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 - We Live in an Alien Playground -

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UFOS and the Future of Humankind
By Sean Casteel

Are we, as mankind, on our own against all that threatens our survival? Will we be left to fend for ourselves against unthinkable odds?

Author, publisher and editor Timothy Green Beckley and his stable of writers say that we shall not perish in our own self-destruction but will instead get help from entities that are sometimes called the “Space Brothers,” a word equivalent to “angels” filtered through a high-tech, modern-day lens.

Over the many decades that Beckley has been publishing UFO and occult books, he has provided a thorough survey of the aliens that runs the moral gamut, from heavenly angels to snarling demons to extraterrestrial scientists bent on genetically blending themselves with human DNA. There are innumerable ways to view the aliens as benevolent or malevolent, and Beckley has long covered the wide range of moral approaches.

Two new releases from Beckley’s publishing house, Global Communications/Inner Light, are definitely on the positives end of the moral spectrum. One is called “Carol Ann’s Psychic and UFO Revelations for the Twenty-First Century,” and the other is entitled “Cosmic Messages from the Space Brothers and Ashtar Command.” Both books rely on the principle that the Space Brothers are living entities with whom people can communicate fairly directly through a method called “channeling,” in which the aliens “speak through” a chosen human subject, who is sometimes in a trance and at other times in a more normally conscious state of being.

If one will allow that this alien contact is real, what are the Space Brothers actually saying as they articulate themselves through human contactees? One may be surprised to learn that there is a certain amount of doom-saying inherent in the message, which is tempered by an even bigger preponderance of hope. The Space Brothers promise that a happier, healthier world will eventually come, but only after a period of “cleansing,” much like the tribulation years prophesized in the Bible.


In a chapter from “Psychic and UFO Revelations,” writer Tim R. Swartz takes up the unhappy subject of encroaching doom.

“For those who believe in the Space Brothers,” Swartz writes, “we have been warned time and time again that there are many pitfalls and perilous events that could befall us given the least opportunity. That things are ‘shaky,’ because of our attitude toward impending matters both local and international. As the space people see it, all things are interconnected. What you sow is what you reap. The predictions made by the ‘Visitors’ are varied and involve many scenarios as to how civilization as we know it could come to an end.”

Swartz says that how and when the end will come is presently a matter of speculation and debate.

“Will the world end with a bang or with a whimper?” he asks. “By ice or by fire? By our hand or the hand of fate?”

Swartz then provides his own list, based on messages from the Space Brothers as obtained through various “channels,” of possible end-times events. For example, we could suffer a collision with a comet or asteroid. A polar shift could cause the Earth to flip over like an out-of-balance gyroscope. Could humanity be wiped out by a deadly disease? Could climate change be a harbinger of mass destruction? There is, of course, the threat of nuclear warfare, as well as the possibility of an accidental nuclear reactor explosion that could spread deadly radiation throughout the world. There is also something Swartz calls “Death By Divinities,” by which he means the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies of the Antichrist and the inevitable Battle of Armageddon.

“Is the end in sight?” Swartz asks. “Are there signs, portents and hints of catastrophes that we continue to miss out of ignorance? If the end is close, would we choose to try to avert it, or continue to argue about politics, religion and money until it is too late? Or maybe we don’t have to worry about any of this, as some of the Star Commanders, twisting and turning about in our atmosphere, have said they will rescue us and remove the ‘chosen ones’ in a world evacuation. They suggest having a bag packed and ready to go. Decision making time is upon us.”     


Beckley writes in “Psychic and UFO Revelations” that it is not just one particular sect, cult or religious denomination that is responsible for these forecasts of doom.

“Just about every culture on Earth,” he writes, “seems to realize that we are treading on dangerous ground and that the future looks quite bleak. For example, the great Native American tribe, the Hopi, feel strongly about this subject.”

A few years after the atom bomb was dropped on Japan in 1945, Hopi prophets attempted to get inside the United Nations in New York so they could present their findings regarding the End Times to the General Assembly. The Hopis based their warning on a sacred stone tablet that had been in their possession for many generations. They asked that the White Man’s ways be mended before it is too late.

According to Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva, “Many people, living at this time, will live to see the White Brother return to the Earth, and when they do they will live to consider what they could have heard if they had permitted the original inhabitants of these, the Americas, to give a message to that great body of people.” Chief Katchongva was not allowed to deliver his End Times message to the U.N. delegates, and for this he voiced his sad resignation. The following Hopi prophecies are given as signs we should be aware of:

*** A series of earthquakes will be felt throughout this land, and will come as warnings to the people to repent. If they do not heed these warnings and repent before it is too late, a bad earthquake will strike, devastating many cities and resulting in the death of large masses of people.

*** Floods will be seen in places where they have never been seen before.

*** There will be a great climate change worldwide; hot/cold, dry/wet. In each case, it will be the worst in recorded history.

*** There will be famine, pestilence, disease and plague throughout the land.

*** The Hopi were warned not to depend upon great inventions that would be brought to them by the white race. They were told that a lighting system would be established throughout the land and all one had to do was touch the wall to light the room. However, one day, the Hopis were told, this system would be cut off at once and the people would be left in panic. The Hopis were also warned against running water that would come into their homes. This water will be polluted and anyone depending on it will die or get terribly sick.

*** There will be terrible fighting all over the land. City against city, village against village, and family against family. The Hopis were warned to stay on their reservation.

*** The moon will turn to blood, and the sun will hide its face with shame.

*** The seasons will change and ice will flow from the north countries.

As a counterweight to all that gloom, the Hopis also believe that a messiah, a true White Brother wearing a red cap and cloak, will return to Earth and attempt to rescue an errant mankind from its wicked ways. UFO sightings are a common occurrence for these Native Americans, and their belief in their version of the Space Brothers is strong.


We come now to the most encouraging of prophets, Tuella and the Ashtar Command. According to Beckley, the main representative on Earth of the Ashtar Command, a commonly referenced aggregate group of guardian Space Brothers, was an elderly woman named Thelma Turrell, who later changed her name to Tuella. As unlikely as it may seem, a frail old woman was the aliens’ choice to receive and record their cosmic messages. The channeled messages are the exact opposite of much of the darker UFO and alien abduction literature.  The channeled material deals with bliss and euphoria and how to build a better world.

“They take a higher spiritual tone,” Beckley says, “than a lot of the other contacts and experiences. People always ridicule this and say it’s a lot of New Age fluff. And they’re right. A lot of the things the channelers say cannot really be verified. But it’s a very positive message that they bring, although of course it’s hard for many people to follow or believe in this chaotic world that we live in.”

Nevertheless, Beckley dares to present Tuella and the Ashtar Command on their own terms, with transcripts of Tuella’s channeling sessions with Ashtar and the other Space Brothers who serve with him. The cover of the new book, “Cosmic Messages from the Space Brothers and Ashtar Command,” credits its dual authorship to both Tuella and the Ashtar Command, acknowledging both the human and alien elements of the process used to create the book. Shortly before Tuella passed away, Beckley bought the rights to her writing and has published it in various forms ever since.

Tuella said that the messages from the Ashtar Command were received “through mental telepathic impressions while fully conscious,” not in a trance state, as is sometimes used by other channelers. The messages came to her from “interdimensional and interplanetary spacecraft.” The vocal communications were tape-recorded as they were delivered and later transcribed, as presented in the book.               

For her part, Tuella states upfront that “The content of this volume stands on its own merits. I do not justify it or in any way come to its defense. It will defend itself. I do not debate nor argue with anyone, or apologize for any messenger who has come forward to speak. To those who do not seek, no argument is possible. To those who do, no argument is necessary.”

The ultimate ruler of the alliance of Space Brothers is an entity who calls himself Kuthumi. In his Foreword to “Cosmic Messages” he tells readers that “The plan for this book has existed on spiritual levels for considerable time. That moment has come when we of the Hierarchy now focus our energies for its manifestation upon the physical plane. The words go forth under my sponsorship. We release them in a simplicity that all might understand.”

Among Kuthumi’s helpers, an umbrella organization called the Cosmic Symposium, are those who represent the Angel Kingdom, the Great Central Sun Government, the Heavenly Host, the Great Karmic Board, the Chohans of Earth Solar System, Universal Masters, and the great Alliance of the Intergalactic Confederation. A divine thread intertwines through all of them, in a united warning of the times and a spiritual call to preparedness.


One of the entities who speaks through Tuella calls itself “The Elohim,” which is a Hebrew word for God Almighty as a collective-type entity.

“We, the Elohim of God, send our message to the Planet Earth in this appeal to the flesh of this generation to accept the blessings offered to man by the Elohim of Heaven. Unless humanity is willing to accept the outstretched hand of Love, there will come to this planet spasms of tremendous upheaval and loss of life. The forces of destruction that are within the Earth cannot be contained unless your world community will yield itself to a spiritual awakening. Be still and listen to the beat of your hearts and know that within collective creation all hearts beat in tempo with your own. Know that all of life finds its source in the pulse of the Universe.”

This is a message hammered home time and time again in Tuella’s channeled testimony. There is a loving source, the giver of all life, who asks that we repent, change our ways, and accept the love being offered. We have a free will that allows us to receive or reject the gift of world salvation, and our planet’s survival depends on our ability to see the worth and necessity of changing our ways. We can collectively CHOOSE for our planet to live on and become a relative paradise, but the path to that outcome is not an easy one, as the heavenly entities freely admit. It is fraught with danger and trouble like no other time in the history of mankind.


But the heavenly forces can only exert a limited amount of control over our planet and humankind. They are restrained by a policy of nonintervention that cannot be disobeyed, by laws that govern their interaction with us and require us to uplift ourselves by genuine repentance and the willingness to serve the higher purposes.

The Archangel Michael speaks through Tuella of “The Invisible Fortress of Love,” and describes a scenario where he CAN intervene.

When the dark clouds of thought forms of war or international emergencies gather in the heavens surrounding the Earth, Michael says, he intervenes in a concerted action to disperse and scatter these clouds, weakening or dissolving their propulsion’s and destructive energies. But there still remains the threat of nuclear war and the time has come when men of military stature and the statesmen of the world must look beyond the security of their own borders and carefully weigh the threat to humanity everywhere of their decisions.

Michael comforts us by saying, “Let fear not be found among you. Fear hath no place in the heart filled with Light and Love. As your planet enters its next dimension, many will fall or be taken, or meet with mishap, right up to your very doors. Stand ye in Faith and Love, calling upon the Angels of God to stand with you, until this too shall pass.”

Tuella also channels Mother Mary, Jesus the Christ, Saint Germain, Lord Maitreya, Hilarion, Lord Arcturus and James, the Brother of Jesus, to name a few. There is a cohesive energy that binds the various entities together as they warn mankind to repent and accept the love we are being offered, a unified message from a large assortment of faiths and philosophies who seem to simply want our trust.


We need to say a word or two about the artist Carol Ann Rodriguez, who has partnered with Timothy Green Beckley since the 1970s, when they met at Beckley’s New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences. Carol has long been a careful student of channeled entities, and she continues to seek out the messages from the great beyond in the present day.

Carol’s fertile artistic imagination has conjured many a beautiful image of the Space Brothers, their spacecraft and the spiritual powers driving the collective transformation of the Chosen Ones in these strange, unsteady times. Beckley calls Carol the “female Peter Max,” and her work does have a kind of spacey quality that recalls those long ago psychedelic times beautifully. Carol’s drawings and paintings are used throughout “Psychic and UFO Revelations” and “Cosmic Messages,” and her unique touch is part of what makes the books worth Beckley’s asking price.


UFO channel Diane Tessman, who first engaged with her alien friend Tibus while growing up in Iowa, says we shouldn’t give up hope, that all is not lost by any means. The honey blond haired abductee has been providing spiritually-oriented discourses from her human-looking “cosmic contact” for several decades, having done so shortly after meeting Tim Beckley – circa 1980 – following on the heels of a series of dramatic UFO synchronicities in Florida, where she served as a representative for both MUFON and APRO. Diane was subsequently hypnotized by the well-known UFO researcher Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a psychology professor from the University of Wyoming, in order to validate her experiences.

Unlike most UFO experiencers, Ms. Tessman holds to the belief that her ET is not a “real” extraterrestrial in the normal sense of the word, and comes a-calling not from deep space but from another time in space, being that he is essentially a time traveler.

In her recently published “Future humans And UFOs” (Flying Disc Press), Diane maintains that future man is coming back to visit us and to share a bit of wisdom and knowledge that hopefully will be to our advantage and allow us to expand the consciousness of our species and ward off any possible danger.


In “Psychic and UFO Revelations for the Twenty First Century,” Diane lays down her theory in a most expressive way, explaining her philosophy that prophecy concerning the future well-being of the human race is like a “fire drill” for what could transpire, but which can still be avoided if we pass the drill wholeheartedly.

“The super-storms which we predicted are now regularly happening all over the planet,” writes Diane, “sometimes with torrential rains, flooding, and F4/F5 tornadoes. Other times with debilitating snowstorms. Also, there are massive wildfires, droughts, mudslides and sink holes as never before. Volcanoes and earthquakes are revving up.

“What have I learned about making predictions over these 38 years?” she continues. “I have learned that when fire breaks out in a crowded theater, someone has to hit the alarm bell. Everyone perceives the fire, everyone would hit the bell, but it seems to be the purpose of those of us who write books and who receive messages from beyond to hit the alarm as long and hard as we can. This is part of our spiritual connection and responsibility; we are the designated pullers of the alarm. It is my hope that by ringing the alarm bell, human consciousness will come together and wake up! If we can wake up, we stand on the threshold of an amazing step forward in evolution. I believe the galactic community awaits our step forward.”

Yes, dark days could be on the horizon, but sunny days could follow.

“These dark days are part of humanity’s great freedom struggle,” Diane warns, “to become a united people, overcoming three huge, enslaving aspects of all of our lives. There are three aspects to our struggle: 1. We will secure ourselves the use of free, endless energy 2. We will achieve Disclosure of the fact we are not alone in the universe 3. We will begin interaction with UFO occupants as one intelligent galactic (and/or dimensional) species to another

“The first shackle to cast off is our dependence on oil and similar energy sources. We know of our ridiculous enslavement to big oil; however, natural gas now uses the fracking method which has already caused numerous earthquake clusters, because it literally guts the Earth’s water table and rock structure. This is a damaging, dangerous method of extracting natural gas. Generating electricity gobbles up oil and the other finite resources, wounding Mother Earth in the process and all the while placing trillions upon trillions of dollars into the pockets of multi-national conglomerates which have such far-reaching tentacles we cannot even fathom them. Their enslavement of all of us is so insidious that most of the enslaved do not even know we are enslaved.

“Our Sun pumps out a half a million tons of electrons every second. It has been doing this for billions of years. There is an unimaginable amount of raw power in its purest form out there, waiting for us to learn how to tap into it. Why should we need to generate electricity at all, when the electron is so abundantly and freely available? What we do need is to devise a way to simply collect it.

“The second aspect of the next great freedom fight is that ‘We, the People of Earth,’ will succeed in our demands that the existence in our skies of UFOs and their occupants be made known to us in full. We will succeed in obtaining the truth about the history of our planet as well. No, we will not run in panic into the streets in utter chaos, as our government tells us will happen. Our struggle will be intelligent and peaceful; we can handle the truth.”

Very well spoken. Hopefully the news ahead – especially from the Space Brothers – will be of a positive nature and there will be a long period of peace and harmony for our great world as it spins in space, not alone, but lovingly nurtured by benevolent forces instead.

Meanwhile, Kuthumi, the highest authority quoted in “Cosmic Messages,” says the channeled words of Tuella and the others are “not for eloquence, entertainment or intellectual fare . . . neither profound nor prophetic, but rather timely and emphatic. They are lowered into the physical octave specifically for preparing certain souls who are now ready to receive them.”

And as Tuella herself declares, “Read not to contradict, nor to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider.”

Source: Spectral Vision


We Live In an Alien Playground
By Deep Prasad

Hello, my name is Deep Prasad. Not that the name should mean anything to you. A couple months ago I briefed a prominent North American Aerospace Defence Organization on how to detect and track hypersonic UFOs. It had some overlap with my main line of work, which is heading a small Quantum Computing company out of Toronto — fortunately backed by Bloomberg’s venture funding arm and other VCs. We build software that run on normal computers as well, for which one of our clients includes one of the top 4 banks in Canada. After graduating Industrial Engineering I was supposed to take up a high paying job as AI engineer and head of an AI division within Wealth Management at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)..but I left after 4 days and ended up pursuing my passion for quantum mechanics to the point that I managed to turn it into a career.

Recently my paper got accepted into a top conference within my field (which is Quantum Information and Computing), I ended up being the only solo author who was accepted and didn’t possess a PhD. Last week I had a call with a scientist who was given a contract by the Pentagon’s UFO program which was recently declassified in 2017. He mentioned to me that the intelligence the DIA was studying is capable of manipulating people’s consciousness easily, and I half jokingly, half hesitantly said to him, “Does that mean the phenomenon could have seeded your brain with the set of hypotheses you just listed off to me regarding where it might be physically originating from (ie deep underground, extra dimensions or from space)?”

Without skipping a beat this defence contractor, 60+ year old senior scientist said, “Yes. Absolutely. In fact it might be possible that the way we perceive this intelligence could have been planted in our DNA millions of years ago.” So we could have been primed to interpret the entire essence of an advanced nonhuman being in certain culturally appropriate ways (such as a grey alien, an angel, etc).

I’m 24. To say my life is complicated is a f*king understatement. Over the next couple paragraphs I’m going to layout my most daring theory about the world as we know it. I don’t want you to believe or disbelieve it. Just read it for the sake of entertaining the thoughts and musings of a fellow human being. But also realize I never speak without a basis.

Okay here we go:

First of all I believe that Alien spacecraft crashed on Earth in different countries around the world from the 1940s onwards. Some of these crashes could not stay under wraps, hence embarrassments like Roswell. At first the generals involved had no idea what to do with the bodies or technology involved. All they knew was that this had to be kept absolutely top secret, and the nature of the situation immediately led to the greediest and most fearful but powerful of the bunch taking control. Overtime, it became well known fact in upper echelon military and tech circles that Aliens exist and sometimes bring technology to Earth that can also be theoretically reverse engineered for military/tactical purposes.

Any technology that wasn’t made by anyone on Earth is automatically the most valuable asset on the planet. Period. Now imagine if that asset could get you to any point in the world within seconds, and no one on the planet could stop you from doing so. That technology is real, and the Pentagon once again asserted it isn’t theirs or of any known entity. Going back to the group of people who decided to classify the Alien issue as top secret. They realized that there was even more to these beings than they could have possibly imagined. It must have been impossible to determine if humans were being told the truth by recovered UFO occupants. However what *could* be validated was scientific and technological knowledge. Of which I believe was provided upon request up until a certain point. That is to say, the Aliens were never and are still not the type to divulge critical technical knowledge to humans. It seems to be a Universal agreement that no one is allowed to know what it takes to go beyond quantum mechanics for example and discover more accurate physics that would take us closer to Alien science.

Eventually the Generals and other scientists involved started to understand how the game works. By the game I mean interacting with ETs in a useful way that led to some sort of pseudo mutual-benefit for both parties involved. Some ETs that are only slightly more advanced than us often get here in super worn down spaceships which need repair or can’t function well enough for a return trip. These ETs, not being able to bring an entire manufacturing factory with them to make a new ship or large parts, have struck some sort of agreement with a highly regulated and controlled group of generals, military scientists and private defence contractors who provide material resources as necessary and protect their presence from being revealed to the world.

Just like with humans, Aliens come in a vast array of intent and motivations. With some groups looking to influence us when they get here, some to work with us as almost equals, and others who are completely indifferent to our existence. This means it’s not far fetched to imagine a world where some are flying around in fancy ships and never talk to us, while some are engaging with humans in very controlled environments such as military bases or remote locations owned by private corporations. Then others still are interacting with us in ways we probably can’t conceptualize so well. The groups that work with these beings, likely figured out more advanced physics than any mainstream scientist ever will. But they probably hit roadblocks and have super clunky, barely working replicas of real Alien spacecraft based on first hand knowledge. Oh also, in my theory, these interactions between Aliens and humans on a reverse engineering program has certainly resulted in calculated leaps and breakthroughs in our technology. I believe the internet was planned and necessary for disclosure to occur, and that our technological development has been monitored by and facilitated by different Alien groups. Not all of the species that are on Earth and not of human or terrestrial origin are working together, either.

To add complexity to the situation, there are biological extraterrestrials like us humans, who end up evolving mostly humanoid body types. Some Aliens look similar to us, suspiciously so, because they probably are some version of us and humans as we know it are a cookie cutter species. Dropped onto a planet to see in part how we would develop and respond to various thousands to million year long experiments.

Yet, some lifeforms are coming from different points of origin for which we lack the physics, words or philosophy to describe. I believe these lifeforms are Godlike (but not God of course, should such an entity exist). More so than any Alien that comes here and flashes its psychotronic weapons and invisibility cloaking techniques on us.

I believe these lifeforms are part of a creator species. They are made of something more powerful than matter. This allows them to take on any form they want — even one of a different, biological Alien species from a different planet if they have to. That’s right, I’m implying there’s Aliens out there who are way smarter than other Aliens and mimic them so us dummies can even comprehend that they’re Aliens in the first place! Likely at some point, the power hungry groups of the world realized these specific kinds of lifeforms, whatever they are and whoever the hell they are, do not conform to anything predictable. In my OPINION, these lifeforms are benevolent and ultimately represent the end goal of evolution in the Reality we live in. They have been with us forever, altering our genetics long before we became homo sapiens. They are hyper intelligent, playful beings who have affected all human cultures in the background by appearing to people in their dreams, waking states, psychedelic states and so on throughout time.

Finally, tangible evidence exists of Alien bases that are inhabited by species a few hundred to maybe tens of thousands of years or more ahead of us. This evidence will be readily found the day a private space company like SpaceX goes to the far side of the moon where there are multiple massive structures there that were not built by man. They existed before we even landed on the moon. Key people in NASA/DoD as well as high level officials from Russia and China are well aware of these non-human bases.

My final theory about the world is this: We live in an insanely factually incorrect world. It is actually scary, and has been emotionally taxing coming to grips with some of the things I’ve been wrong about, learned and concluded over the past year and a half. In less than a decade it will be common knowledge I predict, that we are not alone in the Universe and are being actively visited by intelligent non human life forms. I predict we are being primed to walk among these entities again as we used to thousands of years ago. The only difference is this time around we’re going to be able to grasp what we’re looking at better than we could have in the past. Interacting with these super intelligent entities who silently move around us like we are babies that shouldn’t be disturbed, is a topic deserving of the utmost dedication and research by members of the human race.

There will never be a time in human history again where our collective world view had to change this much, this fast. But it is going to happen and has already started to happen with the disclosure and declassification of the Pentagon UFO programs. I will share this article periodically as disclosure moves along, to remind us all that these UFO videos were never just about UFOs. It was always about the occupants inside and what they’ve been doing here all this time.

Deep Prasad

Source: Medium


Who Let The Djinn In?
By Cropster

According to Egyptian media site Youm7, a family in the Shubra district of Cairo is distraught after months of being terrorised by mysterious fires they believe may be the work of the djinn. A media team investigating the case were baffled when fire broke out while they were filming their report.

Djinn (djinn is the plural; the masculine singular is djinni – or genie) have featured prominently in Middle Eastern folklore since time immemorial and Mohammed, under the direction of the angel Gabriel, incorporated them into Muslim theology. Many of the tricks they reputedly play are highly reminiscent of those attributed, in other cultures, to poltergeists.

The Shubra fires commenced in February 2020 in the apartment of 70 year old Salah Abdul Alim. The case has many parallels with a Turkish fire poltergeist case I investigated in 2012 (Fortean Times 302).

Below is an interview with Salah Abdul Alim that has been translated from Arabic.

Salah Abdul Alim : In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I am Salah Abdul Alim … (sound of crying)

Reporter: What happened, Uncle Salah?

SAM: The fire is running in our house day and night, we don’t sleep … I am 70 years old and I am sick and cannot move, and if the fire caught us here I can’t escape … It will ignite me while I am a man with a wheelchair … My wife is sick also, she suffers from heart, sugar and pressure diseases, and she also can’t move… My physical condition is difficult, as I bought the medicine and it caught fire in the room. I’m afraid of what’s happening, we haven’t slept for more than a month and a half, from February to now. We never sleep and never enjoy food. We live in terror, day and night. My son has 3 young children, I am afraid for them and not for myself. I am 70 years old… I am using wheelchair for my need.

Reporter: What exactly happened?

SAM: The fire started from the outside of the windows of the apartment, where people in the street extinguished it, then they entered the apartment to extinguish it from the inside. When we called the Sheikh, while he was doing the necessary work of reading the Qur’an with water and with musk, and spraying the ground and the walls with it, and as he was reading the Qur’an, the fires caught fire, he told us not to be afraid. The Sheikh stayed every day for more than a week. The neighbors brought him to us and it was not we who brought him. The Sheikh was coming every day, and after a week he said that everything is over and gone. One day, while we were sitting in the safety of God, the fire caught fire again on day 4 of Ramadan, as we expected that this would not happen again even in Ramadan. Today, on day 5 of Ramadan, we do not know how to live and there is no other place to live.

Reporter: What did the fire destroy?

SAM: Every beautiful thing was destroyed by fire, children’s clothing, offices, a large and small bed, and a sofa.

Reporter: Do you live with your son here?

SAM: I live with my son here and he is a simple man.

Reporter: What do you ask people to do?

SAM: I ask that people come and find a solution for us and get rid of us from this situation.

Reporter: There is a Sheikh who has come here before …

SAM: Two came, the first came and did what was necessary and the fire caught on as he read the Quran.

Reporter: While we are sitting now, the washing machine is already caught on fire, we saw it and photographed it. How long have you lived here?

SAM: I have been living in this house for 50 years and have never seen any problem, and there is no problem between me and people for them to cause harm to me.

Reporter: You are sitting with anticipation and tension.

SAM: We are sitting anxiously and not sleeping.

Reporter: The wife says I smell fire, boys, so her son went and found fire on the washing machine already.

SAM: We never sleep, tired and there is no health, tired of tiredness. If the fire burned while I was sitting on the wheelchair, I would burn with it. I don’t care about myself, I’m worried about children.

Reporter: I notice that you constantly open the Qur’an

SAM: The Qur’an is operating 24 hours, and the fire is burning with it.

Reporter: We smelled smoke, we entered the room and found here a burning fire. There was a bed here, right?

Wife: Yes. We extinguish the fire here, so it burned in another room. We found a sofa with a wet towel and pillow, burned by fire. The walls and the ground are also burning.

Reporter: Is there something else burns here?

Wife: I have been living here for 50 years, and haven’t seen any harm.

Reporter: Who is this wheelchair for?

Wife: For my husband

Reporter: Is it sick and can’t move?

Wife: Yes. As you see, we all sleep in one room.

Source: The Fortean


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The CIA’s Secret Documents About Soviet Black Magic Assassins
By Greg

Twitter put the spotlight on 1970s psi research a couple of weeks ago when they featured a thread from researcher and journalist Emma Best regarding the CIA’s thoughts on Soviet research into black magic, and ‘psychotronic’ machines.

Best, whose research into secretive organisations via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) “is so extensive that the FBI considers me among the “vexsome” FOIA users and appears to have considered investigating me over it”), featured a few snippets from CIA documents recently released to them that discussed the topic of Soviet parapsychological/occult research.

One snippet from a 1977 CIA report “Soviet and East European Parapsychology” (which I think was actually first released a decade ago) described Soviet experiments into ‘black magic’:

    About 1969 the Soviets reportedly established an official group in their covert program devoted to collecting information on black magic. This group, headed by D.G. Mirza, was given its own secret laboratory in Moscow and was assigned the tasks of identifying, locating and evaluating the capabilities of sorcerers, witches, and the incantations used by such individuals. It is unlikely that this avenue of investigation has produced any applied paranormal systems, but the data collected may have benefited other areas of research and may have improved their techniques for training subjects to acquire or to improve paranormal abilities. Thus, the research may still be included in the Soviet program.

While casual Twitter readers were shocked to see both the topic of Soviet ‘black magic’ research, and the CIA report casually mentioning ‘paranormal abilities’, many Grailers are no doubt well aware that during the 1970s in particular there was somewhat of a psychic ‘arms race’ between the two superpowers.

Jim Schnabel’s 1997 book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies perhaps provides a little insight into the type of things the CIA report is referring to:

    According to émigrés and intelligence reports, the KGB and GRU (military intelligence) had scoured the mystical eastern vastnesses of the Soviet Union in order to find the toughest Siberian shamans, the best-trained Tibetan priests, the most powerful Mongolian chi gong masters. At Special Department No. 8 in Siberia, according to August Stern, shamans tried to use their PK powers to make people fall off streetcars, or to kill small animals. An émigré parapsychologist named Larissa Vilenskaya claimed that at I.M. Kogan’s lab she was once shown a film of a PK master listening to a foreign politician on the radio, and trying to send detrimental psi particles his way.

    At IPPI [the ‘Institute for Problems of Information Transmission’] one day, it was said, a group of Tibetans succeeded in breaking a human skull a few yards away, just by concentrating on it. Also at IPPI, and at a laboratory in Kazakhstan, shamans took madryushka dolls, hand-carved wooden spoons, souvenir models of Sputnik – the usual beriozka store trinkets – and zapped them with evil psi energies. The gifts now supposedly emitted debilitating rays, almost as if they had been impregnated with some kind of radioactive material; they were given to hapless foreign visitors, who would thereafter, it was believed, suffer neuralgia, depression, even nervous breakdowns. It was black magic, pure and simple, cloaked in the gray vernacular of psi particles and psi radiation and transmission and reception.

Schnabel goes on to list apocryphal stories about shamans being able to stop the hearts of small animals and sometimes humans – which gave rise to the American research that would be mocked in The Men Who Stare at Goats.

But Schnabel’s mention of ‘psi particles’ and ‘psi radiation’ is linked to another of the Soviet psi research snippets posted by Best, which mentions that “a significant amount of study was devoted to the development of psychotronic generators used to duplicate psychic effects”. As Schnabel notes in Remote Viewers:

    By the mid-1970s the CIA and DIA had begun to receive various reports of ‘psychotronic generators’ being designed and built along these lines. There was one device that supposedly could cause strokes or heart attacks. Another gave people a sensation of anxiety, or of a disorienting blow to the head. Another made them aggressive, or drove them mad. Some reports credited a Russian scientist named Viktor Inyushin with the development of this technology. Others cited a Czech engineer named Robert Pavlita. An émigré named Nikolai Khokhlov, apparently a former KGB officer, claimed that his erstwhile employers had ‘tested’ such generators against certain selected communities in North America.

Schnabel does note, however, that many in the U.S. intelligence community “simply regarded these stories as evidence that the Russian psi program was spiraling off into insanity”, and that they thought the greatest threat to America might be that at some point the Soviets might stop wasting money on their psi programs.

You can support Emma Best’s FOIA investigations, and resulting articles (such as this one on the NSA’s fear of ‘psychic nukes’), via their Patreon page.

Source: The Daily Grail


Ouija Boards Stage a Spirited Comeback
By Hussein Kesvani

Old believers and new converts alike are trying to connect with the other side in quarantine — and flocking to paranormal groups to share their stories

Not long after 23-year-old Emily moved for quarantine from her bedsit in East London to her family’s terraced house in northeast England, she and her younger brothers unearthed a Ouija board in a pile of old, dusty board games. Her brothers, of course, didn’t take it particularly seriously, and so, when attempting to communicate with the spirit world, the words they “conjured up” were correspondingly dull and generic. Emily considers herself a skeptic, too, but she admits that she was definitely sincere when she asked for “any spirits nearby to connect with her.”

The next thing she knew, her hands were suddenly spelling the word “Petal” — the nickname her recently deceased grandmother gave her.

Given her dalliance with the dead, Emily is now a member of the Facebook group “Ouija Boards & All That Is Paranormal,” among the dozens of such groups that have seen their follower count shoot up since the beginning of the global lockdown. In fact, Carol Baker, an administrator of the Ouija Boards & Paranormal Experiences group, tells me that she’s currently receiving dozens of questions each week from people who either want to find out if their houses are haunted, or if there are ways to communicate with deceased family members while in lockdown. And while some of these people have believed in the paranormal and occult from the get-go, Baker notes that there are plenty of new converts in there, too. (To that end, Ouija boards are among the most popular items being bought on eBay and are quickly selling out on Amazon.)

“Sometimes they’ll join the group after they have a Ouija board experience,” Baker says. “Most of the time it’s when they notice something strange, or if objects keep moving around. It’s definitely because most people are in their houses for longer now, so they’re more likely to notice.”

Similarly, Hayley Stevens, an independent investigator and researcher of paranormal claims in the U.K., says that inquiries about house hauntings have more than doubled since the beginning of the lockdown — particularly from young people. “I think it’s down to the fact that our routines have been greatly disrupted, and we’re all having to face our mortality, which naturally makes us start thinking about the bigger picture,” Stevens tells me. Plus, she adds, “Many young people no longer identify with religions, and so, they’re looking for other ways to find their spiritual identities.”

    I’m so tired of being isolated that I’m about to order a ouija board off amazon to make some friends I can play with. pic.twitter.com/qfq77AIYZL

    — TragicTwink (@Jay_trulo) April 9, 2020

    boutta buy a ouija board off amazon my switch is getting boring

    — ? (@BALENCIACUM) April 5, 2020

Because of the mass commercialization of the Ouija board, occult communities are often divided about its legitimacy and effectiveness. Indeed, even among devout believers, Ouija boards are considered a “children’s toy” that mainly exploit the “ideomotor effect,” i.e., how a body can move unconsciously and instinctively. In some cases, that might be sudden jerks while sleeping, but as a 2016 Vox explainer on Ouija boards explains, “Your brain may [also] unconsciously create images and memories when you ask the board questions. Your body responds to your brain without you consciously ‘telling’ it to do so, causing the muscles in your hands and arms to move the pointer to the answers that you — again, unconsciously — may want to receive.”

For her part, Emily hasn’t tried to contact her grandmother again since the Ouija board incident. And she’s still pretty skeptical of the whole thing, believing that “it’s probably the result of me thinking about her a lot since I came back home.” That said, she has been spending a lot more time on occult Facebook groups and watching YouTube tutorials about communicating with spirits that employ more advanced techniques like witchcraft.

Again, she insists, it’s just her falling down an internet wormhole while having nothing better to do. She does add, though, “I have heard some weird noises from my nana’s room this week.”

Source: Mel Magazine

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