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- Picture of Extraterrestrial Organism is Proof of Alien Life -
-  EVP: Beyond White Noise -
Recent Sighting Spurs Talk About Monster in Lake -
- AND: Hallucinogenic Attack on Homeopathy Conference  

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Picture of Extraterrestrial Organism is Proof of Alien Life

Discovered using super-powerful magnets to capture minute pieces of debris floating in space, the “bull-shaped” particle is a “complete living entity”.

Professor Milton Wainwright the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology claims it proves life exists outside Earth.

Its discovery was the result of an exploratory project in Derbyshire which involved launching powerful magnets into the stratosphere.

Professor Wainwright explained the image shows a crystal of salt with the bizarre horned creature erupting from one surface which was captured during the study.

He said it points further towards the panspermia theory that not only is there life in space but that it is constantly raining down to Earth.

He said: “The picture illustrates what we believe to be alien microbes high up in the stratosphere.

“Our team has caused quite a stir over the last couple of two years by claiming these microbes are continually arriving to Earth from space.

“Our critics have been vocal in dismissing our work but, as yet, no one has provided a viable alternative explanation for our peer reviewed work.”

He said the structure is an “amorphous form” attached to a grain of salt and was discovered with rare elements including dysprosium, lutetium, neodymium and niobium.

He said: “As far as we can tell the particle has no relation to anything found on Earth.

“This latest launch is also exciting because the team has found particles containing, so-called, rare earth elements  at a height close to 30 kilometres in the stratosphere.

“These particle masses are too big to have been carried up from Earth and, like the alien life forms we find, must be incoming to Earth from space.”

The find earlier this summer follows the discovery of the dragon particle and ghost particle last year and the strange seed-like organism which baffled scientists this spring.

The microscopic metallic globe, also found by Professor Wainwright and his team, appeared to spew out a liquid thought to contain genetic material.

The latest find adds further “proof” to Professor Wainwright’s controversial theories that alien life exists within close parameters to Earth.

His work is supported by Astrobiologist  Chandra Wickramasinghe who has long held we are not alone in the universe.

It comes as a separate report penned by professor Wickramasinghe and Gensuke Tokoro of  Japan’s Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics claims “extraterrestrial microbial life exists”.

Professor Wickramasinghe said: “From the turn of the millennium an impressive body of evidence has accumulated to indicate that microbial life does indeed exist outside the Earth.

“It is permitted nowadays to assert that comets and meteorites delivered the chemical building blocks of life to form a primordial soup from which life originated on the Earth some four billion years ago.

“The idea of life originating on the Earth ‘in some primordial soup’ is deeply rooted in the religious and scientific culture of the Western world.

“We note that with the rapidly growing evidence that all points to the existence of extraterrestrial life it would be unwise to ignore the facts.

“Wrong ideas have crippled science in the past.  If we are not vigilant it could happen again, and this time round the societal and economic consequences could be more disastrous.”

Source: Sunday Express


EVP: Beyond White Noise
By Stephen Wagner

Electronic Voice Phenomena is today one of the most fascinating areas of paranormal research. Human-sounding voices from unknown origin are recorded on such electronic media as tape recorders, digital voice recorders, video recorders and other devices. Strangely, the voices are not heard at the time of the recording; it is only when the recording is played back that the voices are heard.

(Contrary to the premise of the 2005 film "White Noise", EVP are very often found without the use of "white noise" -- random static from a radio or television -- although this method has been used successfully.)

The phenomenon has been experienced and documented virtually since the invention of recording devices. Skeptics reasoned that the voices were caused by stray radio broadcasts or pre-recorded voices on re-used tapes. EVP researchers were quick to dismiss the second reason, affirming that they only used sealed new tapes for their recordings. And then, of course, digital recorders, which require no tapes, made that argument irrelevant -- the voices still showed up.

Aside from outright fraud (and to be sure there is some of that taking place here and there), this left the skeptics with the one "reasonable" explanation: the voices were caused by fragments of radio broadcasts. This dismissive explanation makes it clear that these skeptics -- who usually tout themselves as being scientifically minded -- have never tried to record EVP and have certainly not researched the phenomenon very well.

(Unfortunately, this is very often the case with skeptics and the paranormal.)

If they had researched it, they would have found that the radio broadcast theory is absurd. Why? Because quite often these voices actually respond to questions posed by researchers, comment on situations in a relevant manner, and occasionally even address the researchers by name. The chances of a stray radio broadcast doing this with just a few choice words are too remote to even consider by any objective person.

Also, the voices are clearly not those of loudmouthed DJs or other broadcasters; they are voices of average people, children, adults, seniors, male and female. Some have accents and some are infused with human emotion. There are real personalities behind these voices, wherever they come from.


It is true that the quality of EVP recordings varies widely. Some are of such low quality that we're left to guess what the voice is saying. There are many, however, that are quite clear and are usually categorized as Class A recordings. These EVP represent the best evidence for a phenomenon yet to be fully understood.

Where do these voices come from? This is the big question. Do they come from our own subconscious? Are they angelic or demonic in nature? Do they cross over from other dimensions of reality? Are they the voices of dead people?

For the purposes of this article, let us consider the last theory, that they are the voices of dead people. This may be the most commonly accepted theory among EVP researchers. And if this is true, what are the implications of these EVP and the things the voices are saying?

The ghost phenomenon has always raised unsettling questions about what happens to some of us when we die. Are some of us doomed to walk the earth after death, seemingly unaware of our demise, for an unknown length of time? (If time has any meaning where they are.) Why and how do they remain?

Except in very rare cases, ghosts -- that is, apparitions -- do not communicate with the living. Usually, they appear and vanish. There have been attempts to communicate with the dead through mediums, séances and Ouija boards, of course, but the results of these methods are dubious or, at best, highly controversial.

EVP, on the other hand, seem to be direct communication from these spirits. Hard evidence. The voices are right there on the recordings. They respond, answer questions, even ask questions of their own. There are hundreds of these voices documented -- maybe even thousands.

You can hear a diversity of examples on several websites. For example, at Utah Paranormal Research Group, you'll hear a friendly voice say "How ya doing?" and another one threaten, "Get the hell out of here." At The Atlantic Paranormal Society, there's a child's voice pleading "Don't go" and a woman saying, "Don't hurt me."


There are EVP reflecting the full range of human personalities and emotions. These people are not only self-aware, but their interaction with researchers indicates that they are aware of the living. They can hear us and see us. Do they know they are dead? Do they know we are alive? Do they know the difference?

These poor souls seem to be stuck in a limbo, and there is a kind of confusion and uncertainty in many of the things they say. What is their world like? It may be beyond our earthly comprehension, and perhaps we should be thankful for that.

If EVP are voices of the dead (and that's a big "if"), what does that imply for the fate of some of us? We too might get stuck in that limbo, struggling to make contact with strange beings walking around with tape recorders. I'm not one to think negatively about death and its aftermath, but EVP present grave evidence that life after death might not always be as clear-cut or as pleasant as we hope.

Source: Paranormal.about.com


Recent Sighting Spurs Talk About Monster in Lake
By Mike Eldred

Lake Champlain has a “Champ,” and Loch Ness has its “Nessie,” but does Harriman Reservoir near Wilmington, Vermont have a “Harry?”

Well, maybe. Martin Kasindorf saw something unusual in the reservoir while he was sitting near the water’s edge Friday at about 2:30 pm. Kasindorf’s dogs reacted to the sight first. When they started barking, he followed their intent gaze out beyond the shoreline, less than 100 yards away from where he was sitting. In the water he saw six distinct “humps” in a curved line. “Each hump was about six inches to a foot apart,” he recalls. “It was a nice sunny afternoon, and the surface of the lake was calm. I could see the water lapping against them. My first thought was that they were rocks. But the dogs thought there was something alive out there.”

Kasindorf and his wife Irma Hawkins own the only house with frontage on Harriman Reservoir. The house, a former schoolhouse, served local schoolchildren years before Harriman Dam was built and the reservoir flooded. The house has been in Hawkins’ family since the 1950s, and the couple have been spending summers at the place since 1995.

Although the level of the lake varies, Kasindorf said he knew there should be no rocks in the spot where the humps appeared. He called out to Hawkins, who came out of the house to see the spectacle.

“At that point, the humps started moving and submerged,” Kasindorf says. “Then a few yards (to the right) I saw something straight, like a log, and brown moving quickly through the water. If it was a log, it was a log with a motor on it.”

Kasindorf and Hawkins both say they couldn’t come up with an explanation for what they saw.

As deputy chief of the New York Times’ Los Angeles bureau, Kasindorf traveled to Loch Ness in 1972 to report on Nessie tourism and even joined in the search for the legendary beast as part of the experience. He didn’t see the monster during his trip, but notes that the most popular theory is that the Loch Ness monster is the descendent of prehistoric plesiosaurs trapped in the deep loch by receding oceans before the last ice age. “Of course, that’s not possible here, since the lake is less than a hundred years old,” he laughs.

Initially Kasindorf speculated that it might have been a water snake – a very large water snake. There are water snakes in Vermont, and there’s even a dubious report of a “giant” water snake appearing in the May 15, 1857, edition of the Orleans Independent Standard. The story, told by an anonymous “Canadian settler,” appears to have taken place on Lake Memphremagog. The author of the fanciful front-page story claimed that a 10-foot water snake snatched his freshly-killed duck out of the water. When the hunter went to retrieve the duck, the snake retaliated by coiling around him and squeezing until the man almost passed out. He would have died if it wasn’t for the trusty pocket knife torn from his pocket at the last minute.

But Vermont Fish and Wildlife biologist Ken Cox says that, although the northern water snake can be found in parts of Vermont, they’re pretty small. And they’re not likely to be found in the Deerfield Valley. “I’m not aware of any occurrences of water snakes in Harriman Reservoir,” he says. “The only other snake near the lake shoreline would be a common garter, and they’re so small you’re not going to see them offshore.”

Kasindorf’s second thought was that he might have seen an eel coiled at the surface. Nearly every large lake in Vermont has a monster legend. In “The Vermont Monster Guide,” author Joseph Citro and artist Stephen Bissette document several of the legends. Most Vermonters are already familiar with Lake Champlain’s “Champ,” which was photographed in the 1970s, but the book also recounts tales of Memphremagog’s “Memphre,” the Woodbury Lake water-witch, and a handful of other water-dwelling beasts of local legend.

One of the stories includes Lake Willoughby’s “Willy,” speculating that Willy may be a giant eel. According to the story, US Navy divers searching for a sailor who drowned while on leave, found and photographed giant eels in the lake six- to eight-feet long and “as thick as a telephone pole.” The photos were reportedly kept by the Westmore Town Clerk but, in the book, Citro says his efforts to uncover the photographs were unsuccessful.

In another giant eel sighting documented by Citro, a SUNY Plattsburgh professor spotted what he thought were plastic pipes lying on the bottom of Lake Champlain while he was diving. “I swam over to it and saw the biggest eel I ever saw. It was about 12 feet long.”

But the story alludes to one of the reasons it’s unlikely Kasindorf’s lake beast was an eel – eels are bottom dwellers according to Cox. The largest giant eels officially documented in Lake Champlain are about 4 feet long with a diameter of about half that of a person’s wrist. Also, there are no eels in Harriman Reservoir.

“I’ve never seen anything in the data or encountered any eels in my sampling activities,” Cox says. “They’re found in the lower Deerfield River (in Massachusetts), but to be in Harriman Reservoir they would have to get above several dams on the river.”

Citro says he doesn’t believe or disbelieve the lake monster sightings that come in from around the state’s larges bodies of water. “The ones that are best known are, of course, Champ in Lake Champlain, and Memphre in Mephremagog. Memphre is one that has been spotted by hundreds of people going way back. And so many people report things that don’t seem to be identical. There’s no consistency. I don’t know what to make of that.”

But Citro says it’s easy to mistake natural phenomena for the supernatural when your perception is challenged. He recalls walking his dog along the shore of Lake Champlain when he saw something unusual. “I saw this 20-foot serpentine thing with a head moving beside me,” he says. “As it got closer, I realized I was seeing the head of a beaver. The wake it was creating gave the illusion of an elongated body. If I had run off before it got close enough, I might have been making my own monster report.”

Although Kasindorf says he saw a “lake monster” mainly in jest, he expects there’s a logical explanation for what he and his wife saw in front of their house last week.

Tom Rogers, of the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, thinks he knows what it was, and Ken Cox agrees. “River otters are the first thing that come to mind,” Rogers says. “I’ve seen them in groups on reservoirs.”

Rogers thinks Kasindorf, Hawkins, and their two dogs saw six river otters bobbing in the water off the shore. The otters’ heads were the “monster’s humps.” The dogs’ barking likely startled them away, and the “motorized log” was probably an adult otter with one or two juveniles following closely behind. “They establish family groups,” Cox says. “And this time of year the juveniles are close to the size of an adult, but they’re still tied to the family.”

Kasindorf says otters were one of his first suspects, too, but when he looked for videos of otters, he didn’t find anything that looked like what he had seen. “When I looked at YouTube footage of river otters swimming, they swim like porpoises, diving up and down gracefully and playfully,” he says. “This creature swam straight out on the surface, like a fast-propelled log. When it submerged, the whole body sank down at once, rather than the head diving down and a tail sticking up. And I didn’t see any feet, just a snakelike body.”

Nonetheless, he says the otter theory is one not to be discounted. “I think it would be cute if it turned out to be river otters. In principle, I’m very fond of them. But I’ve never seen any around here.”

Source: Deerfield Valley News


Zulu Reed Dance Disrupted by "Evil Spirits"

South Africa's annual Zulu Reed Dance ceremony was disrupted by hallucinating girls who swarmed the country's president, reports a Johannesburg newspaper.

Teenage girls dancing in the annual cultural festival heard voices and rushed toward the area where President Jacob Zuma and Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini were seated during the Saturday ceremony in KwaZulu-Natal province. The president's bodyguards escorted him away from the thousands of colorfully-clad dancers, The Star's front-page report said.

Zuma's spokesman, who was at the ceremony, said the newspaper reports were exaggerated.

"There was no danger to the president," Bongani Majola told The Associated Press, adding that Zuma attended the whole ceremony without further incident.

"There are some of you who came here with evil spirits to spoil this event," the Zulu king told the crowd once order was restored, according to the report.

Nomagugu Ngobese, president of a cultural group that trains the young women, heard reports that priests were summoned on Friday, after some dancers began wailing, apparently possessed.

This happened again during the main ceremony on Saturday. Dancers began to hallucinate and scream, causing panic among the crowd of thousands of young women, who scattered in different directions, said Ngobese, who attended the ceremony. They did not run toward the president, she added.

"Now that it has happened within the palace, it seems as if it's something new," said Ngobese, an academic and traditional healer who said spirit possession was common.

South Africa's Reed Dance is smaller than a similar event in Swaziland. In South Africa about 10,000 teenage girls participate, according to a government website. According to Zulu custom, only virgins are allowed to bring reeds to the royal homestead during the four-day ceremony.

Before the festivities, the teenagers are taught life skills and reproductive health, said Ngobese.

Source: Yahoo News


Humans May Accidentlly Send ET Computer Virus

Humans may accidentally spam aliens or send them dangerous computer viruses if we try to contact them, experts at Oxford University have warned.

A working group of academics, astronomers and philosophers is currently trying to come up with a universal message to send out in the hope of reaching extraterrestrial life.

In September, the UK research network for SETI (the search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) voted in favour of trying to reach out to alien life forms. But they are still undecided what exactly to send and are worried that they could inadvertently send viruses into space which could infect the technology of other civilisations.

Speaking at the British Science Festival Dr Anders Sandberg, of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, said humans must be extremely cautious about what digital messages they send into space.

"The classic example of message would be a series of pulses which showed binary numbers, DNA, sketch of solar system or the number of humans," he said.

"But it turns out there are some security problems. Languages can hide a lot of information. We're worried about malware being sent to aliens.

"I am kind of split on whether it is a good idea. I see some problems. I favour it a little bit more. But I can see it going either way.

"Some people think we're already spamming the universe with reality soaps."

The UK research network for SETI (UKSRN) has joined forces with the Breakthrough Message Initiative which is inviting the public to have their say in what message to send to space, and offering a prize pot of $1 million for the best ideas.

Dr Jill Stuart, from the London School of Economics, and also part of UKSRN said the initiative was important for encouraging humanity to look to itself and decide how we would want to be seen by extraterrestrial life.

"I am very explicitly in favour. I think it makes us do reflect back on ourselves. I think it would be arrogant to think we were the only ones. But in the timeline of the universe whether we will be around at the same time, that is a different matter."

Dr Sandburg added: "The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is very relevant because it helps us figure out more about the possibilities and fate of intelligence in the universe.

"The silence in the sky either tells us we are rare and unique, and therefore responsible for the future of life in the universe, a huge burden. Or that there is something very dangerous out there which is worth worrying about.

"Whatever the answer is, it is bound to profoundly affect how we see ourselves and the universe."
Source: The Telegraph


Hallucinogenic Attack on Homeopathy Conference

Police investigating a mass intoxication of a homeopathy conference in Germany with psychedelic drugs have said they still do not know nearly a week later whether it was an accident or an experiment gone wrong.

Emergency services called to the meeting in Handeloh, south of Hamburg, last Friday afternoon found a group of 29 alternative healers hallucinating, staggering around, groaning and rolling on the grass.

Police spokesman Lars Nicklesen said on Thursday that investigators believe a psychedelic drug was to blame but remain unsure of how or why it was taken. The delegates are now all out out of physical danger, he said, but there may yet be legal consequences for the healers in the course of the ongoing criminal investigation.

“We’re now questioning the delegates and awaiting the results of blood and urine tests,” he said. “We still don’t know if they took the drugs on purpose. The question is whether they want to talk about it; they have the right to remain silent.”

Nicklesen added that police suspect the group took 2C-E, known in Germany as Aquarust, a drug which heightens perceptions of colours and sounds and in higher doses triggers hallucinations, psychosis and severe cramps.

Germany’s health ministry banned the drug last year due to its highly addictive nature and unknown side effects.

The homeopaths’ meeting - billed as a “further education seminar” - was suspended shortly after it started when delegates began experiencing psychotic hallucinations, cramps, racing heartbeats and shortage of breath. One of them alerted the emergency services.

Alarmed by the sight of so many grown men and women rolling around on the floor, the first fire crews on the scene called for backup, triggering a major incident response. A total of 160 police, fire crews, and ambulance staff and a helicopter were involved in the four hour operation to treat the group.

“It was great that none of the people were in mortal danger in the end”, said fire service spokesman Matthias Köhlbrandt. “The leading emergency doctor at the scene believed they would all recover without lasting damage.”

Unsure of what they had taken, medical staff gave the homeopaths oxygen on site before transferring them to seven different nearby hospitals.

The Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper reported that in one clinic, the Asklepios in Harburg, hallucinating patients had to be strapped down to a bed to prevent them causing danger to others. “They were completely off their heads,” a spokesman for the clinic said.

Staff at the conference centre were unable to shed light on the mystery as they had all gone home at the time of the incident. “We’re absolutely shocked, we’ve only had good experiences in the past with the group,” a spokeswoman for the Tanzheimat Inzmühlen conference centre told the Hamburger Abendblatt.

The Association of German Healing Practitioners was quick to distance itself from the incident and emphasised that hallucinogenic drugs had no place in the study of homeopathy. “If I find out that one of our members took part [in what happened in Handeloh] then they will be excluded from the association,” Heinz Kropmanns, the association president, told NDR.

The drug 2C-E was one of hundreds synthesised by the American chemist Alexander Shulgin. The scientist, who died in 2014, and had become known as the godfather of ecstasy after he introduced MDMA to psychotherapists on the US west coast in the late 1970s.

Despite comments by the police saying the group may have taken the drug 2C-E, at this point there is no evidence that 2C-E is to blame.  In fact, it appears that the strange event cannot be traced to any known hallucinogetic drug of any type.  As is often the case of mysterious mass hallucinogenic events, police usually blame a recently outlawed drug as the culpert when there is no apparent evidence to turn to.  

Source: The Guardian

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