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The darkness, like living flesh corrupted, envelops us with its icy embrace. Thoughts that once burned fire-like in their complexities, now smolders in the stygian emptiness. Invisible terrors, once consigned to the back roads of consciousness, now eagerly seek prey to feed an eternal hunger.  Horrors of the night now reach out across the threshold into the once safe light.

But there is one light that pierces the darkness, one shining example of freedom of information. One weekly, e-mail newsletter that is not afraid to publish that which everyone else fears to even think. That's right! Conspiracy Journal is here once again to split the darkness of ignorance and fill your world with the pure, white light of truth.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such hand-wringing tales as:

- Persistent UFO Encounters With Navy Pilots - 
- Navy 'UFO' Patent Granted By Warning of Chinese Tech Advances -
- Harry Price: The Original Ghost Hunter -
AND: Pennsylvania Man Builds Bomb to Warn About Aliens

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Persistent UFO Encounters With Navy Pilots
By Tyler Rogoway

One of the biggest questions surrounding the most recent known spate of UFO encounters with U.S. Navy pilots—those that occurred off the southeastern seaboard of the United States between 2014 and early 2015—pertains to how persistent they actually were. We know Super Hornet aircrews from Strike Fighter Squadron 11 (VFA-11), the Red Rippers, detected unknown objects multiple times on radar and one aircrew even had a close encounter visually with one of them, but what about the rest of the many Hornet squadrons based at Naval Air Station Oceana, not to mention the E-2 Hawkeye squadrons from nearby NAS Norfolk? We have the answer to this question and it is remarkable.

A source with knowledge of the events has made it clear to The War Zone that presence of the mysterious objects in the restricted training airspace off America's east coast was so pervasive that it was largely common knowledge among local flying units. They noted that the majority of the Super Hornet squadrons equipped with AN/APG-79 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars—you can read all about this technology and how it was key in detecting these objects in our exclusive piece on the subject—at the time were having the same experiences, as well as the crews flying the new E-2D Hawkeye with its incredibly powerful AN/APY-9 radar suite. It literally became such a common and near everyday occurrence that Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers from the base would talk about it informally with regularity.

But that doesn't mean formal action wasn't taken. Beyond filing an official safety report after one of the jets almost hit one of the unidentified objects—described eerily as a translucent sphere with a cube structure suspended inside of it—Notices To Airman (NOTAMs) were posted regarding the dangers potentially posed by unknown aerial vehicles flying in the same military operating areas that aircraft from NAS Oceana frequented for training. This action was taken by the base's command leadership as they couldn't figure out how else to address the bizarre issue and its perceived threat to their aircrews' safety.

We have since filed Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests for copies of these NOTAMs, as well as documents regarding how the decision to file the NOTAMs was made at the command level.

Another burning question surrounding these events pertains to whether or not additional visual encounters occurred beyond the one near miss with the Super Hornet and the 'cube inside an orb' object. Our source tells us that there were many more, and yes, they all resulted in the exact same description of the object. So, we are talking about a uniform set of very strange looking objects here that were spotted on radar, by infrared targeting pods, and by the naked eye, frequently over 2014 and the first part of 2015 above the waters off America's southeastern coastline.

As we noted in our last piece on the subject, these encounters dropped off to the point they were described as fleeting and inconclusive at best once VFA-11 and its carrier air wing went on cruise to the Middle East in early Spring of 2015. In addition, we know that the carrier strike group and its aircraft were equipped with key new sensor fusion technologies for that deployment, a fact that is eerily similar to the circumstances surrounding the now famous 'Tic Tac' incident nearly a decade earlier. All of which makes these objects' presence during the time leading up to that deployment that much more curious.

Yet at the same time, the fact that the volume of these recent encounters seems much greater and spread over a much larger period of time versus the infamous incident in 2004 is puzzling. And none of this even addresses the very peculiar physical appearance of these objects, but we have another report on that subject that will be filed in the very near future.

Still, at least we now have a much better sense of how widespread these encounters were and the cultural impact that they had on the Navy's east coast master fighter jet base. This also underscores just how taboo this topic was to military aviators. The fact that these types of events could have been so pervasive, yet kept so hushed-up outside of Navy tactical aircraft aircrew circles, is telling in itself and provides good evidence as to why the Navy had to officially change is procedures for its personnel reporting such strange incidents.

All this comes as Congress is taking a high-interest in the subject as of late, with multiple briefings being given to key lawmakers with the military's top witnesses.

Whatever the case may be, we are definitely entering into uncharted territory when it comes to this long shunned and abused topic. What exactly that will mean when it comes to actually getting to the truth of the matter remains to be understood.

Source: The Drive


Navy Got 'UFO' Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances
By Brett Tingley and Tyler Rogoway

The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the assignee on several radical aviation technologies patented by an aerospace engineer working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters in Patuxent River, Maryland. One of these patents describes a "hybrid aerospace-underwater craft" claimed to be capable of truly extraordinary feats of speed and maneuverability in air, water, and outer space alike thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system.

Sound far fetched? You’re not alone.

A primary patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) thought so too. But then the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already “investing significantly” in these aerospace technologies that sound eerily similar to the UFOs reported by Navy pilots in now well-known encounters. This raises the question, are the Chinese developing or even already flying craft leveraging similar advanced technology and is the Navy now scrambling to catch up?

Clearly, the narrative is being carefully controlled by the Department of Defense and the Navy. We can only base our speculation on what has been released to the public over the last few years through the media and what is public record. With that said, maybe the most curious additions to the still-developing saga is a set strange aerospace patents filed by one Salvatore Cezar Pais, an aerospace engineer at NAWCAD.

Little information can be found about Salvatore Cezar Pais; he has virtually no web presence. What is known is that he received a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1999 and that he currently works as an aerospace engineer for NAWCAD at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland – the Navy’s top aircraft test base. Pais has published several articles and presented papers at American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conferences over the years describing his work in electromagnetic propulsion, revolutionary room temperature superconductors, and topics like his PhD dissertation: "Bubble generation under reduced gravity conditions for both co-flow and cross-flow configurations."

Pais is named as the inventor on four separate patents for which the U.S. Navy is the assignee: a curiously-shaped “High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator;” a room temperature superconductor; an electromagnetic ‘force field’ generator that could deflect asteroids; and, perhaps the strangest of all, one titled “Craft Using An Inertial Mass Reduction Device.” While all are pretty outlandish-sounding, the latter is the one that the Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally vouched for in a letter to the USPTO, claiming the Chinese are already developing similar capabilities.

The patent was first applied for on April 28, 2016, over a decade after the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group encountered strange Tic Tac-shaped aircraft and nearly a year after Navy pilots across multiple squadrons flying out of Naval Air Station Oceana and NAS Norfolk experienced a string of bizarre encounters with unidentified aircraft, some of which, like the Tic Tac, seemed to possess exotic performance capabilities.

The hybrid aerospace-underwater craft in Pais’ patent, meanwhile, is described as being capable of incredible feats of speed and maneuverability and can fly equally well in air, water, or space without leaving a heat signature. This is possible, Pais claims in the patent, because the craft is able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level” by exploiting the laws of physics.

The concept is fairly simple, although the engineering required to make it a reality is anything but. All matter contains energy on the quantum level. By theoretically creating its own incredibly dense and polarized energy field, the hybrid craft is claimed to be able to create a quantum 'vacuum' around itself which allows it to repel any air or water molecules with which it interacts. Thus, the craft can essentially ignore aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces, or so it is claimed in the patent.

Throughout his patents and publications describing the hybrid aerospace underwater craft (HAUC), Pais writes that the radical feats of speed and maneuverability of which the craft is supposedly capable can be achieved by coupling "high-frequency axial spin" or "accelerated vibration" with "high-frequency vibrations of electrically charged systems."

In other words, if you can a) create a room temperature superconductor capable of storing an incredibly high amount of energy and b) get the energy field created by that superconductor moving at incredibly high speeds around or within the craft, you can create a polarized energy vacuum around it which allows it to basically ignore the energy of the air or water around it, thereby removing its own inertia and mass from the equation.

In his most recent publication, Pais describes the hybrid aerospace underwater craft as a roughly cone-shaped vehicle that would appear round from the front or rear: “the HAUC is conical in configuration, with an elliptical cross-section, similar in geometry to a hypersonic glide vehicle / dart.” Interestingly enough, the descriptions of the craft in several of Pais’ publications and even the patent for “Craft using an inertial mass reduction device” include room for a crew compartment shielded by a Faraday cage.

Shortly after the patent for the hybrid craft was approved in 2018, Pais presented another related paper, “Room Temperature Superconducting System for Use on a Hybrid Aerospace Undersea Craft” at the 2019 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech Forum in San Diego this past January. In the paper, Pais writes that "the achievement of room temperature superconductivity (RTSC) represents a highly disruptive technology, capable of a total paradigm change in Science and Technology,” and adds that its “military and commercial value is considerable."

The capabilities described in the paper should certainly sound familiar to anyone who's been following the Navy UFO stories over the last several years:

    It is possible to envision hybrid aerospace-undersea craft (HAUC), which can function as a submersible craft capable of extreme underwater speeds (lack of water-skin friction) and enhanced aerial/underwater stealth capabilities (non-linear scattering of RF and sonar signals). This hybrid craft would move with great ease through the air/space/water mediums, by being enclosed in a Vacuum/plasma bubble/sheath, due to the coupled effects of EM field-induced air/water particles repulsion and Vacuum energy polarization.

Just because something is patented doesn’t mean it’s currently in production or even possible. Private entities and the U.S. government both regularly patent forward-looking technologies to ensure that they own the rights to them when or if they’re ever fully realized. The patent for the hybrid craft is set to expire on September 28, 2036.

According to documents available to the public at the USPTO website, the Patent Office rejected Pais' and the Navy's application for this craft on March 30, 2018. After it was rejected, the NAWCAD’s patent attorney, Mark O. Glut, appealed the decision and submitted further documentation to ensure the patent office that this craft is indeed "enabled," meaning it can actually be built and can perform as described in the patent.

One of the most compelling items in the collection of appeal documents is the letter accompanying the final appeal written CTO Sheehy concerning the U.S. Patent Office’s rejection of "Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device." In the letter dated 15 December 2017, Dr. Sheehy claims that Salvatore Pais has "already begun a series of experiments to design and demonstrate advanced High energy Density/High Power propulsion systems" that are described in the patent.

Furthermore, Sheehy claims that "the realization of this result demonstrates that this patent documents the future state of the possible and moves propulsion technology beyond gas dynamic systems to field-induced propulsion based hybrid aerospace-undersea craft."

It’s important to note that Sheehy doesn’t go so far as to say on the record that the Navy currently possesses this technology and instead notified Patent Examiner Philip Bonzell that he agrees that "this mode of acceleration/movement is beyond the state of the possible, at least at present." Sheehy, of course, adds that "China is already investing significantly in this area" and "would prefer we [the U.S.] hold the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology" as he asserts "this will become a reality."

Remarkably, it seems to boil down to the ol' "we must not allow an Inertial Mass Reduction Device gap!" Perhaps because of that threat from the Chinese looming, the USPTO finally issued a notice of allowance for "Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device" to the Department of the Navy on October 31, 2018, at a fee of $1,000 USD. No reason was given for why the patent was eventually approved.

Consider the comments made by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, reportedly a key figure in securing funding for programs like the now-infamous Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and its associated studies. Earlier this year, Reid stated that the U.S., Russia, and China are currently in a "UFO race." We know the Chinese have already publicly made major strides in electromagnetic naval capabilities including railguns and aircraft catapults, as well as other highly advanced defense technologies. Could Reid have meant that these three military powers are currently scrambling to be the first to master the technology behind a hybrid aerospace-undersea craft and deploy it on a substantial scale? If so, where does the Navy, and the Pentagon as a whole, currently stand in that clandestine race?

Furthermore, Pais notes in the paper that such a technology “would permit swift movement of the HAUC beyond our Solar System.” Is this an undisclosed reason why we suddenly need a Space Force? Is this what Air Force Lieutenant General Vera Linn Jamieson was referring to last year when she casually dropped during an unrelated interview that in "different galaxies in the future we’re going to actually have capability that we have right now in the air”? And this is hardly the only highly peculiar thing that Air Force leadership has spouted off about in regards to the future of America's military footprint in space.

It's also possible that this patent is just another facet of an information operation that goes along with a larger UFO narrative to promote the Pentagon's undisclosed interests. But the inclusion of China, a very terrestrial potential foe and America's chief technological adversary, as a direct competitor when it comes to the technology seems odd and even counterproductive if that were the case.

On the other hand, some may say that this could be proof of two superpowers struggling to mimic the capabilities of something they are observing, but do not fully understand on a technological level. Considering all the unknowns, all possibilities are worth examining. But taking the information surrounding this patent at face value, it seems to point further to the possibility that the technology could indeed be manmade.

Source: The Drive


We Live In A Liminal Realm, And Now There’s Data To Prove It
By Bill Doerrfeld

Earth is… weird. And now, there’s evidence to back it up.

All over the world, thousands of people report weird lights in the sky, lost time, strange creatures in the woods, lake demons, and a whole gambit of other hair-prickly strangeness.

However, a recurring problem has been the disparate nature of personal accounts. Until lately, there’s never really been a global repository to catalog all these personal encounters. If only Google Earth just had a haunted dark mode where we could see where all this weirdness is actually happening.

Well, that’s basically what Liminal Earth have created with their global paranormal map at Liminal.earth. Emerging from the fog of the Pacific Northwest, the Liminal Earth database is open for anyone to catalog their personal encounters with the unknown.

As the data comes in, paranormal researches could visualize trends, validate group sightings and link hotbeds of activity. Liminal Earth could be a step toward validating that we, in fact, live in a liminal plane…

Liminal Earth: A Global Paranormal Archive

Liminal Earth describes itself as “a crowd-sourced map of uncanny experiences.” It’s a database for the creepy incidents that you might not immediately bring up over dinner with the in-laws.

Founded as a side project by Jeremy Puma and Garrett Kelly in 2017, Liminal Seattle first sought to acquire stories from the Pacific Northwest. Soon after opening doors to the dark void, they quickly received local tales on everything from lost time, ghostly manifestations, cryptids, strange lights, murderous crows, and other spectral goodies.

    “It basically started as a side-project to a side-project, but almost immediately we started getting tons of submissions and calls from local press,” says Jeremy.

After front-page coverage on The Seattle Times, Liminal Seattle decided to take its “normalizing the paranormal” mission a bit more seriously. Rebranded to Liminal Earth in 2019, they’re becoming a legit paranormal cartographic group.

The crowd-sourced database has received over 230 entrees at time of writing and continues to grow by the day. Now they have entries coming in from Chile, the UK, and more. As Jeremy from Liminal Earth tells us, “the more entries, the better the data.”
How Do You Classify The Strange?

In the past, some paranormal researchers have tried to create classification systems for high strangeness. Liminal Earth organizes things with a handy map legend:
  • Dark Forces: Lanyard Zombies, Drones, Corporate Death Zones, Cupcake Shops, Etc.
  • Time Distortions: Travelers, Timehunters, “Deja Vu”, “Losing Time,” Etc
  • Mythologies: Pre-Shamanic Deer Cults, Radical Gnostic Animism, Etc.
  • Cryptoids: Bigfoot, Lycanthrops, Trolls, Ogres, Etc.
  • Thin Places: Ley Lines, Magic Fountains, Plant Sigils, Portals, Etc.
  • Straight Up Ghosts: Creepy vibes, Poltergeists, EVPs, Stone Tape Theories, Class III Apparitions.
  • High Weirdness: Fortean Phenomena, Floating Toblerone, Things That Just Don’t Make Sense
  • Classic UFO: Close Encounters, Sightings, etc.
  • Strange Animals: Bearing Gifts, Unusual Encounters, Fecal Divination, etc.
  • Visions: Dreams, Visions, Mystical Experiences, etc.
Categorizing the non-elemental can get hairy, but it seems Liminal Earth segments things well while allowing room for blurry accounts and humorously weird tales. As Liminal Seattle tells us:

    “[The legend] kind of happened organically. We wanted to cover the whole spectrum of extraordinary experience, so we came up with this list which we think covers everything we’re interested in capturing. “

Recent Entries of Spooky Encounters

On Liminal Earth, first-hand accounts range in depth, time, and space. Some brief encounters were just had, while others recount deep sagas from the 80s or 90s. Most include exact GPS coordinates; an occult investigator’s absolute dream. Some even include hand-drawn depictions or photo evidence. Here are some examples below.

The Demon of Playa Ancha

    “…With panic and strangeness he noticed that in one of the treetops something moved, he looked closely at the figure that would be the size of an orangutan, it moved and looked at it and realized that it had bright penetrating red eyes that looked at him in a way, according to him, evil…” Submitted by Vicente Kuntur under Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Strange Animals. -33.035463, -71.641970. Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, Chile

From “The Demon of Playa Ancha” by Vicente Kuntur. Handrawn encounters bring an uncanny sense of immediacy to the Liminal Earth database.

UFO Light Show

    “I noticed three white lights in the sky. They were in a triangle pattern. As we watched on of the lights turned red and then moved to form a straight line. As we watched the light at the end of the line would move up to again form a triangle . Over and over again they did this,. I pulled over to the side of the road at one point to watch. When I got back on the road, A state cop pulled up along side me. Thinking he was going to pull me over I looked up and saw he was watching them too. The lights suddenly disappeared, like just faded out.” Submitted by JanetEB under Classic UFO. 45.082342, -122.950201. Salem, Oregon, U.S.

The Humming Ghost of Jeffersonville, Georgia

    “On several occasions we have seen and heard the ghost of a small African American girl in a patchwork dress. She hums and sings. We first encountered her when i was young. I came back from playing and told my mom that there was a girl in the woods. I’m not quite sure of the history of my dads 36 acre property or what families owned it prior.” Submitted by Julian Barron under Straight Up Ghosts. 32.67974337912106, -83.37231122075394. Georgia, U.S.

Wrong Door

    “…I looked to see the far wall of the living room had disappeared and a misty sort of landscape was seen in the distance. Three odd looking creatures stood in the living room and one hissed at me. I just continued walking to the bathroom, shaking like a leaf. I stayed there for a half hour , until I could bring myself to open the door. Walking out , I could see all was back to normal. Weird.” Submitted by Janet B under High Weirdness, Thin Places. 45.572656, -122.679793. Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Duwamish River Monster

    “I witnessed a large, menacing 8-10 ft kelp monster strutting about on the banks of the Duwamish River, on the beach at 8th Avenue South Park. I think it was the Lufu…It came out of the water, sludging toward me at a slow pace … It had deep red glowing eyes full of revenge and was covered in a horrible swath of litter, mud, and fishing nets.” Submitted by Paul Differentman under Cryptoids, Mythologies. Duwamish River, Seattle WA.

The Power of Liminal Open Data

As more entries come in, we’ll likely see interesting trends emerge in the Liminal Earth data. With a verbose tagging system and GPS coordinates, we’ll have ample metadata to discover hot spots of activity with more submissions.

Imagine if the thousands of Phoenix Lights viewers had a central repository to share their accounts when the phenomenon was occurring. Such a database would have given more credence to the lights and acted as a historical record.

A fantastic blend of technology and weirdness, Liminal Earth could be a leap forward for paranormal research, helping give credence to both personal accounts and large phenomena alike.

Bermuda Triangle: A supernatural hot spot begging for encounter stories.

Submitting Your Story

As Liminal Earth says, “we welcome submissions from denizens of all realms.” Submitting to the database is pretty easy, and you can keep your identity as transparent or guarded as you like. You can add your story here.

Is This All Real?

Liminal Earth seems to be a mix of humor and seriousness, a playground where reality dissolves, where both devout researchers and distant onlookers are welcome to share their tales, however short or tall.

Like Wikipedia, the accuracy of any crowd-sourced database comes under scrutiny. It’s left in the viewers’ mind to treat it with whatever level of skepticism they want. “What is Truth?” teases the Liminal Earth FAQ.

Source: Mysterious Universe


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Harry Price: The Original Ghost Hunter
By Orrin Grey

There is as much that's a mystery about Harry Price, perhaps England's most famous—or infamous—ghost hunter, as there is quantifiable fact. Some of this confusion is due to Price’s own dissembling. For instance, though Price claimed that he was born in Shropshire in 1881, he was actually born in London of that year.

Whatever the truth of his origins, Price left behind a legacy that will be familiar even to many who have never heard his name. Fans of films of the paranormal or readers of Mike Mignola's Hellboy have likely encountered fictionalized accounts of several of Price's cases.

An amateur magician and psychic researcher, Price dedicated most of his life to studying paranormal phenomena and debunking Spiritualists. The latter practice made him none-too-popular with many of the believers of that movement, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. After Price debunked “spirit photographer” William Hope, Doyle led a mass resignation of 84 members of the Society for Psychical Research and continued to hound Price for years.

Unlike many magicians, however, Price was actually open to the possibilities of the paranormal and believed that some spirit mediums were genuinely legitimate. This, among other things, put him at odds with some other members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), which he joined in 1920. Price was also a member of the Magic Circle, an organization of stage magicians, The Ghost Club, arguably the oldest paranormal research organization in the world, and the founder of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, which he founded as a rival to the SPR.

Some of Price's most famous cases include his investigation of the medium Helen Duncan and a "black magic" experiment atop Mount Brocken in Germany in which an attempt was made to transform a goat into a young man. Price claimed that he participated in the experiment, known as the "Bloksberg Tryst," "only to prove the fallacy of transcendental magic."

Price also investigated Gef the Talking Mongoose in the 1930s. Gef supposedly inhabited the farmhouse of the Irving family on the Isle of Man, though Price's investigations alleged that the hair and paw prints of the mongoose were actually from a dog, and that the talking was produced by hollow walls in the house, which "makes the whole house one great speaking-tube, with walls like sounding boards."

In 1927, Price claimed that he had come into possession of a box left behind by self-styled religious prophetess Joanna Southcott, which she had left behind after her death in 1814. Along with the box, Southcott had left instructions that it should be opened "at a time of national crisis," and only in the presence of every bishop of the Church of England. Price opened the box—in the presence of only the reluctant Bishop of Grantham—and found that it contained only a few odds and ends, including a lottery ticket and a horse-pistol.

Followers of Southcott—known as Southcottians—maintain that the box Price opened was a fraud. As recently as the 1970s, a Southcottian group called the Panacea Society claimed to be in possession of the actual box and placed advertising campaigns that pushed to have the box opened under the conditions set forth by Joanna Southcott.  

Price's most famous case was his study of Borley Rectory, which he called "the most haunted house in England." Price rented and resided in the rectory from May of 1937 until May of 1938, along with a rotating group of 48 "official observers," recruited through newspaper ads, tasked with reporting any unusual phenomena.

His study, which included a séance held by Helen Glanville, concluded that the rectory was indeed inhabited by several spirits, including the ghost of a French nun who had been murdered on the property. Another spirit was said to claim that he would set fire to the rectory, and that the fire would reveal the bones of a murdered individual.

In 1939, the rectory's new owner knocked over an oil lamp while unpacking boxes, resulting in a fire that gutted the building. The insurance company would later conclude that the fire was deliberately set. During the blaze, a woman who lived nearby said she saw the figure of a ghostly nun in an upstairs window (and charged Harry Price one guinea for her story). A dig in the cellars of the ruined house conducted by Price in 1943 turned up two bones, which he believed belonged to a young woman. The bones were eventually given proper burial, though not in the parish of Borley, where local opinion held that they were the bones of a pig.

After Price's death in 1948, the SPR conducted their own study investigating Price's claims about Borley Rectory. In what came to be called the "Borley Report," the SPR concluded that Price had faked many of the phenomena or that they were due to natural causes. Meanwhile, psychic researcher John L. Randall claimed that "dirty tricks" had been played on Price by members of the SPR during his residence at Borley.

Whatever the truth of Price's life and cases, perhaps the greatest legacy he left to the world of paranormal research was his extensive collection of writings on magic and psychic phenomena, which make up the Harry Price Archives at the University of London as well as the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature, housed at the Senate House Library.

Check out "Gef The Talking Mongoose" for more information about Harry Price.

Source: The Line-Up


  Abducted By The Ircenrraq in Rural Alaska

An intriguing e-mail hit Bush Alaska...in it, a hunter from Marshall recounted how he found a boy alleged to have been abducted by the ircenrraat.

Ircenrraat (singular: ircenrraq; say "irr-chin-hhak" with a harsh hh and you're getting close) are a recurring theme in traditional Yup'ik teachings and legends, "little people" who dwell in the tundra, usually underground. They disorient, discomfort and trap unwary humans.

City folk usually dismiss ircenrraat as superstition. Those who have lived in Yup'ik country for any period of time tend to be a little more inclined to listen. For one thing, the stories are persistent and often come from respectable observers. For another, when you're by yourself in the middle of nowhere, things happen that are hard to explain.

For instance, a few years back, on a very remote solo kayak trip in the lower Yukon region, I swear I heard rocks tossed in my direction by unseen hands or whatever. Big rocks. Whoosh. Plunk. Weird. A little scary -- and not particularly on target, assuming they were trying to hit me. A close inspection of the presumed point of origin showed no evidence of anything. There was nowhere for anything bigger than a squirrel to hide. I can't say it was an ircenrraaq, but neither can I absolutely refute those who suggest it was.

Yup'ik descriptions of the "little people" resemble those in widespread stories shared by many cultures around the world. A conference on such creatures is held every year in Twisp, Wash.

Though accounts of sightings or of inexplicable events attributed to ircenrraat are common in Western Alaska, they seldom receive wide circulation outside the area.

The Internet age changed that.

I called Nick Andrew Jr. in Marshall, whose e-mail started the latest excitement. He intended it as a private message to a family member, he said, and was a little disconcerted that it got forwarded far and wide.

He confirmed the details, however, and gave me permission to use his name, requesting that I keep other names out of print.

Andrew was on a snowmachine hunting birds the evening of May 7, some distance out of town -- three hours away if you had to walk it, he estimated. Preparing to return home, he decided to check a different location on a hunch.

"Stopping to look, I saw a small boy all alone in middle of the marsh," he said.

He recognized the child as a boy from the village. "I asked him where's his dad or hunting partners? I grilled him with questions of who he was with and if he was alone. He was scared and had been crying. All his answers were 'I don't know.' "

He described the boy as "disoriented, dazed, confused and scared" with "no concept of time. He did not appear tired, nor was he hungry or thirsty."

But the lad was lucky, it seems. He was found in a spot frequented by large tundra brown bears.

Andrew took the boy home, noting that there were no footprints in the spring snow to indicate anyone had walked into the area. He found that puzzling. He counted at least 10 other snowmachiners in the neighborhood, none of whom had spotted the boy.

After getting the boy back to the village, he left his VHS radio on overnight, in case some other hunter reported a missing child. No one did.

"It wasn't until the next day that the story started emerging that he'd had what you'd call an out-of-the-ordinary experience," he told me. "He'd had some missing time, just like people who report being abducted by UFOs."

The boy said he was "brought into" Pilcher Mountain, a site often associated with ircenrraat encounters. There, he was questioned and saw other "little beings."

"He said he made contact with a little girl abducted over 40 years ago," Andrew said. "She told him who she was and she wanted help."

After that the ircenrraat decided to release the boy. "And that's when he came to, I guess, a few minutes before I found him."

Andrew maintained calm perspective about the experience. "Is this kid telling the truth?" he said, leaving the answer open-ended.

Responses to the e-mail, by the time it was forwarded to me, treated the news with gravity. "Ladies, please share with your husband/partners," read one forwarder. "Please tell your children about Ircinraqs (sic) and their deceptiveness," said another. "Thank God (he) found this little boy alive."

If you have an experience with ircenrraat that you wouldn't mind sharing, e-mail mdunham@adn.com. Confidentiality will be observed and nothing will be used without permission.

Source: Anchorage Daily News


Pennsylvania Man Builds Bomb to Warn About Aliens
By Tobias Wayland

Pennsylvania man David R. Oxenreider, 28, is facing charges following a police investigation that found a homemade bomb outside of the Bahney House hotel in Myerstown.

Charges filed against Oxenreider include manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction, causing or risking a catastrophe, and terroristic threats.

Oxenreider claimed that he built the bomb to get the attention of the police in order to warn them of an imminent alien attack.

Hotel manager Charles Kline alerted the authorities at approximately 8:54 a.m. on June 23rd, after Oxenreider called Kline to tell him that he'd constructed an explosive device in his apartment. Kline told Oxenreider to remove the bomb and Oxenreider complied, placing it outside near a dumpster.

Police arrived on the scene soon after and took Oxenreider into custody without incident.

Regardless, about 30 residents were evacuated from the Bahney House during their investigation, and much of downtown Myerstown was inaccessible for upwards of six hours.

The bomb built by Oxenreider consisted of two metal butane tanks taped together and placed in a green bag; the tanks were wrapped in cloth and filled with metal staples. He had also placed a hatchet and phone charger inside the bag, possibly, along with the staples, to act as shrapnel if the bomb were to explode.

According to Oxenreider, he never intended to hurt anyone, but rather, he constructed the device to get the attention of police. The bomb needed to be manually detonated, he said, although it might explode if left out in the heat.

The Pennsylvania State Police Hazardous Device and Explosive Section responded to the scene and removed the explosive device—warning that it could have caused serious injuries had it detonated.

Oxenreider told police after questioning that he'd had an encounter with extraterrestrials in 2014 who had warned him that if humanity did not "start being good people" they would destroy Earth with a "nuclear laser beam."

He said he at first tried to spread the message of the extraterrestrials, but decided to construct the explosive device after finding that no one would listen to him.

"When he tells people about his alien encounter, people say he is crazy," said the criminal complaint.

A search of Oxenreider's room turned up materials similar to those used in the explosive device's construction.

Two women who know Oxenreider said that he had converted to Islam a few years ago under the name ‘Muhammad Shahid’, and that he had told them about his plans to make the bomb.

“He’s Muslim and he talked about it and talked about it but I thought if you’re going to do something this big why are you going to brag about it," said Jennifer Templin.

"I got to know him a little bit and there were those glimpses that he was a really good guy, but then his other talk was just out there. Some of it was really hard to listen to; all his talk about bombs, making bombs and something is going to happen," said Jessica Bankus.

“I kind of wish I would have took what he said more seriously, it’s sad," she added.

Apocalyptic messages are often reported by those who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials. The messages generally reflect the zeitgeist of their era, with nuclear disarmament taking center stage during the height of the Cold War, and environmental disaster taking over the narrative soon after. Many speculate that reputedly sincere alien contactees are afflicted with various mental illnesses—most often schizophrenia—and the messages they receive are hallucinations colored by the concerns of popular culture.

But that explanation doesn’t satisfy every researcher, especially if there is no history of mental illness with the witness or any other symptoms present.

“One of the hardest things an investigator can have to do is recommend to a witness that they seek mental health care,” the Singular Fortean Society’s lead investigator Tobias Wayland said. “It haunts you, because it can be impossible to tell sometimes if the phenomenon is a symptom of mental illness, or mental illness a symptom of the phenomenon. Abduction experiences and most cases of extraterrestrial contact are reported as being very traumatic; the kind of thing that can give someone PTSD. Not only that, but it can feel like you’re letting them down—adding yet another societal stigma to someone already stigmatized by their experience.”

“But the thing we have to remember is that a witness might need help even for the trauma of an authentic experience, and that while investigators can lend a sympathetic ear, we’re often not trained to deal with issues of mental health,” he explained.

“I had to tell a witness fairly recently that I couldn’t continue to help him without the knowledge and authority of a mental health professional,” Wayland continued. “He claimed to be an abductee who received messages from his alien abductors, but he also seemed scattered and manic. I was honestly really worried about his mental state, and at that point whether or not his experience was authentic was irrelevant. I told him that I wanted him to see a doctor before we proceeded, and he got upset. I haven’t heard from him since.”

“I hope he gets help,” he added. “There’s no shame in talking to a professional.”

Oxenreider’s mental health status is currently unknown.

Source: Singular Fortean

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