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Welcome to Conspiracy Journal - Home of the latest news and info on UFOs, the paranormal, Nikola Tesla, free energy, conspiracies and MORE! We also feature well-known authors and researchers such as: Tim R. Swartz, Commander X, Timothy Green Beckley, Brad Steiger, Sean Casteel and Diane Tessman. Check out the free Conspiracy Journal Newsletter and our bookshop with books and videos that THEY don't want you to see!
RIP Mr. UFO - Timothy Green Beckley 1947 - 2021

Timothy Green Beckley, AKA Mr. UFO, passed away from a heart attack Sunday night, May 30, of an apparent heart attack.  We will truly miss him and hope that he has caught that mothership to the stars.

This is Timothy Green Beckley's Last Book - Get Your Copy Now
To Celebrate The Life of Mr. UFO!

Dulce Warriors: Aliens Battle for Earth's Domination

By Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Tim R. Swartz, and others

319, Large Format Pages
Only $21.95
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The rumors have circulated for decades...the United States government entered into a secret treaty with extraterrestrial races in exchange for "alien" technology. This agreement allowed the aliens involved to abduct humans and implant them with tracking devices. Top secret underground bases were then established that jointly housed humans and extraterrestrials to conduct unholy research on their abducted human victims.

The so-called "Dulce Base" (no one knows its official name), located in Northern New Mexico, is allegedly the central location where the aliens and humans work together as "partners in crime." Deep within its seven levels, insidious projects involving the kidnapping of innocent people, the development of mind control methods, and genetic experiments involving cloning and creating human-ET hybrids are said to have taken place. Those involuntarily taken to the Dulce Base would never be seen again.

Attempts were made by various "whistleblowers," the Dulce Warriors, to reveal the truth about Dulce and humanity's infiltration by interplanetary races. However, many of those seeking to enlighten the world about this growing danger found their lives threatened by malevolent forces that would stop at nothing to prevent the truth from ever getting out.

In this book, you will find these stunning facts regarding:

* The Connection Between The Dulce Base and Area 51.

* One Man's Attempt to Uncover The Truth Leads to an Evil Plot of Fear, Despair and Madness.

* Who Controls the Underground Realm...The Military or Extraterrestrial Invaders?

* Everything We Think We Know About the UFO Mystery May Actually Be Disinformation to Hide Advanced Military Science and Technology.

Noted UFO investigator and publisher, Timothy Green Beckley, along with his cadre of dedicated researchers, endeavors to untangle the facts from the disinformation that for years has muddied the waters of what could be the most earth-shaking revelations to emerge from the UFO mystery and the extraterrestrials' impact on the ultimate fate of planet Earth.

Includes Illustrations.

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wisdom from Mr. UFO himself -

Timothy Green Beckley!

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