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- Former Israeli Space Security Chief Says Aliens Exist -

 - Jesse Marcel's Grandchildren Speak Out About Roswell -

- Christmas Porridge That Appeased a Vengeful ‘House Elf’ -

AND: There Are Officially Too Many Damn Monoliths

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Former Israeli Space Security Chief Says Aliens Exist
By Aaron Reich

Has the State of Israel made contact with aliens?

According to retired Israeli officer and current professor Haim Eshed, the answer is yes, but this has been kept a secret because "humanity isn't ready."

Speaking in an interview to Yediot Aharonot, Eshed – who served as the head of Israel's space program for nearly 30 years and is a three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award – explained that Israel and the US have both been dealing with aliens for years.

And this by no means refers to immigrants, with Eshed clarifying the existence of a "Galactic Federation."

The 87-year-old former head of the Defense Ministry's Space Division gave further descriptions about exactly what sort of agreements have been made between the aliens and the US, which ostensibly have been made because they wish to research and understand "the fabric of the universe." This cooperation includes a secret underground base on Mars, where there are American and alien representatives.

If true, this would coincide with US President Donald Trump's creation of the Space Force as the fifth branch of the US armed forces, though it is unclear how long this sort of relationship, if any, has been going on between the US and its reported extraterrestrial allies.

But Eshed insists that Trump is aware of them, and that he was "on the verge" of disclosing their existence. However, the Galactic Federation reportedly stopped him from doing so, saying they wished to prevent mass hysteria since they felt humanity needed to "evolve and reach a stage where we will... understand what space and spaceships are," Yediot Aharonot reported.

As for why he's chosen to reveal this information now, Eshed explained that the timing was simply due to how much the academic landscape has changed, and how respected he is in academia.

"If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized," he explained to Yediot.

He added that "today, they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards; I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing."

Eshed provided more information in his newest book, The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed, along with other details such as how aliens have prevented nuclear apocalypses and "when we can jump in and visit the Men in Black." The book is available now for NIS 98.

While it is unclear if any evidence exists that could support Eshed's claims, they did come just ahead of a recent announcement by SpaceIL, the group behind Israel's failed attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon in 2019.

Uploaded to social media with the text "Ready to get excited again?," the announcement contained a 15-second video of the moon with text saying "Back to the Moon," followed by the date of December 9, 2020.

It is likely that this is a follow up to the Beresheet spacecraft, which crashed after engineers lost contact with it just minutes before it was due to land. However, the follow up project, titled Beresheet 2, is expected to take three years to be ready.

Source: The Jerusalem Post


'Havana Syndrome' Likely Caused by Pulsed Microwave Energy
By Brenda Breslauer, Ken Dilanian and Josh Lederman

The mysterious neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba are consistent with the effects of directed microwave energy, according to a long-awaited report by the National Academies of Sciences that cites medical evidence to support the long-held conviction of American intelligence officials.

Of course, regular readers of Conspiracy Journal first heard months ago that the symptoms being described by diplomats fit closely with attacks using a pulsed microwave device. This was in direct contradiction to what scientists were speculating that the "Havana Syndrome" was caused either by a "sonic weapon" or was nothing more than "mass hallucination."

The report, obtained by NBC News, does not conclude that the directed energy was delivered intentionally, by a weapon, as some U.S. officials have long believed. But it raises that disturbing possibility.

The report was transferred to Congress after bipartisan calls led by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat from New Hampshire who is a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees. She issued the following statement: “The health effects from these mysterious injuries have tormented those afflicted. Their illnesses and suffering are real and demand a response from Congress. American public servants and their families – who have been targeted – have requested that Congress receive and review this report, so I’m glad the State Department heeded our bipartisan call so we can get to work. “

NBC News reported in 2018 that U.S. intelligence officials considered Russia a leading suspect in what some of them assess to have been deliberate attacks on diplomats and CIA officers overseas. But there was not — and is not now — conclusive intelligence pointing in that direction, multiple officials who have been briefed on the matter said.

A team of medical and scientific experts who studied the symptoms of as many as 40 State Department and other government employees concluded that nothing like them had previously been documented in medical literature, according to the National Academies of Sciences report. Many reported hearing a loud sound and feeling pressure in their heads, and then experienced dizziness, unsteady gait and visual disturbances. Many suffered longstanding, debilitating effects.

“The committee felt that many of the distinctive and acute signs, symptoms and observations reported by (government) employees are consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy,” the report says. “Studies published in the open literature more than a half-century ago and over the subsequent decades by Western and Soviet sources provide circumstantial support for this possible mechanism.”

While important questions remain, “the mere consideration of such a scenario raises grave concerns about a world with disinhibited malevolent actors and new tools for causing harm to others, as if the U.S. government does not have its hands full already with naturally occurring threats,” says the report, edited by Dr. David Relman, a professor in medicine, microbiolology and immunology at Stanford, and Julie Pavlin, a physician who leads the National Academies of Sciences global health division in Washington.

In the last year, as first reported by GQ Magazine and The New York Times, a number of new incidents have been reported by CIA officers in Europe and Asia, including one involving Marc Polymeropoulos, who retired last year after a long and decorated career as a case officer. He told NBC News he is still suffering the effects of what he believes was a brain injury he sustained on a trip to Moscow.

A source directly familiar with the matter told NBC News the CIA, using mobile phone location data, had determined that some Russian intelligence agents who had worked on microwave weapons programs were present in the same cities at the same time that CIA officers suffered mysterious symptoms. CIA officials consider that a promising lead but not conclusive evidence.

The State Department, responding to the report, said that "each possible cause remains speculative" and added that the investigation, now three years old, is still "ongoing." Although it praised the National Academies of Sciences for undertaking the effort, the State Department offered a long list of "challenges of their study" and limitations in the data the academies were given access to, suggesting that the report should not be viewed as conclusive.

"While the above limit the scope of the report, they do not lessen its value," the State Department said in an emailed statement. "We are pleased this report is now out and can add to the data and analyses that may help us come to an eventual conclusion as to what transpired."

The CIA did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Friday. Russia has denied any involvement in the incidents.

The National Defense Authorization Act released this week included language from Shaheen that will expand long-term, emergency care benefits for affected U.S. government employees and their dependents. “Much more must be done to uncover the source of these incidents and ensure that no other public servant suffers in this way,” says Shaheen, whose statement points out that “patients and public reports have indicated that these injuries are the result of a nefarious attack.”

The study examined four possibilities to explain the symptoms: Infection, chemicals, psychological factors and microwave energy.

“Overall, directed pulsed RF energy … appears to be the most plausible mechanism in explaining these cases among those that the committee considered. ... The committee cannot rule out other possible mechanisms and considers it likely that a multiplicity of factors explains some cases and the differences between others.”

The report says more investigation is required.

Electromagnetic energy, including frequencies such as radio and microwave, have been considered a leading possibility since the earliest days of the mystery. Early on, investigators also considered the possibility that sound waves, toxins or other mechanisms could have been involved, although no evidence is known to have emerged to support those theories.

Over the years, the FBI, CIA, U.S. military, State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have investigated the incidents. None has come forward with any conclusions, and the State Department has quietly ceased using the word “attacks” to describe what happened, as then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other top officials did in the early days after the incidents first came to light publicly in 2017.

Starting in late 2016, U.S. diplomats and other government workers stationed in Havana began hearing strange sounds and experiencing bizarre physical sensations and then fell ill. The incidents caused hearing, balance and cognitive changes along with mild traumatic brain injury, also known as concussion.

More than two dozen U.S. workers who served in Cuba and a smaller number of Canadians were confirmed to have been affected, in addition to one U.S. government worker in China who was judged in 2018 to have experienced similar symptoms.

For some of the affected employees, those symptoms have resolved and the individuals have eventually been able to return to relatively normal lives. For others, the effects have lingered and posed an ongoing and significant obstacle to their work and well-being, according to NBC News interviews with U.S. officials who were assessed by the government to have been affected.

Source: NBC News


Jesse Marcel's Grandchildren Speak Out About Roswell

Our grandfather, Major Jesse Marcel, was a decorated intelligence officer in 1947 stationed at the 509th Bomb group, at the time the only atomic bomb unit in the entire world. He played an integral role in planning the group's nuclear strike sorties over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, and had an illustrious career guarding some of the most important secrets of the Second World War.

In early July of that year, a mysterious crash occurred in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico and he was chosen to investigate the crash site and report back to his superior, Colonel William H. Blanchard. What he found was remarkable, and he believed that what he was examining was not made by human hands. We were told growing up that he broke protocol and a few orders by packing up some of the debris to share with his son and wife, our father and grandmother, before returning to the army base. This was an event that would change our father's life, and our own, forever. As they were examining the material, our dad clearly recalls grandpa saying that they were looking at "pieces of a flying saucer."

Dad would share with us many more details of that night, often at dinner time with Star Trek playing in the background for effect. He would talk about seeing foil sheets that were incredibly strong yet light as a feather. He would further describe beams with hieroglyphic looking writing that he claimed would appear if you looked at them at an angle.

In their book Witness To Roswell, Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmidt spoke to eyewitnesses who said that they saw "metal" material, like that described by our father, that returned to its original shape no matter how much you twisted or tried to put a wrinkle in it.

On summer trips to visit our grandfather in Louisiana, he would add to the story. He told us that he had seen glass-like fiber optic materials strewn throughout the debris in the field and even what appeared to be an animal hit by the craft that had crashed. He would describe how it took five to six large 2.5 ton 6x6 cargo trucks to transport all the debris back to the base.

As we grew older, Grandpa would share more of the story with us but was still very guarded when it came to telling us too much, maybe out of concern that information that haunted him would come back to haunt us. We could see on his face that he was conflicted between the need to expose the entire story as he saw it and the need to honor the oath he had taken to his country. We would try to get him to tell us more, but with a career in intelligence, he knew how to record and keep a secret.

As a military family we moved to wherever our father was stationed at the time, and in the early 70s this was from the Great Lakes of Michigan to the rural town of Clancy, Montana. In those days we had neither the internet nor video games, and on a good day we could make out three TV channels at best.

One of our fondest memories was spending time with our father as he educated us in everything from physics to astronomy. When not in school, we would stand side-by-side with dad working on one of his many projects. One such project was using red powder to grind thick plates of glass into a parabola shape, this became the mirror for a telescope he was building in the backyard. Once completed, we would spend awe filled nights as dad would show us many parts of the sky, including the rings around Saturn or the moons of Jupiter.

The significance of the events that our grandfather was part of was instilled in us at a young age. The stories shared by our father and time spent with him are forever etched in our memories. Dad would always say that we humans are not alone in the universe and that when we were peering through his telescope, there was a chance that some other beings could be looking back at us. This belief was what led him to share his experiences handling physical evidence of the materials found at the Roswell site—which he believed were from a UFO—and one of the reasons he built the telescope in the first place.

People have asked where the debris ended up? Or whether our grandfather kept a memento and if so where is it? Although his own voice has been silent for almost three decades, people still refer to his comments from that time. And, we have a diary found amongst his things after he died, which has not been shared with the public before.

We have wondered whether buried in some of the private writings, he has left us with a treasure map for discovering any secrets that have not fully been exposed to the world. One theory is that the diary was written in a kind of "home-brewed code," and might point to places where crash debris still exists or contain other revelations our grandfather wanted the world to know. With our memories, documents, and our grandfather's unseen diary, a door is cracking open that was once thought closed.

As a family, we aren't surprised about the continued interest in Roswell given the inconsistencies in the early explanations shared by the government, along with a number of witness testimonies. Although the U.S. Air Force released reports in the 90s that stated the incident was not a "cover-up" and that the object that crashed was a balloon that was part of Project Mogul, a top secret balloon project designed to monitor then-Soviet nuclear testing, there are many conspiracy theories and those who believe it is still an unsolved "UFO" mystery.

Grandpa thought he was lucky to have been the right person at the right place at the right time even though it came at a great cost—exposing him and our family to the world. With actions he took both at the time of the incident, and leading up to his death, we believe he showed that he well understood the extraordinary uniqueness of the event.

Today we live in a different era. It is widely accepted that we are not alone in the universe, although no-one is certain what that truly means. Incidents like what happened in Roswell in 1947 have likely inspired scientists, astronauts, and a few grandchildren, to look into the sky with hopes and dreams to someday meet with our celestial family. Grandpa would be pleased...

Jesse Marcel III, Denice Marcel and John Marcel are grandchildren of Major Jesse Marcel. You can discover more of their family's connection with the 1947 Roswell incident and the contents of the diary in "Roswell: The First Witness," a 3-part investigative series that premiered recently on The History Channel as part of the History's Greatest Mysteries franchise starring Laurence Fishburne.

Source: Newsweek


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Christmas Porridge That Appeased a Vengeful ‘House Elf’
By Sam O'Brien

Once a magical, murderous farmhand, the nisse has transformed into a beloved holiday figure.

In the winter of 1984, Timothy Tangherlini worked on a dairy farm on the Danish island of Funen. One day, while brushing cattle in the barn, he spotted a tiny man in a hat sitting on the back of one of the cows. When Tangherlini tried to speak to the stranger, the little man jumped out the barn window. Assuming it was a trick, he told the couple that owned the farm about the encounter. They both shrugged. “That was the nisse,” they explained.

Tangherlini is now a professor of Scandinavian folklore at UC Berkeley. Whether or not one truly believes the tales, the barn-dwelling “house elves” often known as nisse have been figures in folklore across the Nordic region since at least the late Middle Ages. Farmers believed that surviving a hard winter depended on the nisse’s whims, which were mercurial. Keep your farm’s nisse happy, and he’d make sure your milk stayed fresh and your livestock remained healthy. Disrespect him, and you might find your cow dead in the morning.

Nineteenth-century depictions of the nisse show a child-sized, bearded man in a pointy red cap, the traditional garb for farmhands. Yet earlier portrayals were much more monstrous. In an illustration from Olaus Magnus’s 1555 book, A Description of the Northern Peoples, a demonic-looking creature sweeps a barn. Tangherlini notes this may be one of the earliest known illustrations of a nisse.

A family that wanted to stay on their nisse’s good side could offer him a tasty present. On Christmas Eve, before the harsh winter had truly set in, farmers left a bowl of porridge in the barn. Everyday porridge was made by boiling barley, rye, or oats in water. But the nisse received something special: a luxurious, sweet porridge of rice boiled in milk and topped with butter.

Woe to the person who forgot the nisse’s butter. In one story, a milkmaid decides to play a trick on her farm’s nisse, hiding the butter beneath the porridge. Seeing his offering ungarnished, the nisse flies into a rage and kills the family’s cow. When he finishes his meal and realizes his mistake, he “solves” the problem by stealing a neighbor’s cow and delivering it to his family’s farm.

Even though most Danish families no longer live on farms, the tradition of leaving an offering to the nisse continues today. Just as American children might leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus, many Danish children leave a bowl of risengrød, a type of sweet porridge (or rice pudding), for the nisse. While the tradition endures, though, the nisse himself has changed. The historic nisse was a powerful supernatural being, but modern depictions have reduced him to something of a jolly Christmas elf. The nisser (nisse, plural) that beam out from holiday cards today are a far cry from the dangerous nisser of Christmas past.

Tangherlini, who has studied nisser since his experience on Funen, is fortunate to have not encountered an old-school nisse. “He’s not a cute, fun little thing. He reacts completely out of proportion to slights,” he says. “In tales that were still being told on farms up through the 19th century, there are stories of the nisse teasing the farmhand, then the farmhand teasing right back, and then the nisse comes and kills him. The nisse doesn’t care about people, really. The nisse only cares about the farm and keeping the farm healthy.”

As farming industrialized throughout the 19th century, it lost some of the frightening unpredictability that fueled superstitions. Anne-Mette Marchen Andersen, a curator at the National Museum of Denmark, says that the nisse was a way for rural farmers to explain seemingly-random events like illnesses among livestock. “They had these thoughts because they couldn’t explain bacteria or things like that,” she says. As people gained a better understanding of agricultural science, the nisse didn’t need to serve the role of scary scapegoat anymore.

Thus began the nisse’s transformation from magical, murderous farmhand to Christmas elf. The nisse made one of its earliest Christmas appearances in the 1830s, when the artist Constantin Hansen displayed nisse-themed decorations at a party. Soon, other Danish artists started depicting the nisse with a warmer, idyllic touch. He even gained a female companion and gradually lost his scowl. By the end of the century, happy little nisser were appearing on Christmas cards, playing in the snow and wrapping presents.

By the mid-1900s, the transition from nisse to julenisse (Christmas nisse) was complete. “Now you can see the nisser have become kind of silly and completely focused on Christmas,” says Tangherlini. “By this time, the majority of people are urban and the nisse has become kind of defanged.” Instead of wreaking havoc on your farm, his pranks are tame: “Maybe he’ll steal your left sock.” In fact, Marchen Andersen notes that some Danes now play a game, the drillenisse, in which someone acts as a “teasing nisse” (akin to a secret Santa) and plays pranks on a victim throughout December. “They might put a grain of rice in your shoe or dye your milk green,” she says.

The merciless nisse of yore might cringe at some of his modern descendants, such as bramming nisser, cartoonish cutouts that families place throughout their home for the holidays. The images depict beaming, apple-cheeked nisser tucking into bowls of porridge, playing with cats, or sitting on Christmas tree branches.

While the nisse has lost his edge, the tradition of paying delicious tribute to him with porridge remains. Families still enjoy some risengrød on December 23 or 24, often pairing it with a Christmas ale (a type of very light seasonal beer that often features nisser on its label) or blackcurrant juice. As they eat, the children might sing “The Nisse in the Barn,” a popular Christmas song. It tells the story of a nisse who’s trying to keep rats from stealing his porridge:

The nisse sits in the loft with his Christmas porridge,
his Christmas porridge, so good and sweet.
He nods and he eats and he is so happy,
because Christmas porridge is his favorite food.

For a meal that’s “good and sweet,” try the below recipe for risengrød and leave a bowl out for the nisse on Christmas Eve. Just don’t forget the butter.

Adapted from Nordic Food Living’s recipe

Yields one very hearty portion or two medium portions.

½ cup water
1 cup short-grain rice
1 teaspoon salt
4 1/2 cups whole milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon butter

Bring the water, rice, and salt to a boil in a pot, covered, and keep it boiling for about two minutes. Add the milk and reduce to a low heat, simmering for about 35 to 45 minutes. Check the mixture and stir regularly, making sure it’s not burning or sticking to the bottom. Mix the cinnamon and sugar, then sprinkle it on the warm porridge. Top with the butter.

Source: Atlas Obscura


There Are Officially Too Many Damn Monoliths
By Victor Tangermann December

It all started innocently enough in a quiet corner of the Utah wilderness.

A team of biologists were counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter when they spotted something strange: a ten to 12 foot shiny metal monolith standing out like a sore minimalist thumb in the rocky, rust-colored hills.

Several weeks — and several monolith discoveries and disappearances — later, and the novelty has arguably worn off.

They’ve almost become too many to keep track of: there’s the one in Romania, then a third in California. More have cropped up in Pennsylvania and the Netherlands, as well as the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England. We’ll likely see even more copycats soon.

What the hell is going? Is this an international Banksy-level art collaboration, or an extraterrestrial race pulling an uninspired prank on humanity?

In either case, the execution would leave something to be desired. The construction on the monoliths has been inconsistent, with the one in Romania clearly a rushed welding job, while the one found on the Isle of Wight is substantially shinier than the one found in Utah. The Utah specimen was partially buried in the ground, while the one in England wasn’t, and so on and so forth.

The most prominent theory that has come forward so far is that the original monolith in Utah was an amateur-ish ode to the late minimalist artist John McCracken, as The New York Times suggested last month.

“The object in the photos I have seen is crudely made,” artist James Hayward, a close friend of McCracken and former assistant, told the newspaper. “It’s a giant hoax, as far as I am concerned.”

At least one monolith is already accounted for. Over the weekend, The New York Times reported that a group of four artists came forward taking credit for the monolith — and its replacement after the first one vanished without a trace — that appeared on top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California last week.

“We intended for it to be a piece of guerrilla art,” Wade McKenzie, one of the artists, told the Times. “But when it was taken down in such a malicious manner, we decided we needed to replace it.”

Regardless of who may be behind the numerous monoliths, the strange installations have managed to keep the attention of some of the most reputable news outlets in the world over several weeks, indicating that it’s exactly the kind of distraction we needed right now.

In fact, in many ways the public appetite for news stories that are not about the pandemic or elections has never been more insatiable.

Aliens or not, it got people talking about something else.

“I’m not sure if it’s aliens, a Coldplay PR stunt or a local mirror dealer drumming up trade,” Isle of White local DJ Rob da Bank told the BBC,” but it got us all down the beach anyway.”

Source: Futurism

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