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- Pilot Using Night Vision Spots Mystery Object Over Las Vegas - 
- The Giants of the Northern Rockies -
Monsters Of The Deep Still Undiscovered -
AND: Family Begs for Help Because of Spirit Creature

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Full Color Version: The Occult Saga of Walli Elmlark - The
"Rock and Roll" Witch of New York.




This is the compelling story of the Wiccan lady Walli Elmlark who saved the life of David Bowie through witchcraft, and put a spell on pop stars and other high profile celebrities during the most dynamic period in rock music – the 1970s.

Through the pages of this book the reader will go back in time to relive this celebrated period, mingling with those who were shaping the counterculture and causing a reconstruction of our social and political belief systems, both through the music and entertainment of this period, and the practice of witchcraft and the occult which was growing in popularity among the youth. Much of the activities described took place backstage at the Academy of Music and as part of the inner circle of the N.Y. School of Occult Arts and Sciences hosted by the psychic world’s “Grand Poobah” Tim Beckley.


** The British rocker David Bowie had come to the U.S. on his first tour taking on the persona of Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous spaceman from Mars. Bowie was coming under repeated psychic attack. An evil spirit had settled in the swimming pool of his LA residence; black magicians were trying to collect his semen so that they could create a demon baby. Was the Anti-christ looming in his future? All this while becoming more dependent on cocaine which was causing “the man who fell to Earth” to become increasingly paranoid.

Indeed, it seemed like a curse had been placed on rock and roll as any number of its young performers were dying, or becoming deeply depressed regardless of whether drugs were involved or not.

** Glam rocker Marc Bolan of the band T-Rex, for example died prematurely in a car accident. Walli had proclaimed “the wizard with a top hat” to be the reincarnation of the 5th century sorcerer Merlin of King Arthur’s court.

** There is also empirical evidence that Jimi Hendrix had a “special mission.” It was said that he was from Mars (either physically or reincarnated from the Red Planet) and that he had been reborn here to lift the consciousness of the planet through his music and occult philosophy. UFOs followed him wherever he went. In fact, a stranger from space even saved his life one wintery evening.

Guaranteed to be a trip down the odd side of memory land!

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Pilot Using Night Vision Spots Mystery Object Over Las Vegas  
By Tyler Rogoway

Around 9pm local time on Saturday, March 16th, 2019, an air ambulance helicopter was flying roughly 15 miles west of central Last Vegas when something odd caught his aided eye. During an exchange with an air traffic controller, the pilot of Mercy Air 21, an Agusta 119 Koala helicopter, noted spotting an unidentified object some distance from his position and only he was likely able to see it in the darkness as he was wearing night vision goggles (NVGs). The controller responded that he had nothing on radar in the area where he was seeing the object, but when he heard the pilot could only see it through his NVGs, he responded with amazement.

Our good friend @Aircraftspots mentioned the odd exchange on twitter and posted the audio to Soundcloud, which you can listen to in full below. Apparently, he was tipped off to it by fellow Twitter user and aviation aficionado @KE6ZGP.

You can hear the pilot alert the controller to spotting something over the "Southern Hills area." This is not a topographic landmark, it is a hospital in the southwest corner of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. He notes that the objects appears to be at around 7,000 feet and that it could be a balloon or "something along those lines" and that it is unlit.

The controller responds saying he doesn't see it, but that doesn't mean there isn't something out there. The pilot then informs him that he has night vision goggles on and that he can only see it through the goggles. The controller seems pretty amazed with the pilot's capabilities, responding "oooh that's awesome."

We ran back the tracking data Flightradar24 had during the time of the radio exchange and we couldn't find anything unusual in the area where the pilot saw the object and we couldn't find Mercy Air 21 definitively either. This isn't surprising as lower-flying aircraft have spotty tracking in that area.

We did find an air ambulance helicopter that briefly appeared over the western Las Vegas metropolitan area at around the right time of the radio call. According to @Aircraftspots, that aircraft, N608CF, doesn't historically use the Mercy Air 21 callsign. Still, it is the same type as the one that does and appears to be owned by the same company—Air Methods. So it is possible that this was the helicopter communicating with air traffic control, although its position is closer to the center of Las Vegas than it should be, at least based on the positioning call given by the air traffic controller in the recorded audio.

Really, all that doesn't matter that much. What we are left with here is an interesting piece of air traffic control audio more than an unexplained sighting of a pressing or extremely extraordinary nature. As the pilot notes, it could have been some sort of a balloon, but it does seem a bit odd spotting an unlit balloon at night, with night vision goggles, from miles away. The altitude is also interesting, 7,000 feet isn't exactly low. But without more information and/or additional witnesses, we don't have much to warrant further investigation.

At least not yet.

UPDATE: There was a bit of confusion about the time indexing between the flight data and the audio clip and our friend @thenewarea51 figure it out. Because it was UTC time, we were a day behind, so the data we wanted to see was on the 17th not 16th of March. When we reviewed the correct data from Flightradar24, we got Mercy Air 21 (MA021) exactly where it should be, roughly 15 miles west of KLAS in the red box I originally outlined.

We can also positively ID the helicopter. It is an Agusta A109, registered N238AM, belonging to Air Methods. We also now have better positioning information. According to this, MA021 would have been roughly nine miles from the South Hills Hospital, the approximate area where the pilot thought the object was flying over at 7,000 feet, when the radio exchange occurred.

A nine mile visual ID of a party ballon or something like that at night using NVGs seems really questionable. So size of the object and its exact configuration is the big question at this point. We also know that the A109 was flying at 7,000 feet. So, the pilot would have seen this object at eye level from his perspective.

We finally talked to the Mercy Air operations base where the helicopter flies out of and they informed us that Air Methods headquarters has told them not provide comment or access to the pilot who was talking on the radio and spotted the object. They told us Air Methods wants any inquiries sent to their headquarters. The problem is that I had reached out to them and have heard nothing back in well over 24 hours. I will keep trying to contact them directly, but at this point it looks as if they are actively trying to avoid discussing the event with us.

Update: March 20th, 2019 @ 8pm PST—

It took a few days, but we finally got comment from Air Methods. Here is what their director of communications sent me:

    Hi Tyler –

    The pilot believes that the object in question were Mylar balloons.


You can take that however you see fit, but that is their statement.

Source: The Drive


The Giants of the Northern Rockies
By Michael Mayes

In the years since I started writing this blog, I’ve become an avid folklorist. There isn’t much I enjoy more than a good story and I am more than willing to do some looking around to find one. Sometimes discovering a good story requires little more than paying attention to conversations going on around me (no, I’m not above doing a bit of eavesdropping if something catches my attention), but, more often than not, it takes a bit of digging. I try hard to visit the public library of any town I visit just to see what hidden gems they might have in their stacks. It dawned on me this week that I had never really explored the library at my own school. I quickly remedied that situation and, sure enough, found something of interest.

The myths and legends of the Native Americans have always fascinated me and it is always interesting to see if any of these old tales could possibly tell us anything about cryptid animals. While combing through my school library, I came across a book titled Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies by Ella E. Clark and checked it out. In it, Ms. Clark recounts a couple of tales that tell of giants that once roamed North America. I wondered if references to these giants could possibly be explained by early wood ape/sasquatch encounters. Below I will summarize a few of the more interesting legends regarding these giants I found in the book.

On their way to the Pacific Northwest, members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition ran into a group of Flathead Indians in the Bitterroot Valley of what is now western Montana. The tribe was friendly to these white men, the first they had ever seen. The Flatheads shared not only their food with the explorers, but some of their folk tales involving giants they called Natliskeliguten, which in their language meant killers of men. According to historian H.H. Turney-High, “Fully half of the Flathead stories deal with these giants, and easily two-thirds of them mention them.” These giants were said to have amazing strength as illustrated in the following Flathead tale:

Once when a small hunting party came upon a giant asleep in the forest, they tied him with ropes of buffalo hair, sat upon his chest, and beat him until he wakened. Then he laughed thunderously, burst the ropes, and sent the men flying through the air as he rose to his feet. Seizing one of them by the ankle, he tossed the man across the Missoula River.

The Flathead Indians said the giants were visible to human eyes, but they usually avoided being seen. They gradually decreased in number because, at least according to some, there was not enough food for such huge creatures.

According to the legends of the Coeur d’ A’lene people of northwest Idaho, giants were common on their lands at one time. They were described as having a strong odor, “like that of a burning horn.” Their faces were black and they were as tall as a tipi. The giants would often approach a solitary tipi or lodge, but if several dwellings were grouped together they were not so bold. The giants were said to dress in bear or other animal skins with the hair left on. They lived in caves and had a great liking for fish. So much so, that according to the old stories, these giants often stole fish out of the Coeur d’ A’lene traps.

Other than the curious examination of solitary tipis or lodges and the occasional theft of fish from Indian traps, the giants were said not to bother people much. The Coeur d’ A’lene did acknowledge hearing stories from other tribes of women being stolen by the giants, but had no tradition of kidnapping tales in their lands.

The Kutenais people were, according to a fur trader by the name of Ross Cox, who spent five years (1812-1817) trapping along the Columbia River, “the remnant of a once brave and powerful tribe.” The Kutenais numbers fell precipitously due to their nearly continuous warfare with the Blackfeet over the right to hunt the buffalo grounds immediately east of them across the Rockies. Presently, the Kuntenais people live in northern Idaho, northwestern Montana, and southern British Columbia. Their mythology is very similar to other tribes in the area and includes accounts of giants. The principal Kutenais contact for author Ella A. Clark, was a middle-aged tribesman named William Gingrass. According to Gingrass, the giants were much feared and “followed the big streams and whenever Indians went to a big stream the giants killed them and ate them.”

Tales of giants from the mythology of other tribes, such as the Assiniboines and Lemhi Shoshonis, can be found in the book, too. It seems that these tales are all but universal among the tribes of the Northern Rockies. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone fortunate enough to come across a copy.

As I read these tales, I could not help but notice how similar many of the described characteristics and behaviors of these giants is to physical descriptions and behaviors of wood apes/sasquatches reported by witnesses in the present day. The Flathead Indians described a creature that was very tall and incredibly strong. They said the creatures could be seen (no spirit-type of entity here), but that made every effort to avoid human eyes. This furtive behavior is very similar to that described by witnesses who claim to have seen a sasquatch.

More often than not, witnesses report a creature that beats a hasty retreat once it realizes it has been seen. Some have reported that the wood ape they saw became aggressive once it realized it had been spotted. Intimidation displays are sometimes reported that include tree-shaking, the throwing of objects, and roars or growls. More than one bigfoot witness has said something along the lines of, “It clearly was unhappy about me looking at it.”

The accounts of these giants in the mythology of the Coeur d’ A’lene people sound as if they came right out of a sasquatch 101 textbook. The giants reportedly had a “strong odor like that of a burning horn.” I admit that I am unfamiliar with what a burning horn might smell like, but witnesses over the years have repeatedly commented on the terrible stench emitted by wood apes. The description of a creature with a dark face closely matches most reports given by witnesses today. Almost all witnesses who report getting a good look at a sasquatch have described a creature that has dark skin (even if the hair on it is lighter in color).

The Coeur d’ A’lene belief that these giants had an affinity for fish and stole them out of traps is something I have heard from the stories of other native tribes. In addition, wood apes have often been reported in or near water, perhaps in an effort to catch fish. None other than Bob Gimlin said that when he and Roger Patterson rode up on the sasquatch that would become known as Patty, she was crouched down on the edge of the water of Bluff Creek, possibly trying to catch a fish.

Too, the behavior of these giants sneaking up close to isolated dwellings matches up to modern reports. It is the very reason many researchers today will move their tent away from base camp when out in the field. It is generally believed that these apes are more likely to approach an individual tent than a walk into a camp with several.

Finally, the Coeur d’ A’lene people alluded to having heard stories of these giants kidnapping women on occasion from other tribes. There is a strong tradition of the kidnapping of women and children by these creatures in the lore of many Native American tribes. Truth be told, it is something that is still whispered about by some researchers to this very day.

Critics might point out a discrepancy between the beliefs of the Coeur d’ A’lene and modern reports, that discrepancy being that these giants allegedly wore the skins of other animals. Reports along these lines are so rare as to be practically nonexistent today. Regardless, I am not so sure this is much of a discrepancy. The Coeur d’ A’lene did describe these giants as wearing “bear or other animal skins," however, and that these skins had “the hair left on.” Is it not possible that these Indians, because the giants they were seeing were bipedal and, therefore, in their minds, had to have been some kind of human, might really have been seeing a hair-covered creature?

Finally, the belief of the Kutenais people that these giants followed streams and creeks echoes the belief popularized by Smokey Crabtree, of The Legend of Boggy Creek fame, who once famously said, “They (bigfoot creatures) always follow the creeks.” Finally, the belief that these apes are, at least at times, cannibalistic is one that remains firmly entrenched in the minds of many Native American Tribes to this very day.

Maybe you can see why I enjoy searching out these kinds of tales. They are simply fascinating and when juxtaposed next to modern sasquatch sightings, really make you wonder who or what these giants might have been. It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. These tales provide strong anecdotal evidence that tales of very large, incredibly strong, and malodorous creatures are not a 20thcentury creation at all, as so many believe. It would seem these forest giants have been around for a very long time.

They are not new at all.

Source: Texas Cryptid Hunter


The Politics of the UFO
By Brian Allan

The Background

Serving as an object lesson to us all; towards the finale of the classic 1950's Sci-Fi film, 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', in which an alien spacecraft lands in an American city park, the line of dialogue, 'Clatu barada nicto', uttered by the heroine saves the Earth. By using this phrase from an alien language taught to her by the hero, an alien but human looking ambassador from the spacecraft, the heroine instructs a robotic enforcer/bodyguard/policeman called Gort, to rescue and reanimate his by now dying charge, i.e. the ambassador, instead of systematically laying waste to the entire planet.

The film ends with an impassioned farewell speech delivered from the rim of the saucer by the altruistic ambassador prior to his departure, earnestly pleading with us to abandon our aggressive tendencies, internecine rivalries, and most importantly the nuclear arms race, and live in harmony. The film was very much of its era and reflected the bone-chilling paranoia and fear generated by the Cold War. It also admirably demonstrated that if we cannot coerce, defeat or understand something, we must of necessity fear and if possible destroy it. Sadly, over time and irrespective of how much we learn very little changes, except that we become even more proficient at killing one another.

One thing that sets the events depicted in the film apart from run-of-the-mill accounts of other paranormal events, and make no mistake about it Ufology is exactly that, a manifestation of the paranormal, was its malleability to the needs of government bodies. While this is especially true of the almost obsessive, labyrinthine secrecy of the military machine, it is also an accepted fact that the United Kingdom possesses, in spite of claims to the contrary, one of the most secretive governments in the free world.

However, even within this ingrained culture of secrecy there are pockets of reticence that beggar belief and the obfuscation and lies concerning the events at Rendlesham are a case in point. Even the much needed, recently introduced and high profile British Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), is currently being watered down to conceal the misdoings and incompetence of government ministers and the sheer scale of waste and inefficiency that occurs within officialdom.

The intense secrecy over the past and present (mis)deeds of the House of Windsor is yet another example of this mania for concealment. However, while all countries have secrets that, in the interests of national security require to be kept under wraps, there are some 'secrets' that can be deliberately moulded to serve a variety of purposes.

This is particularly true of the large-scale use of reported UFO sightings to conceal the development of very real, cutting-edge, weapons technology from a variety of sources. The worst offender was undoubtedly the government of the United States of America who concealed an entire generation of stealth aircraft from the public gaze by promoting, and to some extent encouraging, the belief in extraterrestrial spacecraft. The system was simple, drip-feed a subtle blend of half-truth and lies to gullible and credulous dupes, then stand back and watch the disinformation solidify into hard facts; facts that had the dual benefit of discrediting both the reputations of the person promoting them and by implication, the entire subject of UFO research.

The system of disinformation was repeatedly used to good effect on the Soviet Union, although in fairness they were also masters of this arcane art, especially in the early days of the Cold War when they managed to convince the USA that they were far more advanced in their long-range, strategic bomber capability that they actually were. This of course caused the US government of channel prodigious sums of money into its arms related space and weapons programmes, which resulted in the first moon landing in 1969.

Whether or not the moon landings actually took place is, for the present, neither here nor there, neither is what was allegedly witnessed during the flights and the excursions on the surface of the moon; what is important is what was learned from it. We can only hope that the upcoming planned manned mission to Mars capitalises on the lessons learned and is successful and many of the enigmas associated with this most enigmatic planet are revealed...we can only hope!

The reason that cutting-edge space projects were curtailed, and to a large extent still are, was not entirely due to a lack of funding, but, rather, for safety reasons. The flights leading up to and including the Apollo Project were horrendous affairs that imposed such intolerable levels of risk and danger upon the crews, that they simply would no longer be countenanced. The courage of the astronauts was truly remarkable, little wonder that some of them went a little bit 'off-line' afterwards.

However, at the time, for political expediency the safety fears were to a large extent either played down or brazenly denied. Among other factors it has been stated publicly that the level of computer technology used on board Apollo 11 was unreliable and technologically similar to a hybrid between a digital watch and a mobile phone, but probably closer to the digital watch. In fact it has now been admitted by those who were part of the space programme at the time, the computers used both on board the spacecraft and at mission control, were in fact 'data loggers', rather than what we now think of as state-of-the-art computers.

The Reality

From the acres of print created, the hundreds of books written and the myriad theories espoused on the subject of Ufology and supposedly alien spacecraft, one thing in particular stands out; in spite of bold claims to the contrary there is absolutely no consensus on their point of origin. Alternately attributed to paranormal, social and cultural phenomena and even visitors from other star systems and dimensions, just what they are or are not, is still, as always, open to conjecture.

During the halcyon, heady days between the 1950's and the early 1990's the entire subject was a happy hunting ground for liars, charlatans and the deluded. However, to be fair, the subject is one that by its very nature readily lends itself to manipulation, not only by the lunatic fringe, but, as we shall see, official bodies too. Not least among the difficulties facing the genuine researcher is getting one basic fact across to the general public and that is, a UFO is not necessarily an alien spacecraft crewed by extraterrestrials.

The average run of the mill reports on UFO's were, and still are, easily explained away through more prosaic reasons, viz. aircraft both civilian and military, satellites, meteors, stars, planets, temperature inversions and to a large extent sheer wishful thinking. There is however a harder core of sightings, both by the naked eye and on radar, which cannot be dismissed so easily and a good number of these are almost certain to be very highly classified experimental aircraft.

There is little percentage in getting excited about sightings of prototype aircraft since, other than personal satisfaction, all governments will resolutely deny all knowledge of them. Frankly, it would be surprising if they did not. This instinctive, official denial may actually have some validity, since 'deep black' projects fielded by one country are unlikely to appear in official reports of even friendly powers, in fact the intelligence community may be genuinely unaware of them.

The rather curious type of mania of attempting to identify top secret military hardware also extends to the group of Ufologists who continually try to prove the existence of secret military underground bases; R.A.F Rudloe Manor is a prime, but by no means lone example. The implication is usually that these bases are monitoring points to the track UFO's, not only across British air space, but as part of a worldwide network. This is not surprising; of course there are secret underground bases in fact it would be far more surprising if there were not. It may be uncomfortable, but in this increasingly paranoid world these and other covert measures are necessary to maintain our national security.

Whether or not they are used to track and monitor UFO's, or anything else that invades our airspace, is a matter for speculation, but on balance I am quite certain that they are. There is no intention to detract from the work already done researching these bases, but since the bases are manifestly there and their existence will be continually and categorically denied, why don't the researchers involved in this subject turn their undoubted talents to ultimately more rewarding areas, the prime subject in this case being Ufology in its own right.

Serious researchers in the field have had a largely uphill struggle to get themselves heard above the agendas of self-promoting grandstanders, media junkies and so called 'UFO experts', which is in itself a peculiar expression: what exactly is a 'UFO expert'? In spite of claims to the contrary there are no 'UFO experts', none! If there is no consensus then how can there be experts? This is about as valid as someone calling themselves an expert on balloon farming on Venus. However, as long as there are tabloid newspapers and late night talk shows with a wad of cash to spend and a desire to trivialise possibly important information, then self-styled 'UFO experts' will continue to appear and proliferate.

Fortunately, Ufology is not just confined to one particular geographical area or country, but is spread around the world and the majority of sightings tend to be centred on areas of military activity. This is perhaps stating the obvious, but it is not exactly surprising given the nature of the clandestine projects often carried out there. The main problem here is attempting to tell the difference between covert military aircraft overflying the base and alleged scrutiny by extraterrestrials.

The grandfather of all military bases is of course the notorious Area 51, a part of the gargantuan Edwards Air Force Base which incorporates the Groom Lake test range and covers an area about the size of Wales in the UK. Unsurprisingly, the US Government still robustly denies the existence of the facility although accounts of what has regularly been seen in the skies above the air base are legion.

Again we must remember what this base is all about, i.e. the testing of highly secret, prototype military aircraft and as such, a magnet for snoops and spies both human and (allegedly) alien. I must confess that I don't know why ET spies would want to keep an eye on our (in their terms) rather backward technology, whether cobbled up and back engineered from their wrecked craft or not. Surely if they did not wish their technology to be used by us then they should be more than able to mount a retrieval.

We as a species often fail to do ourselves justice in terms of our own capabilities. This may contribute to our willingness to attribute extraterrestrial origins to our own cutting edge technology. It is also odd that for some reason we are apparently only interested in devising flying machines and not exploiting any of the other (and perhaps more useful) technologies, which these craft would presumably contain.

There have been a few theories regarding what may or may not have been done in this field of allegedly adapted and back-engineered technology; transistors, fibre optics and stealth capabilities are a few of them, dubious and disprovable claims made in Major Donald Corso's book, 'The Day After Roswell'.

The type of manoeuvres performed by these aircraft as described by eyewitnesses is evidently quite extraordinary. Whizzing around at breathtaking speed, pulling amazing 'high G turns', apparently stopping dead in the sky only to race off in another direction in a manner that would leave the pilot smeared like a bloody pulp over his cockpit. Although this is what would happen if there was a pilot aboard most likely there is not.

What has been seen there are almost certainly experimental, pilotless aircraft, drones guided from the ground, of which 'Have Blue' was an early example, and flown by technicians using a form of virtual reality remote control. We have the materials, techniques and capabilities to design and build aircraft that in terms of durability and handling, far outstrip the physical ability of pilots to fly them to the limits of their design envelopes, so why bother with pilots at all? Why not just build a 'smarter missile'?

They fly far faster than piloted aircraft; and using satellite guidance can hit targets with incredible accuracy. They see in the dark or through thick fog and can discriminate between houses and vehicles, they don't get tired and they don't have to eat or sleep. On the down side, missiles have no common sense, and vitally, no compassion or humanity; pilots on the other hand do, (or should do); if nothing else they could abort or modify a mission on humanitarian grounds. Unfortunately, future wars will, rightly or wrongly, eventually be fought using this type of technology. This then is one totally feasible and believable explanation for what has been, and still is, seen over Area 51.

The alternative explanation to this is of course that what is actually being witnessed is the test flying of piloted vehicles, back engineered from the alien craft allegedly retrieved over the years from various crash sites in the USA and other countries. These 'black projects' have allegedly been going on since the 1940's in an attempt to utilise a technology that is still far in advance of our own. Well, perhaps, but there are no clear examples of this; if it was the case why have we seen no evidence to support the theory?

In the Gulf War and the subsequent conflict in Iraq there was technology aplenty, Patriot missiles, stealth fighters and bombers, spy satellites, everything in fact except for some show of alien technology. This could not have been kept hidden so effectively for so long, in fact today why keep it hidden at all? Are we to believe in all seriousness that our race, a relatively sophisticated and nominally civilised society couldn't handle the reality of beings from another planet being here with us? Are we so arrogant that we think that we are the only life forms in the entire universe? No, not arrogant perhaps, but almost certainly afraid, especially if we thought that the supposed race was much superior to us.

This also begs the question, superior in what way, technologically, physically, mentally, spiritually, or a combination of these attributes? Human nature being what it is, in the event of a meeting there would be a period of uncertainty accompanied by the predictable ranting of religious fundamentalists and xenophobic minorities. It would of course rather depend on what the extraterrestrials looked like. Providing they were reasonably humanoid and not too alarming in appearance, (the 'Nordic' variety preferably), it is a fair assumption that they would be accepted fairly quickly.

On the other hand, if they were not and resembled giant spiders or had waving tentacles they would be assumed to represent a menace to the human race. This would probably involve a return to the paranoia expressed in sci-fi films over the years. For example, 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', 'The War of the Worlds' and 'Independence Day'. All these films expressed different viewpoints, in one instance i.e. in 'The War of the Worlds', the evil, tentacled aliens were eventually laid low by humble, terrestrial bacteria. In another, as we saw at the beginning of the article, the ignorance, fear displayed by the population and military of (in this case) the USA, created havoc when friendly overtures on the part of the alien were misunderstood.

He tried to demonstrate a gift and was shot for his pains. Finally, in 'Independence Day', we had a return to sheer, the tub-thumping gung ho heroics of yesteryear and the overthrow of an unpleasant alien species by the combined wiles and selfless heroism of a few brave men. Fiction? Yes, but does this indicate a deep, instinctive reaction to a perceived threat, or is there a much more subtle agenda at work here, are we perhaps being prepared and acclimatised for something?

Perhaps the process of preparation has already begun with the steady introduction of the population to the idea of contact with another race (or races) using the medium of television and outlets. It would make a lot of sense to do it by this method given the impact that television and the media in general have on our lives. If this was the case, to present the E.T's as warlike or aloof would be a grave mistake, which is why the majority of blockbuster films (with a few exceptions) tend to be more cerebral. Given time I am sure that we would eventually come to accept their presence here and hopefully an atmosphere of mutual trust would develop.

Brian Allan is the editor of Phenomena Magazine and the author of the new book: "Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal."




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Science is Starting to Listen About UFOs
by Chabeli Herrera

He appeared as if a hologram at first — then solid — suddenly there and clear as you or I, at the edge of the forest behind Trish Bishop’s home in Kissimmee.

It was a Thursday in March 2013, the glow of the afternoon tucking in for the day behind the trees. He stood tall, at least 6-foot-3, perhaps 220 pounds and certainly muscular, wearing a formfitting tan colored uniform, boots, and gloves. He lingered by the crape myrtle tree in the middle of the backyard.

When he turned around, it was his face, she remembers, that stopped her.

Bulging eyes jutting so far out of the sockets that Bishop wondered whether he could close them. Skin white as chalk. And a jaw so large, it dispelled any notions the government worker had of the visitor being human.

“If you compare a human jawbone to his, we would be a Chihuahua to a pit bull,” Bishop said.

Paralyzed with fear, she watched as what she believed to be an alien appeared to climb invisible steps, stopping often to snatch glances at her from where she sat on her back porch, fumbling with her phone to appear as though she couldn’t see him.

Her finger was pressed on the number “9” to dial for help.

When he was about 10 feet off the ground, he turned his back to her and pulled himself up — “into a UFO?” she thought — and was gone.

Bishop sat stunned. “I’ve got a freaking alien in my backyard,” she thought.

It would be four years before she told anyone her story, before she’d discover the Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network, a nationwide organization 50 years old, and file her report under case number 84886 with the local Florida chapter.

But she worried: Who would believe her?

These days, more people than you’d think.

Across restaurants and meeting rooms in the United States, MUFON groups still gather every month to discuss cases like Bishop’s with the enthusiasm that once gripped the nation during the Cold War, when UFO sightings still made a splash on the front page.

The Space Coast group, made up of some former NASA employees and engineers, has 118 members, the largest in the state. Across the U.S. they number 3,500, with additional offices in 42 countries.

For many years, they were alone entertaining UFO theories. No more.

In the last two years, scientists, politicians, and professionals have increasingly been willing to touch the taboo subject and perhaps lend a little credence to those who still believe.

In December 2017, the New York Times uncovered that the U.S. had gone so far as to fund a secret, $22 million, five-year project to study UFO claims.

Since then, respected researchers, from the chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department to at least one scientist at NASA, have come out with theories, albeit controversial ones, that suggest closer study of the role extraterrestrials may play in certain phenomena.

What’s changed, said Robert Powell, an executive board member on the nonprofit Scientific Coalition for Ufology, is our understanding of the universe. As scientists have discovered more Earthlike exoplanets and begun to delve into the options for interstellar travel — one idea includes using a laser-propelled, microchip-shaped probe — the conversation has been shifting.

“We still think of ourselves, as a species, as the center of everything,” Powell said. “Once you … at least start to discuss interstellar travel, you have to admit that, if there is intelligent life out there, then they have to be able to travel interstellar, too.”

The challenge with UFO and alien sightings has always been the lack of evidence. Bishop said she was too scared to take a photo of her alien. Little to no consequential evidence exists in other cases.

Psychology can explain some of it. Common explanations include a person projecting their unconscious desires onto something, or a predisposition to believe in conspiracy theories informing what a person thinks they saw, said Alvin Wang, a psychology professor at the University of Central Florida.

People who believe they witnessed something may seek out others who reaffirm that belief, like “being in an echo chamber,” Wang said.

“People tend to hold on to that particularly if it fits in with their worldview and their belief system that there are other beings that inhabit the universe,” Wang said. “And they get … confirmation support, when they are members of UFO believers community.”

But Bishop stands by what she said she saw. She works a government security job with three area contractors and said she has no reason to lie.

And she’s on the hunt for ET now. After reporting her case in 2017, she bought three hunting trackers on eBay and set them up in her backyard. They’re motion activated, and sometimes they’ll go off in the night and capture 6,000 images — but there’s nothing in the frame. She once caught a Tic Tac-shaped blur in the sky she believes to be a UFO.

“I just think it’s a belief thing until you actually see them,” Bishop said. “You always gotta wonder.”

Some people, like Kathleen Marden, have been wondering all their lives.

It was September 1961 when the then 13-year-old got the call: Her aunt, Betty Hill, and her uncle, Barney Hill, said they’d seen a UFO on their drive through the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Betty’s dress was torn and Barney’s shoes were scuffed. There were two hours they couldn’t account for and Barney was sure he’d seen eight to 11 figures dressed in black shiny uniforms that were “somehow not human,” said Marden, who now lives outside Orlando.

It wasn’t until the Hills were put through a hypnosis session by Boston psychiatrist Benjamin Simon that their stories of being taken into a UFO and physically examined were revealed.

“They were interested in the skin, in the skeletal structure, in the joints,” said Marden, MUFON’s director of experiencer research. “They examined their hands, they took their shoes off, they examined their feet, they did tests on them that appear to be testing their nervous systems, as well.”

The Hills’ alleged abduction was made public in 1965 — and the story gripped the nation. “Did They Seize Couple?” the Boston Traveler posited. “I Was Quizzed in ‘Space Ship,’” read another headline.

Marden has dedicated her life to uncovering the truth behind she says was government tampering with the Hills’ case and has written four books about her aunt and uncle and flying saucers. She’s seen the change in perception about UFOs in the public and scientific community firsthand.

“I absolutely do think that there is a shift, that people are giving more credence to this they did in the past,” she said, pointing to the 2017 New York Times story on the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program as the turning point.

The program was run by military intelligence official Luis Elizondo and put together at the request of then-Senate majority leader Harry Reid. It ran from 2007 to 2012 in partnership with businessman Robert Bigelow’s company Bigelow Aerospace, which studied cases of American military personnel observing unknown objects.

One case in particular garnered attention when it was declassified because videos showed a craft with no apparent propulsion moving at alarmingly fast speeds. It was filmed in 2004 by two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of San Diego.

Navy pilot Commander David Fravor, who witnessed the Tic Tac-shaped craft, told the Washington Post in late 2017 that he maintained it was “something not from Earth.”

Then came Harvard’s astronomy department chair, Avi Loeb, a renowned scientist whom Time Magazine named one of the 25 most influential people in space in 2012.

He, along with colleague Shmuel Bialy, wrote in a publication in Astrophysical Journal Letters that a thin interstellar object seen passing through our solar system called Oumuamua “is a lightsail, flowing in interstellar space as a debris from an advanced technological equipment.”

Loeb went a step further, theorizing that, “alternatively, a more exotic scenario is that Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.” The theory has provoked the ire of the scientific community, but Loeb has stood by it.

Is it aliens, for sure? Loeb can’t say. He just says he can’t find another explanation.

At NASA Ames Research Center in California, scientist Silvano Colombano has gone on record suggesting the space agency look at all explanations in its approach to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known as SETI. Historically, NASA has not weighed in on the issue much, most recently opening a Center for Life Detection Science that is more about finding biosignatures than analyzing alleged UFO sightings.

But Colombano argued in a March 2018 white paper that the scientific community should be more open about looking at the evidence that is already there, “consider the UFO phenomenon worthy of study,” and engage in “speculative physics” grounded in solid scientific theories but with some “willingness to stretch possibilities as to the nature of space-time and energy.”

Essentially, he said, it was time NASA had a more open mind.

While science dukes it out, the members of the MUFON’s Space Coast chapter take their places at their monthly meeting in the back room of an old-fashioned BBQ joint in Palm Bay called Memaw’s to discuss what they all believe to be a universal truth.

Many believers come to the meetings because someone they know saw something they couldn’t explain, or because they’ve nursed an interest in the subject since the days of the Cold War, when UFO sightings and abduction claims spiked. Some say they have seen things. Others put stock in more eccentric theories.

They are what’s left of a movement that once captured the interest of thousands, inspired books like Carl Sagan’s Contact, long-running TV show The X-Files, and made Betty and Barney Hill the stars of a 1975 film starring James Earl Jones.

There are many people like Barbara Stusse, who says her mother saw a UFO in 1947 and kept it from her children for 30 years. Stusse remembers waiting for her copy of the Boston Herald every day for a week in 1965, when the Hills’ story unraveled in three to four pages of newsprint a day.

“I read that and I thought, ‘I believed it,’ “ said Stusse, 80, who has been coming to MUFON meetings for three years.

And there’s Bill Fisk, who is always at meetings taking notes. He’s in charge of taking in reported sightings like Bishop’s and trying to explain them. Could weather have played a role? Could the person have dreamed it?

Fisk, who has been hooked since the moment he saw a light in the sky make a sharp 90-degree turn when he was 9 years old, joined the local MUFON chapter in 2015.

He went all in, taking 100 hours of online classes over three months to get certified as a field investigator for MUFON. He learned how to read flight plans, how to measure longitude, latitude, and cloud altitude, how to use a Geiger counter to measure ionizing radiation.

Sometimes he gets hoaxes. One man copyrighted an image he took of the sky through a window because he was convinced it was a UFO. Turns out, it was just the reflection of his hotel room’s ceiling light on the glass. Chinese lanterns in the sky are often confused with flying saucers. And one woman even claimed an alien came into her house and had sex with her.

“A lot of it is that people don’t look up, they don’t pay attention to the sky, the last time they read a science book was in 12th grade,” Fisk said. “It’s just one of those things that sometimes you just have to bring them along, give them the information, the education to do something with what they saw, put it into a framework.”

A customer solutions representative for CareerSource Brevard, Fisk works on cases at lunch or after work. He can close most in three to four days, write them off as someone thinking Venus was a UFO, but sometimes he gets one he can’t crack.

It joins the small percentage of true “unknowns” that can’t be explained by weather phenomena or other means. That possibility keeps him and his colleagues going, always considering each case, always looking up to the sky.

“I would like to see people accept the fact that there are things they can’t explain,” Fisk said. “ … I’m not going to stop doing it. [I’ll keep adding] to the database because that’s all I can do.”

Source: The Inquirer


Monsters Of The Deep Still Undiscovered

Given their size, you might assume they had all been found by now. But scientists believe the world's oceans are still hiding giant underwater creatures which have yet to be discovered.

Marine ecologists have predicted there could be as many as 18 unknown species, with body lengths greater than 1.8 metres, still swimming in the great expanses of unexplored sea.

Using statistical modelling, they measured the rate at which new large sea creatures have been discovered since 1830 and found that the rate of discovery is still going strong, with new species being found every year.

Most recently scientists found a new species of jellyfish that is more than 3.5 metres long off the south coast of New Zealand, along with star fish up to a metre wide.

The first full-sized carcass of a colossal squid, a deep-sea monster four metres long, was revealed for the first time earlier this year.

Dr Charles Paxton, a fisheries statistician at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, said: "There are plenty of places these creatures could be hiding.

"They may spend their lives in the middle layers of the oceans and never surface or be in the deep sea canyons yet to be visited, and new discoveries are being made all the time under the Arctic ice cap."

But for anyone hoping the results could mean that the Loch Ness Monster could still be found lurking in the depths of the famous Scottish loch, Dr Paxton has disappointing news.

He has carried out similar analysis for freshwater species and concluded that mankind has discovered all the large freshwater creatures there are to be found.

"There are small creatures being discovered all the time, but to find species that are more than two metres in length is very rare," he said. "Normally you would expect the rate of discovery of species in a habitat to level off when there are no more to be found, but with large sea creatures, the rates are still to level out, which suggests we have not found them all yet.

"Sadly for Nessie hunters, I don't think there is anything hiding in the lochs and lakes of the world any more."

He said that often legends about mythical sea creatures could be explained by real life monsters of the deep. "A lot of the mythical sea creatures such as the Kraken and sea serpents can be explained by sightings of sea creatures and mammals that are already known."

Although humans have been travelling on the oceans for thousands of years, scientists' knowledge of life beneath the waves is still extremely limited. Most species are only discovered when they are washed ashore or dredged up by fishing boats.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


Family Begs for Help Because of Spirit Creature

Haunt­ed by a shad­owy spir­it crea­ture which they say lives in­side their home, a Gas­par­il­lo fam­i­ly is now seek­ing spir­i­tu­al help to re­move their un­want­ed guest.

Kr­ish­na Mathu­ra, 60, of Hill­top Dri­ve, Gas­par­il­lo (a town in southern Trinidad), says over the past sev­en months a three-feet tall spir­it-like crea­ture be­lieved to be a buck has been roam­ing his home. The house is perched on an in­cline over­look­ing the Cen­tral Range. It is fenced and Mathu­ra says the su­per­nat­ur­al oc­cur­rences have been caus­ing them sleep­less nights.

Ac­cord­ing to Caribbean folk­lore, the buck has ties with both Guyanese and African folk­lore. They are be­lieved to have orig­i­nat­ed in West Africa, where the short races (pyg­mies) were be­lieved to have mag­i­cal pow­ers. They were re­ferred to as “Baku,” which in many West African lan­guages means “lit­tle broth­er” or “short man.” There are al­so sto­ries of rich Trinida­di­ans who came up­on their wealth not through hard work, but rather through a trip to the forests of Guyana to cap­ture one of these lit­tle wish granters. The bucks usu­al­ly live in dark places like at­tics and usu­al­ly de­mand blood and milk.

Dur­ing an ex­clu­sive in­ter­view with Guardian Me­dia at the fam­i­ly’s home yes­ter­day, Mathu­ra said last year his wife Bal­mat­tee and son Govin­da be­gan hear­ing a voice in­side the house. The voice was telling Bal­mat­tee he want­ed sex.

Mathu­ra, who re­tired from his work­place re­cent­ly, said it was on­ly when he start­ed stay­ing home he re­alised what his fam­i­ly was go­ing through. The crea­ture, Mathu­ra claimed, has al­so been eat­ing valu­able rac­ing pi­geons he rears be­hind his home. Their goats have al­so been poi­soned and sausages, meat and oth­er items are eat­en from his fridge.

Bal­mat­tee claimed the crea­ture ap­pears and van­ish­es be­fore their eyes. She said last week she was in the liv­ing room when the table­cloth flew up and went fly­ing out the win­dow. Govin­da was al­so there. They chased af­ter it and Bal­mat­tee said it dropped in some bush­es and then dis­ap­peared. This is not the on­ly item that van­ished. Govin­da said an ex­pen­sive vase and a pic­ture of Je­sus Christ al­so went miss­ing, along with their Bible.

Play­ing a record­ing of a voice he claimed be­longed to the buck, Govin­da said the crea­ture ad­mit­ted to steal­ing the Bible and the pic­ture to take to his “boss.”

“If is one thing I won’t do is lie to you. I car­ry it by the boss and he tell me bring it back be­fore I get in trou­ble,” the voice on the au­dio drawled.

In an­oth­er record­ing, the voice said he came from Ja­maica.

“I doh fraid Pun­dit Ramesh... and I doh fraid no pas­tor,” the voice said.

A deep-throat­ed laugh and the mew­ing of a cat were al­so record­ed as ev­i­dence of the spir­it crea­ture.

Govin­da said the voic­es were record­ed at nights.

Govin­da used clay and cre­at­ed a horned idol to ward away the buck but Mathu­ra said this has not worked.

“We tried every­thing, we burn in­cense, goo­gool, sprin­kle salt, gar­lic, red laven­der. We called the pun­dit and the pas­tor. They told us it is a buck. This thing dis­tress­ing us. We can­not sleep. Every night we hear­ing bang­ing. It loves to wake us up. Every time we can hear it through the cracks in the house say­ing ‘oye,’” he added.

Govin­da said the “buck is a short fat man with a fat face, big hair and big ears.”

“He doesn’t walk on his foot. He walks on his toes. His left hand is on his right side and his right hand is on his left. He does cuss me. A few days ago he came with a match to burn down my fa­ther’s car. Most times he is in­vis­i­ble but I could hear his voice. He fol­lows us,” Govin­da said.

Pas­tor Deena Ram­nar­ine, from the Christ Cru­saders As­sem­bly in White­land, con­firmed to the T&T Guardian she had vis­it­ed the fam­i­ly and said she be­lieved they were fac­ing a de­mon­ic at­tack.

“When I vis­it­ed them it was al­most night and I prayed with them and they said they slept well. I told them that they have to pray and be­lieve in God,” Ram­nar­ine said.

Asked whether she be­lieved it was a buck, Ram­nar­ine said yes.

“I have en­coun­tered things like that be­cause I worked in the in­te­ri­or of Guyana. I have seen a buck in Guyana so I be­lieve them. We can­not be afraid of it. We have to take au­thor­i­ty and the Lord de­liv­ers,” Ram­nar­ine said.

“The buck will usu­al­ly beat up the house, whis­tle at them. You will see things fly­ing all over the room. It will take time for it to leave but they have to stop play­ing with it by talk­ing about it and talk­ing to it. Just ig­nore it and call to Je­sus for de­liv­er­ance.”

Source: The Guardian

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