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It may be Autumn, but strangeness still abounds. Weirdness still stalks the night. Craziness continues to lurk in the open. Madness meddles those who seek openness and truth.  That is why we bring you Conspiracy Journal every week - to uncover the uncoverable. To reveal the unrevealable. And to enlighten the unenlightenable all the strange news that everyone else is afraid to even admit.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such Leaf-Falling tales as:

- "Pale Prophet" or Ancient Alien -
-  NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Could Soon Release UFO Proof -
Scientist Injects Himself with 3.5 Million Year Old Bacteria -
AND: Water on Mars: Score One for Amateur Research  

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"Pale Prophet" or Ancient Alien
By Sean Casteel


The Pale Prophet who visited the Americas in the first century A.D. certainly knew how to make an entrance the people would never forget. And the full story is told in what I, as the author, believe to be an exciting new book titled “The Search for the Pale Prophet in Ancient America,” published by my associate Tim Beckley’s Global Communications. Beckley is now co-hosting, along with Tim R. Swartz, the podcast “Exploring the Bizarre” on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

According to ancient native lore, when the Fair God first arrived at the Polynesian Islands it was with three ships with giant sails like enormous birds with wings uplifted, glowing goldenly in the dawn light. The people watching the events were frozen to immobility.

“What manner of monsters are these with the great wings?” they asked in awe.

“Perhaps they have come to devour the people!” shouted one native.

Then the islanders saw something white moving toward them, apparently from the Great Birds. The white object glided easily over the water “with the rhythmical ease of a man walking.”

“As the spot of white came closer,” writes anthropologist L. Taylor Hansen, “they saw in amazement that this was a Fair God, manlike in form but unlike their people. Soon they could see Him clearly, the gold of the dawn light shining around Him, making a halo of His long curling hair and beard. As He came up on the wet sand, the warriors stared in fright at His garments; they were dry. Now they knew that a god stood among them, for none but gods can walk on water!”

Putting aside for the time being the idea that we’re dealing here with Jesus Christ himself, again displaying his ability to walk on water as recorded in the Christian Gospels, what we have here is a classic example of the “ancient astronauts” approach to the flying saucer mystery. A relatively primitive indigenous culture is confronted with what may be technological marvels that the natives ascribe to “gods” with abilities far beyond their comprehension. The ships with sails like huge birds with wings uplifted, for one, may be an attempt to describe a kind of flying craft that wasn’t some form of a “boat” at all.

But none of the great “ancient astronauts” researchers, from Erich von Daniken to Zechariah Sitchin to Brinsley LePoer Trench, have ever covered the same territory as the late anthropologist L. Taylor Hansen, who spent decades traveling among the Native-Americans and collecting their legends regarding the Healer, the Prophet, the Miracle Worker, God of the Dawn Light, the Wind God, the Teacher, the White-Robed Master. Although the names are different, the legends are chanted and sung the same.

Very little is known about L. Taylor Hansen, who died in 1976. One thing that is known, however, is that her first name was Lucile, which she shortened to “L” so that she could pass herself off as a man, at least in literary terms. In 1918, while still a college student, she spent her summer vacation with the Chippewa Indian tribe in Michigan. According to writer Bette Stockbauer, who provides some of the scant biographical material available on Hansen, this interest was more than scholarly. The Chippewa’s language and dances, their culture and religion, struck a richly harmonic chord in Hansen’s soul.

Dark Thunder, the Chippewa chief, shared with young Hansen much of the tribal knowledge and told her of a Holy Man who had visited the tribe in long ago times. This man came to the Native Americans when their empire was united and their great cities stretched for miles. Wherever the Holy Man went, the miracles followed, and always He spoke of the Kingdom of His Father.

“In this brief story,” Stockbauer writes, “Hansen sensed the germ of one much greater. That summer, a council of many tribes was called to tell the young lady the holy legends. Her own gift to the council would be a book that would preserve their words for future seekers. Thus was born ‘He Walked the Americas,’ a book pursued over two continents, during the course of 45 years.”

At the Indian council meeting, Hansen was charged with the mission of recording the legends of the Pale Prophet for posterity. But in the meantime, in order to meet her expenses, she sold science fiction stories to pulp magazines, disguising herself as a man so she could succeed in a field completely dominated by the male element. In the 1940s, she was given space for a regular column in “Amazing Stories,” a sci-fi pulp magazine, to air her nonfiction views on the current state of anthropology and archaeology. Ray Palmer, the magazine’s legendary editor, not only published her “Scientific Mysteries” columns, he would also eventually publish “He Walked the Americas” in 1963 through his Amherst Press company and thus is an important figure in the overall story as well.

All of the foregoing is contained in “The Search for the Pale Prophet in Ancient America.” In the first section of the book, I summarize and quote from Hansen’s “He Walked the Americas” as well as adding my own Biblical insights and correlations not present in the original text of Hansen’s groundbreaking work.

I think perhaps Hansen felt she was writing for the more “Biblically-literate” audience of her own time, or maybe she felt that the Biblical correlations were so obvious that they didn’t need to be spelled out for the reader. In any case, I DID spell them out, and I hope it makes understanding the legends of the Pale Prophet a little easier. The more overt relationship of the legends to the Gospels will be dealt with in a separate article.


Let us now return to the “ancient astronauts” view and the aforementioned essays by Hansen. In a piece called “Tribal Memories of the Flying Saucers,” reprinted in full in the new Global Communications release, Hansen disguises herself as a Navaho Indian named Oga-Make. But the style of the writing is unmistakably her own even as she hides behind one of her known pen names, an identity that is again male along with being a pseudonymous Native American. This is the price she had to pay in the pre-feminist years of the late 1940s, when the essay was originally published.

“Most of you reading this,” the essay begins, “are probably white men of a blood only a century or two out of Europe. You speak in your papers of the Flying Saucers or Mystery Ships as something new and strangely typical of the twentieth century. How could you but think otherwise? Yet if you had red skin, and were of a blood which had been born and bred of the land for untold thousands of years, you would know this is not true.

“You would know,” the essay continues, “that your ancestors, living in these mountains and upon these prairies for numberless generations, had seen the ships before and had passed down the story in the legends which are the unwritten history of your people. You do not believe? Well, after all, why should you? But knowing your scornful unbelief, the storytellers of my people have closed their lips in bitterness against the outward flow of this knowledge.

“Yet, I have said to the storytellers this: now that the ships are being seen again, is it wise that we, the elder race, keep our knowledge to ourselves? Thus, for me, an American Indian, some of the sages among my people have talked, and if you care to, I shall permit you to sit down with us and listen.”

Oga-Make/Hansen then shifts to a dialogue with the aged chief of the Paiute tribe.

The chief begins by saying: “You ask me if we had heard of the great silver airships in the days before the white man brought his wagons into the land. We, the Paiute nation, have known of these ships for untold generations. We also believe that we know something of the people who fly them. They are called The Hav-musuvs.”

The flying saucer occupants, the Hav-musuvs, first came to the area in large rowing ships before the land became a dry desert. After the waters dried and the rowing ships were no longer of use to them, they created “flying canoes,” which grew to become large silver ships with wings. The Have-musuvs built a city in the nearby caverns, where they dwelt in peace and were far removed from the bloody warfare of the other local violently combative tribes.

“Have you ever seen a Hav-musuv?” Oga-Make/Hansen asked.

“No, but we have many stories of them,” the chief replied. “There are reasons why one does not become too curious. These strange people have weapons. One is a small tube which stuns one with a prickly feeling like a rain of cactus needles. One cannot move for hours, and during this time the mysterious ones vanish up the cliffs. The other weapon is deadly. It is a long silvery tube. When this is pointed at you, death follows immediately.”

The chief described the appearance of the Hav-musuvs.

“They are a beautiful people,” he said. “Their skin is a golden tint, and a headband holds back their long dark hair. They dress always in a white fine-spun garment which wraps around them and is draped upon one shoulder. Pale sandals are worn upon their feet.”

The chief tells a fascinating legend said to have happened many years before the coming of the Spanish. A Paiute chief lost his bride to sudden death. In his overwhelming grief, he went seeking the Hav-musuvs in order that they put him out of his misery with their deadly silver tube. As the mournful chief climbed the last mountain on his quest, one of the men in white appeared suddenly before him, brandishing the silver tube and motioning the chief back. The chief made signs that he wished to die and continued onward. Then others of the Hav-musuvs appeared and decided to take the chief with them.

Many weeks after his people had mourned him for dead, the Paiute chief came back to his camp. He had been in the giant underground valley of the Has-musuvs, he said, where white lights which burn day and night and never go out, or need any fuel, lit an ancient city of marble beauty. There he learned the language and history of the mysterious people, giving them in turn the language and legends of the Paiutes. He would have been content to stay among them forever in the peace and beauty of their life, but they bade him return and use his new knowledge for the people.

Oga-Make/Hansen then asks the current Paiute chief if he believed the story.

“I do not know,” the old man replied. “When a man is lost in Tomesha [a particularly forbidding stretch of hostile desert], and the Fire-God is walking across the salt crust, strange dreams, like clouds, fog through his mind. No man can breathe the hot breath of the Fire-God and long remain sane. This has always been a land of mystery. Nothing can change that. I must still answer your question with doubt in my mind, for we speak of a weird land. White man does not yet know it as well as the Paiutes, and we have ever held it in awe. It is still the forbidden ‘Tomesha – Land of the Flaming Earth.'”

The short essay by Oga-Make/Hansen wonderfully embodies much classic “ancient astronauts” lore as well as timeless legends of a paradise hidden within the earth, which was also spoken of by the Tibetan seer T. Lobsang Rampa and many others. (Global Communications offers several of Rampa’s titles to those seeking further enlightenment on the universal legends of Shangri-La.)

In any case, “The Search for the Pale Prophet in Ancient America” opens the reader to a whole new treasure trove of possible alien visitations to a land and a people long thought of as backward and savage. The Lord of Wind and Water and his civilizing influence on Native America is echoed not only in the Gospels but in the stories of ancient Sumer, Egypt and Babylon, who had uniformly credited gods from the sky with the beginnings of their organized societies. That that same helping hand also came to the ancient Americas, while generally acknowledged to be true, has never been told in quite the same way as it has by L. Taylor Hansen in “The Search for the Pale Prophet in Ancient America.”


“The Search For The Pale Prophet In Ancient America”

“Legacy Of the Sky People – The Extraterrestrial Origin of Adam and Eve; the Garden of Eden; Noah’s Ark and the Serpent Race”

“Ancient Secrets of Ancient America – Revealing Our True Cosmic Destiny”


NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Could Soon Release UFO Proof

Hopes have been raised among the "UFO disclosure" community after Snowdon said aliens are probably trying to contact us right now from Russia where he remains in hiding.

The American, who is on the run after dishing the dirt on how the US National Security Agency (NSA) keeps tabs on civilians across the globe, made the claims during a scientific podcast called StarTalk hosted by Neil de Grasse.

He said even if aliens are sending us electronic messages, we probably can't tell what they are sending us.

In short, because of the internet security encryption here on earth, he believes any aliens would likely do the same, and so if they do send anything we won't understand what it is.

Secret space programme conspiracy theorist Corey Goode has suggested documents that were taken by Snowden that have "been decrypted" and will "soon be released in a massive document dump".

GaianEye posted on UFO Sightings Daily: "Hopefully Corey Goode is correct in saying that the data dumps of UFO docs will be coming from Snowden soon."

Snowden earlier said on the podcast: "So if you have an an alien civilisation trying to listen for other civilisations, or our civilisation trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society when all of their communication will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means.

"So when we think about everything that we're hearing through our satellites or everything that they're hearing from our civilisation, if there are indeed aliens out there, all of their communications are encrypted by default.

"So what we are hearing, that's actually an alien television show or you know a phone call is indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation."

Snowden's leaks were originally published by the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

He went into hiding in 2013 and was granted asylum in Russia.

Back home he faces charges of espionage and theft of government property.

And if we send any information into the galaxy the aliens may have no idea either.

But the mere fact that Snowdon has even entertained the topic has seen alien researchers doing somersaults.

Scott C Waring, editor of US website UFO Sightings Daily, said: "Finally we hear Snowden talking about UFOs and aliens, its what we have all been waiting for.

"Snowden is a hero. I hope some of his documents will reveal some alien info soon."

There is widespread hope among the UFO global community that within Snowdon's stash of NSA files there were reams of documents about the USA's involvement with aliens and so-called secretive "black projects" and "secret space programmes".

Source: Express


Archaeologists Discover Hidden Tunnels in Mexico
By April Holloway

Talk of a maze of underground tunnels beneath the Colonial city of Puebla in Mexico has long been disregarded as mere urban legend. However, city authorities have now confirmed that these tunnels exist.

Said to date back as early as 1531, when the city was founded, the subterranean tunnels are believed to reach up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) in length beneath the historic center of the city.

El Universal reported that the underground tunnels, which measure approximately 23 feet (7 meters) high and 10 feet (3 meters) wide, were discovered during public works in the city center. Four separate entrances were found filled with earth.

After removing tons of earth and mud, investigations revealed a line of tunnels running from Fort Loreto to the Fort of Guadalupe in the upper part of town, and from Fort Loreto to the District of San Jose, located in the center of the city. A third line was discovered from the Fort of Guadalupe to Los Remedios Church, where the defense of Puebla took place against the invading French Army in 1862. However, there are believed to be many more.

“In the urban narrative or urban legends there was word of the tunnels in Puebla, but nobody knew where they were, they had never been seen,” the manager of Cultural Heritage and Historical Center of Puebla, Sergio Vergara Bermejo, told El Universal.

Initial analyses suggest the tunnels are between 300 and 500 years old. “They are from the foundation of the city,” Bermejo told El Universal. “Churches were communicating in secret alleys, there is a network of the main monasteries, from Santo Domingo, San Agustin, La Merced to San Javier.”

Mexico News Network reported that the tunnels would also have been used during the Battle of Puebla in 1862, when Mexican troops faced the French army. The battle ended in a victory for the Mexican Army over the occupying French forces.

Founded in 1531, Puebla is one of the oldest cities in Mexico and is among the five most important Spanish colonial cities in the country. Due to its rich history and its impressive architectural styles, Puebla was named a World Heritage Site in 1987.

“Puebla in the 17th century was flooded and half the city was covered in mud, the city we walk is [from] the 18th and 19th century, the bottom are the treasures that we must preserve,” said Bermejo.

The mayor of Puebla, Tony Gali, has now earmarked 5 million pesos (approximately $295,000) for the restoration of the tunnels. The plan is to transform the newly-discovered subterranean world into a tourist attraction so visitors can learn more about the stories and legends of this historic city.

For now, the exact location of the tunnels is being kept secret.

Source: Ancient Origins


Scientist Injects Himself with 3.5 Million Year Old Bacteria

Chemist Anatoli Brouchkov says he has taken on superhuman abilities since giving himself a dose of the 3.5-million-year-old bacteria.

The microscopic organisms, which were discovered in the Siberian permafrost, began their lives a million years before the first human beings evolved.

Some scientists believe that their ability to regenerate cells could hold the key to a raft of miracle cures, even including one for death itself.

Dr Brouchkov, the head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, first injected himself with the bacteria two years ago.

He claims he has not had flu since, and that he has also been able to work harder and longer without getting tired.

He said: "I started to work longer, I've never had a flu for the last two years.

"After successful experiments on mice and fruit flies, I thought it would be interesting to try the inactivated bacterial culture.

"If we can find how the bacteria stays alive we probably would be able to find a tool to extend our own lives."

The bacteria, named Bacillus F, has remained alive in permafrost for millions of years.

It was discovered by Dr Brouchkov in 2009. He claims trace amounts of it can be found in Siberia's tap water supplies, which he says could explain why people from the region live longer lives.

He said: "The permafrost is thawing, and I guess these bacteria get into the environment, into the water, so the local population, the Yakut people, in fact, for a long time are getting these cells with water, and even seem to live longer than some other nations. So there was no danger for me.

"But we do not know yet exactly how it works. Perhaps there were some side-effects, but there should be some special medical equipment to spot them.

"Of course, such experiments need to be conducted in clinic, with the special equipment and statistics.

"Then we could say clearly about all the effects."

Scientists have already experimented on animals with the bacteria, with results showing it has miracle properties which can boost fertility.

In one test female mice injected with Bacillus F were able to have babies after their reproductive processes had shut down. In another, the bacteria appeared to help plants heal themselves.

Epidemiologist Dr Viktor Chernyavsky called the discovery of the bacteria a "scientific sensation", adding that it could probe to be the "elixir of life".

He said: "The bacteria gives out biologically active substances throughout its life, which activates the immune status of experimental animals."

The bacteria was discovered in ancient permafrost at a site known as Mammoth Mountain in Siberia. It was also found in the brain of an woolly mammoth carcass preserved in the ice.

Scientists claim that a third strain of ancient bacteria is capable of eliminating cellulose molecules.

Dr Brouchkov said: "We want to understand the mechanisms of the protection of genome, the functioning of the genes.

"The key question is what provides the vitality of this bacteria, but it is as complicated as which human genes are responsible for cancer and how to cure it.

"This bacteria was isolated from the outer world in ice, so we are quite sure that this bacteria was kept in the permafrost for such a long time.

He added: "I would say, there exist immortal bacteria, immortal beings. They cannot die, to more precise, they can protect themselves.

"Our cells are unable to protect themselves from damage. These bacteria cells are able to protect themselves.

"It would be great to find the mechanisms of protection from ageing, from damage and to use them to fight with our ageing.

"It's is the main riddle of mankind and I believe we must work to solve it. Now we have a key, ancient bacteria, which scientists have found in an extreme and ancient environment."

Source: Sunday Express


Water on Mars: Score One for Amateur Research
By Red Pill Junkie

Unless you were captured by the Mole people and just recently released --I heard Molemaids are hot, bro!-- you've probably read the news from NASA announcing the discovery of liquid water on the south pole of Mars; something which *exponentially* increases our chances of finding extraterrestrial life on our sibling planet in the near future.

Director Ridley Scott, who is about to release his newest film 'The Martian', claims he knew about the flowing water on Mars "about two months ago", when the head of NASA showed him the photographs that were released yesterday to the rest of the world.

But there was someone who knew the dark stains streaking across the Martian landscape was evidence of liquid water more than 14 years ago. That person was amateur astronomer Efrain Palermo.

Efrain, who resides in Portland, is what NASA scientists would call an 'armchair researcher.' He holds no degrees in Physics, Astronomy or Geology; but nonetheless has a passion for Science and Space. And like many other civilians, he likes to go through the thousands of publicly-released images taken by NASA's probes orbiting the Red Planet for almost 2 decades.

It was in one of those archival images taken by the Mars Global Surveyor --which has been charting the planet's surface since September of 1997-- in 2000-2001, when Efrain came across an image showing black streaks, which at that time were interpreted as 'dust slides' by NASA. However, Efrain became convinced by casual observation the streaks were water-related.

    "After gleaning through thousands of images, I had collected over 400 that had streaks in them. [Software engineer] Jill England joined me, and wrote a program to look for duplicate images taken at different times of the year, and she found images which showed flow activity in present time.

    "Richard Hoagland suggested plotting the images, and when we did so it became evident that the streaks were all in the equatorial zone of Mars, which is the warmest part of Mars and therefore likely candidates for liquid water."

Efrain and Jill partnered with Harry Moore --a geologist for the Society for Planetary SETI Research(SPSR) , Blaine, Tennessee-- who also had an interest in water on Mars, and brought sound geology to the table. Together they wrote a short paper --which you can read here-- and presented it at the 4th International Mars Society Convention, at Stanford University, in August 2001.

Robert Zubrin, founder of the Mars Society, had this to say about Palermo et al and yesterday's anouncement on his Facebook page:

    "This is remarkable, Moore, England, and Palermo are amateur astronomers who went over the MGS data on their own to make the discovery, 14 years before NASA's announcement today."

Asked for a comment, Efrain showed diplomacy albeit tainted with justified frustration, because his work wasn't given its due recognition in yesterday's landslide of Mars-related articles:

    "The recent news announcement was validating; even though we did not have access to spectroscopic tools ,and we're working with the much lower resolution of the Mars Orbital Camera, we still arrived at the same conclusions 14 years ago. The information has been on my website since 2001, and I presented my seeps paper at the 2001 Mars Society Convention at Stanford U. While it has been gratifying to have NASA validate that work, it is also frustrating that no credit was given to the paper and its authors."

Frustrating, indeed. On the one hand NASA and the US government are always trying to keep the public interested in space exploration --after all, that's how they gain the necessary funding for future missions-- and yet when a group of amateurs make a substantial contribution to Science, they get silently swept under the rug without even a kudos.

Is it because they lacked the 'right' kind of credentials, and this is the typical reaction an 'outsider' receives when it comes knocking at the doors of Academia's ivory tower? Or maybe because they are guilty of associating themselves with someone like Richard Hoagland, who is by now synonymous with kooky claims about Martian civilizations who left the surface of their planet littered with all sorts of pareidolic artifacts?

With regards to the former, you'd think Astronomy would be more welcoming with amateurs, since they have been credited with all sorts of discoveries --e.g. the Shoemaker-Levy comet.

As for the latter, well… there's no getting around the fact that there arepeople in this field who stared at the Void far longer than they should have, and that for every Palermo or Hancock making astounding claims which are still not outside the realm of possibility, there are also folks finding Bigfoot on Mars, or selling Lemurian headbands...

Either an honest mistake or a blatant omission, NASA should do well in crediting people like Efrain Palermo*. Because he's an example that when it comes to space exploration (as with several other fields) it is amateurs --i.e. people not directly associated with government space agencies or academic institutions-- the ones who are now pushing the envelope and helping us expand our horizons.

And it will be amateurs like himself, Zubrin and Elon Musk, the ones which will probably determine our future as a space-faring civilization in the years to come.

Source: Daily Grail

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