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-  First Human-Monkey Chimera Raises Concern - 
- Identity of 19th-Century "Vampire" Revealed -
- Man Shoots at "Bigfoot" in a Kentucky National Park -
AND: Strange Creature with Glowing Eyes Haunts Pakistan Market

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First Human-Monkey Chimera Raises Concern

Efforts to create human-animal chimeras have rebooted an ethical debate after reports emerged that scientists have produced monkey embryos containing human cells.

A chimera is an organism whose cells come from two or more “individuals”, with recent work looking at combinations from different species. The word comes from a beast from Greek mythology which was said to be part lion, part goat and part snake.

The latest report, published in the Spanish newspaper El País, claims a team of researchers led by Prof Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte from the Salk Institute in the US have produced monkey-human chimeras. The research was conducted in China “to avoid legal issues”, according to the report.

Chimeras are seen as a potential way to address the lack of organs for transplantation, as well as problems of organ rejection. Scientists believe organs genetically matched to a particular human recipient could one day be grown inside animals. The approach is based on taking cells from an adult human and reprogramming them to become stem cells, which can give rise to any type of cell in the body. They are then introduced into the embryo of another species.

Izpisúa Belmonte and other scientists have previously managed to produce both pig embryos and sheep embryos which contain human cells, although the proportions are tiny: in the latter case, researchers estimate that only one cell in 10,000 was human. Pig-human and sheep-human chimeras are attractive in part because pigs and sheep have organs about the right size for transplantation into humans.

Details of the work reported this week are scarce: Izpisúa Belmonte and colleagues did not respond to requests for comment.

However Alejandro De Los Angeles, from the department of psychiatry at Yale University, said it was likely monkey-human chimeras were being developed to explore how to improve the proportion of human cells in such organisms. “Making human-monkey chimeras could teach us how to make human-pig chimeras with the hope of making organs for transplantation,” he said. “It could teach us which types of stem cells we should be using, or other ways of enhancing what’s called ‘human chimerism levels’ inside pigs.”

De Los Angeles pointed out that, as with previous work in pigs and sheep, the human-monkey chimeras have reportedly only been allowed to develop for a few weeks – ie before organs actually form.

Prof Robin Lovell-Badge, a developmental biologist from London’s Francis Crick Institute, agreed. “I don’t think it is particularly concerning in terms of the ethics, because you are not taking them far enough to have a nervous system or develop in any way – it’s just really a ball of cells,” he said.

But Lovell-Badge added that if chimeras were allowed to develop further, it could raise concerns. “How do you restrict the contribution of the human cells just to the organ that you want to make?” he said. “If that is a pancreas or a heart or something, or kidney, then that is fine if you manage to do that. [But] if you allow these animals to go all the way through and be born, if you have a big contribution to the central nervous system from the human cells, then that obviously becomes a concern.”

The news of the monkey-human chimeras comes shortly after it was reported Japanese researchers such as Prof Hiromitsu Nakauchi received government support to create mouse-human chimeras.

In March Japan lifted a ban on allowing such embryos to develop beyond 14 days and being implanted in a uterus, meaning these chimeras can, if permission for an experiment is granted, be brought to term. Nakauchi has said he does not plan to bring the human-mouse chimeras to term yet.

Lovell-Badge said it is very unlikely the animals, if brought to term, would take on human-like behaviour, but said the animals might not behave like “normal” rodents.

“So there are some animal welfare issues as well as the ‘yuck-factor’ ethical issues from making something more human,” he said. “Clearly if any animal born had aspects of human appearance, their faces, their hands, their skin, then I suspect, while scientifically very interesting, people might get a little upset with that.”

De Los Angeles and colleagues have suggested monkey-human chimeras could, in theory, provide new ways to study neurological and psychiatric diseases in humans.

“In theory, for diseases where primate models are not good enough, making human-monkey chimeras could provide a better model of brain diseases,” he told the Guardian, adding that in the case of Alzheimer’s more than 150 trials have failed in 20 years, possibly because of a lack of a good disease model.

One possible approach for brain research is that a monkey embryo could be genetically altered and then injected with human stem cells so that part of the brain, for example the hippocampus, is composed only of human cells. A similar approach has previously been used by Izpisúa Belmonte and colleagues to grow a rat pancreas inside a mouse.

“If you just swap the hippocampus, it doesn’t mean you are now going to have a human-functioning brain,” said Lovell-Badge. “It might have perhaps slightly better memories or slightly different memories … but they are not going to have a human cortex, which is what actually makes us human.”

But such proposals walk straight into the ethical arena others have been at pains to dodge: the possibility of human cells ending up in monkey brains, a development some fear could result in the creatures being human-like. Researchers have previously said they are able to prevent human cells ending up in chimeras’ brains or sex organs.

De Los Angeles said there is still a long way to go before human-monkey chimeras are brought to term.

“The evolutionary distance between humans and monkeys spans 30-40 million years, so it is unclear if this is even possible,” he said. “This difference is greater than 10 million years between mice and rats, and even the efficiency of making mouse-rat chimeras is already quite low.”

While making monkey brains more human is a red line for some, in some ways it has already been crossed. In April scientists in China published a study in which they claimed to have introduced a human brain gene into monkeys, with the animals showing features including better short-term memory and shorter reaction times. These animals are not chimeras, but it is clear that new boundaries are being pushed.

Lovell-Badge said he thought it possible that the development of human-monkey chimeras to study a part of the central nervous system could gain approval, but that it would take a while.

“In the UK, any proposal to make human-monkey chimeras would have to be very well justified, and it would have to get through a very tough review process,” he said. “I am sure that any proposal to go straight to live born chimeras would not get approval in the UK and probably not also in Japan.”

Source: The Guardian


Identity of 19th-Century "Vampire" Revealed
By Michael E. Ruane

He had been in his grave so long that when his family dug him up to burn his heart, the organ had decomposed and was not there.

Desperate to stop him from stalking them, they took his head and limbs and rearranged them on top of his ribs in the design of a skull and cross bones. He was a "vampire" after all, and in rural New England in the early 1800s, this was how you dealt with them.

When they were finished, they reburied him in his stone-lined grave and replaced the wooden coffin lid, on which someone had used brass tacks to form the inscription "JB 55," for his initials and his age.

Now, 200 years or so after the death of what is now the country's best studied "vampire," DNA sleuths have tracked down his probable name: John Barber.

He was probably a hard-working farmer. Missing his top front teeth, he was no neck biter. He had a broken collar bone that hadn't healed right, an arthritic knee that may have made him limp. And he had died an awful death, probably from tuberculosis, which was so bad it had scarred his ribs.

The latest findings in a case that started in 1990 when his coffin was discovered in a gravel quarry in Griswold, Connecticut, are contained in a new report by, among others, experts at the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System's DNA laboratory in Dover, Delaware.

The report was summarized in a presentation on July 23 at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland, which aided the study and where the remains are held.

The case is unusual because Barber may be the country's only supposed "vampire" whose bones have been studied by scientists.

"This case has been a mystery since the 1990s," Charla Marshall said in an email. Marshall is a forensic scientist with SNA International in Alexandria, Virginia, who worked on the project.

"Now that we have expanded technological capabilities, we wanted to revisit JB 55 to see whether we could solve the mystery of who he was."

It is the latest chapter in a project that has cast light on the eerie vampire scare in New England - Connecticut and Rhode Island especially - in the late 1700s and early 1800s, and its connection to the spread of tuberculosis, or "consumption", as it was called.

The highly contagious disease was so wasting and terrifying that those who died of it were believed to leave their graves, infecting relatives and draining away blood and life, scholars have said.

These attacks were more mysterious and less graphic than those of the blood sucking vampires of Gothic fiction.

"This was not bats flying through the night," said Nicholas F. Bellantoni, the retired Connecticut state archaeologist who worked on the case from the start and is one of the report's authors. "This is not Bela Lugosi."

But the terror they brought was real. Consumption often caused a bloody cough and left victims pale and gaunt with blood in the corners of their mouths, author and folklorist Michael E. Bell wrote.

"The emaciated figure strikes one with terror," recounted an 18th-century doctor quoted by Bell in a 2013 essay in the journal Kritikos.

"The forehead covered with drops of sweat. The cheeks...a livid crimson. The eyes sunk...The breath offensive, quick and laborious."

The vampire's true menace seemed to come after death, and he had to be killed again during what Bell called "therapeutic exhumation". Often the suspected vampire was a family member who had died of the disease and was thought to be infecting sons, daughters or a wife.

Family members were frequently the ones conducting the exhumation. Bell has documented 80 such cases, mostly in remote areas of New England.

"This was being done out of fear and out of love," Bellantoni said. "People were dying in their families, and they had no way of stopping it, and just maybe this was what could stop the deaths. They didn't want to do this, but they wanted to protect those that were still living."

"People were desperate," he said.

The best method of killing the suspected vampire was to check the exhumed corpse to see if any liquid blood remained in the heart. If so, the deceased was probably a vampire, according to the belief.

The heart was then removed and burned, with family members sometimes inhaling the smoke to prevent further disease.

Similar incidents have long turned up in Europe, where there are many accounts of corpses being dug up, burned, rearranged, decapitated or having stakes driven through them.

In Barber's case, there was probably no heart to burn, Bellantoni and Paul S. Sledzik wrote in 1994. So "the bones of the chest were disrupted" and the skull and thigh bones were "placed in a 'skull and cross bones' position," they wrote.

After Barber's grave was discovered, his remains were sent to the museum for study, and a sample from a thigh bone was sent to the DNA lab for analysis. But the technology of 30 years ago yielded scant results, the paper's authors wrote, and identification was impossible.

But when modern tools were used - Y-chromosomal DNA profiling and surname prediction via genealogy data available on the Internet - the experts said they came up with a match for the last name: Barber.

They then checked old cemetery and newspaper records to see whether any Barbers ever lived in Griswold.

They discovered a newspaper notice mentioning the death there in 1826 of a 12-year-old boy named Nathan Barber, whose father was a John Barber. Researchers had found a grave near JB's containing a coffin with the notation NB 13 similarly tacked on the lid.

The project began in November 1990 when an abandoned cemetery was encountered during mining at a sand and gravel facility in Griswold, according to a study by Sledzik, Bellantoni and colleague David A. Poirier.

Human skeletons and crumbling coffin parts emerged from the Earth. And two human skulls tumbled down an embankment when three boys playing there dislodged them.

Investigators eventually removed the remains of 27 people - five men, eight women and 14 children - from 28 graves in what scholars discovered was an old burying ground called the Walton Family Cemetery. (One grave contained evidence of a coffin but no human remains.)

But it was grave No. 4 that drew the most attention.

"Every one was in good anatomical position, except this one individual, JB 55," Bellantoni said.

Under his coffin lid, Ballantoni and his colleagues found the strange skull and cross bones arrangement.

"His thigh bones were uprooted from the anatomical position and crossed over the chest," he said.

"The chest had been broken into, and the skull was decapitated and moved away," he said. "I was totally befuddled. I had no clue what I was looking at."

Research soon suggested a link to the New England vampire folk belief, he said.

"So JB turned out to have tuberculosis...[evident] because of the lesions on his ribs," he said. "We do believe that he was rearranged in the grave because he was believed to be undead."

Bellantoni said JB had probably been deceased four or five years when he was exhumed, which, based on his recovered coffin hardware, probably happened in the early 1800s.

"Here in New England we had large farming families," he said.

"Because they didn't understand the transmission of the disease, you had family members who were suffering from tuberculosis sitting at the dinner table with the whole family coughing, and you had tubercular victims sleeping in one room with five or six brothers and sisters coughing."

"It was epidemic," he said.

So what now of poor John Barber, the alleged vampire?

"Listen," Bellantoni said.

"He was a hard-working farmer. Probably lower-middle class. .?.?. You could see it in his bones. You could see it in the arthritic condition of his vertebrae. Hard-working. Good Christian man, I am sure."

Source: Science Alert (Originally published by The Washington Post)


Earth's Moon and Human Evolution

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Moon is not what it appears; that it is not just another satellite orbiting a planet, Earth, but an entity which has thrown the minds of some of the greatest thinkers and scientific brains into a quandary and bewilderment unprecedented in the history of astronomy. Why haven't you heard about this? Another government cover-up? How could Moon mysteries have anything to do with government secrecy, and moreover could it relate to the suppression of the space programme?

Let us outline some of the extraordinary anomalies and mysteries surrounding this puzzle. Clearly not all data will be equally reliable but the abundance of interrelated information nevertheless gives an overall picture which can be determined with some certainty. The first academic enigma must surely be that the Moon is apparently in its wrong orbit for its size. However, this would presumably be based on its assumed density. Technical reports claim a density of 3.3 for the Moon compared with 5.5 for Earth. Astronomy data indicates that the internal regions of the Moon are less dense than the outer, giving rise to the inevitable but outrageous speculation that it could be hollow. The eminent and late scientist Carl Sagan, a typical sceptic, had made the statement, "A natural satellite cannot be a hollow object." But meaning here that if it is hollow, it is not a natural satellite -- and therefore artificial.

Possibly the strongest evidence for it to be a 'hollow object' comes from the fact that when meteors strike the Moon, the latter rings like a bell. More specifically when the Apollo crew in November 20, 1969 released the lunar module, after returning to the orbiter, the module impact with the Moon caused their seismic equipment to register a continuous reverberation like a bell for more than an hour. The same effect occurred with Apollo 13's third stage which caused the Moon to ring for over three hours. So what's going on with the Moon?

Two Soviet scientists, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, have spent much of their careers examining the facts compiled on lunar phenomena. Their conclusion is that the Moon is artificial, possibly a hollowed-out planet, and that it was steered from some distant region of the galaxy into a circular orbit around our planet (hence the extraordinary mystery of rock and Moon-dust age variations). They claim that intellectual life has existed in the Moon for eons.

In 1968 as Apollo 8 moved into orbit around the Moon, the astronauts spotted a colossal extraterrestrial object, which then had disappeared on the next orbit. Photographs were taken, of course, but not released to the public. On another occasion when the lunar excursion module was down to 4-5 miles from the Moon's surface astronauts witnessed a UFO suddenly rise from a crater and rapidly disappear. In 1969, "Buzz" Aldrin was checking the lunar surface from orbit, when two UFOs appeared, moved towards the Apollo rocket, hovered nearby, then to Aldrin's utter astonishment the UFOs joined to form one entity.

Furthermore, astronauts of Apollo 11 saw a spacefleet of UFOs lined up in a crater. Almost every Moon mission involved encounters with UFOs or UFO sightings, not to mention the discovery of many bases on the Moon's surface. Renowned astronomer Patrick Moore discovered over one hundred dome-like buildings. In fact, about one thousand such bases, dome-like structures of diameter around 700 feet, have been witnessed. Astronomy records extending back 200 years indicate no such artefacts until about the 1950s (remember the book entitledAlternative III?). Many of the UFO encounters by the astronauts were stated to be of a positive nature in which unintrusive assistance was given.

It has been found that asteroids and meteors not only create shallow craters on the Moon's surface but produce a convex floor to the crater instead of concave as expected, supporting the idea of a rigid shell. Countless other pieces of evidence from astronomers and NASA scientists began to reveal that some 2-3 miles down there appear to be dense layers of metal -- which would explain why the craters were convex. But the most astonishing conclusion is that the only theory which can completely explain all the anomalies is that the Moon is hollow with a shell about 20 miles thick --mostly metal. Note that mascons (higher concentrations of mass) found in the marias cause fluctuations in gravity and have never been satisfactorily explained.

Moreover, these structural anomalies were supported by two publications, one Time Magazine, which unwittingly revealed the gravity value of the Moon relative to Earth by publishing the distance from Earth to Moon of the null point between them, indicating a gravitational force some 60 -70 % of Earth. Furthermore, some people noticed the feeble plumage of the rocket exhaust as the module rose from the Moon's surface---explained away by NASA as due to the vacuum. But what about some of the telltale and suspicious features observed during the first Armstrong and Aldrin Moon landing.

The American flag was seen briefly to wave in... a breeze? But we are told there is no air on the Moon. The flag was then starched. Also we saw dust kicked up by the astronauts clearly drifting in... what? Dust particles do not drift in vacuum -- they cling together. And what about the feeble leaps of the astronauts off the Moon's surface -- were their spacesuits and backpacks really so heavy? The Moon is supposed to be about one-sixth the gravity of Earth.

Thus we now know that air is present, and the feeble rocket exhaust could not be due to a vacuum. Moreover, the exhaust was apparently too weak to account for the necessary power to escape from such a gravitational pull in relationship to the size of the module, which was not large enough to contain the necessary fuel to escape the Moon's high gravity. Was antigravity propulsion secretly being used as a booster?

The covert government have long since sent 'astronauts' into outer space in antigravity spacecrafts. They apparently had the so-called cosmospheres about 40 years ago, some larger than the old and massive dirigibles. They seized the antigravity research data from the Nazis, and have since then reverse-engineered captured spacecrafts and negotiated deals with aliens involving antigravity technologies.

The more thorough have been the investigations of the Moon the more bizarre the results have been. Probably one of the most startling was that moonquakes occurred like clockwork. Moreover, the fluctuations on each occasion were the same. This is impossible for natural conditions which always obey fractal distributions. Furthermore, a study of rock samples reveal an age of 5.3 billion years, and that not only is the Moon older than the Earth, estimated to be about 4.6 billion years, but that it is older than the solar system (and by theoretical standards as old as the universe).

What about the surface of the Moon? Several television viewers wrote explaining that they spotted one of the astronauts pick up what appeared to be a glass bottle and remark, "My God, I don't believe it, look at this ..." Then the television screen went blank. Other viewers observed the extreme difficulty astronauts had when drilling down a few inches into the Moon's marias and that when the drill bit was pulled out, metal shavings were visible. Rocks were found to contain brass, mica, titanium, and elements uranium 236 and Neptunium 237 not previously found in nature.

Astronomy literature reports the sighting of a 12-mile bridge-like structure over the Sea of Crisis in 1954 by John O'Neile, and in the 1950s astronomer Morris K. Jessup realised that UFOs had bases on the Moon (and so does the government of course). Other strange lunar phenomena are: the observation by Dr. Frank Harris of a black body on the surface, 250 miles long and 50 miles wide; clouds and lightning; strange moving shadows and objects, and spire-like structures thousands of feet high; a huge boulder with tracks (behind it) from inside a crater to the rim (uphill); the shrinking, over a period of time, of the crater Luna from six miles in diameter to one and a half miles; 'hill' effects in craters appearing and disappearing in a few hours; over 800 substantial observations made by scientists of blinking and flashing lights; the results of NASA photographs of the lunar surface, indicating several large pyramid structures, strange rifts in the surface with entrances, massive girders, machinery and some 1000 kilometre blocks of metal, alongside tears in the surface. This reveals massive subsurface interior 'plumbing', huge crosses a mile long, and enormous excavating equipment.

Professional astronomers have gradually been discouraged from investigating these observations, referred to as Transient Lunar Phenomena, and all such Fortean observations are now only of interest to the amateur.

Our satellite has long since been established as being extremely dry but this information has been contradicted by the appearance of clouds on the surface. On one occasion a cloud of water vapour appeared covering more than 100 square miles. And it has been reported that strange clouds appear at lightning speed. The capture theory that the Moon was pulled into its orbit by the Earth was once favoured but the circular orbit of the Moon invalidated it. As already mentioned the Moon is the wrong size and in the wrong orbit. It is too big and too far out. It does not rotate relative to Earth; the same side always faces the Earth. And what about the amazing 'coincidence' of the eclipse phenomenon. The position and size of the Moon is precisely that necessary to eclipse the Sun's disc.

Scientific experts, including NASA investigators believe that the Moon is hollow -- it is the only explanation. The velocity of sound has been found to increase with depth and at 40 miles it is too fast for the speed of propagation through rock substance.

'Spaceship Moon' is the brainchild of the two Soviet researchers but many others agree with the theory, including NASA scientists at JPL and an Oxford University physicist. The capture theory is now back in favour but with a significant adjustment that the Moon was steered into orbit.

It might be worth a comment on the recent 'conspiracy theory' that astronauts never actually went to the Moon. DVDs and television programmes have proffered that, in particular, photographs allegedly taken on the Moon were faked. In fact one can see clearly in the photographs that the shadows of objects on the Moon were not parallel as they would be if the shadows were cast by the Sun, rather than by studio lighting. Further evidence has been given. But we may know from earlier suspicions that NASA has a propensity for faking scenes -- for example, the view of the interior of the shuttle faking an outer-space mission when actually on the ground. Thus the conclusion, and personal opinion of the author, is that both scenarios are correct: astronauts did land on the Moon, and NASA has produced faked photographs.

Was the space programme cut because further encounters with UFOs might blow the government cover-up? Even more important than this, allowing the public to increase their confront and interest in the subject of Extraterrestrials would eventually lead to a worldwide awakening of the human race's true heritage, the causes of our downfall, the falsification of our history, and ultimately the disclosure and eradication of the control mechanism.

We see that the Moon mysteries are intimately bound up with extraterrestrial sightings and involvement, in particular, the conclusion of the two Russian scientists that the Moon is artificial and hollow. Is this a favourable omen for the human race or a harbinger of something more ominous. Why was the Moon directed to retain continuously a dark side? A side of the Moon we never see. Also police records referring to increased crime during the full Moon are commonplace. A study of ET material of which literature today abounds, strongly indicates that the nature of the Moon has a sinister purpose and plays a role in manipulating man's evolution.

Adapted and originally published in December 2005 as "Our Enigmatic Moon".

Source: The Canadian National Newspaper


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Prison Inmates Tormented by a Wailing Ghost

The inmates at a women's prison in India say that the facility is haunted and that they are being tormented by the eerie wails of a spirit which echo throughout the building every night.

The spooky situation is reportedly unfolding at Barrack Number 6 inside the massive prison complex located in the village of Tihar.

According to witnesses, the ghost of a woman has been spotted on a handful of occasions in recent weeks and she has apparently been heard with chilling regularity.

Every night the prisoners lament, the haunting wails of the woman suddenly pierce the silence and rouse the unnerved inmates from the sleep.

The scared inmates explain that the mysterious wails are only heard around 2 AM and these sounds create such horror that the women prisoners are not able to sleep at night.  

As one can imagine, rumors have been running rampant in the prison as word of the ghostly happenings has spread throughout the cell block. In fact, some inmates have imagined a rather elaborate backstory for the screaming spirit, suggesting that she was a prisoner who was wrongly convicted and took her own life rather than unjustly live out her days at the site.

Other inmates aren't quite convinced that the site is haunted and contend that the women who are hearing the wails are probably hallucinating or stricken with some kind of disease. Be that as it may, the frustrated felons who are losing sleep over the unsettling sounds are now calling on officials at the prison to investigate the matter, since, of course, they can't exactly move out of the building to escape the ghost.

Source: Times of India


Man Shoots at "Bigfoot" in a Kentucky National Park
By Darran Simon and Mirna Alsharif

A couple camping at a national park in Kentucky said they were rousted from their tent by a man who told them he had seen a Bigfoot.

The man said he fired into the darkness after the ape-like monster that has never been proven to exist lunged at him, the couple told CNN on Wednesday.

Law enforcement rangers with the Mammoth Cave National Park responded to the incident involving the camper with the firearm at one of the park's backcountry campsites early Sunday, park spokeswoman Molly Schroer said in a statement.
The statement did not confirm a Bigfoot sighting but Schroer said no threat remains in the park.

Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of a firearm in the national park, she said. Park officials know the identity of the person who allegedly fired a weapon; no charges have been filed.

Madelyn Durand and her boyfriend Brad Ginn, who reported the incident to park rangers, said the encounter frightened them. And the attention over the alleged sighting of the cryptozoological mystery known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, has surprised the Bowling Green, Kentucky, couple.

"I was mostly just concerned about him shooting the gun in the middle of the night without him really seeing anything," said Durand, 22.

Durand said she was awakened around 11 p.m. when she heard noises outside their tent. She assumed other campers were being rowdy and drinking. She woke Ginn after a flashlight shined into the tent.

"We got out of the tent and saw a man who told us their campsite had been destroyed by someone or something," said Durand, a student at Western Kentucky University.

The man, who was with his young son, showed them his gun on his hip and told them the area was popular for Bigfoot sightings, Durand recalled. The couple climbed back into their tent as the man walked away to investigate with his son in tow.

"We heard them coming back about 10 minutes later. We heard them yelling 'I see it!' Durand said.

She added: "We saw the flash from his gun, and he shot maybe 20 yards from the side of our tent into the pitch-black darkness."

Durand said she was scared that the gunfire could have struck them.

The man with firearm seemed frightened, too. He told the couple his hands were shaking, they recalled.

"The guy said he saw a Bigfoot emerge from the brush and it was coming towards him, so he shot at it," said Ginn, 24, who also attends Western Kentucky University.

"We shined a flashlight to see if there was an animal or something. And there was absolutely nothing there," Durand said.

Once the adrenalin wore off, the couple made jokes about their strange night during their 5-mile hike to back their car in the darkness.

"We're pretty shocked by how much it's blown up," Ginn said.

Source: CNN


Strange Creature with Glowing Eyes Haunts Pakistan Market

The Shershah flea market in Pakistan, which is touted by some as the biggest market for scrapped goods in South Asia, has now become a haunted site for some. The sighting of a mysterious "out of the world" creature at the market has sparked fear in many traders working there.

The traders, as a result, have started closing their shops earlier than before.

It all started more than a week ago when a watchman Gulzar was performing his duties outside a warehouse. He heard dogs barking nearby and got up from his chair to see what was going on. Gulzar said that he felt a strange sensation as he was walking towards the area where the noise was coming from. He then spotted a “strange creature” and ran away.

“The creature was black and its eyes were as bright as a torchlight,” he said. Gulzar has been working as a watchman for the last 25 years. “I have never seen anything like that before.”

Gulzar shared his encounter with other watchmen but no one believed him.

The next day, another watchman, Abdul Qayyum, was taking a round of the area when he spotted the same creature.

The two watchmen claimed that the creature has even killed 11 goats at the warehouse. Soon rumours started making the rounds, leading to fear and panic. Some have claimed that the mysterious figure is five feet tall, while others claim that it can jump up to 20 feet.

Not everyone believes the story though. A person who works at the flea market said that he thinks someone is probably pulling a prank and there is no truth to the sightings.

Some traders even approached the Jahanabad police, asking for them to investigate the matter. A policeman, Muzammil Shah, said that they received many reports about sightings of such a figure, adding that they are investigating the matter.

Source: Samaa

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