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Journey Into Dimensions Never Before Experienced! Brad Steiger is the author of many books dealing with strange and mysterious occurrences. Over the years Brad, along with his wife Sherry, has investigated and written about such subjects as ghosts, UFOs, time travel, Atlantis, conspiracies and other mysteries that others fear to tread.

I am constantly asked about the Starseed/Star People research that began in in the late 1960s. The essence of that research is currently updated in OTHER WORLDS, OTHER LIVES--DISCOVER YOUR TRUE COSMIC ORIGINS published by Inner Light in 1996.

So many folks on the Internet appear to adapt freely from other people's work without giving credit, so I am not surprised to see certain websites speaking about Star People and Starseeds and presently their version of the original questionnaire. As many of you know, I began the original research in 1967, sending the first surveys primarily to professional psychic sensitives here and in Great Britain.

In 1968, I developed the questionnaire that emphasized "Star People" characteristics--and which is presented in its basic elements in OTHER WORLDS, OTHER LIVES. In 1987, my wife Sherry Hansen Steiger and I polished the questionnaire to its present status and estimate that as many as 30,000 men and women from around the world have returned the questionnaire. Literally all professions, occupations, and spiritual paths are represented in our statistically analyses of the questionnaires.

Over 90% of those who have returned the questionnaire report having the mystical ecstasy of being "one with the universe." A remarkable 86% claim some kind of contact with other worldly or other dimensional entities. A solid 92% express a great urgency that "now is the time" to be of service to humanity and to the planet. For about 85%, their contact with other worldly or other dimensional beings began around the age of five.

For those sincerely interested in the original research and its implications for our future on spaceship Earth, I recommend obtaining a copy of OTHER WORLDS, OTHER LIVES--DISCOVER YOUR TRUE COSMIC ORIGINS.

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