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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such creeping-in-the-dark stories as:

- Scientist Believes Humans Are Not Native to Earth -

Navy Officers Say 'Unknown Individuals' Made Them Erase Evidence of UFO Encounter -

- When Baby Monitors Go Bump in the Night -

AND: Goblins Allegedly Kill 10 Family Members

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Scientist Believes Humans Are Not Native to Earth

A U.S. ecologist has claimed that humans are not from Earth but were put on the planet by aliens tens of thousands of years ago.

Dr Ellis Silver points to a number of physiological features to make his case for why humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth, in his book.

They range from humans suffering from bad backs - which he suggests is because we evolved in a world with lower gravity – to getting too easily sunburned and having difficulty giving birth.

Dr Ellis says that while the planet meets humans’ needs for the most part, it does not perhaps serve the species’ interests as well as the aliens who dropped us off imagined.

In his book, HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH: A SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF THE EVIDENCE, the ecologist writes the human race has defects that mark it of being ‘not of this world’.

‘Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth's environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more,’ he told Yahoo.

Dr Ellis says that humans might suffer from bad backs because they evolved on a world with lower gravity.

He also says that it is strange that babies’ heads are so large and make it difficult for women to give birth, which can result in fatalities of the mother and infant.

No other native species on this planet has this problem, he says.

He also believes humans are not designed to be as exposed to the sun as they are on Earth, as they cannot sunbathe for more than a week or two – unlike a lizard – and cannot be exposed to the sun every day without problems.

Dr Ellis also claims humans are always ill and this might be because our body clocks have evolved to expects a 25 hour day, as proven by sleep researchers.

Dr Ellis said many people feel that they don’t belong and feel at home on Earth.

‘This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species.’

‘One reason for this … is that the Earth might be a prison planet, since we seem to be a naturally violent species and we're here until we learn to behave ourselves,’ he said.

Dr Ellis said the book is intended to create debate, instead of being a scientific study and hopes it will lead to people getting in touch with him with further suggestions of 'evidence'.

While other scientists have said some bacteria arrived on Earth from space, Chris McKay, an astrobiologist at NASA, said that to jump to the conclusion that it is alien life is ‘a big jump’.

Professor Wainwright from the University of Sheffield plans to investigate further, and believes that life is constantly arriving from space that did not originate on Earth.

Dr Ellis says that while his idea is an extreme evolution of that idea, it is intended to be thought-provoking and he claims to have had a largely positive response to it.

He is interested in whether humans came to Earth separately, perhaps by arriving on meteors and comets, before evolving into the species we know today.

‘My thesis proposes that mankind did not evolve from that particular strain of life, but evolved elsewhere and was transported to Earth (as fully evolved Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago,’ he says. 

Source: The Daily Mail


Navy Officers Say 'Unknown Individuals' Made Them Erase Evidence
of UFO Encounter
By Yasemin Saplakoglu

Several Navy officers who witnessed the now-famous Nimitz UFO encounter in 2004 say "unknown individuals" showed up after the event and made them turn over data recordings and videos, according to Popular Mechanics.

For several days in November 2004, a Navy missile cruiser sailing around 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the coast of southern California detected strange radar signals emanating from an object in the sky. The signals were erratic and didn't seem to match those given off by known aircraft. The Navy then deployed fighter jets to catch a closer glimpse of the strange object, and one succeeded in recording a blurry, black-and-white video that was, to the government's chagrin, publicly released in 2017 along with two other videos of UFO sightings from years later.

Five Navy veterans recently spoke to Popular Mechanics about what they experienced at the time. The veterans were part of the Navy's Strike Carrier Group 11 and were sailing on the USS Princeton on a training mission prior to their upcoming deployment in the Arabian Sea.

The strange radar signals came from an object that would quickly change altitudes, sometimes lurking at 80,000 feet (24,000 meters) and other times hanging around at 30,000 feet (9,000 m), they told Popular Mechanics. The UFO (an "unidentified flying object," which doesn't necessarily belong to aliens) became known as "Tic Tac" because of its shape. Tic Tac gave off a phosphorus glow at night and would dart around in various directions, said one of the veterans, Gary Voorhis, who looked at the object through binoculars on the ship.

Voorhis recalled that sometime after the officers recorded these strange radio signals, two people showed up on a helicopter, and 20 minutes later,  Voorhis' chain of command (a higher-up authority figure) told him to turn over the data recordings. His chain of command also told him to delete the recordings on the ship. "They even told me to erase everything that's in the shop — even the blank tapes," he told Popular Mechanics.

Similarly, Petty Officer Patrick "P.J." Hughes, who was an aviation technician, claimed that his commanding officer and two unknown men asked him to turn over the hard drives from the plane.

However, Cmdr. David Fravor, one of the pilots who got a close view of Tic Tac on a fighter jet, told a different story. In various past interviews, Fravor said the videotapes of the UFO disappeared — not because of any "men in suits" but because people had unintentionally recorded over them.

Fravor previously told The New York Times that he and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight spotted the object, which was about 40 feet (12 m) long. As they descended in the fighter jet, the object ascended to meet them but then abruptly veered away and disappeared, he told the Times.

Micah Hanks, writing for Mysterious Universe, states:

I managed to catch up with McMillan (who is presently living in Germany) about his recent piece for Popular Mechanics. He summarized that, based on his dialogue with those who had been present at the time of the incident, he feels reasonably certain that a situation involving the acquisition of recorded data related to a UFO by an unnamed group did occur, as observed by several individuals McMillan interviewed for his Popular Mechanics piece.

'I feel as certain as one can be, without having been there, based on everything I examined with the witnesses, that at least two individuals—somebody—showed up and seized all of the data from these ships. Which seemed to be primarily focused on the Aegis Radar System, the AN/SPY-1, and what’s called the CEC, or Cooperative Engagement Center.'

What that does is it projects everything to all the other ships, McMillan clarified. “The USS Princeton was the missile cruiser, so this is the one that’s got most of the fancy tech. But because of the CEC, it’s able to share it amongst the entire carrier group.

On an odd note, McMillan says that he doesn’t think the individuals, agency, or group which acquired the data seemed very concerned with descriptions the pilots gave of the incident.

“It would seem that from the data [these individuals] would have enough to see what the pilots saw. But they really didn’t seem to care what the pilot’s opinions were. Why? I don’t know. Was it just that the electronics information seemed more interesting? Was it they didn’t want to make it seem like a more significant event than it was by interviewing people? I don’t know. That’s an interesting piece to it, after realizing how these systems work and how everything would have gone on on the ship. What it means? I don’t know. It doesn’t have to be… obviously the ‘Men in Black’ is the first thing that comes to mind.

“Again, it is my fundamental opinion, based on all of the data that I have… some individuals showed up, and they have access and authority to take highly classified and top-secret systems—without question—all these guys were told, ‘turn over your stuff,’ and it went to these people, and they left.

“Since the Navy has said this is unidentified aerial phenomena (or UFOs), none of this data is known to exist today, or has not been released, and these individuals came on, seized all the data [and] collected it.

“Where it went, I don’t know.”

The details of what happened in 2004, both in the sky and down below, remain ambiguous.

Source: Live Science


When Baby Monitors Go Bump in the Night
By Eimear O'hagan

Picture an autumnal Friday evening when, after a typically boisterous bathtime followed by the donning of superhero pyjamas, my four- and two-year-old sons, Ruadhán and Donnacha, are – hallelujah – tucked up asleep in their respective bedrooms.

Collapsing on the sofa with a well-earned G&T, I glance at the baby monitor to see a now familiar, but still somewhat unnerving, sight in Donnacha’s bedroom: three small green specks of light flickering on the screen as they dance like fireflies above my snoring toddler’s cotbed.

I can guarantee if I crept up the stairs and opened the door there would be no sign of them. They are only visible on the monitor’s screen, and only ever appear when the camera is in Donnacha’s bedroom – nowhere else in our home or at the hotels and friends’ and relatives’ houses where we’ve used it.

I first noticed them over a year ago, when we moved my youngest son from a cot in our bedroom to his own room in our three-bed, 19th-century home in the Scottish Borders. They don’t appear every night but we still see them several times a month.

Initially, I heeded my husband Malcolm’s pragmatic insistence that some sort of electrical interference or a fault with the monitor was to blame. But that didn’t explain why we only saw the orbs at home.

Malcolm is as ‘non-woo-woo’ as they come and refuses to ponder any sort of otherworldly explanation. And, conscious that revealing UFOs appear in my child’s bedroom at night in my mum-circles might mark me out as odd, I kept shtoom. That is until I saw something on Instagram that sent shivers down my spine.

A friend of a friend had posted about an app that links to her baby monitor and sends notifications to her phone when there is movement or sound in her baby’s room – and how she gets these when the house is empty. She also wrote that she has seen a ‘figure’ in her child’s room on her monitor.

Another mother commented that she didn’t invest in a baby monitor because of so many unsettling tales she’d heard about them picking up ‘paranormal activity’. A quick scan of some popular online parenting forums reveals lengthy discussion threads about this. Part of me scoffed. What nonsense. But… the orbs. What if my monitor was also attracting spiritual visitors? ‘Is this a “thing”?’ I wondered, goosebumps creeping up my arms.

Fully expecting to be laughed off social media, I posted a request for other parents with spooky baby monitor experiences to share their stories. To my great surprise, I was inundated. A colleague recounted hearing a recording of a friend’s baby-monitor where the name ‘Steve’ was whispered over and over (the family in question don’t know a Steve). Then another recording of their child saying, ‘Someone’s at the window… They want to get in.’ So unsettled were the parents they called in a medium, who believes the child has psychic abilities, and are now selling their house, too spooked to stay.

Sarah, from Dartmoor, also contacted me. At pains to insist she was a sane, rational person, she told me about her six-year-old son’s bedroom in their barn conversion, which by day is an ordinary little boy’s room filled with Lego and storybooks. But by night it seems to be a hive of ‘activity’.

‘This used to be my husband’s grandmother’s home – my son’s great-granny. His bedroom was her kitchen where she spent much of her time before she passed away and the building was converted,’ said Sarah. ‘Although he’s six, we still use a baby monitor because his room is a little way from ours, in case he is poorly or needs me in the night.

‘Since he began sleeping in there five years ago, we have regularly seen two light sources on the monitor – one is a round ball, the other more ribbon-shaped – that travel around the room at varying speeds.’

Sarah and her husband tried to find a rational explanation for the orbs, but failed. Then, Sarah says, ‘One night, after a glass of wine, I asked my husband if he thought it was possible that his grandmother was still present in the house. He was sceptical but we decided to test the theory. Standing in the hall outside the room and watching the monitor, he asked, “Granny, is that you? If it is, can you show your presence?” Immediately the round ball of light flashed across the room. Then I asked, “Are you just checking on him?” and as the light hovered on the end of the bed, we saw an indent on the duvet as if someone was sitting there.

‘I know it sounds crazy, but I do now believe she has a presence in that room, maybe because it was her haven when she was alive. I don’t feel frightened by it. In fact, it’s nice to think she’s watching over her great-grandson.’

Another mother, Hayley, got in touch to tell me about her video monitor which picked up three balls of white light hovering in the open doorway of her sons’ room one evening. ‘I froze and tried to tell myself it was just a reflection of something, then the balls rose in the air, moved into the room and circled over my sons, then aged three and one, before whooshing towards the curtains and vanishing,’ says Hayley, a business owner from Cheshire. ‘It was over in less than 15 seconds. I bolted up the stairs to find the boys sleeping soundly, but the room had a very calm, settled feeling. I felt very shaken and upset.

‘I never saw anything on the monitor again but after that my youngest went through a phase of telling me there was a man in his room. He would wave at the ceiling and say he was waving goodbye to him.’

According to psychic Amanda Tooke, infants and monitors are the perfect storm when it comes to rousing the paranormal. ‘Babies and children up to the age of about seven are very receptive to seeing and hearing spirits and angels. They are too young to have been conditioned into not believing in such things, they simply accept. As we get older, we’re told these things don’t exist so we close off to them even though they are all around us,’ says Amanda. She believes that ‘spirits use electrical devices to communicate so it’s not uncommon for parents to see and hear things on monitors that they can’t explain. It’s a golden opportunity for spirits to make themselves known. They don’t want to scare us with a full-blown apparition so they use the monitor to present as a light or a sound.’

I tell Amanda an anecdote from a mother called Stacie who contacted me. Stacie’s mother-in-law had died from cancer when Stacie was pregnant with her first child, a boy. When he was three months old, she moved his crib from her bedroom to his own nursery, which had very creaky floorboards.

‘One night, about a week after we moved him into that room, I woke to hear the floor creaking through the monitor. At first, I assumed it was my husband, then I realised he was in bed next to me,’ says Stacie. ‘Then, clear as anything, I heard my mother-in-law saying “You’re so perfect, I’m so proud of you.” I leapt out of bed and ran to his room but he was sleeping peacefully.

‘Around the time she died I had experienced very strong, premature contractions – I was only 28 weeks pregnant. Two years after her death my second child, a girl, was born on the same date she’d died. Towards the end of that labour I didn’t think I could carry on, but I heard her voice comforting me and saying that I was having a girl. It’s hard not to believe that she wanted to be part of her grandchildren’s lives even after death.’

Amanda believes it’s common for loved ones who have died to want to be around when a new child is born. ‘If parents are open to the idea that a deceased relative is present, then they may well see or hear activity that otherwise would be missed or dismissed, because spirits are very subtle.’

Of course, for every believer there is a sceptic and consultant psychologist Dr Elena Touroni of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic says all of these experiences are rooted in normal parental emotions, not the paranormal.

‘It’s very natural for parents, especially those of young babies and toddlers, to have an intensified sense of anxiety and alertness triggered by physiological factors and things such as sleep deprivation, plus the stress and new responsibilities that come with parenthood. It’s a time of great change in every sense, and that can have a knock-on psychological impact,’ says Dr Touroni.

‘Parents pay more attention to what is around them because of that heightened concern, noticing things they may previously have missed, and may read these sights and sounds as suspicious or even dangerous, because of their anxiety.’

Dr Touroni also explains that believing a deceased relative is present is more likely to be rooted in grief than the paranormal. ‘The arrival of a child can trigger feelings of loss and a deep-rooted desire for that absent person to be there. So a person can project that desire and believe something they see or hear is a “sign” of their presence. It’s totally understandable and if it gives someone comfort there’s no harm in it.

‘These beliefs only become problematic when they start to affect a parent’s day-to-day life. For example, if they become paranoid about their child’s safety or can’t move on from a loved one’s death because they believe they’re still present.’

I ask Amanda about the green lights in my son’s room. ‘Orbs, which can be different colours, are often angels – these are different to spirits. Spirits are loved ones who have passed over, but we all have an angel assigned to us,’ she says.

I’m not sure how I’m going to explain this to my husband – or whether I’m convinced. But there is no disputing that many parents believe something supernatural is going on in their child’s room. Do you?

Source: Daily Mail


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River Monster Tales

So I have now returned to the northern hemisphere and summer has brought fruition to the greening ofspring. Swimming pools are filled with the exuberance of youth, anglers are hitching their boats, and the Illinois River is once again theprimary destination for the canoe enthusiast.

They come from all across the state, and the country, and all over theworld to experience the delight of a slow, cool “float” down the Green Country Highway. They come to camp and float, they come to picnic andfloat, they come to fish and float. They come in cars, they come in campers, and they come – and I’m not kidding – on motorcycles. Theycome to see the clear waters, they come to see old friends, and they come to see the monster. Monster? Yeah, that’s right, the monster.“Soppy,” the now legendary Illinois River Monster.

I was born, and have lived most of my life, in Tahlequah. During thesummers while I was in high school and college, I worked at several “float places” on the Illinois River and obtained a considerableknowledge of the stream and its characteristics. At one time, I was one of the few people capable of completing “night floats.” The moon on thewater being the only light (a must for the night float) and the utter tranquility that comes with the absence of humanity, leaving only thesound of the river and living nature, are memories I will treasure the remainder of my time on this planet.

In summer 1982, a number of my aunts and uncles had come from Kansasand set up camp at one of the larger establishments on the upper Illinois on State Highway 10. I was awash in kith, kin, and cousins, tothe tune of 20 or more. So, I put them all in canoes, as was their wish, and sent them down the river. Several hours later, they allreturned happy and hungry, with a wish, to repeat the experience on the ‘morrow.

I told them I would be happy to send them down again and suggested tothe cousins a night float. They were all agreed, and the next day I sent the aunts and uncles, along with the younger cousins, downstream.That evening as the sun was sinking below the tree line, I put three boats of older cousins in the water and off we went. The moon was nearfull and the effect was that of an old black-and-white silent film. The trees shook silver in the breeze and the naked gravel banks shone whiteagainst the dark river. The only sound was the rippling of the passing water and the occasional thump of a paddle on the side of a boat.

All was serene until we heard what sounded like footsteps. Somethingwas creeping down the right bank. Just out of sight, in the darkness of the tree lined shore. I told the cousins that it was in all probabilitya farmer’s cow, but I wasn’t so sure. I had seen cows come to the water, but there were fences, and this was an unlikely time to see athirsty bovine. Whatever it was continued to follow us, and after 30 minutes I was convinced, by the wet hair standing on the back of myneck, that we were being tracked.

I did my best not to alarm the cousins and discouraged an attempt tobeach the boats and investigate. We were only going four miles, About a quarter of a mile from our landing, the mysterious footfalls andrustling foliage faded into the forest. We loaded our boats, I accepted the thanks of my family and we motored up old No. 10 to the campsite.

I am not the only Okie with a tale on Soppy. On Aug. 1, 1990, a womanliving in a mobile home near Eldon reported to Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department she heard noises, noticed a bad smell, and saw acreature about 10 feet tall and about 400 pounds. A deputy investigated and found impressions big enough to place both his feet in. Just twodays later, an 8-year-old girl and her mother described a creature 8 feet tall with dark brown, frizzy hair and standing on two feetrummaging through a trash pile near their house. There have been several reports in this area since the early ‘70s.

On Feb. 5, 1996, a man living in the Vian Bottoms, about two to threemiles north of the Arkansas River, saw a black figure moving in and out of the trees. He said it looked to be about 8 feet tall, huge, muscularbuild, with very long stringy hair, and walked upright on two legs.

In April of 2000, two friends canoeing the Illinois River had stoppedat a designated camp point and something approximately 8 feet tall, dark brown in color, and covered in hair except for areas of the faceand hands walked out of the woods. It began to cross the river, turning while in the stream to look at them, and then walked into the woods onthe other side of the river. They investigated the area where the animal crossed and found tracks that were deeply imprinted in the soil.

A woman driving near Green Leaf Lake on Nov. 18, 2001, saw somethingcross the road in front of her. She said it was about 6-1/2 feet tall, with long, dark hair except for the face area, and had a thick build.She described the creature further as looking “like a person with hair.”

In October of 2005, Tahlequah 911 received a call at about 6 a.m. onemorning from a man near the Welling bridge who said he had just seen what he believed to be Bigfoot. It was 7 feet tall and hairy, and fromthe anatomy it appeared to be female.

There is a woman who lives in the Pumpkin Hollow area who says she andher relatives have been “spotlighting” similar creatures for years. She says the animals smell of berries and urine. A woman living in LostCity has reported that three generations of her family has seen the hairy, smelly creature, and that it seems to be fond of children.

One of the most popular areas for Bigfoot sightings is the southeasternOklahoma community of Honobia. In October 2006, a documentary film crew from Kansas visited Cherokee and Adair counties to interview the localcitizenry about sightings and engage in a Bigfoot hunt with the Green Country Bigfoot Research Center. Afterward, they traveled to Honobia,near Talahina, for that community’s annual Bigfoot festival.

In July 2008, a woman living in an area known as Murphy’s Hill, near14-Mile Creek, said she was receiving a curious and regular visitor that was “getting bolder” and “coming out in the daytime.” She said one“Sunday afternoon the wind shifted, and we smelled it.” She said she went into the yard and found the door to her dogs’ pen broken almost inhalf. And, that the dogs get really quiet when this thing is around. The previous February, a friend had moved into the trailer next to hersand soon after, he said he heard a deep, low growl and something shook his trailer. One evening the two of them were outside when they sawsomething tall and furry run between the trailers. They went inside and shortly heard a bang on the door and the sound of heavy footstepsrunning away.

This creature has lived in Oklahoma for generations. There are oldstories among the Cheyenne of seeing the wild man traveling with the herds of buffalo. The old Cherokee called it Tsul ‘Kalu – theslant-eyed or sloping giant.

The Chickasaw chief Tishomingo hinted at the humanity of the Sasquatch:“Why do you want to hunt the wild men? My children, they are a tribe even as are we. They have families, hunt, fish, and procreate. Leavethem alone and they will leave us alone.” The Comanche chief War Shield agreed, but added a dire warning: “Nothing that is said, or accusedtoward the hairy brothers of the forests, will cause them to leave their homes; they deal with the round eyes the same as we, they willkill the round eyes to protect their home.”

So, here we are again at the birth of another summer and the searchbegins anew. In May, a couple of dozen researchers again descended on Oklahoma, hoping to catch a glimpse of Soppy and his “cousins.”Equipped with night-vision goggles, long-range lenses, sensitive audio recorders, and an unshakeable belief in the existence of the yetunproven Bigfoot, they come. They come in cars, they come in campers.

Source: Tahlequah Daily Press


Ohio Homeowner Fires Shots at Bigfoot
By Tim Binnall

In a strange story out of Ohio, police responded to a report of gunshots being fired and found a man claiming that he had just fended off a Bigfoot trying to break into his home.

The bizarre incident reportedly occurred last month in the community of Bainbridge Township when a resident called the cops at around 4:30 in the morning to express concern about someone shooting a gun in their neighborhood. Officers investigating the worrisome call soon located the individual behind the commotion and learned that he had a rather fantastic reason for firing his weapon.

According to authorities, the man told police that a seven-foot-tall creature, which was either a Bigfoot or a bear, had been trying to get into his house by way of the front door in order to abduct his dogs. Wanting to protect his precious pets, the unsettled witness said that he fired some warning shots to drive the 'monster' away. It would seem that the tactic worked as cops subsequently searched the area and found no signs of Sasquatch nor any other animal.

Adding an odd layer to an already weird story, the man also revealed that this same creature consistently stops by his home every evening at around 8 PM. Unfortunately, he did not explain how, if this is true, he still does not know if it is a Bigfoot or a bear. And, while one might assume that the circumstances of the case would indicate that the homeowner may have been 'under the influence,' police say that the man was actually not intoxicated at the time.

Fortunately, he did not get into any trouble for his ill-advised warning shots and was merely told to call the police station should the menacing creature return. Considering that it's been a few weeks since the incident took place and there's been no news of a Bigfoot being captured or shot in Ohio, perhaps the early-morning gunfire put an end to those nightly visits from the 'monster.' This recent case is remarkably similar to another incident earlier this year in which campers at a national park in Kentucky reported a man shooting his gun after what was believed to have been a Sasquatch sighting.

Source: Coast to Coast


Goblins Allegedly Kill 10 Family Members

A Zimbabwe family is suffering incessant torment from suspected goblins that have killed more than 10 family members, prompting some members to seek spiritual healing and protection.

Troubled family members last week approached a local prophet who allegedly exposed the culprit behind their torment.

The beleaguered Nzvenga family literally camped at Madzibaba Shepherd Nzira’s shrine in the Hobhouse.

The prophet, who leads the Zvakazarurwa Zvevapostori Church, allegedly retrieved suspected witchcraft paraphernalia comprising of a creepy-like goblin, lance, knobkerrie tied with hyena tail and clay pot filled with blood.

The paraphernalia allegedly belonged to one of the family members (name withheld).

Family members who spoke to The Manica Post after the cleansing rituals in Nyanga confessed being haunted with mysterious deaths among other unexplainable calamities.

“Family members have dying mysteriously until we established that there was witchcraft in the family. We could not figure out who exactly was behind the death of about 10 family members and then engaged Madzibaba Nzira, who exposed the culprit.

“I once confronted him before. I had weird dreams in which he would be trying to stab me. We are happy that Madzibaba Nzira got to the bottom of the mystery and fished out the culprit. He was exposed him. What shocked us most is that inside one of the clay pots was a paper with a list of people that had died mysteriously and earmarked to die. We hope the cleansing rituals will eradicate our problems,” said Mr Francis Nzvenga.

Madzibaba Nzira, who specialises in exorcising evil spirits and settling spiritual battles in families, said more deaths were on the family’s way had they delayed seeking his services.

“People who appeared on a list in the clay pot were bound to die in the near future. I prayed first, and summoned the goblins to expose themselves. The family will not be haunted again,” he said.

Source: ZW News

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