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- Portals, Vortices, and Stargates -

 - "Just One of Those Things" -

- Astronauts Experiences with UFOs -

AND: The Wild Monkeys of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Many books have been written about UFOs. Some focus on sightings. Others on close encounters. Or even abduction experiences. Its rare to find one that includes all these categories, but also focuses on the life experience of the individual whose very existence has been drastically altered due to the dynamic nature of this phenomena.

The honey blonde, green eyed UFO experiencer underwent a series of face-to-face contacts with her "Special One" at an early age. This unique relationship resulted in a bonding between a cosmic and an earthly soul. Their relationship has lasted all of Diane's life leading to wisdom about the nature of the universe, include space and time travel.

Diane has acted as a conduit for those seeking personal advise as well as spiritual and cosmic wisdom. Her prophecies concerning earth changes are well established.

This work is a unique, inspiring, fun adventure which offers personal, never before documented, alien and paranormal experiences of a UFO abductee, channel, researcher, and world explorer.

In THE TRANSFORMATION OF DIANE TESSMAN, personal UFO and paranormal memories are shared from each place she has lived, from the Virgin Islands where she taught school, to Florida where paranormal activity preceded the tragic Skyway Bridge collapse of 1980, to George Van Tassel’s Giant Rock "time travel machine" in the Mojave Desert.

THE TRANSFORMATION OF DIANE TESSMAN is objective scientific research from Diane, who was with both MUFON and APRO, on the nature and source of ghosts, on the possibility that some UFO occupants are time travelers from Earth, and on the 5 types of propulsion aliens use to travel to Earth from distant worlds. Also, respected Ufologist Rich Hoffman shares what the Chief Medical Officer of Wright Patterson Air Force Base shared with him as to the probable home world of the crashed saucer victims.

There is no other UFO book quite like this one, but then, Diane Tessman is unique in the UFO field, both objective researcher, abductee, and also inspired channel of international fame, whom many people have turned to, for hope and inspiration for 39 years and counting.

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Portals, Vortices, and Stargates
By Diane Tessman

There are passageways between worlds, between life and death and between dimensions. Some are passageways in time which take us to the future or the past, while other corridors are shortcuts which will help us arrive at far distant planets thousands of light years away.

Each passageway, each corridor, has a door into which we must enter. Some of these passageways have doors at both ends which create a challenging barrier; we must have the bravery to pass through each of them - or have the wisdom to not pass through them. There are portals, vortices (vortexes), and stargates. It is helpful to know the difference in definitions, even though we often use these words interchangeably.

As a person dies, her spirit passes on through the portal which separates "physical life," from "spirit life."

The spirit life universe is much more exciting, diverse, peaceful and beautiful than the physical world. The portal to this world manifests as the soul leaves the physical body. Some emerging spirits perceive this portal as a brilliant light, while others simply sail toward colorful cosmic fractals, nebulas, and magnificent scenes beyond description.

There are other types of portals through which both angels and demons can travel from their own realms. These portals exist where you least expect them; just as the "physical life to spirit life portals," the "angel and demon portals" do not stay in a specific spot. Portals fluctuate, they manifest as needed by an entity.

This entity can be a human spirit traveling from physical life to spirit life, or it can be on the request of an angel or other entity.

In quantum terms, portals are therefore created by the entity who needs them to be created. This ability in a dying human is part of the death (and back to universal new-life) process itself. It is a quantum power we all have, as do animals at that special time of physical death. And, beings in other dimensions of Earth have this power too; angels, demons, fairies, and other paranormal or other-worldly entities.

A vortex occurs when Nature's energies become supernatural energies and intersect with other natural or supernatural energies. Why do Nature's energies become super-nature? That is something only the mind of Nature knows.

Why does a ghost light appear on a mountainside, or why does a will-of-the-wisp glide down the valley? Cosmic beings, even UFO occupants, have sensors which detect where/when a vortex appears, and they can make use of such a corridor.

A vortex usually stays in the same place, thus, as in the account of "Picnic at Hanging Rock," there is a specific area in rock formations which remains a "magic door" for years or at least for a while.

"Picnic at Hanging Rock" is an Australian historical fiction novel by Joan Lindsay, written 1967. It is based on a true event which happened around 1900, but the author has refused to explain if it is closely or loosely-based on a true event. Of course, Aboriginal Australia is full of magic and supernatural sites.

Set in 1900, "Hanging Rock" is about a group of female students at an Australian girls' boarding school who vanish at Hanging Rock while on a Valentine's Day picnic, and the effects the disappearances have on the school and local community.

Ominous-looking and mysterious rocks do exist at a real place called Hanging Rock in the Australian state of Victoria. These rocks may well contain a vortex to other dimensions, somewhere or some-when. Apparently in the real Hanging Rock occurrence, the girls and their governess who disappeared were never seen again.

I investigated a similar rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park, in the High Desert of California. The local story had been circulating that a teenage couple disappeared there. I certainly felt the unusual energies of this rock formation, but I hesitantly stepped through the suspected vortex in the rock formation, and I am still here. Perhaps this vortex comes and goes.

Ley lines are invisible electromagnetic lines of Mother Earth and when Nature's energies create supernatural vortices, it is almost always because several ley lines have intersected at this spot. And so, here is a major difference between a portal (created by an entity's mind) and a vortex (created by nature, usually connected to ley lines).

The definition of a stargate is indeed different than a portal or a vortex. A stargate is space and/or time-connected whereas portals and vortices are usually Earth energies.

A stargate is often in the form of a wormhole but not all wormholes are successful stargates. Consider" Star Trek" for a moment: When the Enterprise goes to warp, it creates for itself a stargate through its advanced technology.

The starship folds space-time in this warp-corridor like folding a table cloth, and so the vast distances of space become relatively short distances. Stargates can also be used for traversing time, to the past or the future. There is currently much excitement around quantum "metamaterials" which physicists feel might be the key which UFOs use to fold space and time.

Wormholes are infrequent natural occurrences out in the universe, or they can be artificially created, as the Enterprise does. NASA works on creating artificial wormholes just as they seek to create warp drive; it is said it is easier to create a wormhole than it is to keep it open. If the corridor cannot be kept open, it is catastrophic for the crewmembers of the starship.

In "Star Trek: the Motion Picture," the Enterprise falls into a "wormhole" of imbalance when warp drive is engaged before it is ready. This suggests that falling into a wormhole is a failed attempt to go to warp; however, for NASA scientists, a wormhole is the method "the gate" to the stars and to time itself. Wormholes are stargates.

It is suspected that there are natural wormholes out in the galaxy but we have yet to find one, so for now, those natural "gates" are theoretical.

One day we will perfect the creation of wormholes into which starships can dive, to begin their journey to far distant worlds in a relative short time, as well as journeying though time itself.

Check out Diane's new book, “The Real Life UFO Transformation of Diane Tessman” now available at the Conspiracy Journal Bookshop.

Diane can be contacted by email at: dianetessman0@gmail.com

Her mailing address is:
Diane Tessman
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www. EarthChangesPredictions.com


"Just One of Those Things"
By Malcolm Smith

Here's something I'm sure we're all familiar with: an item, usually a small one, inexplicably goes missing. Some time later it turns up in a place where it has no right to be or, even more puzzling, appears staring you in the face in an area which had already been thoroughly searched. Mostly we can put it down to absent mindedness, or some such "rational" explanation, but sometimes it is harder to explain. When we bought a second hand car, I purchased a logbook, which stayed in the glove box when I wasn't writing in it. Two weeks later it disappeared. I bought a replacement, and that one also vanished after six weeks. I wasn't game to tempt fate a third time but, six or seven years later, we collected the car from its twice yearly service, and discovered that the mechanics had left both logbooks, not obviously dirty or damaged, on the front seat. Obviously, they had been discovered in some nook of the car. How did they get there from the glove box? How come it happened twice? And why weren't they found earlier? Just the same, I am not (yet) prepared to invoke a paranormal explanation. It was "just one of those things". However, some other incidents are more difficult to dismiss.
Take, for instance, the experience of Prof. Michael Swords. He used to empty his pockets every night and place the objects - nearly always the same, and always including his watch - on a space by the sink. One morning, the watch wasn't there. No amount of searching and backtracking could locate it. Finally, after five days without a watch, he purchased a new one, and placed it with the other items that night. The next morning, not only was the new watch there, but the old one had come back. (Have you noticed how missing items tend to reappear just after their absence ceases to be an inconvenience?)
So these things represent a genuine paranormal phenomenon. There is a website called "Reality Shifters" about it, while the Fortean Times magazine calls it "pixilation", and readers told many stories about how they used to successfully ask for the items back. I suggested elsewhere that this custom might inadvertently encourage the phenomenon.

Mary Rose Barrington, a prominent member of the (British) Society for Psychical Research, labels it "JOTT", for "just one of those things", and has written a book about it. The case histories she provides are quite extraordinary, so I shall list only a few.

     [1] This case was unusual in that it was documented by a series of correspondence. Prof. BSM was living in a house in rural Somerset, the nearest neighbour being half a mile away. The children were at school. His elderly uncle was resting in bed. His wife was asleep in the garden, well secluded from the outside world, but when she woke up, there was an unopened letter on her lap, addressed to a Miss X in the West of London.

When she showed it to her husband at tea time, they opened it, and discovered it had been written a month earlier (where had it been in the interval?) from a London University college library demanding the return of a certain book. Well, they corresponded with the college, and returned the letter. Later, the Professor realised that, although he had made copies of all their correspondence, he didn't have a photocopy of the original letter to Miss X, so he wrote to the library requesting a copy. The one he received was not the original, but a copy of the second letter demanding the return of the book. When he brought this to the attention of the library, they searched and searched, and discovered that their copy of the original letter had disappeared.

This is something you may wish to consider the next time a letter from or to you is "lost in the mail".

    [9] A small child chewed a gramophone record and tossed into the air - where it promptly vanished! Five years later, it returned, complete with tooth marks. As the author said, "This is surely too bizarre for anyone to make up with an expectation of being believed."

    [36] This is especially weird, as it apparently involves a ghost. A month after she had lost her husband, ERC lost a bracelet given to her by her late husband, so that afternoon she and a friend searched for it thoroughly, including "every inch of the ground between the car and the front door." Before going to bed she addressed (?prayed to) her late husband aloud, asking him to find the bracelet. That evening her daughter was out on a date. At 1 a.m. she and her boyfriend burst into the bedroom to report that they had both seen her husband looking out through the kitchen window.
To cut a long story short, at 6 o'clock, when it was barely daylight, she decided to take her dog for a walk. When she returned about 9, lo and behold! there was the bracelet just below the milk bottles. The milkman insisted he had never seen it. It hadn't been there when ERC had left at 6, and certainly not when she and her friend had combed the whole area the previous afternoon.

    [47] A Frank Drucker was holding a special stamp between thumb and forefinger as he crossed the floor to stick it on an envelope. While both his eyes and fingers were fixed on it, it dematerialised - and, of course, was never seen again.

   [59] From your own experience, you probably know that keys are popular items to go wandering. This case was written down within 24 hours of its occurrence. Maurice Grosse's wife lost her handbag, so they had to replace the lock on the door - ditto the keys. Removing the old keys from the keyrings was a real trial; Maurice had to use pliers to keep the spring-loaded plunger open. He then put the old lock and the spare old keys in a special box. The very next day, his wife noticed a new key on her keyring. Another one was found in the box with the old lock and, yes, they did fit the old lock. But they weren't the old keys; they were brand new. Not only that, they bore the name and telephone number of a locksmith the family had never used. Further investigations revealed that the locksmith had ceased making this sort of key at least two years before.

    [66] Dr Alan Mayne once picked up a pale green apple in order to eat it, only to have it slip from his fingers. He heard it strike the floor, but then it disappeared. Much later, he was finishing dinner with a retired physicist in the latter's kitchen, when a wizened green apple suddenly appeared at eye level and fell softly onto his plate. (Readers may remember I wrote an article about objects which materialise out of nowhere.)

    [75] Finally, she provides examples of what she calls "oddjotts", which defy the laws of nature as we know them. In this case, a woman entered her bathroom, locked it from the inside, and hung her dressing gown on the back of the door. When she emerged from the shower, it was missing, only to turn up at the foot of the stairs. The implication was that it must have passed through the locked door.

The book is essentially two books in one. The second half is an attempt at an explanation. It takes us through a grand tour of psychic phenomena, and ends up with a bizarre theory-of-everything which turns out to be pantheism dressed up in scientific language. It may be a vast edifice built on a slim, shaky foundation, but the exposition of paranormal phenomena is well worth the read, and it appears the psychical research of a century or more ago was more rigorous than it is usually given credit for.
Finally, I would like to throw into the melée another anecdote. I must emphasize that I am NOT proposing this as a blanket explanation for the phenomenon of jott, but it deserves a mention. It is case number 267 of the second fairy census, and concerns a woman from Illinois.

Some friends came from the city for the weekend and the lady brought with her a pattern and fabric so I could help make [a] dress for a party. One of the items was a long zipper and when it came time to put the zipper in, it had gone missing. She drove into a nearby town and bought another and the dress was finished. A couple of days after they had gone I was in my parlor and I looked up from what I was doing to see a wee man about eighteen inches high. He had brown skin and a very odd looking face. His hair was black and tousled like the hair of a baby. His eyes reminded me of apple seeds. And in his hand was the missing zipper. 'HEY' I called out and in that instant, he was gone and the zipper was lying stretched flat on the floor in the doorway. . . . I saw the little fellow clearly one other time while she [her toddler daughter] was playing with him.

Source: Malcolm's Musings


Astronauts Experiences with UFOs

Unexplained aerial phenomena have been reported over the years by many intelligent and credible people, including police officers, scientists, astronomers, military personnel, pilots, and even astronauts.

For instance, during the first American orbital flight in February, 1962, astronaut John Glenn, piloting the Mercury capsule, saw three objects follow and then overtake him at varying speeds. Glenn then observed what he called glowing "snowflakes" or "fireflies" that swirled around his capsule. NASA officials surmised that the fireflies were bits of ice that had become detached from the sides of the capsule.

Later Mercury astronauts also reported the same phenomena, radioing back to NASA that more "fireflies"  could be produced when they tapped on the side of the capsule.

Three years later, in June, 1965, astronaut James McDivitt on Gemini 4 photographed and filmed a cylindrical-shaped object with an antenna-like extension. McDivitt said the object was silvery in appearance and was approximately ten miles away. "It looked like a beer can with a pencil sticking out of it at an angle," McDivitt described.

After splashdown, the film was sent from the carrier to be processed. When the NASA photo interpreter released three or four pictures of the UFO, a few days later, McDivitt stated that the quality of the photo was so bad that it failed to reproduce what he had seen.

NORAD suggested that the object might have been a satellite called Pegasus which was 1,200 miles away at the time, even though the object McDivitt had sighted appeared to be much closer.

Then during December's Gemini 7 flight, astronauts Jim Lovell and Frank Borman radioed Mission Control that they had a "bogey" in sight as well as many illuminated particles. NASA suggested that the bogey and particles were fragments from the launching of Gemini 7, but this is impossible if they were traveling in a different orbit from Gemini 7, as the astronauts described.
In 1966, during the flight of Gemini 10, two red glowing objects captured the attention of astronauts John Young and Michael Collins as they circled the Earth. They had ventured further into space than any other human at the time, and suddenly both astronauts were amazed to see that two glowing objects now occupied the same orbital path as themselves.

The official verdict attributed the objects to space junk discarded from an unmanned Saturn rocket that had been launched earlier that month. But the astronauts were adamant these were not stars and it is difficult to imagine how a manmade device could maneuver in the erratic way the objects did when they suddenly left orbit and quickly disappeared from sight.

Code Word Santa Claus

Because of the unwanted media attention generated by the Gemini UFO reports, NASA instructed its astronauts to never use words such as "bogey" or "UFO" if they sighted something unidentified. Instead, they were to use the code-word "Santa Claus" when informing Mission Control of unusual activity around their capsules. Additionally, Mission Control stopped allowing the networks to hear live broadcasts from the astronauts. Instead, they initiated a five-second tape delay, possibly to quickly prevent astronauts from accidentally broadcasting any unexpected UFO encounters.

This edict came just in time for the Apollo missions to the moon, where both astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin supposedly saw UFOs shortly after their historic landing on the moon in July, 1969.

According to former NASA employee Otto Binder, unnamed radio hams who bypassed NASA's broadcasting outlets picked up this message from Apollo 11: "These babies are huge sir...enormous...oh, God, you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there  are other spacecraft out there...lined up on the far side of the crater edge...they're on the moon watching us."
These stories were repeated in various UFO magazines, but it was not verified until 1979, when Maurice Chatelain, senior engineer for NASA contractor North American Aviation, confirmed that Armstrong had indeed reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater.

"The encounter was common knowledge in NASA. In fact, all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed by space vehicles of unknown origin. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence."

The late astronaut Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr. said in 2000 that the government "swept under the rug" the truth about unidentified flying objects.

One reason why Cooper was so insistent that UFOs are real was his own personal sightings in the 1950s while assigned to a jet fighter group in Germany. While stationed there in 1952, formations of metallic-looking circular objects passed over the Air Base on an almost daily basis.

UFOs continued to haunt Cooper when he was transferred several years later to Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Center in the California desert. In 1957, he was one of an elite band of test pilots in charge of several advanced projects, including the installation of a precision landing system.  He had a camera crew filming the installation when they spotted a flying saucer. They filmed it as it flew overhead, then hovered, extended three legs as landing gear, and slowly came down to land on a dry lake bed.

The camera crew managed to get within 20 or 30 yards of the landed disc,  filming all the time. It was a classic saucer, shiny silver and smooth, and about 30 feet across. As they approached, it took off and disappeared into the clear sky.

After the footage was forwarded to Washington, the movie "vanished," never  to surface again. When the Air Force later started Operation Blue Book in 1952  to collate UFO evidence and reports, Cooper says he mentioned the film evidence,  but the film was supposedly never found.
Rumors persist that American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts continue to see UFOs while in space. As many of NASA's programs are funded by the Department of Defense, most astronauts are subject to military security regulations and are forbidden to publicly speak about their sightings.

Hopefully, as time goes by and more astronauts retire, they will choose to publicly discuss their UFO encounters. Only then will the public get a better idea of the kinds of strange mysteries that await us in the deep, dark reaches of outer space.  

Source: Tim Swartz/Mysteries Magazine


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Man Stole Truck to Meet Up with Aliens
By Larry D. Curtis

A Utah man allegedly stole a truck he said he needed to rendezvous with aliens but felt bad for stealing it and returned it to a 7 Eleven store.

Bryce Jerald Dixon is accused of theft of a vehicle and three attempts to escape from official custody after he returned a red pickup truck that he later told police he needed so that he could "get to the Colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats."

According to court documents, Dixon intended to drive the truck all the way to the Colosseum but felt bad for stealing it so he returned to the 7 Eleven he took it from to give it back. The truck had been reported stolen when the owner — who left his truck unlocked with the keys inside while he stopped into the story — called 911.

Police responded and investigated and when an officer arrived at the convenience store he was met by the truck's owner who said the man suspected of taking it returned it and was running from the location. The officer used his radio and another officer took the suspect into custody.

The suspect was taken to a hospital for an injury sustained when the truck owner allegedly punched him in the face. Once in hospital care, police said Dixon tried to slip past officers three times. There Dixon allegedly apologized to police and told them aliens needed him to get to the Colosseum.

He was booked into the Utah County jail on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and police and three counts of attempted escape.

Source: KMYU TV


The Wild Monkeys of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
By Brian Entin

They have been spotted in neighborhoods, on power poles, and even made it onto the tarmac at a busy South Florida airport.

Wild vervet monkeys are thriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A colony of several dozen monkeys lives near the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

“When I first started this project it was like an urban legend. Trying to figure out exactly where the monkeys came from and where to find them,” said biologist Dr. Missy Williams.

Williams has been studying the monkeys for years and has a name for each monkey.

“I am out here everyday and I love it,” Williams said.

She says she traced the monkeys’ ancestors back to a roadside zoo called the Danie Beach Chimpanzee Farm.

About fifty monkeys escaped from the zoo.

The monkeys frequent area businesses where employees have gotten to know and feed them.

“They are pretty much always looking for food. Once they eat, they run,” said Dave Winquist, a parking lot employee.

Winquist works at a parking lot near the airport and interacts with them almost everyday.

“Bananas. Peanuts. They’ll even eat packets of grape jelly if they can get their hands on it,” Winquist said.

The monkeys live in four different colonies and they mostly stick together. However, Williams says once in a while, a male monkey will venture off in search of a mate. Some of the males have been spotted up to thirty miles away.

“They have navigated this really complex urban system without getting hit by cars and they make it back. So it is really phenomenal how they move through the city without getting detected and without getting hit by cars,” Williams said.

Williams says there have been no documented cases of aggression by the monkeys, and they don’t seem to bother anyone.

Sadly, she says, it is people who threaten them.

“I would say humans are their biggest predator, of course.  People sometimes, because the exotic pet trade here in Florida is a big thing, people sometimes try to take them as pets,” said Williams.

Since Williams started studying the monkeys six years ago, she says five have disappeared. She later discovered some were trapped.

“Primates are not pets. They do not do well in captivity at all. They are best to be out free. They learn how to be monkeys from other monkeys and in captivity they become bored and have problems,” Williams said.

It is against the law to trap or hurt the monkeys, but beyond that, they don’t have protection under Florida law because they are classified as non native.

Williams is hoping to get special permission from the state to take the monkeys to the vet when they are sick or injured.

But for now, all she can do is observe the wild monkeys who have survived city life for nearly sixty years.

Source: Everything Lubbock

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