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This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such tibia-breaking stories as:

- Reflecting on the Possibility of a Mirror Universe - 
- In Search of Mythical Eel with 'Head Like a Horse' -
- ‘Old Stinker’, the English Werewolf -
AND: Have a Ghost Problem? Just Use an Air Purifier

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Reflecting on the Possibility of a Mirror Universe
By Kevin Dickinson

In the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror," the crew of the Enterprise are accidentally transported to a parallel universe. Dubbed the Mirror Universe, its denizens are evil doppelgangers of the crew, complete with garish uniforms, Nazi-like salutes, and full, robust goatees.

Like many concepts first imagined in science fiction, the mirror universe may actually exist, albeit in a far less melodramatic form.

As reported by New Scientist, physicists are busy speculating about our universal reflection, and two experiments are currently underway to search out the empirical evidence. If proof of a mirror universe is found, it may help solve many of physics most intractable questions.

The first experiment profiled by New Scientist comes courtesy of physicist Leah Broussard and her team at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. They have devised a simple method for detecting a mirror universe.

An apparatus will fire a beam of neutrons at a wall with varying magnetic fields on both sides. These neutrons can't penetrate the wall, yet the researchers have placed a device behind it that will scan the area for these very subatomic particles.

Why? If any neutrons manage to appear behind the wall, it will be strong evidence that they oscillated into mirror neutrons, skipped right on pass the wall because it existed in a different part of the universe, and then oscillated back in time to hit the detection device.

"Only the [neutrons] that can oscillate and then come back into our universe can be detected," Broussard told New Scientist. "When passing through a magnetic field, the oscillation probability increases."

Broussard and her team are looking at neutrons because of a quirk in their decay.

Inside a nucleus, neutrons are perfectly stable, but outside, they decay into a proton, an electron, and an antineutrino of the electron type. Here's the quirk: all free neutrons should decay at the same rate, but that rate changes depending on how scientists measure it.

The first way to measure the lifetime of free neutrons is to isolate them in a "bottle trap" and then count how many remain after a certain amount of time. The second way is to count the protons emerging from a neutron beam generated by a nuclear reactor. Yet, scientists get different rates of decay for each — 14 minutes 39 seconds for the former, 14 minutes 48 seconds for the latter.

A possible explanation for this discrepancy is a mirror universe. Neutrons may have dual citizenship in both universes. When they summer in our neighboring universe, any protons they emit are not detected and therefore not counted in our measurements. This could explain why we see less decay activity in the neutron beam.

Signals in magnetic fields

The second experiment profiled by New Scientist was developed by Klaus Kirch and his team at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. This team applied magnetic fields of varying strengths to neutrons in a bottle trap.

The goal is to find the telltale signals of mirror magnetic fields. These would suggest neutrons oscillating between universes, potentially supporting any evidence found by Broussard and her team.

"The experimentalist's view is, if it doesn't look completely crazy, can it be tested?" Kirch told New Scientist. "I don't really believe the signals are there, and we have designed an experiment that can disprove them, and we'll see what comes out of it."

Kirch and his team have completed their experiment and are currently analyzing the data.

As Yuri Kamyshkov, a mirror matter researcher at the University of Tennessee and a collaborator with Broussard, noted: "The probability of finding anything is low, but it's a simple and inexpensive experiment." Despite the odds, he adds, a positive result would usher in a physics revolution.

A mirror universe could explain many of physics' unsolved mysterious, among them the question of dark matter. As Michio Kaku told Big Think in an interview:

"Dark matter is massive, it has gravity, but it's invisible. It has no interactions with light or the electromagnetic force. So, there is a theory that says that perhaps dark matter is nothing but matter, ordinary matter, in another dimension hovering right above us."

Of course, Kaku points out, this is one of many different theories about dark matter. String theorists think dark matter may be a higher octave of string vibration.

One reason the mirror universe idea is so appealing is the math. Some models suggest a mirror universe would have to have been much cooler than our own during its early evolution. This difference would have made it easier for particles to cross over, resulting in five mirror particles for every regular one. That's roughly the ratio of dark to normal matter.

Scientific models, in the end, must be backed by empirical evidence. We'll have to wait for the results of these and other experiments before determining the probability that a mirror universe exists — let alone if its beard game can match our own.

Source: Big Think


In Search of Mythical Eel with 'Head Like a Horse'

While Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are well known, monster hunters are coming to Ireland this summer in search of an eel with a head like a horse.

It may sound like the opening for a Hollywood blockbuster but cryptozoologists from the US are making plans to explore Irish lakes in search of mysterious creatures this August - and make a documentary about their findings.

Cryptozoology is a subscience that aims to uncover creatures that are usually confined to folklore.

Ireland has a rich history of these animals, and the documentary makers are planning to search the lakes of Connemara for the horse eel - or peistes as they are known.

The fearsome eel is rumoured to be up to 30 feet long, with a mane of hair running along the back.

Richard Freeman is the head of the Fortean Centre of Zoology in Devon in the UK, and said this is the first time since the 1960s that the Horse Eel has been hunted for.

This centre is the only of it’s kind in the world and Richard, who is an ex-zookeeper, has been at the helm since founding it in 1992.

He is providing support for the documentary, Enigma, that Travis Wolfe and Allison Jorlean intend to shoot later this year.

He told The Irish Mirror: “The last proper investigations were carried out by Captain Lionel Leslie and author FW Holliday in the late 1960s.

“Captain Leslie used dynamite to force the creatures to the surface. He reported seeing one thrashing about at the surface after a blast had been set off.

“The creatures reported from the loughs are known locally as horse eels or peistes. They are said to resemble eels with a horse like mane running along the back.

“They range from 10 to 30 feet long and are capable of crawling across the land. The most famous sighting occurred in 1954 at Lough Fadda when Gorgina Carberry, a librarian from Clifden and her friends saw a 30 foot, eel-like beast with jaws like a shark.

“The creature she described as ‘wormy’ terrified her so much she had nightmares for years and would never return to the Lough alone or at night.”

However, Richard said this new study is particularly important because the ‘monsters’ may just be a massive strain of eel.

He said: “The monsters may be a gigantic, mutant strain of the common eel.

“The European eels live in freshwater but when it is ready to breed to swims out into the Sargasso Sea.

“The eels breed and die here and the young swim back the waters inhabited by their ancestors.

“However there is a theory that some eels never sexually develop. These eunuch eels as they are known, remain in freshwater and nobody knows just how long they live or how big they get.

“It is believed that these mutations arse on occasion within a normal population of eels.”

Enigma aims to uncover what is really in these lakes using state-of-the-art equipment and to document their findings.

Richard said that “if we can understand what causes such growth in eels we may be able to understand animal growth in general much better.”

When asked about the skepticism that surrounds cryptozoology, Richard said that he doesn’t pay any notice to it.

He said: “I stopped caring about what mainstream science thinks along time ago.

“The giant squid, the mountain gorilla, the Komodo dragon and the okapi were all dismissed as myths before they were discovered.

“Large animals are still being discovered today. The great days of zoology are not done.”

The Water Beasties of Connemara

For generations the farmers and fishermen of Connemara have spoke of strange creatures that dwelt within the surrounding bog waters.  They were addressed by different names and though somewhat elusive, they were quite real.  Children were often warned to avoid certain lakes and even peat harvesters knew better than to work near shore during the evening.

On a June day in 1954, Georgina Carberry and three friends biked down to Lough Fadda.  They unlocked a boat owned by the Clifden Angling Association and set out upon it with their fishing gear.  By late in the afternoon they'd succeeded in securing a number of trout.  The group decided to set the boat ashore along a finger of land that almost splits the lake in half. 

As they were settling down with their tea one of them pointed out an object moving from "an island" (the island?) which she assumed was a man swimming.  Soon it became apparent that it was too big to be human.  The mysterious object was approaching them at a very leisurely speed. 

When it reached within twenty yards distance Georgina made the first move and jumped back, the others took cue and likewise got some distance from the water.  As soon as they'd moved the thing swung right around a rock near the shore and dived.  In less than two minutes it had gone practically up to the island again where it reappeared.  When the creature came close to the group on shore it opened its "huge great mouth."

Two big humps were noticed sticking above the water behind its head.  Georgina said she spotted a forked tail when it swung around the rock. The interior of its mouth was white and Georgina likened it to a shark's. Georgina described the animal's skin as "wormy" or "creepy" as it seemed to have motion throughout its body at all times. 

Georgina claimed to have reoccurring nightmares afterwards and avoided the lake for a good six or seven years; even then she wouldn't go alone.  One of the other witnesses, to this day, begs her family not to go near Lough Fadda. 

On February 22, 1968, farmer and marble quarry worker Stephen Coyne set off to gather dry peat near Lough Nahooin with his eldest and the family dog.  As he approached the peat bed Stephen spotted a black object amongst a patch of reeds within the lake.  Assuming it was the dog he whistled for it but the dog appeared running along the shore.  While in route it noticed the figure in the water and began barking.

Stephen could see it was some sort of large animal with a black head that was rounded "like a kettle" and fused upon a neck an estimated nine inches to a foot in diameter.  The skin was black, hairless and slick-looking very much like an eel's.  

The creature began swimming around the small lough until apparently becoming annoyed at the dog's continual barking.  With an open mouth it began homing in on the canine's position.  However when Stephen arrived at his dog's side for support it retreated and resumed its aimless swim around the lough.  Whenever it would duck its head underwater two humps would come into view.  A flat tail was also seen on occasion and in one instance even was extended up towards the head. 

Stephen sent his son home to get a camera.  Unfortunately there was no film, but when the boy returned with his mother and additional siblings making a total of seven at the scene.  Mrs. Coyne proved to be the bravest of the bunch and drew closest to shore.  Perhaps because of her vantage point she would later note what appeared to be horns emitting from the animal's head, a feature unnoticed by Stephen or the children.  Stephen thought the closest distance they had between the animal was nine yards whereas Mrs. Coyne felt it was more like five yards. 

The creature kept swimming back and forth across the lake for the better part of an hour until finally the Coynes felt they'd seen enough and returned home.    

Apparently the horse-eel is not exclusivly a water animal as a man named Thomas Connelly reported that one evening in September he noticed a strange animal lingering on the shore of Lough Nahooin.  The creature was rolling or crawling towards the water when Thomas first spotted it only about 15 feet from the lake's edge.  It was "bigger than a mare's foal" and very long with a width estimated at 2-2 1/2 feet.

Connelly said the skin was commented on as being "very black," and once it entered the water it created spray on both sides and remained a few seconds before sinking.
You can learn more about Richard’s work or reach out to him through http://www.cfz.org.uk

Source: Irish Mirror


Bizarre Columns of Lights Seen Over Busan, South Korea

Over the last week, hundreds of residents reported seeing strange columns of yellow light over Busan, South Korea. Busan, with over 3.6 million people, is the second largest city in the country. Video footage of the phenomenon has led to claims about UFOs, black holes, and squid.

Some residents believe that the lights are UFOs observing the tensions between North and South Korea. Some researchers believe the presence of aliens in the area indicates that Korea will be the site of the apocalypse. Additionally, a subset of this group believes the lights are actually god-like entities that travel through space without ships. Based on calls fielded by police in Busan, there are a lot of UFO believers that live in the city.

There are others, however, that think the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has something to do with the weird lights. CERN operates the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most powerful machine on the planet. Its purpose is to slam particles together, just below light speed, in order to learn more about physics. However, opponents claim that by conducting these experiments, CERN places everyone on Earth in jeopardy.

The main fear is that the powerful magnets along the 16-mile long track could inadvertently create a black hole. That hole would quickly swallow the Earth. These same advocates who oppose CERN claim the lights above Busan result from the start of the world-ending black hole.

Skeptics to anything out of the pedestrian claim that fishing boats are the reason for the moving lights in the sky. Busan is South Korea’s busiest port. This also happens to be one of the busiest squid fishing times of the year. According to a representative from the Busan Regional Weather Bureau, lights from the squid boats reflected off ice crystals in the air to form “light poles.” Additionally, he said such anomalies are common on the country’s eastern coast.

Nevertheless, skepticism remains for many due to the synchronized movement of the lights. These movements do not match the movements of the fishing vessels.

Source: Weird Asian News


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Body of Strange Creature With Huge Teeth Found in Nebraska Park
By Mark Price

It was only a month ago that India’s army said it found proof of the Abominable Snowman, so it shouldn’t be a complete shock that many on Twitter now claim a Chupacabra turned up in Nebraska, of all places.

The proof, some insist, is a pair of photos tweeted Friday by Sportsman Channel, showing half of a furry creature with a vicious looking set of teeth and canine similarities.

Among those retweeting the photos was the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The tweet asked Twitter users to give their best guess and that’s where Chupacabra came up... over and over again.

Chupacabra, like Bigfoot, is a fabled creature that Animal Planet describes as “a mix of vampire and marauding, furry lizard” first reported in Chile. Knowledge of the dog-like beast has spread in the United States via the nation’s growing South and Central American immigrant population.

“No one has ever caught a Chupacabra, though plenty of eyewitnesses claim to have seen one,” Animal Planet says.

Photos of the mysterious creature allegedly found in Ponca State Park began showing up June 4 on The Adventures Of Country Hunting & Fishing Facebook page.

“A friend of mine sent this to me today,” said the June 4 Facebook post. “The back half of the animal is gone. My friend (thinks) this animal may have been around 18 inches in length....Would anyone know what this is??? At first I thought my friend was playing a joke on me or this was photoshopped.”

The post, which has gotten nearly 4,000 reactions, concluded by asking “jokesters” not to respond. “There may be other animals out there like this, I am serious,” said the post.

Those taking the matter seriously have suggested it was a dog, mountain lion, fox or “blonde raccoon.”

However, as the photos have spread on Facebook and Twitter, the Chupacabra theory has taken hold.

TV station WTGS covered the mystery Friday under the headline: “Lion-dog? Unknown animal found in NE baffles Twitter” and noted a Chupacabra was among the possibilities being debated.

“If it is not a photoshopped picture,” asked the station, “then what could this animal be?”

Source: WBTV


‘Old Stinker’, the English Werewolf
By Sam George

In 2016,  there was something of a folk panic in Yorkshire, northern England, following reported sightings of an eight-foot werewolf with a very human face.

The werewolf “Old Stinker”, also known as “The Beast of Barmston Drain” is not a recent phenomenon – it was first reported in the 18th century. But these sightings – concentrated around the town of Hull – are especially intriguing considering that English folklore is rather barren of werewolf stories. Most wolves were extirpated from England under the Anglo-Saxon kings and so ceased to be an object of dread to the people (though wolves did in fact survive in the UK up until the 1500s). So what could be behind these new werewolf sightings?

In literature, accounts of lycanthropy – humans transforming into werewolves – can be traced back to the epic of Gilgamesh in 2100BC, whereas wolf fables begin with Aesop’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which was written at some point between 620 and 520 BC. Voluntary lycanthropy does appear from time to time – Virgil’s Eclogues are thought to be the first such account (42-39 BC), but becoming a werewolf is more commonly seen as “a curse” or a sign of bestiality, or at worst of cannibalism.

Most people have heard of witchcraft trials but werewolf trials are less well known – and those who were executed in werewolf trials in 16th and 17th-century France were believed to have a taste for human flesh. But these cannibalistic fears died down with the rise of psychoanalysis in the 19th century, when lycanthropy came to more commonly represent the “beast within” or everything animal that we have repressed in terms of our human nature.

History, then, provides us with two possible answers as to why people might think they’ve spotted werewolves in the English countryside. The first is a fear of violence, manifesting in anxieties around cannibalism. The second is a return of the repressed (perhaps the population of Hull are having a particularly Freudian spell?).

Needless to say, I cannot support these theories. I would argue instead that the answer lies in our cultural understanding of the werewolf and its connection to our native wolves. By reconsidering these primal links, we can begin to understand why people think they see werewolves – and this is pertinent to the appearance of Old Stinker himself.

It is important to consider the werewolf as the specter brother or shadow self of the wolf and to perceive the history of lycanthropy as being inextricably bound up with humankind’s treatment of wolves. For example, the case of Peter Stumpf , who was executed in Germany for being a werewolf in 1589, gained much notoriety in 16th-century Britain. It is notable that this interest corresponds with the extinction of the wolf in England in the 1500s.

Back to today. In 2015 the Open Graves, Open Minds project hosted the first international conference on werewolves at the University of Hertfordshire. This research drew attention to attempts to re-wild the wolf in the UK and scholars began to question what would happen if wolves returned to our forests, as was prominent in associated media reports .

Our collaborations with the UK Wolf Trust generated further discussions around the possibility of rewilding large species in Britain including wolves and lynx. It is in this climate that new sightings of the Hull werewolf had begun to appear.

In July 2016, newspapers reported that Old Stinker was terrorizing women with his human face and very, very, bad breath (hence his name). The two most recent sightings were reported on in August: “Woman met eight-foot werewolf with human face” proclaimed the Metro newspaper. A full-scale werewolf hunt ensued after Old Stinker was spotted prowling an industrial estate. The werewolf had apparently eaten a German Shepherd dog and was seen leaping over fences like a modern day Spring-Heeled Jack (the folk devil that plagued Victorian London).

Wolf guilt

Importantly, Old Stinker supposedly inhabits a landscape that is thought to have seen some of the last UK wolves. So the emergence of the Hull werewolf can reopen debates about the specter werewolf’s relationship to the flesh and blood wolf. This coincides with a phase of severe environmental damage. It has not taken the form of sudden catastrophe, but rather a slow grinding away of species. The result is a landscape constituted more actively by what is missing than by what is present, a “spectered”, rather than “a sceptered isle”. He represents not only a nation’s belief in him as a supernatural shapeshifter, but its collective guilt at the extinction of an entire indigenous species of wolf.

Far from dismissing the myth, my instincts are to embrace it and see it as a response to our cultural memory around what humans did to wolves.

The Old Stinker story tells us that belief in werewolves lives on beyond the actual lives of the wolves that were thought to inspire them. Rather than being dismissed as a rather fishy tale, Old Stinker can activate the wolf warrior in all of us and allow us to lament the last wolves that ran free in English forests. Far from being a curse, he is a gift: he can initiate rewilding debates and redeem the big bad wolf that filled our childhood nightmares, reminding us that it is often humans, not wolves or the supernatural, that we should be afraid of.

Source: Ancient Origins


Have a Ghost Problem? Just Use an Air Purifier
By Dale Roll

Apparently it’s easy to exorcise the spirits in your home, with the right technology.

Japan has a long, rich history of ghost stories, from ancient tales of yokai monsters to various superstitions about creepy tunnels, historic shopping centers, haunted phone booths and spooky bridges. If you’ve seen any Japanese horror films, you know they have a creepy sense of what goes bump in the night, so it’s no surprise if we want to sleep with the lights on, even in our tiny Tokyo apartments.

But what if your home is actually haunted, like doors slamming when there’s no wind, lights turning on on their own, apparitions appearing and spooky sounds in the night? What can you do when there’s no actual Ghost Busters to call? Well, according to Twitter user Shinuko (@shinukosan), who resides in a haunted apartment, just use an air purifier, and it will take care of any ghosts for you.

    “When I first moved into the apartment I’m living in now, there were a lot of strange happenings that really freaked me out. But then I got a (Sharp) Plasmacluster air purifier, and it all completely stopped. I did some research on ghosts, and I found out that ghosts are kind of like plasma. Isn’t it amazing that air purifiers can not only clean the air but also exorcise ghosts?”

Judging from the tweet, Shinuko didn’t use any old air purifier; they used a Sharp Plasmacluster, which, according to the product’s homepage, apparently has a function which produces and releases a plasma discharge that contains plus and minus ions, which clean the air by suppressing airborne mold particles, viruses, and allergens.

But what does that have to do with ghosts? Though we can’t be sure of what Shinuko found online, the “plasma” they read about might be referring to “ectoplasm“, which, according to the Covert Response Youth Paranormal Team, is a spiritual manifestation in the form of smoke or mist.

Shinuko doesn’t explain how the Plasmacluster’s plasma affects “ghost plasma”, so who knows what effect the purifier had on the spiritual energy in the apartment? Perhaps the positive and negative ions disrupted the plasma of the ghosts? Or it’s possible that the ions altered the charge of the air, so they couldn’t gather enough energy to manifest.

Whatever the paranormal science behind it, Shinuko seems convinced that the Plasmacluster saved them from a haunting. Japanese netizens had mixed feelings about the idea, however:

    “Apparently a horror game company kept hearing mysterious sounds in their office. They stopped after they aired out the office and used Febreze. Changing the air is really important.”

    “Yesterday my bedroom light turned on and off on its own and I couldn’t sleep by myself. Maybe I’ll buy a Plasmacluster…”
“Even in ancient times, it was popular to purify places with salt and alcohol, and sometimes they had an anti-bacterial function, too. In today’s Reiwa period we can use high-tech gadgets to exorcise and purify instead!”

    “So are you saying the Plasmacluster is a Ghost Buster? Sharp, I didn’t know you could make something like that…”

    “Maybe the air was stagnant. When you move into a building that isn’t new, sometimes, even if there wasn’t an accident or something, traces of the person who lived there before can remain in the form of spirits and souls.”

Not everyone was convinced the actual plasma part of the purifier was what solved Shinuko’s problem, but they’re surprisingly accepting of the idea that an air purifier can eliminate ghosts. But even if the science behind it is dodgy, it might be worth trying if you’re really desperate. Who knows? It could actually work, and then you won’t have to worry about seeing faces in your curtains anymore.

Source: Sora News 24

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