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- UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Dies - 
- One Man’s Quest to Photograph the "Iliamna Lake Monster" -
The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program -
AND: Officials Warn Against "Cow Kissing" Challenge

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There is evidence that human-looking ETs may be living right down the road from you, hidden in some secluded base of operations. They have been seen to emerge from a landed craft and then observed in the checkout line of the local supermarket the next day. Should they be "found out" and followed into the parking lot just a few feet away, they are seen to vanish right before the eyes of stunned witnesses.

Some UFO strongholds are believed to be located high in the mountains – such as Mount Shasta, Mount Olympus, at the highest points of the Andes and around the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Other ET bases are located way back in the jungles of Mexico and along the Amazon. Still others require diving and sonar equipment to pinpoint the aliens’ watery world. Additional bases are “hidden” in plain sight. They could be in what seem to be abandoned buildings. Or out-of-the-way castles or mansions that can house a sizable encampment of Ultra-terrestrials. They might be concealed along darkened trails that lead to the swamplands of America, or in the unpopulated areas of Australia’s Outback. One of the most hidden alien bases is believed to be within forty miles of the White House.

For decades we have collected a multitude of reports that have come our way, regulating some to the waste basket because they lack credibility. Others remain in our “grey basket,” because they have yet to be proven or disproven, while the remainder might lead us to some well-deserved discoveries if we manage to enter the star gate that is poised on the dark end of sundown.

It’s believed – and we are seeking concrete proof – that at least some of those researchers who have gone in search of alien “hangouts” have never returned to give accounts of what they came across. Such a case would be that of Raymond Bernard, who entered the jungles of Brazil in search of an alien cavern base. The intrepid explorer might have gotten snatched by the reptilians or Richard Shaver’s “Dero,” who want to keep well secluded from the prying eyes of the human race. Others, more lucky, have returned to share their positive experiences with friends and associates.

You are invited to join our quest for the emerging truth about such potentially catastrophic cosmic matters. Who knows? Perhaps the next alien stronghold to be discovered might be just a few blocks away or down the road, right in your very own neighborhood. So keep your eyes wide open, for it would be a world-changing revelation, one that would not only make the evening news but cause us to rewrite the history of humanity. The Ultra-terrestrials’ footholds on our earthly plane are numerous, and this book offers a unique look into some of these alien fortresses.

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UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Dies

Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist, lecturer and world-renowned devotee of extraterrestrial existence, has died at the age of 84.

The famed UFO researcher died Monday at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, his daughter Melissa Friedman confirmed Tuesday. She said he was on his way home to Fredericton from a speaking engagement in Ohio.

She did not disclose the cause of death and asked that the family's privacy be respected.

Friedman built a reputation as a leading authority on unidentified flying objects, alien abductions and the so-called Roswell incident, considered by many to be the definitive UFO event.

He said his belief in extraterrestrials was based on data about UFO events he found buried in U.S. government documents over the years.

Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1934, Friedman received BS and MS degrees in Physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. Friedman subsequently spent the next 14 years working on advanced nuclear propulsion projects for such companies as General Electric, General Motors, and Westinghouse.

On a whim in 1958, he purchased Air Force Captain Edward Ruppelt's book "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" and this sparked an interest in the UFO phenomenon which would change his life forever. He dove headlong into studying what were then known as flying saucers and began lecturing on the topic in 1967.

When the nuclear propulsion field withered in 1970, Friedman decided to pursue the UFO phenomenon as a full-time job, writing numerous papers on the topic and educating the public on the enigma through speaking engagements. Over the next five decades, Friedman lectured at over 600 colleges, more than 100 professional groups, in all 50 of the United States, each of the ten provinces of Canada, as well as 13 other countries.

He also appeared on countless television and radio programs as a champion for the study of flying saucers and a powerful voice against skeptics whom he famously dubbed "nasty, noisy negativists." Along the way, he continued writing about the phenomenon, authoring or co-authoring six books on the subject.

Much to his disappointment, however, Friedman never actually saw a UFO himself.

"I have never seen a flying saucer, and I have never seen an alien. But remember, I chased neutrons and gamma rays for a lot of years as a physicist and never saw one of them either," he told The Canadian Press in 2007.

"In fact, I've never seen Tokyo, but I'm convinced it's there."

It was in 2007 that the City of Fredericton declared Stanton Friedman Day to honour him.

At the time, he said he owed his personal success to the fact that people have an endless fascination with space and the unknown. "Can you think of anything that touches more deeply on who we are, where we stand and the mystery and the coverup?" he asked.

"People are excited because it opens up the universe to wonderful possibilities."

Kathleen Marden was a friend of Friedman for more than 30 years and co-authored three books on UFOs with him.

"When he knew the truth, he told the truth," she said Tuesday from her home near Orlando, Fla. "He was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell crash. Stanton was a man who did his homework. He always criticized the debunkers because they hadn't done theirs."

Marden said Friedman spoke at conferences and colleges across Canada and the United States and in 20 foreign countries. He was also a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows.

Source: North Shore News


A look at How Bob Lazar Interviews Match up With Pentagon's
Admission of Studying UFOs

By George Knapp & Matt Adams

Thirty years ago, on May 15, KLAS-TV's 5 p.m. newscast aired a live interview with an anonymous man who made some extraordinary claims. Bob Lazar, who was being called "Dennis" at the time to protect his identity,  alleged that the U.S. military was secretly studying alien technology out in the Nevada desert near a base that is now well known all over the world as Area 51.

In the 1989 interview that started a whole new conversation, the claims sounded like Hollywood Sci-Fi. Months later, when his identity was revealed, Bob Lazar said he worked at a secret facility near groom lake, where alien technology was being reverse-engineered, meaning taken apart to figure out how it worked and whether the Pentagon could duplicate it.

The premise seems less absurd now. In a new documentary about Lazar, he describes in detail the spacecraft he worked on 30 years ago.

"The craft that I worked on, that when it's going to travel a long distance, that is how it operates. It puts its belly to the target and then brings all of the amplifiers to power, and you know it shoots off in that direction It doesn't fly as it would in a science-fiction movie. It flies with the belly, the bottom, forward," Lazar said.

If that description of a spacecraft tilting sounds familiar, take a look at the so-called Gimbal UFO. The Pentagon released a video in 2017. Naval pilots encountered a fleet of the unknown craft off the coast of Florida in 2015, and have since had dozens of similar encounters.

The spike in UFO incidents prompted a recent policy change by the Navy, which announced it wants to encourage its pilots to report future incidents.  

Pentagon officials reluctantly admitted to the New York Times 17 months ago that the military had secretly studied UFO incidents, in part so it might figure out the technology.

"In the Gimbal video, there's a mechanistic turn against the wind without deceleration, and so we have a craft without rotors, without heat signatures, without plums, without tail fins, and certainly no tail number, moving in a way that is counterintuitive to our aeronautics," said Jeremy Corbell, the director of the "Bob Lazar, Area 51, and Flying Saucers" documentary.  "When Bob saw it, he said it has to be a gravity propelled craft. That it does mimic the propulsion system, Bob Lazar described."

Along with directing the Lazar documentary, Corbell also broke the story about another now-famous UFO incident: The 2004 Tic Tac encounter.

The navy pilot who engaged the Tic Tac, Black Aces Commander Dave Fravor has said he doesn't believe the astonishing craft was made on earth, and that the propulsion might be anti-gravity.  

When Lazar was shown the Tic Tac video for the first time, it immediately reminded him of the sport mode, which was his name for the craft stashed in the desert.  

"No question in my mind, that's the way the craft operated," Lazar said. "It's the exact same propulsion system."

Former Pentagon Intelligence Officer Lue Elizondo was in charge of ATIP, the secret Pentagon study. He told the I-Team one goal of the project was to determine the physics of UFOs; how they can achieve the seemingly impossible.

The military came to believe the craft relied on special meta-materials; stuff that can't be made with known technology. Lazar made similar claims decades ago and was ridiculed. Now the Pentagon is on the same page.

"The study of UFOs did not end in 1969 with Project Blue Book. That was a lie, and it was an admitted lie by our own Pentagon," Corbell said. "We are living in a world where it is understood that there are craft technologically advanced from an unknown origin that are performing maneuvers that far exceed human technology. It's been going on a long time, and our government has been studying it."

Source: Las Vegas Now


One Man’s Quest to Photograph the "Iliamna Lake Monster"

By Alex DeMarban

The mysterious animal that people say they see in Iliamna Lake is dark, longer than 15 feet, with a long head and tail and distinct fins. It isn’t a whale or a seal, and it often vanishes quickly.

Fishermen have tried hooking it. This newspaper once offered $100,000 for proof of its existence. But so far, nobody has photographed the creature some call the Iliamna Lake monster.

Palmer resident Bruce Wright, a former marine ecologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, hopes to solve the riddle once and for all this summer.

He plans to sink an underwater video camera to the bottom of the sprawling and sparsely populated Southwest Alaska lake that’s the largest and one of the deepest in the state.

People call Iliamna Lake an inland sea. It’s 80 miles long, with a rare population of freshwater harbor seals that scientists believe moved in from the ocean long ago, and an old legend that something large lives in its 1,000-foot depths.

The TV series “River Monsters” featured it in 2010, piquing Wright’s curiosity and sparking his personal quest to find the animal. He was skeptical until two years ago, when a friend who put out baited hooks to catch the creature reported that something very big had shredded his fishing gear.

“This could lead to an exciting new discovery,” said Wright, senior scientist with a regional Aleut tribal organization.

Residents from lakeside villages say these are no imaginary tales. The observations over the years are often consistent, of huge aquatic creatures, often shark-like in appearance.

“It’s just part of life out here,” said Gary Nielsen, owner of the general store in Kokhanok and a longtime fisherman. “A lot of old-timers refuse to travel on the lake because of it."

Two years ago, he and other village residents saw what looked like a group of creatures swimming on the surface for a few seconds. They were about a mile away when he spotted them through binoculars. The longest was very large, maybe 65 feet long, he said. Others were slightly smaller.

“They were gigantic" but didn’t appear to be whales, he said. “I have no idea what we saw.”

There could be plausible explanations for some sightings, said Forrest Bowers, a biologist with the state’s commercial fisheries division.

Beluga whales following salmon up the Kvichak River from the Pacific Ocean, he said. Or maybe it’s the seals, appearing extra-large because of visual distortions.

Then again, who knows.

“It’s a big lake,” he said. “And there are likely things we don’t know about big lakes like that.”

Wright believes the animals are large sleeper sharks that can grow 20 feet long and far outlive humans — like their better-studied cousins, Greenland sharks, the planet’s longest-living vertebrate that can remain alive more than 300 years. They’re somehow visiting or living in the freshwater lake. Some believe it’s sturgeon. Those can grow 20 feet long.

“There’s definitely something down there," and it’s big, said Mark Stigar, a retired colonel and former chief aviation officer for the Alaska Army National Guard until 2003.

Stigar, who owns a summer house in Iliamna, offered five years ago to help Wright find the animal — by occasionally fishing for it.

Stigar didn’t think he’d find anything unusual. But one day in July 2017, he and his brother-in-law pulled up the heavy-duty, 200-foot longline they’d stretched across the lake bottom after baiting 14 hooks with salmon heads.

A big 4-inch, stainless-steel snap was gone, along with the thick, nylon-braided cord holding the hook. Another metal snap was bent. One nylon cord was “sawed” in two, a second hook missing.

“The cord was abraded in two spots," Stigar said. “It had been cut with animal’s teeth.”

A 38-pound anchor set on the lake bottom to hold the longline was dragged some 50 yards, based on GPS measurements when it was dropped into more than 100 feet of water, he said. The line was "tangled into a messy ball.”

He doesn’t believe the damage was the work of the seals — the ones he’s seen are too small — and the line was too deep for a boat to hit it.

“At that point, I decided I don’t want to catch the thing anymore, because there’s truly something here," Stigar said. “And if it is a sleeper shark, it may be the oldest living creature on the planet.”

Sean Brennan, a University of Washington researcher who studies the lake’s seals, said he wouldn’t rule out a “clever, determined” seal as the culprit. They eat salmon and one reportedly weighed nearly 200 pounds.

“I don’t know,” he said. “These seals are really strong swimmers, and they definitely have sharp teeth.”

In 1959, Sports Afield magazine reported that something had ripped away tackle as a group fished for the animal, snapping a stainless-steel cable “like it was thread” and snatching moose-meat bait.

But why haven’t carcasses of odd creatures turned up dead along the lake? Why aren’t there any known pictures of the animal?

In 1980, the Anchorage Daily News offered $100,000 over five months for tangible evidence, and scientific verification, that a creature unknown to science lived in Iliamna. The award would be worth more than $300,000 today. Nobody won.

Robbin La Vine, an Anchorage anthropologist, said she and a colleague got a good look at an odd creature in summer 2008 as their water taxi flew low over the lake on a clear, calm day. It looked like a grayish fish maybe 15 feet in length, with a long head, prominent tail and fins on its side, swimming in shallow water.

“It was kind of twisting, like stirring up the sandy bottom,” she said. “At first I thought it was two seals twisting, but then I realized it was one animal. It was definitely more fish-like than whale-like.”

Tim La Porte, owner of Iliamna Air Taxi, vividly remembers seeing it in July 1977 as he and passengers banked near the lake’s surface. The group spotted something very fish-like for a few seconds, maybe 15 feet long based on the size of a nearby skiff.

“It arched its back and hit the water, which was glassy calm, and this wake radiated out from the great big splash,” he said. “We saw a great, big tail going sideways, back and forth, going down."

“I don’t believe it’s a whale, and it didn’t act like the seals we’ve seen for years, so who knows,” he said.

Wright said this June he plans to lower what will be the first deep-water video camera used to find the animal, part of an $8,000 system he purchased.

Stigar has volunteered to operate it.

Wright says he’ll collect water samples in search of DNA. Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey have offered to help identify sleeper sharks or other known animals that might be in Iliamna, Wright said.

“If we see a new species, that would be pretty fascinating,” Wright said. "And if I find a sleeper shark, that’s worth the effort too. There will be plenty of questions about why they’re there and how do they make a living.”

Source: Anchorage Daily News


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The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program
By Alejandro Rojas

At the end of 2017, The New York Times broke the story of a secretive Pentagon program with a budget of $22 million to investigate UFOs called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The man who exposed the existence of the program, Luis Elizondo, was the former head of the project. Elizondo’s ongoing efforts to investigate the UFO mystery with his new employer, the To the Stars Academy (TTSA), will be featured in a History Channel series premiering May 31 called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.

However, what The New York Times apparently did not know when they published their story is that the program went by a different name at its inception, and the scope of the program was much broader than just UFOs. In fact, according to a senior manager on the project, the investigations included “bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more.”

It is unknown whether Unidentified will cover the paranormal aspects of the program. Although Elizondo did work with this paranormal project, he only worked in the UFO division. By the time he was the head of the entire program, the UFO division was all that was left. The rest of the program had been shut down, and you will never guess why. It wasn’t because people inside the Department of Defense (DoD) thought the program was too weird, although some did. It was shut down because of demonic forces.

Don’t worry, demons didn't attack the Pentagon, but apparently, some people inside the government were afraid the potentially paranormal incidents being investigated could be demonic, especially scary occurrences taking place at a ranch in Utah, and they wanted no part of it. They didn’t want the government messing with demons either, so they lobbied for the program to be ended and it was.

This may sound extremely odd, but according to those involved, it's true.

The New York Times story that broke the Pentagon UFO program began when an official with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) approached Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow “to visit Mr. Bigelow’s ranch in Utah, where he conducted research.”

That sounds innocent enough, but what the article did not cover is what Bigelow researched at this ranch in Utah. Bigelow was known for his interest in the paranormal and UFOs, and by the time the DIA official had approached him, Bigelow had already spent decades and large sums of money researching the paranormal. Bigelow’s first significant foray into the unknown was an organization created in 1995 called the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS). Its purpose was to conduct scientific investigations of the paranormal.

The ranch the DIA official wanted to visit is nicknamed “Skinwalker Ranch,” and is the subject of the 2005 book Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah. Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp co-wrote the book with biochemist Dr. Colm Kelleher, NIDS’ lead scientist.

After hearing rumors about paranormal phenomena occurring in the Uintah Basin in Utah, primarily focused on Skinwalker Ranch, Bigelow bought the ranch in 1996. It was the perfect place to conduct NIDS investigations. The ranchers who owned the property stayed for a while but left because they did not feel comfortable there. If their stories are to be believed, they had good reason to go.

The family, using the pseudonym Gorman, said they had several terrifying experiences. Among them was the sighting of a giant wolf-like creature that attacked cattle, could withstand multiple point-blank gunshots and seemed to disappear into thin air. The incident that caused them to leave for good, however, was when their beloved dogs chased glowing orbs of light into the forest at night never to be seen again.

The NIDS investigators had their share of experiences as well. As detailed in Knapp and Kelleher’s book, the strangest occurred in the middle of the night while two researchers were observing the ranch from the edge of a bluff. As they were packing up to leave at around 2:30 am, one of them noticed a light in the forest below. At first, they thought it might be a reflection. However, as they watched, the light began to grow. Once it became a couple of feet wide, they say it looked like a tunnel opening up, and they saw a creature within. It was large and black with no face. It crawled out of the light and into the dark forest. The light then began to disappear until it was gone.

Kelleher said years ago he felt whatever was going on at the Skinwalker Ranch outsmarted them and anticipated their actions.

John Alexander, a retired Colonel in U.S. Army Intelligence who also spent time working at Los Alamos Laboratories and still does some work as a defense consultant, helped organize NIDS investigations. In a YouTube interview for OpenMinds.tv in 2013, he describes what they encountered at the ranch as a “precognitive sentient phenomena.”

“What we learned was that the events were real and tangible, and definitely occurring,” Alexander explained. “These weren’t figments of someone’s imagination, or folklore or any of these sorts of things.”

“But, as for the etiology, nope,” says Alexander. ”We remained mystified.”

According to a recent interview with Knapp, Investigations into the ranch petered as the paranormal phenomena occurring on the ranch also waned. By the early 2000s, not much was going on. It was during this lull that Bigelow allowed Knapp to begin working on the book. Once the book was published, it brought a lot of attention to the ranch, but paranormal experiences were still rare.

So when the DIA official approached Bigelow in 2007 to visit the ranch, no one thought there would be anything to worry about. However, precognitive sentient forces on the ranch had other plans. Soon after arriving at the ranch, the DIA official had a paranormal encounter that Knapp described as “remarkable, and it made a very big impression on this guy.”

The New York Times says shortly after this visit, DIA officials met with Senator Harry Reid because they wanted to start a research program. It turns out Reid, a friend of Bigelow’s, was kept in the loop regarding Bigelow’s work researching the paranormal because he shared Bigelow’s interest in the topic.

Reid then found bipartisan support from a couple of fellow members of Congress, secured the funding, and got the project launched - all within 2007. Soon after, a requisition for a contractor to conduct research for the program was posted, and Bigelow’s Bigelow Aerospace won it. Bigelow created Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), lead by Kelleher, to manage the contract.

However, the project was not called AATIP, as The New York Times reported. Per Knapp and documents he obtained, it was called the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System (AAWSAP), and it was set up to investigate not just UFOs, but primarily all of the weird stuff going on at the Skinwalker Ranch, including that list of weirdness at the beginning of this story.

Due to the nature of the project, it was kept as quiet as possible. Few in Congress knew it existed. However, it didn’t take long for religious factions within the government to raise concerns.

“They’re basically high-level people in different intelligence agencies who are fundamentalist Christians; who think that anything involving UFOs and the paranormal is satanic,” says Knapp.

“Certain senior government officials thought our collection of facts on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) was dangerous to their philosophical beliefs,” Elizondo wrote in a post on Medium. “They decided the data was a threat to their belief system.”

Elizondo explained to Den of Geek that by 2008, the negative attention their paranormal investigations received caused them to create a sub-group inside of AAWSAP that only focused on military UFO cases. This was AATIP. When Elizondo joined AAWSAP (the paranormal program), it was to work with AATIP (the UFO division). Eventually, the DIA closed AAWSAP, and only AATIP remained. Elizondo took over leadership of AATIP in 2010.

As for The New York Times, one of the authors of the article, Leslie Kean, told me via email "at the time, our focus was AATIP. This was the name on the documents that we had, and this is what Lue Elizondo had talked to us about in interviews with him, as did others associated with the program." Elizondo says that since his involvement was primarily with AATIP and the UFO side of things, he did not feel at liberty to share AAWSAP information with them.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has recently completed a documentary titled Hunt for the Skinwalker. He worked with Knapp, who intended to make a film when the book came out in 2005. The footage Knapp obtained back then is a large part of the new documentary.

“That $22 million that was created to study the phenomenon was really inspired wholly by Skinwalker Ranch and what Bigelow had been doing there privately with NIDS,” Corbell told this reporter in a recent podcast interview. “The public is going to see by watching this film that connection very clearly and yes, our Department of Defense, specifically the intelligence organization within the Department of Defense, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), they took this very seriously...Secrets have been kept, big secrets about this ranch for more than, I would say, two decades, and everybody wondered what has been going on there,” says Corbell. “This has been embargoed, this information. All of that has changed, and this story can now be told.”

These stories, although they sound fictional, are accounts from credible sources, and according to Corbell, Knapp, and Elizondo, there are still more shocking revelations to come. Elizondo recently told Den of Geek, “You ain't seen nothing yet, baby!”

Those of us following this story have been wondering when the time will come for us to find out more. Elizondo says much of what we have been waiting for will be included in the History Channel series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation premiering May 31.

Source: Den of Geek


Spring in Canada Brings out the Water Monsters

A teenager reckons he has snapped the clearest proof the elusive aquatic beast exists.

Matthew D'Amico, 17, was on holiday in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, when he saw what appeared to be the fabled creature, swimming through the river.

The university student from Florida saw a "long neck protruding out of the water" and quickly managed to snap two pictures.

He said: "All the hairs on my body went up as I became astonished at what I saw in the water.

"I recently took a trip to Alberta, Canada, for my sister's sweet 16th birthday to see wildlife.

"It was when admiring the beautiful view in front of us when I spotted the strange creature.

"After an hour hiking, we took a break on a hill with a great view of Bow River where my sister and I saw what appeared to be a prehistoric animal swimming.

"I pointed my sister to what I was seeing, and she too stood shocked.

"I immediately took photos, and after evaluating them, my sister and I responded with the same conclusion - the Loch Ness Monster.

"I made no hesitation to rush taking out my camera and capture photos.

"My sister ran off to the rest of my family to bring them while I stayed and took photos."

Matthew now claims that he has taken the most accurate pictures of a "Nessie-like" creature.

He said: "I have what I believe to be the most accurate photos of a water monster.

"Sadly, my parents and sister did not make it quick in time before the creature disappeared below the surface.

"But when I showed the photos to my family, they also were astonished and thought the same thing.

"It definitely looks like the Loch Ness Monster."

Spring seems to be a good time to look for cryptid water creatures. A Shuswap woman, Dawn Dumont, spotted something twice on May 14, in Shuswap Lake.

“I was kind of hoping to see it again and to my surprise I think that I did. Whatever it was, it was big. It looked like there were some kind of black humps. I had seen it twirling around a bit and then it went under,” Dupont said.

Around 10:30 a.m., Dumont took a walk along the public beach near Captain’s Village Marina in the North Shuswap and noticed a disturbance in the water.

“I just got comfortable and all of a sudden I heard some splashing around off in the distance there,” said Dumont. “I was looking and I was like, ‘what is that?’ and so I thought I’m going to get this on video because whatever that is, it’s huge.”

When Dumont posted the videos to Facebook, the infamous Shuswaggi lake monster came up as the likely culprit lurking beneath the waves.

“People are messaging me and have phoned me about it; they’re thinking like, maybe it is that mythical creature, some people have said it’s Nessie,” she said.

Native legends about such a creature in Shuswap Lake go back centuries, but the first modern alleged encounter was reported in 1904 by a Shuswap First Nations tribe member who claimed he killed and skinned a water creature the size of a bear, but with 12-inch-long flat feet like a mole.

Other sightings have been reported, including one in 1984 of an alleged 25-foot sea serpent with seven humps.

However, 2019 may be the year of the Shuswaggi. In April, two Shuswap fishermen recorded something with black humps swimming around their boat. They have no idea what it might have been, but they plan to go back and fish for it.

Also in April, Jeff Putnam, Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Kamloops in south-central British Columbia, posted a picture of something causing an unexplainable wake in the middle of Kamloops Lake.

"I noticed quite a large wake in the middle of the lake and it's quite wide." said Putnam.

At first he thought it was a kayaker, but then realized there were no paddles moving. Putnam didn't have his glasses, so he zoomed in on his cell phone and took some photos to get a better look.

"It wasn't a kayaker. It was some sort of creature, animal, fish. I'm not exactly sure, but it was moving about the same pace as [a] kayaker and it had quite a wake behind it."

Source: STV News


Area 51 and Time Machine Aliens

There is a conspiracy of secrecy among men today that is hidden from the public. It hides in the hierarchy of the Republican (commercially rich) group from which government patents that have been unresolved by the patentee are being stolen. There exists some that would rather research this long unresolved issue of the patentee and under cover continue the trademark's idea. Hidden by hierarchy and wealth these men (under republican guard) remarkably continue to research what today is called "THE TIME MACHINE." It was generally believed by scientists that because space flight is more seaworthy of the trade, that a laboratory time machine, would not advance quickly enough through the development stages to be viable in the twentieth century. But, other men of power believed otherwise.

In the peak of the 20th century physicists working on this advancement of time-travel were able to create the first working time machine in a laboratory. The advancement of time space flight technology lingered slowly behind this independent commercial group but problems of interstellar manufacturing in space slowed productivity during these times where investments in building maintenance manufacturing were quite feasible.

Acknowledgement of the manufacturing of "THE TIME MACHINE" was top secret. Aside from privacy and patent laws - waiting out a patent took twenty years - gave ample time for research. Upon completion the republican group developed the first time machine having the ability to travel through time an ion (An atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons) both to the past and to the future. Its achievements went on unnoticed to the public but prevailed as a commercial group research project that became born to secrecy under government privacy and protection laws. They were able to continue their work and research with no problems, but laboratory confinement of the project perimeter boundaries gave little area to research and experimentation. They could advance objectal and personnel journey leaps between laboratories and or sending information from one place to another. But the problem of sending personal imagery was their primary objective in the research.

A time-machine allows a person to travel from a specific time to a desired time, but can only be achieved by having a time-machine at every time sector it traveled to or from.

Time machines and time-travel have been publicized as extraterrestrial technology, with earthlings having little or no knowledge about it. But the fact of the matter is that government secrecy has allowed certain groups to research and manufacture an array of time machines already throughout America.

The ventures of twentieth century scholarly groups or universities have only touched the surface of such technology, like what have been published in today's newspapers. The first Time Machine is being built by reform university physicists by using laser beam energy to form a wormhole." This is actually old news. What does exist and what people see as an array of sightings are actually examples of the secret group and what they have created as new technology under this secrecy.

Other than sending or receiving information from place to place this group has been able to develop a personnel enhancement devise that creates and trans-bursts energy at the touch of a button.

Aside from long range time-travel or traveling instantaneous from place to place at close ranges, and with the availability of this small device, short range trans-bursts connected with a mapped destination module in the device - a person can leap at short range distances. If ever you've seen something that looks out of place or something you believe to be a figment to your imagination you may be wrong. It could be real!

Top secret research in laboratory experimentation is all part of the normal faucet of our government. The patent laws like the government advancement technology secrecy laws, allow the government to stay seventy-five years a head of its time - this is exactly what I am speaking about.

It was only in the end of the 19th century that technology protection like this was given precedence in its meaning with government officials. As a patent clerk in 1901 Albert Einstein developed what is today the most remarkable scientific mathematical scientific equation in the world E=Mc2. It was the development of this research that modern physics was developed.

But the idea of privacy protection and technology advancement with government backing and secrecy laws leads the global network with new technology.

Just think that in the future instead of railway cars there will exist time portals. Sound impossible? I don't think so. The division between science and science fiction is a thin enough line. The fact of traveling faster then light was though impossible. In the Kawecki Formula this is not the case. Remember at the beginning of the 20th it was believed that man would never fly.

The government and financial groups of today are the commercial networks that have banked at an independent commercial level that allows for the advancement of such technologies. We have advanced from the invention of the wheel - to planes, trains and automobiles. The inventor of the time machine should be the news of the day, but you'll hardly find a word about it in your daily newspaper or on television news.

The extraterrestrial publicity given to space and space travel may be a deception. It is not extraterrestrials that are in these so called flying saucers sighted around the globe, but is actually a close future event of space advancement and time-travel, which today we are only beginning to discover.

The UFO you see in the sky today is a preview of mankind in the future - not an extraterrestrial craft.

Area 51, finally acknowledged as existing, was built for the purpose to protecting advanced scientific technology. It's not that Area 51 was a protected government cover-up but it was evidence of a commercial experiment that contained the bodies of four trained monkeys - the same event that was used for the first world's interstellar space flight in 1961.

Source: UFO Digest


Officials Warn Against "Cow Kissing" Challenge

The Austrian government Thursday warned internet users to shun an online cow-kissing challenge, calling it a "dangerous nuisance".

A Swiss app called Castl launched the #KuhKussChallenge ("Cow Kiss Challenge") on Wednesday, encouraging users in Switzerland and other German-speaking countries to kiss cows -- "with or without tongues" -- to raise money for charity.

But Austrian Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Koestinger branded the challenge a "dangerous nuisance" in a statement on Thursday.

"Pastures and meadows are not petting zoos -- actions like these could have serious consequences," she added, pointing out that cows could become aggressive when defending their calves.

Balancing the activities of tourists and cattle farmers is a sensitive topic in Austria's mountain regions, with both being key pillars of the region's economy.

In February, a court in the Tyrol region caused uproar after ordering a farmer to pay 490,000 euros ($555,000) in compensation to the widower of a woman who was trampled to death by a herd of his cows in 2014.

The farmer is appealing the verdict and is being supported by Austria's farmers' federation, which has warned of the "end of our mountain pastures" if the verdict is allowed to stand.

The government has tried to prevent such incidents by publishing a "code of conduct" for mountain walkers and hikers, advising them to avoid herds of cows wherever possible.

"Actions like this challenge fly in the face of our efforts to promote co-existence on the pastures. I simply can't understand it," said Koestinger.

Source: NDTV

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