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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Cosmo-shaking stories as:

Chaff Cloud Seen on Radar Over New Mexico Airspace - 
- CIA Psychic Pioneer Explains Physics and ESP -
Ghosts and the Phenomenon of 'Looped Time' Anomalies -
AND: Thrift Store Sells 'Haunted' Furniture

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Full Color Version: The Occult Saga of Walli Elmlark - The
"Rock and Roll" Witch of New York.




This is the compelling story of the Wiccan lady Walli Elmlark who saved the life of David Bowie through witchcraft, and put a spell on pop stars and other high profile celebrities during the most dynamic period in rock music – the 1970s.

Through the pages of this book the reader will go back in time to relive this celebrated period, mingling with those who were shaping the counterculture and causing a reconstruction of our social and political belief systems, both through the music and entertainment of this period, and the practice of witchcraft and the occult which was growing in popularity among the youth. Much of the activities described took place backstage at the Academy of Music and as part of the inner circle of the N.Y. School of Occult Arts and Sciences hosted by the psychic world’s “Grand Poobah” Tim Beckley.


** The British rocker David Bowie had come to the U.S. on his first tour taking on the persona of Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous spaceman from Mars. Bowie was coming under repeated psychic attack. An evil spirit had settled in the swimming pool of his LA residence; black magicians were trying to collect his semen so that they could create a demon baby. Was the Anti-christ looming in his future? All this while becoming more dependent on cocaine which was causing “the man who fell to Earth” to become increasingly paranoid.

Indeed, it seemed like a curse had been placed on rock and roll as any number of its young performers were dying, or becoming deeply depressed regardless of whether drugs were involved or not.

** Glam rocker Marc Bolan of the band T-Rex, for example died prematurely in a car accident. Walli had proclaimed “the wizard with a top hat” to be the reincarnation of the 5th century sorcerer Merlin of King Arthur’s court.

** There is also empirical evidence that Jimi Hendrix had a “special mission.” It was said that he was from Mars (either physically or reincarnated from the Red Planet) and that he had been reborn here to lift the consciousness of the planet through his music and occult philosophy. UFOs followed him wherever he went. In fact, a stranger from space even saved his life one wintery evening.

Guaranteed to be a trip down the odd side of memory land!

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Chaff Cloud Seen on Radar Over New Mexico Airspace
By Tyler Rogoway

Back in December of 2018, we reported on a mysterious chaff cloud that emerged over the Midwest. Just days later, we were first to point out a number of other similar and highly persistent formations that popped up across the eastern United States. In the first case, we were able to get the USAF to tell us where that cloud of metallic radar reflective material came from, at least according to them, but in the other cases we didn't have as good of luck. Now, a new radar clip shows the formation of a big chaff cloud near Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico.

The event occurred on March 5th, 2019 at around 19:20 UTC, which equates to roughly 12:20pm local time. Over a swath of sky beginning to the west of Cannon Air Force Base, the plume first appears, covering roughly 30 miles over a couple hours time. Cannon AFB is used by Air Force Special Operations Command and is home the 27th Special Operations Wing and its MC-130s, AC-130s, CV-22s, MQ-9s, U-28s, C-146s and other propeller-driven aircraft, some of which could have deployed the chaff from their expendable countermeasures systems.

There is the 'Pecos' cluster of Military Operating Areas (MOAs) just to the west of Cannon AFB that extends out nearly 100 miles, it seems as if this may have been where the release began from an aircraft. It took roughly two hours for the chaff to cross the state line into Texas. Like other chaff plumes we have seen as of late, it stayed remarkably cohesive over a long period of time.

We watched the aviation activity over the area at the time and didn't see anything out of the ordinary or a culprit that could have released the chaff as part of a test or other unique operation. Keep in mind that most military aircraft aren't tracked using the software. We also listened to radio recordings from the time period and didn't hear Albuquerque Center communicate with an aircraft about the chaff release.

This event is similar to a mysterious chaff cloud spotted over southern Illinois, southwestern Indiana, and western Kentucky. At around 3:00 PM Central Time on Dec. 10, 2018, weathermen at local news stations in the area, as well as a National Weather Service (NWS) in Paducah, Kentucky, began tracking the radar "blob" as it dramatically expanded in length and began to move southward. The chaff cloud was so intense that it remained on radar for over ten hours.

Wayne Hart, the Chief Meteorologist at ABC-affiliate WEHT in Evansville, Indiana, took to Twitter to offer the first real information about the radar reflective plume.

"Information from a pilot appears to confirm that chaff was the mysterious radar echo that traversed #tristatewx late Monday afternoon/evening," Hart Tweeted out. "Pilot was told by EVV [Evansville Regional Airport] Air Traffic Control that chaff was released by a military C130 [sic] northwest of Evansville."

It was later confirmed that a C-130H from West Virginia's 130th Airlift Wing was returning to its home station at McLaughlin Air National Guard Base in Charleston after taking part in a training exercise at an unspecified location on the "West Coast." The plane needed to dump the excess chaff in its countermeasures dispensers before landing as a safety precaution. It was never explained though, why the chaff was released over southern Illinois and at such a low altitude.

As for the New Mexico incident. Reporters for the War Zone have reached out to Cannon AFB about the peculiar chaff cloud, but apparently no response was ever received.

Source: The War Zone


If the Space Force Won't Fight Aliens, Who Will?
By Kyle Mizokami

Late last week, military news site Task & Purpose confirmed a disturbing fact: the newly created U.S. Space Force has no intention of fighting aliens. Despite the recent uptick of military UFO sightings, the Pentagon appears uninterested (at least officially) in the possibility of hostile aliens. But if an alien invasion does take place, which arm of the Pentagon would respond? The answer: probably all of them.

During a recent Pentagon roundtable, Task & Purpose’s Pentagon reporter Jeff Schogol asked if the Space Force “is concerned about threats posed by extraterrestrial intelligence.” The official answer he got back? “No.”

Schogol’s question was asked with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but the revelation last year that U.S. Navy fighter jets encountered alleged UFO craft in 2004 and again in 2015—in both instances appearing on radar and leaving behind video evidence—makes one wonder.

If the unidentified flying objects described by Navy pilots, as well as military and civilian personnel for the past seventy years, are really of extraterrestrial origin and unfriendly, how would the Pentagon deal with them?

If UFOs suddenly descended from the skies, toasting the Statue of Liberty, the Great Mall of America, and the Golden Gate Bridge with death rays, the Pentagon would need to convene some sort of study group to quickly determine what kind of threat it was dealing with. If that happens, forget the Air Force.

Ironically, the service that would most likely take the lead is the U.S. Navy.

Why the Navy? Aliens would likely come from vast distances, traveling light years in long distance voyages, to smash puny humans. The U.S. Navy is unique among the services in planning similar, though much, much shorter voyages. Both submarines and UFOs deal with pressure—in the case of submarines the pressure is on the outside, while in space the pressure is on the inside of the vehicle. From an operational and technical standpoint, aliens and sailors have a few things in common.

There are other reasons the Navy might take the lead. Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and if aliens operated from the water (remember, the 2004 sighting included reports of a 737-sized object on the surface of the ocean) the Navy is unique in having manned aircraft, surface ships, and submarines prowling above, on, and below the surface of the ocean. The Navy could also sail to the most remote locations in the world’s oceans, establishing a military presence for weeks or months, to investigate and monitor for enemy activity.

The Air Force could operate against aliens, but the service’s fighters and bombers could only remain on station for mere minutes or hours before returning to base. Against a terrestrial threat this isn’t really a big deal, but against an alien threat we know nothing about—and according to the 2004 incident, theoretically capable of traveling extraordinary distances in a blink of an eye—such a force will be less useful.

If humans could lure aliens into a set-piece battle the Air Force could bring a lot of firepower, but how one lures aliens into battle is anyone’s guess. In the meantime the Space Force, nestled under control of the Air Force, would contribute to the alien war by maintaining the U.S. military’s network of position, navigation, and timing/GPS satellites, communication satellites, and other space-based assets.

The Army would be the service responsible if aliens attempted a landing in the United States, or presumably one of our allies. The Army’s 10 combat divisions would spring into action, attempting to destroy the aliens with fire and maneuver. It would be in many ways similar to countering an airborne landing, with the Army attempting to destroy the alien’s landing zone and prevent the flow of alien reinforcements. The Marines could also get in on the alien fighting, particularly overseas in Asia, Europe, or even the Middle East—though one would like to think aliens would be smart enough to avoid that region and the prospect of their own 18-year war altogether.

Of course, all of this is contingent on the U.S. military being on par with alien technology... which, frankly, is extremely unlikely. The universe is billions of years old, and other races could easily have a head start of a million years or more on us. And certainly, any species capable of interstellar flight is far more technologically advanced.

Consider that a handful of 21st century tanks could crush an army from the 11th century, or even the 19th century for that matter. Even a difference of a thousand years would be ample enough to ensure humanity’s defeat from even a minor alien expedition/hunting trip/bachelor party.

If aliens do exist, ultimately it may not matter if they are hostile or not. Our destruction at their hands would be about as inevitable as destruction from an extinction-level meteor impact. They could even be friendly, the combination of advanced, destructive technology and violent tendencies leading to intelligent life self-screening itself from interstellar travel. (That would be bad news for humanity.) The “UFOs” people are seeing could even be top secret U.S. government craft. The aliens could be us. In the end, maybe it doesn’t matter if the Pentagon has a plan to fight aliens after all.

Source: Foxtrot Alpha


CIA Psychic Pioneer Explains Physics and ESP
By Yasmin Tayag

The film The Men Who Stare at Goats had a long laugh at the United States Army’s 20-year-long attempt to use psychic powers to kill animals. Those experiments grew out of the work of physicist Russell Targ, Ph.D., whose studies on psychic “remote viewing” at the Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s drew the attention of the CIA, which later turned it into the goat-felling Stargate Project. That project was abandoned in 1995, and Targ’s work has been panned as pseudoscience ever since. But he stands by what he saw: people who could perceive hidden targets using only their minds.

Don’t believe him? He thinks it’s because our understanding of physics is out of date.

Targ is the producer and star of a new documentary, Third Eye Spies, in which he attempts to set the record straight about remote viewing with testimonies from over 30 scientists, former CIA officials, and witnesses. In remote viewing experiments, a “psychic” subject is asked to draw or describe some unseen target that is unknown to them but known by the experimenter. Edited in the shaky-camera style of conspiracy theory docs, the film is a collage of anecdotal and pictorial evidence that remote viewing is real, showing that the psychic’s drawings and descriptions really did match up with the unseen targets.

It opens with a quote from President Jimmy Carter, in which he admits that a CIA-affiliated psychic correctly located a missing plane in 1979.

“Very hard for a skeptic to say that didn’t happen if the president is saying these guys in California found the airplane,” Targ tells Inverse. “We did many things like that.” The accounts he’s collected double down on two points: The data on extrasensory perception are real, and since they’re real, our fundamental understanding of reality needs to change.

Like the CIA’s official debrief of the research, mainstream scientists and communicators have panned his work because it’s been impossible to reproduce to the degree of success that Targ reports. They include renowned skeptic Michael Shermer, the scientists behind a 1988 National Research Council review of his work, and the TEDx organizers who canceled his talk in 2013 because it was “pseudoscience.”

Like many people smacked with that label, Targ says he’s aware of the skepticism — “I’m not silly about it” — and continually returns to his data when the conversation turns to his doubters. In this, he is a scientist through and through. He has so much faith in his data on remote sensing that he has constructed a new theory of physics to accommodate it.

The Theory of Eight-Space

Despite the widespread criticism about his experimental design and data collection — the CIA report says that Targ and his partner, Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., “did not quote their own sources accurately” — Targ, who considers himself a laser scientist, maintains that his data are valid. The psychic Ingo Swann knew Jupiter had ice rings before NASA did, he says, and Stargate alum Joe McMoneagle used ESP to locate secret Chinese and Soviet military facilities. The documentary is full of psychics’ drawings of random objects they were asked to view remotely, side-by-side with actual photos of those objects. Were the experimental design behind them shown to be sound, they would be impressive.

How would we even begin to reconcile the existence of ESP with reality? Unlike conspiracy theorists like flat-Earthers and moon landing truthers, Targ doesn’t turn to explanations of the “they don’t want you to know” variety — at least not entirely. He proposes that the accepted theory of four-dimensional spacetime, consisting of three space dimensions and one time dimension, needs updating.

“I have no doubt that ESP is a non-local ability independent of space and time,” he says. “What that means is that we misapprehend the nature of the spacetime we’re living in.”

For a psychic to, say, know what’s happening 588 million kilometers away on Jupiter, the spacetime distance between them must somehow be zero. That can’t be, since our theory of reality is rooted in the principle of locality, which says an object can only be directly influenced by its immediate surroundings. What if we switched to a non-local theory? Then it would make far more sense that a person could perceive something far away in time and space. Recent observations of quantum entanglement, the idea that any two particles in spacetime are actually connected and can affect each other even when they’re far apart, have forced us to contend with non-local theories. Targ’s is just one of them.

In 2006, Targ co-authored a paper published in AIP Conference Proceedings outlining a new, non-local theory he dubs eight-space, in which each of our four dimensions is broken up into a “real” and mathematically “imaginary” part. “We give a model of one possible non-local space time,” he explains. “We describe an eight-space metric which allows psychic abilities to work.”

Asking Questions

Scientists do not appear to have paid Targ’s theory much attention, perhaps because the data on which it is based have been so widely invalidated, and perhaps because psychic research is just too weird to be taken seriously. It doesn’t help that it is of a variety of fringe science that finds fans in alternative communities promoting unscientific, and often dangerous, thinking.

An outlier among scientists is Cambridge’s Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist Brian Josephson, Ph.D., who is featured in the film. He has long maintained that the scientific community is too caught up in the idea “that phenomena which are difficult to reproduce are not real,” as Physics World put it previously. Targ calls Josephson a “brave man.”

For those of us who do not grapple with the existence of ESP or the consequences of quantum entanglement every day, the existing theory of four-dimensional spacetime will suffice. But that’s not to say the efforts of theoretical physicists are wasted.

They’re continuing to apply the scientific method to make better educated guesses about the nature of the universe based on what they observe. Targ just happens to have observed something that most others have not.

* Check out Lance Mungia's (director of "Third Eye Spies") interview on Exploring the Bizarre.

Source: Inverse

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Ghosts and the Phenomenon of 'Looped Time' Anomalies

Discovering the secret of how time can be looped upon itself could even provide mankind with a pathway to the stars.

An entirely new type of physics is being played out—literally before our eyes and ears, yet few scientists bother to investigate the evidence.

The physics of time (and its relationship to space and the quantum reality) may be better understood by determining the underlying nature of the auditory and visual anomalies that cross the boundaries into our space-time during regular or irregular intervals. The phenomenon points to aberrations of time exhibited as ‘time loops.’

Throughout history these snippets of looped time have been lumped together with unassociated phenomena under the general heading of ghosts.

The elusive nature of space-time

What scientists have gleaned through observations and experiments over the past century is space-time is not uniform. Astrophysicists and cosmologists have hypothesized that time in other regions of space may exist at a different rate than our own. Various factors may cause the disparities including gravitational effects, dark matter, even the possibility of dark energy. Intersections of hyper-dimensions between our reality and others could create random folds, ripples or creases in the universal space-time continuum in various regions of space.

These regions—where space may have a ‘kink’—could exhibit qualities that we perceive as space and time anomalies. The anomalies may be massive or microscopic; they could occur anywhere in the universe and have a duration of anywhere from scant nanoseconds to unfathomable eons.

Space-time anomalies and ghosts

Looped time ghosts are spectral images or auditory phenomena that tend to repeat themselves. Some repeat at regular intervals while others are erratic and unpredictable.

Examples of these phenomena are rife throughout history—many have been witnessed dozens or hundreds of times during their manifestations. During modern times some have been recorded, photographed, filmed or videotaped.

The chanting monks of Beaulieu Abbey

Within the walls of the famous abbey of Beaulieu, England reside the chanting monks. The Catholic monks of the Cistercian order are heard devoutly singing mass, yet no monks have occupied the abbey since 1538.

The phenomenon of the singing monks has been recorded. It usually lasts from 5 to 20 minutes. Each time the singing is exactly the same, as if a recording is being played back.

In a sense, a recording is being played back.

At some point during the hundreds of years the Cistercian monks lived there, a funeral prayer-chant became embedded into the fabric of space-time that surrounds the abbey grounds. The voices of the monks can distinctly be heard despite the fact no monks have inhabited the abbey for almost 500 years.

With some exceptions, the ghostly singing has been heard around the hour of sunrise. The singing is firm and robust—quite easy to hear.

Evidence suggests that the recorded singing is apart and separate from the surrounding space-time. It seems that when the right conditions are met—probably the exact same conditions that were present when the space-time impression was created—the embedded auditory phenomenon is replayed.

While looped ghosts have been seen walking down staircases that no longer exist, checking out motel rooms that are long gone, or heard walking across old wooden floors that were since covered with thick carpeting, one of the most unsettling sights are the Confederate soldiers that make impromptu appearances at the Cashtown Inn outside of Gettysburg, Virginia.

The soldiers appear only from the knees up. The phenomena has been captured on film and seen by thousands over the past 150 years.

Why would the images of the soldiers be seen time again only from the knees up? Interestingly, the Inn was restored many decades ago and during the restoration the new floor was constructed measurably higher than the old one. The time loop recording of the Confederate soldiers occurred during the Civil War before the Battle of Gettysburg when the inn’s floor was at its original height.

Thus, it now appears that the soldiers are walking on a floor beneath the floor—and that is exactly what they are doing.

The fact that the images of the soldiers were captured when the floor was lower and are now being replayed like a video, dutifully recreating the height of the original floor, lends credence to the idea that the images are really a trick of space-time and are being played back.

Serious study should be given to these phenomena and the others like them that occur with some regularity around the world. A new aspect of physics is waiting to be discovered.

Determining exactly how events can be naturally imprinted upon the fabric of space-time could provide great insight into the workings of time, the quantum reality, the nature of the multi-verse, and even existence itself.

Discovering the secret of how time can be looped upon itself could even provide Mankind with a pathway to the stars.

Source: Salem News


Mysterious Rumble Hits Florida's Space Coast
By J.D. Gallop,

A mysterious rumble that rattled patio doors and shook houses across the Space Coast Friday, March 11, was not an earthquake, said the U.S. Geological Survey.  But a seismologist with the agency is hard-pressed to say exactly what it was that shook homes from Cocoa to Merritt Island.

“We looked into this and we didn’t see any evidence of a tectonic earthquake. It could have been something that didn’t originate in the ground,” said Paul Earle, a seismologist with the USGS, the scientific agency that monitors earthquakes across the globe.

“It could be something like a hypersonic jet, munitions…or a sonic boom. Unfortunately, we can't give a definitive answer on exactly what it was,” said Earle, based in Golden, Colorado.

The deep rattling was not detected by the USGS but was reported by residents – many of whom are familiar with the occasional sonic boom from overhead military jets or consistent shaking that follows a rocket launch – on social media about 6 p.m. Friday.

“I felt my sliding doors vibrating for a solid two and a half minutes. I left my bedroom and I went to the front door to look for a rocket .. but I thought I might have missed it,” said Milenka L Smith, a Satellite Beach resident who posted on Facebook about the Friday shaking.

If the strange rumblings had been detected, it would have been the first of its kind, seismic activity for the area since 2006.  It was then that more than 3,000 residents from across the state, including Rockledge to Melbourne, felt tremors stemming from a 6.0 magnitude earthquake centered several hundred miles away in the Gulf of Mexico.

Earthquakes, however, are a rare occurrence in the Sunshine State, which sits on a cushion of porous limestone and bedrock.

However, officials say one of these "rare" earthquakes hit the Florida Panhandle on March 8. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the magnitude 2.6 earthquake occurred in Santa Rosa County, just south of the Alabama border.

Geologists say the earthquake was strong enough to be felt but too weak to do significant damage. More than a dozen people reported tremors to the USGS website. No one has commented yet if there could be any correlation between the earthquake on March 8, and the mysterious rumble on March 11.

A magnitude 3.7 earthquake was recorded near Daytona Beach in 2016, but it was triggered by U.S. Navy testing that involved a man-made explosion. Before that, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico in 2006, but no major damage was reported.

Sometimes the earth may move as a result of a man-made phenomenon such as a rocket launch or the shock waves from an overhead airplane, even heavy trucks or trains, experts said.

The weather may also play a role, with some experts pointing to the coinciding of some tremor reports with the arrival of large, cold air masses, according to a 1991 report prepared by the Department of Natural Resources.

Patrick Air Force Base officials also heard of the reports from Friday but said there were no military air exercises involved that could have caused the shaking.

“We’ve been informed that there have been reports of a rumbling noise in the Space Coast area this past Friday. Having checked with our local organizations within the 45th Space Wing, it does not appear to have come from us. So I cannot comment at this time as to its origin.”

On Feb. 12, some residents from Titusville to Palm Bay reported on social media being shaken after what turned out to be a footlong-sized fireball that exploded in the nighttime skies over the Atlantic Ocean with a force equal to 100 tons of TNT.

That bright, green meteor was detected by a private network that contracts with NASA’s Planetary Defense Office to monitor asteroids, meteors and fireballs across the globe.

In 2016, a 3.7 magnitude earthquake was reported just off the coast of Daytona Beach, just to the north of Brevard County. Authorities in that case later determined that it was man-made, triggered by U.S. Navy testing.

Source: Florida Today


Thrift Store Sells 'Haunted' Furniture

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store in Salisbury recently sold a furniture set that came with a warning from its previous owners.

The hand-carved Queen Ann canopy bed and highboy chest of drawers from the 1950s had a message attached for potential buyers.

It read, "Please note: Previous owner reports that the highboy is haunted. He reports continuous nightmares for he and his wife while it was in the room. He also reports that the dogs would not stop barking at it."

The set eventually sold for the $1,000 asking price.

The Habitat for Humanity Director of Operations Elizabeth Brady told the Charlotte Observer, "They are regular customers and they were intrigued by it, but they don't believe in that."

She said she didn't know their names.

Brady also told the Charlotte Observer that the warning was not a publicity stunt, but a matter of full disclosure, even if it hurt the possibility of a quick sale.

Source: ABC 11

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