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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Chakra unblocking tales as:

- Oregon Cattle Mutilations Alarm Ranchers - 
- Champ Hunter Captures Unusual Sonar Image -
- A Gnome By Any Other Name -
AND: The Ghost in the Mirror

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At this very moment, thousands of friendly space beings, sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Brotherhood, or the Federation of Planets, are patrolling our atmosphere on a mission of salvation as they seek to expand the consciousness of humanity and to lessen global tensions.

Led by the gallant Ashtar, it is believed by his followers that that these highly advanced beings could at a moment’s notice remove from the planet a sizable portion of humanity identified as the “Chosen Ones” – those attuned with the cosmos and its universal laws – who would be taken to a safe port in a distant solar system.

Although he is an Etherian, a nonphysical being, Ashtar and his comrades take on the appearance of royal-looking humans. So say those who have had face-to-face contact, including New York City contactee Marc Brinkerhoff, who describes Ashtar’s appearance thusly: “His presence is trustful, commanding, confident and calming when I have met him during out-of-body visits to the teaching spaceships around the Earth, and on August 10, 2015 when I physically met him in person."

Ashtar's The Space Brothers Speak: Transmissions From the Solar Council is more than unique. It presents a grand overview of Ashtar and his Commanders as well as messages from his special spokespersons, including Tuella, his primary representative. This work also includes transmissions from many of the individual planets in this solar system, the inhabitants of which operate on a “higher vibrational level,” making them normally invisible to the human eye, except the most closely connected. There is also fabulous artwork by Carol Ann Rodriguez of a number of these enlightened souls, as well as overviews by Hercules Invictus, Tim Beckley and Sean Casteel.

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Oregon Cattle Mutilations Alarm Ranchers
By Diana Kruzman

When the first dead bull turned up at the end of July, it didn’t raise an alarm at the Silvies Valley Ranch.

Cattle sometimes die suddenly on the ranch’s 140,000 acres in Harney County — struck by disease or felled by a broken leg and unable to find a way out of the rugged, forested terrain.

But by the time ranch hands discovered four more dead bulls within 24 hours, they knew they were likely dealing with deliberate, premeditated killings.

They’re still baffled by the circumstances. There were no wounds. No signs of a struggle. And the bulls’ genitals and tongues had been carefully removed.

The killing and mutilation of the 4 and 5-year-old Hereford bulls in the prime of their productive lives has since spurred a multi-agency investigation in eastern Oregon, but detectives have turned up no leads and haven’t yet even settled on a cause of death.

“How somebody put these bulls on the ground at what would be arguably a fairly close range — and to do it in a way that didn’t leave any signs, no trace evidence, no footprints, no struggle marks from the animal, no broken limbs — I have no idea,” said Colby Marshall, vice president of the Silvies Valley Ranch.

The mystery deepens because there’s no obvious reason someone would want those animal parts. They aren’t prime targets for black market sales, authorities said.

The deaths are eerily similar to a rash of livestock killings and mutilations across the West in the 1970s, when hundreds of cows and bulls turned up dead, also of seemingly unknown causes and with their genitals and tongues missing.

Back then, theories ran the gamut from a government conspiracy and UFOs to natural deaths and scavengers. Today, the circumstances at Silvies Valley Ranch point to humans as the probable culprits because of the precise cuts on the bulls.

Anything else for now is speculation, including ideas of what might have killed a bull without leaving marks. Marshall said he wonders if the killer used poison darts.

“We think that these are very sick and dangerous individuals and they need to answer for this horrible crime,” he said.

Silvies Valley Ranch, about 40 minutes north of the county seat of Burns, has put up a $25,000 reward for information on the bull killings that leads to an arrest and conviction, and the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has offered its own $1,000 reward.

The investigation has pulled in Oregon State Police as well as the U.S. Forest Service because the cattle were grazing on a federal allotment in the Malheur National Forest.

The ranch is owned by veterinarian Scott Campbell, who bought the enterprise in 2006. Since then, it’s expanded into tourism with a golf course and resort on site, but still maintains around 4,500 head of beef cattle, including around 100 bulls.

The five dead bulls were found on July 30 and 31, in a wooded area about 15 miles from U.S. 395, the nearest major road. They were each about a quarter mile apart, Marshall said. There is some official disagreement on when they were killed — the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, which saw only four of the bulls, puts the deaths at three to 14 days before discovery, but Marshall believes the cattle were discovered within 24 to 48 hours of their deaths.

The delay in finding the animals is not unusual in such a remote area, where ranchers are tasked with patrolling large tracts of land, said Jerome Rosa, executive director of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association. Harney County is Oregon’s largest county, covering more than 10,000 square miles where cattle outnumber people 14-to-1.

“These are huge, vast, steep landscapes with lots of rock and trees and brush,” Rosa said. “Ranchers may not see their cattle for long stretches of time.”

Beef is Oregon’s largest agricultural commodity, drawing in nearly $1 billion a year – and most cattle crimes typically involve theft, Rosa said.

This makes the deaths at Silvies Valley Ranch particularly bizarre, he said, because the bulls were worth a lot of money alive, particularly for breeding.

Marshall estimated their value at up to $7,000 apiece and said they would have sired at least 100 calves each over the remainder of their lives.

“Their productive life was a huge economic opportunity for the ranch, and now that’s completely lost,” he said. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Marshall has heard from several other Oregon ranchers who reported similar killings on their property over the past few decades — including cows that had been found with their udders, vulvas and tongues removed.

One of these ranchers, Terry Anderson, found a dead cow on land he was renting near Pendleton in 1980. Its udder had been cleanly removed and Anderson could see no clear evidence of what had killed the animal.

“There was no visible bullet hole or anything there,” Anderson recalled this week. “It was so unusual. It just left you with an eerie feeling.”

The hundreds of cattle deaths in the 1970s — largely concentrated in the Midwest — caused a media sensation as ranchers roiled by an economic crisis blamed a government conspiracy, according to Michael Goleman, a history professor at Somerset Community College in Kentucky who researched the phenomenon.

Because the killings were scattered across different states, investigators reached no overarching conclusion on the cause of the deaths, but Goleman said some people believed the government was conducting weapons tests on the cattle.

Facing pressure from ranchers, the FBI opened an investigation in 1979 into the deaths of 15 cattle in New Mexico, ultimately concluding that there was no evidence of intentional mutilation by humans and the animals had likely died of natural causes.

Since then, scattered reports have made headlines, including the discovery of several mutilated cows in Kansas in 2016 and five cows in 1990 that had been killed and dissected on a farm in Washington. Goleman said conspiracy theorists have pinned the blame on everything from satanic cults to aliens.

But Silvies Valley Ranch isn’t placing its bets on paranormal activity, though Harney County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Jenkins said he’s gotten a few suggestions that Sasquatch may be responsible. He’s received around 20 calls from around the western U.S. since news about the deaths started spreading.

Jenkins, the lead investigator on the case, said the lack of physical evidence at the crime sites — no footprints, no tire or ATV tracks — means authorities are relying on witnesses to call in to the tip line and report any suspicious activity they might have seen in the area.


David Bohnert, a professor at Oregon State University who studies beef cattle, said two things typically kill livestock: poisoning from eating toxic plants and people.

In this case, poisoning is unlikely, given the number of bulls involved and the plants in the area, he said. Larkspur typically flowers earlier in the year, while hemlock, another deadly plant, grows only around rivers and streams — not the dry forests where the bulls were found.

Plus, the fact that all five cattle killed were bulls, Bohnert said, is statistically unlikely to occur in nature — they make up only about 4% to 6% of a herd.

That leaves human activity as the most likely cause, he said. Adding to the evidence is the surgical precision with which the genitals and tongues were removed. Scavengers would leave obvious signs of tearing with teeth, claws or beaks, he said.

Bohnert said he has heard rumors of bull testicles being considered an aphrodisiac, and both tongues and genitals can be eaten — the famous “Rocky Mountain Oysters” come to mind. But he could think of no reason why someone couldn’t just legally buy the animal parts.

Yet the human explanation comes with its own difficulties.

Taking down a 2,000-pound bull is no easy feat, and Marshall said there were no signs of a struggle — the bulls were all lying on their sides as if they had just fallen over and died.

He said he could only think that some kind of toxic dart might kill a bull from a distance. But he has no proof of it and may never find it. It’s not clear if a dart would leave a detectable imprint.

In the meantime, tissue samples taken from the carcasses are still being analyzed for toxins and no results are available yet, Marshall said. Even with the tests, the killings may remain an enigma. The bulls had been left to decompose for several days, making a toxicology screen difficult to do, he said.

Until a suspect is found, ranch employees are on high alert, particularly those who patrol vast areas alone on ATV or on horseback.

Rosa said the news had also concerned other ranchers — but that greater awareness could also lead to faster answers in the tight-knit ranching community.

“The neighbors and the folks that are in those areas know each other,” Rosa said. “And when there’s someone strange or different that’s out and about, they take notice of that, and they let each other know.”

Source: Oregon Live


Champ Hunter Captures Unusual Sonar Image
By Lohr McKinstry

MORIAH – Champ hunter Katy Elizabeth couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at sonar images she’d taken on a cruise near the Moriah-Westport town line on Lake Champlain.

As the director of the Champ Search group, she’s on the lake almost every day in the summer looking for the legendary Lake Champlain monster.

It was the end of the day and her boat, which she named “Kelpie,” was running out of gas, she said.

“I saw two weird things moving on the sonar,” she said. “I looked down at the display and said ‘what are they?’ They were about 165 feet down. I took 65 pictures (sonar images).

“I didn’t look at them closely until the next morning.”

What the Ferrisburg, Vt. resident saw astonished her – the photos showed what appeared to be massive creatures with long necks moving below her boat.

“When I saw that head looking back at me, I started crying. I was shaking. I knew it was Champ. There were two animals.”

The closest creature was about 25 feet long, she estimated.

“He looked annoyed. I think the sonar is very sensitive to their ears. It was amazing. There are protuberances on their heads, maybe for echo location.”

Champ History

Champ has been seen since since only Native Americans lived around Lake Champlain, she said, going back hundreds of years.

“For them to be in the lake that long, there has to be a breeding population of the animals. There can’t be just one.”

She said the animal did not resemble a plesiosaur, a prehistoric marine reptile often suggested as Champ.

“It was something else. I’m still working on what species it might have been.”

The next step is to return to the same location and continue the search, she said.

“We’re going to go back out there. We’ll start from Arnold’s Bay in Panton (Vt.) and head across the lake.”

Unsolved Mystery

Katy Elizabeth, 34, said she’s had about 10 above-water sightings of Champ since she started looking for the creature seven years ago. She became fascinated with the Champ legend while watching an episode of the “Unsolved Mysteries” TV show that featured the creature.

She had her first sighting in August 2012, while staying at the Button Bay State Park campground near Vergennes, Vt.

None of her previous sightings were definitive, she said, but this one might be.

“It’s pretty promising. I’ve sent the sonar images off to a ?analyzation expert? I know, for optical analysis. I don’t think it’s a mammal species. We’re dealing with a reptile.”

She said she’s taken photographs on her other sightings, but the creature was too far away or the light was too dim to get a sharp, clear image.

She’s also writing a second book on her search for Champ. The first, “Water Horse of Lake Champlain,” is available from Amazon.com and local businesses like Champ’s Trading Post in West Addison, Vt.

“It will be out later this year,” she said. “I have to add a chapter on this latest sighting.”

Some Skeptics

Some people have told her they disagree with her findings, she said.

“Anyone that truly knows my way of research, I am not the type of person to exaggerate,” she said. “I also take utmost pride in this work, as well as always keeping a logical way of thinking.

“My protocol involves biology as well as supporting material to come to any of my own conclusions. There are too many theories out there that are unsupported; that is not my style of thinking or how I present my research findings.”

She’s now writing a report on the Aug. 5 sighting, she said, and plans to submit everything for peer review when it’s done.

“It may take awhile, but I want to do this right. I hope that I’ve finally found Champ.”

Source: Press-Republican


New Evidence for Life After Death
By Michael Grosso

Most of us are struggling to survive on earth and don’t have time to think about life after death. As it happens, there is much information about this subject, and some progress in the field is notable.  Thanks to new technologies, what may lie behind the veil of bodily death is being gradually scoped out.

There are four types of experience fairly recently noted that seem to shed light on the great mystery: near-death experiences (NDEs), deathbed visions, terminal lucidity, and group near-death experiences.  For a review of the whole range of afterlife evidence, see my Experiencing the Next World Now on Amazon.

The most widely known are NDEs, perhaps the most interesting.  In cases of near-death caused by cardiac arrest, blood is immediately cut off from the brain, and there ought not to be any consciousness, any experience at all, according to the mainstream view.  But not only do people still have experiences, they have the most vivid, super-real, and transformative experiences—which should be impossible, if mainstream science is right.

In death-bed visions, people about to die see apparitions of dead people; their mood is exalted.  They die convinced by their vision that there is a world beyond.  Terminal lucidity refers to people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, or other brain disease, but who, days or hours before death, suddenly recover their mental faculties and recognize their loved ones just before passing away.  This phenomenon is a real challenge--how to explain it?  It looks as if the person, in leaving the sick brain, retrieves her mental faculties before passing into the next world.  The retrieved mental faculties may be the result of the mind breaking loose from its damaged brain. I’m waiting to hear another explanation.

Finally, the fourth new phenomenon, and one that seems especially rare: in this case, individuals with the dying person somehow mentally join him or her in the preliminary journey to the next world.  Scott M. Taylor, Ed. D, President and Executive Director of the Monroe Institute, was kind enough to provide a written account of the near-death experience he shared with someone he loved.

Before I quote Scott’s description, there is the sad background for this remarkable experience.  Mary Fran and her boy Nolan were both killed in a car crash, Mary Fran instantly and Nolan several days later in a hospital, surrounded by two anxious families, along with Scott. There came a moment when the boy died, causing the hearts of all to sink—except Scott.

At the moment of Nolan’s passing, Scott had an experience that is rarely reported, although Raymond Moody has written a book about the phenomenon called Glimpses of Eternity.  How many times in the history of the world have people been forced to watch those they loved die?  Countless, no doubt—but how often do you hear stories of anyone who claimed to join the dying person making the transition?

Not very often, to be sure.  But it’s being reported more frequently today.  Here is how Scott Taylor describes it: “As Nolan’s heartbeat patterns flattened and the monitor beside his bed sounded the constant, unwavering tone of organ failure, every member of his extended family wept…except for me.

“As he left his physical body for the last time, Mary Fran crossed the divide between the nonphysical world and the physical and scooped Nolan out of his body. Their reunion embrace was exquisite. Then, to my surprise, Mary Fran and Nolan turned and included me in their embrace. Together, the three of us went to the light.

“I know of no English words for the combination of joy, ecstasy, love, and requited longing that burned within me. It carried me to a dimension I never knew existed. In that moment, there was no pain of loss, only unity, rapture and reunion.”

Now, as it seems, the greater mental world we inhabit—not in physical space or time—is present to us and pervades physical reality.  We are, it seems,  psychophysical amphibians, separate in space but united in mind and spirit.  The great oneness of mind is mostly hidden below the threshold of our everyday awareness.

The experience that Scott describes fits the amphibian image.  He describes his experience unfolding in the ‘next’ world even while at the same time being fully aware of himself with his co-mourners standing next to him in the hospital.  Scott was aware of the incongruity of his feeling expansive and ecstatic at the very moment that Nolan died, so he puts his face in his hands and tries to conceal the fact that he is bursting with joy.

As Scott writes in a remarkable passage: “I was fully conscious, fully present in the hospital room with the grieving gathering. Yet simultaneously I was lifted to a place beyond description. I experienced bi-location: two fully conscious vantage points, one on the window sill next to Willy, and a second, somewhere in another dimension embraced by Mary Fran and Nolan as she guided her son farther into the Light.”

The image that emerges tells us that by virtue of our minds we are connected with a greater mind and greater worlds.  But to know this we sometimes are forced to venture into the dangerous waters of love and death.  

Source: Consciousness Unbound


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A Gnome By Any Other Name

My paternal grandmother was born in a rural area of Sweden in 1891, and when I was a boy she told me stories of the Tomte (as I understand it, Tomte is plural and the singular is Tomten), small beings that took the appearance of old, bearded men. The Tomte were no more than 3 feet tall and wore pointed hats, which we’ve of course come to associate with gnomes and similar creatures. Legend tells that the Tomte were capable of invisibility and could shapeshift, sometimes taking the appearance of a large, grown man.

Also, according to legend — and Grandma Alice’s stories — Tomte would usually be found on a farm and would carry out chores at night and help care for the farmer’s animals. It was thought to be bad luck to see a Tomten, but my grandmother claimed that she would often find his small footprints in the snow or mud around her home.

Although basically a benevolent spirit, the Tomten was easily offended and could be vindictive. If, for example, the Tomten felt that the farmer was mistreating his livestock, heard swearing in the barn, or neglecting to clean up a mess, the Tomten would become incensed and cause mischief. Items around the house were found broken, the milk curdled, even the cows’ tails tied together. Tomte would also become angered and would seek revenge if they were sighted or if the farmer and his family failed to leave a bowl of porridge and butter out for him on Christmas Eve. My grandmother and her family used to follow this tradition, leaving out porridge with butter for the Tomten each Christmas Eve.

My grandmother was quite insistent that the Tomte were not merely the stuff of fairytale and legend, but real beings that occupied the farms and rural landscapes of Sweden. It was these stories that contributed to my lifelong fascination with tales of diminutive humanoids. Originally coming out of the pagan traditions regarding “earth spirits” and the worship of the natural world, the Tomte later became associated with ungodly or heathen beliefs after the Christianization of Scandinavia. However, despite the sometimes negative association, the Tomten has remained a popular figure in Swedish folklore.

Obviously, the more familiar correlative is the Gnome, of which their are purportedly a great many variations and go by many names, including Erdmanleins (Germany), Nains (Britain), Nisse or Nissen (Norway and also Sweden), Tontti (Finland), Dudje (Bulgaria and Albania), and others. Not surprisingly, legends of little people are found not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

In North America the Native American people speak of “little feet” or “baby feet” that often inhabit mountainous regions or dwell underground. These beings are also said to have various magical and psychic powers, including the power of invisibility and to mentally confuse any human foolish enough to pursue them. Encounters with these entities are also associated with memory loss and periods of missing time, much akin to the reports that we hear in relation to the UFO/alien abduction phenomena (a subject that I’ll save for another post). An excellent article on Native American lore concerning little people or babyfeet in North America can be found on Dr. Karl Shuker’s blog.

In 1932, gold prospectors Cecil Main and Frank Carr, blasting open the walls of a gulch in the Pedro Mountains of Wyoming, discovered a cavern that had been sealed behind a wall of rock. Within the cavern sat, cross-legged, a small, wizened figure no more than 14? high. The tiny manneken was naturally preserved and mummified, having been spared from the elements because of that fact that it was sealed within the cave. The creature was removed from the cavern and later examined and underwent an x-ray analysis by Dr. Henry Shapiro of the American Museum of Natural History. The fact that the little man sported a full set of teeth and a fully-fused skull dispelled any possibility of the small humanoid being an infant. Interestingly, the Shoshone people told of the Nimerigar, a small, aggressive people who occupied that region of Wyoming. The Nimerigar were supposed to have hunted with bows and poison arrows and lived in the Wind River and Pedro Mountains.

Personally, the question that I most frequently ponder is “are accounts of these creatures merely folklore, or are they based in truth?” I imagine that posing this question would be much more quickly dismissed prior to 2004’s discovery of Homo floresiensis on the Indonesian island of Flores. These diminutive humanoids, which have become known as “hobbits”, appears to be a separate species of human that only grew about a meter tall. The bones found are believed to be as young as 13,000 years old, demonstrating that this tiny human lived at the same time as modern Homo sapiens. If a distinctly different version of humanoid existed alongside modern humans, I believe that we must entertain the idea that other such diminutive humanoids may have lived elsewhere throughout the world.

In South America many of the native people speak of the Duende, a race of small goblin- or gnome-like creatures that make their home in the surrounding forests and mountains. Recently, a video of a small, pointy-hatted being in Argentina surfaced on the Internet. The creature, if it is a fake, is a convincing one. It shuffles out of some high grass with a strange sideways gait, into a road as a group of teenagers returning from a fishing trip lounge nearby. The boys seem genuinely startled, judging from the scream that escapes one of them as the being appears.

The video, of course, is so outlandish that it has been dismissed by most who have seen it, but coming from a graphics background I’m of the opinion that this creature is not a CGI creation, and it certainly seems to be quite diminutive — of proportions that you might only see from a person who suffers from primordial dwarfism, an exceedingly rare condition. His hat barely clears the high grass out of which it shuffles.

So, is it possible that little people once existed, or do currently exist? If so, are they flesh-and-blood beings such as ourselves, simply an undiscovered race of creatures that has cleverly hidden themselves from us? Or, are they something more than that? Are they of an interdimensional or paranormal nature? Folklore has consistently described them as having magical gifts and properties, but is that nothing more than myth and fairytale?

As the newer developments in quantum physics point us to a different view of the nature of reality, that we exist not in a Universe, but a Multiverse, is it possible that there might be beings that can traverse these different planes of existence, moving between our reality and others? What connection, if any, have reports of these creatures in a paranormal context have to do with the modern reports of alien abductions and missing time experiences?

Source: The Paranomalist


How Flying Saucers Helped Revive The Hollow Earth

The late 19th and early 20th centuries might have been considered the "salad days" for the hollow Earth theory if not for the emergence of the flying saucer phenomena starting in the 1940s. Scientists had for centuries speculated what was actually lying beneath our feet. In 1692 astronomer Edmund Halley postulated that the Earth is a hollow shell about 500 miles thick, with two inner concentric shells and an innermost core. He even suggested that each sphere "might support life," because the spheres were bathed in perpetual light from a luminous gaseous atmosphere that filled all of the inner spaces.

Cyrus Reed Teed was an alchemist from Utica NY, who, in 1869, received a spiritual "illumination" from "The Divine Motherhood," who told him that the universe occupies a "Hollow cell" in solid rock, 8000 miles in diameter. We live and walk on the spherical inner surface of this cell, our heads pointing toward its center where the sun hangs. The entire universe that we "see in the sky" lies within this cell, cradled "in the hands of God."

The early 1900s saw the release of two popular books about the hollow Earth, William Reed's 1906 "The phantom of the Poles" and, Marshall Gardner's 1913 "A Journey to the Earth's Interior; or, Have the Poles Really Been Discovered?". Both of these books fanned the flames of media attention with national newspapers such as the Chicago Daily Tribune publishing articles that delighted their readers with fantastic stories of mysterious natural phenomena attributed to the hollow Earth, and Arctic explorers searching for Polar openings to take them into the hollow interior of the planet.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, popular author of the Tarzan books, also contributed to the hollow Earth frenzy with his action adventure novels about the subterranean world of Pelucidar.

By the 1920s, interest in the hollow Earth began to wane and it looked like it would soon disappeared into that great dustbin of quaint and old fashioned myths such as the great turtle or the flat Earth. However, in 1942, an eccentric science fiction writer by the name of Richard S. Shaver breathed new life into the mysterious world beneath, and even managed to help throw UFOs into the mix as well.

In Amazing Stories magazine, Richard Shaver introduced to thousands of readers his belief in a race of underground beings called the Deros. The Deros were the mutated descendants of a great race of extraterrestrials who inhabited the Earth long before the last ice age. Due to natural catastrophes, these beings moved underground to survive, but as the centuries wore on, they succumbed to madness and physical degeneration.

Even though this race of underground creatures were deformed and insane, their highly advanced electronics and machinery remained in almost pristine condition hidden away in long forgotten tunnels. Oddly, some of these machines were aircraft and spaceships whose descriptions bore an uncanny resemblance to the UFOs and flying saucers that would fill the skies after World War II.

Amazing Stories editor Ray Palmer, who was often referred to as the "man who created flying saucers," realized that there was money to be made on the subject of UFOs. Palmer would never commit himself to the extraterrestrial explanation for UFOs that had become so predominant by the 1950s. Remembering what Richard Shaver had said about the Dero and their disc-shaped flying machines, Palmer, instead of looking to the heavens for flying saucers, he looked downwards into the hollow Earth as their possible point of origin.

In the December 1959 issue of Flying Saucers Magazine, Palmer wrote:  "Flying Saucers Magazine has amassed a large file of evidence which its editors consider unassailable, to prove that the flying saucers are native to the planet Earth and originate from the hollow interior by way of openings in the North and South Poles."

Theodore Fitch was another writer who agreed with Palmers Thesis.  In his book, "Our Paradise Inside the Earth," fitch writes: "UFO occupants who come to us in flying saucers and who pose to be visitors from other planets, are really members of an advanced civilization in the hollow interior of the Earth, who have important reasons for keeping their true place of origin secret, for which reason they purposely foster the false belief that they come from other planets."

Since that time, many books have been written about the hollow Earth, and practically all of them do not fail to mention a possible connection with UFOs. Those who embrace the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFOs find it easy to scoff at the idea that UFOs and their occupants could originate from a yet-to-be-explored realm beneath our feet.  Considering the ancient worldwide traditions that say the inner world exists and is populated by a rich variety of intelligent races, it is no more difficult to imagine that some UFOs could be from right here on planet Earth then it is to imagine them traveling thousands of light years from some far, distant planet.

Source: Tim R. Swartz


The Ghost in the Mirror: Phantoms or Psychological Illusions?

Do you remember playing “Bloody Mary” when you were a child? You know, the game where you stared into a mirror and chanted the  the blood-witch mentioned above three times, with the eminent risk that a devilish ghost would emerge from the reflective surface and rip your face off?

In all likelihood, you did play this game, but failed to see a bloody witch glaring back at you. Still, many have professed an interest in the legend of Bloody Mary over the years, variously referred to as Mary Worth, Hell Mary, Mary Jones, and a host of other names. According to Snopes.com, Bloody Mary research began around 1978 in an essay published by folklorist Janet Langlois, at which time belief in summoning the mirror-witch was still widespread. “Mary is summoned whenever squealing girls get together for a sleepover,” Snopes says. “We typically performed the ‘ritual’ in bathrooms, because the bathrooms of our suburban homes had large mirrors and were easily darkened even during the day since they had no windows.” Typically, when the Bloody Mary ritual is performed correctly, a murderous ghost is said to emerge from the mirror, often attacking the individual who summoned her.

There is indeed a bit of history associated with the notion that ghostly images appear in mirrored surfaces. One early 20th century rhyme featured on Halloween post cards read, “On Halloween look in the glass, your future husband’s face will pass” (see image at right). Although this reference certainly pre-dates Langlois’ 1978 research into the phenomenon, even earlier references to magical arts like mirror-gazing and the use of “shew stones” dates back to ancient Egypt, where black obsidian mirrors were sometimes used in the process of divination known as “scrying.”

According to Raymond Moody M.D., the ancient Greeks used a similar process with the specific intention of contacting the dead, which they called the psychomanteum. In modern times, this environment (sometimes called a “spirit booth”) is used in a fashion similar to that of the Ganzfeld Technique, in that it is a form of sensory deprivation (staring into the optical depth of a mirror in a darkened room). Moody says the effect that produces “apparitions” is purely psychological—but it also causes one to consider whether, if the appearance of the dead in psychological studies can be achieved, the same might have occurred in other, less formal situations.

Ghosts in mirrors have indeed become an item of fascination. Various different takes on this theme include everything from the popular Candyman films to widely-circulated videos seen on the Internet.

Similarly, many parapsychologists have suggested that ghosts may become visible in reflective surfaces due to the way that mirrors, while maintaining an optical reversal of their surroundings, nonetheless reflect one of the most common forms of electromagnetic energy: light. Thus, a variety of images purported to show ghostly manifestations in haunted locations achieve their affect by aiming the lens of a camera diagonally into mirrors and reflective surfaces.

Have you ever seen a ghost in a mirror? If so, was it an apparition you recognized, or did you instead witness some strange aspect of the neither realms too horrifying to judge apart from a nightmare? Email your stories to info@gralienreport.com.

UPDATE: Sheridan Walker of San Antonio, TX sent along the following response to this story:

A friend in England, Dr. Harry Oldfield, has been interested in ghost research for many years. At the request of a friend who believed her house was haunted, Harry visited to take photos with his specially equipped camera. He and the friend stood in the doorway of the bedroom where a lot of activity had been happening and he snapped a quick photo when he saw a flash of motion–neither could say at the moment what it could have been. The wall opposite the door contained a bureau and mirror. When the photos came back there was one( the one with the mirror) that showed 3 people in medieval dress with shocked looks on their faces, one reaching his hand out as if to bravely try to touch the unknown room they were seeing. These people were within the mirror. The mirror also reflected back a small table with some things on it–a table not in the physical room. The house was of an age to date back to the time that these other people might have lived. I always got the feeling that perhaps the location of the mirror was a portal of some sort–and these folks were not ghosts. Very intriguing!

Source: The Gralien Report

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