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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Psyche-Racking Stories as:

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such spine-cracking stories as:

- Famous Bigfoot Film Given 4K HD Makeover - 
- Infrared Sensors on Jets Could Help UFO Reporting -
- Haunted By His Paranormal Past -
Mysterious Noise Causes Hangover-Like Headaches In Brooklyn

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Famous Bigfoot Film Given 4K HD Makeover

The most famous footage ever recorded of Bigfoot has been given a monster makeover - and it is now more "convincing" than ever before.

Digital wizards have transformed the grainy clip - captured in 1967 - and some beleive it is the best evidence yet the mythical beast is the real deal.

It may only last for 59 seconds but the Patterson-Gimlin film is one of the most heavily scrutinised clips ever produced.

Now it has been transformed using 4K technology to reveal even more details of the supposed mountain giant - more than 50 years after it was first filmed.

Cowboys Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin read headlines of unidentifiable footprints, and were navigating Bluff Creek in California state on horseback with a 16mm Kodak camera.

Their search paid off when the pair say they discovered a gorilla-human hybrid walking along the creek bed, just 30 metres in front of them.

However, the relatively poor quality of the footage left many asking whether or not it was genuine or just an elaborate hoax.

Almost five decades have passed since the footage was captured - and it has faced heavy scrutiny from sceptical scientists, forensic analysts and special effects experts.

But despite the great attention, the film is yet to be conclusively proved real or fake.

Now experts from 'Bigfoot AI' have given the footage a high-definition makeover - wowing Sasquatch fans around the world

After seeing the clip on YouTube, PriUni wrote: "You can see the leg muscle jiggle when it steps. There's no way that's a dude in a suit. It's too much detail. Has to be real."

Greenwave added: "Much of this detail has already been described but I must say that this is some of the best work and employment of technology that I have seen on this wonderful film."

GloWW states: "What jumps out at me, after having viewed the traditional footage for decades, is the stride and gait seems to reveal a great amount of weight and bulk in the figure."

Source: The Sun


Diplomats in Cuba Are Not Suffering Mass Hysteria
By Edward Shorter 

It is a disservice to the men and women of the United States and Canadian diplomatic services to suggest they are suffering from a “mass psychogenic illness” arising from their tenure in Havana.

In the autumn of 2016, many members of the U.S. mission in Cuba began to develop “symptoms of dizziness, ear pain and tinnitus” — as physicians who investigated them reported — after perceiving high frequency noise and cerebral pressure. In the late winter of 2017, 14 members of the Canadian legation began developing similar symptoms.

The mysterious “Havana syndrome” has since been a subject of intense speculation. The question is whether the victims are suffering from a psychogenic disorder arising in the mind or a somatogenic disorder arising from a physical disorder of brain tissue itself. Mass psychogenic illness is simply a new term for what used to be called “epidemic hysteria.”

Do these diplomats have hysteria, now being called “Havana Syndrome?” Or do they have a lesion, caused by some kind of a device intended to inflict injury?

Victims suffered traumatic brain injuries

A number of things are wrong with the “psychogenesis” (hysteria) argument. Most notably, symptoms of hysteria are caused by the action of the mind.

A study led by Dr. Michael E Hoffer, a neuro-otologist at the University of Miami, however, reported problems with the central vestibular system (inner ear) in 36 per cent of American diplomats and their families affected by Havana syndrome.

Lesions in this part of the auditory apparatus would be organic. Inner ear damage is not psychogenic and means that the tissues of the inner ear itself have sustained some kind of assault.

The affected Canadians who were evacuated to the University of Miami, and who then subsequently went to the University of Pennsylvania for similar examinations, were reportedly diagnosed with “traumatic brain injuries akin to concussions.”

It is wrong to see these diplomats and their families as fitting any kind of psychogenic profile. In 1974 psychiatrist François Sirois at Laval University analyzed 70 outbreaks of “epidemic hysteria,” both historical and present-day. Of the 70, 69 occurred in girls and young women. Only one of the 70 — the koro epidemic in Singapore in the 1960s — affected males only. (Koro is the delusional belief that your sex organs are retracting inside your body.)

Historically, “hysteria” — meaning physical symptoms “of unexplained origin” —was associated more with women than men. This is because it has been women who, traditionally, have borne the brunt of loss and suffering, and often dealt with these wrenching emotions by developing bodily symptoms.

Thinking that these middle-aged men and women in the U.S. and Canadian embassies in Havana could have been suffering from “mass psychogenic illness” simply defies belief.

Endometriosis once diagnosed as hysteria

It is wrong to imagine that their symptoms could have some kind of psychological mechanism. The mechanism of psychogenesis/hysteria is suggestion. For example, all the schoolgirls fall to the ground vomiting at recess because they have been suggested into their symptoms.

The loss of balance, sensations of pressure inside their brains and so forth that these diplomats report are no more psychological than mumps.

“Stress” has been invoked as the psychological motor. Indeed these diplomats and their families are under stress. But so is everyone else. Stress is a constant in modern life. Schoolteachers in inner city schools around the globe are also under stress, but they don’t develop this illness of the diplomats.

What caused these lesions? It is anybody’s guess. But medicine has a long history of assuming psychogenesis when occult organic disease is at play. Multiple sclerosis in women, for example was once considered to be a form of hysteria.

Similarly, before the discovery of endometriosis, deep pelvic pain in women was diagnosed as hysteria. Let’s not make this mistake again.

Source: The Conversation


Infrared Sensors on Jets Could Help UFO Reporting
By Tyler Rogoway

America's long and murky relationship with unidentified flying objects has taken an abrupt turn in recent years and especially in recent months as the Navy has officially admitted that its pilots are encountering things it cannot, or isn't willing to explain, at an alarming rate. With this news, the establishment of high profile UFO-related groups like To The Stars Academy, as well as a new level of engagement by the press in regards to the topic, the public's fascination with the phenomena has once again been elevated.

This American UFO renaissance of sorts was further catalyzed by a number of bizarre incidents involving U.S. Navy fighter pilots and puzzling objects operating within tightly controlled and highly monitored airspace. Regardless of what these things actually were, and in some cases, there are compelling explanations pointing to the possibility that they may be very much of terrestrial origin, we know that a relatively recent revolution in fire control radar technology was a major factor in detecting them. But there is about to be an even more relevant leap in U.S. fighter aircraft sensor capabilities that could prove far more significant when it comes to more easily detecting and classifying these strange objects, and thus explaining, or at least better defining some aspects of the phenomenon.

I was recently involved in a project that tasked me with deeply contemplating the technology that could be brought to bear when it comes to learning more about unidentified flying objects, regardless of their origin. During this process, it hit me that just as the proliferation of new fighter-borne active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars was key in detecting mysterious objects with low radar cross-sections that were flying in the vicinity of U.S. Navy fighter aircraft, a reality that The War Zone was first to report on in detail, the looming Pentagon initiative to field very capable infrared search and track systems (IRSTs) could have even a larger impact. It could even serve as the final technological element needed to springboard potentially revolutionary data collection on the phenomenon. As it sits now, not only is the Navy's Super Hornet fleet slated to get IRSTs very soon, but the Air Force's fighter aircraft tasked with protecting the homeland, and the F-15C, in particular, are also set to get these sensors.

IRSTs have been a major interest of mine for years. You can and really need to read this in-depth feature I did explaining how they work and why they matter and this recent follow-up for full context, but suffice it to say they fill a major and increasingly pressing sensor gap that exists across much of America's tactical aircraft force.

IRSTs have been around for many decades, and back in the 1960s, many U.S. fighters and interceptors featured them. But in the last four decades or so, the U.S. has fallen far behind when it comes to fielding a modern iteration of the concept and integrating it as part of the Pentagon's air combat doctrine. Russian aircraft have sported the technology consistently through the latter half of the Cold War, albeit with questionable utility, and have not stopped since. Beyond Russian fighters, allied jets like the pan-European Typhoon and French Rafale carry highly advanced IRSTs today. In fact, even recent export variants of the Strike Eagle are equipped with an IRST.

Although the performance of these systems was sorely lacking for many decades, the fact of the matter is that the IRST's time has finally come. These sensors are far more sensitive than their predecessors and aided by fast computer processing and highly specialized software, as well as integration with the aircraft's other sensors and mission computer, they are exponentially more capable than they were in the not so distant past.   

While radars use the radio frequency spectrum to detect and track targets, something that can be challenging to do when said target has a low radar cross-section due to is size, shape, and/or coatings—in other words, it's stealthy—or due to the presence of electronic warfare tactics that can jam, confuse, and spoof radars, IRSTs have no such limitations. They mainly work in the long-wavelength infrared band and are passive in nature. In other words, unlike radar, they emit no energy at all. Instead, they rapidly peer around the sky looking for targets that radiate or reflect infrared energy. The IRST's main limitation isn't really tied to enemy tactics at all, it's atmospheric conditions that can adversely affect its detection ranges.

While IRSTs are increasingly important when it comes to countering stealthy fighters, and especially those that will increasingly operate in combat environments where electronic warfare tactics are being employed, those same attributes make them ideal for detecting, tracking, and further investigating the puzzling objects Navy pilots report encountering. In those cases, the craft are hard to continuously track on radar and in some cases, active jamming seemed to be employed against the pursuing fighter's radars. In either case, the IRST would have remained totally unaffected.

Beyond being able to detect targets when radar cannot, or at least when it can't consistently, the IRST's benefits are synergistic as it can work in tandem with the jet's radar and targeting pod to detect, track, and gain telemetry and visual information on the target in question. For instance, the IRST can be cued to the targets the fighter's radar detects, and it can do this over significant ranges. This means that even if the radar loses lock intermittently, it can more easily regain it as the IRST will continue to track the object. In addition, because of the IRST, a lock of some type is never actually lost. As a result, far more resilient tracking can be realized against stealthy targets or those that are employing electronic warfare tactics. Conversely, if the target has a faint infrared signature, but radar can detect it, the IRST can regain tracking the target more easily with the help of the radar or it can begin tracking it once it has come close enough to the IRST sensor to be detected.

Beyond that, IRSTs allow fighter pilots to hunt and even engage aerial opponents 'silently,' as in without turning on their radar at all. The radar's emissions can give away not only the presence of the fighter it is attached to, but also its location. So, the IRST can act independently of radar entirely and be used as a primary, standalone air-to-air sensor system.

It was the widespread deployment of fighter-borne AESA radars that largely led to the reports of the encounters we know of in the 2014-2015 timeframe, so there is a chance that the introduction of IRSTs could result in a similar if not more pronounced subsequent disclosure of future incidents. Maybe the Pentagon already knows this and it is a factor in their decision to change the procedures by which its personnel, and its pilots, in particular, report such encounters.

The events off the eastern seaboard in 2014-2015 were remarkably widespread. Yet the base commanders seemed to have received no explanations or help from higher powers even after a safety report was filed following a near miss with a strange object. In the end, they resorted to posting Notices To Airman (NOTAMs) supposedly stating that there were hazards in the sky outside of their control in the restricted training areas where their pilots frequently drill. If these events crop back up again, that is if they ever really stopped entirely, aircrews and base commanders will likely know far more about the nature of what they are seeing then they did before the deployment of advanced IRSTs.

It's also worth noting the majority of these encounters were limited to radar. If some of these radar returns are in fact the result of electronic warfare tactics, the IRST will work as an independent source of tracking data to confirm this. There has been lots of talk of extreme bursts of speeds and altitude variations that are reminiscent of electronic warfare manifestations on radar. The IRST is not impacted by any of this, so it can work as a hard check to validate what is actually out there and what isn't.

With all this in mind, the Pentagon may be about to get more than it bargained for in regards to what its long-awaited advanced IRSTs can and can't detect during daily operations. On the other hand, they may prove that some of what supposedly is there, isn't, or that some of the performance characteristics associated with these mystery objects don't mesh with reality.

Source: The Drive


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Bones Found in Search for Missing Emanuela Orlandi

Two sets of bones have been found as officials investigate the 1983 disappearance of the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican employee.

The new discovery came after the Vatican pried open the tombs of two 19th-century German princesses in the cemetery of the Pontifical Teutonic College in hopes of finding the remains of Emanuela Orlandi.

Ms Orlandi's family had received a tip that she might be buried there. But the tombs turned out to be empty, creating yet another mystery about where the dead princesses were.

The Vatican vowed to keep investigating and noted that any bones in the tombs might have been displaced during structural work carried out on both the college building and a cemetery near St Peter's Basilica in the 1800s and in more recent decades.

Spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said further searches had centred on the areas adjoining the princesses' tombs and that investigators had located two sets of bones under a stone slab manhole covering inside the Teutonic college itself.

He said the area was immediately sealed off and would be opened in the presence of forensic experts on July 20.

The last recorded structural work done on the building and the cemetery was in the 1960s and 1970s. Ms Orlandi disappeared in 1983.

She vanished after leaving her family's Vatican City apartment to go to a music lesson in Rome. Her father was a lay employee of the Holy See.

Her case has been one of the enduring mysteries of the Vatican, kept alive by the Italian media and a quest by her brother to find answers. Over the years, her disappearance has been linked to everything from the plot to kill St John Paul II to the financial scandal of the Vatican bank and Rome's criminal underworld.

The last major twist in the case came in 2012, when Italian forensic police exhumed the body of a reputed mobster from the crypt of a Roman basilica in hopes of finding Ms Orlandi's remains as well. The search turned up no link.

Last year, bones were found underneath the Vatican's embassy to Italy in Rome. Italian media immediately speculated the remains could belong to Ms Orlandi or another girl who went missing at around the same time. But forensic tests showed the bones long predated their disappearances.

Pietro Orlandi, the missing girl's brother, has long demanded the Vatican give the family full access to all information it has about his sister's disappearance.

The family's lawyer, Laura Sgro, said on Saturday she had been informed of the discovery of the bones and that the family was pleased that the investigation was continuing.

"Our interest is to actively cooperate with Vatican prosecutors to understand better how those two tombs could have been empty," she said in a statement. "If we understand together, it's better."

In 2017, an Italian investigative journalist caused a sensation when he published a five-page document that had been stolen from a locked Vatican cabinet that suggested the Holy See had been involved in Ms Orlandi's disappearance. The Vatican immediately branded the document a fake, though it never explained what it was doing in the Vatican cabinet.

The document was purportedly written by a cardinal and listed supposed expenses used for Ms Orlandi's upkeep after she disappeared.

Mr Gisotti said this week that the Holy See "has always shown attention and closeness to the suffering of the Orlandi family and in particular Emanuela's mother" and that its decision to excavate the Teutonic cemetery at the family's request was evidence of that attention.

Source: Sky News


Haunted By His Paranormal Past
By Erik Lacitis

In a small Seattle apartment, Cleveland Tony Harmon’s past has finally caught up with him. Now he’s ready to tell his story.

Fifty-six years ago, Harmon says he was unknowingly swept up in a poltergeist phenomena — a boy living in a Portsmouth house that became the center of some inexplicable events straight out of a horror movie: Flying books, a levitating mattress, cups and saucers sailing by to crash and shatter.

And, yes, you can discount it all, as stories about the paranormal often are.

But the thing is, there were some credible witnesses and media accounts. Over several days in September 1962 in Portsmouth, what happened to Harmon and his family was covered by The Virginian-Pilot, The Associated Press and other publications. A Pilot reporter who covered the events declared he was reassessing his disbelief in the supernatural.

Harmon now is 70, and he’s had a rough-and-tumble life that that brought him some two decades ago to the Pacific Northwest. He was homeless for a time before finding a place at a low-income housing facility for seniors in Seattle.

What finally has Harmon talking about his past is a woman named Mary Brett, 73, of Dade City, Florida. She also grew up in Portsmouth, and was a teen when the inexplicable events took place in her hometown.

Now retired from a job as a health-care recruiter for hospitals and agencies, Brett decided to dig into the events from her childhood and track down Harmon. “I had so many questions,” she says. It became a passion that took up the past four years.

She found relatives of Harmon, looked up his school records, looked up newspaper stories on microfiche, ads in newspapers, researched in libraries and even paid for a background search.

Brett finally got lucky when she posted on a Facebook page about Portsmouth history asking if anybody knew of Harmon’s whereabouts. Someone on that Facebook page told her that Harmon himself was on Facebook.

On July 2017, Harmon posted on his Facebook page, “I will always carry around with me until the day that I die the true story…”

Brett and Harmon began talking by phone and mailing to each other. She thinks his story should be told beyond his 12 Facebook friends.

And so here we are.

In September 1962, when he was 13, Harmon was living with his great-great-grandparents, Annie and Charlie Daughtery, in a single-story rental home. He remembers the first incident.

“I was coming home from school. Some guys were chasing me, probably because I had girls hanging around me all the time,” says Harmon. “I ran up the stairs on the porch. The screen door was open and I dropped my books on the floor. I could smell grandma cooking in the back, fresh apple pie.”


“The books flew over the top of my head. My grandma said, ‘What are you doin’, throwing books all over!’ I said, ‘I didn’t throw them!’ She thought I was fibbing and sat me in the corner.”

Then, the next afternoon.

“I was sitting on the floor in the living room, and grandfather and grandma had their pipes. They both smoked those corncob pipes.

“They had the tobacco can sitting up on the mantel to keep me from getting after it. I was sitting there, wondering where I can get tobacco, when the can flipped over, rolled on the floor. My grandma was stunned. There was no explanation. I didn’t know what I had done. It excited me, made my heart pound.”

The events continued and became talked about in the neighborhood.

Helen V. Davis, 91, lived across the street from the Daughterys. She still lives in Portsmouth.

She and another neighbor were walking home from the church.

“Something needs to be done,” Davis, who was interviewed by The Seattle Times, remembers the neighbor telling her. “Things are being thrown out into the street. We walked over. The grandfather was so glad we came over. He had not slept in two nights.”

Davis says she saw, “Salt and pepper shakers and some glass, jumped up and dropped on the floor. The rocking chair in one of the rooms started rocking while we were standing there.”

Joseph V. Phillips was The Virginian-Pilot reporter who went to check out the reports.

His front-page article the next day began, “I didn’t believe in ghosts — until Saturday. I went to a house at 949 Florida Ave. and got goose pimples while dodging flying household objects that crashed to bits on the floor … I didn’t believe this nonsense until Saturday. Now, I’m not so sure. I saw weird things happen, but I don’t know what caused them.”

Phillips has died, but the photographer on the story, William Abourjilie, 83, of Virginia Beach, also clearly remembers that day.

“Basically, we were inside the house, walking down the hall, and stuff hit the wall and broke. A dish, a glass,” he recently told The Times.

He and Phillips looked into the room where the stuff was coming from.

“There wasn’t anyone in there. There was one window and it was closed,” Abourjilie remembers. “We couldn’t find any explanation.”

The story that Sunday further spread the publicity, and on that day, Portsmouth police cordoned off the street.

“Police estimated that as many as 10,000 people went to Florida Avenue Sunday to take a look at the Daughtery house. In the afternoon, cars were arriving in the suburb at a rate of 600 an hour,” The Virginian-Pilot reported.

Harmon and his great-great-grandparents moved in with relatives. They never returned to the rental home.

Harmon still believes he was responsible for the flying objects, although he doesn’t understand how — or why. After the events of that September, while staying with relatives, Harmon says, he decided to move a pencil that was on a table. “I put it right at the edge,” he says.

He says about these powers he had, “I stopped it. I knew right then and there I was doing no more.”

Harmon was interviewed by William G. Roll, a well-known parapsychologist with Duke University’s Parapsychology Labs.

Roll spent a few days on his investigation and concluded, “The only thing that can be said with assurance is that there is nothing in the house itself to cause the phenomena,” the newspaper reported. “The things only happened when the house was occupied.”

Roll believed that a poltergeist — literally translated from German as a “knocking spirit” — was caused by psychokinesis, an unproven psychic ability that allows individuals to move objects by the mind.

Harmon remembers that sometime later, “I remember sitting at a table and across was three guys wearing suits. I was looking at a card, ink cards with drawings with, asking what do these look like? They was waving something in my face, like a gold chain, back and forth.”

Brett believes that Harmon was being tested for causing the poltergeist activity.

She says that Harmon exhibited one explanation for a poltergeist — that of an adolescent who had experienced profound trauma.

Although there is no corroboration other than Harmon’s statements, he tells of being beaten and sexually abused by his stepdad, which is why his mother took him to stay with his great-great grandparents. He tells of the stepdad beating his mom.

The background and newspaper clips from The Virginian-Pilot were forwarded by The Times to Neil Dagnall, a “reader” at Manchester Metropolitan University in England (the equivalent of an associate professor), whose expertise is in the psychology of paranormal beliefs.

Explanations for poltergeist reports range from a kind of mass hallucination to hoaxes, he says. And then there are the few cases that get looked at and looked at, and there is no explanation, Dagnall says.

He says the poltergeist report in Portsmouth may be another such case.

After the events of 1962, Harmon’s life was one troubled step after another: juvenile correctional facility. Foster care. A stint in prison for forgery and use of stolen credit cards. Several moves around the West Coast before ending up addicted to crack and living in a homeless camp in Woodinville. In March 2009, Harmon was charged with a felony domestic violence and spent eight months in jail.

Harmon says he’s been clean and sober for seven years.

What to make of his story?

He says, “I did everything that was done in that house. I didn’t know about poltergeist at the time. I believe my life was destined to do that stuff.”

Source: The Virginian-Pilot


Mysterious Noise Causes Hangover-Like Headaches In Brooklyn
By Kathleen Culliton

A mysterious, headache-inducing tone has been tormenting a Bed-Stuy block for more than six weeks and locals can't find the source or escape the sound.

Drew Robbi, 42, first heard the sound last weekend when his wife pointed it out to him inside their home near Madison Street and Franklin Avenue.

"My wife said to me, that noise is really bad," Robbi said. "I said, 'What noise?'"

"And then I heard it."

The mysterious tone has been sounding intermittently on Madison Street since mid-May and neighbors have reported headaches, painful sinus pressure and increased stress, Robbi said.

City data shows there have been about a half dozen 311 street noise complaints on the block since the tone first began.

Robbi's own frustration mounted when he realized it was inside his home.

"I couldn't run away from it," Robbi said. "I went inside it was still piercing."

The source of the sound has proven difficult to track down because it never changes its pitch, Robbi said.

"If it's emanating from a house it would get higher, but that's not been the experience," he said. "It's even throughout the whole block."

Robbi reported the sound to Con Edison and local police, but a Con-Ed representative told him it wasn't coming from their equipment. An NYPD operator, who told Robbi she could hear the tone on her side of line, promise to send investigators, he said.

And another neighbor posted a notice on a Madison Street post reporting the city's Department of Environmental Protection suspected the sound was caused by an air conditioning system rooftop compressor.

"Is that tone driving you bonkers?" The notice reads. "It could be coming from nearly any roof on this block.

A DEP press officer said via email he would look into the situation and provide more information Thursday.

The anonymous neighbor pleaded with residents to check their systems by turning their own air conditioners off and on again the next time they hear the tone. If the tone vanishes, that might be a good sign your unit is the culprit.

"Don't panic," the neighbor advised. "It may be a very simple repair."

The tone hasn't been heard on Madison Street since Robbi posted his video to Twitter on Monday.

Robbi, a real estate property manager who has lived on the block for about 15 years, said he's never heard anything like it before.

"It's just piercing," he said.

Source: Patch

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