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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such brain-sucking stories as:

- Killer Robots Already Exist - 
- Timing is Everything for UFO Observations -
Freaky Phone Calls -
AND: Oregon's annual UFO festival Celebrates 1950 UFO Photos

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Full Color Version: The Occult Saga of Walli Elmlark - The
"Rock and Roll" Witch of New York.




This is the compelling story of the Wiccan lady Walli Elmlark who saved the life of David Bowie through witchcraft, and put a spell on pop stars and other high profile celebrities during the most dynamic period in rock music – the 1970s.

Through the pages of this book the reader will go back in time to relive this celebrated period, mingling with those who were shaping the counterculture and causing a reconstruction of our social and political belief systems, both through the music and entertainment of this period, and the practice of witchcraft and the occult which was growing in popularity among the youth. Much of the activities described took place backstage at the Academy of Music and as part of the inner circle of the N.Y. School of Occult Arts and Sciences hosted by the psychic world’s “Grand Poobah” Tim Beckley.


** The British rocker David Bowie had come to the U.S. on his first tour taking on the persona of Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous spaceman from Mars. Bowie was coming under repeated psychic attack. An evil spirit had settled in the swimming pool of his LA residence; black magicians were trying to collect his semen so that they could create a demon baby. Was the Anti-christ looming in his future? All this while becoming more dependent on cocaine which was causing “the man who fell to Earth” to become increasingly paranoid.

Indeed, it seemed like a curse had been placed on rock and roll as any number of its young performers were dying, or becoming deeply depressed regardless of whether drugs were involved or not.

** Glam rocker Marc Bolan of the band T-Rex, for example died prematurely in a car accident. Walli had proclaimed “the wizard with a top hat” to be the reincarnation of the 5th century sorcerer Merlin of King Arthur’s court.

** There is also empirical evidence that Jimi Hendrix had a “special mission.” It was said that he was from Mars (either physically or reincarnated from the Red Planet) and that he had been reborn here to lift the consciousness of the planet through his music and occult philosophy. UFOs followed him wherever he went. In fact, a stranger from space even saved his life one wintery evening.

Guaranteed to be a trip down the odd side of memory land!

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Killer Robots Already Exist
By Mike Ryder

Humans will always make the final decision on whether armed robots can shoot, according to a statement by the US Department of Defense.

Their clarification comes amid fears about a new advanced targeting system, known as ATLAS, that will use artificial intelligence in combat vehicles to target and execute threats.

While the public may feel uneasy about so-called "killer robots", the concept is nothing new – machine-gun wielding "SWORDS" robots were deployed in Iraq as early as 2007.

Our relationship with military robots goes back even further than that. This is because when people say "robot", they can mean any technology with some form of "autonomous" element that allows it to perform a task without the need for direct human intervention.

These technologies have existed for a very long time. During World War II, the proximity fuse was developed to explode artillery shells at a predetermined distance from their target.

This made the shells far more effective than they would otherwise have been by augmenting human decision making and, in some cases, taking the human out of the loop completely.

So the question is not so much whether we should use autonomous weapon systems in battle – we already use them, and they take many forms. Rather, we should focus on how we use them, why we use them, and what form – if any – human intervention should take.

The Birth of Cybernetics

My research explores the philosophy of human-machine relations, with a particular focus on military ethics, and the way we distinguish between humans and machines.

During World War II, mathematician Norbert Wiener laid the groundwork of cybernetics – the study of the interface between humans, animals and machines – in his work on the control of anti-aircraft fire.

By studying the deviations between an aircraft's predicted motion, and its actual motion, Wiener and his colleague Julian Bigelow came up with the concept of the "feedback loop", where deviations could be fed back into the system in order to correct further predictions.

Wiener's theory therefore went far beyond mere augmentation, for cybernetic technology could be used to pre-empt human decisions – removing the fallible human from the loop, in order to make better, quicker decisions and make weapons systems more effective.

In the years since World War II, the computer has emerged to sit alongside cybernetic theory to form a central pillar of military thinking, from the laser-guided "smart bombs" of the Vietnam era to cruise missiles and Reaper drones.

It's no longer enough to merely augment the human warrior as it was in the early days. The next phase is to remove the human completely – "maximising" military outcomes while minimising the political cost associated with the loss of allied lives.

This has led to the widespread use of military drones by the US and its allies. While these missions are highly controversial, in political terms they have proved to be preferable by far to the public outcry caused by military deaths.

The Human Machine

One of the most contentious issues relating to drone warfare is the role of the drone pilot or "operator". Like all personnel, these operators are bound by their employers to "do a good job". However, the terms of success are far from clear.

As philosopher and cultural critic Laurie Calhoun observes:

"The business of UCAV [drone] operators is to kill."

In this way, their task is not so much to make a human decision, but rather to do the job that they are employed to do. If the computer tells them to kill, is there really any reason why they shouldn't?

A similar argument can be made with respect to the modern soldier. From GPS navigation to video uplinks, soldiers carry numerous devices that tie them into a vast network that monitors and controls them at every turn.

This leads to an ethical conundrum. If the purpose of the soldier is to follow orders to the letter – with cameras used to ensure compliance – then why do we bother with human soldiers at all?

After all, machines are far more efficient than human beings and don't suffer from fatigue and stress in the same way as a human does. If soldiers are expected to behave in a programmatic, robotic fashion anyway, then what's the point in shedding unnecessary allied blood?

The answer, here, is that the human serves as an alibi or form of "ethical cover" for what is in reality, an almost wholly mechanical, robotic act.

Just as the drone operator's job is to oversee the computer-controlled drone, so the human's role in the Department of Defense's new ATLAS system is merely to act as ethical cover in case things go wrong.

While Predator and Reaper drones may stand at the forefront of the public imagination about military autonomy and "killer robots", these innovations are in themselves nothing new.

They are merely the latest in a long line of developments that go back many decades.

While it may comfort some readers to imagine that machine autonomy will always be subordinate to human decision making, this really does miss the point.

Autonomous systems have long been embedded in the military and we should prepare ourselves for the consequences.

Source: Science Alert


Timing is Everything for UFO Observations
By Cheryl Costa

As a UFO researcher and journalist, folks frequently ask me about when people observe UFOs. I usually smile and reply, “That’s not an easy answer.”

After Linda Miller Costa and I built the UFO sightings database which we used to create our 2017 book, UFO Sighting Desk Reference, we began a process of analyzing the raw data on a relatively superficial level. In 2017 we could tell you that UFO sighting reports were generally driven by three principal factors: population, temperate weather and leisure time.

Since 2018, we’ve had the opportunity to dig deeper into the data, which now totals 146,800 sighting reports. By utilizing some creative algorithms, we’ve been able to refine our understanding of the UFO sighting phenomena. And there are more factors: population, regional seasonal weather, daily/seasonal activity, and time of day.


Whenever I publish a listing of the top states for UFO sightings, I get a flood of social media responses that inform me that the reason California is No. 1 because of its population. In-depth examination of the data reveals that California is a unique situation. California crosses nine lines of latitude, which makes the state a complex model.

As an experiment I constructed a pseudo-California, using East Coast states, with the same lines of latitude and similar land mass. California’s population in 2018 was 39.56 million. By comparison, our pseudo-California represented 52 million people. Guess what?: The East Coast model had far less UFO sighting reports.

The kneejerk opinion that a state’s population is the sole driver for the volume of UFO sighting reports also doesn’t hold up. In the other top 10 states we find vast contrasts. Florida has 21.3 million people, and Texas has 28.7 million. However, Florida has 13 percent more UFO reports than Texas.

In another example, Washington has about half the population of Pennsylvania, but the states have nearly equal UFO sighting numbers. New York has more population than Washington and Pennsylvania combined. However, New York has UFO sighting volumes similar to both of these other states. So population isn’t the sole driver.

Regional Seasonal Weather

Linda discovered when she was laying out the 2017 book that monthly UFO sighting numbers were significantly different between northern states, middle states and the Deep South states. In the northern states, the peak months for UFO sighting reports were July, August and September. The remainder of the year seemed to have a sustained minimal baseline of UFO sighting reports, which has been attributed to day-in, day-out observers such as smokers and dog walkers.

Many MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigators frequently search the monthly CMS database for the keywords “smoke” or “dog.” Many investigators consider these people reliable observers because they are outside every day, precipitation or sunshine, year-round. These folks are familiar with their local environment and know when something is unusual.

As we move further south to the middle latitude states, coast to coast, we observe that the peak sightings in July, August and September start to flatten toward the sustained minimal baseline of UFO sighting reports.

As we move into the southern states that summertime peak pretty much disappears into a unique baseline for that state. For the most part, monthly UFO sighting numbers are statistically flat. The odd thing that some have noted is that for some southern states, summer numbers might be slightly depressed because of the excessively hot weather. but I must say it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Daily/Seasonal Activity

We have observed variations of UFO sighting reports in some states that suggest seasonal influxes of people who might be sun seekers and snowbirds. States like Hawaii and Florida hint evidence of this type of activity. Likewise, monthly UFO reports in many New England states seem to reflect the annual fall leaf-watchers tourist season. This is a loose correlation, but our mantra is “Correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation.”

We did note, however, that February seems to be the universally lowest month of UFO sightings. We haven’t a clue why beyond the conventional wisdom that February is a month of crappy weather for everybody in the United States. Remember, it’s not about the UFOs; it’s about the observers.

Day-of-the-Week enters into this issue. The late John Keel wrote about the trend as “The Wednesday Phenomenon.” After analyzing perhaps about 800 UFO sighting reports from 1966 to 1968, Keel made the determination that the “greatest number of UFO sightings are reported on Wednesday, and then they slowly taper off through the rest of the week.”

Fifty-five years ago the only people to apply statistical analysis to UFO sighting was the U.S. Air Force and John Keel. Unfortunately, Keel’s data was limited in size and perhaps regionally skewed.

Using 21st-century data with 146,801 UFO sighting reports, we’ve determined that Saturday is the peak sighting day for 39 states, or 76.4 percent of the country. But for 11 other states the peak UFO sighting day is not Saturday: two states are on Friday (3.9 percent), four states on Wednesday (7.8 percent), two states on Sunday (5.8 percent), one state on Thursday (1.9 percent) and two states on Tuesday (3.9 percent). And no states had Monday as its peak UFO sighting day.

It has been suggested that most of these states are from middle America or the Deep South, so the alternate UFO sighting day might be correlated with nights of Bible study. At first, we were amused at the notion, but there’s some science to suggest that this notion might hold water.

Time of Day

In the United States, 72.6 percent of UFO sighting reports generally occurs in the hours between 4 p.m. and midnight, with a peak between 9 to 10 p.m.; in essence, bedtime or that last smoke outside or walking the dog. The hours between midnight and 4 p.m. represent 27 percent of the typical day’s UFO sightings. We’ve noted that after about 5 a.m. the daily UFO sighting volume is relatively flat at about 12.5 percent of peak hours.

In most states the daily sighting curve is pretty much as stated, but there are some regional variations. For some states the evening sighting window is slightly narrower, between 6 p.m. and midnight, but the ratios between day and night shift barely 5 percent to 8 percent.

Before 2018, Las Vegas was the No. 1 city for UFO sightings in the United States. We did a spot time study of hours of the day for Las Vegas. Typically in the hours after midnight, there is steep falloff in UFO sightings to the low daytime numbers. But in Las Vegas, there is a sighting bump between 3 and 5 a.m., and there are other bumps at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Who knows what day-to-day activities drive these bumps.

Finally, when people see UFOs in Alaska, the peak months are in the dark winter months and in the months with measures of light and dark days. But in May, June and July, the UFO sighting reports are rock bottom. Those summer months are mostly all daylight all the time, or “white nights” as they are sometimes called.

Linda and I, “The Mothers of UFO Statistics,” hope you have enjoyed this exploration into the deeper numerical patterns of America’s UFO sighting data covering the first 18 years of the 21st century.

Source: Syracuse New Times


Nessie Spotted Again on Webcam

The fourth sighting of the Loch Ness Monster this year has been recorded - by an Irishman who has now seen Nessie twice in a month.

The first sighting in 2019 of Nessie on January 24 was the earliest for 18 years.

Now regular Loch Ness webcam watcher Eoin O Faodhagain has had the fourth record - and his second of the year - accepted by the official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register.

He took six photographs and a 39 second video of something moving rapidly on the loch’s livecam at 4.53pm on March 22.

Hospital clerical worker Eoin, 54, from Donegal said: “The object appeared on the surface before submerging. It was gone for five seconds - then up again going in another direction, turning about and leaving a wake and splashes. It then then submerged and disappeared.

“To see Nessie once is unbelievable but twice in a month is fantastic. It’s the luck of the Irish, I suppose. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It had some power underneath it.”

Eoin from Drumdoit Castlefin said he had watched the Nessie webcam for many years.

He also saw a mysterious creature on February 27 when he took a picture at 3.02pm. He said that it was only on the screen of the live cam for seconds and that he could not get any video that time.

There were no boats until three minutes later when he noted a cruiser coming from direction of the Clansman Hotel. The loch was calm at the time of sighting.

Last year Eoin was given a “terrific shock” after appearing to capture Nessie diving down before resurfacing.

He saw Nessie frolicking for ten minutes then.

Gary Campbell, recorder of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register said: “These are all very credible sightings.

“It is an early start for Nessie - you have to go back to 2001 for an earlier start for sightings.

“The webcam has meant people like Eoin are watching the loch from all over the world all the time.

“But do these latest sightings explain the Loch Ness mystery - No? Do they add to the weight of evidence that there is something happening that is unexplained - yes.”

Sightings last year reached another record for this century after a woman spotted Nessie over the internet.

Business consultant Caroline Barnett, 42, from Farmborough, near Bath, England, was watching the Loch Ness Webcam at 10.20am on December 19 when she saw something move slowly up the loch.

“It popped up and down - and kept doing it. It kept splashing about. It was quite a size - the size of a boat but it was hard to tell because it was the other side of the loch,” she said.

“I have been to Loch Ness a few years ago but never saw Nessie then. I didn’t know if I believed in her but this is certainly some Christmas present and quite a surprise. I took quite a few videos but my phone died. I don’t know what it is - it really is unexplained.”

Source: The Irish Sun

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Big Cat on the Loose in Cornwall

A big cat is on the loose in Cornwall, police have said, after they made a plaster cast of a paw print left in the garden where a family dog was mauled.

Police and the RSPCA say the paw print is far too large to be that of a domesticated cat, leading some to believe the myth of the big cats roaming Dartmoor to be true.

It is thought by some that three pumas were released onto the wilds of Dartmoor by Mary Chipperfield, the famous circus owner, after her zoo in Plymouth was forced to shut down in 1978.

There have been reports of big cats on the prowl around Dartmoor for years, and now dogs in the area are facing mysterious injuries.

Officials have confirmed the prints - measuring almost five inches - are that of a big cat and police say "something has been here which should not be".

James Stephenson, from the Cornwall village of Callington, close to Dartmoor, raised the alarm after his dog Marley was found with bleeding claw marks on its shoulder.

He said he has seen a large cat prowling near his garden, and thinks this is the beast that mauled his pet.

Th 23-year-old added: "He was covered in blood. He had a big deep gash on his front left leg and one between his toes.

''On his left shoulder was a big black claw mark, as if a muddy claw had scraped down the side of him.

"He's still not interested in going out in the garden at night. He loves his garden and now can't bear it.

"The RSPCA said it had probably already caught something and was eating it in our garden and that's why it didn't take Marley; it was just protecting its food when it took him down."

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police came to inspect the scene and took a cast of the large paw print left in his garden.

A spokesperson said: "An officer attended the property and located the footprints in the garden. We called the RSPCA for advice and took a cast of the print which they confirmed was the pad of a large cat.

"Over the years, there have been a number of similar reports across Devon and Cornwall.

''There is no evidence that such animals represent a danger to humans. It is highly likely that they would avoid human contact and only represent a danger if trapped.

''If any animal is sighted it should not be approached."

An RSPCA spokesman said: "The RSPCA has been contacted about a suspected big cat sighting in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall, last week.

"Our officer attended after reports that a labrador had been scratched by a large, black cat.

''Thankfully, the dog is fine although he has scratch marks, and the owner is taking precautions to keep an eye on the dog in case of further sightings.

"We will continue to monitor the situation."

Source: Telegraph


Freaky Phone Calls

Telephones, cordless phones, cell phones... These communication tools have become indispensable parts of our daily lives. With them we can connect with just about anyone anywhere from virtually anywhere. Voices, conversations and the business of every day moving at the speed of light along wires, through fiber optics, across the sky, under the ocean and sometimes into space and back. Is it possible, however, that these electronic gadgets that we've come to take for granted sometimes make connections beyond what can be logically explained?

Consider these true stories from people who have had unexplained, puzzling and sometimes downright unnerving experiences with their phones.

The Impossibly Cloned Call

Many years ago, when married to my first husband, I received a telephone call at about 4:20 a.m. It was my elder brother telling me he had just gotten married. The call woke up my husband and I spoke with my brother for about five minutes. I hung up and went back to sleep. About a week or so later, I was visiting at my mother's home and this same brother was there with his wife. I thanked him for calling me... and I got this odd stare and his mouth fell open. He told me he had called our mother, but he had never called me at all. I turned to my mother and she related the entire conversation she had had with him, and then I related the entire conversation I had had with him - and these conversations were literally identical and at the exact same time. - Barbara

The Phones That Called Each Other

This strange incident happened in our home at Christmas. My husband had his cell phone on our dining room table and it was turned off for the evening. My purse was in our library, where my husband was playing a computer game with our daughter. In my purse I had my cell phone turned on. As my husband and daughter were playing, my cell phone rang. My husband picked it up and it said the incoming call was coming in from his cell phone! He thought our son was playing a prank on him and ran into the room we were in and told our son to stop messing around with his cell phone. We laughed at him and asked him what he was talking about. He said, "Your phone just rang and it said the call was coming in from my phone!" This is where things get weird! My son and I were both in the same room together talking and neither one of us had left the room. We weren't even in the same room as my husband's cell phone at all. My husband checked his phone and sure enough it was off just as he had left it. We can't figure out how a call came into my phone from his phone when his phone was off and there was certainly no one in the room with his phone! Strange indeed. We were all pretty mystified over the whole incident for sure! - Janine T.

The Phone Call That Never Was

My mum usually picks me up from work and she doesn't work far from me. One Tuesday night, we were driving home when I asked her how my dad's computer classes were going. My dad usually attended the computer classes every Tuesday night. She said she didn't know as she hadn't spoken to him about it. She asked me why. I replied, "Well, when I was speaking to him he said he was having some trouble. They had been given three assignments to complete, but he couldn't finish assignment number two as the computer wouldn't 'save as.' I think he eventually managed to do them all though."

"Oh, right." she said. That night, with the conversation with my mum forgotten, I was sitting watching TV, when my dad knocked on my door. He said, "I was speaking to mum earlier about the conversation you had about my computer class. How did you know we had three assignments and I had trouble with the second one?"

Confused, I said, "You told me that on the phone."

"No, I didn't. There is no way you could have known that because I have just come from my computer class. You had the conversation with mum before I went, and what you told mum happened tonight. I couldn't have known we had three assignments as I missed last week's class."

We both just sat there looking at each other trying to figure out how I knew what was going to happen before it did. I was sure we had spoken on the phone about it, but how could we if it hadn't happened? The strange thing is, I can remember my dad telling me what happened on the phone, but I can't recall how, where and when. - Cian B.

The Call from Grandfather

Sometime in 1999, our phone was out. My mother was at work and I was asleep when the phone rang and woke me up. I answered the phone, but didn't hear anything. I listened and then this man said something that I did not understand. I said, ''What?'' Then the man repeated himself. He said, "Is this the barber shop?'' And I said, ''No.'' Then I didn't hear anything else. The phone sounded dead, so I hung up. But I soon realized that the person sounded exactly like my grandfather, who had been dead for four or five years. The phone wasn't even working at the time it rang, because after it had rung I picked it up and the phone was still out! I'm convinced it was my grandfather. - Judy W.

The Message from the Afterlife

My sister has had some pretty interesting activity on her answering machine and phones. I have heard messages from the other side left on her answering machine. We know someone or something is trying to communicate with her using electronic energy as the mode. What we both want to know is how we can better receive these messages. The messages are sometimes hard to make out, yet some of the words are very clear. These messages are not left by human vocal chords (that much we know). We do not know where to go for this. I mean, it is not like we can call Ghostbusters or anything! She recently has had a good friend pass away, and I also have had a friend pass. It could be one of these two ladies, or it could be any lost soul in need of assistance. Today's message said (as far as we could make out), "I'm calling from the afterlife. Pick up the phone." - Patrice T.

The Anniversary Call

I was asleep one Sunday morning and heard the phone ringing. I tried to wake myself enough to answer it and when I did... it was my father. I was stunned. He had a big voice, like James Earl Jones, so there was no mistaking who it was. He asked me how I was doing. I'd just had major surgery a few weeks earlier and was in recovery. He asked me if I'd heard about the death of two people. I told him I hadn't. He told me that things would get better and to hang in there, he loved me and he had to go. When I hung up the phone, it was as if I stepped from another level back into this one. I immediately called my siblings to tell them daddy called! My father called on September 13 - the second anniversary of his death. - Michelle

The Call That Got Back at the Telemarketers

I worked as a telemarketer to earn a little money before fall quarter started for nursing school. A friend was a manager there and got the temporary position for me. I had been working there for a couple of months. There was a dialogue on the monitor in front of us to read from while talking with people. The computer dials the number, so I had no say in who I call. I cannot remember the last name of the folks I called this one day, so I'll just use the name Smith.

The phone rang and a man answered the phone. I asked to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Smith, please. The man very nicely said, "It depends on what you want." So I went into my spew of mailers for donations for the particular charity we were doing that day - spew being the number of letters they would have to send and what to do with any money they should get back. I asked if I was speaking to Mr. Smith. He answered with a chuckle, "Yes. And just how much in postage would I have to pay? I'm on Social Security, and my wife and I have to watch our money pretty close." I think it was like $3.40 in postage.

As I was explaining the amount of money and options to mailing, a woman comes on the call and says, "Hello." I said, "Excuse me, I was talking to Mr. Smith." The woman said, "Miss, I'm sorry, Mr. Smith has been gone for three years now. He passed away."

I asked, "Is there someone else there I could have been talking to?" She said, "No, honey. I'm here by myself. Can I help you with something?"

By her voice, I believe she was being sincere. Stunned, I said, "No, thank you, ma'am. You have a nice day."

When the call was disconnected, I looked at the girl sitting beside of me. She said, "Terrie, are you okay?" I guess my face was pale and I had a vacant stare on my face. I went out to a break right then, and proceeded to tell my friend, who was also the manager of the floor. She went in and called the main office and asked them to pull my operator number calls for the day. I told her the name and the next day she called, concerned someone may have been in the house with the woman and she didn't know; she sounded elderly to me. The answering machine came on and sure enough, she sounded like an elderly woman to my boss. Shelly left the number to our office and asked that the woman call back and reverse the charges. The woman called back a few hours later and just said she was fine. She recalled the phone conversation and thought maybe I was a prankster. - by Terrie

Source: paranormal.about.com


The Bizarre Disappearance of Ettore Majorana
By Sarah Hapgood

The unexplained disappearance of a brilliant Sicilian scientist in 1938 continues to intrigue to this day.  Did he commit suicide?  Did he run away to start a new life in South America?  Could he even have discovered the secret of time travel? This is a very intriguing case.

Ettore Majorana was born in Catania, Sicily in August 1906.  He was a gifted mathematician, engineer and physicist, and in his scientific career was best known for his work on neutrino masses.  For a short while, in 1933, he worked in Leipzig, Germany.  This was not a comfortable time to be there, with the beginning of the Nazi regime, and Hitler’s apocalyptic time in power.

He returned to Rome in the autumn of 1933, suffering from mental exhaustion and gastric trouble.  Over the course of the next few years he seemed to suffer a nervous breakdown.  His personality changed.  He became reclusive, rarely leaving the house.  He shunned friends, refused to go on holiday with his beloved mother (with whom he had previously enjoyed a close relationship), and rarely published any scientific papers.

On 25 March 1938 the 32-year-old Ettore withdrew all his money from his bank account, and set off on a boat trip from Palermo to Naples.  He sent a letter to Antonio Carrelli, the Director of the Naples Physics Institute, saying: “Dear Carrelli, I made a decision that has become unavoidable.  There isn’t a bit of selfishness in it, but I realise what trouble my sudden disappearance will cause you and the students.  For this as well, I beg your forgiveness, but especially in betraying the trust, the sincere friendship and the sympathy you gave me over the past months.  I ask you to remember me to all those I learned to know and appreciate in your institute, especially Scuiti.  I will keep a good memory of them all at least until 11 PM tonight, possibly later too.  E Majorana”.

The following day, Carrelli received another note from Ettore, sent from Palermo, in which he wrote “the sea has rejected me, and tomorrow I return to the Hotel Bologna … I have, however, decided to give up teaching”.

At first, this looks like a simple case of someone who had planned to commit suicide, but changed their mind.  The only problem was, that Ettore wasn’t seen again.  His brother found a note from him, left at the Hotel Bologna, in which Ettore instructed his family that “I have only one desire, that you don’t wear black … remember me, if you can, in your hearts and forgive me”.

Friends and colleagues at the time believed it was a tragic case of suicide, although Nobel prize winning scientist Enrico Fermi refused to accept this.  “Ettore was too intelligent.  If he has decided to disappear, no one will be able to find him.  Not in this time, or another”.  Intriguing words: “not in this time, or another”.

Ettore’s case was re-opened in 2011 when Rome Attorney’s Office received a statement from a witness who claimed to have met Ettore in Buenos Aires after World War 2.  The Office analysed a photograph taken of a man there in 1955, and found 10 points of similarity between his likeness and that of Ettore.  They issued a statement that Ettore had been alive between 1955 and 1959, and living in Venezuela.  The fascinating thing about the photograph wasn’t just the likeness to Ettore, but that in it (if it was him) Ettore hadn’t aged!!  This has led some to speculate that Ettore had discovered the secret to time travel.

It would be reassuring to know that Ettore had simply decided to start a new life in South America.  His old life does seem to have become pretty intolerable to him.  His instructions to his family not to wear mourning may bear this out.  Perhaps suicide had initially been his plan, but instead he sensibly decided to start again instead.  Conspiracy theorists also point to the Nazi Germany connection as well.  Ettore does seem to have changed dramatically after his stint at Leipzig.  Perhaps he saw and heard things that plunged him into a prolonged and profound depression.  It has been pointed out that South America was a popular refuge for Nazi’s after World War 2.  If so, what was Ettore doing amongst them though?

And of course there is also the time travel element.  Some have pointed to Ettore’s work.  In 1937 he had predicted that a stable particle could exist which was both matter and anti-matter.  Should both meet, they would annihilate each other, disappearing in a flash of energy.  Certainly Ettore does seem to have been ahead of his time in his work.  Scientists are still investigating his ideas even now, all these decades on.

Source: SJH Strange Tales


Oregon's annual UFO festival Celebrates 1950 UFO Photos

All the ingredients of a small-town carnival are in place: marching bands, garish floats, a costume parade, candy floss. Flamboyance and fanfares. But here, in the deepest corner of Oregon on the north-west coast of the United States, it might help if you believe in aliens.

This is the home of UFO Fest, held in the small town of McMinnville in Yamhill County.

Each May, McMenamins Hotel in Oregon stages its celebration of the extra-terrestrial: the world of abductions, out-of-body experiences and close encounters.

Many of the 20,000 who attend the three-day festival — and you can still get tickets — are firm believers in alien life, often referred to as ufologists; others, the doubters and the sceptical, come to enjoy the spectacle. In McMinnville’s Main Street, locals and out-of-towners, believers and non-believers, mingle. No one falls out.

As Jeff Knapp, executive director of Visit McMinnville, says: ‘It’s the one weekend when locals feel it’s OK to let their freak flag fly.’

This year will see the 20th anniversary of the festival, which began after a local farmer, Paul Trent, photographed an alleged UFO hovering around his farm outside McMinnville. Now known as the ‘The Trent Sightings’, his two photographs, taken on May 11, 1950, have passed into UFO legend.

The highlight of the festival is the costume parade, a colourful spectacle of tinfoil outfits and spaceships.

Speakers at the 600-seater auditorium in the community centre include Bob Lazar, who worked at the secretive government complex known as Area 51. He claims to have worked on the ‘reverse-engineering’ of crashed/captured alien spacecraft.

Also appearing will be Commander David Fravor, a retired Top Gun Navy pilot, who in 2004 encountered an oblong-shaped craft hovering above the Pacific Ocean. Fravor is reported as saying that he was ‘weirded out’.

And that’s the point about this wacky festival, where the wine-tasting is billed as ‘Close Encounters of the 3rd Vine’.

Where else can you join an alien parade, dance in the streets, attend a lecture from an ex-intelligence officer and end the day with sipping pinot noir with ET?

For more information, visit their website at:  ufofest.com

Source: The Daily Mail

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