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 - US Navy Has a UFO Task Force -

- Weird Stories of Objects Falling From the Sky -

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Are UFOs The Key to Biblical Scripture? Part 1
By Sean Casteel

It doesn’t matter really matter – the truth is “out there” somewhere regardless of if you are a “true believer” in all things spiritual and religious, an infrequent churchgoer, or even a full-fledged atheist.

If you are reading this, you may be wondering what could be the connection between UFOs, the Scriptures and the Signs, Symbols and Wonders of Biblical proportions that appear to be manifesting all over the world in what many see as “very troubled times.”

Are we to accept at face value the phantasmagorical stories told by those who claim to have been “taken up” (to where, one wonders?) – such as Whitley Strieber, Betty Andreasson Luca, and contactees like Orfeo Angelucci and George Van Tassel?

In a new book just out, as one of the authors, I ask, is a genuine religious experience the kind of thing that can be expressed in human language at all, or to a degree that a fellow individual, regardless of his religious persuasion can fully – or even halfway – understand it? And do the supernatural elements of UFOs and alien encounters constitute authentic contact with God or possibly His angelic messengers?

What is the difference between claiming to have seen religious miracles and simple, garden-variety madness? Is one a witness to the divine or a simple victim of mental disturbance?

Those are among the many questions grappled with in a recent offering from Tim Beckley’s Inner Light Publications. The complete title is “Sean Casteel’s UFOs, Armageddon, and Biblical Revelations: Signs, Symbols and “Wonders” – The Whole Truth.” Beckley has placed my name at the very top, but I can assure you that it is purely in an honorary sense, given the fact that there are nearly ten other contributors, including Beckley himself.  

The book is the product of many years of experiences with and research into the paranormal, most specifically UFOs, their alien occupants and the often religious-spiritual overtones to contact between the aliens and ourselves. As some of the contributors to this book believe, the nature of genuine religious experience and encounters with extraterrestrials may be inseparable, may in fact be one and the same though called by different names and seen in vastly different contexts.

None of which is new, of course. From its very beginnings in the mid-20th century, the UFOs (at times dubbed “flying saucers”) of the modern era have been compared to angelic appearances in the Bible and seen as the driving force responsible for miracles attributed to all faiths throughout recorded history. What we have attempted to do here is to offer a survey of the religious implications of UFOs and the countless varied forms those phenomena take when they manifest in our all-too-limited physical dimension.

Along with some fresh approaches to the familiar ancient alien accounts, we have also provided an overview of Marian visions, which are much more frequent and well-documented than you may have realized. UFOs sightings in modern-day Israel are also included, as well as an analysis of why sightings in the Holy Land are so important to the entire world.

In an effort to be fair, the demonic take on the UFO phenomenon is the subject of a Q and A with prolific British author Nick Redfern, who believes there is a secret government group searching for ways to do battle with the demons bedeviling the U.S.

The religious and prophetic implications of UFOs and other forms of the paranormal are complicated, and we have provided no easy answers here. Is it even possible that there is only one single, perfect way of understanding? I think I can safely say, along with all the contributors to this book, that the answer to that question is a resounding, tantalizing, frustrating “No.”


Beckley provides some historical background on the subject of Marian apparitions, or appearances by “Mother Mary” down through the ages.

“She goes by various names in various cultures,” Beckley begins. “She is known as ‘The Woman of the Apocalypse’ or the ‘Lady of the Sun.’ (Rev 12:1-6) The apparition of a beautiful woman adorned in white is first thought to have been seen in a series of visions early in the Twentieth Century, and we have come to associate her with three shepherd children and the town of Fatima, Portugal. But the truth is ‘she’ has been appearing throughout history. In fact, the Book of Revelation identifies her in prophetic terms as being in association with a ‘great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns.’ In Biblical days, as now, visions of this lady are often a precursor to an ‘act of God’ and eventually to the end of all time, the destruction of humanity by godless forces who will roam the Earth.”

The verses from Revelation that Beckley refers to are these: “And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the Earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which she is to be nourished for 1,260 days.” (Rev 12:1-6)


Beckley then shifts his attention from an ancient era to times closer to our own.

He writes: “Fatima is a small city in central Portugal where the landscape is dry and rocky. For centuries, people made their living there raising sheep and other animals. In May 1917, three shepherd children — two girls and a boy — claimed they saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The children described Mary as “a lady dressed all in white, more brilliant than the sun.” Mary told the children that praying the rosary would end what was then called The Great War — World War I — which left 17 million dead.

“According to the children,” Beckley continues, “Mary appeared to them six times that year. In one appearance, Mary said a miracle would occur on Oct. 13, 1917. Initially the children were scolded and even threatened with death for spreading what were considered baseless stories. But pilgrims from all over the world gathered in Fatima on that date and awaited Mary’s appearance. In what came to be called the ‘Miracle of the Sun,’ many reported seeing visions in the sky while others reported miracles of healing.  A newspaper of the day reported: ‘Before their dazzled eyes, the sun trembled, the sun made unusual and brusque movements, defying all the laws of the cosmos, and, according to the typical expression of the peasants, “the sun danced.”

After much contemplation, in 1930, the Catholic Church declared the events at Fatima “worthy of belief,” and chapels, sanctuaries, shrines and other memorials to the events popped up.


When the church declared the Fatima apparitions worthy of acceptance, it is said pilgrims who travel there could obtain a special blessing as well as pray for healing and spiritual guidance. Today it is one of the most popular shrines in the world. The largest numbers come dutifully on May 13 — the anniversary of the first apparitions.

What is not well known is that Marian apparitions, as they have become popularly known, are not just historical events of monumental proportions, but a growing phenomenon that has swept the world during the course of the decades since the three young shepherds bore witness to this series of ongoing events. Their experience pitted them and those who held fast in their beliefs against a rigid communist dictatorship who had officially declared themselves an atheistic state.

Truly, there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind upon reading through the maze of available literature that something utterly profound happened at Fatima, Portugal, on October 13th, 1917, when thousands gathered for a miracle which had been promised by three local children. Peering up into the dark, cloud-filled sky, the throng witnessed a spectacle that has deservedly gone down in history as one of the greatest spiritual events of modern times.

Even the most religiously conservative of the flock can see the obvious connection between the apparitions at Fatima, combined with the anomalous spinning “sun,” as having a likely relation to the appearance of UFOs, “spacemen” and “spacewomen” and other paranormal occurrences.

It is now an established fact that sightings and interactions with the Lady have come from all over the world and from individuals of all faiths and backgrounds. The Holy Mother has been seen in virtually every country in the world, regardless of that nation’s religious or political beliefs. Apparently, she appears before us not to make converts, but to awaken us to the fact that time may be running out.

End of Part 1

Source: Spectral Vision


US Navy Has a UFO Task Force
By MJ Banias and Tim McMillan

The Senate Intelligence Committee wants the Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense to create a comprehensive, unclassified report concerning unidentified aerial phenomena upon the passing of a Senate appropriations bill initiated by Senator Marco Rubio, Motherboard has learned.

A recent Senate Intelligence Committee report on the bill, which concerns funding the government's intelligence activities, recommended its passing. It also asked for a “detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting held by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.” This report is to be submitted to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees 180 days after the funding bill's enactment, and should be unclassified, although it may have a classified annex.

Notably, the committee report acknowledges the existence of an "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force" in the U.S. intelligence apparatus. Previously, the existence of such a task force was only alluded to in a statement from DoD spokesperson Susan Gough that was obtained by UFO writer Roger Glassel and reported by the Black Vault, the largest civilian archive of declassified government documents, in May.

"The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval Intelligence to standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S. military assets and installations," the committee report states. "However, the Committee remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive process within the Federal Government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite the potential threat.

The committee report expresses the need for a “detailed analysis” of “unidentified phenomena data” collected by “geospatial intelligence, signals intelligence, human intelligence; and measurement and signals intelligence” as well as a “detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was derived from investigations of intrusions of unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted United States airspace.”

While the report says that DNI and the Secretary of Defence should carry out the report, they may also bring in "the heads of such other agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider relevant."

To be clear, UFOs (or UAPs, as the government calls them) doesn't mean "aliens" to the feds. The committee asks that the report identify "potential aerospace or other threats” to national security and whether these phenomena are the work of a foreign adversary who “may have achieved breakthrough aerospace technology that could put the United States strategic or conventional forces at risk.”

Finally, the committee asks that the report contain recommendations regarding better data collection, research and development, and whether the task force requires more funding.

Rubio has joked about UFOs in the past, but the committee's direction shows that the government’s interest in unknown aerial phenomena is still alive and well.

Popular interest in UFOs was re-sparked by a 2017 New York Time’s story concerning the $22 million dollar Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP, as well as reports and gun camera footage of multiple strange aerial objects witnessed by Naval aviators in 2004 and 2015. After AATIP was shuttered nearly a decade ago, critics pointed out that no further investigation seems to have occurred. The language of Rubio’s bill seems to confirm that this is not the case.

Rubio is not the only Senator who seems to be concerned about the issue of unknown objects making incursions into American airspace, either. In 2019, Politico reported Senator Mark Warner, and a handful of others, were briefed, and Chris Mellon, the former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, has also voiced that Congress and the public needs to be more involved in the issue.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon told Motherboard that they are “not going to comment on pending legislation.” They did state that they do investigate and take all reports of UAP seriously, but the “DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examination of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP.”

The Office of Naval Intelligence did not respond to Motherboard's request for comment.

Source: Vice


Balloon-like UFO Seen Above Northeastern Japan

An unidentified white balloon-like object was spotted by residents in northeastern Japan June 17, with some people directing inquiries to police and other local authorities while others took to Twitter to voice their excitement.

Officials in the Sendai Weather Bureau said it had appeared near dawn and hung in the sky for hours, largely unmoving, until obscured by clouds.

Pictures and videos of the unidentified white object in the sky quickly went viral online, and set social media ablaze, with speculations ranging from it being a UFO to North Korea propaganda.

An official from the Japan Meteorological Agency's Sendai office in Miyagi Prefecture confirmed it was not an item flown by the agency, saying, "We checked with the Sendai municipal government and the Self-Defense Forces, but they have no idea either."

According to the agency, calls about a mysterious floating object began arriving around 7 a.m.

It was observed in Sendai and Fukushima Prefecture and a cross-shaped item, described by an agency official as resembling some type of observational equipment, could be seen hanging from the sphere.

The Miyagi prefectural police also flew a helicopter to check on the object traveling at more than 2,000 meters above the ground but have yet to determine its origin and identity.

"We just have to keep our eyes on where it's going," a police official said. The police lost the exact location of the object in the evening after clouds blocked them from tracking it.

Yoshihiro Tachibana, a professor of meteorology in the graduate school at Mie University, said the flying object resembled a meteorological observatory balloon like ones used overseas.

Noting the presence that day of a strong westerly air current from northeast Asia toward the southern part of the Tohoku region, Tachibana said, "An object that was launched in a foreign country is likely to have drifted" to skies above northeastern Japan.

As for the cross-shaped object seen hanging below the balloon, Tachibana said it could have been equipment to record and transmit data.

The transport ministry's office at Sendai airport said there had been no requests for flying an aerial vehicle as per aviation law.

"As it is not on any flight paths, it will not impact aircraft operations, but we will continue to keep an eye on it," an official at the office said.

By afternoon it was the third-most trending topic on Japanese Twitter, with theories including UFOs and North Korean balloons used to drop leaflets. One user said it could be spreading novel coronavirus, adding, "This gives me a very bad feeling, as if Godzilla might suddenly appear."

Source: Kyodo News


Weird Stories of Objects Falling From the Sky

The annals of history are full of tales of strange objects falling from the sky. During biblical and medieval times, people typically perceived events such as rains of rats, dead bats, fish and frogs as signs of plague, ill portents or even manna from the benevolent above. Science eventually won out, bringing explanations for many of these seemingly inexplicable episodes. Still others remain unsolved, leaving the affected locals to theorize, and look expectantly to the clouds, for the next meat shower or golf ball storm. In honor of the release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs we present a list of the 10 craziest things to rain down on humanity from the heavens.

Hodges Meteorite Strike

On the afternoon of Nov. 30, 1954, residents of Talladega County in Alabama noticed a fiery object shooting through the sky. Some reported a large explosion as it crashed to earth. Ann Elizabeth Hodges, though, neither saw nor heard any of it. Instead, as she lay napping in her living room, an 8-pound chunk of the meteorite smashed through her roof, ricocheted off a radio and hit her on the hip. Thus, Hodges—who received only a bruise from the incident—became the first recorded human to be struck by a meteorite.

Past and Future Fish Falls at Great Yarmouth

According to the British Weather Services, Great Yarmouth is the United Kingdom's most likely destination for strange objects falling from the sky. It cites "atmospheric stability" and Great Yarmouth's location on the North Sea as contributing factors to its ranking. Cool air from the sea converges with the warmer air on shore, sometimes causing the "mini tornadoes" that draw fish and other sea creatures out of the water and into storm clouds. In 2002, Great Yarmouth experienced a downpour of tiny silver fish, all dead, but still fresh.

Tri-State Mud Fall

Clouds from a massive dust storm that occurred in Illinois on April 11, 1902, were so large that they were whipped into the sky and blown across the eastern United States, where, encountering rain clouds over New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, they fell in the form of a mud shower. The event lasted only a few minutes but generated much attention. Writing from Penn Yan, in the Finger Lakes region of New York, a Times correspondent described the strange event: "People who were on the street were covered with mud spots, clothes hanging on the lines were smeared." The Rev. George P. Sewell, of Aurora, N.Y., wrote that the storm front was 40 miles across, adding that it "discolored or soiled everything exposed to it."

The Kentucky Meat Shower

Mrs. Allan Crouch, the wife of a Kentucky farmer, was in her yard making soap one cloudless Friday in 1876 when a downpour of meat flakes began falling around her. A correspondent for the Louisville Commercial reported that "two gentlemen who tasted the meat expressed the opinion that it was either mutton or venison." Subsequent analysis by scientists showed it probably was the former. Dr. L.D. Kastenbine, a professor of chemistry, wrote in the Louisville Medical News in 1876 that the "only plausible theory" was "the disgorgement of some vultures that were sailing over the spot."

Rubles Rain Over Russia

A treasure-transporting tornado is the given explanation for why a shower of 16th-century coins fell from the sky on June 16, 1940, in the Russian village of Meschera. Archaeologists who analyzed the aged currency supposed that it was from an undiscovered, buried trove that recently had been exposed by soil erosion before being scooped up and redeposited by the storm.

Lalain Toad Fall

One-hundred and fifty French soldiers were stationed near the village of Lalain in 1794 when a heavy rain began to fall. As the soldiers sought shelter from the storm, they were no doubt surprised to find that, in addition to the raindrops, the sky was also full of falling toads. Closer inspection revealed that many of the toads, a great number of which were discovered in the folds and creases of the men's hats and uniforms, still possessed tails. Toad falls, along with fish falls, are surprisingly common, and have an accepted scientific explanation. As a violent storm passes over a body of water, waterspouts spring up and lift the animals into the clouds, which then drop them farther along the storm's path.

Lake County Candy Shower

On two separate September nights in 1857, sugar crystals ranging in size from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch, fell on the pleasantly surprised citizenry of Lake County in Northern California. According to the History of Napa and Lake Counties, published in 1881, "Syrup was made of it by some lady residents of the section." No cause was discovered and no explanation was ever provided, but the tome did conclude, "If this is a canard, it is surely a sweet one."

World's Largest Meteorite

The so-called Jilin meteorite streaked across the northeast China sky on March 18, 1976. Witnesses reported seeing a red fireball, which exploded and split in three before crashing to the ground. Investigations of the impact site revealed 11 large masses weighing a total of 4 metric tons. The so-called Meteorite 1, now on display at the Jilin Meteorite Museum in Jilin City, is the largest stone meteorite found in recent times.

San Luis Obispo Bird Fall

A street sweeper in San Luis Obispo, on the central California coast, reportedly was the first to discover a large-scale bird die-off that occurred there in 1976. On the morning of Nov. 24, he found hundreds of dead blackbirds and pigeons lying in the town's downtown area, and for two days the denizens of San Luis Obispo witnessed intermittent showers of dead birds. The California Department of Fish and Game speculated the birds were somehow poisoned, and later, California Polytechnic University admitted to setting out poison grains in a field near San Luis Obispo, in an attempt to control the bird population. Between 400 and 600 birds died as a result.

Golf Balls Over Florida

Local authorities were left baffled on Sept. 1, 1969, when a seemingly routine rainstorm took a dogleg turn for the bizarre, and began depositing golf balls in the gutters, lawns and streets of Punta Gorda. The St. Petersburg Times reported that "dozens and dozens and dozens" of golf balls fell from the sky, though no explanation was ever given. Located on Florida's western Gulf coast, Punta Gorda regularly experiences severe weather, which often causes waterspouts. The region is also home to many golf courses, so a logical explanation might be that a passing storm sipped up a ball-filled pond, then dropped its catch on the town.

Source: Popular Mechanics


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Soccer Player Guillermo Marino and the Aliens

Former Argentine footballer Guillermo Marino once turned up late to a training session and explained it was because he had been abducted by aliens, ex-teammate Gustavo Lorenzetti has said.

The pair were together at club side Universidad de Chile under manager Jorge Sampaoli from 2011 to 2013, and Lorenzetti recounted Marino's excuse in great detail.

"Guillermo is a friend who football gave me, like Mati Rodriguez," Lorenzetti told Lado B. "Regarding this [story] that Guille wants me to tell, the truth is that I doubt [whether I should tell you] because he is going to receive calls from channels of other information and not from sports but I will explain it because he asked for it.

"He says that he arrived late to one training because he was abducted by aliens. He gave us the entire explanation of what he felt and the rest of it.

"There are cases where the player says: 'I left and I came back two days later because I was kidnapped by aliens.' But Guille is not that kind of player. Guille was a very proper guy. Everyone knows Guille Marino.

"He started to explain that he was suddenly lost and abducted by aliens. He explained that they take out your soul, analyse it and all the while on the journey they are looking after you. He said something like that.

"Honestly, I believe in aliens. He gave a great explanation and we will have to believe him. I don't know other types of channels will have to call him so he can tell it better. But in any case: he was abducted by aliens.

Asked whether he believed what Guillermo said: "I believed in him because he tells you that way and if you know him, you realise that he is a serious person. He [is the kind of person who] will not be late anywhere, he is very correct.

"He explains it to you. He is a big believer. He reads books about it so I didn't have other option but to believe him, because with the seriousness that he told it to us, we have to believe him."

Lorenzetti could not say for sure, however, whether Sampaoli shared his belief Marino was telling the truth.

"I don't know if Guille would have told [Sampaoli] the same story, honestly. They must have had a chat afterwards to explain it to him," he added. "But knowing Guille, I think he must have believed him.

"What can you say? This is worthy of the Discovery [Channel] or some of those channels."

Other sports figures have also had their own brushes with the unknown. In 2013, Knicks player Baron Davis claimed that he also had been abducted by aliens.

"I was, um, on my way from Vegas to L.A.," Davis said. "I'm was a little tired and shit and I see this light and I think it's a big-ass truck. Then next thing you know, dude, like, I was in this fucking steel thing.

"These fucking crazy-looking people who were half-human, half ugly motherfuckers."

Davis continued, telling reporters..."They were poking me on my nose and they were, like, looking me in my eyes. They had my hands like, tied up and the next thing you know, I was in Montebello, dude, burning rubber on the way back to L.A. It was like four o'clock in the morning."

Davis also said that after his close encounter that he came back "...sharper and shit. You know what I mean? I'm retaining information."

Source: ESPN


The Pixie on the Plane
By Malcolm Smith
If you have been following Malcolm's Musings blog from its inception, you will probably be aware that, over the decade, I have gradually come to the conclusion that there really is something to sightings of the "little people", even if it is not possible to accept the whole of the fairy mythology. (If you want further information, see here.) However, there is one place I never expected to find them.
In 1995 a then British police officer, John Hanson got interested in UFOs. After being joined by Dawn Holloway, they began a project of producing a comprehensive history of the the phenomenon. It is an indication of the immensity of the subject that they ended up with a series of ten (yes, ten) volumes entitled, Haunted Skies. And it must have been sometime in 2008 or 2009 that they received a communication from a retired headteacher on the Isle of Wight, who had an incredible story to tell.

His name was William Davis, born 7 May 1923, and former RAF Pilot/Navigator Sergeant, serial number 1805619. During the Second World War, many imperial pilots were trained in Canada under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. (In my thirty years with the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs, I remember many files stamped, "E.A.T.S. Case" for "Empire Air Training Scheme", because they held dual eligibility.) In Sgt.  Davis' case, he was posted to the Gimli RAF Base in Manitoba. It was 10 December 1944, and he had completed a two hour 45 minutes' flight on board an Anson V aircraft, in order to gain his "wings". Avro Anson aeroplanes, it is important to note, possessed a propeller on either wing, but none in front.  There, at the end of his flight, he was waiting for the lights at the control tower to come on, and, naturally, was constantly checking both the instrument panel and the horizon. Let us now hear it in his own words:

   "I noticed what looked like two curious bumps, one either side of the nose of the aircraft, like tiny exhaust pipes, although the nose itself was empty. I decided to carry out a proper check when I landed and dismissed it from my mind. Suddenly, my eyes flashed back again to the nose. The 'exhausts' had begun to move. They now looked like hands. I thought this cannot be happening and checked to see if it wasn't some kind of reflection. Then a small entity, resembling a pixie, or elf - the ones associated with folklore, appeared outside the aircraft, a few feet from where I sat. I thought this cannot be happening and pinched my thigh hard and tried to think what checks I could carry out inside the aircraft.

   "I will never forget its pinkish face - European in nature, with a thick, short trimmed beard, close cut, covering its features, reminding me of an old English Naval seaman, dressed in some sort of green garb, height approximately 18in tall, apparently watching something in the sky to my left, moving slowly in a nonchalant manner - as if walking around the estate. I was close enough to see instead of fingers, he had what looked like little exhaust stubs, no thumbs, and pointed shoes made of velvet or some such material, rather than leather. He began to stroll towards me and was no more than 12-15in way, when something appeared to catch his eye. By this time I was shouting and gesticulating through the window, trying to attract his attention, but then realised he was unlikely to hear me because of the sound of the aircraft engines. "I had the impression he could not see me at all and was probably unaware of my existence. After about 30 seconds he sat down, looked below, gave a slight lift with his hand on the side and pushed himself off the nose before disappearing from view."

The strange shape of the fingers is an unusual twist which is unlikely to have been invented. I don't know the significance of the second set of quotation marks in the above text; I suspect it is an editorial oversight. It is not stated whether it formed part of a letter or an interview. Both Bill and his son were interviewed. He told them that when he landed, he was exhilarated, but when he related his experience his comrades burst out laughing. I can't imagine why! Just the same, the next day a senior flying instructor visited him and informed him that he wasn't the only pilot to have had the experience.
In a letter sent in October 2009, he said, "I still think we will eventually get to the bottom of these sightings and what's behind them." Not in our lifetimes, I'm prepared to bet!

Source: Malcolm's Musings

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