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It is a few days after Halloween...the candy buzz is slowly wearing off. The cardboard witches and black cats have been taken down and stored away for another year. The carved pumpkins still sit on front porches, their faces slowly succumbing to the elements, melting to an even more gruesome caricature of frightening faces half-glimpsed in the dark from underneath sweat-soaked costumes. But don't be sad, for even if your regular newspaper or nightly news has turned away from tales of haunted houses and ghostly visitors, Conspiracy Journal is back once again to bring you all of the strange and weird news that happens every month, every week, every day...even if it is not Halloween.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such melting chocolate stories as:

- Silicon Valley Startup Dedicated to Detecting UFOs - 
- Mysterious Siren Heard in Texas -
- Kangaroo Sightings Move to Madison, Wisconsin -
What if EVP are Just Multidimensional Recordings? -
AND: Woman "Rescued" After Being Captured By Mermaids

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Silicon Valley Startup Dedicated to Detecting UFOs
By MJ Banias

With this summer’s revelation that the US Navy considers UFOs and “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAPs) to be real, a team of venture capitalists, university professors, and military veterans are launching a project to track UFOs off the coast of California.

UAP eXpeditions is a non-profit group based in Oregon that will “field a top-notch group of uber-experienced professionals providing the public service of field testing new UAP related technologies.” With some of the Silicon Valley UFO Hunters, UAP eXpeditions will pioneer the ability to predict, find, observe, and document UAP for study and analysis. They will use “classical observation techniques, by trained observers and scientists, while using the latest experimental technologies—in the right places and the right times,” Kevin Day, the group’s founder and CEO, wrote in a Facebook post viewed by Motherboard.

Day, who has appeared on the History Channel’s Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation and Discovery Channel’s Contact, is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and radar operator. Day served in the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group on the USS Princeton during the 2004 infamous “Nimitz UFO Incident” which was reported by The New York Times in December of 2017.

He recalls tracking the infamous “Tic Tac” UFOs for several days around Catalina Island off the coast of California using the USS Princeton’s advanced radar system. Now, he believes that these objects continue to operate along the same trajectory and “migrate” from Catalina Island south along the California coast.

The company’s white paper is pretty wild. It asks, “Do fleets of UAP 'migrate' from Catalina Island to Guadalupe Island with a certain frequency? And if so, how well do whale songs correlate, if at all, to UAP appearances?” It’s unclear how whale songs are relevant here, but let’s move along.

Day, who believes that his experience tracking these objects has led to some curious special abilities, such as “advanced cognition” told Motherboard that the organization is hoping to “offer technology developers a way to test their new tech at no direct cost to them.” Using state of the art cameras and other experimental monitoring devices, the idea is to put this high tech gear into the field and attempt to track unknown aerial objects off the coast of California.

Leading the team of scientists is Dr. Kevin Knuth, a former scientist with NASA’s Ames Research Center, now an associate professor of physics at the University of Albany. Knuth specializes in machine learning and the study of exoplanets. While the organization and the project is still in its infancy, Knuth told Motherboard that “the goal of the expedition is to give us some ground truth. We aim to try to observe these objects directly, and record them using multiple imaging modalities.”

Knuth explained that the project has two phases. First, the team “will obtain current satellite imagery of the area (more or less in the area of Catalina Island and southward for ~100 miles) and determine whether these anamolous objects can be observed. We will monitor these satellite images both manually and using machine learning and build up a database of detections, classifications, and any observed patterns of activity.”

If, and it's a big “if,” the satellite imagery does point to a strange concentration of unknown objects, the team will go hunt UFOs. The second step, which is slated for November 2020, is to basically park a large boat off the coast of California loaded with various cameras and sensors to detect and record anomalous aerial activity. The team has already begun negotiations to charter the MV Horizon, a small research vessel.

“We will be using tracking security cameras in the visual to infrared wavelengths with telephoto lenses, human eyes on the water with high power binoculars and spotting scopes, as well as digital SLR cameras with high power telephoto lenses ranging from 400mm - 600+mm,” Knuth told Motherboard. “We plan to have high-quality drones in the air with imaging capabilities. We are looking into IR imaging as well, as well as detectors for x-ray, gamma-ray and custom-built neutron detectors (which are designed to look for dark matter).”

Knuth presented a lecture at the Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods in Science and Engineering Workshop at the Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics in Garching Germany on determining the flight characteristics of unidentified anomalous vehicles in July 2019. His paper, which is currently waiting to be peer-reviewed, can be found online.

"This is an effort that I believe is rare and timely given current events"

Knuth explained that much is still unknown about what exactly people are reporting when it comes to UFOs.

“These are always delicate issues in any study relying on people reporting information. This includes studies in medicine, psychology, and neuroscience which rely on subject responses, sociology studies relying on surveys, and even data reported by scientists (all of whom can make mistakes or lie). The key to ensuring consistency is reproducibility and this requires additional study,” Knuth explained.

This is one of the more serious attempts to look for UFOs. It is, admittedly, a bit of a wild goose chase and will cost a boatload of cash. But the team includes some heavy hitters outside of Knuth himself. According to the organization’s white paper, Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and MIT technologist Rizwan Virk and the Toronto-based CEO of the quantum computing company, ReactiveQ, Deep Prasad have both signed on to help with securing investment for the project.

“I am personally very excited no matter the outcome,” Prasad told Motherboard. “This is an effort that I believe is rare and timely given current events, such as the apparent increase in UAP incidents through official military channels.”

Some other individuals on the team include Sean Cahill, the former Chief Master-at-Arms who served aboard the USS Princeton during the 2004 Nimitz Incident, and optical physicist and UFO researcher Bruce Macabee.

Getting the money to pay for all this isn’t going to be easy. While Day’s team is working on grant proposals, they know that the vast majority of funding will have to be private. Renting a research vessel and acquiring the high-tech gear needed to search for UFOs is not cheap. While Day is looking at potentially crowd funding this project, he hopes that the non-profit can secure a few angel investors who are interested in funding scientific research into studying the UFO phenomenon. Day is asking for any interested parties to reach out to him via email as the group’s website is still under development.

Knuth believes it is time to start doing real scientific work on UFOs. While the study is unorthodox (especially the whale bit), so is the very real fact that unidentified aerial vehicles are tracked by the Air Force and Navy, and seem to easily evade the technological weapons apparatus maintained by the most powerful military on the planet.

“The failure to study these phenomena scientifically has resulted in a state of ignorance, which is unacceptable considering the aviation safety issues that have been reported by the US Navy,” stated Knuth.

Update: This article previously noted that Luis Elizondo would be part of this project. Though he is listed on the team's white paper, he has since said he will not participate.

Source: Vice


Mysterious Siren Heard in Texas
By Camille Connor

An ominous, blaring siren has been startling people across Wichita Falls, Texas. To some it sounded almost like something out of an apocalyptic movie.

For Atzhiri Acosta hearing the sirens around 6:45 Monday morning was all too real. “I was preparing for my meditation that I do every morning and the siren just went off,” she said.

The siren is right near her house by Lucy Park, “I looked to the window, and I see it spinning so I was like freaking out.”

She had never heard or seen anything like it before, so she called the police. “They didn't know what was going on.”

So, she texted friends, “Apparently no one had heard it. It was just me, so everyone was making fun of me,” she said laughingly.

But she had not imagined it, “People were telling me that they heard it this morning also, across town.”

Footage of the sirens this Monday was taken by Jessica Pichardo, on the southwest part of town, not far from Lake Wichita and Memorial Stadium.

It was also early in the morning around 7, almost the same time when Acosta heard the sounds the week before.

Pichardo remembers, “I was making some coffee and I just heard a really weird noise. My dog kind of tilted her head and walked over to the door. I just kind of looked out…it was far away at some points and then it sounded like it was closer.”

She is not the only one trying to find out where it came from.

Traffic Engineering Superintendent Larry Wilkinson sent out his crew to inspect the more than 50 sirens around town. He said they found nothing unusual. Now, the department plans to reach out to the manufacturers of the sirens they use for more answers.

It does not help that the mysterious sirens add to this already eerie time of year.

Pichardo said, “You know, I watch a lot of horror movies. The first thing I was thinking with it being Halloween time was Martial Law or a zombie apocalypse or something like that.”

Source: Texoma News Network


What is the Patomskiy Crater?
By Lochlan McClelland

In the Summer of 1949, a geologist named Vadim Kolpakov discovered a strange feature on the surface of the earth in the Bodaibo, Irkutsk, region of South-Eastern Siberia. Encircled by a largely treed area, this anomaly is oval with a conical crater that contains a small ball-like mound in its middle. The entire structure consists of broken grey limestone. Its width is between 130-160 meters, while the cone is up to 80 meters high. Oddly, few trees grow on the formation, however, the surrounding conifers have experienced rapid growth. Named the Patomskiy Crater, the Kolpakov Cone, and the Fire Eagle Nest, the geologic mystery has baffled scientists who are uncertain of what caused this weird formation.

Far Out Theories on the Patomskiy Crater

    "I don’t know if it is a meteorite or a spaceship, but there is definitely something under the crater."
    Alexander Dmitriev

Named for the river that runs near the anomaly, the Patomskiy crater has spawned many interesting theories. Wild ideas speculated that it was a secret Stalin-era uranium mine that used Gulag labor forces. Ancient astronaut theorists chimed that it was the landing site of an alien UFO. Other popular theories include: an underground uranium or natural-gas explosion, a dust-sized meteorite that burrowed through the planet and left the crater as an exit wound, a cylindrical metallic object of unknown origin, and the Tunguska Event.

The uranium theory may sound unlikely. However, this area is known to be rich in naturally occurring radioactive elements. A precise series of events would need to take place in order to create the circumstances for an explosion, but it lies within the realm of possibility. However, the trees do not indicate large explosions from uranium or the Tunguska event which would have leveled the conifers.

By far, the theory most out of this world involves some kind of external or alien body that long ago embedded itself in the Patomskiy crater causing the unique shape. The unremarkable radiation levels seem to contradict this though, as an object from space would leave far higher radioactive levels than the typical levels on earth. Of course one could counter this by saying that the spacecraft landed so long ago that, by now, high levels have returned to nominal. This is supported by the increased size of the vegetation surrounding the site.

Science at the Crater

The two most reasonable theories that initially arose stated that the origin is volcanic or meteoric. The problem is that scientists have not found any evidence of either scenario on the slopes of the Siberian crater yet. There is no volcanic rock, nor meteor debris anywhere. Nonetheless, the site reminded scientists of the meteor impact marks on the moon and believed that evidence lay deeper in the earth where the meteor would have exploded. By now, the majority of the evidence has ruled out a meteor, and most scientists have abandoned this theory.

Local Legend of Bad JuJu at the Crater

Although remote, the Irkutsk region has an indigenous population called the Yakut. These people consider the crater a bad place, and they insist that large animals do not go into the area. One theory about this superstition suggests that perhaps their ancestors were present at a time when the area had a far higher radiation level. These ancestors may have become ill and died from this radiation. Over time, the legend was synthesized into oral tribal stories that became a part of the Yakut culture. In fact, the Yakut gave the crater the name, Fire Eagle’s Nest because of its shape.

Investigations of the Fire Eagle Nest

Although discovered in 1949, the first scientific expedition committed to properly investigating the Patomskiy crater wasn’t launched until 2005. There were a number of reasons for this delay, whereas, in many other countries an anomaly of this magnitude would have been a scientific focus. Until the Soviet Union fell, expenditure on scientific activity focused on military development. Consequently, the study of the crater was postponed.

The initial expedition in 2005 met with a major set-back when not long after embarking for their target, the lead researcher Evgeny Vorobyov died on the trail. When officials recovered his body, an autopsy showed a massive heart attack (Zubacheva 2013). Nonetheless, a bad omen or not, the group pressed on. Although scientists studied the area thoroughly, it only provided more possibilities. At that time, they were unable to make a conclusive determination about its cause. Interestingly, though, a number of anomalies were discovered in the surrounding area.

Because it was around the beginning of the Cold War, the Russian government was originally concerned this could be the site of a nuclear test by another nation. After all, the Americans had only made their nuclear debut over Japan three years prior, and it was an open secret that the Russians were attempting to create the same technology.

Subsequently, one of the first things officials searched for at the site was increased levels of radiation. However, the results were unremarkable. Although fractionally above nominal, the amount in no way indicated a nuclear blast.

What is perplexing, though, is that the surrounding vegetation experienced a sharp increase in size for over a century before its discovery. Whilst sounding benign, this anomaly is common in instances of nuclear contact. The mutagenic properties of radiation affect the size of flora, often dramatically increasing it over time. This was also the case in the vegetation around Chernobyl. Magnetic anomalies are also present on and in the surrounding vicinity of the odd Patomskiy crater. However, of course, there are other causes of tree growth spurts.

Recent Revelations About the Patomskiy Crater

Modern geomorphologists believe the Fire Eagle’s Nest may be a very rare gas volcano, acting as a vent for vast stores of underground gasses. The odd rock formations may also be indicative of chemical reactions between elements on the surface and those leaking through from deep in the earth.

Dmitry Demezhko, Institute of Geophysics, Yekaterinburg, proposes that the crater formed in two phases. First, the tectonic actions in the area created a type of channel similar to mud volcanism. Then, over time, repeated freezing and thawing caused the rock to break up.

One of the most recent studies published in 2015 in a paper by V.S. Antipin, B.G. Pokrovsky, and A.M. Fedorov concludes that the formation occurred from one or more explosions of steam as magma moved up through water and rock or when fissures released pressurized water trapped in the rock.

Little by little, experts are getting closer to conclusively solving this puzzling mystery once and for all, if they haven’t already. Something all scientists appear to agree on is that there is nothing like the Patomskiy crater anywhere else on the planet.

Source: Historic Mysteries


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Kangaroo Sightings Move to Madison, Wisconsin
By Tia Lynn Ivey

Another kangaroo sighting has been alleged by an anonymous Madison woman this week.

Near in the intersection of Jasper and Dixie avenues, the local woman went outside at 10:30 p.m. to gaze at the stars, but she saw something unexpected.

“I startled a kangaroo,” she said. The woman claims the frightened kangaroo leapt and then took off hopping into some nearby heavy underbrush.

Last month, a kangaroo was caught on video bouncing back and forth through a Covington back yard. The video emerged on the heels of several other reported kangaroo sightings in Morgan County. However, the kangaroo caught on tape is apparently not on the loose, but is kept and cared for by a local zoologist. Mason Ray, the Rutledge man who posted the video, claimed the kangaroo belongs to his girlfriend’s mother and has never escaped from their care, but declined to comment further on the matter.

There have been multiple previously reported sightings of a kangaroo in Morgan County—claims many believed were too outrageous to be true. In August, a local retired teacher claimed to see a kangaroo hopping along the side of Old Buckhead Road near the old General Store, close to the intersection at Apalachee River Road. The woman’s husband called in the sighting to Morgan County Dispatch and requested anonymity in the story precisely because she did not want to be perceived as delusional. When her husband called in the sighting to Morgan County Dispatch, the operator laughed, initially scoffing at the report.

“It didn’t look like a deer,” she said. “I took a second look and it was hopping.”

But after the Morgan County Citizen reported her sighting, more locals came forward to report their own kangaroo sightings.

Leah Anne Sellers, an employee of Morgan County High School, said she saw a kangaroo four years ago near the intersection of Apalachee River Road and Sugar Creek Church Road. “It looked like a gigantic Jack Rabbit,” she said.

Sellers said the beast “jumped as high as my hood over the road” in front of her. She was in a vehicle at night and saw the animal in her headlights.

“I promise you, it wasn’t a deer,” she said.

Sightings of out-of-place Kangaroos in Wisconsin (and surrounding States) are nothing new. In 1899 in Richmond, Wisconsin a woman reported that she witnessed a large kangaroo leaping around her backyard. It eventually made its way out of the area and was not seen again.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota 1957-1967 - Multiple residents of the Minneapolis suburb report seeing kangaroos, sometimes two at a time, coming and going from a wooded area near Anoka County Fairgrounds. The sporadic sightings happened for over a decade before coming to an end.

Chicago, Illinois 1974 – Two police officers investigated a report of a 5ft kangaroo standing on a residents porch. A search of the area led the officers to an alley where the animal was cornered, but it escaped capture and was left to wander throughout Illinois.

Midwest, USA 1974 – A kangaroo (believed to be the one that escaped capture in Chicago) was spotted within different towns throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Most often seen hoping at fast speeds through fields before disappearing within wooded areas.

Decatur, Illinois 1975 – A woman driving along route 128 near Dalton City reported an animal that approached the side of the road, stared at her vehicle, and then turned around and hopped away on two legs into a cornfield.

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 1978 – Two men were able to snap a photo of a kangaroo standing alongside the highway as they drove by. This sighting is widely believed to be a hoax and the animal in question was nothing but a stuffed wallaby placed on the side of the road.

Wellman, Iowa 1999 - A woman discovered a kangaroo like animal jumping among her cows while out in her field. The commotion of the cows apparently scared the creature off and it made its way out of the area.

Dodgeville, Wisconsin 2005 – Multiple sightings of a large kangaroo in the area prompted a search party to investigate. The group tracked the animal to a barn where it was captured in a crate and sent to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison. An investigation throughout the state as well as surrounding areas resulted in no explanation as to where the animal came from and how it got there. The kangaroo lived out its remaining days at the zoo until its death in 2008. A statue of the animal now resides in the children’s play area of the zoo.

Are there more escaped kangaroos bouncing through forests of Morgan County? Or is this all just a coincidence and the kangaroo sightings in Morgan County are all a figment of people’s imaginations? No one knows for sure as of yet, but if you have any information regarding the mysterious kangaroo sightings, reach out to the Morgan County Citizen at (706) 342-7440.

Source: Morgan County Citizen


Bigfoot and High Strangeness

Of course, there are those who say Bigfoot is high strangeness, all on its own, that to say “Bigfoot and High Strangeness" is redundant.

When it comes to encounters of Bigfoot and UFOs, or telepathic communications with Bigfoot, or stories of Bigfoot appearing and disappearing -- and bi-locating, even -- the majority of UFO and Bigfoot researchers don’t want anything to do with it.

The combination causes great gnashing of teeth, at the very least. Serious, flesh and blood Bigfoot researchers don’t have any patience with the subject. Many a Bigfoot on-line forum has kicked off members who even bring up the topic.

When I first came upon these tales, of Bigfoot having some connection with UFOs, and more, I thought it was a joke. Literally. The first thing I came across was an article in, I think, UFO Magazine many many years ago. I have it somewhere in my files but no idea where. But I kept coming across these stories, and as wild, weird, and bizarre as they seemed, there was a consistency, and there were enough of them, by enough people, to support a pattern.

There are two stories of this type right here in my state of Oregon. (Shameless plug, my book on this topic will be out in e-book form very soon.)

This is a fascinating topic, and there are standard legends that have been written about by researchers. One theory is that these ‘Bigfoot’ are not the flesh and blood Bigfoot, but OOP (out of place) creatures; Hairy Bipeds, phantom creatures, not to be confused with “real" Bigfoot. Others say they’re one and the same.

And while there are individuals who write about their personal experiences with these creatures, there still isn’t much research going on regarding this phenomena. On the one hand, it seems too tired, too old. Tales of weird, high strangeness Hairy Biped encounters, like the Lake Worth Monster, MoMo, and others are decades old. They’ve become a part of the paranormal/anomalous lore, but they also seem quaint to some, and no longer a vialable subject. (Indeed, my own book focuses on two events going back over 40 years.)

UFO researchers have enough on their hands. In many ways UFOology is decompartmentalized. It has to be; there is so much out there, so many aspects to the phenomena, that to do good research each individual usually has to choose a few areas (if that many) to focus on. Bigfoot researchers already have points against them before they’ve even started out; after all, they’re after Bigfoot. Maintaining credibility is tough enough. Why strain the acceptance factor by seriously considering UFOs, telepathy and other weirdness? And look at the recent news concerning Dr. Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State University. His own academic and scientific community wants him ousted (nice work there Big Science Guys.) Can you imagine what things would be like if Meldrum started in about UFOs, esp, and materializing Bigfoot?

And then too, not all Bigfoot researchers believe in any of the other stuff anyway.

But there is evidence to suggest that there is something else occurring in many Bigfoot cases. It has been for a long time, and continues.

There are many accounts of Bigfoot (and similar creatures in other countries, such as the Yowie in Australia, etc.) with red glowing eyes, white haired (or furred) Bigfoot, apparitional Bigfoot, UFOs and Bigfoot, etc. in Janet and Colin Bord’s Bigfoot Casebook.

Mary Green, Jack Lapseritis, Lisa Shiel to name just a few have written about their experiences with this “high strangeness" type of Bigfoot that go beyond merely a flesh and blood “animal." Researcher Joe Fex has done a lot of work in this subject, an area where “mainstream cryptozoology" won’t go. That includes many “mainstream" cryptid-ologists. (sorry for the clumsy word coining.) Fex’s accounts are definitely on the bizarre side, and yet . . .that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. And Kelli, from the White Wolf website, has told me she and her husband frequently see Sasquatch in relation to UFOs and many other odd things and entities on their remote Eastern Washington property.

One theory that explains these strange Bigfoot-UFO-High Strangeness events is the idea of vortexes. Many remote (and some not so remote) areas are full of events like this; some without Bigfoot but leaning more to UFO and other weird activity, others with less UFO but more Bigfoot and OOP creatures, some with both. In any case, it’s clear that some sort of opening, some sort of portal, vortex, some way exists that either causes these beings and objects to move from one place to another, or possibility, creates these things. I’m not sure what I think of this yet myself, but it’s a start.

Whatever these weird things are; phantoms, faeries, inter-dimensional beings, aliens, Ultra terrestrials, human shape shifters, or even ‘flesh and blood" Bigfoot, these events occur, as a rich body of lore tells us.

Clearly there is a rich and wonderfully weird area here to be researched, and discussed openly. But like the topic of “alien" abductions in its early days, it’s a cause of embarrassment for many within the field, let alone outside it.

It’s too bad, because a lot can be learned from these events. I understand the difficulty in accepting these encounters as literally occurring, but occur they do.

Source: Binnall of America


What if EVP are Just Multidimensional Recordings?

Something has always bothered me about electronic voice phenomena (EVP). If these are the voices of the dead, then the fate of these people is a highly disturbing one. They are still loitering about the Earth, lost. And if this sad fate is possible for those people, it’s possible for you and me as well. Personally, I don’t relish the thought of wandering around eternity, answering trite questions from legions of ghost hunters.

The traditional view of the afterlife, for those who believe there is an afterlife, is that we move on to a different (hopefully higher) plane of existence. Some think we receive our reward by going to Heaven or are punished with an eternity in Hell, depending on how we have lived our lives. In either case, we don’t hang around here.

Unless we’re ghosts.
Ghosts, it is theorized, are unable to move on to that other plane of existence. Because of a traumatic death, or at least stressful circumstances of death, the spirit energy remains trapped between this plane and the next.

Horrible fate

So are all of the voices recorded in EVP of these trapped spirits? If so, there are a lot of them out there. Ghost hunting groups and other researchers all over the world are capturing these voices wherever they go – haunted buildings, graveyards, even locations that have previously had no reputation for being haunted. These spirits are everywhere.

And they represent a real cross-section of the human population: the old and the young, the happy and the sad, the nasty and the nice. Most distressing are the voices of children, especially those that seem confused and lost. I’ve heard EVP of children sadly complaining of the cold or mournfully looking for a parent.

What a horrible fate. And if we accept that EVP are voices of the dead, then there must be thousands upon thousands of these lost spirits roaming the Earth.

That’s hard to swallow. Maybe not so much because it cannot be true, but because I don’t want it to be true. After the many struggles and hardships of physical life, it’s not much comfort to think that we might face more of the same in the next life.

An alternate explanation

Let’s consider another possible explanation for EVP then.

Let’s say, for the sake of discussion, that everyone who dies passes on to another plane of existence. (Something better, let’s hope.) No one gets stuck. Then what could account for the mysterious EVP voices?

Perhaps EVP are holographic imprints of people who once lived. We are all made up of energy. The powerful energy of who we are – our personalities, our souls – interact with the energy of the surrounding universe. In some cases, maybe in all cases, when we die, a multidimensional hologram created by that personality energy is imprinted on this plane of existence.

In other words, EVP are not the voices of the people themselves, but only a representation of those people. They are holographic recordings of those people’s personalities.

Interactive recordings

If they are just recordings, one might ask, how can they interact with the living, answering questions posed by ghost hunters, or commenting on their conversations?

Because these are multidimensional holographic recordings. A conventional holographic photograph captures an image in apparent three dimensions. When we’re talking about the world of spirit, however, we’re talking about a world of multiple dimensions where time and space have no meaning. In this world, a holographic recording might contain all of the information of a person’s personality, allowing it to respond to questions and otherwise interact with the living in real time.

It’s a virtual dead person, with all of its personal attributes: happy, sad, confused or mean.

In this optimistic theory, EVP are not capturing voices of poor lost souls, but somehow tapping into the holographic imprints left behind by spirits who have moved on to higher realms.

This can’t be proved, of course. But it’s a more comforting thought.

Source: paranormal.about.com


Woman "Rescued" After Being Captured By Mermaids

A 34-year-old woman from Zenda village in  Zimbabwe, under Chief Makumbe in Buhera, claims that she was whisked away by a paranormal whirlwind into a deep cave while taking a bath in Sebakwe River only for a self-styled Chivhu prophet popularly known as Madzibaba Edborn to come to her rescue.

Claris Chuma narrated her ordeal to TellZim News in the company of her four family members; her mother, aunt and two siblings.

She broke into tears as she described how she spent two weeks under water with strange being that she described as mermaids.

Chuma said she was whisked away by a strong whirlwind in the company of her sister as they bathed in the river.

She said she found herself deep in a strange cave in the company of three mermaids; long-haired beautiful women with half human and half fish bodies.

“I and my sister Melody had visited our uncle and we decided to take a bath in the river. Melody saw a fish and we decided to try and catch. In trying to do so, an unexpected whirlwind whisked me away and took me into a deep cave underneath the water where I found three ladies who had half human and half fish bodies.

“I survived for the two weeks eating raw fish and the ladies threatened to kill me if I refused to eat them so I had no option but to listen to their orders,” Chuma said.

In the normal world, her younger sister Melody and other family members spent all the time trying to get assistance from different prophets with some of them telling them that Claris was already dead.

Another prophet demanded two cattle in order to bring her dead body back.

“We visited many prophets who told us that she had been taken by a mermaid but none of them had any good news for us. They all said she was already dead and another one demanded two beasts so that he could help bring my sister back. We then became luck and came across Madzibaba Edborn who upon hearing our issue, said he was going to help us free of charge,” said Melody.

The family said on Sunday October 06, Madzibaba Edborn in the company of the family and some church members went to the scene where a mini service was held.

Claris then appeared floating on top of the water and the prophet instructed the family members to spit on her body so that she could regain her consciousness.

“The mermaids told me that I had to return home as some people were looking for me. They handed me a basket and an arrow with a lot of medicines and instructed me to heal people and return with gifts of money at the cave as thanksgiving. I was shocked to see people gathered around with my family present and my body was so powerless. The prophet then burnt the basket to ashes and I don’t know how to thank him for saving me,” said Claris.

The family said it  did not have enough words to thank the prophet for serving her niece.

Source: Radio Vop

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