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- German Researchers ‘Confirm’ NASA’s EM Drive Test Results -
-  The Great Nuclear Energy Cover-Up -
"Ghosts" Most Likely to Be Males Who’ve Died Violently
AND: The Earliest Telephone Call from the Dead

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The Final Nail...In YOUR Coffin!




Everyday life was already fraught with danger and uncertainty, but there are several new threats to your survival that you probably know nothing about.

A disease called Morgellons exists that the medical community refuses to even acknowledge is real. If you experience the terrifying symptoms – the sensation of bugs crawling beneath your skin, painful wounds that open up for no apparent reason and start to expel strange,cotton-like fibers – don’t expect your family physician to help you!

Even the rich and famous get turned away with a diagnosis of mental, not physical illness. When folksinger, Joni Mitchell, was hospitalized for what was, at the time, an undisclosed reason, not even Joni was spared the stigma of having complained of Morgellons symptoms for which no cure was offered By medical professionals.

The former intelligence operative known only as Commander X has studied Morgellons keeping abreast of all the latest developments. Where did the disease originate?

Commander X covers every angle, including the possibility that it entered the Earth zone by piggy backing on a meteorite. He also considers the notion that it is a man made disease being spread by the New World Order or some unidentified international cabal that is aided by a conspiracy of silence among the medical community.


The CIA says it doesn't exist. Terrorists and rogue nations have offered to pay millions of dollars to procure it. Scientists fear its lethal potential. Red Mercury when exploded creates tremendous heat and pressure sufficient to trigger a fusion device such a mini-neutron bomb. Red Mercury could be concealed in something as small as a lunch box yet have unimaginable lethal force when detonated.

The late physicist Sam Cohen, the father of the neutron bomb, publicly stated his belief that Red Mercury is a real-world substance and one we should logically fear. Now you can read the results of years of investigation into the Red Mercury mystery. The truth will chill you to the bone and cast a shadow over whatever vestiges of trust for the government might lurk in your conspiracy-wearied brain.

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German Researchers ‘Confirm’ NASA’s EM Drive Test Results

The physics-defying EM Drive has been touted as a futuristic technology that would be capable of achieving near-relativistic speeds. After a seemingly successful test by NASA Eagleworks earlier this year, German scientists have confirmed this week that the engine actually works. Although many experts are skeptical of these results, if they are proven to be true, then we could potentially build spaceships that would get us to the Moon in only four hours.

When NASA first proposed the engine, it seemed to many to defy the laws of physics and the law of the conservation of momentum. According to NASA, the engine would directly convert electromagnetic energy into thrust by colliding microwaves within a closed container, bypassing the need for propellant. But physicists criticized this model on the grounds that the expulsion of propellant is necessary in order to balance the spacecraft's momentum during acceleration.

Then, in April of this year, a NASA engineer conducted a test in a vacuum, and was unable to falsify the results. This not only addressed some of the initial concerns, but more accurately reflected the conditions the engine would encounter in space. And this week, Martin Tajmar, a professor and chair for Space Systems at Dresden University of Technology claimed that his experiment, also within vacuum conditions, showed the engine produces thrust.

"Our test campaign cannot confirm or refute the claims of the EM Drive but intends to independently assess possible side-effects in the measurements methods used so far," the authors wrote in the study. "Nevertheless, we do observe thrust close to the actual predictions after eliminating many possible error sources that should warrant further investigation into the phenomena. Our measurements reveal thrusts as expected from previous claims after carefully studying thermal and electromagnetic interferences. If true, this could certainly revolutionize space travel."

If these results turn out to be accurate, then the engine would certainly revolutionize space travel as we know it. The engine would be capable of producing thrust thousands of times greater than a standard photon rocket, and would have the ability to get us to Mars in only 70 days and to Pluto within 18 months, as opposed to New Horizons's nine-year journey.

But many experts are coming out of the woodwork to express doubts about the much-vaunted "confirmation" of the results. Many note that this is simply a lack of falsification, and that there is not nearly enough evidence to assume that the seemingly impossible engine actually works.

“The microwave cavity thruster as set-up by Tajmar continues to violate momentum conservation and thus does not work as advertised,” Eric W. Davis, a Senior Research Physicist at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, told io9. “Why he doesn’t simply capitulate to that very obvious well-known issue in this particular application of electromagnetic physics is unknown to me. Maybe he is playing the role of the ‘supportive skeptic’ that wants to test this incredible outlandish EM propulsion claim for himself to see what it does.”

Several researchers also noted specific problems with the study itself; Davis claimed that his instrument for measuring thrust was not accurate in the high heat that was generated in the experiment, and that the experiment doesn't account for the violation of the law of the conservation of momentum, which would cause legitimate scientific journals to reject the paper when it's peer-reviewed.

CalTech physicist Sean Carroll was significantly more emphatic about the project as a whole:

“My insight is that the EMDrive is complete crap and a waste of time,” said Carroll. “Right there in the abstract this paper says, ‘Our test campaign can not confirm or refute the claims of the EMDrive’, so I’m not sure what the news is. I’m going to spend my time thinking about ideas that don’t violate conservation of momentum.”

The idea of the EM Drive, first proposed by the English researcher Roger Shawyer in 2001, suggests it is possible to generate thrust from electrical energy by bouncing microwaves in a closed environment called a resonant cavity.

But the theoretical puzzle is that the novel system appears to violate the law of conservation of momentum, a basic law of physics. This explains why Shawyer faced ridicule when New Scientist published his theory paper on the EM Drive in 2006.

The EM Drive’s apparent violation of the law of conservation of momentum makes it appear a scientifically “impossible” engine.

The law of conservation of momentum requires that before you can have a thrust in any given direction, there must be a propellant that generates thrust in the opposite direction.

But in 2008, Chinese researchers at the Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an, published a report claiming they had confirmed Shawyer’s EmDrive concept experimentally.

Reports that a team at Johnson Space Center’s Eagleworks Laboratories had conducted independent tests in 2014 and observed thrusts consistent with previous test results caused considerable excitement online early in 2015.

But the problem is that no one can give a theoretical explanation of how the EM Drive works and although tests have produced claims of thrust generation, there are still no peer-reviewed studies showing that the thrust produced in experiments was not the result of measurement errors consequent to some aspect of the experimental setup.

In his assessment of Tajmar’s report, for instance, Davis points out that the measured thrust could have been nothing but a thermal effect.

A NASA aerospace engineer, Marc Millis, agreed with Davis, pointing out that the experimental observation that the thrust lingered after electrical power had been turned off suggests a thermal effect.

But some sympathetic observers have pointed out the fact that Tajmar merely presented experimental results without claiming to provide theoretical explanation of the observed effect. The significance of his work simply is that he has been able to reproduce NASA’s results under more controlled conditions that account for “many possible sources of error.”

If further experimental tests show that the EM Drive actually works, theoreticians would have to look closely at the system to understand why it works despite apparent contradiction of the laws of physics.

All trained scientists will agree that experimental results guide theoretical conclusions and not the other way round. As an example of effort to allow experimental results guide theoretical conclusions, NASA’s White proposed that the thrust could be due to virtual particles in vacuum behaving like propellant ions.

And as Hacked notes, the fact that Tajmar has impeccable credentials as an experimental physicist and a track record of exposing experimental error in his field, means that his suggestion that there is need for further experimental tests of the observed phenomenon should be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, scientists have been making efforts to correct the mistaken impression given in the popular media that the EM Drive is a form of “faster-than-light” warp drive system. While scientists admit that the impact of a successful demonstration of the EM Drive could be revolutionary due to its potential ability to provide faster and more economical means of space travel, it has nothing do with the Star Trek-derived concept of the “Warp Drive.”

Source: Outer Places


Scientist Says Consciousness Is Key to a ‘Theory of Everything’
By Tara MacIsaac

Dr. Robert Lanza, who was selected by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people last year, believes science must recognize the importance of human consciousness.

Quantum physics has proven contradictory to classical, Newtonian physics, setting scientists on the search for a “Theory of Everything” to bridge the chasm threatening to swallow any confidence we have in our scientific understanding of the world.

For Dr. Lanza, whose breakthrough stem-cell research has earned him much acclaim, biology will prove more important than physics in this quest. He gives more clout to understanding human beings than to following abstract strings to unseen dimensions.

Whether it’s quantum physics or Newtonian physics, it is a system created by our consciousness to organize elements of the world around us, he points out. We create the stories, we give names to things.

The way the universe is fine-tuned for the existence of life also signals our important place at the center of it all, according to Lanza.

“The long sought after Theory of Everything is really merely just missing one important component that was too close for us to have noticed,” he said in a taped talk at the Science and Nonduality Conference in 2010. “Science hasn’t confronted the one thing that’s most familiar and most mysterious—and that is consciousness.”

Does It Exist If You Don’t See It?

The famous double-slit experiment in quantum physics is proof for Lanza that consciousness is responsible for the way we see the world around us. It isn’t that the things we observe have fixed characteristics in and of themselves, but rather that we see particular characteristics. It’s about perspective.

He summarizes the double-slit experiment in his 2010 book, “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe”: “It’s conclusively proven that if one ‘watches’ a subatomic particle or a bit of light pass through slits on a barrier, it behaves like a particle and creates solid-looking hits behind the individual slits on the final barrier that measures the impacts. Like a tiny bullet, it logically passes through one or the other hole. But if the scientists do not observe the trajectory of the particle, then it exhibits the behavior of waves that allows it to pass through both holes at the same time.”

He extends this principle to daily life. Does your kitchen exist if you’re not in it? He writes: “At night you click off the lights and leave for the bedroom. Of course the kitchen is there, unseen, all through the night. Right? But, in fact, the refrigerator, stove, and everything else are composed of a shimmering swarm of matter/energy. The results of quantum physics, such as the two-slit experiment, tell us that not a single one of those subatomic particles actually occupies a definite place. Rather, they exist as a range of possibilities—as waves of probability.”

In his talk at the Nonduality Conference, he summarizes, “Not a single particle out there exists with properties until it is observed.”

The parameters scientists have set are merely reflections of the spatial-temporal logic of our minds, according to Lanza.

Isn’t It Strange That Life Exists?

More than 200 parameters are exactly right for life to exist, noted Lanza. “If [the Big Bang] was one part in a millionth more powerful, it would have rushed out too fast for galaxies and worlds to be here,” he said. “If the strong nuclear force were decreased by 2 percent, atomic nuclei would not hold together … hydrogen would be the only element in the universe. If the gravitational constant were decreased just [slightly] … just a hair, stars, including the sun, wouldn’t ignite.”

Though Lanza recognizes other possible explanations as to why these parameters are just right—including that God created the universe, or that there are so many universes we’re just in one where all the parameters happen to be correct—he thinks a big part of the explanation is that human consciousness created the parameters.

Controversial Theories

While many scientists are speaking about the importance of consciousness in the future of scientific development, they don’t all take the same approach to the topic as Lanza. And many scientists view any such talk of consciousness with distaste—or at least extreme caution, fearing the “pseudo-science” label some have slapped on Lanza’s theories.

Source: The Epoch Times


The Great Nuclear Energy Cover-Up

Most people do not consider Nuclear power a problem until something goes wrong – then the threat of radiation or an explosion suddenly becomes very real. As one Japanese worker reported to the BBC “It is surreal going to work 150 miles away from three nuclear reactors in near meltdown.”

Japan has become increasingly reliant on nuclear power since the 1970s. Today it has 53 nuclear reactors which provide 34 per cent of the countries electrical power, substantially more than renewable energy.

But the nuclear industry is shrouded in secrecy. The Japanese government clearly tried to cover up the severity of the recent crisis, just as the Soviet Union did in 1986 when Chernobyl went critical causing the worst ever nuclear disaster in history.

Many people remember the outrage caused by the 1995 accident at the Monju nuclear power plant which was covered up by the government with falsification of documents, editing video tapes and putting gagging orders on employees to prevent them talking to the press about what happened.

There has been a long and sordid history of intentional cover-ups surrounding the development and deployment of nuclear reactors as a worldwide source of energy.

For example, in 1959, there was a a nuclear meltdown at the world's first commercial reactor only 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, and only seven miles from the community of Canoga Park and the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.

The meltdown, at the Santa Susana field laboratory operated by Rocketdyne, released - according to some scientists' estimates - 240 times as much radiation as Three Mile Island.

But the Atomic Energy Commission lied and said only there was only one partially damaged rod, and no real problems. In fact, the AEC kept the meltdown a state secret for 20 years.

There were other major accidents at that reactor facility, which the AEC and Nuclear Regulatory Commission covered up as well.

Two years earlier, a Russian government reactor at Kyshtm melted down in an accident which some claim was even worse than Chernobyl. The Soviet government hid the accident, pretending that it was creating a new "nature reserve" to keep people out of the huge swath of contaminated land.

Journalist Anna Gyorgy alleges that the results of a freedom of information act request show that the CIA knew about the accident at the time, but kept it secret to prevent adverse consequences for the fledgling American nuclear industry.

In 1982, the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs received a secret report received from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission called "Calculation of Reactor Accident Consequences 2".

In that report and other reports by the NRC in the 1980s, it was estimated that there was a 50% chance of a nuclear meltdown within the next 20 years which would be so large that it would contaminate an area the size of the State of Pennsylvania, which would result in huge numbers of a fatalities, and which would cause damage in the hundreds of billions of dollars (in 1980s dollars).

Those reports were kept secret for decades.

Well-known writer Alvin Toffler pointed out in Powershift (page 156):

    At least thirty times between 1957 and 1985—more than once a year—the Savannah River nuclear weapons plant near Aiken, South Carolina, experienced what a scientist subsequently termed "reactor incidents of greatest significance." These included widespread leakage of radioactivity and a meltdown of nuclear fuel. But not one of these was reported to local residents or to the public generally. Nor was action taken when the scientist submitted an internal memorandum about these "incidents." The story did not come to light until exposed in a Congressional hearing in 1988. The plant was operated by E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company for the U.S. government, and Du Pont was accused of covering up the facts. The company immediately issued a denial, pointing out that it had routinely reported the accidents to the Department of Energy.

    At this point, the DoE, as it is known, accepted the blame for keeping the news secret.

The Borax-I was a deliberate meltdown in 1954 at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) that produced an explosion audible from at least a half mile away.

On Nov. 29, 1955, the EBR-I, also located at the INL, suffered a meltdown due to “operator error” during a coolant flow test.

On Jan. 3, 1961, the Army’s Stationary Low-Power Reactor No. 1 experienced an explosive meltdown that killed three military personnel. This prototype reactor, meant to provide electricity and heat in places like the Arctic, was built at the INL. According to one account, not all of the men died immediately.

The SNAP8ER at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory was allowed to run for about a year between 1964 and 1965 while in a compromised state, which resulted in approximately 80 percent of its fuel being damaged.

In 1966, the FERMI 1 reactor suffered a meltdown that resulted in a manual shutdown. Two of the fuel rods had melted, and according to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, no radiation escape the containment area.

The SNAP8DR at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory suffered a fate that was about the same as the SNAP8ER. When it was shutdown in 1969, about 30 percent of its fuel was found to be damaged.

And former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said on camera for a Discovery Network special ("The Battle of Chernobyl") that the Soviets and Americans have each hidden a number of nuclear accidents from the public.

In light of the foregoing, the following quote from the San Jose Mercury News may not seem so far-fetched:

    EPA officials, however, refused to answer questions or make staff members available to explain the exact location and number of monitors, or the levels of radiation, if any, being recorded at existing monitors in California. Margot Perez-Sullivan, a spokeswoman at the EPA's regional headquarters in San Francisco, said the agency's written statement would stand on its own.

    Critics said the public needs more information.

    "It's disappointing," said Bill Magavern, director of Sierra Club California. "I have a strong suspicion that EPA is being silenced by those in the federal government who don't want anything to stand in the way of a nuclear power expansion in this country, heavily subsidized by taxpayer money."

Source: Washington Blog/Santa Susana


"Ghosts" Most Likely to Be Males Who’ve Died Violently
By Tara MacIsaac

In a study of 337 cases of people who have reported encounters with the dead, many of the apparitions were of people who have died violently, particularly males. If the apparition was of someone who died violently, it was more likely to appear to a stranger. On the other hand, apparitions of people who died naturally were more likely to appear to a friend or family member.

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, a psychologist at the University of Iceland, investigated the cases in the 1980s by conducting interviews with the people who reported the encounters, as well as any other witnesses. He also checked official records to verify the details of death for the apparitions. The cases he studied were all from Iceland, but he cites other research in his study that shows encounters with the dead are reported by as many as 25 percent of Western Europeans and 30 percent of Americans.

Dr. Haraldsson wrote: “Unexpectedly, the apparitions were predominantly male (67 percent). This surprising dominance of males is remarkably uniform in the experiences of both male and female experiencers. It confirms the results of our previous representative survey in which 77 percent of both sexes reported encounters with males.”

The cause of death was known and verified by checking official records for about 80 percent of the cases, and in 30 percent of these cases the person had died violently. The percentage of violent deaths in the study was almost four times higher than the percentage of death by violence in Iceland during the relevant time period.

Other researchers have encountered similar findings. The late Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychologist at the University of Virginia, analyzed 314 apparitional cases recorded in the 1886 book, “Phantasms of the Living,” coauthored by Edmund Gurney, Frederic Myers, and Frank Podmore. Dr. Stevenson found the mode of death was violent in 28 percent of cases in which the cause of death was known.

Dr. Stevenson is best known for his reincarnation research. His successor in this work, Dr. Jim Tucker, told Epoch Times in an unrelated interview in February that he has observed a similar prevalence of violent, male deaths in reincarnation cases. Dr. Tucker has been analyzing thousands of cases of children who seem to remember past lives. He found approximately 70 percent of the cases were reported by little boys.

Most often, but not always, children remember being a person of the same sex as the present lifetime. Thus, the majority of reincarnation-related reports are about men who have died. Though some reported past-life memories involve peaceful deaths, the majority of striking cases involve trauma. Checking official statistics for the United States, Dr. Tucker found about 70 percent of unnatural deaths occur to males, echoing the percentage of past-life memories related to males.

Source: The Epoch Times


The Earliest Telephone Call from the Dead

The telephone call from the dead apparently dates back to 1964 and an episode of The Twlight Zone entitled: Night Call. It transpires that the freaky calls that a woman is getting are from the grave of her dead fiancé. Beach, however, recently ran across an earlier example that he wanted to share with readers. It appears in a great book that deserves better coverage Jason Semmens (ed), The Cornish Witch-finder (2008). The book includes a biography of a Cornish folklorist William Henry Paynter and a series of Paynter’s articles. The story in question is dated by JS to 1950 and probably appeared in the Cornish Times: there was just a clipping in the archive so sourcing is difficult. It is a rather long piece but here are some highlights. Vera and Jack are staying with the narrator in a hotel. Vera is upset because she has heard that her mother is ill. Jack drives off to find out what is wrong with his mother law and says ‘Expect a call from me round about ten o clock.’

    As the hands of the old grandfather clock neared ten, she moved a little nearer to the telephone, but nothing happened. The clock struck and we both looked at the telephone. The minutes passed  – 10, 15, 20, and then half-past. ‘I can’t understand why Jack hasn’t phoned.’

    ‘Perhaps he’s had a breakdown,’ I suggested. ‘Come let’s have a drink, Jack won’t let us down.’…

    The telephone bell gave a slight tinkle. I did not take any notice, for it was not loud enough for a call. In fact, I thought I was responsible, for in the reaching for the whiskey, I moved the table on which the phone stood.

    ‘Hello! Dear,’ said Vera, picking up the phone. ‘Is that you Jack? Oh speak up, I can’t hear you, you seem to be thousands of miles away. What you couldn’t get through?’ At this point she turned to me and exclaimed: ‘I can only just hear him.’ ‘What Jack? Oh that’s lovely, give her my love. I’m glad it’s no worse.’ She then rang off.

A moment after the phone rings and there is a doctor. Jack died in a car crash about ten o’clock. The doctor who attended him as he was dying reported that he was desperate to speak to his wife about something. This is, of course, an old ghost motif: the dying man/woman who leaves something undone.

Can anyone bring the phonecall from the dead further back: drbeachcombing AT yahoo DOT com

31 July 2015: LTM writes in with this title: Phone Calls From the Dead D. Scott. Rogo, Raymond Bayless Published by Berkley Books, 1955 ISBN 10: 0425045595 / ISBN 13: 978042504559 “This book has been extremely difficult to draft since it concerns a subject upon which nothing was previously been written” note the writers in 1979 in their acknowledgments though this is actually not quite true: The first contacts from beyond via telephone were described in detail in a book entitled “Voices from Beyond by Telephone” written by the Brazilian Carlos G. Ramos under the pen-name Oscar D’Argonell in 1925.However these two books seem to be the only ones written exclusively about an object that -among many others- gained the attention of writers who were involved in ADC [After Death Communication] phenomena and was included -wrongly to my opinion-in the research field of ITC. [Instrumental Transcommunication] The cases examined by the authors in the book -without estimating the statistical details-are less than one might expect,about 10-15 but were analysed accurately and intensively.’

Thanks LTM! This seems to be the earliest book but it is not the only one…

31 July 2015: Chris S writes in with turn of century cognates: I found these four ghost stories. Two appear to have been in wide circulation (A Haunted Telephone and A Ghost Answers A Call) at the turn of the century. The ‘A Haunted Telephone’ may be pure fiction, but also may be the genesis of several urban legends. IMO the tale about the Korean king verges on racism.

The Morning Call, Page 17, February 24, 1895. New Things In Electricity, Telephony in Korea: In his newly published work, “Korea,” Henry Savage Landor tells a good tale of the telephone. Some months before he arrived in Seoul, a foreigner had visited the King, soliciting orders for installations of telephones. The King, being much astounded and pleased at the wonderful invention, immediately, at great expense, set about connecting by telephone the tomb of the Queen dowager with the royal palace. Many hours a day were afterward spent by his Majesty and his suite in listening at their end of the telephone and a watchman was kept all night in case the Queen dowager should wake up from her eternal sleep. But not a message, or a sound, or a murmur, even, was heard. The King was disgusted, and the telephone was condemned as a fraud by his Majesty of Cho-sen. He approves of electric light because it keeps off ghosts, and condemns the telephone because it does not “raise them.”

The Manning Times, September 18, 1901 Ghosts Use Telephone: A number of Spiritualists are intersted in ghostly voices over the telephone to Mrs. Mary F. Bringman, a medium who keeps a boarding house at Springfield, Ohio. The mysterious telephone is on the wall of a large room, and had been there for some time before the manifestations were noticed. One evening a visitor was startled by hearing the voices, and finally the story was spread through town. A well-known spiritualists has said that he had no doubt that the voices were from friends in the other world. ‘I have talked through the telephone in Mrs. Bringham’s,’ he said. ‘There can be no mistake in this matter, and it is not a subject to be treated flippantly.’

Freeland Tribune, September 22, 1902 A HAUNTED TELEPHONE: A young woman in oak park believes that her telephone is haunted, and some of her neighbors agree with her, and now the theory is being discussed with a suggestion that the instrument is a proper medium for ghosts, and credulous householders are afraid to answer the telephone bell lest some uncanny disclosure greet them. No doubt when science has perfected the telephone we will find ourselves in long distance communications with Mars or other planets which have offered us neighborly overtures to which we could not respond. If the exploration of air w9ill lend all their faculties to the development of vibrations, condensing them to a focus for human intelligence, a world of wonder may open to our listening ears, and the sixth sense aid us to a knowledge of the gods. Then Tesla might gather in the telephone cup the power now lying dorman in the air shaft waiting for a liberator. The theory antedates the use of telephones. Many years ago a Chicago young woman wrote a remarkable book called ‘The Automation Ear.’ It told the story of a man who was possessed with the idea that all the harmonies of earth, since the morning stars sung together for joy, were still centered in the air and could be reproduced if an ear could be invented to gather and retain them. So he invented an automaton ear which was a success, but the inventor had overlooked one condition. With the sounds of joy and the songs of harmony came the groands of discord and the wails of sorrow, and these so predominated that he went mad and died of disappointment.

When the busiest and most necessary official on the circuit in Oak Park was asked to come up to a certain number and find out what was wrong with the telephone, he sent in a sub who reported that it acted ‘crazy’ and would not ‘ring true’.
So David Campbell went there himself and found a distressed matron, who said mysteriously:

“I sent for you because I’m having trouble with my telephone.”

“So I understand,” he answered, “wires caught somehwere by the high winds most likely. I will soon find out the trouble, Mrs. Blanke. I am used to those difficulties.”

“I don’t think you are,” responded Mrs. Blanke, “and I am afraid that all your skill and experience will not help in this case. The truth is, my telephone is haunted.”

“Haunted!” the electrician gave a start; his Scotch ancestors had believed in a second sight, but a spook in a telephone, his business sense refused to harbor the idea. “Impossible! My dear madam, who ever heard of a ghost in a telephone?”

“I hear voices and am rung up to take strange communications,” persisted Mrs. B. “Take down that receiver and listen a moment.”

He did so, and heard the usual “Number, please,” much to his satisfaction, and then rung off and turned cheerfully to Mrs. B.
“You see, it is all right. What led you to think otherwise?”

“Several unusual experiences, but you will only laugh at them. The other night when the high wind blew I was out spending the evening with friends when I was called to the telephone. I distinctly heard the voice of my little son Theodore, whom I had left at home in bed. He said to me: ‘Please come home, mamma, I’m awfully afraid of the storm.’ I told him to go in and sleep with his brother, and I would soon be home. He said, ‘All right, mamma, goodby.’ and rung off. When I went home he was sleeping where I had left him, had not been awake and did not even know it was storming.  Yet it was my boy’s voice and no other.”

Mr. Campbell looked politely incredulous, and suggested that the boy might have telephoned in his sleep, but he could not convince the mother. Mrs. Blanke had another experience in reserve.

“I was thinking of a friend at a distance and wanting to hear from her, went to the telephone to call her up. As soon as I put the receiver to my ear I heard some one speaking, and asked who it was, and my friend answered, without being called. Now is that telepathy or what is it?”

“I think,” said the electrician, gently, “that the telephone has got on your nerves. Let some other members of the family answer for a while. You take these incidents too seriously, and even if you cannot account for them, they do not mean anything. It is a common event for telephone bells to ring mysteriously, but a crossing of the wires or a mistake  in the number might easily be the cause. Might I venture to suggest that some roguish member of your family may be playing tricks?”
But Mrs. B. would not admit this for a moment, so the baffled electrician was obliged to leave the mystery where he found it, and the troubled matron went on losing weight every day and feeling sure whenever her telephone rang that some ghost was on the wires. Then a friend moved into her suburb and put herself into telephonic communication with the outside world. At an early date Mrs. Blanke called up Central and asked for her friend’s number.

“Fourteen hundred and ninety-two,” came the answer. It stirred strange memories in Mrs. Blanke’s mind. She called it up with an indefinite feeling that she had heard it in a former life. A weird voice responded.

“Who is this?” she asked, cautiously.


“Columbus who?”

“Why, Christopher Columbus. I discovered America in 1492. Say, what do you want? P’raps you’d like to Ferd or Isabella. Hurry up. I can’t stand here a whole century. I’m tired.”

Mrs. Blanke recognized that voice. It was that of her own hopeful Theodore, who was visiting the small son of her friend. Both boys were in the early period of the American history and had struck the coincidence of the telephone number as an aid to memory.

Mrs. B. gave her hopeful a snubbing for his precocity and was permitted to talk with her friend. So one of her telephone ghosts had been laid, but she still persists that she is likely at any time to be placed in direct communication with the air as a medium of expression. — Mrs. M. L. Rayne, in the Chicago Record.

Bisbee Daily Review, page 8, October 13, 1908, Ghost Answers ‘Phone In Church He Haunts, Shade delivers messages when rector knows building is unoccupied. Philadelphia — Old St. Paul’s church, headquarters of the Protestant Episcopalian city mission has a ghost. It is an eccentric shade which whisks up stairways and disappears into nothingness, but it also is up to date. When the office force has departed and the quaint old building on Third street is secure against intruders with stout locks and bolts, the ghost answers the telephone, which conduct is so utterly foreign to the popular conception of ghosts’ abilities that it has dumbfounded Rev. H. Cresson McHenry and his assistants.On Two occasions the strange visitor has answered the ‘phone when the office force was absent and the building locked. Its answers, although briefly made, have indicated the ghost is well acquainted with the movements of the staff. The shade informed a friend of Mr. McHenry that he “had just left the mission,” and to Mrs. George Somerer, wife of one of Mr. McHenry’s assistants, it imparted the information that her husband “would be home to supper.” Both persons who conversed with the unknown occupant of the mission declare that its voice was modulated to the softest tones. Mr. McHenry saw the ghost on July 4. The office force had a holiday, but Mr. McHenry visited the church to open his mail. As he was unlocking the iron gates at the entrance to the churchyard he glanced up at one of the windows and was astonished to see what appeared to be a man standing on the stairway inside the building. The stairway leads from the offices of the city mission in the basement to the church auditorium. As Mr. McHenry opened the gate the figure glided rapidly up the stairway, disappearing from view. The minister entered the church, locked the door behind him to prevent the escape of the intruder, and searched the entire church from cellar to roof. He failed to find any trace of the visitor. Every door and window was locked securely and the desks untouched. Thanks Chris!

Filip G writes in ‘Not exactly the same motif, but here you are, from 1879’

Chris from Haunted Ohio Books writes in How about 1908? “The Ghost at the Telephone” Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXXV, Issue 11287, 30 May 1908, Page 1

If you want to push back farther in a different medium, I’ve collected some messages from the dead via telegraph.

Then Chris came in with this gem.

A Ghost at the Telephone: I heard a story not long ago of an undertaker who was called up in the night by a ring which the central office operator said was from one of the great cemeteries, and the voice that called him was so strange that it made him shudder. It was wonderfully distinct, and yet so slow, so cold, so far away, that it sounded like nothing else that he had ever heard. It uttered not a single word except a long drawn out ‘Hel—lo! Hel—lo-o-o! Hel—l-o-o-o-o-o!’ And the more he shouted back, the more that one ghostly call came over the wire to him. Dumbfounded at last, he hung up his telephone and sat down, but meditated uneasily, while the sound still rang in his ears. Then he jumped up and rang for the central office. ‘Give me No. –,’ he called out. That was the cemetery. Presently he had the connection. ‘Were you calling me just now?’ he asked. ‘Calling you? Certainly not. Haven’t called to-night.’ Then he objurgated the central office. ‘Certainly the cemetery did ask for you,’ said the operator, ‘and I made the connections.’ Next night the same call came, and the shuddering undertaker heard the same ghostly ‘Hel—lo-o-o-o’ until he could bear it no longer. Then the same colloquy with the cemetery office and the central operator followed. I am told that the undertaker grew almost insane with the ghost call, as he soon began to regard it, and had the telephone taken out of his shop to the great detriment of his trade, but that he afterward had it replaced, and, though he has not since been called up by the voice from the other world, he sits in nightly dread of it. Boston Post. Electrical World, Vol. 7-8, 4 December 1886, p. 275

Source: Beachcombings Bizarre History Blog

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