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- U.S. in UFO Race with China, Russia Says Harry Reid - 
- The Legend of Boggy Creek Lives On -
The Supermodel Brainwashed into Becoming a CIA Spy -
AND: Woman Collapses After Seeing "Haunted" Painting

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What Was The "Dalby Spook"- Poltergeist - Familiar - House Spirit - Or An Extra-Special Little Mongoose?


He sang songs.

He mimicked other animals and sounds.

He could read minds.

He was able to move objects through the air although he was no where near them.

He chatted with visitors from around the world, sometimes using vulgar language.But they could not see him, because he said he could become invisible whenever he wanted to.

All the time living in the walls of a remote farmhouse located on the windswept coast of the Isle of Man.

To the Irvings, especially their teenage daughter, Gef was not a frightening creature but the family’s pet who could feast on biscuits, chocolate and bananas, and helped them keep the stoves lit. But to others he was considered a “monstrosity,” a freak of nature, an abomination to God.

Gef himself seemed confused about his identity. He once said he was from another dimension, that he was a spirit, but took that back by by intimating, “If I were a spirit how could I kill rabbits.?” When quizzed as to why he was so reclusive Gef said he was not a pleasant sight to behold. “I am a freak. I have hands and I have feet and if you saw me you’d faint, you’d be petrified, mummified, turned into stone or a pillar of salt!” 

In addition to original material, included is the full text of the 1936 book by psychic researcher Harry Price. Exceedingly rare, copies have been selling for upward of $1,000 among collectors.

For here are other strange stories – such as the talking stove, the Squonk, and the Bell Witch, as presented by Tim R. Swartz and today’s leading investigators of the strange and unknown. This is one of the top Fortean stories of all time. An occult masterpiece. An adventure into the unknown, and the supernormal.

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U.S. in UFO Race with China, Russia Says Harry Reid
By Andrew Whalen

Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader and Nevada Senator Harry Reid argued for continued study into UFO phenomena in an interview with CBS affiliate KLAS 8 in Las Vegas, citing competition from Russia and China—a UFO race, of sorts.

“I’ll bet you anything that China is spending some money checking this out. I’ll bet you anything KGB Putin is spending some money checking this out,” Reid told George Knapp of Las Vegas Now’s I-Team.

“Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dropped major hints that he knows potential adversaries, Russia and China, have carried out their own military studies to figure out how UFOs work and how to build their own,” Knapp said during the broadcast, citing anonymous Pentagon sources to claim dozens of UFOs have been encountered off the coast of Florida and Virginia in the last three years.

Reid said he understands why officials within the Pentagon and other possible research avenues within the U.S. government might be skeptical about dedicating resources to studying Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP), but he also seemed to unwittingly undercut his own position by alluding to a rash of recent UFO sightings prompted by scheduled SpaceX launches.

“This has been going on for a long time. These sightings are said to have been set off by a rocket in California or something. People do not want—people in responsibility, whether it’s the Pentagon or whatever it might be—they don’t want to have to try to explain something that’s, many times, not explainable,” Reid said.

The interview with Reid also delved into classified UFO studies conducted by the Pentagon and revealed by The New York Times in 2017, including the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP), which catalogued sightings by military personnel, such as the “Tic Tac” UFO captured on camera by F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of California in 2004.

Through AAWSAP, the Defense Intelligence Agency awarded a $10 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), owned by hotel billionaire Robert Bigelow, a close friend of Reid’s who has a long history of investigating the UFO phenomena.

Reid confirmed the resulting study included investigations of a mysterious ranch in northeastern Utah once owned by Bigelow (ownership has since transferred to Adamantium Real Estate and an anonymous owner). Known in UFO circles as “Skinwalker Ranch,” the site has been a hotbed of reported paranormal phenomena, including claims of cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and even mysterious animals with piercing yellow eyes that were impervious to bullets.

The program also delved into research related to the UFO phenomena, including 38 scientific papers for the Defense Intelligence Agency with outlandish headlines like “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions” and “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy.”

The papers were produced by BAASS scientists affiliated with EarthTech International, a research group founded by Dr. Hal Puthoff, a physicist with a long history of promoting pseudoscience, including endorsing psychic fraud Uri Geller and writing in defense of Scientology, which he described as “a highly sophisticated and highly technological system” in a letter from the 1970s.

Accordingly, the AAWSAP research so far made public has not found a positive reception. “It’s bits and pieces of theoretical physics dressed up as if it has something to do with potentially real-world applications, which it doesn’t.” Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech, told Business Insider in 2018. "This is not crackpot. This is not the Maharishi saying we're going to use spirit energy to fly off the ground—this is real physics. But this is not something that's going to connect with engineering anytime soon, probably anytime ever."

Beyond AAWSAP, and its successor within the Pentagon, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Reid said he believes further study is warranted and would like to see UFO research coordinated across multiple, existing classified projects. Reid believes the government currently possesses “different pieces of evidence” beyond the scope of studies he had worked to fund.

“I’ve just heard rumors,” Reid said.

Source: Newsweek


The Legend of Boggy Creek Lives On
By Terrance Armstad

“I saw one” said one person.

“My daddy saw ‘em,” another person adamantly said.

“I knew this lady that saw it,” claimed another person.

“I’ve never seen one,” a man adamantly claimed as chatter over shared experiences filled the atmosphere at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources on Sunday afternoon.

Over 120 people paid a visit to the museum to attend the “Legend and Lore - The Beast of Boggy Creek” presentation by Lyle Blackburn.

Blackburn is the author of “The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster” and several other books within the same genre.

Sherry Odom, facilities manager at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources, said it all started with a stuffed Bigfoot that was on sale in a catalog. Odom thought the item would be a good fit to carry in the museum because of the stories surrounding the well-known Fouke Monster of Arkansas.

“I started to do some research on Bigfoot because I knew there was the Fouke Monster and I came across Lyle Blackburn’s website,” she said.

Odom, who contacted Blackburn last fall, sent him an email to see if an arrangement could be made for him to speak.

“I wanted to see if he would possibly consider coming to the museum — and he did,” Odom said.

Many people from various backgrounds attended the lecture and sat quietly as Blackburn, a writer, researcher and documentary filmmaker, delivered a mind-tickling presentation on the facts surrounding the folklore of the Fouke Monster.

Blackburn began his presentation by discussing the film which was based on accounts of several sightings of a creature in the Fouke area.

“The most famous southern Bigfoot case is ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek,’” Blackburn said.

Blackburn, who delivers an average of 15 presentations a year, said that people everywhere know of the story and of Fouke and Arkansas. Blackburn said that when he was young, he attended a drive-in movie with his parents and saw the film.

“Sure enough I saw that movie as a kid and it grabbed a hold of my imagination” he said.

He said he knew of instances that involved creatures such as Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster, but that those were in far away places; however, he could embrace “The Legend of Boggy Creek” film story because it was in his own backyard.

“Even though I’m in Texas, I’m only three hours away,” he said. “I went camping and hunting with my father in Arkansas and Texas,” he said.

Blackburn would eventually grow up and tour with musicians. Working as a freelance writer, Blackburn began to want to pen his own book, settling on his favorite subject, the Fouke Monster. Writing the book led to meeting the people in which the movie was about; people Blackburn said he gained respect for and from after being persistent with his research and respectful of sources.

After writing his first book, “The Beast of Boggy Creek,” Blackburn said he began receiving calls from television producers wanting to know more about the Fouke Monster. Blackburn has appeared on “Monsters and Mysteries in America” and “Finding Bigfoot” television shows. He also co-produced a documentary on the subject.

Blackburn holds the original “Legend of Boggy Creek” film in high regards and claims it made the region and story known to the Bigfoot community.

“The movie had a great affect on the area. The iconic poster is recognizable and is only second to the well-known Patterson-Gimlin film,” he said, referring to the 1967 film footage in which Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson captured a Bigfoot creature walking along Bluff Creek in Orleans, California.

“The Legend of Boggy of Boggy Creek” was made by then Fouke Mayor Charles B. Pierce, also known as “Mayor Chuckles,” in 1972 and became a huge hit.

“The movie was based on real reports,” Blackburn said. “It (Fouke Monster sightings) didn’t just start in the 1970s, and it did not end there either.”

He said The Texarkana Gazette reported on multiple accounts of people encountering the creature around the Sulfur River bottoms in Fouke and that the coverage helped propel the popularity of the film and the interest in the story.

Blackburn clarified that the “monster” part of the name was provided by a newspaper, but that very often the accounts were similar to the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot sightings with the only difference being region.

“It was when the stories became public that people started putting the pieces together … as we started seeing Bigfoot research progress, the sightings were not just in the Pacific Northwest, they are all over,” he said.

Blackburn said that sightings go back several generations.

“That booger in the woods or that ‘wildman’ your grandmother” spoke of, he says, was simply the same story as today’s Fouke Monster or Bigfoot sighting.

Kenneth Canada, who said he has studied the subject matter for a long time, has never seen one, but said his father had.

“My dad was logging in Oregon and saw one” he said.

“I’ve seen them before,” added Corina Hammonds. Hammonds said she saw it several times in Old Union in ‘94 and ‘95.

Hammonds’ sister, Daphne Schultz, said she has never seen one, but that watching the movie was scary.

“The movie terrified me and I had nightmares,” Schultz said.

Blackburn said that as a kid, he loved the stories and the fact that it was spooky, but as an adult he approaches the subject different.

“People ask me ‘what do you think it is?’” he said. “A relic hominid or human or some species of ape that survived, I can’t personally prove anything.”

He said that for some, nothing short of a body will provide proof.

“Bigfoot has become a cultural icon, and no scientist will come out and say it publicly, although behind the scenes a few might.”

As for Blackburn himself, he says, “no I don’t, because I’ve never seen one.”

“Belief implies faith, but I believe in the possibility and I interview people on a constant basis that have seen something,” Blackburn said.

Source: Eldorado News


Athens' Bizarre Underground Phenomenon

Dimitrios Makridopoulos has always been fascinated by the preternatural. Devouring books about occult phenomena from childhood to adulthood, he soon became curious about the pyramid-shaped mountain of Penteli, located about 15km north-west of Athens. “[I was] drawn to the energy of this mysterious and ancient mountain,” he told me.

Penteli is globally acclaimed for its ancient quarries and the incomparably crystalline structure and golden-hued tint of its marble that was used to construct the sacred temple of Parthenon as well as other glorious monuments. Yet, it was Davelis Cave, located on the mountain’s south-west side, that particularly piqued Makridopoulos’ interest.

Resting in and above an ancient marble quarry and averaging a width of 45m and a height of 62m, Davelis Cave is a vast, mesmerising and steeply descending grotto that could well serve as the backdrop to a horror movie. Visitors have reported electronics going out of control, glowing orbs, ineffable creatures, water dripping upwards, ghostly voices, spooky etchings, remnants of satanic rituals and more.

In 2015, Makridopoulos packed up a ‘spirit box’ (a device said to enable communication with spirits through the use of radio frequency) and an infrared camera, and headed for Penteli with some friends. It was January and the mountain was shrouded in fog. This made it virtually impossible for him and the others to make out what lay even 5m ahead, but Penteli compensated with gifts at every turn, from chunks of precious marble from its plentiful ancient quarries to pieces of iron bearing evidence (according to Makridopoulos) of cryptic military experiments conducted in the cave in the late 1970s and ‘80s.

    I was surrounded by an inexplicable, otherworldly energy

“From the minute I stepped into this unspoilt and pure place, I became one with it. I was surrounded by an inexplicable, otherworldly energy... I felt eyes following my every move... I could not see or hear anything with my five senses, but I knew,” Makridopoulos said.

The 29-year-old computer technician remembers his surprise when his electrical appliances confirmed back at home what he’d felt in the cave. His spirit box captured what sounded like a choir of angelic children’s voices chanting in ancient Greek. “It was the language of the pixies,” he said. He is also adamant his infrared camera recorded ghostly apparitions near the cave’s centre, and a tiny, pitch-black creature lurking at the entrance of the hollow. “There, can you see it?” Makridopoulos asked with intense interest when showing me the photos a few days before my own journey to the cave.

Davelis Cave was used as a shrine as far back as the 5th Century, when devotees worshipped Pan, their goat-footed god of shepherds and orgies. During the Middle Ages, hermits and Orthodox monks started flocking to Penteli either for spiritual retreats or because they were religiously persecuted, and the place was named ‘Sp??a?? t?? ?µ?µ??’ (‘Cave of the Immaculate’), hence the presence of two adjacent Byzantine chapels built directly into the cave’s entrance.

In the 19th Century, notorious brigand Christos Natsios, aka Davelis, allegedly squatted in the cave with his gang. There’s even a legend that the brigand, who had a fling with the French duchess Placentia, discovered tunnels zigzagging through the cave’s guts and terminating at his lover’s mansion in the village of Pendeli in Athens’ northern suburbs. Whatever the truth, the allure of past-era cabals of desperados was catalytic in renaming the spine-chilling catacomb in honour of the iconic outlaw.

On a mellow January 2019 morning, I visited Davelis Cave with a couple of friends. After driving through a maze of Penteli’s slopes, we left the car at the beginning of a dirt road. Walking up the unmarked trail and regularly hopping over small puddles of slush and muddy water, the panoramic views of Athens stretching out to the Saronic Gulf made up for what at times seemed like a fruitless hike.

Finally, after about 25 minutes, the GPS insisted we turn left. There, at the foot of a rugged, ochre-grey cliff was a crescent-shaped opening in the rock. To the right of it sat the adjoined chapels of St Spyridon and St Nicholas. On the left was a concrete structure, built by the Greek military as an outpost and now seemingly abandoned. Cautiously walking towards the cave, I felt an intense pull inside, where I could see fragmented rocks scattered across the cave floor and cascades of stalactites streaming down in front of moss-riddled walls. There was hollow sound of water dripping from the roof. Though claustrophobic and fearful of what awaited me, I wanted to head deeper inside. But once in the cavern itself, I realised couldn’t go much further as the tunnels leading from the cave had been blocked up.

“These were the tunnels the Nato and the Greek military concreted to cover their tracks,” Makridopoulos later told me.

On 6 October 1977, Greek magazine Tahidromos published an article saying that the Greek military had begun strictly confidential operations inside Davelis Cave. The place was classified as military and sealed off to the public. Some talked about the establishment of a rocket base overseen by Nato, a rumour further fuelled by a US military base in neighbouring Nea Makri district. In 1982, Giorgos Balanos, a well-known Greek author of paranormal and science fiction, wrote of apocryphal underground tunnels, nuclear weapons and mind-control projects in his The Enigma of Penteli book, stirring up even more suspicion about what was going on in the underground chamber. In the 1990s, the Greek government attempted to re-initiate their projects in Davelis Cave; this time, newspaper front pages screamed about nuclear experiments. Soon, all the indeterminate works in the cave came to a halt, and future visitors would be met with a few new tunnels stopping at dead-end cave walls while the old ones were closed off.

Despite the tunnels being inaccessible, conspiracy theories still abound, such as Makridopoulos telling me that Nato extracted the marble of Penteli to create advanced satellites during the Cold War space race.

Whatever the truth, a 2002 study by Georgios D Papadeas of the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Greece agrees that there is something special about the cave. Scientists have found slate enriched with graphite between the layers of the Pentelic marble, which makes the mountain a good conductor of electromagnetic waves.

Additionally, the Pentelic marble itself possesses certain scientific properties that lead it to give electric charge under high-pressure conditions (which, for Makridopoulos and others, might explain some of the bizarre electromagnetic phenomena observed there, such as the dizziness and disorientation some visitors feel). That said, Dimitrios Papanikolaou, emeritus professor at the Department of Dynamic, Tectonic and Applied Geology at the University of Athens, who has been studying Penteli since 1973, chalks any obsession with paranormal phenomena inside Davelis Cave to “idiosyncratic forces at work”.

    What we don’t understand, we ascribe to myth

“Penteli has a one-of-a-kind rock composition resulting from millions of years of metamorphosis. But that’s just about it,” he told me from his office at the University of Athens campus the day before I visited the cave, and describing all Davelis Cave-related paranormal sightings and hearings as “vagaries” and “placebo effects”.

“The summit of Penteli was an air force base. Athens is a Nato city,” he continued. “Penteli overlooks the Aegean Sea, so everything that happened in the cave and nearby in the ‘70s and ‘80s happened with the intent of armouring the Attica Basin.” As for the blocked-off tunnels? “They were dangerous, they had to do it,” the professor replied. “But what we don’t understand, we ascribe to myth.”

Notwithstanding, what Papanikolaou himself admits is that certain places are distinguished by an unexampled magnetism. “When Athens was at its peak, people devoted all their intellect to extracting the best marble in the world. Maybe some places have a distinct energy of their own: the energy of thousands of human beings that once lived and thrived there, but that’s just about it.”

‘Magnetised’ is just a fraction of what Makridopoulos claims to feel in the proximity of Davelis Cave. He is already spearheading a team called ‘Orfeas Group’, which has a popular blog dedicated to exploring supernatural phenomena.

Even I felt a gravitational pull towards the cave the day I visited. As I stood at the entrance, a beam of light passed through the cave’s mouth and lit up the place, almost as if to guide me forward. The words of the professor about the energy certain places have amassed over time rang true more than ever.

Source: BBC

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The Supermodel Brainwashed into Becoming a CIA Spy

In the movie Salt, Angelina Jolie plays a double-agent who is mind-controlled by scary remnants of the USSR secret service. And in real life, the 1940s bombshell Candy Jones was apparently brainwashed with drugs and used as a CIA covert operative.

Candy Jones was a successful model, author, and modeling agency owner who had married Long John Nebel, a popular late-night talk show host on New York radio station WOR. Candy told Nebel that years earlier, the FBI had asked to use her office as a mail drop and that she had agreed to deliver mail for the FBI when traveling on business.

Candy was prone to insomnia and suffered from abrupt changes in her normally congenial disposition, Nebel, an amateur hypnotist, offered to hypnotize her. During their first session, Jones easily fell into a hypnotic trance and began speaking in another voice who identified herself as Arlene Grant. This second personality revealed that Jones had once delivered a package for the FBI to a man in San Francisco while she was on business there. The man was Dr Gilbert Jensen, a doctor she knew from her USO days.

Candy had dinner with Jensen on November 16, 1960. Jensen said that he now worked for the CIA and had an office in Oakland, across Bay Bridge. He said that if Candy wanted to, she could get far deeper into the covert Intelligence business, adding that it could prove lucrative for her. With three sons at private schools, Candy was short of cash and accepted.

The first thing Jensen did was to hypnotise Candy. Under hypnosis, Jensen told Candy that she was to be a messenger for a secret CIA unit and as she would sometimes be required to travel abroad, that she would be given a passport under the assumed name of Arlene Grant. Using mind-altering drugs, Jensen reinforced the Arlene personality so that she could take Candy over almost completely when triggered by a telephone call that played a recording of particular sounds.

This done, he was able to send Candy (with Arlene's voice and manner) on various experimental missions at home and abroad. Candy would change into Arlene in appearance too, wearing a wig and using a different make-up style. Jensen aimed to create a ‘perfect messenger', one who could not reveal – even under torture – anything about the message she carried, where she came from or who had sent her.

Jones was then supposedly sent to a CIA training camp where she was trained to kill and learned how to hide code numbers under her fingernail polish.
After each mission was completed, Candy would remember nothing.

Jensen's pičce de résistance was to demonstrate that his conditioning was so deep that Arlene would kill herself on command. As a means of demonstrating the psychiatrist's control over her, Candy was once supposedly even tortured in front of 24 doctors in an auditorium at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Candy Jones' story sounds like the wild fabrications of a deranged mind. However, there is some evidence that this bizarre tale is true.

Candy told Joe Vergara, her book editor at Harper and Row, that she sometimes worked for a government agency as a courier and might disappear occasionally for weeks at a time.

She also wrote a letter to her attorney William Williams instructing him that if she were to die or vanish under unusual circumstances that he was not to reveal the details of the event to anyone, especially the press.

Also, when writer Donald Bain was talking to Candy about publishing a book on the story of her life, she showed him a passport issued in the name of Arlene Grant bearing a photo of Candy in a dark wig. Freedom of Information requests have also revealed that the CIA does have a substantial file on Jones, but refuses to release it.

Source: io9


The Water Ghost of Leicester

It's time for the latest in our series of Mystery Flood stories. If you have read my previous posts on the topic, you'll note a familiar pattern.

A retired 74-year-old barman named Samuel Long lived with his wife Annie and adopted 13-year-old daughter in a modest home at Bell Lane, Leicester, England. The family had occupied the home for about thirteen years without incident. The house was in good condition. There had been only one minor problem: a year earlier, after they had a new floor installed in the kitchen, it began to flood with water. A plumber eventually solved the problem by placing an air brick under the floorboards. He was unable to find the source of the water, but he theorized that there must be a hidden spring underneath the house.

Life went on its usual unremarkable path until one day in August 1933, when Long suddenly noticed water pouring from a bedroom ceiling. He assumed it was from a leak in the roof, although as it had not rained for weeks, even he realized it was a feeble explanation. The flood stopped in that room only to start up in another, leaving the bed underneath saturated. Once again, the water abruptly stopped as if someone had turned off a tap. The ceiling where the water had come was completely dry.

Then all watery hell broke loose. A hissing spray of water began shooting from a wall in the bedroom of Long's daughter. More water came from the ceiling, in such quantities that it created a river down the stairs. Water simultaneously issued from walls in the downstairs living room. And then...it all abruptly stopped, leaving all the walls and ceilings dry and unmarked.

The sudden spurts of flooding continued. Many of the family's belongings, including a piano, were hopelessly damaged. The beds were so sodden, the Longs had to sleep in the homes of neighbors.

Water inspectors assumed the flooding was due to a burst pipe or leaking water tank. However, they were disconcerted to find the home had no bathroom or water tank, and there were no water pipes in the roof. These experts saw the spurts of water for themselves--one was nearly knocked down the stairs by the blast--but they were utterly unable to find the source. Long described the water as "like escaping steam." It was not unusual for the family to collect fifty or sixty gallons of water off the floor.

The Longs temporarily moved out of the house, leaving representatives from the local health and building departments to make a thorough search. "I am not afraid of ghosts or spooks, and no medium can make me afraid," Long defiantly told reporters. "As soon as the house is read--experts in attempting to solve the mystery have pulled out bricks and rafters--I am going back."

Unfortunately, these "experts" had no more luck in finding an explanation for the flooding. The walls and floors were completely sound. They scoffed when Long mentioned the "hidden underground spring" theory--if that was the case, they replied, why weren't any of the neighboring houses having the same problem?

A water engineer suggested that sparrows had blocked up the house's spouting with their nests, causing accumulated rainfall to leak into the house, but that hardly seemed sufficient to account for gallons and gallons of water flooding the residence in the middle of a drought. When a visiting water inspector began joking about "ghostly visitations," water cascaded from the roof, drenching him.

During the absence of the Longs, there were no incidents of the "spook water" (as the family had dubbed the phenomena.) However, no sooner had they returned that it started up again with a vengeance. On some days, the floods would appear every half hour. A reporter from the "Leicester Evening Mail" described what he had seen while visiting the home:

    "The floor was flooded, and Mr and Mrs Long were unable to sit down to a meal because of the water which streamed down upon them. I was taken upstairs and only just dodged a shower of water which fell from the ceiling of the landing. All the beds have had to be covered with waterproofs, which hold pools of water. Amid the scene of desolation, Mrs Long's young daughter tried vainly to eat her meal in comfort, but was continually disturbed by water falling on her food and drenching the table. Mr Long said that the water generally stopped flowing about nine o'clock in the evening, and the walls were soon perfectly dry, without any signs of disturbance."

The Longs were beginning to feel that they were living under siege by a mysterious invisible enemy. Mr. Long in particular seemed to have the "spook" following him. Wherever he went in the house, streams of water would appear, drenching him and everything else in sight. When he fled to the garden, water suddenly shot from an outside wall and ran down his neck.

In desperation, the family moved in with neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Worrald. But, as if something was mocking their efforts to find safety, within an hour after their arrival, the Worrald house became the focus of their watery pest. Jets of water issued from the wall of the living room. The upstairs rooms became flooded. It was, said a witness, "like a cascade coming out of nowhere."

Thankfully, this was the only episode to take place at the house. For the next three weeks, the Long's home was carefully inspected by various experts. There were no more visitations by the "spook water," so by October the Longs felt the coast was clear and it was safe for them to move back in.

The last piece of furniture had been brought back. Mr. Long was making tea. All was happy and calm.

Yes, you guessed it. Jets of water suddenly shot from the ceiling. Walls gushed. The kitchen became so flooded the family was unable to have dinner.

This was definitely "spook water" with a sense of humor and comedy timing, although I'm assuming the Longs failed to appreciate the joke. As always, the walls and floors quickly dried by evening, leaving them looking untouched, but during the day the family was practically living in a giant aquarium.

The Longs were eager to admit defeat and move to another house, but finding suitable accommodations in a hurry was not easy. Mr. Long complained, "People are saying that we have done it ourselves because we want to get a council house, but that is not true. Why should we wilfully ruin our home? We had just had part of the house redecorated and we should not have done that if we had wanted to leave. I have tried everywhere to get another house, but I cannot find one. I wish someone could get one for us. This thing is driving us mad."

Much to the family's relief, in November the watery bombardment began to lessen in its intensity. By wintertime, the Water Ghost of Leicester had disappeared as inexplicably as it had arrived.

Source: Strange Company


Woman Collapses After Seeing "Haunted" Painting

The impact of the objects on those who go to see The Haunted Objects Museum came true for Gloucester’s very own 'ghost lady' Lyn Cinderey.

As soon as one painting in particular was brought out, Lyn started to feel unwell. First she had a thumping headache and then she started to feel sick.

Not long after she began to feel dizzy. One minute she was trying to stand to tell someone she was feeling ill and the next she had collapsed.

Lyn, the former host of Ghost Tours in Gloucester who led spooky walks through the city centre, said: “The team had all the objects on the tables at the New Inn. There were two tables, one of the light energy objects and then the other of the darker energy objects.

“As soon as I saw the painting that they call ‘Sinister’ that was it. I felt so ill that I was sick to my stomach.

"I thought that it could not have been something that I had eaten as I had just had a really nice meal.

“I was answering the comments on the live stream that the Ghosts of Britain team we doing but I just felt so poorly.

"I had to go and tell someone that I did not feel right. It was so strange.

“The next thing I know is that I have collapsed and I am looking up at a crowd around me.”

Lyn was taken by a medium to another part of the hotel to do some spiritual cleansing with tuning forks.

The history of the painting is that it came from Revesby Abbey but the artist is unknown.

The painting was going to be used in the film Finders Keepers in 2018, but the cast, crew and director took a massive dislike to it and refused to use it for the film.

Since the Haunted Objects team took the painting off their hands, they have numerous reports of paranormal activity surrounding it.

It has been claimed that the picture has moved from one side of the room to another and that one person reported the images in the picture changing causing people living in a house to become unwell.

Despite Lyn feeling shaken up, the event was a success and the team are coming back to Gloucestershire later this year.

Haunted Objects Museum owner Lee Steer, 34 from Rotherham said: “It was interesting to see what happened that night. I have to report what happens around the picture and add to the list of happenings.

“It was scary at the time because someone collapsed during a Facebook live broadcast.

“Everyone was in silence. When we got Lyn out the room I said to those that were there that I was not kidding and these events can be serious and we go to these venues at our own risk.

“It was sad to see Lyn like that, and it was one of the first times something like this had happened.

“Was it the picture? I am not sure, but I will be logging it in the list of happenings surround it.”

The exhibition will be coming back to Gloucester on October 12 and will be shown at the Robinswood Hill Social Club.

Source: Gloucestershire Live

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