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They live deep underground in the stygian caverns carved from the virgin rock millions of years ago.  They are the Old Ones, the first to call Earth their home -- but their original home, somewhere in the vast curtain of stars in the heavens, has been lost in antiquity.  They now sit and watch their descendants on the surface who talk of love and forgiveness,  but scheme to kill each other for the love of profit and power.  They  wonder how people who talk of  peace and freedom are now considered evil and wrong, fit only to be taken to concentration camps for the ultimate walk down the fiery path. Blessed are the peace makers it was once written -- but now, such words are considered blasphemous and must be silenced.  The Old Ones are glad that they live deep underground, free from the madness that envelopes the surface.

This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such table-tapping stories as:

- U.S. Defense Department's Taskforce to Investigate UFOs -

 - The Mermaid of Rendlesham -

- Security Camera Spots "Ghost Woman" at Construction Site -

AND: Cell Phone Phenomena

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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U.S. Defense Department Creates Taskforce to Investigate UFOs

Taskforce to detect and anlyze unidentified aerial phenomena that could ‘potentially pose a threat’ to national security, Pentagon said.

The US department of Defense has formed a new body to investigate what it calls “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs) to monitor reported sightings of what most people call UFOs.

The move is likely to spark wide interest in alien hunters worldwide looking for signs that humanity is not alone in the universe, although the dry language of the Pentagon’s announcement of the new group belied its intent as watchers of the sky for potential first contact.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) was created by the deputy defense secretary, David Norquist, on 4 August, strengthening an already existing effort that since 2018 has been under the purview of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

“The Department of Defense established the UAPTF to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs. The mission of the task force is to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to US national security,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

The move is only the latest from the Pentagon when it comes to UFOs.

The Senate recently required the director of national intelligence and secretary of defense, working with other intelligence and law enforcement agencies, to prepare a public report of government findings on the UAP issue.

In April the US also released three declassified videos that show US navy pilots encountering what appear to be unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon said it released the footage to to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the video.

Source: The Guardian


The Mermaid of Rendlesham

Rendlesham in Suffolk has more than its fair share of strange stories, but this one concerns a mermaid rather than little green men.

Britain’s most celebrated UFO encounter, Anglo-Saxon warrior kings, a bizarre creature called a Shug Monkey and now mermaids: is there anything Rendlesham Forest can’t offer when it comes to the strange and unusual?

When fans of the paranormal hear the name ‘Rendlesham’, the first thing that springs to mind is an incident that happened over three nights around Christmas 1980, when it was said that several spaceships visited the nearby airbase. In a memorandum to the Ministry of Defence released in 2002, the base’s then-deputy commander Lt Col Charles Halt described how two airmen, investigating strange lights in the forest, came across a “metallic glowing object” which “manoeuvred through the trees and disappeared”. To many, it seemed like an official endorsement of an extraterrestrial encounter – but it turns out that what it might have been is an out-of-this-world day trip to see a mermaid.

In a book called Two Suffolk Friends, published by William Blackwood and Sons, the memories of Robert Hindes Groome, Archdeacon of Suffolk (1810-1889) were contained, including the time he spent at Rendlesham between 1813 and 1815. He recalled: “There was a high sandbank not far from the house, through which the small roots of the bushes growing protruded.

“My brother and I never touched these. We believed that if we pulled one of them, a bell would ring and the devil would appear. So we never pulled them.

“In a ploughed field nearby was a large piece of ground at one end, with a pond in the middle of it, and with many wild cherry trees near it.

“I can remember now how pretty they were with their covering of white blossoms, and the grass below full of flowers…but the pond was no ordinary one.

“It was always called the ‘S pond,’ being shaped like that letter. I suspect, too, that it was a pond of ill repute—perhaps connected with heathen worship—for we were warned never to go near its edge, lest the Mermaid should come and crome us in. “Crome, as all East Anglians know, means ‘crook’.”

On Hidden East Anglia’s website, www.hiddenea.com there is a tale of a pond in Rendlesham which is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman in white who has been seen gliding on its surface or rising from its depths. Could this be the mermaid?

Over on the Griffmonster Walks website (griffmonster-walks.blogspot.com) the author speculates that the pond could be the same one found in the present day Cottage Wood, alongside the footpath that runs between Ivy Lodge Road and Ash Road. On an 1881 map, the pond is clearly shown to be ‘S’ shaped. Perhaps the ‘mermaid’ in question is actually a river hag, used by parents to frighten children into being good.

Peg Powler, a hag and water spirit in English folklore is said to inhabit the River Tees and, just like the Grindylow, Jenny Greenteeth and Nelly Longarms, is said to drag children into the water if they stray too close to the edge. Like a bogeywoman, the river hags lure their prey to a watery grave, although in some stories, Peg Powler is described as a beautiful young woman with green hair who seduces men and young boys that see her and then leads them astray and into the river.

The reference to “heathen worship” may be linked to the nearby bowl barrows, funerary monuments that date from the late Neolithic period to the late Bronze Age and which were used for either single or multiple burials. Rendlesham is thought to have been the site of the royal settlement of the Anglo-Saxon kings of East Anglia and was mentioned by historian the Venerable Bede in the 8th Century. Around five miles from the Sutton Hoo burial site, where a burial ship full of treasures was found under a burial mound believed to be that of King Raedwald, Rendlesham is now thought to be where the king and his people lived.

Whatever the draw of Rendlesham is to the curious and unexplained, do be careful if you go down to the woods today and don’t say we didn’t warn you there might be some big surprises.

Source: Weird Suffolk


Woman Collects Accounts of Bigfoot Sightings in Idaho
By Silas Wright

IDAHO FALLS — When you love what you do, you feel as if you never work a day in your life. That is how Becky Cook feels when she collects stories from people who have seen Bigfoot in Idaho. She even has some stories of her own.

Cook found accounts that took place in Menan, Palisades, Bannock Creek, Mount Putnam, Malad, Swan Valley and other areas.

RELATED: First UFOs, now Bigfoot. Idaho is among the top states for more paranormal sightings

In her life, Cook has gained a lot of experience conducting interviews. She has been writing for the Intermountain Farm and Ranch for 20 years. She told EastIdahoNews.com that she was sent to do a story on hunting on horseback, but what she found was a man who had run into a Bigfoot.

Though she thought the paper would never use her story, it was printed for its Halloween issue. When her editor came back from a vacation that weekend, he found Cook’s story caused the paper to go into a second printing.

The next year, the paper wanted to write about true ghost stories, but when Cook would go out and do her interviews, she was always drawn to Bigfoot. Eventually she found areas with large amounts of Bigfoot sightings.

“I was finding a whole bunch of people who had their own sightings but never told anyone because people would think they were weird or crazy,” Cook said.

The nearly 60 stories Cook has written about in her books don’t include any accounts where drugs or alcohol are involved or stories that the sources requested she doesn’t publish.

“I wanted each of the books to have integrity,” she said. “If you go and interview any of the people I have interviewed, they will tell you the exact same story.”

Close encounter

Suddenly a Bigfoot came crashing out of the trees and brush and jumped down off a ledge, to land on the road right in front of them.

“I think we scared him as much as he scared us,” Nesbitt said.

“He was huge, hairy, and scary and I peed my pants.”

She said he was about eight and a half feet tall with muscly arms. While he had medium length black hair over his body, his face was a tannish color entirely covered by hair with yellow eyes. She describes his nose as being a different texture than a human nose – more like a dog or bear’s nose, and kind of wrinkly. He didn’t seem to be particularly old either.

— From “Bigfoot Lives”

One common denominator Cook has discovered in about 70% of sources is the fact that the person has had at least one near-death experience. She believes this could be a factor in why they are even able to have sightings at all.

Some of her stories involve Bigfoot traveling through portals to another location, explaining why they are usually just seen briefly.

“I honestly did not believe it,” she says. “Not until I started hearing about (multiple witnesses).”

Cook describes Bigfoot as tall, hairy, generally walks on two feet, with a sound that is so loud it can cause a reverberation in your chest. She added that they all have different scents.

Cook describes them as generally curious creatures that shouldn’t harm you, unless you “are doing something you shouldn’t be doing.”

“I know what I know. I know that I don’t tell lies and have my own personal integrity, so I don’t care if you don’t believe me,” she says.

If you think you see a Bigfoot, Cook says you should look around for footprints and then contact to share your experience. You can learn more about Cook’s research on her website.

Source: East Idaho News


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Security Camera Spots "Ghost Woman" at Construction Site

This is the spine-chilling moment the ghostly apparition of a woman was caught on camera walking through a Birmingham city centre building site.

The eerie image has baffled security bosses at the site on Sherborne Street since it was captured in the early hours of Tuesday, August 18.

The vision was picked up by CCTV in the dead of night - but when security performed a full patrol of the area just minutes later they found it all clear.

The woman appears to be wearing a dress and carrying an object as she walks past building materials at the site, near Broad Street.

Security staff were alerted after a motion sensor camera picked up movement and snapped the sinister image.

Adam Lees, managing director of Limitless Security, said: "We provide security for the building site on Sherborne Street, in Birmingham city centre.

"In the early hours of Tuesday we had an alert to say a motion-sensored camera had picked up movement on the site.

"The images come through to my laptop, so I checked and saw that picture. I notified security on site straightaway who did a full patrol but found nothing.

"It's incredibly strange. I have no idea what it could have been but I didn't sleep the rest of the night."

he alert was raised at 1.53am on August 18.

Three minutes later, on-site security responded and carried out a full patrol, finding the site all-clear.

The image has been shared thousands of times since it was posted by _Meglittle on Twitter.

She wrote: "So my dad's building site in Birmingham has a CCTV camera alert that flashes when there's movement and this morning it took this photo. Ten minutes later security went to check and found NOTHING."

One user commented: "If this is real that is proper creepy. Ghosts just walking around... makes you wonder."

And another added: "What the hell, wish I never saw this."

Source: Birmingham Live


Cell Phone Phenomena

“I am a retired college professor from Winthrop University,” writes Beth Young of Rock Hill, South Carolina. “The photo appeared on my phone after Mass at St Philip Neri in Fort Mill, South Carolina. My phone was in the car during Mass. I am a lifelong Catholic. The date on the photo was March 3, 2017. A similar Cross is in the lobby of the St. Philip Neri Church, but there are no special lights over the Cross or anything that would explain the illumination.

“Ash Wednesday and Lent had begun on March 1st that year. I thought it was interesting that a pregnant woman was also in the photo. I have never taken a photo inside the church as I always leave my phone in the car. The photo just appeared in my photos on my IPhone. I just assumed that it was a gift from God.”

There is also Carolyn Gentile, of Takeda’s Data Sciences Institute, in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

“Good can happen as well and maybe by our guardian angels. At least the ones that are tech-savvy. One day I was at work [when I was at Forum Pharmaceuticals in Watertown] and I left my cell phone on my desk, I came back to my office and the home screen picture had changed.  I counted, it takes eight steps to do this.  It was a picture within my gallery of the tabernacle at my church. See below.  Also, that same day, when commuting back home, I was following a car whose license plate read:  ADRTON. I took it as a sign from my guardian angel to: ‘Get back to Eucharist Adoration’!”

“I share three  bizarre phone events for your readers,” writes Tina Lorge of Santa Barbara, California. ” I do believe the theory that since Satan fell in a bolt of lightning, diabolical spirits tend to prefer electronic/light devices in which to dwell.

Event #1

My husband and I were present at my mother’s (peaceful) death June 6 at the Care Home where she lived.  Minutes later, as we were getting ready to leave before the Mortuary attendants arrived:+

 — Both phones rang simultaneously. (we were next to each other, phones on the table).

 — Each of us saw a text from the other (!)

 — Each read, simply,  L O L.

Event #2

Our French daughter-in-law Charlotte has a 20-something half brother who has always been trouble.  At times, he has been violent and vicious, and takes drugs.  During a contentious phone conversation with him Charlotte’s phone went ‘ballistic, flashing strange images lightening-speed, even showing photos of their daughters. Our son was able to use his phone to videotape some of it, which he showed us when they were here a few days later. They had absolutely no explanation, especially the girls’ pictures. There was no explanation other than demonic spirits.

Event #3

A few minutes before 3 a.m., both our phones rang.  It appeared to be FaceTime calls from Charlotte (in France) from WhatsApp.  However, when I called back, she said they hadn’t called us, and she never uses the WhatsApp.

I’ve had other strange phone events and asked our priest to bless my old phone, which he did.  Maybe we need these phones blessed too — what do you think?”

Never hurts, Tina!

“I have a little story,” wrote Judy Ponchione. “My husband would never use a cell phone. But the night before he was buried when I checked my phone there was a message on my cell phone above the keyboard that said, I love you Judy. That was two and a half years ago and every time I think about it I find it amazing that this could happen.  I can only imagine that perhaps he asked Our Lord if he could send me a message because he had lost his ability to talk and didn’t have the opportunity to tell me one last time that he loved me.  How can a person not believe that there is life after death?”

We have no doubt about it whatsoever, not for a nanosecond.

“On occasion when I shut my phone alarm off in the morning, it will still ring as if I pressed snooze,” writes a viewer named Becky. “I don’t press snooze, but when this happens it seems to be on days I fell back to sleep quickly, and/or really do need to get up.  I consider this an extra aid from my guardian angel."

Source: Spirit Daily

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