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SHHHH - Be Vewy, Vewy qwiet! We's hunting CONSPIRACIES! Yes that's right! Watch out secret government cabals! Look over your shoulders Men-In-Black! Check your altitude variance you silly flying saucer folks! Because once again Conspiracy Journal is here to rip off the veils of intrigue and secrecy from those dedicated to keeping mankind in the dark.  

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such icy-finger tales as:

Multiple Pilots Report UFOs Over Ireland - 
- The Horrific Truth About Alien Vampires -
Three North American Ice Falls -
AND: Woman Says Evil Doll Attacked Her Boyfriend

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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True Sexual Encounters With ETs


The Bible says it in a “civilized way.” But the truth is that since the beginning of time otherworldly entities – no matter how you wish to identify them – have been pillaging and plundering our planet, raping our women, probing our bodies in an ungentlemanly manner, and ostensibly creating a “master race” of alien hybrids by removing the fetuses from artificially inseminated females who have been abducted by UFO occupants around the globe. The aliens then raise the “children” as their own.

The molestation's go on, and, despite the credible nature of a large percentage of such encounters, these sensationalist events are perhaps the most closely guarded secret of the UFOlogical community, for fear that such disclosure will lead to ridicule on the part of skeptics, the scientific community, the media, and a large portion of the general public, who have not been privileged to scrutinize the available data – much of which is presented in the pages of this book for the first time.

THIS IS NOT “FAKE NEWS!” But One Hundred Percent Documented . . .

These are the anal probes, the kidnapping and removal of men, women and couples from the planet for evil, inhuman purposes that often involve molestation and torture.

Some of those abducted have literally been branded and physically scarred for life. “Tattoos” have been placed on their skin, and horrific scratch and claw marks can be found on their chests and stomachs, arms, legs and breasts. Some of these markings can only be seen under florescent lighting; others can be viewed with the naked eye because they are so obvious.

Here are historical as well as some of the most recent cases of copulation with Reptilians, the handsome Nordic “Space Brothers,” the Greys, insectoids, and a host of other intergalactic stalkers – the real invaders from “Mars” – as taken from the files of some of the top researchers of our time. To paraphrase Cindy Lauper’s 80s smash pop single, there are a few space aliens who it seems are coming here because they “just want to have fun!”

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Multiple Pilots Report UFOs Over Ireland
By Tyler Rogoway and Joseph Trevithick

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating a new mysterious aviation incident that recently occurred over the country. The details are similar in some respects to reported sightings of unidentified flying objects over Oregon, Arizona, and New York, incidents that The War Zone was the first to report on.

In the pre-dawn hours on Nov. 9, 2018, about 45 minutes before sunrise, at least three different airliners flying over or off the coast of southwestern Ireland reported seeing multiple unidentified objects flying near them at incredible speed. Authorities in Ireland confirmed they were looking into the situation on Nov. 12, 2018, but offered no additional information.

"Following reports from a small number of aircraft on Friday, November 9, of unusual air activity, the IAA has filed a report," the country's aviation authorities explained. "This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process."

Publicly available audio of conversations between the passenger planes and Shannon Flight Information Region air traffic controllers offer more detail about what happened. At 6:47 AM local time, a British Airways 787, using the callsign Speedbird 94, radioed in to ask if there were any military exercises going on in the area, which there were not.

"There is nothing showing on either primary or secondary [radar]," Shannon controllers told Speedbird 94. “O.K. It was moving so fast,” the British Airways pilot responded.

She further explained that the object had appeared as a "very bright light" and had flown along the left side of their 787 before it "rapidly veered to the north" and then "disappeared at very high speed." There is no indication of concerns about a possible collision.

A second pilot, flying a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 and using the callsign Virgin 76, then joined the radio conversation to say that they too had seen more than one bright light or even "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory." He repeated the details about the objects being very bright and moving at extremely high speeds, likening their appearance to an object re-entering the earth's atmosphere from space.

"Glad it wasn't just me," someone chimed in at one point. "No, ah, yeah, very interesting that one," the pilot of Virgin 76 replied and noted that the two very bright objects went from 11 o'clock off their nose before climbing away at high speed.

The pilot of another aircraft, a Norwegian Air 737, was also party to the overall conversation. Eventually, air traffic controllers said that they had received multiple reports about the objects and would pass the information on to authorities.

A third individual – it's unclear whether they were onboard Speedbird 94, Virgin 76, or a third plane – said they were going so fast it was "astronomical, it was like Mach 2.”

The entire audio is available here. It begins 17:50 and ends right after the 20:00 minute mark.

While objects regularly enter the earth's atmosphere, and some are quite spectacular looking if they make it to lower altitudes, they do not fly up alongside aircraft, make hard lateral maneuvers, and then accelerate away at high speed. And they definitely don't climb away after descending. Pilots see shooting stars more than most and they aren't children who comment on just any pretty sight they see with air traffic controllers. This was clearly a very unusual occurrence as seen from the cockpit.

This incident, like others we have felt worthy of reporting on before, was also corroborated by multiple aircraft, and in this case, those aircraft were spread quite far apart. The fact that Speedbird 94 provided a 'close-up' account of the incident while Virgin 76 conveyed a 'wide-angle' account that made this encounter even more compelling.

We have reached out to a number of authorities for comment and more information regarding this bizarre incident, we will report back if we find out more.

A big thanks to our friend Danny Silva of the SilvaRecord.com for a heads up on this incident.

Update: 11:20pm PST—

We asked the following questions of the Irish Defense Forces:

- Did the Defense Forces of Ireland either scramble aircraft or otherwise respond to the incident on Nov. 9, 2018, and if so, in what way?
- Does the Defense Forces of Ireland have any standard operating procedure for responding to these types of reports and, if so, is there any details available on what that policy entails?
- How, if at all, are the Defense Forces of Ireland involved in the presently ongoing investigation into the incident?

Here was their response:

"The Defence Forces do not disclose their operational procedures for operational security reasons. This incident is a matter for the Irish Aviation Authority."

Source: The Drive


Massive Meteorite Crater Found in Greenland

A massive iron meteorite smashed into Greenland as recently as 12,000 years ago, leaving a crater bigger than Paris that was recently discovered beneath the ice with sophisticated radar.

The crater is the first of its kind ever found on Greenland — or under any of the Earth’s ice sheets — and is among the 25 largest known on Earth, said the report in the journal Science Advances.

It is estimated the asteroid would likely have been made largely of iron, measuring about 1.5km across and weighing about 12 tons. The impact which created the 31 kilometres wide crater under the Hiawatha Glacier would have had significant ripple effects in the region, possible even globally, researchers said.

But its story is just beginning to be told.

If confirmed, it could have major implications for the tale of humanity itself.

If confirmed, its dating could establish the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis as fact. It’s a somewhat controversial idea that a large impact in North America some 11,000 to 13,000 years ago during the last Ice Age caused massive wildfires across much of the Americas and Europe, as well as unsettling the weather conveyor belt of the North Atlantic current.

This in turn lead to the extinction of many megafauna mammals, such as the mammoth and mastodons — and possibly the early humans then occupying the Americas.


It would have been a spectacle seen across much of the Northern Hemisphere — a huge fireball many times brighter than the Sun, streaking across the sky.

Then it struck Greenland.

The resulting impact would have flashed across North America — sending molten projectiles spearing into forests over thousands of square kilometres and setting off enormous fires. And then the tsunamis and clouds of vaporised ice and bedrock circled the globe.

The impact would have been huge. But nowhere near as devastating as the dinosaur-killer strike that created the Chicxulub impact crater — some 200km wide — in Mexico some 66 million years ago.

“There would have been debris projected into the atmosphere that would affect the climate and the potential for melting a lot of ice, so there could have been a sudden freshwater influx into the Nares Strait between Canada and Greenland that would have affected the ocean flow in that whole region,” said co-author John Paden, courtesy associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Kansas University.

“The evidence indicates that the impact probably happened after the Greenland Ice Sheet formed, but the research team is still working on the precise dating.”

That would suggest that the impact happened sometime before the end of the Pleistocene era some 11,700 years ago.

“It’s likely quite young, geologically speaking,” says study co-author Joseph MacGregor, a glaciologist with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. “It’s likely less than three million years old and possibly as young as 12,000 to 15,000 years old.”

But does the Greenland crater clinch the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis?

“It’s a very speculative idea, but if this does turn out to be (the missing link), it would have had an outsize impact on human history,” McGregor says.

“We do not discuss it in the paper, but I think it is a possibility,” adds lead author Kurt Kjær, a glacial geologist and curator at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. “This may generate a lot of discussion, and we need to find out. We won’t know until we have a proper date.”


The discovery was initially made in the 2015 but an international team of researchers has been working to verify the findings ever since.

The initial finding was made with data from NASA’s Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment and Operation IceBridge.

More data was collected since then, using more advanced radar technology.

“So far, it has not been possible to date the crater directly, but its condition strongly suggests that it formed after ice began to cover GreenlandProfessor Kjaer says.

Researchers plan to try and recover material that melted from the bottom of the glacier to learn more about its timing and effects on life on Earth at the time.

Such a dating would vindicate Younger Dryas impact theorists.

“I’d unequivocally predict that this crater is the same age as the Younger Dryas,” says James Kennett, a marine geologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara and one of the idea’s original supporters, told Science.

The climate chaos, the theory argues, would explain why the Clovis peoples’ settlements were abandoned and the megafauna vanished soon afterwards.

Not all agree.

“This is a hot potato,” impact crater expert at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, Jay Melosh told Science. “You’re aware you’re going to set off a firestorm?”

Lloyd Keigwin, a paleoclimatologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts says there is only one solution.

“Somebody’s got to go drill in there … That’s all there is to it.”

Source: News


The Horrific Truth About Alien Vampires
By Sean Casteel

WHY did the gods of old demand blood sacrifices? Of what use to them was the spilled blood of the innocent? And if we examine the more modern state of affairs in Ufology and the paranormal, specifically with regard to the chupacabras/”goat sucker” invasion that took place in the 1990s in Mexico, Puerto Rico and South America, can we truthfully say that this lust for blood on the part of the Ultra-Terrestrials has ever ceased?

These are some of the many questions asked in the newest offering from Inner Light/Global Communications, an ample, weighty tome called “Alien Blood Lust: Are There Vampires In Space?” Once again, publisher, editor and author Timothy Green Beckley takes aim at the warm and fuzzy approach to the aliens and makes his case for a negative, even monstrous, interpretation.

The book opens with Beckley’s characteristic frankness.

“Blood is to some Ultra-Terrestrials what water is to mankind,” he begins. “The flesh and blood of humans – and animals, for that matter, when nothing ‘more upscale’ makes itself available – could be the snack of the gods. Is there a rationale for such a bizarre statement?

“I would say so,” Beckley continues, “and it is a concept that is after all supported by the evidence presented by our primary author, Scott Corrales, as well as our team of seasoned researchers, in what is certain to be a provocative volume.

 “Blood may be necessary for at least some Ultra-Terrestrials to drink or ingest through transfusion in order for them to survive while ‘adrift’ in our physical world,” Beckley added.  “They may be trespassers from a parallel dimension or alternative universe where blood in its various forms has become a requisite to survival while ‘stationed’ here, in effect making them Vampires from Space.”


As reported by Beckley in the new book, on the night of March 5th, 1967, two workers in the local Red Cross Bloodmobile in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, were chased by something strange in the sky. Their van was loaded with flesh blood and, despite the fact that they were speeding to get to the hospital with their supply of human plasma, a UFO kept pace and lowered two claw-like projections on either side of their emergency vehicle as if to capture it in its prongs and lift the bloodmobile into the night sky.

On Long Island, New York, a well-respected talk show host was taken to a large “meeting hall” which fronted for the secret headquarters of a strange group of alien “androids” who called themselves “The Council of Ten Men.”

“In the recesses of the building was a hidden laboratory in which what appeared to be several corpses were laid out on examination tables. Next to the ‘corpses’ were rows of test tubes and bottles filled with blood,” the talk show host recounted. “Each bottle was labeled with names, such as ‘CHARLES’ and ‘SUSAN.’ The Ten handled some of the bottles and sampled their contents orally and without facial expressions.”

The whole scene sickened the witness, and she was greatly disturbed by the experience.


In a section of “Alien Blood Lust” devoted to the 1977 siege in a Brazilian island town called “Colares,” one reads the account of Dr. Daniel Rebisso Giese. Giese spent five years researching the wave that had locals claiming that, not only had they seen terrifying lights in sky, they had also been attacked by a vampire-like creature they called a “chupa-chupa,” which translates from the original Portuguese as “suck-suck.”

In 1977, strange happenings began to cause unrest in several villages and settlements in Northern Brazil. Unknown lights and unknown creatures were roaming the skies over the Bay of Sao Marcos, in the State of Maranhao, spreading terror throughout the region known as the Lowland Belt.

The people of the backwoods – called Caboclos, the local word for half-breed Brazilian – believed that beings from another world were at large in the area, searching for human blood. The victims were struck by a mysterious light which could penetrate anything and let none escape.

The situation was taken seriously by the Brazilian Air Force, who sent teams into the region and secretly documented everything. They heard the same testimony from hundreds of people, all of whom talked about a “vampire light,” or “a luz chupa-chupa.”

There are many testimonials in “Alien Blood Lust” of a dramatic nature that show the unparalleled horror the witnesses experienced, such as in the case of Ana Célia Oliveira, a teacher in Colares who was 6 years old at the time:

“I will never forget,” she said. “People and animals were attacked. There was nothing to eat. We were terribly lacking in food. Nobody was fishing. People did not want to go outside to harvest.

“Everyone was trying to move in large groups,” she continued. “Nobody wanted to be alone. All Colares had stopped. At 6 pm it was dark and we went to bed. Groups as numerous as 50 or 60 women and children gathered in a house. The men remained awake all night. They lit fires and tapped pots and pans to make noise to frighten and scare away UFOs. People started shooting in the sky to scare them away.

“We had just heard from our fathers and other men what was happening. We did not know why we went to other people’s houses at night to sleep. At night, people saw many UFOs flying in formation.

“Once I heard a man shoot and I ran to the door and opened it,” Oliveira recalled, “and saw many UFOs in formation. And suddenly they went in all directions. The objects moved very fast. People started shooting in the sky to frighten them. One came over the village, just 15 meters high.”


Giese’s book, “Extraterrestrial Vampires in the Amazon,” constitutes impressive evidence furnished by doctors, journalists, soldiers and rural Caboclos all describing unbelievable facts that challenge the limits of our “reality.”

It was July of 1977, a sunny day after the long rainy season of winter, in the little Brazilian town of Viseu. Normally the families would be seated outdoors in the evening, with the children running to and fro. But on this night strange lights were seen moving across the sky, lights of various colors, not ordinary lights or aircraft lights. These lights were completely silent. Some of the more religious-minded locals thought the lights were “signs of the end times.”

The next morning, people arriving from nearby villages had news of a powerful sort of light which, coming down from space, could paralyze you and “suck out” your blood and your energy.

These reports of the “Vampire Light” came to the ears of the man in charge of the local police post, Sergeant Sabino do Nascimento Costa, who considered them of no importance. The mayor of the town, Carlos Cardoso Santos, laughed and gave his verdict that it was all “just fantasy.” Even the priest, who was alarmed that his parishioners were talking about prayers to ward off the evil force, took the same view, calling the reports “the wild imagination of the rural folk. Nothing to it!”

However, the next day, there arrived in town a fisherman and his son. According to the son: “About ten days ago, we were fishing near Ilha Nova. Suddenly we saw a star moving. Its brightness was very strong, stronger than the rest of the stars, and it seemed to be flashing and it came straight toward us. We remembered what we’d heard about the ‘chupa-chupa,’ so we paddled for the river bank and hid in the bushes. We just managed to escape being touched by the light. It was hanging a few meters above our boat and sweeping the whole area with a sort of searchlight, as though probing, seeking.”

In the end the light or object flew off towards the farm of a neighbor.

Another local resident was not so lucky. A hunter was sitting quietly in the thick bushes, awaiting game. An animal appeared, but something in the sky threw down a beam of light onto the animal and made off with it. Meanwhile, the hunter himself could not escape the light, which he felt bearing down on his body and sucking the strength out of him. He was sure he was going to die.

The flying object was shaped like a cylinder and he could hear voices coming from it, speaking in an unknown language. The object departed, but left him powerless. He seemed to have absolutely no strength whatsoever and was hospitalized.

A cylindrical craft was also seen by a woman schoolteacher, who said it shone its beam down on her house. She reported the incident to the same scoffing police sergeant mentioned earlier. He felt that given such testimony from an educated woman, he could not simply ignore her report.


“By now, nobody in the whole area was venturing out at night,” writes Dr. Giese, “no children were playing out of doors, and fishermen were wary about putting out in their boats.”

The phenomenon began spreading to nearby villages and once again the local authorities there at first refused to believe the reports.

“In due course,” Giese writes, “the wave of cases of ‘vampire lights’ over the region turned out to be the greatest ‘UFO Wave’ ever recorded in the whole of Brazil.”

Giese then quotes an area newspaper: “The appearance of an Unidentified Flying Object in the skies over Pinheiro is producing suspense and panic among the population and has stimulated imaginations to such an extent that some are even saying that the object approaches people and then stuns them with a beam of light and extracts their blood. The presence of the craft has been established as certain. There is general terror throughout the region, folk fear to go outside at night, because of rumors that, when the UFO comes down near the ground, it emits an extremely hot luminous beam that burns people’s skins.”

From the mass of reports at the time, it was evident that the UFO’s beam would first immobilize the victim. Then he would feel intense heat and would collapse, some fainting totally. In general, small rural settlements were mainly targeted, and the victims were single, isolated persons or small groups of people.

The panic continued into October-December of 1977, again with no one venturing forth alone at night “for fear of the blood-seeking ‘vampires.’” By that time, some of the rumors and popular theories had grown to be more fantastic than ever. It was even believed by some that the UFOs were part of a secret Japanese plan for contraband trafficking in human blood. There was of course the belief that the UFOs came from other planets and there was the occasional unsubstantiated rumor that a ship had crashed in North East Brazil. But in all his years researching the area, Giese never found any proof for the crash-related rumors.

Local men began to band together into patrols at night equipped with firearms as well as fireworks to frighten off the intruders. With the 1977 Ceremony of the Procession of Our Lady of Nazareth, held the second Sunday in October in the city of Belem (the Portuguese form of the name Bethlehem), there came many folks from throughout the Amazon region to take part, bringing with them fresh stories about the chupa-chupa. Many of the stories were now perhaps a bit exaggerated, but people were talking about “vampires that came down sucking human blood, and especially from women’s breasts.”

As the tales ran like wildfire through Belem, women were all growing hysterical; immediate action was needed. And the authorities indeed took action.

Instantly, the local newspapers, which up until then had been reporting very objectively everything about the sightings of the chupa-chupa and their victims, changed their tune overnight. While one newspaper had proclaimed in November that “The Interplanetary Vampire Only Likes Women,” the very next day that same paper ran the headline “The Chupa-Chupa Is Mere Fantasy.”

This section of “Alien Blood Lust” also includes Q and A’s with Giese and a psychiatrist named Dr. Wellaide Carvalho, who came to believe the strange stories told by the locals and refused to be cowed by the Brazilian military into calling the victims crazy. There is also an interview with a Brazilian military official named Colonel Uyrange Hollanda, who similarly would not discount some of the bizarre testimonies he heard while investigating the area where the suck-suck events had occurred. After publicly stating his sympathy for the victims in A.J. Gevaerd’s “UFO Magazine,” Hollanda died from an apparent suicide which many in Ufology feel is, at the least, very suspicious.

The story of the 1977 chupacabras wave is a tale of intense bewilderment, frustration in not knowing what was going on, and, in some cases, a sense of complete panic.  Over time, the chupa invasion faded away, but it left its horrifying scars, both physical and emotional, in its wake.


But all of the above is mere prelude to the meat of the book, the reprinting of the book “The Chupacabras Diaries,” by well-known researcher Scott Corrales. “Alien Blood Lust” also includes a sampling of other related material Corrales has written in the years since.

This is a thorough and scholarly examination of the chupacabras phenomenon that wreaked havoc throughout the countryside in Mexico, Puerto Rico and South America.

Corrales’ sections are intelligently written by the longtime veteran researcher of Ufology and the paranormal who is also a gifted translator by profession. Corrales’ language expertise helps to make heartfelt connections with the largely Hispanic population who have suffered the goat-sucker and who still seek answers to the nightmarish mystery. Corrales spoke firsthand to witnesses and visited some of the locales where the events had taken place.

Corrales’ work features several transcripts of conversations on talk radio in which real people grapple with the terror and strangeness of the chupacabras. It demonstrates that the phenomenon is not just a hoax but something real people have been forced to deal with on an ongoing basis.

Corrales teaches many of us a new word: “Exsanguinated,” meaning drained of blood, made bloodless. He also points out that the amount of blood consumed by a chupacabras would be many times its own body weight, so perhaps the creature is collecting blood for someone besides just itself?


“If reality resembled the world of fiction more closely,” Corrales writes in “Alien Blood Lust,” “monsters would be put down with the finality of Lieutenant Ripley purging the hideous alien xenomorph out of an airlock, consigning it to the vacuum of space. The sense of finality and justice delivered by a wooden stake through the undead heart of a cinematic vampire imparts catharsis, but we find none of that with the monsters and visions that persistently manifest themselves in our reality. After eighteen months of depredations in West Virginia in 1966-67, the Mothman disappeared into legend and the uneasy dreams of those whose encounters changed the course of their lives. Hunters and scientists emerge from forays after the elusive Bigfoot with little to show for their efforts, save the tell-tale strands of hair and plaster casts that have become a trademark of their avocation.

“The same can be said for the Chupacabras,” Corrales continues. “The protean creature manifested for the first time in Puerto Rico in the mid-90s, followed by a rash of sightings throughout Latin America, each time described a little differently than before. Media burnout and the trivialization of the subject by popular culture – the cascade of t-shirts and bumper stickers, rap and ranchero songs, cheap plastic memorabilia sold in marketplaces – resulted in a loss of interest in the creature’s exploits in Brazil and Chile later that decade.

“But the Chupacabras keeps coming back like a prize fighter, unmindful of the fatuous pronouncements of skeptics, as well as efforts at fitting it into the UFO totem-pole by researchers bent on seducing the media once more, their prize a conference invitation or the lure of a television show. The demon is triumphant.”

The Puerto Rican media approached the subject of the paranormal predator again in 2012, when reporter Yaritza Santiago wrote an article for El Nuevo Dia about the entity’s return to the scene, this time in the island municipality of Vieques: “A strange wild animal prowls the verdant fields and communities of this island municipality. This is the only way to explain the discovery of dead horses, hens and rabbits in situations that terrified Viequenses have ascribed to a panther that allegedly escaped from an American tourist’s possession. Others say it is a jaguar; still others speak of the return of the Chupacabras, whose existence they do not question for a second.”


Thirty chickens met an untimely demise on the property of José Martínez and his wife Jeami in Barrio La Hueca. The couple had gone off to a birthday party on the previous night, returning home an hour before midnight. They went to bed and Mr. Martínez woke up at half past five in the morning to feed the family animals. In the cold glow of his flashlight, José was startled to find the roosters dead in their cages, with deep puncture marks on their backs, drained of blood. The couple told reporters that they had not heard any abnormal sounds in the night.

José, 26, and Jeami, 21, described the massacre of their animals as “a battlefield” where the unknown assailant had operated at leisure. Jeami remained convinced that the perpetrator was none other than the mysterious being that spread fear throughout Puerto Rico during her childhood. “It wasn’t a dog. I think it could be the Chupacabras.”

Reporters from the local media who investigated the incident were told of a “radar image” of a strange creature taken by a U.S. Marines radar, and observed that the fear among the island’s population was quite real.

Corrales writes further that, “On the main island of Puerto Rico, news organizations were covering the ‘gargoyle’ that supposedly haunted the vicinity of Guánica, the city with the magnificent bay on the Caribbean Sea. This nightmarish vision had attacked not only animals, but allegedly humans as well. Its patterns of attack resembled those of the Chupacabras, but not exactly the same entity. ‘Some identified it with the Chupacabras, but others believe it was a different creature, a sly and sinister one, using the ruins and tunnels of the [abandoned] Central Guánica sugar mill as its lair,’ wrote Pedro Bosque in an article for El Nuevo Dia. It was in this warren of half-flooded, weed-choked tunnels that the skeletons of its victims were reportedly found.

According to Corrales, “Despite its predilection for lovely Guánica, the ‘gargoyle’ had reportedly been seen in Lajas and San Germán, communities in southwestern Puerto Rico that acquired notoriety in the late ‘80s and throughout the 1990s as paranormal hotspots. And unlike those relatively distant years, eyewitnesses were reluctant to share their names with the media, particularly when it came to the attacks on humans.

“These incidents were discussed in hushed tones. One witness interviewed by the press claimed seeing injuries on a man’s belly, produced by an ‘animal with large wings’ whose claws had torn at his flesh ‘to the extent that his fat could be seen.’ The unnamed witness spoke soberly of seeing the victim lift his t-shirt to display the wounds received in his own backyard.

“Police officer Miguel Negrón, on the other hand, admitted to hearing ‘a loud sound of flapping wings’ while patrolling the abandoned sugar mill. Was an unknown avian taking off from the rusted cranes of the old mill? According to the officer, the ‘gargoyle’ had been described by some as a very large bird reeking of sulfur or rot (hydrogen sulfide?), feeding on live animals such as dogs, cats and horses by exsanguination.”


Alien Blood Lust” also includes a contribution by a writer named Hercules Invictus, who interestingly enough still believes in the Greek pantheon of gods, to include Zeus and all his fellows. With his thorough command of Greek mythology, Hercules gives us a lesson on how blood and blood sacrifice figure in the stories of the denizens of Mount Olympus. Is human blood the true nectar and ambrosia of the gods?

Nigel Watson, a British writer on paranormal topics, discusses how the Dracula legend may offer hints of a UFO connection. One has most likely heard of Vlad the Impaler, said to be the historical template for the later Bram Stoker character. Watson explains that there exists in a church in Romania (in the town that was Vlad’s old stomping grounds) a 16th century oil painting of dear old Vlad with what looks like a UFO – a strange disc-like craft emitting smoke – hovering over him in the background. It’s not exactly “proof,” but it does help to illustrate the notion of a flying saucer/vampire relationship rather neatly.

And finally there is a chapter by Tim R. Swartz, the veteran of much psychic warfare, who gives an overview of the history of cattle mutilation in the US, a phenomenon that peaked in 1975 but continues to linger in sporadic incidents. Swartz also writes about cases of human mutilations that have been covered-up by military and government officials. One such case is the 1956 incident at the White Sands Missile Range, an army base in southern New Mexico, where a soldier’s body was found mutilated with surgical skill and with no traces of blood left behind. The official verdict was that the soldier had died in the desert of “exposure.”


While there are those that might characterize the blood lust phenomenon as repellent but basically “morally neutral,” we should give some thought to the Biblical Book of Leviticus, chapter 17, which unequivocally declares:

…13 And if any Israelite or foreigner living among them hunts down a wild animal or bird that may be eaten, he must drain its blood and cover it with dirt. 14 For the life of all flesh is its blood. Therefore I have told the Israelites, ‘You must not eat the blood of any creature,’ because the life of every creature is its blood; whoever eats it must be cut off. 15 And any person, whether native or foreigner, who eats anything found dead or mauled by wild beasts must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean until evening; then he will be clean.…

The verses are clearly saying that eating the blood of an animal is an unclean thing and reason for expulsion from the community. Since there is this Biblical law unmistakably against consuming blood, one would think the chupacabras is something demonic, since it openly defies the laws of God and consumes blood as a nourishment.

Blood has always been part of the hidden agenda of the Ultra-Terrestrials, from the days of “ancient astronauts” – and their apparent demand for human sacrifices – to the animal mutilations of today.

“We think nothing of butchering a steer,” Beckley writes, “in order to get its most succulent cuts, so who is to say the aliens don’t see us in the same light, figuring us for a welcome meal on their journey through the cosmos?”

Get your copy of Alien Blood Lust now!

Source: Spectral Vision


Mysterious Animal Killing Livestock in Kentucky

Speaking of Alien Blood Lust and mysterious livestock killings, there is a new warning from law enforcement in Monroe County, Kentucky after another mysterious attack on livestock.

An investigation began earlier this fall when three miniature horse were killed. Since then, more animals have turned up dead.

Sheriff Dale Ford released a new photo to NewsChannel 5 showing what appears to be a large cat on a trail camera in Monroe County. The photo was taken not long after two more calves turned up dead in recent weeks.

The calves had claw marks on them, and were partially eaten.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials had looked into the earlier killings of the miniature horses and determined their deaths was not the work of a wild animal.

Sheriff Ford disagrees. He believes an animal is to blame an said photos like the new one captured makes his point.

Sheriff Ford is now warning all residents to keep an eye on their pets, livestock and small children. He believes there is some type of large predator still roaming the area.

Source: News Channel 5

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Physician Compelled By Brazilian Air Force To Lie About UFOs

Wellaide Cecim, a physician working during the 70s in a health care unit in Village of Colares, Pará, Brazil, admits she was forced by military to lie about how serious the UFO “suck-suck phenomena” was.

“I've been compelled by Brazilian Air Force to convince the locals that the lights attacking them were mass hallucinations and that what they saw has never happened”. Who says this, after reading the material published yesterday by newspaper O Liberal about the “suck-suck” phenomena, a weird episode that terrified many communities at Colares, Vigia, Santo Antonio do Tauá, Mosqueiro e Baía do Sol in the end of 1977 and beginning of 1978, is Wellaide Cecim Carvalho. She was the responsible for a health care unit at Colares at that time. She treated about 80 victims of the mysterious lights. “I was the first one to make contact with the victims of the suck-suck phenomena. In spite of my 22 years old at that time and being completely skeptic, I started to notice changes the medicine failed to explain. The burns on the victims’ skin were almost always on the neck and the breast, with two small and parallel holes, as if it was a little bite, but it wasn't”.

Doctor on public health and psychiatry, Wellaide Cecim says that after 60 days of daily records, more than 120 cases, she started to report these cases to their superiors. But she wasn't prepared to their reaction: She has been forbidden to admit something strange was happening. “But, being faithful to what I see, not to what I hear, I kept on speaking. Even under the risk of being fired”. Follows the interview she gave to Carlos Mendes, a journalist from O Liberal, published by the Brazilian UFO Magazine and added to its campaign UFOs Freedom of Information Now, which is described at: www.ufo.com.br/secrecy.php.


Question — The authorities didn't see the phenomena, but even seeing they wouldn't believe...

Wellaide — They didn't even pay me a visit. I had to discover the victims lost erythrocytes all by myself. I've always tried to do my best in my job, since that time. I noticed the victims had lost blood because of the research I made to find out why these people had giddiness, sluggishness and could hardly walk. I sent several reports to the health secretary.

Question — And who was the health secretary?

Wellaide — Doctor Manoel Ayres. My immediate superior was doctor Luiz Flávio Figueiredo. He forbad me to talk, make suggestions or even agree to the locals. But, you don't need medical knowledge to know. Necrosis occurs only 96 hours after a burn. The victims burns had necrosis immediately, just five minutes after the attack.

Question — What's the explanation to this?

Wellaide — That's when it all begins: they (the flying objects pilots) couldn't be Russians because, it doesn't matter their technology at that time, and nobody could make burns in that way.

Question — As a psychiatrist, do you believe these people could be victims of a mass hysteria?

Wellaide — This is what the Air Force always asked me to say. It did not happen any kind of mass hysteria or visual hallucinations. The psychiatry proves it didn't happen. It may happen mystic collective problems when people commit mass suicide. But nobody can have the same delirium, the same visual, sonic and synesthetic hallucination at the same time and in different places.

Question — Who asked the Air Force to investigate the case?

Wellaide — Once nobody helped, much the opposite, they told me to shut up, the Colares mayor at that time, Mr. Alfredo Ribeiro Bastos, called the Brazilian Air Force. And came, from Paraná, the president of the Ufology society of that state, the philosopher, ufologist and biomedical Daniel Rebisso Giese. We wrote the first book on this subject: “Vampires and extraterrestrials in Amazonia”. The priest of Colares and also a doctor, Alfredo de la Ó, already dead, also called for help.

Question — And what hurt you most?

Wellaide — It was the fact that, in my 22 years old, responsible for a health care unit, I had a lot of people in front of me needing research to find out why they were immobilized. Why they couldn't walk or talk. And when I looked at the hemogram to compare the last records, I've learnt they had very low rates of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. The fact is, no object can bring out skin necrosis after a burn so fast. A third factor is the alopecia, the fall of hair from the skin, in a way it will never grow again. The victims have never had hair on the skin burnt again.

Question — And when did the Air Force appeared?

Wellaide — 90 days after our requests. When Colares was empty and scared, they came. Because of the dictatorship we were under, they used to call me every day to ask me to speak to the people, to try to convince them they were having mass hallucination, but I always refused.

Question — Under all this pressure from the military, what did you do?

Wellaide — I refused to do this. I always told them I wouldn't obey. I disagree to them when they say I was afraid of being considered a fool. I really don't mind. I gave interviews to several TVs from Brazil, EUA and Europe, even under the risk of being fired. Besides being a skeptic, I'm totally sure of what I saw. I don't know what it is, but I know its real.

Question — Did you, as did the captain Uyrangê Hollanda, the investigation commander, see beings from space?

Wellaide — Yes I did. It was 5 pm in the afternoon at Colares. There was a ship at 50 meters of altitude, above the city’s main street. Inside of this ship there was a being, 1.20 or 1.30 meter high. This happened when I was driving to help a child with broken clavicle, I was going to immobilize her. They were flying so low that I was completely unable to react. I could see the UFOs bright metal and it wasn't a dish-like object, but much more like a cone or a cylinder. Its course was elliptical. 5 o'clock in the afternoon your eyes can't play tricks on you. You may have visions, hallucinate, but, like me, many others would have to.

Question — Did someone died after being sucked by the lights?

Wellaide — Two persons I took to the hospital in the capital, Belém, had died. I took them in my car. And when they gave me the death certificate, I could read “unknown reason”. The victims had the burns, the tinny holes, the examination. I mean, it's very easy to hide things in this country.

Article by Carlos Mendes.
Translated by Paulo Santos, from the Brazilian UFO Magazine team.
Distributed by the Brazilian UFO Magazine: www.ufo.com.br


Three North American Ice Falls
By Cropster

Three new ice fall cases took place across North America during October 2018. As I mentioned in an earlier post, mysterious Ice Falls are a classic Fortean phenomena.

The accepted scientific consensus is that the ice builds-up on aircraft wings and detaches as the plane enters warmer air during descent. In some cases the ice is blue-coloured or stinks, suggestive of a leak from an aircraft’s potable water system. These new reports support the case for aircraft as likely culprits, as two are clearly linked to flight paths into major metropolitan airports.

The first report took place on Sunday, 7 October in Liberty Township, Indiana. Resident Dennis Nover was walking his dogs at around 6pm when he heard “a whoosh and a thud”.

“I just thought it was the wind in the or trees.” he told the Chesterton Tribune. “If that thing had hit me, it would have taken my head off.”

The impact even appeared to shake his neighbours house. He then found 30 feet away on his on his neighbours driveway a 15-20 pound block of clear ice in a crater more than a foot deep and two feet wide.

“My dogs started barking at it,” Nover told the paper.

Never took samples of the ice to Valparaiso University’s Department of Meteorology and to the Porter County Health Department. Neither organisation responded to the Cropster’s emails requesting information on their analysis of the ice.

There was no mention about any observed aircraft in the story. Liberty Township is over 70 miles from Chicago’s O’Hare International airport, but that doesn’t necessarily exclude it from being under a flight path.

Two days later and over 2,000 miles to the west, Eastvale California resident Edward Briseno was hosting a birthday party in his house when a large block of ice hit his driveway, the impact leaving a 30 foot crack in the cement. A retired pilot told CBS that Eastvale is located on the descent flight path for Los Angeles International airport.

Our final October case comes from Vancouver Island, Canada. On 20 October at around 6.45 am, Peter Marshall of Rumming Road, Lantzville heard a loud noise and upon investigating discovered several large chunks of ice had struck his truck causing some serious damage. Other pieces of ice were scattered around nearby. Transport Canada was investigating.

I had a chat with Peter earlier this month. Peter told me that planes often fly over his property as they descend into Vancouver International. A scan of a Vancouver aircraft noise tracking website showed that a descending plane was close to Lanztville at almost the exact time Peter said the ice fell.

I find it interesting that so many reports appear in North America. It’s probably a function of the volume of aircraft that fly across the continent. Meteorological conditions may also play a part.

(Photo by Peter Marshall)

Source: The Fortean


Woman Says Evil Doll Attacked Her Boyfriend

A Peruvian woman claims that her possessed doll frightened her boyfriend into leaving her after it attacked him out of jealousy.

Berliz, a young woman from Callao, Peru, told reporters that Deisy, a doll she received from her mother as a Christmas gift when she was younger, has been exhibiting Poltergeist-like behavior, including moving its head and limbs, and even attacking people she doesn’t like. The doll’s latest victim was Berliz’s boyfriend, who broke off their relationship after Deisy “grabbed and hit him” while he was sleeping.

According to Berliz, the possessed doll moves by itself, knocks things down around the house and appears to be the source of several phenomena that cannot be explained. The woman says that Deisy appears to be very jealous and acts out whenever someone gets close to its owner. For example, she recalled a bizarre occurrence from when she was 18-years-old. Her father hugged her and then the lights suddenly went out. When they went back on, her face was full of cuts.

Another time , Berliz’s cousin went to lie down in her bed, but she soon ran out screaming that someone was throwing things at her.

“One day, a bright light suddenly shone in the house, and my bible fell from atop the television. I started crying and the light went out and I saw shadows around me,” the woman recalled.

Berliz says that following all these bizarre incidents, she considered getting rid of Deisy, but ultimately decided against it, fearing that the possessed doll may return and attack her as well. She did try to turn the doll with its face to the wall, so she wouldn’t have to see her creepy face all the time, but when she woke up, Deisy had somehow turned around and was staring right at her.

Berliz recently gave birth and she has so far kept Deisy away from her baby, but she is afraid that the doll may act against her child out of jealousy. To prevent this, the woman contacted a clairvoyant who advised her to get a black cat to neutralize the doll’s negative energy.

Insolito Noticias posted a video of the unnamed clairvoyant trying to communicate with the possessed doll using a special microphone. Deisy can be heard answering the clairvoyant’s questions and proceeds to swear at her when she invokes the power of God to banish the spirit inside the doll.

Callao seems to be a preferred destination of possessed dolls, as just last year we posted about Sarita, the “Peruvian Annabelle” who terrorized another Peruvian family from the same city.

Source: Oddity Central

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