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- Mysterious Fireballs Cause Fires in Chile - 
- Nazi UFOs and Desert Mysteries -
- Researchers Claim to Have Material From UFO -
AND: Woman Allegedly Cries Solid Crystal Tears

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Mysterious Fireballs Cause Fires in Chile
By Becky Ferreira

On September 25, a fireball was photographed hurtling across the skies above Chiloé Island in Chile, and nobody knows what it was yet.

The flaming object was posted to social media, and was initially linked to several fires ignited in the area, raising the possibility of more falling objects. The fires were extinguished by volunteer firefighters before causing any harm, according to LiveScience. Government field analysis of the scorched areas turned up no sign of meteorites, the fragmentary remains of meteors, however.

As a result, geologists from Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) said meteorites weren’t linked to the fires, according to a report released on Saturday. Meteorites have been falsely blamed for igniting fires on previous occasions, and scientists say it is exceedingly unlikely that these objects can cause fires unless they are relatively large.

It’s still entirely possible that the fireball streaking across the Chilean skies was a meteor that simply coincided with the fires, however. Harvard University astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell tweeted that the event was “probably a meteorite" the day after the fireball lit up the sky.

But if the fireball wasn't a meteor, regardless of whether it started the fires or not, what else could it be? If your instinct is to guess “extraterrestrial spaceship,” you might be right, but don’t start channeling your inner Fox Mulder yet. It’s vastly more likely that the fireball was caused by our own civilization’s space trash than any spacefaring alien species paying a visit.

There are millions of small objects in orbit, and thousands of pieces larger than 10 centimeters. This debris is composed of tiny chipped-off parts of spacecraft, dead satellites, spent rocket boosters, and other human-made junk. Hundreds of pieces of space junk and thousands of meteorites fall to Earth each year, though they mostly land in the oceans and unpopulated areas on land.

McDowell said that he couldn’t find any “obvious space debris candidates” to explain the object, or objects. But he added that “sometimes takes a few days for relevant data to come in” on databases such as Space Track.

This space debris data “is based on radar tracking of objects and, sometimes, detection of reentry fireballs by infrared surveillance satellites,” McDowell explained in an email.

Sernageomin officials collected soil samples from the sites of the fires and will conduct a more thorough analysis of them in the laboratory. Closer examination could reveal debris that is not visible to the naked eye, which would help solve the mystery of what type of object flamed out in the skies of Chiloé Island last week.

Source: Vice


Nazi UFOs and Desert Mysteries
By Sean Casteel

It is not known at what point Bruce Alan Walton took the name of “Branton,” but we do know that he did it out of fear for his life.

Branton had learned certain details about an alien/human conspiracy that predated all our conventional views of human history, the kind of details the conspirators would stop at nothing to keep secret. For those secret societies, murder was and is always an option.

In spite of how he uneasily came to feel like an easy target for the dark forces at play, Branton managed to place his version of reality on the Internet, starting in the mid-1990s. His postings came to be called the “Branton Files,” and have been publicly denounced as “high fantasy” filled with complex and convoluted conspiracy theories.

Never one to shrink back from danger himself, Timothy Green Beckley, the CEO of Global Communications and Inner Light Publications, has published some of Branton’s books, to include “The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth” and “The Mojave Desert’s Mysterious Secrets,” both of which deal in great detail with Branton’s research and the life events he endured while both studying and trying to conceal himself from the strange hidden forces that seek to control and enslave “our” world. Beckley also published Branton’s “The Omega Files: Secret Nazi UFO Bases Revealed,” which describes how German engineers actually flew flying saucers shortly before the end of World War II and currently continue their depraved efforts in underground bases around the world.

One can only hope that Beckley will be spared any reprisals by the secret group for helping Branton to expose these nefarious machinations. Beckley could easily be forced into a position where he has to look over his shoulder as he walks the streets on his way to a restaurant for dinner.

An obvious consequence of Branton’s hiding himself from the fiendish denizens of hell and misery is that he is also largely hidden from us, a sympathetic group of believers in potential conspiracies. What little is known about Branton is dealt with in the early section of “The Mojave Desert’s Mysterious Secrets.” It is taken from a website he operated at one point in the 1990s.

According to the website, Branton was born in 1960 to a large family who lived near the western base of the Rocky Mountains. As he grew up, he began to distrust organized religion, which he felt had long ago been infected by a kind of Masonic “virus” that could be traced back to Lucifer, the fallen angel who became Satan.

Branton briefly recounts a sad history of being drawn into various secret, neo-Masonic, so-called “New Age” cults that manipulated their members with mind control tactics and even subjected younger adherents to perverse rituals of molestation at the cults’ deeper levels. He freely admits that being infected with this psycho-spiritual poison caused him many mental and emotional problems when he reached adulthood, as is the case with all victims of molestation.

Meanwhile, seeking escape through “legalistic” forms of Christianity only drove Branton deeper into the clutches of wickedness. He feels he was somehow “used” by the Evil One and made to do harm to others around him. But before his defection from the parasitical kingdom of darkness, he was able to learn about many of its deeper secrets and some details of its inner-workings. He came to feel it was his duty – regardless of personal risk – to expose this darkness to the light of truth and thus help others to escape the traps that almost ruined his life.

He thought of his enemies as vampires feeding on him parasitically as he tried to overcome the effects of being abducted by aliens as a child and having the usual attendant implants inserted into his body. Over time, he came to know the ultimate culprit was a race of reptilian aliens who came from beyond and within our world and who had collected a substantial number of willing followers that worked through many different secret societies, including the aforementioned Masons.

It was Branton’s faith in Jesus Christ, he said, that led him on the path of escape from Satan and his minions. He felt he had discovered a more pure and truthful understanding of Jesus that was different from what organized religion teaches. He took assurance from his faith that the sins he committed while under the thrall of the devil could ultimately be forgiven and that he would be allowed to warn the world at large, or at least a small piece of it, of the dangers he had discovered while in the grip of wicked misery that had nearly killed him.

Beckley, Branton’s publisher, adds a section in the opening pages of “The Mojave Desert’s Mysterious Secrets” in which he lays out what little else is known about Branton.

“Something was obviously going on in his head,” Beckley writes, “that caused this transition [and led Bruce Walton to change his name to Branton]. It all culminated in the now-transformed Branton realizing he had been a ‘sleeper’ for the CIA. According to stories that have come to us in dribs and drabs, Branton stumbled on some information that he was not supposed to know. He was, supposedly, given an alternative personality which was programmed to serve his CIA/Black Projects handlers and the Bavarian/Gray collective. In this alternate or ‘double life,’ he had access to several underground bases and apparently over the course of time encountered several alien groups as well. It is even said that he had several alien implants placed at various locations in his body, not just one, as in most cases.”

While that may sound like a “perfect storm” of conspiracy theory delusion, there were even stranger claims made by Branton. He is the father, he said, of a number of hybrid children conceived when he mated with female reptilian shape-shifting aliens. He believed his hybrid children had decided to join him in resisting the Luciferian New World Order.

“Chances are,” Beckley writes, “you are a ‘fan’ of Branton or you would not have purchased this book. Branton is not for everyone! His material has limited appeal, but for those who can take all this in and digest what he has to say, Branton is considered somewhat of a ‘savior,’ particularly to those who contend that there is a global plot to ‘take us all over.’

“I want to make it perfectly clear,” Beckley continues, “that I have not heard from Branton in years, and I do not know anyone else who has either. When last spoken to, Branton had been in a roadside accident. He was riding his bike not far from his apartment when someone collided with him and took off down the highway. Those prone to conspiracy theories claim that the windows of the vehicle were tinted black, and the automobile was driven by representatives of the New World Order in the form of the dreaded MIB, or Men-In-Black. Shortly after, he was in trouble with the ‘authorities’ and ended up in the clink. Nothing to report on him since, either as Branton or as Bruce A. Walton.”

Beckley then acknowledges that the Branton Files are posted in various shapes and forms all over the Internet and had required much cleaning up in terms of spelling and punctuation before Beckley could publish some of Branton’s writing in book form.

Another item that can be found on the Internet is a letter Branton allegedly wrote to UK conspiracy theorist David Icke, who espouses the belief that Queen Elizabeth and many other high-profile authority figures are in fact reptilian aliens disguising themselves as humans.

“As you are probably aware,” Branton writes, “as a whole these reptilian hybrids often lead a double life involving dual personalities: one which leads a ‘normal’ life in the outer world and one that is deeply involved with the underground alien society on a nocturnal basis. This is especially true with ‘cocooned/hosted’ individuals and ‘hybrids/abductees.’ I believe that I am one such hybrid.”

Branton goes on to say that his genealogical line intersects with that of the British Royal Family and that the Mormon Church, or Latter Day Saints, serves as a cover for many of the old reptilian bloodlines. He conjectures that this may be why the Mormons prefer large families, in order to breed out the normal human genetic lines and replace them with reptilian/hybrid genes. There are many cases of Mormon hybrid/abductees who suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder and they are under tremendous pressure from the church, especially in Utah, not to discuss their abduction experiences.

“Underneath most major cities,” Branton continues in his letter to Icke, “particularly in the USA, there exist subterranean counterpart ‘cities’ controlled by the Masonic/Hybrid/Alien ‘elite.’ Often surface/subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, police stations, airports and federal buildings. Some of the major population centers were deliberately established by the Masonic/Hybrid elite of the Old and New Worlds to afford easy access to already existing underground installations, some of which are thousands of years old.

“These sub-cities also offer close access to organized crime syndicates that operate on the surface. They have developed a science of economics through which they literally nickel-and-dime us into slavery via multileveled taxation, inflation, sublimation, manipulation, regulation, fines, fees, licenses, and the entire debt-credit scam which is run by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.

“The ‘dracs’ not only feed upon our outward society economically but also emotionally through emotional vampirism, psychically with implants, and even bio-plasmically with blood feasts. They are parasites of the worst sort, vampires and leeches on the back of humanity. They control us from the cradle to the grave via their global economic and electronic control system and will continue to do so until enough of us on the surface join together in an international resistance and literally invade the underground systems and begin to ‘kick ass and take names.’ I see no other way that we can once again gain our independence. Are we just going to sit around and be good little Nazi drones, or are we going to do something about it?”

Branton then commends Icke for his having joined the fight against the evil forces and says he prays for Icke’s success and safety in their common struggle.

I wrote a review for “FATE Magazine” of Branton’s book “The Dulce Wars” in which I tried to put his material in an easily-digestible nutshell.

“The alleged conspiracy,” I wrote, “primarily operates out of secret military installations like Area 51 in Nevada as well as, according to ‘The Dulce Wars,’ an underground base situated close to a tiny town in New Mexico called Dulce. The secrecy surrounding the buried, multileveled facility is so closely guarded that the author felt compelled to write under an assumed name, ‘Branton,’ because, as the book’s jacket says, ‘he is deathly afraid.’

“Putting aside the question of whether or not that kind of apprehension is justified, Branton still manages to provide an excellent overview of the many rumors and legends about the Dulce underground facility, presenting testimony from such diverse sources as UFO researcher John Lear (the son of the inventor of the Lear jet), Paul Bennewitz, a scientist who claimed to be in contact with aliens from the Dulce base via a special code on his computer, and Thomas Edwin Costello, who told Branton he was a security officer at the Dulce base and disappeared about a year after their interview was conducted.

“From the various experts and references available, Branton pieces together a collection of horror stories that involve, among other things, a human zoo called ‘Nightmare Alley’ where men, women and children are housed to be used as lab rats for experiments in genetics and the development of mind control techniques. Government scientists purportedly labor alongside an occupying alien force to work out the sundry ways the general population aboveground can be brought under an ultimate totalitarian control, all of which began with a 1947 treaty signed by President Harry Truman – the government obtained alien technological secrets in exchange for permitting the aliens to abduct human subjects for their diabolical research.

“The government realized too late, the story goes, that the aliens never intended to keep their part of the bargain and have instead perpetrated the monstrous misuse of perhaps many thousands of innocent victims, spawning along the way grotesque legends of vats filled with human body parts and animal/human hybrid creatures mindlessly howling in cages in the deeper levels of the Dulce installation.”

It becomes obvious why Branton would come to dedicate his life to resisting this kind of terrifying plot with its perpetrators hiding just below the surface of our planet. His hope was to convince others that the danger was real and enlist their help in fighting the evil forces that may soon enslave humankind so completely that resistance will then be futile and our fate sealed forever.

Branton’s efforts may be heroic in some sense, but are his beliefs even sane?

I concluded my review by saying, “Somewhere in this complex mix of rumor and official secrecy there must be a grain or two of truth, and Branton asks only that you read the book and then draw your own conclusions.”

Wherever Branton is now, he is likely still waging some kind of war against his evil enemies, real or imagined, while we continue to debate among ourselves about what conclusions we should draw.

Source: Spectral Vision


Researchers Claim to Have Material From UFO

A group of researchers co-founded by former Blink 182 front man Tom DeLonge claims to have discovered material they believe may have come from an alien spaceship.

The 43-year-old lead singer and MTV Music Awards winner funds the collective of alien hunters that form the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences - creators of the 'UNIDENTIFIED' six-part docuseries that aired earlier this year on the History Channel.

The group already has unearthed real UFO footage recorded by U.S. pilots whose authenticity was verified by military officials last week.

A spokesperson for To The Stars told the New York Times its newest discovery is 'exotic material samples from UFOs,' declining to comment further.

DeLonge himself has posted photos of the flat stony objects on his Instagram page along with comments from himself and a To The Stars Academy official.

'The structure and composition of these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial application,' Steve Justice, former head of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin's 'Skunk Works' who now leads To the Stars' Technology and Aerospace team, said of the find, according to DeLong.

'We currently have multiple material samples being analyzed by contracted laboratories and have plans to extend the scope of this study,' he added.

DeLonge first announced the Academy's discovery in a July 25 Instagram post, telling his followers they believe the material came from an 'Unidentified Aerial Vehicle.'

'We have been able to establish that the material shows highly advanced anomalous engineering capabilities,' the singer wrote. 'This acquisition will allow us to expand the scope of our ADAM Research Project and accelerate R&D that could lead to numerous aerospace and engineering breakthroughs.'

At least some of the material obtained by To The Stars, 'shows distortion and damage that appears to be caused by exposure to very high temperatures, but did not burn,' according to Justice.

'We have some very strategic plans to help turn the science of these pieces into advanced capabilities,' the researcher was quoted saying in another of DeLong'es recent IG posts.

'Wave Guides, mass reduction, all new meta-materials, and many more potentials are within view of new studies, some of which are already happening, and more studies we are planning.'

DeLonge says he has been fascinated by the prospects of alien life since he was in junior high school.

'I started becoming very fascinated in the idea of what else is there besides working a 9-to-5 job and coming from a broken family,' the singer told the New York Times. 'For some reason I just thought science fiction was just fascinating. My brother and I were so into the whole 'Star Wars' thing, obviously, in the early '80s. It just kind of led to me thinking a little bit broader.'

He said alien hunters like himself have been waiting for the U.S. government to confirm the existence of extra terrestrials, regarding the military's recent transparency on its pilots' UFO footage as a step in the right direction.

'This whole thing could be answered by the government,' DeLonge added. 'We're just waiting for them to come and help us with some of this research. This situation that just happened is literally something I and many other people have been waiting for for not years, but decades. This is what we've been hoping it would do so it can really just ignite more smart people and intellectuals to get into this race and help us figure out more about it.'

So far neither the U.S. military has commented on To The Stars' latest findings.

Source: The Daily Mail


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Living Without Eating
By Michael Grosso

Searching for the outer limits of human potential has taken me to some strange places.  The result has led me to wonder what it really means to be a human being. There are in fact disturbing signs that human evolution is not yet complete. Enough indications point to a possibly more evolved version of our species yet to emerge.  To help me understand what the possible future human might be like, I have focused on saints, yogis, mediums, shamans and mystics, unique individuals noted for their unusual abilities.  Piecing together these various abilities, a picture is beginning to crystallize.

One of these unusual abilities is living without eating. This would surely be a sign of something new. The way life has evolved on earth requires that all living things feed off each other and must kill others in order to survive.  One could say that as a result of this arrangement life in a sense is a tragic phenomenon.  The idea of a life form that has transcended the need to kill would strike a new note in our idea of life on earth.

Apparently, some Catholic saints lived for prolonged periods with little or no food or drink, and in some cases, without that sure sign of nature, elimination.  Inediacs, people who live without eating, like Lousie Lateau or Mollie Fancher, are often bed-ridden and afflicted with numerous abnormalities.

Bt the most famous inediac of the 20th century was quite different. Therese Neumann, a Bavarian Catholic who lived through the Nazi era, was a visionary who displayed the stigmata. (See my painting of her at the beginning of this article.) Because of a muscle spasm in her throat in 1922, she stopped eating solid food; by 1926 all she could manage was to drink a few drops of water.  On August 6, 1926, she had a vision of Christ’s Transfiguration; hunger and thirst permanently left her.  By 1927 she quit all forms of nourishment, except a daily eighth of a communion wafer.  She stopped eliminating, and continued in this state for the remaining thirty-five years of her life, according to the official account.

Exceptionally, she was not bed-ridden but healthy, energetic, and robust.  She lived very much a public life, made herself accessible to visitors, and was fond of nature and sight-seeing excursions.  Friends, family, and religious confessors never saw her eat despite spending hours working with her in the fields or going on outings with her that lasted for days.  Her brother said that despite the heat she never drank or showed signs of fatigue. Witnesses swore to all this under oath, and there are no reasons I’m acquainted with that suggest they conspired to mislead the public or were driven by unconscious forces to prevaricate.

Naturally, one wonders whether Therese ate or drank on the sly.  To make sure this was not the case, and in response to widespread requests to test her, she consented to being observed in July, 1927, by a medical commission and four Mallersdorf nurses whose veracity was placed under oath.  She was intimately probed and carefully observed for fifteen continuous days and nights.  At all times she was under observation by at least two nurses.  Powerful arc lamps beamed 5000 watts in her eyes to test the authenticity of her ecstasies (she showed no reactions).  She lost about eight pounds after her stigmata bled but by the end of the experiment her weight was somehow restored.
Only by assuming a wildly improbable conspiracy can you doubt the conclusion: for fifteen days she drank and ate nothing but tiny shards of the Eucharist wafer.  So well known was her inediac lifestyle that during the war the Third Reich gave her no food rations.

There are other spectacular cases of impossibly long fasts in other cultural traditions.  My aim here is to give one example of a so-called “miracle” that is part of a pattern.  The pattern of these miraculous phenomena is the real story and what it suggests for the future of human evolution.  I am working on a book that explores this theme of “miracles” as signs of the future of human evolution.  At this juncture of life on planet Earth being menaced by climate catastrophe and global wars, any grounds for hope in the creative advance of our species should be of some interest.  I will return to this theme, and I invite your thoughts on the subject.
Source: Consciousness Unbound


Five Butchered Bulls Spark Fears of Cult Activity
By Meaghan Wray

The appearance of one dead bull — no blood, sex organs and tongue removed, no gunshot wounds — mystified officials near a timbered ravine in eastern Oregon.

But when four more were discovered about 2.5 kilometres away in the same condition, the plot thickened. No tracks were found near the dead bodies, leading people to think they were placed there.

Local ranch management and law enforcement suspect that someone must have killed the bulls. Ranch hands have been advised to travel in pairs and to go armed.

It seems that concerned locals have been banding together to solve this mystery, which for some calls to mind past incidents of discovered murdered bulls.

Ever since the animals were found back in July, Harney County sheriff’s deputy Dan Jenkins has received many calls and emails with theories.

Some think the bulls have been harmed to hurt ranchers financially, while others speculate scavengers such as carrion bugs have been eating the carcasses.

One person even went so far as suggesting UFO involvement, telling Jenkins to look for craters underneath their carcasses.

Colby Marshall, vice president of the Silvies Valley Ranch that owned the bulls, has another theory: "We think that this crime is being perpetuated by some sort of a cult," he said.

Marshall suspects the bulls were killed to get the organs of the free-ranging bulls for some reason. The bull parts would be available cheaply or free at a slaughterhouse, but he believes some people are going to a lot of trouble to get these parts on the range.

There's no sign that scavengers removed the organs of the bulls, and instead someone using a knife or scalpel probably did, Marshall said.

"To lose a completely healthy animal would be an oddity," Marshall said. "To lose five young, very healthy, in great shape, perfect bulls that are all basically the same age ... that is so outside the bounds of normal activity."

Marshall speculates the bulls were darted with a tranquilizer that knocked them out. While some people acted as lookouts, others bled the animals out by inserting a large-gauge needle into the tongue and into an artery, then removed the organs after the heart stopped beating, he surmised.

Back in the 1970s, thousands of livestock were found mutilated in similar ways across the U.S. west and midwest.

Cases have emerged on and off since then.

In the 1980s, a few cows were found dead and mutilated in eastern Oregon. More recently, there have been cases on a ranch in Arizona.

Dave Bohnert, director of Oregon State University’s Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center in Burns, says there’s no indication that these most recent findings were attacked by predators or had eaten anything poisonous.

“To lose a completely healthy animal would be an oddity,” said Colby Marshall, vice president of the Silvies Valley Ranch, which owned the bulls.

“To lose five young, very healthy, in great shape, perfect bulls that are all basically the same age … that is so outside the bounds of normal activity.”

He suspects the bulls were killed to get their organs, despite the fact that these particular parts would be available cheaply or free at a slaughterhouse.

Some people, he believes, are going to a lot of trouble to get these parts on the range.

Jenkins’ theory isn’t too far off. “Personally, I would lean more toward the occult, where people for whatever reason … whether it’s a phase of the moon or whatever rituals they’re going to do with their beliefs … are coming to different areas and doing that.”

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is offering a US$1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible. The ranch is offering US$25,000.

Source: Global News


Woman Allegedly Cries Solid Crystal Tears

A 22-year-old Armenian woman who supposedly cries up to 50 jagged-edged crystal tears every day has been accused of faking her “biochemically and anatomically impossible” condition by placing glass shards in her eye sockets.

For most people, crying is the result of great pain or suffering, but for Satenik Kazaryan, a young woman from the Armenian village of Spandaryan, the act of crying itself is a source of excruciating pain. That’s because she allegedly cries solid crystal tears with jagged edges that scratch her eyes as they come out of the eye sockets. The 22-year-old first started crying crystal tears a few days ago, while visiting a dentist. It felt kike sand had gotten in her eye, and when she went to visit an ophthalmologist about it, the doctor extracted several crystals from her eye. Since then, her life has become a living hell, as she claims to cry around 50 crystals a day.

All the doctors are in shock,” Kazaryan told Armenian TV channel Mir24. “They have not encountered such a disease and do not know how to treat it. They have not even diagnosed it.”

At first doctors didn’t even want to examine the young woman, thinking that she was faking her condition, but now people aren’t so sure. Video evidence of glass-like crystal being extracted from her eyes have gone viral online, and some solid tears have been sent to a lab for analysis. Armenian deputy health minister Oganes Arutyunyan has come out with a statement, saying that Satenik Kazaryan’s condition is being investigated in order to figure out a way to help her.

Russian ophthalmologist Tatyana Shilova said that the formation of such crystals in the human body is theoretically possible if a person’s body composition changes, like if the level of salt rose drastically. However, she added that the person would most likely suffer serious heart or brain issues before experiencing this kind of bizarre symptoms.

Dr. Ivan Schwab, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of California Davis School of Medicine, told Insider that he believes Kazaryan’s to be impossible.

“I’m not claiming absolute knowledge of this, but I’ve never seen anything like this in my 30-plus years as ophthalmologist. I don’t see how this could happen biochemically or anatomically,” he said.

A couple of days ago, Armenian media outlets started reporting that Satenik Kazaryan may be suffering from Munchausen syndrome, a type of mental disorder that pushes people to fake serious illnesses for attention. Professor Anna Hovakimyan, of the Armenian Republican Ophthalmological Centre, was one of the medical professionals who claimed Munchausen was a likely explanation, adding that the crystals collected from the woman’s eyes looked like normal glass shards.

ATV crew from Russian station NTV took some of Kazaryan’s tears to gemologist Olga Radionova who said they were “simple glass”. The team later reported that people in the 22-year-old’s village told them that she started crying the bizarre tears after her five-year-old son, Vanik, broke a glass vase and a shard got in her eye.

Satenik Kazaryan and her mother-in-law continue to claim that the tears are genuine, and the Armenian health ministry is still investigating the case.

There have been other cases of people claiming to cry crystals or glass. In 2015, a 35-year-old nursery school teacher in Lins, Brazil came forward saying that she had been crying "crystal tears" since she was a teenager. Laura Ponce told reporters that a white plaque starts off as soft blobs inside her eyes, but they harden when she blinks in an attempt to expel them, finally emerging as solid white crystals.

In 1996, Reuters News reported that a Lebanese girl baffled doctors by producing tiny crystals from her eyes. 12-year-old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani produced the tiny crystals at an average rate of seven a day. Although the crystals were as sharp as cut glass, Hasnah says she felt no pain and doctors cannot explain the phenomenon.

Source: Oddity Central

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