and his emotions lethal. We do not say this as criticism, but state it only as fact. Thus it is best to approach all planetary visitors with friendly, welcoming thoughts.” Angelucci went on to have other encounters of the Contactee variety and became a well-known figure in 1950s-era Ufology.

There is no doubt that there are notable parallels between both stories. Some might say that the two events – 42 years apart – were caused by the very same phenomenon. But, there is another connection that just might get to the heart of the matter. Just like W.Y. Evans-Wentz, Orfeo Angelucci was born in Trenton, New Jersey. In light of this, I have to wonder if Angelucci may have taken a deep interest in the writings of someone who just happened to be a local author (namely, W.Y. Evans-Wentz) and, subconsciously, weaved parts of the Evans-Wentz saga into his own. At the very least, it’s a theory to ponder on…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Cyclist Photographs a "Giant Worm" in La Paz, Mexico

Young Erick Ivan went out for a bicycle ride as he normally does. However, last night, an extra-normal event befell him on the scenic highway near the vicinity of the summit known as Cerro de la Calavera" (Skull Hill). The photograph shows a sort of "giant worm" that appears to be walking erect.

The young sportsman acknowledged that strange things like this always happen when one goes out at night. Oddly enough, al Residents of La Paz are aware of this. It rained in the state's capital that evening - an event that could have prompted this species to emerge from the scene.

We are providing the photograph taken. You be the judge.

Source: Grupo NLPZ (Mexico) and Claudio Mora

Source: Inexplicata

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