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- White Witchcraft - UFOs, The Occult, Celebrity Madness - 
- GPS Flaw: Security Expert Says He Won't Fly April 6 -
Is There a Hidden Doorway in Great Sphinx of Giza? -
AND: Goblins Terrorize Zimbabwe Villagers, Kill Livestock and Crops

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Full Color Version: The Occult Saga of Walli Elmlark - The
"Rock and Roll" Witch of New York.




This is the compelling story of the Wiccan lady Walli Elmlark who saved the life of David Bowie through witchcraft, and put a spell on pop stars and other high profile celebrities during the most dynamic period in rock music – the 1970s.

Through the pages of this book the reader will go back in time to relive this celebrated period, mingling with those who were shaping the counterculture and causing a reconstruction of our social and political belief systems, both through the music and entertainment of this period, and the practice of witchcraft and the occult which was growing in popularity among the youth. Much of the activities described took place backstage at the Academy of Music and as part of the inner circle of the N.Y. School of Occult Arts and Sciences hosted by the psychic world’s “Grand Poobah” Tim Beckley.


** The British rocker David Bowie had come to the U.S. on his first tour taking on the persona of Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous spaceman from Mars. Bowie was coming under repeated psychic attack. An evil spirit had settled in the swimming pool of his LA residence; black magicians were trying to collect his semen so that they could create a demon baby. Was the Anti-christ looming in his future? All this while becoming more dependent on cocaine which was causing “the man who fell to Earth” to become increasingly paranoid.

Indeed, it seemed like a curse had been placed on rock and roll as any number of its young performers were dying, or becoming deeply depressed regardless of whether drugs were involved or not.

** Glam rocker Marc Bolan of the band T-Rex, for example died prematurely in a car accident. Walli had proclaimed “the wizard with a top hat” to be the reincarnation of the 5th century sorcerer Merlin of King Arthur’s court.

** There is also empirical evidence that Jimi Hendrix had a “special mission.” It was said that he was from Mars (either physically or reincarnated from the Red Planet) and that he had been reborn here to lift the consciousness of the planet through his music and occult philosophy. UFOs followed him wherever he went. In fact, a stranger from space even saved his life one wintery evening.

Guaranteed to be a trip down the odd side of memory land!

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White Witchcraft - UFOs, The Occult, Celebrity Madness 
By Sean Casteel      

"Looking back, as far as I am concerned, it was one of the most exciting periods in modern history. It was the mid-1960s and society was becoming more liberal minded. And I was growing up in suburbia, eager to leave my childhood nest in New Jersey and head down the highway, even if the highway was a bus route that led to Manhattan's Times Square."  

So says the eclectic Timothy Green Beckley, who once confessed he has had so many professions that even his own girlfriend doesn't know what he does for a living.  
"I was always more into the night life than a daylight routine, probably because I would spend midnight to dawn listening to the chatter of my transistor radio and the panel discussions hosted by the six-foot-seven Long John Nebel, who pioneered the concept of a radio talk show heavily influenced by the latest developments in the UFO and occult fields. Long John was on New York radio station WOR long before Art Bell made it big with Coast to Coast AM. Eventually I became a guest on Nebel's show myself."
It was while hanging out "after hours" in the bohemian hotspot known as Greenwich Village that Tim cut his teeth on rock music, listening to up-and-coming artists like Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter and, later, the likes of the New York Dolls with their glam dress and six inch platform shoes.

But this isn't so much about Tim as it is another rogue personality, a charming young lady who was an important figure in that same time period and who had an impact on many that has lasted to this very day, though she passed from the scene almost four decades ago.
Can a woman who calls herself a witch also be a righteous, even saintly, person? Does she harness powers that are intended to lead to harmless, positive and beneficial results? If one were to look for evidence that such things are possible, then the life of White Witch Walli Elmlark would be a good place to start one's search.
One of Walli's most dedicated friends was the aforementioned Timothy Green Beckley, the CEO of the publishing company Inner Light/Global Communications. Tim has penned a memoir of his time spent with Walli called "David Bowie - UFOs - Witchcraft - Cocaine - and Paranoia, The Occult Saga of Wall Elmlark, The 'Rock n' Roll' Witch of New York." Obviously one can get the gist of what the book is about from the keywords of the title. But how Walli created a loving and compassionate life from that strange recipe is the real subject of Tim's heartfelt tribute to her.
The book is available as a special, full color collector's edition featuring photos by Helen Hovey and original art by Carol Ann Rodriguez. It's almost as beautiful to look at as Walli was herself. It also includes Original Spells (the white magic kind) and a great deal of Wiccan Lore for the student and uneducated both.
Tim begins the book by sketching in some of Walli's more sensational credits, such as the fact that she did spiritual work for David Bowie, who admitted that he owed his life to her. But more about that later.
Tim recounts his own rock and roll upbringing, starting as a fan of Little Richard and Chuck Berry.  As the rock music era progressed, Tim became a fixture backstage at places like The Academy of Music, where he met many major stars of the 60s and 70s. He also began to promote rock concerts himself, particularly with some early glam acts that never quite made it big.
At this same time, Tim founded one of the first, if not the very first, metaphysical centers in the country, called The New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences. It was located in a 2200 square foot loft on the second floor of an apartment building on 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, about six blocks from The Academy.
"We had lectures and workshops on UFOs, Tarot cards, Witchcraft, Prophecy, Astral Projection," Tim explained, "as well as lessons in how to use the Ouija Board (safely!) And we held midnight séances every Saturday with the medium Kitty Steele, a former model from Michigan."
There were several rock stars with an interest in the occult, including Doctor John the Night Tripper, who visited Tim's school in full voodoo regalia to be photographed by budding shutterbug Helen Hovey, a friend of Beckley's from their teenage years. Around that same time, Tim and Helen managed to wrangle a place on the guest list at The Academy of Music through a woman named Lila Schuman, who answered the phone and did typing for the venue.
"Somehow the conversation got around to the occult," Tim writes, "and I remember helping Lila find a ring that she had lost somewhere in her apartment through 'remote viewing.' It had fallen behind a bureau, if I recall, and that is where I had psychically visualized it. She was most impressed, having dug it out from behind a rather heavy chest of drawers, pretty much where I said she would find it."
Lila next wrote Tim a letter in which she said that Tim and his friend Helen should meet a particular female rock columnist who was making herself known backstage by giving spiritual advice to some of the more open-minded musicians who did not sneer at the super-normal matters that so fascinated Tim and his crowd of fellow believers.


The columnist was, of course, the titular rock and roll witch, Walli Elmlark. Tim begins immediately to defend her honor.
"Walli had been raised in a Jewish family but had found the tenets of witchcraft more to her liking," Beckley writes. "She had become a member of the Wiccan faith, a form of paganism going far back into antiquity and predating Christianity by God knows how long. Walli was quick to point out that she was NOT a Satanist, nor did she wish harm onto others. She was a good witch, or 'white witch,' casting beneficial spells and using candles and gemstones for 'self-empowerment.'
"In folklore," Tim continues, "witches are often portrayed in negative ways, being malicious or sinister by nature. Many are depicted as archetypal 'old crones,' well past their prime, who are frequently scary and 'rough around the edges,' appearance-wise."
By contrast, Walli was beautiful to look at.

Helen, Tim's photographer friend, said that Walli "stood out in the crowd, even among the long-haired hipsters and mod, English-style dressers. She was a very imposing individual, with a very striking figure. Dressed in black, with dark makeup and silver jewelry and a green streak in her hair, Walli's fashion sense was trailblazing; not really goth, but certainly cutting edge. You knew she was someone special, not just the average journalist with pen and paper out to get a good quote."
Walli had already gained a reputation as a journalist by writing for the English publication "Melody Maker," a music newspaper that provided the Beatles with some of their early media attention. In the U.S., Walli was a columnist for "Circus Magazine," a glossy, full color newsstand periodical that appealed to a younger audience and concentrated on hard rock bands without straying over into politics, like "Rolling Stone."
When Helen asked Walli to pose for some photos, Walli was at first rather shy. But when Helen set up her camera equipment, Walli seemed to be more at ease.
"It almost seemed after a while that we had known each other for a lifetime," Helen told Tim. "She was by no means a diva, though she could have been with her famous friends. She was wise beyond her years and seemed to have a window into the future of rock and roll. She certainly had a keen ear for an up-and-coming performer."
Helen said that Walli always had a lot of rockers going to and from her apartment, and not just to be interviewed. A lot of the musicians were eager to hear what she had to say as word of her witchcraft activities began to spread. Some of the stars wanted a psychic reading from her or advice about a good luck candle.
"Walli Elmlark knew David Bowie," Tim writes. "He had been to her apartment. They were striking up a friendship, getting some sort of bond going. True, she wrote a very prestigious column for 'Circus Magazine,' but beyond the attention she could give the newly-arrived pop singer from Britain, whose career was just blossoming in the U.S., they seemed to have a lot in common on a personal level. Bowie was really interested in the same things Walli was. Witchcraft! Magick! UFOs!"
 And Bowie was not an idle curiosity seeker. He had experiences of his own, had seen UFOs, believed in time travel and sought out other dimensions, all within a spiritual framework.
Walli introduced Tim to Bowie and the two gentlemen shook hands. But there was a large gathering of reporters there to question Bowie, so Tim wasn't able to converse much with the rising superstar. Bowie later called Tim once while trying to track down Walli, who had the type of knowledge Bowie was looking to tap into.
Within a few years, Bowie had developed a cocaine habit that began to cause him serious psychological problems. He was living in Los Angeles (only a few houses from where the Charles Manson family had murdered Sharon Tate and her companions) and planning the follow-up to his "Young Americans" album, according to Marc Spitz, the author of "Bowie: A Biography."    
"Bowie would sit in the house with a pile of high-quality cocaine atop the glass table," Spitz writes, "a sketch pad and a stack of books. 'Psychic Self Defense,' by Dion Fortune, was his favorite. Its author describes the book as a 'safeguard for protecting yourself against paranormal malevolence.' Using this and more arcane books on witchcraft, white magic and its malevolent counterpart, black magic, as rough guides to his own rapidly fragmenting psyche, Bowie began drawing protective pentagrams on every surface."
Bowie would later say that he stayed up for weeks and was hallucinating 24 hours a day. An acquaintance of Bowie's, the poet and songwriter Cherry Vanilla, hooked Bowie up with Walli in an effort to help the struggling pop star. Spitz describes Walli as a "Manhattan-based intellectual who taught classes at the New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences, then located on Fourteenth Street just north of Greenwich Village," which, as we know, Tim owned and operated.
Meanwhile, Bowie and his then-wife Angie were living in their house in Los Angeles, which happened to have an indoor pool. In his drug-induced paranoia, Bowie felt Satan lived in the pool.
"With his own eyes," Angie would later write, "David said he'd seen HIM rising up out of the water one night."
Feeling demonic forces moving in, Bowie strongly believed that he needed an exorcism, and asked that his newfound friend, white witch Walli Elmlark, be called upon to lend her assistance to remove the evil from his home. A Greek Orthodox Church in Los Angeles said they would do the exorcism, and even had a priest available for such a service, but Bowie wanted no strangers involved.
"So there we stood," Angie writes, "with just Walli's instructions and a few hundred dollars' worth of books, talismans and assorted items from Hollywood's comprehensive selection of fine occult emporiums."
Bowie began to recite an incantation surrounded by the items Walli had advised him to obtain.
"There's no easy or elegant way to say this," Angela writes, "so I'll just say it straight. At a certain point in the ritual, the pool began to bubble. It bubbled vigorously (perhaps 'thrashed' is a better term) in a manner inconsistent with any explanation involving air filters or the like."  
The couple watched in amazement. Angie tried to joke about it, saying to Bowie, "Well, dear, aren't you clever! It seems to be working. Something's making a move, don't you think?" But she couldn't keep up the humorous brave front for long.
"I was having trouble accepting what my eyes were seeing," she writes. "On the bottom of the pool was a large shadow, or stain, which had not been there before the ritual began. It was in the shape of a beast of the underworld; it reminded me of those twisted, tormented gargoyles screaming silently from the spires of medieval cathedrals. It was ugly, shocking, and malevolent; it frightened me."
Bowie insisted that he and Angie relocate as soon as possible. Subsequent tenants, according to the real estate agent in charge of the property, haven't been able to remove the stain. Even though the pool has been painted over a number of times, the shadow always comes back.
Along with the spiritual help given by Walli to Bowie in his battle against the evil forces in his swimming pool, her spellcasting and positive affirmations made it easier for Bowie to beat his cocaine addiction.

A close confidant of Tim's is the artist Carol Ann Rodriguez. She was in her 20s during the heyday of Tim's New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences. Carol had been into the occult for some time and decided to attend a class at the school after seeing an ad in The Village Voice. Carol was in attendance for a lecture by Walli.
"I liked Walli's wonderful way of explaining witchcraft and paganism as a positive way of life," Carol says, "and decided to sign up for one of Walli's classes which she held at her apartment uptown."
In her classes, Walli lectured on the basics of her faith, called Wicca.  
"Wicca is about love and worshipping," she would say. "The only 'don't' we practice is don't harm others. Whatever deed you do could backfire on you and come back two or even three-fold."
Walli emphasized that witches do not believe in heaven or hell.
"There is no god seated on a throne in the clouds," according to Walli, "and no hell to descend to. There are low-level spirits, known as elementals or demons, which can attach themselves to humans who might have low self-esteem or who indulge in harmful activities. There is, however, a Great Mother, or the goddess Diana, as she has been named. She was formed out of an infinite void, creating an energy source which no religion can tell you how or when it originated.
"There is a reason for everything," she went on. "The reason why may not always be apparent. Sometimes it takes years to see the reason something had to happen as it did, but there is always a reason."
Tim's book also offers Walli's Wiccan views on a variety of other matters, such as her warnings against playing mind games, against feeling hatred and seeking vengeance, along with admonitions about our becoming givers and healers and understanding the importance of love.
"The world does a lot of talking about love and truth," Walli said, "but in fact knows little about it. Love to us means thinking beyond ourselves to the other person. What might be best for me might not be best for him. His interests come first."
Walli's preaching a gospel of unselfish love is a far cry from the archetypal devil-worshipping witches gathered around a cauldron of evil magic. The artist Carol, for one, feels that Walli truly wanted to use her powers - and she did have them - in a positive way and to help others when she possibly could.   


Walli was particularly drawn to Marc Bolan, the front man for the British rock band T. Rex. She believed he was Merlin the Wizard reincarnated as a rock star in order to spread a message of enlightenment alongside other music greats like Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie. The powers-that-be wanted to create positive change in the world via rock music, and Walli was part of that mission.

She even recorded a spoken word album in which she explained this belief system, produced by Robert Fripp of the band King Crimson. The album was never released and it is not known whether the original tapes still exist.

In this just-released book, Walli describes her association with numerous rock and rollers and counterculture celebrity types. She also befriended artist Vaughn Bode, an underground cartoonist who accidentally hung himself while performing what was claimed to be a spiritual form of autoerotic asphyxiation. And Freddy Prinze, who was possessed by the rebellious and often foul-mouthed comic Lenny Bruce. Bruce was repeatedly arrested in the 1960s for public obscenity when heavy-handed censorship made it impossible to say certain things while on stage.

Tim says that one of the things that intrigues him is that, even though Walli is no longer with us on this side of the veil, many of those she came in contact with still think highly of her.

"And when I tracked them down," he says, "they were more than willing to relate spellbinding incidents that happened to them during their association with New York's White Witch."
"David Bowie - UFOs - Witchcraft - Cocaine - and Paranoia" also includes some simple spells from Walli's Wiccan practices, like a spell to court a new love or rekindle an old one, a spell to protect an object and another to obtain money. It is by such spells that Walli qualifies as a genuine witch of the harmless - but very powerful - persuasion.
On a more personal level, Walli's parents had never approved of her lifestyle or her belief in witchcraft. Whenever she visited home, she would return depressed. Walli had been married twice and had given birth to a son. Her parents would tell her she was an embarrassment to them and that her son would be better off without her.
Walli took her own life around 1980 with an overdose of barbiturates. Her friend Carol said the news reached Walli's friends through a member of the family.
"I always thought it was suspicious," Carol said, "that we hadn't gotten word of this in any other way, nor did we see any notice in the papers. I wonder if perhaps they had her whisked away and maybe committed. My spirit guides would not confirm what we had been told."
If you are of a certain age, the counterculture history recounted in "David Bowie - UFOs - Witchcraft - Cocaine - and Paranoia" will take you to a nostalgic wonderland while also rewriting what you think you know of that history with true stories of Walli, various rock stars and their shared occult mission. For younger students of white magic or the occult in general, here is an opportunity to learn from a master of positive energy who sought beneficial outcomes for the people she tried to help.

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GPS Flaw: Security Expert Says He Won't Fly April 6
By Paul Wagenseil

Don't look now, but there's another Y2K-like computer-calendar problem on the way, and this one arrives in just one month: April 6, 2019.

That's the day millions of GPS receivers will literally run out of time, rolling over their time counters back to zero, thanks to limitations in timekeeping for older GPS devices. Many navigation systems may be affected, such as on ships or older aircraft, although your smartphone will be fine.

But because GPS satellites are also crucial to digital timekeeping used by websites, electrical grids, financial markets, data centers and computer networks, the effect of April 6 may be even more wide-ranging.

"I'm not going to be flying on April 6," said one information-security expert during a presentation at the RSA 2019 security conference in San Francisco this week.

To be fair, this has happened once before, on Aug. 21, 1999, and planes didn't start crashing then. But today, we're much more dependent on GPS to time everything that happens on Earth down to the last nanosecond.

"The effects would be more widespread [today] because so many more systems have integrated GPS into their operations," said Bill Malik, the Trend Micro vice president who said he wouldn't fly April 6, in a private conversation with Tom's Guide.

"Ports load and unload containers automatically, using GPS to guide the cranes," Malik said. "Public-safety systems incorporate GPS systems, as do traffic-monitoring systems for bridges. Twenty years ago these links were primitive. Now they are embedded. So any impact now will be substantially greater."

Getting ready without making a fuss

Governments and GPS device makers do know about this and have quietly been trying to get everything patched. The Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum in April 2018 warning "federal, state, local, and private sector organizations" to check with the manufacturers of their GPS devices and/or to update the firmware of their GPS devices before April 6. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has issued a similar memo.

FalTech GPS, a British company that makes GPS signal repeaters for indoor use, said in a blog post that "some GPS receivers, or other systems that utilize the date and time function, may not be able to cope."

"Financial markets, power generating companies, emergency services and industrial control systems may be affected, as well as fixed-line and cellular communications networks," the post continues. But it adds that "since this is the second time a GPS week rollover will occur, many manufacturers will have been aware of it in advance and newer receivers will continue through and beyond the rollover date without issue."

We reached out to Greg Milner, author of "Pinpoint: How GPS Is Changing Technology, Culture and Our Minds" (2017), which examines the history of GPS and its impact on society. (Disclosure: Milner is a longtime friend of this correspondent.)

"The last time this happened (1,024 weeks ago), there was very little disruption, so although many of the receivers in use today weren't around then, there shouldn't be many problems," Milner told us. "That includes aviation-grade receivers."

"This comes from talking to a few of the GPS security people I know, including real alarmists when it comes to GPS spoofing," he added.

The latest navigational systems for commercial passenger aircraft in North America are not vulnerable to this GPS bug. But older flight-management systems that use GPS, such as those used by older passenger planes, private aircraft and cargo planes, may well be.

Errors in GPS can tell aircraft (or cars or ships) that they're miles from where they actually are, or even that they're in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria, the "zero point" for GPS systems. (Most aircraft can also navigate using radio beacons from the ground, but that's hard to do over large stretches of open water.)

The heart of the problem

The problem lies in the way GPS devices and satellites calculate time. Starting with the date of January 6, 1980, GPS devices count weeks, and the counting was originally contained in a 10-bit number field in the GPS device software. Two to the tenth power is 1,024, meaning that all GPS devices can count up to about 19.7 years -- Aug. 21, 1999 when calculated from January 1980.

On that date, most GPS devices flipped the odometer and started counting from zero. But it's been another 19.7 years since August 1999, and it's time to start over again.

The U.S. Naval Observatory, which manages the Universal Time Code (UTC) for the U.S. government, has a brief PowerPoint presentation online warning that "UTC timing displayed and/or time tags of receiver data containing PNT [positioning, navigation and timing] information could jump by 19.7 years."

"Any month/year conversion could also fail," the Naval Observatory presentation added. "Navigation solution should be OK, but associated time tags could be incorrect thus still corrupting navigation data at the system level."

There's a bit more to worry about. Over the past 20 years, many individual GPS device and receiving-system manufacturers have restarted the clock on their own, usually to compensate for a device-specific error, and they could encounter time-rollover problems at any given in the next 20 years.

"The failure is not limited to April 6/7 2019," the U.S. Naval Observatory presentation says. "A common fix for week-number ambiguity [in some GPS devices and receivers] was to hard-code [a] new pivot date, which shifts [the April 6 rollover] event to [an] unknown date/time in future."

So that this doesn't happen again any time soon, GPS devices made in the past decade use 13 bits for the week counter, yielding a total of 8,192 weeks or 157 years. Those devices will not have to restart time until 2137, by which time our descendants will have created a whole new set of technological problems.

Source: Toms Guide


Is There a Hidden Doorway in Great Sphinx of Giza?

Two little-known Ancient Egyptian relics could point to a possible hidden doorway beneath the Great Sphinx, an expert has claimed.

Mystery has surrounded the iconic structure for years, with historians debating who built it, when it was built and even whether there are secret tunnels beneath it.

And Matt Sibson, an ancient history and civilisations expert, believes two relics may be crucial in determining what lies below the structure.

The historian now runs a YouTube channel called Ancient Architects, “offering alternative interpretations and the most well-known ancient sites in the world”.

In his new video, Matt says that in Ancient Egyptian times, there were three "stelae” (stone slabs with depictions on them) located at the front of the Sphinx when it was first erected.

The first, the Dream Stela, was built erected by King Thutmose between 1479BC and 1425BC and remains at the site.

The second two – Stela B and Stela C – were created by Ramesses the Great more than 200 years later.

They were removed from the Sphinx and taken to The Louvre museum in Paris, France, in the 19th century but little has been spoken about them since.

The historian came across an image of the two stelae in explorer Howard Vyce’s 1837 book Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Matt revealed the interesting depictions seen in the image of one of them.

“There’s a Sphinx on the top of a platform, with Rameses the Great next to it and giving an offering,” he said.

“The Sphinx is sitting on top of what looks like a doorway.

“On the Dream Stele, there is also a doorway beneath the Sphinx which backs it up.”

Matt revealed how Howard claimed in his book that those exploring it at the time found a door.

“Excavators found a doorway under the Sphinx, which could have pointed to a cavity underneath it,” he said.

But he added that Howard’s image only showed one of the stelae in detail.

“What does the other one show?” he asked.

“It needs to be re-analysed and brought back to life.

“It could shed more light on the doorway.”

Matt is convinced there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to the Great Sphinx, particularly beneath it.

“I think there is something underneath there, there are loads lots of tunnels under the Giza plateau,” he added.

Source: Daily Star

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Nevada Triangle's Unexplained Disappearances
By George Knapp

Eleven years ago hikers found identification belonging to Steve Fossett, world famous aviator and adventurer who vanished a year earlier.

The vast search for Fossett focused attention on what is now called the Nevada Triangle. It's an area not nearly as infamous at the Bermuda Triangle, but has seen far more disappearances.

In 2007, famed aviator Steve Fossett flew out of a landing strip in northern Nevada and vanished. For months, searchers combed the rugged mountains looking for Fossett. What they found were eight other plane wrecks no one knew about.

By one estimate, 2,000 planes have vanished in the last 60 years in what pilots call the Nevada Triangle, the vast area between Las Vegas, Reno and Fresno. That averages out to about three planes per month, far more than have ever disappeared in the more infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Scientists have determined that strong winds from the Pacific create a powerful downdraft when they cross the Sierra, strong enough to slam small planes into the ground. But many of the aircraft that have gone missing weren't small at all -- a B-24 Bomber and other military craft among them.

Powerful winds and treacherous weather are major factors in why so many planes crash or vanish in what's called the Nevada Triangle but it's more than just planes that disappear. It's also people.

"Then I pulled out a map of Nevada and California and almost fell out of my seat because the largest cluster zone we've established is in that Nevada Triangle, and there's two other cluster zones also in that triangle," said David Paulides, investigator and author of Missing 411 books.

For nine years, former police officer turned author David Paulides has scoured through about 20,000 missing persons files. Based on very specific criteria, he's whittled them down to about 1,200 seemingly inexplicable mysteries -- people who vanish under unusual circumstances.

In a series of books, Missing 411. Paulides has identified dozens of clusters, many of them national parks or forests, where the number of missing is way out of the ordinary. Three of those clusters exist within the Nevada Triangle, including, at the top of the list, Yosemite National Park.

"There's no concrete one item that can say this is causing that, and because of no tracks, no scent trail, no witnesses, we've had people say it's got to be UFOs, it's got to be reptilians, Bigfoot, it's got to be this. In reality, I don't think you can say it's just one thing," Paulides said.

Often the missing vanishes into thin air while with other hikers. Dogs are unable to pick up any scent. There are no tracks. Small children who vanish are found a day later many miles away, over mountain ranges. Human abductions and animal attacks are ruled out.

For years, Paulides requested lists of the missing from the National Park Service but was told they don't keep any such list. More recently Yosemite officials have opened up.

"It might be ten years later, you find a shoe, a piece of clothing," said Scott Gediman, Yosemite National Park Ranger.

Paulides has investigated cases closer to home, including the 1966 disappearance of  6-year-old Larry Jeffrey of Henderson who vanished while with his family on Mount Charleston and a 1977 case of a missing woman near Tonopah.

Some have tried to link the mystery to the Area 51 military base but that facility is far to the east of the triangle's boundaries.

While speaking to a national conference of search and rescue experts, Paulides was addressed by a pair of state troopers.

"They said, 'Dave, you're talking about things that nobody in this room wants to talk about. Everybody knows it's going on. Everybody here faces it, but nobody wants to talk about it.'"

Source: Las Vegas Now


Alien Voices over Radio and Television?

As SETI and other radio astronomers listen for alien broadcasts in the far reaches of outer space, there are plenty of fascinating cases of alleged alien communications being heard right here on planet Earth through ordinary radios and televisions.

One of the most famous cases occurred in England on 26th November, 1977, on Southern ITV1977 television -(which covered London, the South, and South East). The time was 5:12 PM and the message (audio only) interrupted the evening news. Lasting 5½ minutes, it was superimposed over the voice of the news reader, Ivor Mills.

No less than five transmitters were hijacked simultaneously, spread over great distances, and the Independent Broadcasting Authority was not even aware that the message was over-riding their signal; as the transmitters would have been switched off immediately. Possibly, this was because the source of the overriding signal was not terrestrial in nature.

The message was not totally clear, due to the deep sonorous sound of the voice, as though coming through water, but with sophisticated studio equipment a reasonably positive and accurate copy was made. The biggest point of contention was the name of the voice. Various reports gave it as: Vrillon,  Gillon, and Glon, but checking it at various speeds it came out more like Bramaha or Gramaha the spelling being phonetic.

The news reader appeared completely oblivious to the situation and continued as usual, while the voice spoke slowly and calmly, as if echoing through water. The transcript is below.

"This is the voice of Gramaha, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth.

"We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disasters which threaten your world, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.

"Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. For many years your scientists, government and generals have not heeded our warnings; they have continued to experiment with the evil forces of what you call nuclear energy. Atomic bombs can destroy the Earth, and the beings of your sister worlds, in a moment. The wastes from atomic power systems will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come.

"We, who have followed the path of evolution for far longer than you, have long since realized this-that atomic energy is always directed against life. It has no peaceful application. Its use, and research into its use, must be ceased at once, or you all risk destruction. All weapons of evil must be removed.

"The time of conflict is now past. The race of which you are a part may proceed to the highest planes of evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill.

"Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution.

"Hear now the voice of Gramaha, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you - the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends giving you worthless dross in return.

"Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves on to the path of evolution.

"This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit.

"We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the plane of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos."

The message received a mixed reaction: some listeners were terrified, some intrigued, while others remained skeptical. Of course, the media denounced the broadcast as a hoax, even though the Independent Broadcasting Authority failed to explain how its stringent security system was bypassed.

At no time did anyone come forward to claim responsibility for the ‘hoax'. This incredible explanation was soon seen to be a cover-up, as investigation by independent sources came to the conclusion that the ‘message' would have to have been cut in to at least five transmitters, simultaneously. Furthermore, the students would have had to beat the I.B.A's monitoring system. Engineers at the centers around Britain watch for faults in transmission, and can if necessary switch off sections of the network.

Neither the main T.V. transmitter at Southampton, or the Engineers at Croydon, Surrey who were monitoring Hannington, logged the galactic message, and they were clearly unaware that the Space broadcast was over-riding their signal. By law all radio/T.V. has to have a monitoring system, for an ‘instant switch-off', technically known as insertion test signals. It did not even register the ‘interruption' suggesting that it was achieved in some way that bypassed our electrical system.

According to other stories, it would seem that broadcasts of a similar nature occurred worldwide, even in different areas of the UK. "We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth."

The Ashtar Galactic Command, as mentioned in the broadcast, features quite prominently in 'channeled' and contactee material going back to the early 1940s. In channelings subsequent to the broadcast, the entities have claimed responsibility. In 1994 at least three independent channelers published information that the Ashtar Command were planning another similar series of broadcasts. However, it appears that proposed dates have so far not been met.

Another interesting case involved an 18 year old Ham Radio Operator named Robert P. Renaud. In July, 1961, Renaud was trying to pick up BBC Radio on his short wave set when he picked up a strange beep high in the 25 meter band that overshadowed BBC. When he tuned in on the beep, it stopped and a clear soft feminine voice came over the radio saying: "Bob, we'd like you to stay on this frequency for a while."

The voice claimed to be an extraterrestrial in a spacecraft  from a planet called Korendor. The Korendians instructed Renaud how to modify his home built short wave radio set to receive their broadcasts better.

After a few radio contacts the Korendians helped Renaud modify his home built TV set to pick up their images on the vidicon tube while he spoke to them on radio. Those contacts continued and developed into face-to-face meetings and even into going on trips with them, in their craft, for months and years. He kept careful notes on his contacts.

Investigator Allen Griese visited Renaud in his home and was perplexed by Renaud's attitude: "He showed no signs whatever of wanting to promote himself," Griese said. "There was no show biz, no snake oil. He didn't even seem much interested in talking. He 'd answer questions, but he wouldn't offer anything. He was hesitant to entertain visitors and he sold nothing, made no money. He said the whole business was imposed on him; he hadn't gone after it."

"Renaud has a large collection of tapes allegedly on his space communications: Grise listened to some of them and heard what was supposed to be the voice of the primary contact-woman Lin-Erri. He recalls, "These were good-quality, reel-to-reel recordings. The women's voice had a kind of hesitancy in speech patterns suggesting a foreign person doing well in English. It had s a singsong, melodious quality."

There have additionally been isolated instances of alleged contacts having been made through TV and Radio. One occurred in England on the January 8, 1971 when UFO researcher Rex Dutta was on a radio talk show and invited people to telephone in with questions. What was considered by him to have been a ‘voice from outer space' came on...a clear voice that showed no echo or feedback on the engineers' instruments.  Even more strange, while Dutta's voice registered on the stations VU meter, the mysterious caller's voice did not.

It should be considered that the incidents mentioned in this article could be nothing more than simple hoaxes. However, if our planet is being visited by extraterrestrial races, what better way to initiate contact with a select few than by using our own electronic equipment. It would be interesting to see if there have been any recent reports of alleged extraterrestrial communications using home computers, the Internet and text messaging.

Source: Conspiracy Journal


Goblins Terrorize Zimbabwe Villagers, Kill Livestock and Crops

Residents from Sigola’s Ziqaweni Village are living in fear amid indications that invisible creatures suspected to be goblins have been terrorising them since last year, mysteriously killing their children, livestock and destroying their crops.It is said in September last year two families lost their children due to goblin attacks.

Residents expressed relief after the goblin which was claimed to have killed the children was destroyed by prophets.

However, the peace was short-lived as it is reported that the residents are once again subjected to suspected goblins that are said to be killing several villagers’ cattle.

The alleged goblins strike during the night.

Staying in their homesteads has become a nightmare for community members residing in Ziqaweni Village under Chief Sigola.

“Every morning we wake up to the death of our cattle. At first we thought it was a thief so we took turns in guarding the kraals in the hope of catching the thief. It was all in vain because we never caught anyone but every morning we found a dead cow in different homesteads.

“Last year a cleansing ceremony was carried out when some kids mysteriously died and we thought we would have peaceful lives. Right now we don’t know how we will be helped because we believe these goblins can be killed but later on come back in full force,” said a villager who preferred anonymity.

Village head Mehluli Ndlovu has not been spared from the goblin attacks.

“So far 30 cattle have been found dead in this area. I have also lost some of my cattle,” said a sad Ndlovu.

He added: “I am now seeking divine and traditional interventions to exorcise the area. Whether it’s goblins or someone using juju, we are tired and we want the goblins or the person behind this caught. I have heard complaints that the goblins are also destroying some villager’s crops. I am currently organising funds so that I embark on a journey to Chipinge to get a powerful traditional healer.”

Villagers expressed concern and pleaded for an immediate solution before the attacks get serious.

“Each household is currently contributing money to pay the person who will conduct the cleansing ceremony. We hope they will do a good job and stop this terror before it gets out of hand,” said a villager who only identified herself as MaKhumalo.

Source: B-Metro

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