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Thanks for visiting Conspiracy Journal. I am very proud that Conspiracy Journal has asked me to be one of their contributing columnists. It's about time that an Internet site has the guts to reveal what is really going on in the Secret World today. I know that many people who are not afraid to know the truth have bought and read my books - now I can reach a world-wide audience of those who are tired of the secrets, the disinformation and the cover-ups perpetrated by those who are really in power.

The Ever-Changing Face of UFOs

The world of UFOs and their associated phenomena are in a constant state of evolution. Ten years ago everyone was talking about abductions and the big-eyed Grey aliens. Today, the subject is still talked about, but not nearly to the degree as in the past. In another ten years the excitement over UFO abductions will be replaced by something else.

Not too long ago everyone was excited about Area 51 and the possibility that captured UFOs were being test flown out of this top secret air base. Now, most interest has died away except for a few who return every year to hold rallies and drum up even a little coverage from the now bored press.

Don't even try to discuss the friendly "Space Brothers" anymore. They went out with fins on Cadillacs and 45 records.

I find this all very interesting. You would think that as long as we have been observing UFOs and their nature that we would have a little more concrete evidence then we do, and a better understanding of their habits. It seems like just when we start to think we have something we can say is definite about UFOs - where they like to fly, who seems to be flying them, what is the reason they are here - the phenomenon suddenly changes and goes into new and different patterns, and leaving the old ways almost completely behind.

This can be seen with the comparison of the shapes of reported UFOs from the 1950's and today. In the 1950's many UFOs were reported to be disc shaped with large domes and antenna, and a circular flange on the bottom that often contained ball-shaped appendages. Round portholes and rivets were also often reported. These craft seemed to be built much like the ideal of alien spacecraft at the time. Heavy metal, bulky domes with portholes, maybe even a propeller or jets emitting fire and smoke on the bottom. The flying saucer photos of George Adamski and Howard Menger are excellent representatives of the classic 1950's UFO.

Now, with home video cameras easily affordable for most people, we have a number of interesting videotapes with UFOs available for study. However, very little of the thousands of feet of video show the classic solid-body, disc-shaped, UFO. Most show strange lights in a dark sky, or poorly defined shapes floating in the air. The footage that does show a seemingly solid saucer-shaped object is most often an apparent hoax. So what has happened to the classic flying saucer?

The Nellis Test Range UFO footage is an excellent example of what seems to be a real UFO caught on tape. This object, tracked by military radar and cameras, flies boldly around in a bright, clear sky seemingly unconcerned that it is being watched and photographed. You would think that with the quality of the cameras available to the military that this UFO would have been recorded with crystal-clear clarity. The resulting images showed otherwise.

The object recorded on videotape flying over the dessert terrain that day appears to be constantly changing shape. At first it appears to be disc-shaped, then it looks somewhat like a small jet with round stubby wings, then it changes into three-balls, all the while the object is never clearly defined. It is as if it is surrounded by fog or mist, keeping it just out of focus. What kind of object are we dealing with that is never still, is always changing shape, is not quite solid?

The entire UFO phenomenon acts in this same nebulous fashion. Always changing, never clearly defined. And when you think that you finally have something definite, the phenomenon changes again and you are back at square one. For more than fifty years, this is what has constantly confounded UFO researchers that there appears to be no real truths or facts about UFOs. Anything goes, and often does.

Does The Government Know The Truth About UFOs?

People who have read my books and articles have often asked me if I thought that the stories of captured UFOs and extraterrestrials were true. After all they reasoned, since I was connected with the military I should be an insider to the truth. After years of thinking about this subject I will have to say that at one time I thought I knew the truth, but now I am not so sure.

As I have commented earlier, just when you think you have all the information, everything changes and you are back at zero. I have been told by fellow officers and others all kinds of wild stories concerning UFOs. Everyone swears they have heard such and such story that they know for a fact is true.

I had a good friend who just happened to be a retired General tell me that he had good information that UFOs came from Mars and that the Martians were secretly colonizing earth because Mars was no longer able to support life.

When I pressed my friend on the source of this information, he simply said that this was the story he had heard years ago. No proof, no verification, just a story floating around the Pentagon over the years.

At this point in the game, I'm not too certain that anyone knows what is really going on with UFOs. If there ever was any substantial information, say an actual crashed saucer with alien bodies, the original players in the military and government kept the secret so compartmentalized that after their retirement, and now deaths, the secret has been forgotten except for the ever wilder tales that have circulated through the military and civilian sectors.

The secret has been on a need to know basis so that anyone having to deal with the subject was given just as much information as was needed to complete whatever task was expected. So you have a lot of people who have little bits and pieces of information, but no one has enough to put the entire jigsaw puzzle together.

What I have heard is that there have been several crashes of unknown aircraft throughout the world since the 1920's. Probably even before that time, but it wasn't until the late 1930's when a unidentified aircraft crashed in Poland, and was recovered by the Germans, that anyone even considered the possibility that there could be aircraft not of this planet operating in our atmosphere.

The late 1940's crashes that have occurred in the United States, now referred to as the Roswell crash, but actually were several events scattered throughout the southwest, produced nothing more than some shattered debris and some organic material that could have been the pilots. There was not enough left to positively identify as extraterrestrial. We did know, however, that these were not aircraft produced in the U.S., or in any other country on the planet for that matter. It was an obvious assumption that this debris could have come from an extraterrestrial source.

I think this is probably all the information we really have. Not much, just some bits of metal and flesh, and a lot of unanswered questions. This is the real secret the government and military have been hiding. Not that we have proof we are being visited by aliens from some distant galaxy but that something strange is going on around us, and we haven't the slightest clue what is really going on. We are at the mercy of this phenomenon because we can't identify it. This is the secret being kept from us. We are powerless to do anything about it because we don't understand it.

There is no proof that UFOs are spacecraft from other planets. There are good reports that spy satellites in orbit have tracked unknown objects coming to earth from deep space, but so far, these are still just reports. There is still no good, solid evidence that UFOs are coming from other planets.

One of the conundrums of UFO research is that many reports of supposed contact with the pilots of UFOs usually has some reference from the creatures that they are from another planet. They gladly give out such details as the name of their home world and where they are located in relation to the earth. Rarely, though, does this information ever repeat itself in unrelated contacts. Each person claiming contacts with alleged extraterrestrials generally comes away with a different story on the origins of their visitors.

We are faced then with a number of choices - 1. That all witnesses reporting contacts with UFOs and their pilots are lying about their story. 2. That the UFO experience actually happened, and that the information relayed by the UFO pilots to their human guests are true. 3. That the UFO experience actually happened, but that the UFO pilots lied to their human guests about their origins and the nature of their mission to earth.

One of these scenarios could be right, or they all could be right. It just seems to me that the beings flying UFOs seem much too willing to give out information concerning their home world. Besides the supposedly advanced science the UFO creatures talk about is usually nonsense, sort of a melange of unrelated words that sound scientific.

Once again we are back at square one in our knowledge of UFOs. We have been kept deliberately confused and off guard while something has been freely shooting around in the sky above us. We know they're up there. We have seen them. We have photographed them. We have touched and talked to them. We have absolutely no idea who "They" are or what they are up to. This is the truth about UFOs. This is the secret that the government and the military have been keeping from us all these years. They don't know what is going on, and they are afraid to admit it.

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