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It has been going on for centuries.  The dark, secret places have been their meeting rooms. Behind closed, locked doors they weave their plans.  Like the web from a hideous spider, their connections are complex and far-reaching.  Their nefarious activities seem disjointed and random -- effectively hiding their ultimate goal.  Those who dare oppose them are branded as "conspiracy nuts"  and  ignored.  It is all part of the grand plan. But there is one small kink in their web of deceit...CONSPIRACY JOURNAL!  Here each and every week to let you know what is really going on behind the wizards curtain.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Karmic stories as:

- UFOs and the Supernatural in Times Of Crisis -

 - The Mad, Mad World of the Controllers -

- Mysterious Creature Terrorizes Residents of Thrissur -

AND: "Ghosts" Enlisted to Guard Indonesian Village 

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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The UFO photos of one Paul Villa are in a category all of their own. They show solid hardware of what can only be “alien” craft originating from outside Earth’s atmosphere. "The Secret UFO Contacts of Paul Villa" is one of the few books with color photos of alien spacecraft introduced to our world as proof of the existence of another race of beings who live among the stars...but visit us on a regular basis.

For a period of several years Paul Villa remained a rather mysterious figure, claiming contact with advanced beings from other worlds. What placed him in a category almost all by himself is the fact that he was able to produce – just about on command! – photographs of real-world, solid vehicles – not “supernatural manifestations” – which hovered and darted about near his desert mobile home.

According to Villa, he would receive a telepathic message that his otherworldly friends were in the neighborhood and he should go outdoors. There in the sky would be silvery discs complete with “windows,” looking like nothing manufactured on Earth. The ships Villa saw and photographed ranged in size from just a few feet across to well over 30 feet in diameter.

As might be expected, the UFO skeptics began to attack Villa's photographic evidence. They claimed that his photos - over 50 of them - were faked, offering as proof supposed computer enhancements which are open to various interpretations. After a while, Villa became silent. There were rumors that he had been threatened and that his house had been burned to the ground.

THIS IS A LARGE FORMAT 8x11 book with page after page of Paul Villa's impressive COLOR photos -- the best quality we could obtain. It is a coffee table book that will be a great enhancement to any collector's library. There has never been such a tantalizing collection of UFO pictures printed in color in America that has so defied the critics. This book also includes the UFO contacts of Italy’s “Alien Friendship Case.”

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UFOs and the Supernatural in Times Of Crisis
By Susan Demeter St. Clair

“The phenomenon of UFOs is real. I know that there are scientific organisations which study the problem.” - Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on 26th April 1990.

The quote above came at a time when the former Soviet Union was coming to an end, the Berlin wall had started to come down, Germany was reunifying, and millions of Russians and Europeans were living in a very liminal state. It was a time when UFOs appeared all over Russia and Europe particularly over NATO headquarters, and thousands more were experiencing strange paranormal events.

In troubling times UFOs appear, and the supernatural is more likely to be experienced, and reported.  This may be do to the amount of stress we are all under, or it may simply be a way to let us know that whatever is behind these strange magics, we are not alone.  I really don't know for certain why humans in crisis experience psychic phenomenon like poltergeists more often, but there is a lot of historical evidence that shows this to be the case.

In 2014 I worked on research with Dr Eric Ouellet that demonstrated how UFOs may in fact be parapsychological in nature, and part of that research included examining UFO events that occurred during times of liminal states.

The most obvious being the Belgium UFO wave and the Russian waves of the late 80's and early 90s, which is why I quoted Gorbachev. It was a very uncertain time for many Europeans and Russians, and there were numerous types of UFOs, and paranormal events being reported and investigated by both civilians, police and military. The cooperation between military and civillian UFO researchers at that time was unprecedented in the Western world.

In total more that 13, 000 people officially reported experiences with UFOs, UFO pilots, and other paranormal encounters, but the true number is probably much higher.

Once again we are living in an uncertain and turbulent time. This time the whole world is in crisis over the Covid 19 pandemic, and never before have so many people been plunged into a liminal state, all at once. As I write this a quarter of the world's population, over a billion people are quarantined. And, I have to wonder if this general state of anxiety, sickness, and uncertainty will produce mass paranormal phenomena including UFO waves?

I have reached out through social media asking if anyone hears of any increased UFO or paranormal activity to please let me know as I would like to document any large scale events that may occur.

Greg Bishop and I have created a group on Facebook that aims to explore contemporary accounts as well as historical cases of paranormal outbreaks at times of human crisis such as Covid-19. Please feel free to join us. Or leave a comment for me here.

Join us here: Paranormal Experiences and the Pandemic

This is a very scary time for many of us, and it may help to give us some insights into how human beings experience the paranormal during times of mass crisis.

Many good wishes to us all. Be well and safe my friends.

Source: Out of My Mind's Eye


The Mad, Mad World of the Controllers
By Sean Casteel

The stock wisdom is that for any government to succeed, it needs to win the “hearts and minds” of its people. Leaving aside the sentimental overtones of “hearts,” perhaps the biggest struggle is to win the MINDS of the people – not by persuasion but by force. That leads us to the ugly term “mind control,” which is the primary focus of the new, expanded, and revised “The Controllers,” recently published by Timothy Green Beckley and his Global Communications publishing house.

There are many elements to this book. Almost every conspiracy you could think of is tackled. The basic concept is that there is an outside intelligence operating behind almost everything we do, plotting against us even before we awake in the morning. Beckley draws on his pool of writers and researchers – namely the mysterious Commander X, Tim R. Swartz, William Kern, and Beckley himself – to produce an engrossing study of the subject of mind control as perpetrated by both human and alien oppressors of mankind.


There are many “false flags” and disinformation programs being thrown at us. William Kern accuses various government agencies of collusion in a program called “Project Blue Beam,” a deception intended to take captive the minds of people throughout the world by methods that may surprise you. Kern spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy and takes belief and non-belief in the UFO phenomenon very seriously, though he is not at liberty to divulge most of what he knows. Kern nevertheless describes what he thinks Project Blue Beam is all about.

“The basic purpose of Project Blue Beam,” Kern writes, “is to establish a New Age religion in the world. According to conspiracy theorists, without the universal belief in a New Age religion, the success of the New World Order will be impossible.”

The United Nations and NASA are two of the entities named by Kern as conspiring to bring this massive deception to life. According to Kern, there is a four-step plan laid out and waiting to be implemented “In the first step,” Kern explains, “the government will fake earthquakes at precise locations all around the planet. The widespread occurrence of natural disasters will sow fears in the minds of the general public and pave the way for step two of the project.”

Step two marks the real beginning of Project Blue Beam.

“This step involves a gigantic space show,” Kern continues, “where three dimensional projections will be used to project holograms in the skies all around the globe. As per theorists, the projections will be made in the shape of particular deities which are dominant in particular regions. At the end of this gigantic cosmic show, all the projected gods will merge into one sole entity, ‘The Antichrist.’” Even comparatively mundane UFO sightings are said to be figments created by Project Blue Beam, intended as a method of checking the efficiency of their projecting hardware.

Step three is the most complicated phase of Project Blue Beam.

“In this phase,” Kern writes, “using Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication, authorities will make people think that God is talking to them directly. Extremely Low Frequency waves will be used to manipulate the thoughts of the general public. However, the feasibility of the successful completion of this phase still remains a dilemma.”

In step four, people will be led to believe that a global alien invasion is imminent and that accepting the New World Order is the only way to be saved. A falsified Second Coming and a technologically faked Rapture are also part of the overall blueprint for enslaving the minds of all humankind.


Not all mind control is the result of human cloak-and-dagger machinations. “The Controllers” also presents information on mind control as perpetrated by creatures we might call “paranormal.”

One example would be the work of Richard Shaver, a Pennsylvania autoworker who heard “voices” through his welding gun and would come to write at great length about underground beings, their control of surface society, and the constant war against humanity being waged by a sinister group of subterranean dwellers he identified as “the Dero,” which stood for “degenerate robot.”

In spite of laughter and scorn, Shaver stuck to his guns throughout his life, telling those who would listen about the reality of these savage inner “eartherians” whom, Shaver insisted, actually kidnapped thousands of humans each year, kept them in small cages, controlled their minds through ancient ray machines, had all manner of perverted, and unthinkable, sex with their captives, and even ate the flesh right off the bones of their kidnapped victims. Shaver believed that the Dero hope to gain mastery of the surface and are able to control the minds of many world leaders to force them to commit inhuman acts against their own citizens, including starting large-scale wars. No one is safe from the Dero, Shaver said. He also believed that much of what we call the UFO phenomenon is actually a matter of ships coming from the interior of the Earth (as opposed to outer space) or illusionary projections created by the Dero ray machines in the caverns down below.

Interwoven throughout “The Controllers” are stories of the alien abductors popularized by writers like Whitley Strieber and the late Budd Hopkins. It was Hopkins who coined the term “screen memories” to describe how an abductee’s mind has the true conscious recollection of whatever the encounter consisted of, which is often repellent and horrifying, replaced by a more “acceptable” memory that makes the abductee feel safe and non-violated.

This ability to control the thoughts and memories of their chosen human subjects is attributed to the ubiquitous gray aliens and the less frequently seen reptilian/serpentine aliens. This complete level of control may be achieved through the use of so-called “alien implants,” particularly implants inserted through the nasal passages on up into the brain. Such devices have been seen in MRI scans of the brain, as in the case of Whitley Strieber, but are located in places that make surgical removal impossible.

When faced with all the evidence for both human and alien mind control, there are those who dream of somehow resisting “The Controllers” by any means necessary. Then there are others who believe that struggling against the superior powers and technologies of the mind-controlling entities is a futile effort, as well as being a lonely kind of combat that the majority of our fellows will not even acknowledge is real. And if we cannot trust our thoughts to be our own, we can only hope that some vestige of the truth is still contained within them. For those open to a “paranoid” history of our Earth and its many counterfeit races, this is a must-read for you. The Illuminati is fair game as is the New World Order and any other secret society – planetary or interplanetary – that wants to enslave humankind – thus the title, “The Controllers.”

Source: Spectral Vision


More Forgotten Saucer Cases of the 1970s Part 2
By Scott Corrales © 2020

A UFO in Chains?

The UFO phenomenon was also active in the skies over the state of Querétaro in May 1975. The Diario de Querétaro newspaper ran the story of how 'strange objects' had flown of the town of San Joaquín at an altitude of barely seventy meters on the evening of May 6, 1975 – between 21 and 22:00 hours, according to witnesses.

These witnesses could not be dismissed lightly, either. Among them was Ricardo Ledesma, a deputy district attorney and local tax collector, who told reporters that his wife Consolación had called him to come to the window to see the objects flying over the community. He was able to see the four strange objects which “flew at an altitude higher than that of private planes.”

In describing the altitude, Mr. Ledesma noted that the object were flying at a height usually associated with aircraft participating in an parade or military airshow, but then dropped to some seventy or eighty meters .
Consolación claimed having seen the objects a few minutes longer. “I had the chance to see the objects twice, since they flew around the community a few times. They flew in from the east and returned in the same direction.” She described them as resembling the weighing platforms used in old-fashioned scales, suspended by chains.

Another witness was Manuel Martinez, a local councilman, who added a startling detail. One of the objects, he said, looked like a ‘balanzón’ – a copper pan used by silversmiths - and made a slight buzzing sound.
Ms. Guadalupe Saldívar was also among the witnesses. “At first I saw what lights that appeared to be stars, but as they drew closer and flew overhead, I saw they were circular objects like weighing platforms, with dangling wires, grey in color.”

Just as townspeople were starting to forget the unusual events of the night of May 6, another UFO visited peaceful San Joaquín in the month of June. A vast object, giving off multicolored lights, flew slowly over the town hall, barely skirting over a radio tower. There were multiple witnesses to the event, and the object also had the unusual feature (perhaps never reported before in ufological chronicles) of having beams of light above it that indeed made it look like one of weighing platforms of a set of scales, suspended by chains.

Interestingly enough, the San Joaquín sightings were investigated by the late Salvador Freixedo, the former Jesuit priest, who lived in Mexico at the time. The state of Querétaro was fertile ground for researching the paranormal at the time.

“One day in 1975,” wrote Freixedo in his landmark Defendámonos de los Dioses (Beware of the Gods), “a young man from a humble background told me how, two months before, at night, he had witnessed a UFO flying very slowly and at low altitude over his house (located on the outskirts of town). Excited by what he had seen, he ran after the UFO, following its trajectory into a deep gully outside the city, not far from his home. When he reached the gully's edge, he saw a large lens-shaped object on the ground. emitting a fantastic white light. Frightened by the sight, he crouched amid some shrubs. From his hiding place he was able to see several "midgets" with objects resembling “flashlights” in their hands. These flashlights emitted thin, concentrated beams of light and the "midgets" were having a good time hacking down plants with them, enthusiastically, cutting one down after another.

“After a while, my friend, who had remained concealed and motionless behind the shrubs, saw the object change colors and moments later, begin to ascend very slowly, balancing itself repeatedly some five meters over the ground until it shot off heavenward. While engaging in this back and forth motion, the object struck a large cactus and toppled it.

"Months later, when I accompanied the young man to the site, I asked him to show me where the cactus had been felled. We headed in that direction, and sure enough, there lay a large, half-desiccated cactus. In spite of the time that had gone by, we were able to see without any difficulty the large rounded imprints of more than one landing on the gully floor. Later on, back at his home, the young man gave me fused rocks that he had collected from the landing marks while they were still hot; he had placed them in a jar, and after a while, the inside of the jar had been covered in a yellowish dust that resembled sulfur. All these details are more or less common to many other UFO landings, but what was new to me here was the half-desiccated coyote I discovered not far from one of the landing sites. What attracted my curiosity were certain strange characteristics that could be made out along the animal's carcass. Strangest of all was the fact that the entire body had been wrung, much like a rag is wrung to extract water from it. Yet in spite of this, its bones remained unbroken. Furthermore, it was also interesting to see that no ants or any insects whatsoever could be found beneath or around the carcass, while there was a good amount of the animal's flesh still stuck to the bones. It had dried up in an unusual manner, without rotting and disintegrating as is commonly the case with animals that have died in the field.”

- Editors Note: Because of the length of this article I am presenting an abridged version on Conspiracy Journal. I highly recommend that you take this link to read this incredible piece by Scott, and to keep going back to Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology for Scott's other well-researched and written articles.

Source: Inexplicata


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The Wild Diversity of UFO Occupants

The shapeshifting nature of the UFO phenomenon has long been a cause of embarrassment to proponents of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. If UFO occupants are merely alien invaders bent on world domination, why do they assume such a bewildering variety of forms? Why do they sometimes appear as little grey humanoids, sometimes as silver goblins and sometimes as tiny manikins?

On the morning of July 2nd 1969 (only 3 weeks before Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon) a silver flying saucer no larger than a dinner plate landed in the grounds of a primary school in Johore Bahru, Malaysia.

Five tiny men in red uniforms stepped out of it and surveyed their surroundings. Seeing a crowd of inquisitive children running towards them, they jumped down a hole in the ground and disappeared. Their saucer simultaneously vanished into thin air.

It was the prelude to an unlikely invasion. During the following decade, Malaysia was visited by a veritable plague of tiny humanoids. They seemed particularly attracted to young children and had a knack of disappearing whenever cornered.
Aerial Invasion

On August 19 1970, five 3-inch-tall humanoids marched down the gangplank of a miniature flying saucer into the playground of the Stowell Primary School in Bukit Mertajam. Four wore identical blue uniforms. The fifth - who seemed to be in charge - wore a yellow tunic decorated with stars and had a pair of horns on his head. The entities climbed a tree and began to erect an aerial-like device in its branches.

A group of six young boys advanced on the visitors, and the boldest, K. Wigneswaran, made a grab for their colourful leader. The little men promptly drew tiny laser pistols and opened fire on the children, who fled in terror. Wigneswaran later found a red scar on his leg where the beams had struck him.

The Men in White

In April 1973, a Lilliputian flying saucer landed in the playground of a primary school in Ipoh Perak. Several tiny humanoids in shiny white suits emerged but beat a hasty retreat when they saw a teacher approaching.

The previous year, a girl playing in rice fields in Rantau Panjang saw a miniature man marching through the furrows. He had long white hair and wore a white shirt with matching trousers. When she tried to catch him, he jumped down the nearest hole and vanished. A young boy chased a similar figure sporting a white shirt and purple trousers in the same neighbourhood. Again, the figure escaped down a hole.

The Incredible Shrinking Monkey Man

One June morning in 1980, two Lumut schoolgirls saw a pair of tiny monkey-like creatures roaming their school playground. One wore a white outfit complete with matching hat and boots. The other was dressed entirely in black.

A third pupil encountered a full-sized monkey-like beast, which shrunk down to only a few inches high when it saw her looking at it. Understandably, the girl fainted in terror.

Teachers mounted a hunt for the bizarre intruders and briefly glimpsed three tiny entities scuttling away behind a rock.

The following two cases only add to the confusion, since both involve entities that seem to straddle the divide between the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

The Bloodthirsty Plant-Man

One July afternoon in 1968, Jennings Frederick was hunting deer in woodland near Rivesville, West Virginia when a high-pitched voice addressed him.

"You need not fear me. I come in peace," jabbered the voice. "We know of you all. I wish medical assistance. I need your help".

Jennings felt something thin and prickly grab his arm. He turned to find himself confronted by a bizarre green-skinned being with "semi-human facial features".

The entity had yellow slanted eyes and long pointed ears. It had a slender body like the stalk of a plant and a pair of tendril-like arms. On each hand were three fingers with suction cups and needle-like tips.

The entity tightened its grip and punctured Frederick's skin. Then it began extracting his blood. As it did so, its eyes turned red and started spinning, putting Frederick into a hypnotic trance.

The bizarre transfusion lasted for about a minute. Then the rejuvenated being released its grip and bounded away into the woods, taking 25-ft-long strides.

The Walking Tree Stumps

An equally bizarre encounter occurred in Newport, Oregon on the evening of April 5, 1966. 16-yr-old Kathy Reeves and a friend were walking home when they saw an indistinct dome-shaped object surrounded by smoke and lights.

The girls hurried on their way, only to encounter an even stranger sight. Three entities shaped like "little tree stumps" were waddling across a meadow in the direction of mysterious object. Their legs resembled tree roots, and they had no heads or arms. They were dressed in bright, multicoloured outfits of orange, blue, pink and yellow.

The incident occurred at the height of a nation-wide UFO wave. Other witnesses in the area reported seeing globes of blue light, while an elderly couple claimed to have encountered a group of Cycloptian beings. However, the walking tree stumps were never seen again.

Alan Baker: Encyclopaedia of Alien Encounters, pp37-38.
Jerome Clark: Extraordinary Encounters, p256-7.
Jerome Clark: Extraordinary Encounters, p245.
Albert Rosales' Humanoid Database.

Source: The Cosmic Jokers


Mysterious Creature Terrorizes Residents of Thrissur
By Tim Binnall

Residents of several villages in India are on edge following a series of strange incidents that are being blamed on a mystery creature.

According to the Indian website Mathrubhumi, the weirdness has reportedly been unfolding in approximately five neighboring communities in the district of Thrissur. According to the unnerved people living in the region, an unseen beast has been menacing them by appearing on rooftops and in the yards of homes at around 9 PM each evening for the last few days.

Due to the darkness at that time of night, no one has been able to get a good look at the odd interloper, but it has made its presence felt by way of eerily knocking on doors and windows.

Those who have encountered the creature claim that it is incredibly fast and can somehow swiftly leap from one house to another.

The 'visits' from this mysterious beast has become so frequent that they have sparked something of a panic despite the fact that there have been no attacks nor any thefts attributed to the creature.

To that end, there are also suspicions that the cause of all the commotion may actually be a person rather than an animal, though this is a hotly debated topic among residents.

Particularly problematic to authorities is that the furor has grown to the point that people are now ignoring the country's coronavirus lockdown in an attempt to catch the source of the spooky knocking. As such, police have increased patrols in the region to keep the quarantine in place as well as hopefully get to the bottom of the mystery.

Source: Coast to Coast AM


"Ghosts" Enlisted to Guard Indonesian Village on Lockdown

Leave it to traditional Indonesian ghosts to guard your neighborhood during a self-imposed isolation amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Tuk Songo village in the Purworejo regency of Central Java has recently gone viral on social media for employing a uniquely Indonesian approach to restrict people from entering and leaving their kampung. Two men, dressed up as the pocong, have been posted to guard the village’s main entrance, after a self-imposed isolation to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus was put in place.

For those of you who may not be well-versed with Indonesia’s huge catalogue of mythical creatures, a pocong is basically the Indonesian zombie, wrapped up from head to toe with white cloth as is customary in Islamic burial rites, with only their faces uncovered. With their lack of limb mobility, they hop around from place to place.

The village’s spokesman, Angko Setiyarso Widodo, said that residents have decided to self-isolate the village as a form of gotong royong ?— the Indonesian phrase for mutual cooperation ?— in the fight against the coronavirus, and that no one is allowed in or out until normalcy returns.

“Together with other residents, the pocongs will check on anyone who passes the gate including spraying disinfectants [on people]. The pocongs are only on duty at night, while other residents guard the gate during the day,” Angko explained.

With the ongoing isolation, all other access to the kampung is closed and residents can only enter through the pocong-guarded gate.

According to Angko, there is an important subtext behind the pocong guards.

“The pocongs are to remind us of death, so anyone who’s ngeyel (stubborn) and doesn’t want  to participate in the coronavirus preventative measures can themselves become a pocong. Our hope is for the pandemic to end soon,” Angko said.

Elsewhere, a Malaysian man attempted to scare youngsters in his community not adhering to the country's coronavirus lockdown. Muhammad Urabil Alias, had grown irritated by the "stubborn" teens that continued to congregate at night in his town of Chukai despite government orders to avoid such gatherings in order to fight the pandemic. Recently, he decided to send the youngsters a message by way of some spooky photos that ultimately captured the imagination of Malaysians residents far beyond his neighborhood.

Last Saturday evening, Alias posted pictures on social media of an eerie-looking figure wearing a white robe and beard while standing atop a van outside his home. Although the photos were largely made in jest with the hopes that they might scare some teenagers into staying inside, the images quickly went viral in Malaysia as people genuinely believed that the man had encountered a ghost. And, amazingly, it would appear that they served their purpose beyond what even Alias had expected as he marveled that "when I uploaded the pictures on Facebook, everyone panicked and was scared to go out at night."

Be that as it may, the photos have proven to be so popular online that Alias actually expressed regret over the stunt, saying "my wife and I apologize if we have gone overboard." To that end, the faux ghost has even gone so far as to debunk the images by revealing the true nature of the 'spirit' on social media. That may be for the best since one can imagine that the belief that ghosts roaming are the streets is exactly the kind of thing that would inspire bored teens to ignore the lockdown in the hopes of spotting one of the apparitions.

Source: Coconuts Jakarta

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