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Stay home...stay safe. Don't let the talking heads convince you that the virus is a hoax, it is very real and very contagious. Don't let any politician or ideologue tell you that you need to get out and risk exposing yourself to a deadly disease and possible death just because they want to save face and get re-elected.  Quit whining that you need to end stay-in-place because you need to get a haircut, or because you can't buy fertilizer.  Niether will do you any good if you and your loved ones are dead.  Take it from us, we have had first-hand experience that COVID-19 is real and that it is still peaking in the U.S. Opening up the country too early will create a second wave of infections.  Listen to the real doctors and scientists (not "Dr. Oz" or "Dr. Phil").  Real doctors know what they are talking about.  Knowledge is power.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such shut up and listen stories as:

- New Air Force Report Confirms Pentagon UFO Program -

 - Did The Space Brothers Tell Us to Stay Off The Moon? Part 2 -

- Why I Think Some Lake Monsters Are Thought-Forms -

AND: People Turning to Psychics During the Pandemic

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All over the planet, important "cosmic events" are taking place – from the arrival of alien spaceships in our skies to the opening of star gates and portals to other planets, which allow interdimensional beings – both good and evil– to enter our world.

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 -- Three Days of Total Darkness.

 -- Hopi and Other Native-American Revelations.

 -- The Rising of Lost Continents and the Arrival of a New "Golden Age.”

In addition to these vital messages transmitted from various, said to be reliable, sources, this book -- printed in a large format -- contains a pictorial history of the New Age/Contactee movement from the late 1940s to the present. The reader will be introduced to most of the important figures in the field, with personal photos and insights that have not been presented previously.

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New Air Force Report Confirms Pentagon UFO Program
By Duncan Phenix

A newly released document from the United State Air Force confirms the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, better known as AATIP,  involved the study of UFOs and that three videos of unknown objects were released by the Dept. of Defense.

With this new document, the Air Force is also confirming previous reports by Mystery Wire and other journalism outlets about the nature of the program and statements made to us by principal participants, including former Nevada Senator Harry Reid, and AATIP program manager Luis Elizondo. The new document has been released in response to a public records request from Vice’s Motherboard.

The first hints about the AATIP program surfaced in October 2017 when former intelligence officer Lue Elizondo stepped onto a stage in Seattle and revealed that he had been in charge of a secret Pentagon study of encounters between U.S. military units and UAP’s, Unknown Aerial Phenomena, aka UFOs.

8 News Now was one of only two news organizations in the country to report on the event, organized by rock star Tom Delonge in order to launch his new project, To the Stars Academy, which Elizondo joined along with other former government insiders.

The story picked up steam two months later when the New York Times reported the name of the program AATIP or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. At the same time, two previously unreleased videos were made public.. One of the videos captured a 2004 encounter between warplanes from the USS Nimitz carrier group and a vastly superior UFO dubbed the ‘Tic Tac.’

“I think we have a much better understanding of the depth and scope that the Department of Defense has played in recent times, not historical 40s and 50s. I’m talking very recently regarding the UFO phenomenon,” Elizondo added, “I think people will be surprised just how frequent and the volume in which these things are apparently recorded and observed by active duty military people on missions, around the world, by the way.”

Elizondo resigned from his Pentagon position eft the military and went to work for rock star Tom DeLonge, whose organization To The Stars Academy was instrumental in convincing the New York Times to publish the story about the Pentagon study. The Times’ story set off a tsunami of other mainstream media coverage of UFOs, much of it critical of the work Elizondo says he did for the government.

The new document, according to Motherboard, was obtained from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), shows that after that New York Times article, AFOSI looked into the classification of the released videos, called ‘GoFast,’ ‘Gimble,’ and ‘FLIR.’  (FLIR’ is now known as the “Tic Tac” video.) Originally, it found “all three videos were classified” and that, though a declassification request had been made for these videos, it was never granted.

In December 2017, the program.s primary congressional sponsor, former Sen. Harry Reid, gave his first on camera interview to Mystery Wire and confirmed to reporter George Knapp that the a primary goal of the program was to determine the origin of UFOs and the technology that has been demonstrated. In subsequent interviews with Mystery Wire, Reid called for formal congressional hearings into the mystery of UFOs. Reid’s interest in UFOs dates back 30 years, but he kept it quiet until the New York Times story.

    "I think I’ll be remembered for other things but hey, listen, if I am known as somebody that kind of got the ball rolling here, I’ll take it."
    Fmr. U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D) NV

The ball started rolling in 2007. Reid and fellow senators Daniel Inouye and Ted Stevens authorized a black budget study of UFOs known as the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP). In 2008, a contract was awarded to BAASS, an offshoot of Bigelow Aerospace in North Las Vegas.  $22 million was spent over three years.

Since the New York Times story broke, Pentagon spokespersons have provided multiple conflicting statements about both AAWSAP, and its successor, AATIP. In some statements, the Pentagon denied the programs had anything to do with unidentified flying objects and also denied that Elizondo was involved.  Reid says the UFO mystery was always the primary focus, starting with the first meeting he had with a scientist from the DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency.

In July 2018, KLAS TV was first to release a series of documents related to the Pentagon programs released government documents, including a list of certain reports it produced as well as full copies of some reports.  Later in 2018, the Defense Intelligence Agency confirmed the list when it released a letter from late Senator John McCain, who had requested all available materials from AATIP for his armed services committee.

While the DOD has issued multiple conflicting statements and denials concerning both AATIP, AAWSAP, and Elizondo, this new document, which reveals a separate investigation by the Air Force, confirms statements made by Reid and Elizondo to Mystery Wire.  And according to the AFOSI, it “considers this matter closed and will forward the appropriate documentation to the Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence, Pentagon, Washington DC for action.”

Source: Mystery Wire


Did The Space Brothers Tell Us to Stay Off The Moon? Part 2
By Timothy Green Beckley

"Excerpted From "Psychic And UFO Revelations For The Twenty-First Century"

Though I have never considered myself a staunch supporter of the New Age wing of the UFO community, I had established a co existing friendship with numerous channelers and contactees as I do believe they have the right to be heard. And from time to time what they have to say is right on the money!

Above all else, there was one particular individual from the "cosmic no fly zone" whom I thought was one cut above the rest when it came to expressing the theme of the Space Brothers arrival here on earth, and what they would like to see accomplished by our society before we joined with our galactic breathern. He was very articulate, and my gut feeling was that his messages were more than gossamer "New Age cotton candy,"

He influenced me pretty much to the point where I felt I could be a conduit for some of the space people's messages, without getting involved on a personal level as if I were claiming to receive such predictions on my own. I felt I had to separate my "serious" UFO research efforts from the more "extreme" elements that were hiding in the shadows, but were looking to guide the rest of us toward the light.

One of the most influential individuals in the UFO contact movement of the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties was a gentleman named Michael Barton whose moniker was an easy, breezy, Michael X, a nom de plum. He chose it so that he could hang out under cover and not be so easily identified. He was not interested in a cult following, but had some very important information to give out which he said had been given to him by his Space Brother friends from "Venus."

Every year, Michael X. would mount the speaker's platform at the Giant Rock UFO Convention, held just outside the town of Landers, California, in the Mojave Desert. He would address the throng of up to ten thousand who would sit in the hot sun all day to hear the latest message transmitted to the earthly representatives of the Ashtar Command and the followers of other "star fleets" captains.

Specifically, Michael said his contacts were from the planet Venus. None of the Giant Rock presenters received a speakers fee from promoter George Van Tassel, so most of them hawked their self published books and stapled tracks. The material that Michael X disseminated, however, was a cut above the rest. Such titles as "Venusian Health Science," "Venusian Secret Science," "Release Your Cosmic Power," "Amazing Visions of the End Times," and "Rainbow City and the Inner Earth People," were highly sought after, as the teachings they contained were of a higher caliber than most of the material that was being spread around in the name of the space aliens. The transmissions Michael X received were direct and "non filtered." They were not as poetic or flowery as some of what I call "New Age fluff" that was being passed about to the hard core believers via mimeographed leaflets. The material he was coming forth with was a combination of ancient wisdom bestowed upon him and channeled information which he was receiving while in an altered state.

Truth is, his books were presented as inspirational courses, suitable for study groups (which there were a lot of in the Fifties and into the mid Seventies. This was especially true on the west coast, where some were even organized by celebrities who would order books from me over the phone. I have one here in front of me now. "Secrets of Higher Contacts," which was one of his best...and dig the list of enlightening chapters, presented with pzazz.

1. Saucer Mystery Unveiled.
2. Brothers of the Higher Arc.
3. Contacting Your Secret X.
4. Will You Be A Contactee?
5. Your Most Important Role.
6. The Space Brothers Need You Now!

In fact, as far as it is known, Michael published the first book in the U.S. on the Nazi UFO connection. It was titled, "We Want You - Is Hitler Alive?" Later on he published, "The German Saucer Story," Both were to bring him a great deal of trouble as we shall see.

Suddenly, Michael X disappeared from the scene. He did not want to talk about UFOs or the space people any longer. Something had frightened him dreadfully. According to the late Frank Stranges, a personal friend of both Michael X and myself, it had something to do with Barton's belief that at least some UFOs were being manufactured right here on earth by members of an elite Fourth Reich who had manufactured disc shaped devices. The plans for these devices had come from a negative race of Nordic-like extraterrestrials who sympathized with Hitler and his Aryan supremacy views.

Michael X had claimed telepathic contact with his space "friends." One day they told him to go to a particular spot in the desert to meet with them face to face. He did not feel this was an unusual suggestion as he had followed their commands to meet several time before without incident. This time the results were not to his liking. He had parked his vehicle and had gotten out to see if there was a ship approaching, when suddenly he saw something glittering in the sunlight. He looked off to his side, and there partially hidden behind a sand dune was a would be assassin, a man with a rifle whose metallic barrel was reflecting the sun's rays giving their hiding spot away.

Author, researcher and guru, Michael X fled the scene as quickly as possible realizing that he had been "set upon" by entities he had no desire to deal with. His wisdom was no match for a firearm with a scope.

From what we later heard, Michael canceled all of his forthcoming speaking dates and went into seclusion not knowing how to deal with this very unnerving situation which had never confronted him before.

This brings me to the book that this article is derived from..."Psychic and UFO Revelations for the Twenty-First Century."

It started out as a saddle stitched booklet of 64 pages and ended up as a large format paperback of nearly 200 pages that sold over 50,000 copies, mainly through the tabloids like the Weekly World News and the Globe, and in a dozen or more psychic and UFO publications like Fate which dotted the newsstand at the time, all of which have dissipated over the last decade, till there are no more -- sort of like "Ten Little Indians."   

The title of the book is sort of self explanatory, the contents of which has not been lost for all time. In fact, we have added an appropriate amount of material from the last, 1989, edition as a good deal of this material is still appropriate and many of the predictions have either transpired, are yet to come about -- and, yes, there were a few that hit way off the mark. Even the Space Brothers can fail when it comes to prophecy. We can't all be Nostradamus, I suppose.

So grab your cosmic score card and start taking notes, and let's see what the space folks -- that includes you Ashtar and Semjase --  have to say when it comes to events that might be right ahead.

The space people want me to tell you that they bring peace and harmony. And I'll ditto that.

Source: Psychic And UFO Relations For The Twenty-First Century


More Forgotten Saucer Cases of the 1970s Part 4
By Scott Corrales © 2020

Bikers and UFOs in the Desert

Northern Mexico was not exempt from its share of UFO sightings, especially in the wide open spaces of Chihuahua and Coahuila. One of these events took place in the evening of October 16, 1973, a few kilometers north of the city of Monclova in the locality of Pozuelos – a moniker it earned by being the site of a series of wells that supply the city. It is worth noting that October ’73 was the busiest month in the “Year of the Humanoids”.

A firefighter named Humberto Corona was on his way to Pozuelos to service a number of pumps in that locality. His nocturnal labors were suddenly interrupted – as in any good UFO case – by a sudden flash of light that filled him with fear. He disconnected the pump he was working with, finished the required task, and promptly hopped on his motorcycle, speeding away from the place. Turning his head, however, he realized that the bright source of light was following him. He accelerated down the bumpy road, hoping to avoid the unknown quantity. Before he knew it, matters were worse – the light was now directly above him.

Realizing that escape was not possible, Corona jumped from the motorcycle and ran down to a sandy arroyo nearby, hiding behind some brambles. From this precarious place of safety, the man looked back at the road, his motorcycle and the source of light.

The light – he could now tell – had its origin in a strange flying vehicle that now hovered over the motorcycle, bathing it in an eerie glow. The vehicle produced a reddish beam of light that scanned every inch of the fireman’s bike. This analysis, in Corona’s estimation, took about five minutes.

Once the scanning operation was over, the UFO rose into the air and vanished into the blackness of the desert night. Warily, Corona emerged from his hiding place, not entirely trusting that the intruder was gone for good. He picked up his motorcycle, managed to kick start it, and sped away at full speed back to Monclova.

His story appeared in the local La Opinión newspaper, whose readers wrote in to substantiate his experience with their own stories – testimonies of encounters with the unknown in the desert.

Activity over Chiapas and Tabasco

June 1973 was a busy month for the newsrooms in the states of Chiapas and Tabasco, where local residents claimed having seen unidentified flying objects.

According to these reports, the objects were circular and emitted multicolored beams of light, following a specific route northward from Chiapas to Tabasco, specifically near the town of Macuspana, where evidence of landings was observed in the form of the characteristic burn marks associated with UFO CE-2 events.

Reports of CE-3s were also included; as residents of Macuspana allegedly had sightings with giant ufonauts (described as standing three meters tall and with clawed feet like roosters) that terrified the locals. These reports claimed that approaching the nightmarish beings and their vehicles was impossible, since any approach within forty meters of them would cause the landed UFOs and their occupants to ‘vanish’ from sight (camouflage?
Or was the entire unlikely experience a projection of sorts?) becoming visible once the foolhardy human had retreated to a respectful distance.


These ‘missing events’ from the chronology of cases in the 1970s ranges from the thoroughly documented - the footage from the Picardía Mexicana motion picture – to the purely anecdotal, such as the towering Macuspana aliens, although gigantic saucer occupants have been reported in Spain, Brazil and Russia over the decades.

Source: Inexplicata


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Why I Think Some Lake Monsters Are Thought-Forms
By Nick Redfern

I recently wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe on the matter of Tulpas (also referred to as thought-forms) and those entities that I think could be Tulpas. The list included the Black Eyed Children, the Slenderman, and the Men in Black. As I noted in the article: “The website Tulpa.info provides this: “A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. It’s currently unproven whether or not tulpas are truly sentient, but in this community, we treat them as such. It takes time for a tulpa to develop a convincing and complex personality; as they grow older, your attention and their life experiences will shape them into a person with their own hopes, dreams and beliefs.”

Today, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on why I believe that at least some lake monsters are very likely to be Tulpas.

A few years ago I was able to get my hands on a number of pages of decades-old documents and reports collected by the late F.W. “Ted” Holiday. He was the author of more than a few books, including Fishing in Wales, Estuary Fishing, The Dragon and the Disc, The Goblin Universe, and The Great Orm of Loch Ness. Contained in that old batch of material was a write-up from Holiday of a lake-monster encounter that dated back to the latter part of 1968.

The case is quite a well-known one in the field of Cryptozoology. But, it was good to see some of those original notes. The primary witness was Stephen Coyne, who encountered the beast at Lough Nahooin, Ireland. I’ll share with you the contents of Holiday’s papers and then I’ll explain why I think what Coyne encountered was a Tulpa/thought-form. Holiday wrote:

“At about seven on the evening of 22 February 1968, Stephen Coyne went down to the bog by the lough to bring up some dry peat. With him he took his eldest son, a boy of eight, and the family dog. Although the sun had set it was still quite light. On reaching the peat-bed beside Nahooin he suddenly noticed a black object in the water. Thinking it was the dog he whistled to it; however, the dog came bounding along the shore from behind. On seeing the object it stopped and started barking. He then saw that the object was an animal with a pole-like head and neck about nine inches to a foot in diameter. It was swimming around in various directions. From time to time it put its head underwater; two humps then came into view. Occasionally, a flat tail appeared. Once this came out near the head which argued length and a high degree of flexibility. The thing was black, slick, and hairless with a texture resembling an eel.”

Holiday continued: “The dog’s barking seemed to irritate the monster and it began to move in-shore, its mouth open. However, when Coyne strode over to support his dog it turned away and resumed swimming around this little lough. At about this point the little boy ran home to bring his mother to see the strange beast. When Mrs. Coyne and the children returned the Peiste [which is Irish terminology for a lake-monster] was still busily patrolling the tiny lake. Both Mr. and Mrs. Coyne agreed that the creature was about twelve feet long and both agreed they saw no eyes. Mrs. Coyne told us that she noticed two horn-like projections on top of the head. Whereas she thought the thing approached as near as four to five yards, her husband felt that the nearest point was about nine yards. Both agreed that the mouth was underslung in relation to the snout and neither of them saw any teeth. Coyne described the mouth-interior as ‘pale.’ To and fro before the seven members of the Coyne family strutted the Nahooin dragon. As dusk was setting they finally left it and made their way home over the bog.”

Coyne’s account is both intriguing and mysterious. Most lake-monster-based encounters occur in large bodies of water. Loch Ness, Scotland, for example, is approximately 22-miles-long. Then there is Ogopogo, the unidentified animal of Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.

The lake is an impressive eighty-four-miles long. Lake Champlain – the home of the famous lake monster known as Champ – is 107 miles in length. Even a fairly large lake monster would have no problem hiding out in such gigantic bodies of water. All of which brings us back to the matter of the Coyne encounter of 1968.  I have no doubts that Coyne saw the creature that he said he encountered.

There is, however, a big problem. Lough Nahooin is roughly one hundred yards by eighty yards. And its depth is barely twenty feet. And that’s all. As for the monster itself, it was around twelve feet in length. The notion that a significantly-sized unknown animal could lurk, swim and live in such a small body of water – and not be seen until 1968 – is crazy. Unless, that is, we take the position that the monster was just a temporary entity – a Tulpa that was quite literally there one moment and gone the very next.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills

Cars and balls seem to roll uphill, people appear able to stand at impossible angles - all in contradiction to the laws of gravity and physics. What's really happening at these curious locations?

There are dozens of mystery spots to be found around the U.S., and many more gravity hills - places where gravity itself seems to be warped. Our perceptions of up, down, straight and crooked are confused by what some say are powerful gravitational anomalies and dizzying magnetic vortexes. Is that the case, or are our senses being fooled by clever man-made and natural optical illusions?

Here are just some of the more well-known locations:

The Mystery Spot - Santa Cruz, Ca.
Discovered in the 1940s, this site on Branciforte Drive in Santa Cruz just might be the most well-known "mystery spot" in the U.S. Tour guides walk visitors through the "Mystery Shack" that stands on this spot and demonstrate the many weird effects that seem to take place there. Balls roll uphill, brooms stand on end at odd angles, people's heights seem to change as they walk about, among other weird effects of perspective and gravity. Even the trees in the area do not stand straight. Some visitors actually feel faint within the shack.

Spook Hill - Lake Wales, Fl.
Located between Orlando and Tampa, this stretch of road off Hwy. 27 is said to have gravity-defying effects on cars. The phenomenon on the sloping road is so well known that there is a sign on the roadside explaining its legend:

    "Many years ago, an Indian village on Lake Wales was plagued by raids of a huge gator. The chief, a great warrior, killed the gator in a battle... The chief war buried on the north side. Pioneer mail riders first discovered their horses laboring down hill, thus naming it 'Spook Hill.' When the road was paved, cars coasted uphill. Is this the gator seeking revenge, or the chief still trying to protect his land."

The story is local folklore, obviously, but drivers do attest that when they stop their cars at a certain spot and shift their transmissions into neutral, the cars do seem to roll up the incline of the road.

The Mystery Spot - St. Ignace, Mi.
Like the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, this one in Michigan's upper peninsula also features an old shack situated on a sharply sloped landscape. Balls and water appear to defy gravity by moving uphill. People seem to be able to stand at impossible angles.

Mystery Hill - Marblehead, Ohio
"See Mystery Hill defy the laws of nature and gravity..." declares the promotional material for this anomaly-plagued site in Ohio. Visitors to this place say that you can feel perfectly okay standing in one spot, then just a few inches away feel totally strange. Here, too, water seemingly flows uphill, a pendulum swings only to the south and people appear to change height right before your eyes.

The Oregon Vortex - Gold Hill, Or.
Some kind of magnetic vortex - a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below - is said to be responsible for the peculiar effects experienced at this site's House of Mystery. Those who visit the spot, it is claimed, cannot stand erect anywhere within the vortex, but are always inclined toward magnetic north. Distortions in perceived perspective are also affected, giving the impression, in some spots, that as a person approaches you he or she becomes shorter. There are other weird effects as well.

Gravity Hill - Bedford County, Pa.
It's a place where gravity goes haywire, says one article about this hill near New Paris, Pa. A "GH" spray-painted on the road tells you when you've found the spot where you can stop your car, shift it into neutral, then sit in amazement as it seems to slowly begin to roll uphill. If you're still in doubt, you can do as other experimenters have done and pour water on the road - and watch as it flows uphill.

Gravity Hill - Franklin Lakes, N.J.
This gravity hill on the Ewing Avenue exit of Rt. 208 South has one of those "ghost child" stories attached to it. The reason cars appear to roll uphill in defiance of gravity is because the ghost of a little girl pushes them that way. The little girl, the story goes, was killed by a passing car when she dashed into the road to fetch a ball. It's either that or some kind of anomalous magnetic field, they say, which also causes balls to roll up the hill instead of down.

Mystery Hill - Blowing Rock, N.C.
The Mystery House in this N.C. attraction is said to have a stronger-than-normal gravitational pull to the north. A person can apparently stand at a 45-degree angle, they say, and balls can be shown to roll up an incline. The site also features some other optical illusions and puzzles.

Cosmos Mystery Area - Rapid City, S.D.
Situated just six miles from the Mount Rushmore National Monument, the Cosmos Mystery Area on Hwy. 16 features a house where no one appears to be able stand up straight. A ball placed on a plank will appear to roll up it. "You can even stand on the wall!" says the promotional literature.

Gravity Hill - Salt Lake City, Utah
This gravity hill is located a few blocks northwest of the Capitol building in Salt Lake City. On a road that leads down into a canyon, supposedly, gravity works against known physics. If you stop at the bottom of the hill here, they say, and put your car in neutral, the car will coast back uphill out of the canyon. There's a legend behind this one, too. Someone named Elmo is buried in the area, so the story goes, and his gravestone glows blue at midnight. It's the force of this ghostly presence that warps gravity.

What's the Explanation?

Is something paranormal taking place at all these mystery spots and gravity hills? Are there strange magnetic vortexes and bizarre gravity anomalies to account for the apparent phenomena reported by hundreds and hundreds of visitors? Or are these simply optical illusions?

Although it is well known that gravity is not uniform everywhere on Earth, there are no known areas where it has been scientifically proven that gravity does not act the way it is supposed to act. Of course this does not prove that such areas can exist or do exist, but the mystery spot attractions around the country and the hundreds of "gravity hills" are probably not among them.

As fun, entertaining, even baffling as these spots can be, it's unlikely that the cause is paranormal in any way - no vortexes, gravity anomalies or even ghost children.

As made clear at "Mystery Spots Explained," they are "cleverly engineered tourist attractions" designed to create convincing optical illusions. The "mystery houses," always constructed on steep inclines, take advantage of the fact that the human eye and brain can be easily fooled by deliberate distortions in perspective and odd angles. In this way, people can appear to always be standing at impossible angles, even on walls; balls and water only seem to move uphill; and pendulums just look as though they don't work quite right.

Similar illusions are at work on the so-called "gravity hills." Cars and tennis balls that look as though they are rolling uphill are actually being pulled downhill by gravity. Optical illusions created by the lay of the land and surrounding landscape fool the eye into thinking that the laws of physics are being defied. (If you want to check out these places for yourself, roadsideamerica.com offers a "Mystery Spot Test Kit.")

Despite these scientific explanations, mystery spots and gravity hills can be a source of wonder, curiosity and fun. Just don't expect anything paranormal to occur.

Source: paranormal.about.com/Stephen Wagner


People Turning to Psychics During the Pandemic
By Jamie Perez

Whether or not you believe in the power or capabilities of psychics, more and more people are turning to them for guidance during this pandemic.

While appointments with psychics are typically done in person, they’ve now switched to virtual appointments. But for Laura Kuhl, who is a fourth generation intuitive healer in Madison, she said her readings on clients can be done just the same.

Kuhl said she’s seen an increase of people booking appointments with her in recent weeks.

“There’s a lot of fear and anxiety going on in the world right now,” she said.

Kuhl said many people are asking about the health of their family, job security, financial worries, etc. Kuhl said right now, it’s difficult to tell what the future holds.

“Nobody knows what the future is. Nobody, even people like myself. Everything is always changing,” she said.

Instead of giving people a look into the future, Kuhl said she is able to offer people reassurance and individual outcomes based on individual readings.

“We teach them to answer their own questions and open them up to creating their own reality for their own future,” Kuhl said. “So what you think is what you feel. What you think and feel will create the outcome for later in life.”

Kuhl said she offers a new way of thinking for clients. She said she wants clients to do away with fear and focus on the present and how we can create a new future for ourselves.

Kuhl said one of her greatest accomplishments during this pandemic has been talking people out of taking their own lives.

“People get really scared. That’s when we see a spike in suicide. I was able to help them. That, right there, that’s amazing to me.”

Kuhl said she knows there are skeptics out there, but welcomes people to “try me.”

“I’ve had lots of people who were skeptics whose minds were changed,” she said. “You don’t have to believe in this for this to work.”

Source: Channel 3000

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