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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eye-popping tales as:

-   Scientist Convinced ‘Annihilated’ Alien Tech Visited Earth -

- The Volcano and the Goddess -

-Why Some People Can 'Hear' The Voices of The Dead-

AND: Oklahoma Considers Bigfoot Hunting Season

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By Tim Swartz, Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Prof. Stephen Fenley,
Scott Corrales, Joseph Foster, Harry Drew, and others

Estimated Length - 600+  Large Format Pages
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Over 20 of the world's leading UFOlogists establish  that humans have done battle with aliens over and over again, shooting at them, molesting them, hitting them, running them over,  unleashing dogs upon them, and injuring -- and even killing them -- though any means possible, as humans try to combat their fear of the unknown.

In many instances the aliens have fought back. They have sought revenge, and more often than not, gotten it.   Here are over a hundred reports of the strangest close encounters with humanoids who use force to defend themselves -- such as the case of the NY hunter whose rifle was ripped from his hands, the shotgun barrel twisted, and than handed back to him. There is also the crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, AZ which involved 8 UFOs positioning themselves in the sky in combat position, apparently returning to find any  survivors of their doomed craft, and to protect themselves in doing so.  


The second part of the book's "mission," is to disprove the concept held by  many that African Americans are not prone to have UFO experiences or to hold a belief or interest in the subject. One contributor, Prof. Stephen Finley of the University of Louisiana, explains how UFOs are part of the overall "Black experience" of many African Americans. Most of his fans do not realize that Muhammad Ali had over 21 UFO sightings. A friend of researcher Tim Beckley, the late Champ explains why he was so taken up with the subject, being a part of his spiritual beliefs.

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                           - JUST PASSING THROUGH DEPARTMENT -

         Scientist Convinced ‘Annihilated’ Alien Tech Visited Earth
                                                   By Passant Rabie

Have signs of alien life entered into our orbit? Avi Loeb, a Harvard University astrophysicist, says yes.

“Our civilization has sent five man-made objects into interstellar space: Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, and New Horizons,” Loeb writes in his upcoming book Extraterrestrial: The First Signs of Intelligent Life. The book will be released on January 26.

“And if other civilizations developed out there among the stars, wouldn’t they have felt that same urge to explore, to venture past familiar horizons in search of the new? Judging by human behavior, that would not be surprising in the least.”

This stance has gained Loeb a certain level of notoriety, and criticism. He's recently claimed — and reiterates this claim in his book — that the odd-shaped, rocky object that passed through our Solar System known as 'Oumuamua was, in fact, a piece of abandoned alien technology — perhaps a once-operational "probe."

Who is Avi Loeb? — Aside from being a Harvard University professor, Loeb served as the chair of Harvard's astronomy department and founding director of Harvard's Black Hole Initiative. The astrophysicist has authored several books on cosmic objects such as galaxies and stars, as well as our search for alien life in the universe.

When it comes to the argument over extraterrestrial life, Loeb is clearly on the side of alien existence. In recent interviews and his book, Loeb argues 'Oumuamua is a relic of a now-annihilated alien civilization.

What is 'Oumuamua?

On October 19, 2017, our Solar System received an unexpected visitor. A rocky, elongated object, sort of shaped like a cigar, visited from beyond the realms of the Sun — the first-ever recorded interstellar object to cruise through our neck of the galaxy.

Scientists dubbed it 'Oumuamua, which roughly translates to "a messenger from afar arriving first" in Hawaiian.

Oumuamua was unlike anything astronomers had ever observed before.

The cosmic object was originally classified as a comet, but later observations showed no cometary activity as it lacks the telltale coma (or envelope surrounding a comet’s core) and necessary tail of gas and dust. It also has a dry surface, making it more similar to a rocky asteroid.

However, it also can't be an asteroid given its acceleration as it sped by the Sun. 'Oumuamua slingshotted past the Sun at a speed of 196,000 miles per hour — which is too fast to be explained by the pull of the Sun's gravity alone.

‘Oumuamua is also highly elongated, believed to stretch across 900 feet in its longest dimension.

Another cosmic mystery? Astronomers reason 'Oumumua roamed space for hundreds of millions of years before its chance encounter with the Solar System. However, while it seems to have come from the direction of Vega, one of the stars that make up the Lyra Constellation, its trajectory shows that it would have been at the star's location around 300,000 years ago.

However, back then, Vega would have been in a different location.

But is it aliens? — In 2018, Loeb co-authored a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters arguing that Oumuamua's speed and acceleration, as well as its brightness, suggests it is not a natural object but instead a piece of advanced technology created by a distant alien civilization.

Loeb's argument garnered him criticism from his fellow astrophysicists, many of who dismissed his claims as ludicrous.

"No, 'Oumuamua is not an alien spaceship, and the authors of the paper insult honest scientific inquiry to even suggest it," Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, wrote on Twitter.

Loeb responded with a book. In Extraterrestrial: The First Signs of Intelligent Life, Loeb suggests that 'Oumuamua is essentially alien scrap that had been traveling through the cosmos, quite possibly from a long-dead alien civilization.

He argues that the object's strange acceleration can only be explained by physical production, and reasons if the beings who created the object were capable of designing advanced technology they are also likely "vulnerable to annihilation by self-inflicted wounds."

"'Oumumua must have been designed, built, and launched by an extraterrestrial intelligence," he writes.

How do we look for aliens?

If 'Omuamua is not a sign of aliens, are there other signs out there?

One of the biggest questions astronomers hope to answer is whether or not we are alone in the universe. As a result, scientists strive to look for hints of alien life in the cosmos by sending out probes and spacecraft to distant worlds.

However, scientists are not exactly sure what that alien life would look like if we did happen to stumble upon it.

Our most concentrated efforts to look for extraterrestrial life is on Mars, where robotic astrobiologists are currently hunting for evidence of the ancient microbial life that may have once thrived there.

However, when it comes to finding life developed past the microbial stage, scientists are at a bit of a loss of what to look for. Would they look like humans? Will life have developed a different way? Would they be advanced enough to communicate back to us? And, just perhaps, would they have flung a giant cigar-shaped rock in our direction?

When it comes to extraterrestrial life, the possibilities are endless and largely obscure.

In June 2020, researchers estimated there could be 30 intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. However, the researchers estimate that these extraterrestrial civilizations may be located around 17,000 light-years away, which would make it hard to detect or communicate with them with our current technology.

Another study, published in August 2020, looked for signs of alien life in 10 million star systems but came up empty-handed.

And yet, our search for alien life continues.

What's next for the search? — For Loeb, his book is just the beginning.

The astrophysicist is also serving as an adviser on the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative, a project aimed at developing ultra-fast light-driven nano-crafts. These may serve as interstellar probes to distant worlds — much like Loeb argues 'Oumuamua was.

Meanwhile, astronomers are still pouring over data collected of 'Oumuamua. The mysterious object has already made its way through the Solar System, never to be seen again by us on Earth.

Source: Inverse


The Volcano and the Goddess
By Timothy Green Beckley

Recently I was a guest on Frank Morano’s “The Other Side Of Midnight” show on WABC, a 50,000 watt station out of Manhattan. I have become a “regular” on the show and together Frankie and I talk about some very twisted topics. And instead of doing the interviews over the telephone, I hop into a cab at 2 AM and head uptown and show myself in the station’s studio. I love the idea of a “hot mic,” I love radio.

On this particular show the subject turned to the recent sighting of an unidentified object that crashed into the sea off the Hawaiian Islands. The video had caused quite the hub bub on the Islands, being replayed on local TV channels for a few days.

I have always loved the Islands. Have visited there for “research purposes” several times. I have collected any number of stories regarding the strange unidentified objects that are often seen before “disaster strikes.”

My “Kahuna Power“ book contains a great deal of valuable information on the topic some of which I excerpt for purposes of this article.


Before I went on my Hawaiian vision quest, I had heard about the strange phenomenon of fireballs from Arte Johnson, actor, comedian and at one time a regular on TV’s Laugh In series. I had been a stringer for the Enquirer and some of the lesser tabloids and regularly interviewed celebrities. To satisfy my own curiosity, I always tossed in a question or two pertaining to any personal belief or experiences with UFOs or the paranormal they might have had. Quite often I was rewarded with a fascinating story, some of which can be found in my literary masterpiece, UFOs Among The Stars.

Arte revealed that he and his wife had been making pilgrimages to the islands for quite a few years and had made friends with the Kahuna, the local shamans who have learned to utilize the powers of the mind to their fullest extent, enabling devotees to walk on fiery coals and to perform other feats of mind-over-matter.

Because of their willingness to accept that which is often considered taboo, Arte says that the Kahuna have taken both him and Gisela into their confidence, and have shown them what they consider to be the relentless wanderings of the dead.

“There’s a place on the Big Island,” says Arte, “where you can see lights which the local natives believe to be the spirits of unworthy souls, those who have not found their way into the equivalent of the Hawaiian heaven. We’ve seen that many times. They’re fireballs in the distance, and they travel from right to left over the harbor at Kona. They travel the same path all the time. The natives claim that in order to keep them away, you must swear at them. Well, since we started seeing them, we’ve learned to swear a lot.”

According to the entertainer, the meandering lights will often arrive in twos and threes, and then split up before they drop below the horizon. Johnson admits that he’s baffled.

“Personally,” he says, “I have no idea what they could be. The only airport in the area closes at sundown, so those lights don’t come from it, and we have seen these things at one and two in the morning. There certainly remains a big question in my mind. Until I find an answer, I have to think that maybe the natives are right, and that we are actually seeing ghostly apparitions. That’s as good an explanation as any. Before going to Hawaii, I never thought to believe in anything along these lines, but I’ve since found that many of the Hawaiians’ so-called superstitions have a basis in reality. For me, they’ve borne fruit!”

As my metaphysically minded colleague Maria Carta noted on our flight from the islands back to Kennedy Airport, “One almost gets the impression that there are more gods and spirits floating around in the Hawaiian nether-regions than there are people living in this wonderful land.”

“The truth is,” my psychic friend reflected, “that there are so many gods that nobody can remember their names. Therefore, there is even a name for all the gods as a group.”

Maria (a recognized psychic on the mainland) and I had flown to the Hawaiian Islands in 1986 as part of a research pilgrimage. With my lifelong interest in unidentified objects, which had gotten me the monocle MR UFO, naturally I wasn’t returning to my digs without looking into the matter of the mysterious fireballs Arte Johnson had been so excited about when I had spoken with him a decade before our travels.

Believe it or not, the islanders have a name for their version of UFOs or spook lights. They identified the specters as the akualete. Early in the trip, we hooked up with Kalani Hanohano, one of the most knowledgeable experts on the folklore of the islands whose now defunct journal Full Moon was read by scholars and laymen all over the world. Kalani amassed a huge file of anecdotal material pertaining to the akualete, which often appear at night, taking on the form of fireballs shooting across the sky and then evaporating or exploding in midair, breaking up into small flames, each moving and withering on their own, indicating that these puffs of light are animate objects. Much of the material here was supplied by Kalani.

Most often, the akualete are thought of by the Hawaiians as either ancestral or nature spirits. Mind you, they don’t dismiss them as being extraterrestrial in origin, it’s just not a theory that is easily applicable to their magically inclined heritage.

One resident related a fascinating tale involving the akualete and his more or less superstitious family. In this case, which was told to me by an elderly gentleman living on Maui, a mixed marriage had taken place, which was not acceptable to one side of the family due to racial and religious differences. One of the husband’s cousins brought in a Kahuna, who recited a prayer, the result of which brought a fireball to the bride and groom’s house. Neighbors saw the bright object fall on the house. The old Kahuna priest, however, could not properly execute the prayer because it required long breath control. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where he lay dying.

The fireball had no real effect on the house. The elderly man told me that it was not because the Kahuna failed in his prayer, but because the young groom was the descendant of the Ma’iola god and had not needed to swear to render the fireball impotent.

In another instance, there was an 88-year-old woman living at Maunalani Heights on Oahu who said that in the 1940s she was startled by a bright light at her front door. It was a fireball. She said that someone in her family was against her. She prayed for divine guidance, and in a dream that night she learned that one family member was jealous of her.

I also learned that a male Hawaiian living in the Kailua area on the Kona Coast of Hawaii said that when he was a young man, a fireball of bright yellow light crashed through the air and flew over and under some trees. He was just about to swear at it when the akualete smashed into a tree and exploded into lots of small flames.

Fireball witnesses are apparently plentiful. I had no trouble finding people who had seen them. One young man told me that while he was driving down Old Pali Road on Oahu a fireball passed slowly in front of his car. The engine died. But as soon as the fireball left, the engine kicked into life again.

In another case, two men were driving along the same Old Pali Road when a fireball appeared. The driver stopped the car, got out and started to swear. The fireball broke up into small balls. The driver told me that those flaming fragments become little mythical men called e’epa, elemental beings no doubt!

A 17-year-old female once saw a fireball hovering above her head at about fifty feet. It spun in flight and then crashed to the ground. A man and his wife spotted a huge luminous blue fireball that fell almost at their feet. When the wife tried to touch it, it reared up and flew away.


Earthlights have been long associated with erupting volcanoes. A couple of years back, I flew to Costa Rica as my alter ego Mr. Creepo on American Express travel points to film a low budget horror epic titled Skin Eating Jungle Vampires. Yet, despite the primary reason for my trip, I could not let the paranormal take a backseat to anything else. (Besides, the jeep my lead actress Carla Anderson and I rented didn’t have one!)

If you’ve been to Costa Rica, you realize there isn’t much in the way of highway markers to lead you in the right (or any) direction. So we were lost in the jungle for two days before we arrived at our destination. The Arenal volcano is always blowing its stack. Some days it would be less active. Other days you would think the volcano was going to spew forth molten lava like it last did a few years ago, killing several people.

On our way, we stopped wherever we could to refuel and look for a compass (almost impossible to find anywhere in the country). Nearing the volcano, we had a bite to eat at a restaurant where the lady proprietor spoke English (Spanish is the national language). When we mentioned UFOs, her eyes lit up.

“They have been around the volcano where you are going for years,” she told us while running back and forth to the kitchen. “The locals believe that the objects draw on the energy of Arenal.”

The “Arenal Lights,” we were told, are most often described as “blazing stars” or “flying flames.” Seen at night, they are bright green or orange like the end of a hot poker. Supposedly there is some sort of hidden base beneath the volcano.

Likewise, in Popocatepeti, Mexico, UFOs have been seen and photographed skyrocketing in and out of the active volcano over the course of the last few years (surf over to JeffRense.com for more details). We have also been told that there have been many sightings of earthlights in the twilight around Mount St. Helen’s in Washington, just above its rim at 8300 feet. Many of these luminous objects were seen just before Mount St. Helen’s last major eruption, and there was another spate of UFOs seen there in 2004-2005. So what should we expect but another “blowup” shortly?

One thing our extensive research has shown us is that the volcanoes of Hawaii have it all over any other volcanoes in the world as far as strange phenomena go, tying in directly with the state’s patron fire goddess, known as Madame Pele.


Madame Pele is the Polynesian goddess of fire. Many Hawaiians consider her to be very real. Many more who pride themselves on being “civilized and sophisticated” would nevertheless think twice about doing anything to offend her. When she first came to Hawaii, legend has it Madame Pele took up residence in the crater on Diamond Head, which is the famous landmark at the end of Waikiki Beach. When the islands had their first leader, Kamehameha, she moved to Kilauea. She favored the great leader and took his side during his early conquests, causing the volcano to erupt at the right time to cut off enemy troops with her lava.

Madame Pele is actually said to live in the pit crater of Halemaumau, which is in the center of Kilauea’s caldera (cauldron). She is both loved and feared. You do not offend Pele. Chances are that nothing will happen if you do, but then…who knows? Something may just happen.

The old Hawaiian legend has it that shortly before an eruption, Madame Pele makes an appearance in human form. This is her way of warning the people to beware. On May 14, 1924, at Waiohinu in the southwest province of Ka’u on the Big Island, The Honolulu Advertiser reported that a resident had seen a tall, strange but beautiful woman dressed in white and with flowing red hair.

At the time, there was very little tourism in Hawaii, and the natives tended to know each other. The individual was a stranger. Several other people reported seeing the same unusual woman walking along a country lane. She spoke to no one and was not seen again. Four days later, on May 18, Kilauea, which had been rumbling for nearly a month, exploded. Huge, towering clouds of dust rose more than 20,000 feet above the crater. An eight-ton boulder was lifted into the air and deposited a quarter of a mile away.

Madame Pele had given her warning.


Recently a man was traveling from Kamuela to Hilo. It was about eight o’clock at night and he was on a lonely stretch of Saddle Road. He suddenly saw a woman standing beside the road. He pulled over. He asked her where she was going and she said, “To Hilo.” He gave her a lift. She sat in the back seat. She was quiet. A few miles later, he turned around to say something to her, but she was gone. Frightened, he floored the gas pedal and sped into Hilo to tell someone that he had had Madame Pele in his car.

I spoke to a bus driver who had a frightening experience. He told me that late one night he was driving his bus on the volcano road when he spotted an elderly woman waiting at the bus stop. He picked her up. She was the only passenger on the bus and she told him where she would like to get off. When he reached the spot, he stopped the bus and opened the door. He waited for the woman to get off, but she didn’t. He turned to see where she was. She was gone. The experience scared him so much that he quit the job.

Our friend, Joseph Ilda, a herbal healer who was nearing ninety when we met him, had seen Pele twice and says he can tell from the way she is dressed what kind of disaster is likely to transpire.

“Dressed as a white ghost, it means that there will soon be a volcanic eruption,” he contends. “If she appears in a long cape similar to the one worn by the late Hawaiian kings, you can rest assured that there will be a tidal wave or hurricane.”

On the other hand, if Pele is dressed in black, Joseph feels that “sudden death” or a “great tragedy” is not likely to be more than 24 hours away.

Joseph Ilda feels somehow that the ability to see Madame Pele is inherited.

“This type of thing usually runs in the family,” he says. “My grandfather was stopped on the road by her and told he shouldn’t pass. Later, he found there was some sort of disaster just up ahead. Another time, the spirits spoke to him and told him where some old Hawaiian silver pieces were buried. He found them exactly as he was directed.”

Joseph was driving with three young men when he saw Pele at the side of the road. She was dressed in a long cloak and was soaking wet. “We went on our way fishing,” he said, “and I said we should turn around. I told them that there was going to be trouble in three days. I was so certain about this that I tried to contact my wife, who had gone away fishing on the other side of the island. When I couldn’t reach her myself, I had the police get in touch with her to tell her to return home before the rains and wind hit. Luckily, she got back before the road washed out.”

“Funny thing is, there was considerable damage all around our house. The roofs of the two homes on either side of us were blown right off and one of them even damaged our back fence, but our house wasn’t touched at all.”

Proof once again that Madame Pele warns those who believe in her!


She is a goddess who legend has it came from Tahiti to live in Hawaii with her seven brothers and six sisters. All of the children were experts in some form of sorcery and in the hula. Pele can assume many body and object forms. She can change herself into a blazing flame, a beautiful young girl or an old hag.

When Madame Pele is a beautiful woman, she is given to ferocious tantrums of rage and jealousy. In a snit, she can stamp her foot on the ground and cause it to tremble with earthquakes. Cracks will suddenly appear in the soil and there will be huge torrents of molten lava, which will chase those who have angered her. Sometimes the fire goddess will ride the first wave of liquid rock, screaming oaths and throwing flaming boulders at her enemies. This is the side of Madame Pele that is seen most often. Her most prominent emotions are all negative—anger, jealousy, bad temper and sulkiness.

These are all aspects of things we have heard in regard to our alien planet while conducting this study. Whatever you can say or conclude about Pele, she is certainly an important aspect of the world we live on.

Source: Spectral Vision


Why Some People Can 'Hear' The Voices of The Dead
By Michelle Starr

Scientists have identified the traits that may make a person more likely to claim they hear the voices of the dead.

According to new research, a predisposition to high levels of absorption in tasks, unusual auditory experiences in childhood, and a high susceptibility to auditory hallucinations all occur more strongly in self-described clairaudient mediums than the general population.

The finding could help us to better understand the upsetting auditory hallucinations that accompany mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, the researchers say.

The Spiritualist experiences of clairvoyance and clairaudience - the experience of seeing or hearing something in the absence of an external stimulus, and attributed to the spirits of the dead - is of great scientific interest, both for anthropologists studying religious and spiritual experiences, and scientists studying pathological hallucinatory experiences.

In particular, researchers would like to better understand why some people with auditory experiences report a Spiritualist experience, while others find them more distressing, and receive a mental health diagnosis.

"Spiritualists tend to report unusual auditory experiences which are positive, start early in life and which they are often then able to control," explained psychologist Peter Moseley of Northumbria University in the UK.

"Understanding how these develop is important because it could help us understand more about distressing or non-controllable experiences of hearing voices too."

He and his colleague psychologist Adam Powell of Durham University in the UK recruited and surveyed 65 clairaudient mediums from the UK's Spiritualists' National Union, and 143 members of the general population recruited through social media, to determine what differentiated Spiritualists from the general public, who don't (usually) report hearing the voices of the dead.

Overall, 44.6 percent of the Spiritualists reported hearing voices daily, and 79 percent said the experiences were part of their daily lives. And while most reported hearing the voices inside their head, 31.7 percent reported that the voices were external, too.

The results of the survey were striking.

Compared to the general population, the Spiritualists reported much higher belief in the paranormal, and were less likely to care what other people thought of them.

The Spiritualists on the whole had their first auditory experience young, at an average age of 21.7 years, and reported a high level of absorption. That's a term that describes total immersion in mental tasks and activities or altered states, and how effective the individual is at tuning out the world around them.

In addition, they reported that they were more prone to hallucination-like experiences. The researchers noted that they hadn't usually heard of Spiritualism prior to their experiences; rather, they had come across it while looking for answers.

In the general population, high levels of absorption were also strongly correlated with belief in the paranormal - but little or no susceptibility to auditory hallucinations. And in both groups, there were no differences in the levels of belief in the paranormal and susceptibility to visual hallucinations.

These results, the researchers say, suggest that experiencing the 'voices of the dead' is therefore unlikely to be a result of peer pressure, a positive social context, or suggestibility due to belief in the paranormal. Instead, these individuals adopt Spiritualism because it aligns with their experience and is personally meaningful to them.

"Our findings say a lot about 'learning and yearning'. For our participants, the tenets of Spiritualism seem to make sense of both extraordinary childhood experiences as well as the frequent auditory phenomena they experience as practising mediums," Powell said.

"But all of those experiences may result more from having certain tendencies or early abilities than from simply believing in the possibility of contacting the dead if one tries hard enough."

Future research, they concluded, should explore a variety of cultural context to better understand the relationship between absorption, belief, and the strange, spiritual experience of ghosts whispering in one's ear.

The research has been published in Mental Health, Religion and Culture.

Source: Science Alert


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UFO Experience Changes Woman’s Life

Miriam Delicado has been on an incredible 20-year journey that began on the outskirts of 100 Mile house one October night in 1988.

The current Vancouv-erite, who was 22 at the time, lived in northern BC and she and four others were on their way to the Lower Mainland when the incredible is said to have happened.

Driving south along Hwy. 97, just past Prince George, Delicado said a pair of huge, luminescent lights drew up and followed within 10 feet of their back bumper.

“It was night time and we thought it was a truck but the lights would follow us when we were alone and then disappear when a car or a house came into view,” said Delicado. “After the lights had been following us for hours, we came to 100 Mile House and I thought we’d be able to lose whatever it was.”

They nervously sped through town and, within minutes of leaving 100 Mile, the lights were back on their tail, appearing and disappearing within the blink of an eye, she said.

“I started panicking and told my friend to pull over. She said no, because she was scared, but I told her that it wasn’t her they wanted, it was me. As soon as we stopped she turned into a zombie. Her head flopped back and she just had a blank stare and the back seat people were in animated suspension,” said Delicado.

What happened next brought Delicado to the realization that her inner fears had been well-founded.

“The two spheres were a foot behind us and the car was engulfed in bright light. I turned to the front of the car and saw a craft sitting on the road. It was luminescent and it was hard to see the details but it looked like there was steam coming off of it,” she said.

Short beings, close to four feet tall, with big round, black eyes and large, childlike heads approached her.

“They had a small mouth and tiny nose and wore a one-piece suit and I heard instructions in my head to get out of the car. I was scared but not terrified, more in a state of confusion, but they kept saying not to be afraid. We will not harm you,” said Delicado.

The beings took her hand and they all walked a short way along the highway and up an embankment. Delicado said that when she looked up, she saw a larger craft with an open doorway.

“There were two tall beings, seven feet tall, in the doorway. They had blond hair of the purest white, large, water blue eyes and they wore long robes,” she said.

Delicado boarded the craft, which she recalled to have had a metallic interior with a sterile feel.

“In the centre was a circular work area with stools and overhead was a hovering white light ball of what I think was energy. It seemed to be a control centre where information streamed from the ball to the beings,” she said.

Her communication with the beings seemed to occur through telepathy.

“They sat me down on some kind of light chair recliner and, in front of me, a screen appeared which showed pictures of possible futures of the Earth. I saw an earthquake aftermath and they explained what it was and seemed to have the ability to place the experience within me. They gave me the physical ability to experience the trauma,” she said.

Delicado said she spent about three hours on the craft, watching what appeared to be a movie of some sort, before returning to the car. Everyone woke up when she got back and there was conversation about the lights, but no recognition of what she claims to have seen.

She drew the group’s attention to what she said were a group of glowing eyes on the side of the road. Everyone else thought they were deer, but Delicado believed they were aliens, watching.

They continued on their journey to the Lower Mainland without conversation about what Delicado believes to have happened but, the next day, new memories that had been embedded in her mind started to spill out.

Experiences of war, meteors hitting the earth and other disasters played over and over in her head.

“They started to filter clearly into my mind. All of these possibilities of a future we are heading for if we don’t change the path humanity is on,” said Delicado.

The aliens instilled in her how important it is to have a respect for the Earth and made her believe humans are not alone in the universe.

“We have a responsibility to ourselves and to all of life,” she said.

Delicado believes the beings she claims to have seen are the caretakers of the earth.

“They are not allowed to interfere with what we are doing here on earth, but they give people like me information and we have the free will to do what we want with the information.”

She kept it all her own secret for 15 years but, during that time, Delicado claims to have had many telepathic communications with the beings.

There were also unusual encounters, she said, with men who looked and dressed the same and all claimed to work in the computer industry.

“They all talked about the same thing. About computer technology and about aliens and they all said they installed super-computers for the government,” said Delicado, noting that she’s met others at various UFO conventions who have had the same experience.

Delicado said she was telepathically instructed on when to start publicly sharing her experience and knowledge and for the past five years has been filling requests to speak at conventions and other gatherings. She said that since going public, she’s received emails from people all over the world claiming to have had the same types of experiences.

She believes she was chosen because her soul had already chosen a conducive path, long ago.

“My family has a psychic strain,” she said, explaining that her father had psychic abilities.

“He didn’t talk about aliens, but he talked about how the earth would change one day and how we needed survival skills and know how to defend ourselves,” said Delicado.

She described her message from the aliens as not being a dark one, but one of hope and encouragement.

“These beings have been out there since the beginning of time and my understanding is that they take care of other planets out there. They are also in the dream world and some walk around us. I’ve seen them in public and they don’t look like us, but others don’t see what I’m seeing,” said Delicado, recalling encounters on city buses and other public places.

She said that everyday for her involves just trying to fit in because she finds it difficult to view the world in the same way she once did. She’s worked in the food services industry and as a nanny and house cleaner but most recently, Delicado turned author, writing a book about her experiences she called “Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy”.

“The right people are finding their way to the book and that’s the goal,” she said. “I want to share this story with others who have had a similar experience so they know they are on the right path and there are others out there like themselves.”

According to Delicado, her experience came shortly after she watched a television special called UFO Coverup? Live! It was a two-hour prime-time syndicated television special that was broadcast in North America and elsewhere on Oct. 14, 1988.

A couple of high-level U.S. government intelligence officials, disguised as “The Falcon” and “Condor” were interviewed in shadow and with masked voices. They disclosed information about the U.S. government’s involvement in UFOS and alien interaction, UFO crashes and occupant retrievals. The show also included the first public mention of Area 51, a highly secret military airfield in Nevada used for testing experimental aircraft and weaponry and a central component to UFO folklore.

According to her biography on IMDb, Miriam Delicado is the Founder and Executive Director of The Great Gathering of Humanity, Delicado has dedicated her time, energy, and resources to encourage positive change around the world. Primary areas of advocacy include: the preservation of indigenous traditions and spiritual enlightenment. She has worked as a liaison with a wide-variety of traditional Indigenous and other communities throughout the World. Miriam Delicado is also a world recognized Extraterrestrial Contactee. She is the author of the book "Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy" in which she shares details of her contact experiences with Tall Blond's or Great Ancestors. As a humanitarian, Miriam's current focus is working with Indigenous People to advocate for the protection and preservation of their ancient way of life and knowledge.

Source: Vancouver News


Oklahoma Considers Bigfoot Hunting Season
By Tim Binnall

A member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives has filed a bill that calls for the establishment of a Bigfoot hunting season in the state. The audacious idea is reportedly the brainchild of Rep. Justin Humphrey, who reportedly put forward the proposal on Wednesday. The fairly succinct resolution, which can be read here, states that "The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission shall promulgate rules establishing a big foot [sic] hunting season. The Commission shall set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees."

It remains to be seen whether or not the bill will wind up receiving a vote when the Oklahoma legislature meets on February 1st as, similar to what happened with a Washington state bill aimed at putting Sasquatch on license plates, it could get stuck in the bureaucratic process. Be that as it may, should be resolution pass, it would go into effect on November 1st, 2021. As one might imagine, response to the bill has been mixed with some residents considering it an embarrassing waste of time and others recognizing it as a clever joke which could generate some tax dollars by way of people buying the novelty Bigfoot hunting licenses.

For their part, a representative of the state's Wildlife Conservation Commission acknowledged the bill and said that "we use science to make management decisions, and we do not recognize Bigfoot as a wildlife species in Oklahoma." To that end, one wonders if the passage of the resolution would open up a proverbial can of worms with regards to whether or not it establishes Sasquatch as a genuine creature living in the state and, in turn, its presumed scarcity would necessitate some kind of endangered species protection.

The Oklahoma bill is a decidedly different type of Sasquatch-related legislation compared to resolutions passed in other states and local communities. In some instances, Bigfoot has been 'honored' by way of some kind of formal recognition naming it the official cryptid of a particular locality. And, in one county in Oregon, purposely killing a Sasquatch is actually illegal and punishable by up to one year in prison. As of yet, of course, no one has been busted breaking the Bigfoot law, although encouraging people to go out and try to hunt a Sasquatch, as is proposed in Oklahoma, may not be the best idea considering the creatures bipedal nature might lead to a tragic case of misidentification.

Source: Coast to Coast AM

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