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When I began my publishing and editing career back in the mid 60s (I wrote my first article for FATE and another for the NATIONAL INSIDER before going on to the Enquirer, Globe, Examiner and Star), I never dreamed that the printed word would go from paper to cyberspace and the Internet.

Fewer readers it would seem are browsing the newsstand and more and more folks are browsing with their mouse instead of their fingers. So in order to keep up with the times we are venturing into new territory where I certainly have not explored before (thanks Star Trek) and are providing you the Internet browser with the best commentary on Conspiracies of all types as well as the UFO enigma.

If you've at one time read the magazines UFO UNIVERSE, UNSOLVED SIGHTINGS, UFO FILES, PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM and COVERUPS & CONSPIRACIES at the newsstands, you'll recognize our merry band of contributors from Emmy Award winning producer Tim Swartz, to investigative journalist Sean Casteel, Spanish reporter Scott Corrales, military intelligence operative Commander X, as well as New Age philosophers Brad Steiger and Diane Tessman. All of them -- and some new faces -- will be joining us within these pages.

But in order to keep Conspiracy Journal an open and free forum we'll need your help. You can support us either through the sale of books and other merchandise (click the appropriate banner on our site to see the latest in what we're offering) or those with computer skills can assist our Executive Producer and Webmaster with advice and physical labor. Emmy Award winning producer Tim Swartz can be e mailed at:

Most other sites of this type have a "hidden agenda" -- we have NONE. We provide an open forum for others to share their experiences and debate with others the meaning and significance of the universe. We take no sides; but the side of freedom of speech. . .something that is being lost in America as those we identify as the secret government or New World Order continue to take charge.

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