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The crystal ball glimmered with an iridescence of days of future past.  The nearby flickering candles threw shadows of  things yet to be upon the orbs crystalline matrix.  The prophet, withered and aged, breathed deeply of the smokey air and continued to gaze deeply into the heart of the crystal.   Deep within his brain, universal connections that bind us all in a web of  wholeness are stimulated by the hypnotic shapes that danced faintly in the ball.  Time and space are one and all information contained within reality are available to those who can master their intellect and allow the stream of information to be downloaded directly into the brain -- bypassing the rational mind that would block anything received through such unconventional methods.  The prophet sighs in contentment -- because once again his crystal ball has brought him his subscription to Conspiracy Journal, the free weekly e-mail newsletter of everything weird and strange from the past present and future.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eye-crossing tales as:

- The Tunguska Event: Still A Mystery After 107 Years -
-  “Be Careful What You Ask For” -
The Hunt for The Tasmanian Tiger
AND: Divers Photograph Unknown Creature in Florida

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The Final Nail...In YOUR Coffin!




Everyday life was already fraught with danger and uncertainty, but there are several new threats to your survival that you probably know nothing about.

A disease called Morgellons exists that the medical community refuses to even acknowledge is real. If you experience the terrifying symptoms – the sensation of bugs crawling beneath your skin, painful wounds that open up for no apparent reason and start to expel strange,cotton-like fibers – don’t expect your family physician to help you!

Even the rich and famous get turned away with a diagnosis of mental, not physical illness. When folksinger, Joni Mitchell, was hospitalized for what was, at the time, an undisclosed reason, not even Joni was spared the stigma of having complained of Morgellons symptoms for which no cure was offered By medical professionals.

The former intelligence operative known only as Commander X has studied Morgellons keeping abreast of all the latest developments. Where did the disease originate?

Commander X covers every angle, including the possibility that it entered the Earth zone by piggy backing on a meteorite. He also considers the notion that it is a man made disease being spread by the New World Order or some unidentified international cabal that is aided by a conspiracy of silence among the medical community.


The CIA says it doesn't exist. Terrorists and rogue nations have offered to pay millions of dollars to procure it. Scientists fear its lethal potential. Red Mercury when exploded creates tremendous heat and pressure sufficient to trigger a fusion device such a mini-neutron bomb. Red Mercury could be concealed in something as small as a lunch box yet have unimaginable lethal force when detonated.

The late physicist Sam Cohen, the father of the neutron bomb, publicly stated his belief that Red Mercury is a real-world substance and one we should logically fear. Now you can read the results of years of investigation into the Red Mercury mystery. The truth will chill you to the bone and cast a shadow over whatever vestiges of trust for the government might lurk in your conspiracy-wearied brain.

We offer you two books one one, as well as the possibility that being forewarned really will help you to be forearmed!

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The Tunguska Event: Still A Mystery After 107 Years
By David Bressan

On the morning of June 30, 1908, a large fireball crossed the sky above the taiga of the Stony Tunguska (Podkamennaya Tunguska) in Siberia. A series of explosions followed, which could be heard even in the distant village of Achajewskoje about 745 miles away. Various meteorological stations in Europe recorded both seismic and atmospheric pressure waves. And during the following days, strange phenomena were observed in the sky of Europe, such as silvery, glowing clouds, colorful sunsets and a strange luminescence in the night.

Russian newspapers soon reported on this supposed meteorite impact. International newspapers speculated about a possible volcanic explosion, as memories of the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 were still strong. However, the inaccessibility of the region and Russia’s unstable political situation prevented further investigations.

Thirteen years after the incident, Russian mineralogist Leonid Alexejewitsch Kulik became interested in the still unexplored event after reading some of the accounts about an explosion and large glowing object. He also had some hopes to recover precious extraterrestrial metals from the impact site.

Kulik travelled to the city of Kansk, where he studied reports about the event in the local archives. Many of those stories refer to large fireballs, flames and a sequence of fourteen “thunders.” In March of 1927, he arrived at the outpost of Wanawara. Then on April 13, Kulik discovered a large area of about 830 square miles covered with rotting logs  – the strange “Forest of Tunguska.”

Despite exploring the entire area, Kulik and his team didn’t locate a single great crater as he’d expected, but he did find some circular pits that were interpreted as being smaller craters produced by impact fragments. However, no meteoritic material was discovered at the site.

In the fall of 1927, a preliminary report by Kulik was published in various national and international newspapers. As a result, the event of 1907 became known as the “Tunguska Event.”

Kulik formulated one of the first hypotheses to explain both the reports and lack of evidence on the ground: he suggested that an extraterrestrial solid exploded in the atmosphere, causing the observed explosion and devastation. That solid’s fragments then became buried in the swampy ground, which was too soft to preserve the typical morphology of an impact crater.

In 1934 Soviet scientists proposed a variation of Kulik’s hypothesis. They proposed that it was a comet, not a meteorite, that struck the area. Since comets are composed mostly of ice, one would have been completely vaporized during the impact, leaving no traces behind.

Over time, many other theories – some quite unusual – have been proposed to explain the apparent lack of craters in the region or the missing extraterrestrial matter.

Based on impressions left by the first atomic bombs, the Engineer Aleksander Kasantsews developed an unusual explanation involving a nuclear explosion of possible extraterrestrial origin between the years 1945 and 1959.

In 1973, American physicists proposed in the journal Nature that a small black hole had collided with earth, causing some sort of matter-antimatter explosion.

The German astrophysicist Wolfgang Kundt and later Jason Phipps Morgan of the Cornell University in Ithaca and Paola Vannucchi from the University of Florence have proposed an ulterior hypothesis in the past few years: “Verneshots.” Named for the author of the novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Verneshots are supercritical magma/gas mixtures that violently erupt from underground. According to this proposed model, areas with a thick crust or composed of hard rocks (the region of Tunguska is covered by the thick basalts of the Siberian Trapps) magmatic intrusions and gases tend to build up pressure until the cover is shattered to pieces. Hot gases would escape then into the atmosphere, causing a visible explosion.

However, the most compelling explanation for the Tunguska Event remains the impact of a natural extraterrestrial object. This idea is supported by the reports describing a fireball descending on the tundra, sedimentary features, like the presence of nanodiamonds, magnetic- and silicate spherules in sediments and the mapped distribution and direction of the fallen trees, which point away from the explosion site.

However, there are some inconsistencies in the idea that the Tunguska Event was of extraterrestrial origin. For example, the accounts of a series of thunders are hard to explain with a single impact. Additionally, the recovered sediments are not unambiguous – they’re also explainable also by the common contamination of sediments by extraterrestrial material, because many small meteorites are disintegrated every day in earth´s atmosphere.

In 2007, Luca Gasperini and his research team of the University of Bologna proposed that a small lake in the region, Lake Cheko, may have been the impact crater of a fragment that caused Tunguska Event. Lake Cheko is unusually deep for a region characterized by shallow ponds, which are formed by superficially melting permafrost. There’s also no record of the lake existing before 1908, however it’s also true that the region was poorly mapped and explored at the time. Gasperini’s evidence is controversial, as seen in one published answer to this research.

At this point, it’s likely that only the discovery of extraterrestrial material on the bottom of a lake would be the decisive evidence needed to solve the mystery of Tunguska.

Source: Forbes


“Be Careful What You Ask For”
By Nick Redfern

One would imagine that most people would love to catch sight of one of Scotland’s legendary Loch Ness Monsters. They probably would – at least, until they actually see such a beast. It’s a curious and intriguing fact that many witnesses to the Nessies react not with amazement, incredulity, or excitement. No, the response to encountering a Nessie – and particularly so, up close and personal – is often an acutely different one.

People talk of the beast being “an abomination,” “something abnormal,” “a loathsome sight,” and “something which still haunts us.” Others have commented that after seeing the creature, “we were all sick.” That they felt “appalled.” That “my dog…lie crouching and shivering.” There is, then, something decidedly wrong about the Loch Ness creatures; something which provokes reactions far beyond those one might expect – even when encountering something fantastic.

This brings me to the theme of today’s article: how wishing to see something supernatural, strange, and/or otherworldly might not be the positive and amazing experience that most people might imagine it to be.

Now, I should stress that many people (in fact, large numbers of people) have paranormal encounters and come away from them positively energized, galvanized, and even transformed – psychically, spiritually, and sometimes physically. So, I’m certainly not here to put a downer on things. Sometimes, however, deliberately opening a door to “the unknown,” or randomly encountering certain phenomena, isn’t always a good thing.

As someone who has written three books on the Men in Black mystery, I can state for sure that lives have been very badly affected by visits from the MIB, who are clearly of Fortean/paranormal origins, rather than being the employees of any agency of “the government.” Fear, paranoia, constant feelings of being followed by shadowy and malignant “things,” and a sense of deep insecurity are typical when people have crossed paths with those black-clothed, pale-faced ghouls.

Jon Downes, of the UK-based Center for Fortean Zoology, endured endless bouts of bizarre bad luck, ill health, calamity upon calamity, and negativity every single time he delved into the world of the Owlman – a creature that might be termed an English version of the United States’ legendary Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Jon conducted extensive research, staked out old woods by day and night, interviewed witnesses, made a movie, and penned a full-length book – all on the Owlman. Today, however – and for more than a few years – Jon has nothing to do with the winged nightmare, whatsoever. He has put it all behind him – and, hopefully, he will continue to do exactly that. Experience has taught Jon that as long as he stays away from the Owlman, it stays away from him.

I have a couple of friends who thought it would be cool, fun, and exciting to try and contact the dead via ritual and rite. It isn’t. At all. I’m not a religious person, for one simple reason: religion (of all persuasions) is all about controlling people via fear and guilt. But, I do think there are realms of existence beyond ours and I’m 99.9 percent certain something survives death.

But, dabbling recklessly to summon deceased relatives is not a wise thing to do. There’s a good chance that what comes through may be some form of malevolent, manipulative and deceptive entity that wants to do one thing and one thing only: make every single minute of your life the equivalent of the worst Monday morning possible, and multiplied fifty times over.

So, should we stay away from the world of the supernatural? No, of course not. That would just be giving in to the negative side. There is much to be learned – and a great deal of it is of a positive nature – from studying the mysteries of our world and beyond. The key to not getting into dicey situations is to have a good filter, to trust your instincts, and to recognize deception and negativity when – or if – they enter your life or you unwisely invite them.

Within the realm of the supernatural, the phrase “be careful what you ask for” is one of the most important of all. Don’t forget it.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Islanders Insist Amelia Earhart Was Taken Prisoner by the Japanese

Islanders living on a remote Pacific atoll have said that they are convinced that Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese after her plane crashed there nearly 80 years ago.

Friends and descendants of islanders who insist they saw the American aviator and her navigator Fred Noonan after their Lockheed Electra plane crashed in the Marshall Islands have told what they have learned about the adventurous pair who vanished during a round-the-world flight.

Islanders who claim to have seen the couple on board a Japanese ship in 1937 after their plane came down have since died - but not before they relayed stories of seeing Amelia and Noonan in a remote part of the Marshall Islands.

Their accounts lend credence to a persistent theory that the U.S. fliers were captured and taken onto a Japanese ship to the island of Saipan, 1,450 miles south of Tokyo, where they were imprisoned on suspicion of being U.S. spies.

Once there, the theory goes, they met grizzly ends. Noonan, some claim, was executed, while Earhart was left to rot in prison, eventually dying of dysentary.

Towards the end of the Second World War, it is claimed, their bodies - which had been buried in the Catholic cemetery - were dug up on the orders of the U.S. intelligence services.

Some claim - including a relative of Earhart - that the U.S. government knew what had happened to the adventurous duo all along, but the strained politics of the years running up to the war prevented them from acting.

All of this, of course, is conspiracy theory which goes against the generally held belief that the Electra crashed into the ocean nearer to Howland Island, their planned destination.

But those who live on the Marshall Islands are absolutely certain of two things: that Earhart crashed onto the small atoll, and that she and Noonan were taken away by the Japanese.

Bilimon Amram went to his grave insisting he not only saw Earhart and Noonan on the Koshu Maru, but also spoke to the navigator about the leg he broke when the plane crashed.

Amram's friend Charles Domnick, 73, told MailOnline: 'He told me he saw both of them on the Japanese vessel and spoke to Noonan. They were both sitting on the deck. He had no doubt about that.'

Domnick said he went to Amram's warehouse in the late 1960s, where his friend swore that he had accompanied a Japanese doctor to the Koshu Maru to look after an injured American.

'He told me he was working as a medical assistant at the time but he said they weren't allowed to go inside the vessel. What he was allowed to do was carry the medical kit onto the deck.

'Amram told me that the injured American man and the woman were sitting on the deck and the man had a broken leg - or some sort of serious problem with his leg - and together he and the Japanese doctor fixed it up.

'Amram said the woman had short hair and long boots. He and the doctor didn't talk to her - they just treated the guy, had a conversation about his leg, and then they left.

'As they were leaving, he said he saw on the far side of the ship that there was a plane hanging there, with one wing broken.

'That was as much as they saw - that was what he told me and he had no reason to tell me that and I had no reason not to believe him.'

Domnick said that when he asked Amram if he was sure about what he had witnessed, his friend said forcefully: '"Hey guy" - that's what he always called me - "I know what I saw and I saw the lady!' Domnick recalled.

'"She was definitely American, not Japanese, and I did help fix Noonan's leg".'

With the Japanese setting up bases throughout the Pacific in preparation for an all-out war that was to follow five years later, local people agree today that it would be highly unlikely an American woman would be sitting on board a Japanese ship - unless she was Amelia Earhart.

Domnick said Amram's credentials were impeccable and he had no reason to make up such a story.

Years later, he worked as a doctor in Majuro and he was also in charge of what later became the Department of Public Health.

Domnick wasn't the only person to hear Amram's tales.

A relative of Amram, who has asked not to be identified, recalled how he had been trained by the Japanese to be a medic.

The relative added: 'I remember him telling how he got on the boat and he saw the American lady and a guy.'

Jerry Kramer, a U.S. businessman who has lived on Majuro since the 1960s, told MailOnline he had been a good friend of Amram and could 'absolutely confirm the story that he told about helping to treat the navigator and seeing Amelia Earhart'.

But he goes one step further with the story.

Asked if he believed that the American aviators came down on Mili, Kramer said: 'Absolutely! In fact, after I first came to Majuro in 1962, the next year I went to Saipan and then people there showed me where she was in jail.

'And they told me they'd followed the story of her voyage from the Marshalls.'

Islanders have claimed that the damaged aircraft was hauled across the island from the ocean side to the lagoon side on rail car wheels similar to those used by Japanese troops to move bombs. Rusty remains of those trollies are still to be seen on the island.

Kramer's son Daniel, who joined a team of 11 researchers on an expedition to Mili atoll last January, pointed the team towards an area where the shorter trees indicated their relative youth compared to taller, older trees.

The find seems to support the theory that the aircraft was towed across the islands on the trolley by some 40 Marshallese villages, with trees having been cut down to make way for the rails.

'While others were looking down with their metal detectors, searching for parts of the plane Daniel was looking up at the trees,' said Kramer.

'He told the team that this was nearly 80 years ago and the old palm trees were quite tall. But there was a patch of trees which were younger and shorter and he said he believed this was where the palms had been cut down to make a track for the plane.'

Domnick has also heard reports of an American woman and man crashing on one of the small islands lying to the north of the Mili atoll from his uncle Tamaki Myazoe.

At the time of Earhart's disappearance, Myazoe - who was half-Japanese, half-Marshallese - was helping load the Koshu Maru with coal.

At that time the tramp steamer was stationed on another nearby atoll, Jaluit, which was being used for the Japanese headquarters in the Marshall Islands.

But then Myazoe and his colleagues were interrupted by the captain, who came back on board in hurry.

'The captain and the other crew came up and cut the ropes to the dock and they took off in a rush,' Domnick recalled his late uncle telling him.

'My uncle told me he was bunkering the ship along with the other Marshallese and all of a sudden the captain gave the order to leave.

'He didn't know it at the time, but years later my uncle told me that he had learned that the ship had left in a hurry in a bid to find a couple of American aviators on remote Mili, about 130 miles away to the east.

'My uncle said he asked his father where they had gone to - and why so fast. He was told that an American aviator was lost in that area and that they'd searched all over but couldn't find them.'

But two weeks later, his uncle told him, the Koshu Maru returned to Jaluit - only this time it did not berth at the dock. Instead, it anchored a long way out in the lagoon.

Locals tell how shortly after arriving back in Jaluit, the Koshu Maru sailed off, first to Kwajalein Atoll, in the northern part of the Marshall Islands, and then on to Saipan.

Mili atoll landowner Chuji Chutaro, 76, today also supports reports that the Lockheed plane came down on the tiny island which adjoins the atoll.

'Some time in the 1960s I was sitting with some elders on an island in Mili and they said they'd heard a plane had landed all those years ago,' he told MailOnline.

'They didn't see it, but they did hear about it.

'Also, I had a friend called Kekmen Lang, who is from Nallu Island, part of Mili atoll. He told me that he had found a piece of a plane on a small island and he said it was probably part of Amelia Earhart's plane.'

There is also the astonishing account given by modern-day U.S. researcher Dick Spink, who has told of a moment years before when he was at a party with friends in the Marshall Islands.

'Didn't Amelia Earhart disappear in this part of the world?' he had asked.

'Yes,' a local man answered. 'She landed on our island and my uncle watched her for two days.'

With the stories of the aviators crashing in the Marshall Islands - some 2000 miles from the area in the sea where other Earhart sleuths believe the plane crashed after running out of fuel - refusing to go away, an investigation is continuing in the US that might hold the key to the pair's fate.

Parker Aerospace is testing a number of pieces of metal picked up by the researchers on Mili in January, some of which have been discounted as coming from the Lockheed, others which might be from the aircraft.

Results of the tests are not due for several months.

But confirmation that just a single piece is likely to have come from the aircraft will be powerful evidence supporting claims that the couple crashed on Mili atoll and that the stories of them being taken away on a Japanese ship deserve further investigation.

Wally Earhart, Amelia's fourth cousin, said in 2009 that the U.S.government was continuing to perpetrate a 'massive cover-up' about the couple and he insisted they had died in Japanese custody.

'They did not die as claimed by the government and the Navy when the Electra plunged into the Pacific - they died while in Japanese captivity on the island of Saipan in the Northern Marianas,' said Mr Earhart, who did not reveal his sources.

He claimed that while in captivity on Saipan, Fred Noonan was beheaded by the Japanese and Amelia died soon after from dysentery and other ailments.

Earhart investigator Les Kinney and other enthusiasts believe the Electra was dumped into a large pit in Saipan, along with Japanese aircraft, by US marines at the end of the war.

That pit is said to be under a runway that is still in use and one investigator is trying to get permission to dig and extract aircraft parts.

The official held belief is that the aircraft is 'on the bottom of the Pacific', 18,000 feet down but close to Howland, said Tom Crouch, senior curator at the U.S. National Air and Space Museum.

The rumours, the claims, the testimonies about the fate of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan have been the subject of books, films and tv documentaries. But the stories that have emerged today in the Marshall Islands, added to the research into metal parts, has given new hope that the answer to their fate might soon be reached.

Source: The Daily Mail


Bigfoot and Railroad Tracks

There is a rare story, unelaborated, the tidbit of which is currently being investigated by Strange Maine author Michelle Souliere, that tells of the finding of an “apeman” near the railroad tracks at Greenville, Maine, in 1856. It holds the promise of further intrigue. Can you help? Has any Cryptomundian ever heard of this 1856 case and knows more details?

This item has brought to mind the quite frequent place that railroads fit into such stories.

Have you ever noticed there seems to be something special going on with railroad tracks and Bigfoot?

For anyone who reads the hominological and cryptozoological literature, you will be quite familiar with the notion that railroads keep popping up in sighting accounts. Cases like the Enfield Monster of Illinois, 1973, mention the railroad tracks almost as if they are being used as the avenues of movement for the creature. In the midst of a series of Bigfoot sightings, on January 15, 1980, near Manchester, Iowa, railroad engineer Cyrii O’Brien, who was on a train at the time, saw a strange creature on all fours eating a carcass; weird six-toed tracks were found in the area later.

Rail right-of-ways are natural greenbelts for animals to employ for ease of travel. Is it any wonder that railroads are so often involved?

Railways, of course, have been used as a form of explanation, too. Various threads have been linked to the railroads in Bigfoot stories in the same fashion that the “wrecked circus train myths” were used by early news reporters to explain away unknown mystery cat sightings. Those “circus trains,” needless to say, rode the rail lines.

It will be recalled that during the “white wild man” sightings in British Columbia, in 1922, it was written at the time that “the ‘wild-men’ running at large, more or less, [have been sighted] ever since the advent of the G.T.P., [and were] supposed to have been working on the railroad construction, afterwards squatting on the wild lands abounding in this district, until they in turn become ‘wild’ themselves, according to the remoteness from supplies or from other human companions.”

The stray people became the feral or wild people who became Sasquatch, we are told. The theme has been used before.

One of the most discussed historic Bigfoot-railroad cases, of course, is the Jacko incident.

The story of Jacko – that of a small, apelike, young Sasquatch said to have been captured alive in the 1800s – is a piece of folklore that refuses to die, despite a superb investigative article published in 1975, co-authored by John Green and Sabina W. Sanderson.

The investigation into the Jacko story did not began until decades later. During the 1950s, a news reporter named Brian McKelvie became interested in the then-current stories of the Sasquatch being carried by his local British Columbian papers. McKelvie searched for older reports. What he found was the Daily British Colonist July 4, 1884, article about Jacko. The account detailed the sighting of a smallish hairy creature (“something of the gorilla type”) supposedly seen and captured near Yale, British Columbia, on June 30, 1884, and housed in a local jail.

McKelvie shared the Jacko account with researchers John Green and René Dahinden. MeKelvie told them this was the only record of the event due to a fire that had destroyed other area newspapers of the time.

In 1958, John Green found and interviewed a man (August Castle) who remembered the Jacko talk of the time, but he said his parents did not take him to the jail to see the beast. Other senior citizens remembered the talk of the creature, but no one could produce any truly good evidence for or eyewitness accounts (other than the British Colonist story) of Jacko.

The story’s appearance in Ivan T. Sanderson’s 1961 Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life propelled the Jacko incident into history. I dealt with the Jacko story anew in my book, Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2003), beginning on page 41.

Meanwhile, some of the older accounts are merely short references to the sightings of wild people (whatever that means).

For example, the appearance of a “black wild man” is noted in one old article as having been seen near a railroad station in 1870 at Chatawa, Mississippi. This seems similar to the Vincennes Monster (also said to look like a “black wild man”) seen near a railroad bridge in Indiana, in 1885.

But the question for today is, what happened in Greenville, Maine, in 1856?

BTW, when is an old report of a “wild man” in Maine not really in the state of Maine? When it’s an account from Maine, New York, of course.

In Robert Bartholomew’s and Paul Bartholomew’s Bigfoot: Encounters in New York & New England (2008), the authors detail “wild-man” sightings occurring between August and November 1883 at just such a location. They write that these encounters took place “in extreme south central New York near the small town of Maine on the western border of Broome County, northwest of Binghamton.”

This Maine (New York) creature was described as “low in stature, covered with hair, and running while bent close to the ground” with no forearms as its “arms ended at the elbows,” (p. 22). I wonder how any of the Cryptomundian artist would draw that creature?

Source: Cryptomundo


Quantum Physics Explains Coincidences?
By Tara MacIsaac

When surprising coincidences occur, it seems we are connected to the world around us in a mysterious way. For example, you are thinking about a song you haven’t heard in years, and as you have this thought the song starts playing on the radio. In this case, it seems your mind is connected to the world around you—the coincidence occurs between a mental state and a physical state.

Coincidence also appears between the psyche of two individuals. For example, you and your friend simultaneously buy identical shirts without knowing it.

“Synchronicity phenomena are characterized by a significant coincidence which appears between a (subjective) mental state and an event occurring in the (objective) external world,” explained Francois Martin, Ph.D., of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the University of Paris, and Federico Carminati, Ph.D., Physicist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), in a paper titled “Synchronicity, Quantum Information and the Psyche,” published in the Journal of Cosmology in 2009.

Martin and Carminati say that synchronicity cannot be explained by classical physics. They look to quantum entanglement for an explanation of the connection between mind and matter and between the minds of multiple people. They use a quantum physics to examine the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, and to examine free will.
How the Conscious Mind Interacts With the Unconscious

In quantum physics, an electron exists in an oscillating wave form—it isn’t in one fixed state until it is measured. Measurement collapses the wave-function.

Martin sees the unconscious mind as similar to an electron in this regard. It’s in various potential states, and the conscious mind acts like a measuring device that fixes it (at least temporarily) into a particular state. The conscious mind collapses the wave-function of the unconscious mind.

“Free will plays a central role in the transition from potentiality to actuality and vice versa,” he wrote in another paper titled, “Quantum Psyche: Quantum Field Theory of the Human Psyche,” published in 2005 in NeuroQuantology.

So, according to this theory, there’s a quantum process occurring between different parts of your mind. But the process extends beyond the individual mind in synchronistic events. Martin and Carminati wonder if the mind of an individual is connected to a collective unconscious through entanglement.

How Two or More People May Be Entangled

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which pairs or groups of particles that have been in contact with each other seem to remain connected over vast distances. When actions are performed on one of the particles, corresponding changes are observed on the others.

“The analogy for the human psyche of a bound state is a nuclear family, where all the elements of a family are kept ‘bound’ together by constant interaction, be it emotional, financial, [or] social interactions that arise due to living in the same household,” wrote Martin in his 2005 paper. “The analogy of the entanglement between two individuals is, for example, the continuing bonds between children who are adults with their aging parents; for such a case there is no longer any common household, and no financial or other co-dependence; but entanglement can continue to exist over great distances and over many decades. The correlation between such apparently disconnected individuals is very well represented by the concept of the quantum entanglement of two or more psyche.”

Quantum Information Transfer

Martin acknowledges that his hypothesis requires further investigation—there’s still much to discover in the field of quantum physics as it applies to particles let alone to the human psyche.

Garret Moddel, an engineering professor at the University of Colorado who has worked extensively with quantum mechanics, explained to Epoch Times how easy it may be to oversimplify entanglement. The effect “is a very subtle one. It’s not a causal effect, it’s a correlational effect. What the distinction between those two is requires a rather patient and detailed explanation.”

“People tend to think that quantum entanglement means that when I shake one particle, I’ll be able to see the effect on another, but that’s not so,” he said.

There’s no indication that information can be communicated through entanglement—or at least not as we would think of “information” within the framework of classical physics.

In classical information, there’s a binary system of bits, which can take only two values: 0 or 1. “A quantum bit (in a shortened form qu-bit) can take simultaneously the values 0 and 1,” explained Martin and Carminati. Qubits are in a superposition of both states at the same time.

A preliminary step toward quantum data storage occurred in 2008, when scientists transferred a superposition state from one qubit to another qubit.

Martin and Carminati wrote: “We suppose that the mental systems first proposed by Freud, i.e. the unconscious, pre-consciousness, consciousness, are made up of mental qu-bits. They are sets of mental qu-bits.” They said these different levels of consciousness are quantum entangled.

The entanglement of the conscious mind with the collective unconscious (of people with whom we have emotional bonds, etc.) explains coincidences in which the psyche of two or more people are shown to be connected.

But the conscious mind is also entangled with matter, they said, explaining coincidences in which the physical world around us seems to mirror our thoughts.

“One can possibly see synchronistic events between the mental and the material domains as a consequence of a quantum entanglement between mind and matter. For us mental and material domains of reality will be considered as aspects, or manifestations, of one underlying reality in which mind and matter are unseparated,” they wrote.

For them, the existence of synchronicity refutes the strict materialist point-of-view: “The projection of our subjectivity in the environment in which we live (synchronicity phenomena … ), in agreement with quantum mechanics, refutes the local hypothesis (‘each individual is in his parcel of space-time’) as well as the realistic hypothesis (‘the object has a reality well defined independent of the subject who observes it’).”

Collective, Global Behavior

Martin and Carminati close with a reference to the Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC). The Encyclopedia Britannica defines BEC as “a state of matter in which separate atoms or subatomic particles, cooled to near absolute zero … coalesce into a single quantum mechanical entity.”

Martin and Carminati wrote: “As an end let us mention a quantum effect that can have important consequences in mental phenomena, for example for awareness (for the emergence of consciousness). It is the Bose-Einstein condensation, in which each particle loses its individuality in favor of a collective, global behavior.”

Source: The Epoch Times


The Hunt for The Tasmanian Tiger

WHEN it comes to Tasmanian tiger tales, Michael Moss is a true believer.

The world-renowned thylacine hunter has spent the last 20 years searching for the mysterious marsupial everywhere from Cranbourne South to Wilsons Promontory.

Footage he captured of a doglike animal scampering across a hillside in the Strzelecki Ranges 15 years ago reignited debate about whether the Tasmanian tiger was, in fact, extinct.

Now the former Cranbourne South resident, together with Hampton Park man David Chinn, have been interviewed for an as-yet-unnamed, international documentary on the tiger, expected to air globally in coming months.

Speaking to Cranbourne Leader last week, Mr Moss said he believed dashboard cameras were the key to proving the elusive animal was still out there and multiplying — perhaps even in Casey.

“There has already been a claimed sighting of one in Fisheries Rd, Devon Meadows, a few years ago,” Mr Moss said.

“And I’ve got footage of what I believe is one crossing a paddock in the Strezlecki Ranges, near Wilsons Promontory.

“Most reports to date have been of animals near or crossing roads ... with the advent of dashboard cameras in cars, I think we will see some concrete evidence before much longer.”

Hampton Park man, David Chinn doesn’t need convincing.

He said he saw a tiger when he was working as an assistant lighthouse keeper at Cape Otway in 1973, after it was shot by the lighthouse keeper for killing his chickens and pet rabbit.

“It was lying on the grass as dead as mutton. I had few doubts about what it was, but the keeper didn’t want to go down that road. He was my boss, so I didn’t push it,” he said.

Mr Moss, 49 and now living in Murrumbeena, said he believed the tigers were extinct in Tasmania, but not in Victoria.

“They were hunted relentlessly in Tasmania because they were a threat to sheep graziers.,” he said.

“But research I have undertaken through government records shows there were shipments of Tasmanian native animals to Wilsons Promontory between 1910 and 1915, for conservation reasons.

“I believe these shipments may have included tigers and the sightings people now report are of their descendants.”

Officially, the Tasmanian tiger has been extinct since 1986.

“Footage I have from remotely triggered cameras suggests otherwise. Tigers are very shy of humans. But if they are out there, dashboard cameras should soon give us the evidence we are seeking,” he said.

Source: Herald Sun


Divers Photograph Unknown Creature in Florida

HOMOSASSA, Fla. — A Florida couple are asking for help trying to identify the underwater creature they photographed in Citrus County.

Jen Carter told Cryptozoology News that she and her boyfriend were scalloping with friends when they came across the animal in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

“My boyfriend found this thing. It was way bigger than a normal scallop and when he went to grab it, part of it came out of the shell, ” she said.

Carter, who submitted the photograph taken by her boyfriend, says that the creature had “a little mouth” and that as it came out of the shell it “tried to bite” the man.

The image shows a long-necked being with an apparent scaleless gray skin. From the angle the picture was taken, no eyes can be seen on its head.

The shell, says Carter, was about 8 inches long.

The woman says that, so far, no one has been able to identify the creature.

“The FWC (Florida Fish and Water Conservation) said maybe it was invasive but didn’t know. I have since talked to our scalloping guide and he thinks it might be multiple creatures. He mentioned a lizard fish living in a tube worm shell. I looked those up and they are nothing like this. Still unsure what it is and have yet to get a positive ID from anyone,” explained Carter, adding that she hopes that Cryptozoology News and Conspiracy Journal readers come up with a solution to the mystery.

Source: Cryptozoology News

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