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Don't open the door! Don't go into the basement! Don't look under the bed! DON'T OPEN THE CLOSET! Is it ghosts? Is it ghouls? Is it little hairy monsters with big teeth and claws? NO - It's another spine-tingling issue of your favorite weekly newsletter of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal, and everything else spooky and scary - CONSPIRACY JOURNAL.

This weeks issue of Conspiracy Journal looks at such neck-biting tales as:

- UFO Researcher Larry W. Bryant Passes Away -

 - They Were Attacked with "Microwave Weapons" -

- The Dark Darklings -

AND: Did the CIA Test LSD in the New York City Subway?

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Many books have been written about UFOs. Some focus on sightings. Others on close encounters. Or even abduction experiences. Its rare to find one that includes all these categories, but also focuses on the life experience of the individual whose very existence has been drastically altered due to the dynamic nature of this phenomena.

The honey blonde, green eyed UFO experiencer underwent a series of face-to-face contacts with her "Special One" at an early age. This unique relationship resulted in a bonding between a cosmic and an earthly soul. Their relationship has lasted all of Diane's life leading to wisdom about the nature of the universe, include space and time travel.

Diane has acted as a conduit for those seeking personal advise as well as spiritual and cosmic wisdom. Her prophecies concerning earth changes are well established.

This work is a unique, inspiring, fun adventure which offers personal, never before documented, alien and paranormal experiences of a UFO abductee, channel, researcher, and world explorer.

In THE REAL LIFE UFO TRANSFORMATION OF DIANE TESSMAN, personal UFO and paranormal memories are shared from each place she has lived, from the Virgin Islands where she taught school, to Florida where paranormal activity preceded the tragic Skyway Bridge collapse of 1980, to George Van Tassel’s Giant Rock "time travel machine" in the Mojave Desert.

THE REAL LIFE UFO TRANSFORMATION OF DIANE TESSMAN is objective scientific research from Diane, who was with both MUFON and APRO, on the nature and source of ghosts, on the possibility that some UFO occupants are time travelers from Earth, and on the 5 types of propulsion aliens use to travel to Earth from distant worlds. Also, respected Ufologist Rich Hoffman shares what the Chief Medical Officer of Wright Patterson Air Force Base shared with him as to the probable home world of the crashed saucer victims.

There is no other UFO book quite like this one, but then, Diane Tessman is unique in the UFO field, both objective researcher, abductee, and also inspired channel of international fame, whom many people have turned to, for hope and inspiration for 39 years and counting.

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UFO Researcher Larry W. Bryant Passes Away

Larry W. Bryant, noted UFO researcher and author, died on October 12 in Hampton, Virginia, at the age of 82. Bryant had a long Civil Service career beginning in 1958 as a Technical Writer working at the U.S. Continental Army Command at Ft. Monroe, Virginia, and ending in Washington, DC, as a Writer/Editor for the Chief of Public Affairs at the Pentagon.

However, his day job didn't stop him from filling Freedom of Information Act requests with the Army, Navy, and Air Force for their UFO records, as well as filing first amendment UFO-related lawsuits as the Director of the Washington D.C. office of Citizen's Against UFO Secrecy.

He was a thorn in the side of the U.S. government, and its efforts to stop him failed. Larry made his voice heard far and wide through hundreds if not thousands of letters-to-the-editor to newspapers around the country on a variety of subjects, from the protection of civil liberties to the socio-political aspects of UFOlogy.

He wrote countless articles on UFOs for a wide range of magazines, maintained a UFO blog, and authored several books, including "UFO Politics at the White House."

Bryant felt that the most important aspect of UFOlogy today was how to end the continuing official cover-up of what the federal government knows (and when it knew it) about UFO reality.

Once that end occurs, the other pieces to the UFO puzzle would fall into place fairly swiftly and easily. Issues such as UFO-related abduction, livestock mutilation, underground bases, shadow-government collusion between "us" and "them," alien-earthling hybridization programs - and all the rest of the folkloric baggage currently weighting us down - could then be confronted more knowledgeably and forthrightly.

The cover-up policy seeks to stall UFOlogy in its tracks, to continue to discredit UFO-encounter witnesses, to intimidate prospective whistleblowers, and to confine the ultimate UFOlogical truth to a small group of officials whose agenda can only be surmised. This policy - as un-American as any anti-civil rights policy -- not only denies our citizens the right to take part in the decision making process of government (and the right to know what/how/why officials have to do with UFO-related information); it also endangers that very process by deceiving the citizenry into thinking that the "UFO problem" poses no problem.

Bryant's UFO collection of books and writings have been sent to Rice University in Houston Texas. The University has planned to open a new library called “Archives of the Impossible” this coming fall. The library will showcase his and other UFO researcher’s collections on this controversial topic.

His daughter, Gretchen Condon, took loving care of her dad, a kind and gentle soul, through the ravages of Parkinson's until the very end.



CIA Agents Say They Were Attacked with "Microwave Weapons"

Two agents from the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) fear they were attacked with a sophisticated microwave-directed energy beam weapon designed to disrupt brain function. while visiting Australia late last year, as part of a global campaign by Russia targeting US officials.

The CIA officials reported hearing ringing in their ears and feeling nauseous and dizzy, symptoms consistent with "Havana syndrome", first suffered by American diplomats serving in Cuba.

According to a report in America's GQ magazine, mobile phone data revealed agents from Moscow's Federal Security Service (FSB) were in the vicinity of their hotel room at the time the visitors fell ill.

"While in their hotel rooms in Australia, both of the Americans felt it: the strange sound, the pressure in their heads, the ringing in their ears," GQ reported.

During 2017 the US detailed how mysterious acoustic attacks on employees in its Havana embassy were causing brain-related injuries. Researchers found their brains were altered and began referring to it as “immaculate concussion” as the symptoms were similar to a head injury caused by an impact.

The suspected attack on Australian soil is believed to have occurred at some point during the spring of 2019, before the CIA agents were then similarly targeted when they travelled on to Taiwan.

One of the CIA agents attacked in Australia and Taiwan is understood to be among the agency's five highest-ranking officials.


According to three government sources, in 2018, an American diplomat and his partner who had fallen ill with the sickness in China were struck down again by the symptoms when they were in Philadelphia.

The couple were advised to move to a hotel with their children for safety reasons, but on their second night they were struck down by the illness again.

They were horrified when they checked on their children to find them moving "bizarrely" in their sleep - all at the same time.

In the week after the children developed vision and balance problems.

Another suspected attack came shortly after Thanksgiving in 2019, this time targeting an aide to White House security adviser John Bolton, the sources claim.

The staff member was walking her dog in Arlington, Virginia, when she passed a parked van.

A man had got out of the van and walked past her - then she noticed he dog began to seize up.

She then began to feel a high-pitched ringing in her ears, intense headache and tingling in her face.

According to a source, the same staff member had suddenly felt ill during an official trip to London in August 2019.

When she left her hotel room, the symptoms stopped.

She reported the incident to the Secret Service because of the similarities to the American diplomats stuck down in Cuba and China.

Mark Polymeropoulous, a high ranking CIA official, says he was forced to retire from his duties in 2019 after battling a bizarre illness for over a year.

Whilst on a work trip in Moscow in December 2017, the burly Iraq war vet was woken in the middle of the night with horrific symptoms that left him almost unable to walk.

At first, he thought he had food poisoning, but when he went to go to the bathroom he crashed to the floor as he lost control of his body.

Speaking for the first time since his departure, he told GQ that the hotel room was spinning and his ears were ringing and it felt like he was "going to both throw up and pass out at the same time".

He says he has been left with agonising migraines that continue almost three years later.

He had to give up driving after his vision was affected, and says his symptoms were so debilitating he eventually had to quit the agency.

A specialist diagnosed damage to the brain stem nerves similar to a head injury.

But he claims the CIA's doctors ruled he was fit and refused to refer him to a research program treating victims of the Havana syndrome.

Mark said: "It's incumbent on them to provide the medical help we require, which does not include telling us we are all making it up.

"I want the Agency to treat this as a combat injury."

Peter Jennings from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said if the attacks were proven, Russia was the most likely culprit, and that it would take a sophisticated device to cause such an attack.

"I think what we are seeing here is something that is most likely from the Russians, who seem to frankly care almost nothing of the consequences of aggressive intelligence actions," he said.

"This is lifting the levels of Cold War-style conflict to new highs.

"If we're actually engaging in things that amount to physical assaults on diplomats and intelligence officials, that's a new thing that we've really not seen before."

Jennings said that for this to be plausible, it would require a technology that is "highly exact so you can hit a bedroom or hotel room, and is highly mobile."

Jennings also said that such microwave weapons actually exist and that the Russians had fired microwave beams against buildings in Moscow during the 1970s and 1980s in the Cold War.

Similar attacks have been reported by US officials in countries including Poland, Georgia, the United Kingdom and even in the United States. Continuous exposure to them over time can affect brain tissue.


Weaponising microwaves dates back to the Cold War. In 1961, Allan Frey, an American biologist, found that irradiating a human head with microwaves could produce the sensation of sound - even from thousands of feet away.

As the Cold War waged on, both the US and Soviet Union raced to find military uses for what came to be called directed energy weapons.

If created correctly, researchers at the time believed a microwave weapon could be mounted on a truck and it could cast a beam outward to form an invisible barrier capable of immobilizing anyone in its range.

In 1976, Russians found exposing an animal's brain to microwaves withered brain cells and damaged nerves.

The most common symptoms of this exposure in humans is headache, fatigue, perspiration, dizziness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.

The CIA is said to have compiled a dossier on the cases and last December, briefed the National Security Council's unit on biodefense.

However the unit was taken off course when Covid-19 hit - draining the team's resources and time.

In the meantime, a team was assembled at CIA's headquarters in Langley to investigate. They believe the injuries to the victims' brains were a result of a microwave weapon, sources revealed.

Sources said there is strong circumstantial evidence that Russia carried out the attacks but no definitive proof.


It is claimed the CIA has buried the report and may not even have passed the intelligence to Donald Trump.

Bosses are said to be reluctant to raise the issue of Russian aggression with the President fearing he will "gut" the agency.

Shortly before Trump was made President, the CIA released its conclusions that the Kremlin had successfully interfered with the 2016 election.

Trump dismissed the findings and branded intelligence officers as "the deep state" who wanted to tarnish his campaign.

Since then, it is claimed the CIA does not want to publicize evidence of Russian attacks on US officials that would put pressure on the President to take action.

Sources spoke out to GQ claiming the agency is not protecting its staff from continuing attacks by hostile agents.

In a statement, the CIA representatives told GQ that "the Agency's top priority is the health and well-being of our officers followed very closely by collecting on hard targets, including Russia, and providing that intelligence to policymakers."

The Russian embassy in Australia did not respond to questions, instead referring in their response to the 1949 death of US secretary of defence James Forrestal.

Forrestal served during the second world war, and was considered one of the earliest voices within the Truman administration who raised concerns about the rise of Russia.

“Forrestal said ‘The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. They’re right around. I’ve seen Russian soldiers’,” Evgeny Ilin, a spokesman for the embassy, said.

“Mr Forrestal allegedly uttered those words while suffering from mental illness, not long before purportedly committing suicide.”

Ilin also referred to a statement from the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who was quoted in GQ as saying: “I will not try to confirm whether they are the victims of ‘an acoustic attack,’ paranoia, or Russophobia. That’s a question for the doctors.”

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Another Sonar Sighting of Loch Ness Monster

Another startling image of a large creature inhabiting the depths of Loch Ness have been captured on sonar.

It follows the revelations last month of the "most compelling" and startling evidence of the existence of a Loch Ness Monster after an unusual recording more than 500ft below its cold surface.

But now another contact with a large creature just above the 607ft loch bottom was recorded on October 11.

It has again left experts stunned.

Excited by the recording, leading sonar expert Craig Wallace said he was willing to come to Loch Ness with sophisticated sonar equipment to try and find what was inhabiting the depths.

Mr Wallace, marine robotics senior application specialist with Kongsberg Maritime AS, has surveyed Loch Ness half-a-dozen times.

Four years ago, using ground-breaking sonar and camera equipment, he famously detected and discovered the lost model of Nessie, which was used during the filming of 1970's The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Of the latest images, he said: "They are very curious. These are of course large, clear and distinct contacts, all strangely near to the loch bed.

"It is very well known that Loch Ness has been subject to several excursions with sonar to find Nessie, but the technology used – although cutting edge at the time – was designed for bottom mapping operations.

"Hence it would try to track the seafloor and not necessarily find mid column targets. Modern technology employs new techniques where by the entire water column is mapped accurately and perhaps in the future we will start a program to capture this data correctly in Loch Ness.

"While we could never rule out Nessie's existence – as our swath or coverage at any one time would be too small – perhaps the extra scientific data would justify the venture.

"If any groups would be willing to sponsor the attempt, I would love the opportunity to attend with these types of sonar.

"It is hard to tell if it is a single creature or a large shoal of fish, which in itself would be unusual for Loch Ness. You don't normally find such a shoal in that loch and so far down.

"These fascinating images are genuine and unexplained contacts that would merit further investigation of the loch by more sophisticated sonar.”

The latest images were again captured by Cruise Loch Ness run by Ronald Mackenzie and were a mile apart off Invermoriston.

His previous startling contact on September 30 was also described as "100 per cent genuine" by Mr Wallace.

The sonar manufacturers have now told Mr Mackenzie that the contact is a single, animate object, estimated to be between 15ft to 20ft long. Initially Mr Mackenzie thought it was 32ft long. It was captured hovering 62ft above the bottom.

Mr Mackenzie (49), who has worked on the loch for more than 30 years, said:"This second contact was one mile south west of the first.

“I would welcome Mr Wallace bringing his equipment and we will take him out to try and find out what’s going on. I have no idea.

“I just wonder if it is due to lockdown. There’s been nothing moving (boats) on the surface of that loch and I wonder if that has encouraged it to move about. I just don’t know. I can’t explain it. I was reluctant to even make it public.

“I sent the first images to the sonar manufacturer who has told me the contact was 15-20ft long and a single creature. It is too big to be a salmon and at that depth. There is no way it’s a very large salmon.

"It could be something that has come in to the loch. I have spent more time on Loch Ness than anybody I know and I can’t explain why suddenly we are getting these sonar contacts all of a sudden. It’s just incredible. I honestly think it’s a big fish of some sort, known or unknown to the loch.

"I have been over that area for decades, tens of thousands of times. Now we have two similar contacts and in the middle of the loch. The latest looks the same. I've no idea what it is."

Nessie expert Steve Feltham, who has set a world record for the longest vigil of looking for the Loch Ness Monster, says Mr Mackenzie's sonar images are the "most compelling" evidence of the existence of the legendary creature.

"These latest images help put together the most compelling case for a big creature swimming around Loch Ness," he said. "All the contacts are near the bottom or in the first 100ft up. It is a game changer – the first indisputable sighting of something very big and unexplained that's in there.

"It is not explainable by any known phenomenon in Loch Ness. That's why I have sat and waited here all these years. We have had so many rubbish sightings over the years – of boat wakes or logs. But this is in a different league.

"I am not keen on the idea it could be a sturgeon, but it might be a Wels catfish. It is possible. I would think there's very few of them, though. If there's been a small population we could be looking for the last one left. We don't know how long they live for – at least we know there is this one and it would be nice to find it before it's too late, because it seems to inhabit the bottom and rarely come to the surface."

Source: Inverness Courier


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Why These Bigfoot Researchers are so Committed
By Karen Hopper Usher

CADILLAC — It's not the height that freaks you out. It's the mass.

For people that believe they've seen Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch), the sighting, however benign, can become a source of fear.

Don Peer is an Upper Peninsula-based investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. He has looked into several reports of Bigfoot sightings, as well as participating in Bigfoot expeditions. One story has stuck with him; it was the first time somebody broke down sobbing on the phone with him.

"He said, 'I don't think I can ever hunt again. I can't even bring myself to go out and look,'" Peer recalled of the conversation with the hunter. "And all he did was stumble upon one that was laying on the ground, basically sleeping."

The creature jumped up and ran away.

"You're talking 800 to 1,000 pounds for an adut male. Just that size is what really freaks people out," said Peer, who has never had a direct sighting but hopes to.

Kim Fleming, a former Bigfoot investigator who says she's had several sightings, agrees that people get spooked by the size of what they're seeing.

It happened to her.

She was investigating a Bigfoot report near Kalkaska when something crossed behind her car.

"It was absolutely huge. It took up two-thirds of my (rearview) mirror," said Fleming, formerly of Traverse City.

Fleming, a former college biology major and science teacher, is confident when she says the sandy-colored animal was not a cougar or a deer. She'd researched cougars out of her own interest at time when the Department of Natural Resources was saying there weren't cougars in Michigan (there are, there's just no evidence of a breeding population).

"All I could think of was, 'hit the gas,'" Fleming recalled. So she did.

Later, she began having panic attacks.

"There's a sense of fear that comes over you," Fleming said, comparing it to the adrenaline rush you might experience when narrowly avoiding a car crash.

"That situation in Kalkaska, made me realize I probably wasn't doing the wisest thing," Fleming said, noting that she didn't have a weapon and nobody really knew where she was. "And it just it scared me. And so I was like, 'Okay, I think I'm done.''


Chances are, you don't believe in Bigfoot. However, you may be slightly more likely to believe in Bigfoot than you were a few years ago.

Chapman University regularly conducts surveys of American fears. In 2018, the university's survey of paranormal beliefs showed 20.7% agreed or strongly agreed that Bigfoot is a real creature.

Paranormal beliefs, in general, have been climbing in recent years, the university said in 2018; belief in Bigfoot specifically was up 7.2% between 2016 and 2018.

The Cadillac News asked Peer why he thinks so many people don't believe in Bigfoot.

"People fear ridicule," Peer said. Not him. "I don't care what people think of me. I don't care at all. I'm fortunate, in that sense, because it really holds people back of life, when they do."

Peer said he's often the first person to hear about a Bigfoot sighting, sometimes years after the fact.

"They're afraid to tell anybody else because of ridicule, and they actually break down, they start sobbing," Peer said. "There's so much raw emotion when people have an encounter. You can't fake that."

On one of Peer's first expeditions, his son had an encounter, he said.

The boy, 15 at the time, had gone quiet, out-of-sight. When they found him again, "he's just white as a ghost, he's literally just shaking," Peer recalled. "And he said it was watching you guys."

That was 12 years ago. The Cadillac News asked Peer if he thinks his son would have told him if he'd just been pulling his leg a decade ago.

"There was no faking that fear," Peer said.


For the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO), the chief mystery they are trying to solve is one of flesh and blood.

"The BFRO has a standard of flesh and blood only," Fleming said. "If you think there's a spiritual dynamic, that doesn't go in your report."

They're looking for hard evidence, like tracks and video and DNA.

Vern Richardson, a wildlife biologist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, has seen evidence of the type preferred by the BFRO. As a wildlife biologist, it's part of his job to identify animals based on the hard evidence available.

Once, somebody reported possible Bigfoot tracks to him.

But it was another animal entirely: a human trespasser.

The footprints, at first look, appeared too big to be human.

But melting snow can do that to footprints.

"I think it was early in the spring ... And when you step on the snow, and you compact that, it may melt faster where you stepped," Richardson explained.

The sun warms the ground underneath "and then melts the edges of that track faster than the adjacent fluffy snow, which makes the track expand," Richardson said.

"I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that Bigfoot is a thing, at least around here or anywhere else that I've seen anything from," Richardson said.

While there's still a lot of mystery in the local woods, Richardson said he's not expecting to encounter a previously unidentified large animal.

"From a purely scientific, evidence-based stand, stuff gets hit on the road. Stuff turns up dead. Things don't live forever," Richardson said. "Unless there's a carcass disposal system, if something's alive, it will die at some point and there will be evidence that it was once there."


After her scare in Kalkaska, it took a little while for Fleming to stop investigating altogether. In part, that was because there was a long-term investigation near Lake City that she wanted to see through.

There have been several sightings in the Cadillac News coverage area in this century; Fleming and Peer have investigated several of those sightings.

The Lake City area sighting involved the most extensive BFRO investigation in Wexford, Missaukee, Lake or Osceola counties.

Ultimately deemed a "Class A" (high quality) encounter, in the spring of 2013 a Lake City area man reported wood knocks, whistling and tracks. Fleming and other BFRO researchers visited several times and the man continued reporting sightings and other unusual ephemera.

Wexford County had a Class A report in 2000 near Kingsley. It wasn't reported until 2014. Teens shining for deer reported a thing running towards them and breathing heavily.

Class B reports in Wexford County include seeing a shadow and rocks thrown in the Long Lake State Forest between Manton and Cadillac in 2010; a coon hunter followed out of the woods by something in the Buckley/Mesick area in 2004; and a bowhunter witnessing a tree being shaken and something roaring or screaming in 2000 or 2001 near Hoxeyville.

Osceola County had a Class A "close encounter" near a school bus stop when "a large figure knocked a small dead tree over and chased me and my sister." That incident was reported to the BFRO in 2012. In 2012, a hunter reported previous incidents near Pecks Lake involving heavy steps, a 7-foot figure and a "guttural noise." That report was considered a Class B report.

Lake County has had one report, a Class A near Baldwin in 2006 that was reported in 2012. Brothers reported a tall fuzzy creature that ran faster than a man.

BFRO says "Class A reports involve clear sightings in circumstances where misinterpretation or misidentification of other animals can be ruled out with greater confidence," while Class B reports are "incidents where a possible sasquatch was observed at a great distance or in poor lighting conditions."

Additionally, the Tippy Dam area is known for having rock-throwing incidents, where big rocks are chucked at people in watercraft, Fleming said.

Poor quality reports or reports where it's believed to be a prank don't make it onto the public website, Fleming said.

Hartwick Pines frequently attracts people who search for Sasquatch. Craig Kasmer, an interpreter at the Hartwick Pines Visitor Center, said he's never seen any evidence of Bigfoot. But he understands the impulse to search.

"I like to know the names of things, I think it's important. I think once you get to know the name of something, you care for it, or have a potential to care about it more," said Kasmer, who was seen in a few shots of a 2012 episode of "Finding Bigfoot." "Any mystery to me, that comes up in my line of work, I want to find the answer to it."

Source: Cadillac News


The Dark Darklings

I have heard many things in my life and probably you have also. Strange sounds like crashes in the attic, to sound of plates and dishes crashing in the darkness. But in my extensive search through out my home that night and the next day nothing is found damaged or destroyed.

Was it a Darkling come to call?

I often think it's a small earth quake rattling the dishes in the closet. We cannot predict earthquakes in the sense of being able to tell exactly where, exactly when and how big. Even a tiny one that we can't feel will vibrate or knock something over. When it happens too many blame it on a real ghost not understanding that the earth moved.

"Movement disorders are complex phenomena that frequently create confusion among mental health clinicians working in the field of dual diagnosis. Some of the confusion arises from uncertainty about whether movements are voluntary or involuntary. Because abnormal movements are exacerbated by stress or other anxiety provoking situations, wax and wane in severity and are associated with other disruptive behaviors, they are frequently confused with other repetitive behaviors as well as primary psychiatric disorders. This first segment of a series of Ask the Doctor provides a basic overview of the neuropsychiatry and behavioral pharmacology of abnormal movements."
Ment Health Aspects Dev Disabil 2008;11(4):133-137

I tell myself after I read things like that. Hey, that could be the truth, but what if it was really a ghost? Or something actually worse?

Like, the ...DARK!

We fear the dark because we never know what lurks in the blackness. The fear of the dark is a common fear among children and to a varying degree is observed for adults. The pathological fear of the dark is sometimes called nyctophobia, scotophobia, or lygophobia.

Some researchers, beginning with Sigmund Freud, consider the fear of the dark as a manifestation of separation anxiety. In the 1960s scientists conducted experiments to discover molecules responsible for memory. In one experiment rats, normally nocturnal animals, were conditioned to fear the dark and a substance, called scotophobin that was apparently responsible for remembering this fear was extracted from rats' brains. Subsequently these findings were debunked.

The fear of the dark is heightened by imagination: a stuffed toy may appear a monster with many teeth and bulging eyes in the dark. Nightmares contribute to the fear of the dark as well: after waking up because of a nightmare the child may refuse to go to bed without lights on. Fear of dark is a phase of child development. Most observers report that fear of the dark seldom appears before the age of 2 years. Fear of the dark is not fear of the absence of light, but fear of possible or imagined dangers concealed by the darkness.

The dark, in the mind of some is actually a creature a monster of unlimited proportions. It has the power to scare us, unnerve us, set us on edge. The dark can scare you, it will drive you to madness and take away any hope of tomorrow.

Darkness (also called lightlessness) is the absence of light. Scientifically it is only possible to have a reduced amount of light. The emotional response to an absence of light has inspired metaphor in literature, symbolism in art, and emphasis.

Today many in the world enjoy researching and exploring Dark tourism - travel to sites associated with death and suffering, ghost and the paranormal.
As a poetic term, darkness can also mean the presence of shadows, evil, or depression.

Darkness can have a strong psychological impact. It can cause depression in people with seasonal affective disorder, fear in nyctophobics, comfort in lygophilics, or attraction as in gothic fashion. These emotions are used to add power to literary imagery.

Religious texts often use darkness to make a visual point. In the Bible, darkness was the second to last plague (Exodus 10:21) and the location of “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 8:12) The Qur’an has been interpreted to say that those who transgress the bounds of what is right are doomed to “burning despair and ice-cold darkness.” (Nab 78.25) In Greek Mythology, three layers of night surround Tartarus, a place for the worst sinners as far beneath Hades as heaven is high above earth.

The Hindu goddess Kalí (black, dark colored) is also closely associated with darkness and violence, though she is equally associated with motherhood and benevolence.

In Chinese philosophy Yin is the feminine part of the Taijitu and is represented by a dark lobe.

The use of darkness as a rhetorical device has a long standing tradition. Shakespeare, working in the 16th and 17th centuries, made a character called Satan, the “prince of darkness” (King Lear: III, iv) and gave darkness jaws with which to devour love. (A Midsummer Night’s Dream: I, i)[8] Chaucer, a 14th century Middle English writer, wrote that knights must cast away the “workes of darkness.” Dante described hell as “solid darkness stain’d.”

Even in Old English there were three words that could mean darkness; heolstor, genip, and sceadu. Heolstor also meant “hiding-place” and became holster, genip meant “mist” and fell out of use like many strong verbs, it is however still used in the Dutch saying "in het geniep" which means secretly, sceadu meant “shadow” and remained in use. The word darkness eventually evolved from the word deorc, which meant “dark”.

"The Dead's Great Inconsolable Grief": In many cultures, wearing of dark colors shows grief and attracts it.

In the dark objects that are familiar to us take on different shapes and sizes. They also reveal the qualities in them that are truly paranormal, and actually supernaturally in their nature.

Call it evil, or the work of the devil but the inanimate becomes alive...in the black of night. The darkling's, the shadows, the dead sneak near to you as you breath evenly and sound asleep.

Accounts of "THE DARK" as a being typically describe them as being deep non reflective black humanoid or creature like silhouettes. Some times with no discernible mouths, noses, or facial expressions, though at times those features might be all that you actually see in the darkness.

Many lurid accounts also exist of these entities being child-sized humanoids or shapeless masses that sometimes change to a more human like forms or animals. The eyes are usually not described as being discernible but in some reports glowing red, white or blue eyes are mentioned. The color of the eyes, if any, is typically given as red. Their specific form is described variously as two-dimensional shadow to a vaporous or distorted three-dimensional body (as though made out of smoke, fabric, water like or steam).

Movement is often described as being very quick and disjointed. Some witnesses describe this movement as though the shadow entities they have seen "danced" from one wall to the next, or as moving around the room "as if they were on a specific track".

Rarely, they are seen "standing" in the middle of doorways or off the wall. Often they are described as being seen staring at the floor. Some accounts describe what appears to be the outline of a cloak, and in some instances the outline of a 1930s style fedora hat. This last type is referred as the " Dark hat-man" or "The Darkling King".

The Dark has also been called "The Wight", from Old English word wiht, is a Middle English word used to describe a creature or a living being. It is akin to Old High German wiht, meaning a creature or thing.

The evil of the darkling's over the centuries are based on Shadow people, (also known as shadow men, shadow folk, or shadow beings) are supernatural shadow-like creatures of both modern folklore and traditional native American beliefs. These creatures are known to pull you room your bed at night violently. Strangle you rape you.

The Darkling's can also bite you, hit you, hurt you, and are known to poke your eyes out as you sleep. They have been known to kill infants as they sleep in their mothers arms or suckle at their breast.

The can scratch you to the boone, and tales of them even stealing kidneys, (thought to be what they love to eat) from sleeping victims. A darkling is best known to take the shape of cats, especially large black cats. They can roam highways, and slip into to your home and kill all that live their.

In the darkness they are the strongest paranormal entity you can encounter. They can change shape and even talk to you in the thick black night.

According to folklore, they appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people's vision as they begin to haunt them. If they find no reason to haunt you then they seem to disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.

Reports of shadow darkling people occupy a similar position in the popular consciousness to ghost sightings, but differ in that shadow people are not reported as having human features, wearing modern/period clothing, or attempting to communicate.

Witnesses also do not report the same feelings of being in the presence of something that 'was once human' is what a shadow person entails. a darkling has never walked the earth as a human.Some individuals have described being menaced, chased, or in some rare instances, attacked by shadow darkling's. There have also been reports of huge menacing darkling's appearing in front of witnesses and lingering for several seconds before disappearing. Witnesses report that encounters are typically accompanied by a feeling of dread.

Darklings have been known to hide at the sign of any type of light. their favorite spots to hide or in dark cracks, or inside a child's toys (bears. dolls, stuffed animals) or closets.

Robert The haunted Doll is thought to be a Darkling trapped in a stuffed body by a voodoo hoodoo spell.

In New Orleans Voodoo Darkling's are creatures that prowl the city looking for innocents to possess. They will take a person and make them act and turn into someone they are not. They who are possessed by a Darkling have been known to kill or hurt their family members during daylight hours. They are aptly called since the late 1800's "The Dark Darklings".

The great voodoo Queen Marie Laveau described them as the evil thoughts that good church people have that they don't act upon, come to life. They carry out evil deeds no sane man would do!

The actual belief is that the darkling enters a person through their mouths as they sleep, and are trapped inside them until they fall asleep again.

The person is like a zombified demon acting only on it's primal instincts. Kill or be killed. Marie Laveau is said to have used ground up monkey and cock statue powder, red brick and a secret ingrediant to chase them off.

Small children between the ages of 3- 9 are more apt to encounter these beings and see them clearly. Though those who have psychic powers have been known to see them as sparkling dark shapes in the blackness.

Source: Haunted American Tours/Mason Felinity


Did the CIA Test LSD in the New York City Subway System?

On Nov. 28, 1953, Frank Olson, a bland, seemingly innocuous 42-year-old government scientist, plunged to his death from room 1018A in New York’s Statler Hotel, landing on a Seventh Avenue sidewalk just opposite Penn Station.

Olson’s ignominious end was written off as an unremarkable suicide of a depressed government bureaucrat who came to New York City seeking psychiatric treatment, so it attracted scant attention at the time.

But 22 years later, the Rockefeller Commission report was released, detailing a litany of domestic abuses committed by the CIA. The ugly truth emerged: Olson’s death was the result of his having been surreptitiously dosed with LSD days earlier by his colleagues.

The shocking disclosure led to President Gerald Ford’s apology to Olson’s widow and his three children, who accepted a $750,000 civil payment for his wrongful death.

But the belated 1975 mea culpa failed to close a tawdry chapter of our nation’s past. Instead it generated more interest into a series of wildly implausible “mind control” experiments on an unsuspecting populace over three decades.

Much of this plot unfolded here, in New York, according to H.P. Albarelli Jr., author of “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments.”

“For me, in countless ways the Olson story is a New York City story,” said Albarelli, a former lawyer in the Carter White House, who has written extensively about biological warfare and intelligence matters. “The CIA itself was created and initially composed of wealthy men who came from Wall Street and New York City law firms.”

Olson was a research scientist assigned to the CIA’s Special Operations Division, at Ft. Detrick, Md., who was performing top secret research relating to LSD-25, a powerful new drug whose properties were barely understood. Could psychedelic drugs be used to get enemy combatants to lay down their arms, or work as a truth serum on reluctant prisoners?

Albarelli spent more than a decade sifting through more than 100,000 pages of government documents and his most startling chestnut might be his claim that the intelligence community conducted aerosol tests of LSD inside the New York City subway system.

“The experiment was pretty shocking — shocking that the CIA and the Army would release LSD like that, among innocent unwitting folks,” Albarelli told The Post.

A declassified FBI report from the Baltimore field office dated Aug. 25, 1950 provides some tantalizing support for the claim. “The BW [biological weapon] experiments to be conducted by representatives of the Department of the Army in the New York Subway System in September 1950, have been indefinitely postponed,” states the memo, a copy of which the author provided to The Post

An Olson colleague, Dr. Henry Eigelsbach, confirmed to Albarelli that the LSD subway test did, in fact, occur in November 1950, albeit on a smaller scale than first planned. Little, however, is known about the test — what line, how many people and what happened.

The purported experiment occurred nearly a year before a more infamous August 1951 incident in the small town of Pont St. Esprit, in the south of France, when the citizens were hit by a case of mass insanity.

Over a two-day period, some 250 residents sought hospital care after hallucinating for no apparent reason. Thirty-two patients were hauled off to mental asylums. Four died. Mercury poisoning or ergot, a fungus of rye bread, was cited as the culprit. But ergot is also one of the central ingredient of LSD. And curiously enough, Olson and his government pals were in France when the craziness erupted.

Albarelli also introduces us to George Hunter White — a ne’er-do-well agent for the Bureau of Narcotics, a forerunner to the current Drug Enforcement Administration, he was on “special contract” with the CIA.

It was White, Olson’s colleague Eigelsbach contends, who was behind the November 1950 New York City subway test — as well as a second test two years later, Albarelli claims.

“George White in 1952 did release a small amount of aerosol LSD in a subway car. He was pleased with the results as indicated in his diary, but his reports on the incident were destroyed by the CIA in 1973,” he says.

But with the CIA’s most important records on such matters destroyed or cloaked in national security claims, it remains difficult to prove whether these purported subway tests occurred.

Still, Albarelli’s portrait of White — a gruff, chain-smoking, gin-swilling reprobate with an occasional fondness for opium, hookers and Mafiosi drug-dealers — makes it apparent that if anyone could have tested LSD on an unsuspecting public, it would be him.

White had set up a CIA safe house at 81 Bedford Street, in Greenwich Village, comprised of two apartments conjoined with a hidden two-way mirror and doorway. Posing as a seaman or artist, he would regularly recruit strangers for social gatherings there, where they would be plied with psychedelic drugs, often without their knowledge. The aim was to see if White could successfully extract information from them and to assess those results, according to one CIA document.

In between home experimenting, White was well known as a carouser. The safe house was down the block from Chumley’s, a former speakeasy and now defunct bar, where White once took James Jesus Angleton, the former CIA head.

The good news for people of New York, was when they stumbled out of Chumley’s, it was a short walk home — and they didn’t need to ride the subway to get there.

Source: NY Post

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